One Hell of a Family [dead] (thanks you to everyone who played im sorry im a terrible dm)

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She loved when they doubted her. Clearly someone didn't know she could unhinge her jaws.
"You'll see."
She did it one bite.
Then the other person turned up.
She tried to remember who exactly they were.
Oh right yeah.
"We do know each other; well we've met once or twice."
Thinking back this person probably didn't know what she was. Hopefully he'd do what usually happened and assume vampire.
"What was your name again?"

The Prom

Terra entered the building, a group of men and women with her - all from the various sports teams. The girls track team had decided to come together as a single, massive group, working together to rent out a pair of limo's that resembled 18-wheelers more then stretch's.

The combined group was dressed in their prom finest, ready to party. Already, she could see three of her fellow teammates were drunk, their boyfriends making moves sure to get them into trouble latter. She would have stepped in to stop them, but given it was prom night and how the group of them always acted, she supposed she could let it slide.

"Hey Terra!" one of the men behind her called. All she could do was sigh in defeat. The speaker was Mark Trevor - ex-captain of the Football team and, reluctantly, her date. She hated the man, and had been doing her best to ignore him for the last week. When he had asked her out, he had seemed a god-send. For reasons unknown at the time, no one had dared ask her out, and when the Lycan had asked her, she had said yes immediately, just thankful she wouldn't be the only track-team member without a date. It was only later she found out that the so-called captain had called 'dibs" on her, preventing anyone else from asking her. "How about I get us some drinks?" he offered, a huge and suspicious smile on his face. A quick mental scan confirmed he fears - he planed to spike her drink with Benzo-something-or-other.
"Trying to drug a telepath... I guess he never really was one for being smart."

Even she had to admit, the prospect of trying to twist the man into doing something stupid was tempting, almost to the breaking point, but she had resisted the urge. She had also considered breaking the date, but knowing the pact among the players, it would merely put her in the same position she had been in before - dateless a week before prom. Instead, she chose to make this night a living hell for the man, doing everything in her power to ruin his night - she may be empathetic, but karma is universal.

But, before she could do any of that, she needed to get some space. "Sure, you do that. I think I see a friend of mine over by the dance floor. I'll meet you there." she said, taking off into the crowd toward the distinctive form of Theon. When she got closer, she could see he was in a conversation with another girl - or at least it looked feminine; she could never tell with the more reptilian creatures.

"I wonder if that's his date." she thought to herself.She haden't seen Theon in about a week, so she wasn't sure of how his dating problems had worked out. Her question was answered in moments when another girl, Seras, walked over and struck up a conversation. "Guess not" Terra pushed through the rest of the crowd.

"Hey Theon, Seras" she said, jumping head first into the conversation. She then turned to the unknown reptilian woman. "Hello. I don't think we've met. Name's Terra" she said offering her hand to the woman. From across the room, she heard the sound of her date approaching. Feeling the need to warn the others, she quietly whispered. "A guy is going to come over here in a minute, Don't drink anything he offers you."

OOC: Sorry for the long windedness... I'm long winded... ^_^

"Hello Terra, nice to see a friendly face around here. Certainly is a nice dress you got on there." Seras said, welcoming Terra to this little group that had formed; she then gave a brief scan of Terra's dress. She then responded to Terra's warning.

"Right got you, can never be too careful around people, especially at occasions like this, even more so if they are a drunk Lycan. Isn't that Mark Trevor, your date for this evening heading over? Let me guess, he's added something to the drinks, so that he could have his way with you, or any of us rather fine ladies." Seras remarked, a sigh of relief coming from Terra after her reassurance.

"You know, I could help you, if your planning something against him." She said rather deviously, thinking up all sorts of things to torment the Lycan with, all the while, a smile appeared on her face.

"I'd appreciate it. My current plan is to drink whichever drink he hasn't drugged - gotta love the mind reading. I figure he'll try to pass the drugged one off to someone else. Just don't take it. Then we just have to make out a challenge for him - say he's too afraid to drink the beer. That will end his night." she said, primarily to Seras, but to everyone in the immediate vicinity as well.

"Oh, and Theon, when I said "make out", that's not what I meant." she said, enjoying the sight of the shape-shifter squirm. she hadn't actually read his mind of course, she would never violate a friend that way - even a stranger earned the right.

Drunk, jackass Lycan's revived no such mercy however.

Theon sees Helena eat the whole thing in one bit.
"Wow Guess i was wrong."
Theon looks suprised.

"Hey Theon, Seras"
"Hey Terra nice to see you here too."

"A guy is going to come over here in a minute, Don't drink anything he offers you."
"I am sure he won't offer me a drink so i am not worried."
Theon smiles and takes a sip of his drink.

"You know, I could help you, if your planning something against him."
Wow the ladies have a commen goal better stay out of the way.
Ah who cares never liked that guy anyway.

"Oh, and Theon, when I said "make out", that's not what I meant."
Theon turns completly red. He quikly drinks the rest of his drink.
"I don't know what you are talking about."
Well this is akward. Normally the brain is a private place.
But in the prescens of these people I geuss even that isn't safe.

Hearing the conversation from the other side of the snack table, and seeing a chance for profit, Thomas materialized in their midst.

"I do believe that I could assist in that regard, miss? I could just as easily spike his drink with one of my own concoctions, and he would never think to bother any of you again..." He shifted again in the shadows, and appeared behind Helena and whispered,"I'm only here to meet a demand, Helena, one you let pass you by."

He again shifted in the shadows and appeared back where he had started, by the snack table, across from the group. After all this time, he was still uneasy around these things. Despite the fact that he was one, none of them knew of the time when he hadn't been one of them. They still believed he had been emancipated and had moved here to get away from a family dispute over land.

The appearance of the living shadow was a strange sight, and his disappearance was equally odd. His offer however was more then a little disturbing. There was an element of... finality to the words that made Terra uncomfortable in the extreme. Besides, she might not have liked Mark much, more so now, but even then she didn't wish him any permanent harm - just enough to teach him a lesson.

"Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm going to stick with the with my idea; it feels more karmic. Besides, it's not like..." she said, stopping when the football star arrived, drinks in hand. "Hey Terra, I see you found some nice friends." he said, not stopping himself from taking a nice look at the two other women. Terra could only cringe - uncontrolled mind reading was painful sometimes. The pain would have continued had he not noticed Theon. "Hey Theon, nice... whatever that is." he said, pointing to his rental suit while stifling a laugh

Checking his mind, she searched his thoughts for which glass happened to be drugged. She found her answer - but it was not the one she hoped for. Within his mind, he was nervous as hell, having forgotten which cup contained the drug, making her plan null. "Great... he's to stupid to trick!" she just about screamed in her mind. So much for karmic justice. Or maybe it was karmic justice for trying to trick him... whatever the case, karma was now officially bullshit.

"Here baby, I got you your drink." Mark said, holding one of the red plastic cups forward, putting Terra on the spot.

At seeing his offer being rejected, Thomas decided to play for the other side where there was another potential profit to be had. He popped up next to Mark's left ear, and switched to his right, and continued switching between the two, all the while whispering, nowhere near loud enough for anyone to hear, at least physically.

"I couldn't help but overhear the conversations all over campus the last few weeks, and that your plans for the night are, how shall I put this?" He paused for a moment, next to the Lycan's left ear, then continued on,"Less than honourable in some people's eyes. I have a better solution than what you so foolishly put in your cups. The liquid's the wrong color, you used the cheap stuff, anyone that knows what to look for could tell with a glance. But this,"He slipped a small bag of powder into his left pocket and patted it quickly,"Will get the job done much faster, think of this as a sample, and if you're satisfied with the product, we can talk business, and my sampling fee. Just drop it in any liquid and it'll dissolve within a few seconds, no change at all.Goodbye Mark, I'm sure we can come to an agreement." What he failed to tell him was that contact with the skin caused a severe allergic reaction in night creatures, the brute would be out and probably not figure out until someone told him, if ever. And it would persist for the next several days, the poor thing would be swelled to the size of a pumpkin and, if he were lucky, he would be presentable for graduation.

He materialized next to a few of Mark's buddies, and after telling them that Mark wanted a reason to be called over for reasons he wouldn't reveal, and then shifted back to Terra when they called him over.

He spoke to her quickly after inspecting her cup,"It's in yours,see the gray bubbles that keep popping? That's because he used the common street trash, and what is your name? Thomas Schattenspiel, moved here a few years back, and let's just say I'm a colleague of sorts with Helena here." He extended his shadowy hand, and took off his sunglasses, revealing his glowing eyes, his version of a smile since he hadn't had a face in years.

Theon saw the shadowy man appear out of nowhere.
What the hell is he? Some kind of shadow monster?

"and he would never think to bother any of you again..."
I don't hope she accepts he is an dick but this sounds really shady.

"Hey Theon, nice... whatever that is."
Theon looked at him with an neutral face only in his eyes could you see anger.
"Thank you but i forgive you for not knowing this is called a suit. I know that is hard for your litlle brain to remember more then holwing at the moon and chasing some ball across a field."
Theon grinned.
If we are to fight here it would be an easy fight. But i would prefer not to, all they think i can do is change the color of my body.

"Here baby, I got you your drink."
"Terra just drank some punch so i don't think she is thirsty."
Theon looked at Mark with an fake smile then took a sip from his new drink.

"Then can I have some?"
Helena had already taken the cup without bothering to wait for a response.
Tasted interesting she couldn't quite recognise what was in it but it was something now just to let nature take its course.

She stood there for a few seconds not doing much while synthesising new venom from whatever the drink had contained.
Now for the fun part.

She turned back to the guy she didn't even know, playing with drugs he couldn't possibly understand.

There was a sort of hissing sound when a jet of slightly reddish gas spewed at the guy right into his air ways. He turned his head a little too late and he'd already taken in enough.

"Whatsss wrong feeling ssssleepy?"

She could normally say her s's fine but sometimes for dramatic effect she chose not to.

Dwight stood uncomfortable in the back watching the antics ensue. "God why did Lizzy have to drag me to this without a date as usual."

As looked around a gargantuan looking blob smacked into him. "Luvence what the hell did I say about being in the same space as me at any given time?" said Michel.

Michel Punchinello was the son of the low ranking Punchinello though being an ogre most people didn't screw with him.

"Now what were my specific instruction you half-breed stupid f***" he said with a scowl.

"Your instructions were not to be in the same space as you. As long as your wearing white suit which your always wearing. This is because my filthy half-breed smell will stink it all to hell." Dwight said in a low tone.

Before Michel could make a retort Lizzy came out of the crowd. "Michel what the hell are you doing to my brother?" Lizzy demanded to the 7 foot lump of muscles.

"We were talk-" Lizzy interrupted him mid sentence and grabbed him by his tie and yanked him down to face level her eyes glowing red "You so much as harm one hair on my brother's head it will take a lot more than your dad's hit squad to stop me got iiiiiiiit" she hissed.

He gulped audibly "G-g-g-g-got i-i-i-it" he stuttered as he left.

Lizzy held Dwight's face in her hands looking over him carefully "You should stand up to him or this will keep happening you know?" she doted "Now come on a certain lady wants to dance with a certain brother of mine." She explained as she took his hand yanking him into the crowd.

"It's in yours,see the gray bubbles that keep popping? That's because he used the common street trash, and what is your name? Thomas Schattenspiel, moved here a few years back, and let's just say I'm a colleague of sorts with Helena here." the shadowman, now Thomas said, as he removed his sunglasses and tried to smile.

Terra stared at Thomas, somewhat confused (and a little bit disturbed) by his sudden appearance, but more thankful then anything else. "Thanks for the tip" She said, now knowing which cup to avoid. "And it's Terra Price." she finished, answering his question, seeing no harm in the question.

She returned to the discussion just in time to catch the reptilian women down the glass offered by the athlete. A quick check confirmed she drank the poisoned glass, and for a moment, she was deadly afraid of what was going to happen; how did knockout drugs affect reptiles? A few seconds later, a reddish gas shot from the snake-woman's mouth, infecting the disreputable sports star, and knocking him out.

Turning to the woman, she breathed a sigh of relief, thankful no one (save mark) was hurt in any way. "Thanks for that...?" she said to the reptile, still unaware of her name.

"Thanks for that...?" Terra said to Helena, stopping at the moment where a name would be said, still unaware of what she was called. Seras looked at the snake woman with an approving gaze.

"Indeed, nice job Helena, who knew that the knock out gas would work so quickly on him." She remarked, commenting on the quick effectiveness. Seras then looked at the knocked out sports star with disgust.

"Then again, Mark was more brawn than brains, that alcohol riddled mind of his probably couldn't comprehend what was going on, and when it did, it was too late. We could always make it worse for him, ruin what credibility he has left; if he actually had any to begin with." Seras then chuckled after that last devious comment.

The jock dropped to the ground. He sighed, guess he wouldn't be doing business with him after all. Well, that didn't mean he couldn't try out his friends again, and within a few minutes, he'd sold the idea to them and no longer had anymore of the powder samples. Now all he had left were the pills, he'd decided a while back to leave the liquids in Helena's territory, he'd heard gorgons had a nasty temper back in the work camps. A few minutes into working the outcasts at the prom, he'd given his pill samples away and would drum up a few new customers by tomorrow night when they wanted it again, it affected everyone differently, though the worst that came of it from his trial run was excessive vomiting.

Shifting back to the group Thomas had deigned home, he warned them to not take anything being offered from then on. On the upside, he got Terra's name, interesting for a...demon of some sort. And beside her was something, he wasn't sure what, but he just looked like a normal human, not that unlike he himself had been. He heard her thank Helena, but felt it prudent to let her tell her own name, or not, it was her choice after all.

Well that takes care of him. quick and effective I am glad that it was handled this way. IT could have ended allot worse.

"Indeed, nice job Helena"
"Yes excellent job. We won't have to be bothered by him the rest of the night."

we could always make it worse for him, ruin what credibility he has left; if he actually had any to begin with.
"I don't think that is such an good idea. He and his friends will certainly come back for revenge.
Not after what he was about to do just now. But if we hurt him they will help him."
Theon looked at Terra.

"So since this night will take awhile want me to throw him outside with the other trash?
I wouldn't like him to be lying on the ground the whole time."
Theon said looking at the unconscious ex-sport star.

The shadow man is back have to watch him closely something is not right about him.

OOC: Might as well join in on the fun


Eric shuffled onto the bustling dance floor, wincing as he his enhanced senses were assaulted by the strobe lights and loud music.

"This is going to take some getting used to. I should have brought earplugs or something"

He adjusted his tuxedo jacket- silver, with a black vest and tie underneath with silver shoes. He stalked his way to the edge of the dance-floor to look busy grabbing some punch. Eric was well liked at school, but he never was really close to anyone. He always just flew under the radar at school.

"Come on, Eric there has to be at least one person here you've carried a conversation on with in class or something"

"It was hardly anything. Just a talent of mine."
She looked towards the other woman. They one who had congratulated her.
She held out a webbed hand.
"Hi, I'm Helena what's your name?"

Eric, looking all the more birdlike, craned his neck scanning from side to side. Finally he spotted a familiar face.

that's Terra im pretty sure. She was in my bio class. Good of a connection as any i guess.

Eric shuffled his way over calling out in greeting as he approached Terra and her group of friends.

"Hey Terra, what's up?"

"I hope she remembers me, we were lab partners once after all. Better check while i still have a chance to bail if she doesn't"

Eric lightly probed Terra mind to sense if she recognized him as he called out to her.

Ooc:Ik ur a telepathy as well hiei but Eric doesn't so play off that as you will.

"I don't think that is such an good idea. He and his friends will certainly come back for revenge. Not after what he was about to do just now. But if we hurt him they will help him." Theon said, disapproving of any further action towards Mark. Seras had to admit, whilst it would of been fun to mess with the sport star some more, he had a point.

"Fair enough I suppose. Still, it would of been fun."

"Hey Terra, what's up?" A guy wearing a silver tuxedo asked as he neared the group. Seras then nudged Terra lightly in the side.

"Say Terra, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend here?"

After Helena shrugged off her accomplishment and moved on to Seras, Terra started to think about Theons suggestion. She considered Theons proposal for several seconds, before making her decision. "Lets just drag him over against the wall; I just want to get this over with and enjoy what's left of the night." she answered, reaching down to grab hold of the pile of meat that had been her date and began pulling him a way, Thankful she still had her track muscles else the task would have been impossible.

"Hey Terra, what's up?" she heard from behind her, pulling her from her task. Pivoting on the balls of her feet, she turned to see one of her former classmates. She quickly searched her mind, trying to draw out the name. A second later, the name had manifested - Eric; from Bio. She was about to ask him how he was, when she felt the distinctive touch of another mind. At first, she thought it was her telepathy acting up again, reaching out against her will, but she quickly realized that she couldn't hear any thoughts, only the presence of the foreign mind.

This meant it was someone else in her mind - and she had one guess who. Eric was a Tengu, known for their wide range of telepathic abilities, though if and why he was trying to read her mind escaped her. She had never much liked people in her mind, as hypocritical as she knew it was, so she decided to strike back, reading his mind, trying to create a mental blast of feedback to break the link. It would hurt, much like audio feedback, but the link would shatter, protecting her.

As she was about to mentally scream "Get out of my head!" to set off the mental blast, but her empathic ability took hold and she sensed the core of his reasoning; stopping her in her tracks. He wasn't probing deeply, just trying to see if she remembered him, nervous and hoping to avoid the awkward situation. Feeling a little sympathetic, for she had done much the same thing until a year ago, she chose to break off her own link and instead push his name to the front of her mind while burying her more personal thoughts as far back in her mind as she could - she may have been sympathetic, but that didn't mean she wanted anyone that close to her personality and secrets.

Then, in the real world she responded. "Seras, this is Eric. We were Bio partners. Eric, this is Seras. We've been friends for what - 3 years now? As for what's up, not much just ditching my date" she said, pointing to the sports-star, now snoring on the ground. "What about you?"

"Fair enough I suppose. Still, it would of been fun."
That it would have been.

"Lets just drag him over against the wall; I just want to get this over with and enjoy what's left of the night."
"Sure no problem leave it to me."
Theon grabbed him then lifted him up throwing him over his shoulder. He began walking towards the wall.

He carefully placed him against the wall. Then walked back to the group.
How did it grow so much one minute i was standing alone then Helena came over then suddenly everybody came and joined the group?
Who cares the more the merrier. right? Should I ask someone to dance with me? if i would then who would I ask?

Theon stands back to his original position pondering over this question.

"Well Terra he won't bother you anymore."
Theon said smiling at her.

"Good thing that's dealt with."
"So terra is you name right."
She held out another hand.
"And Eric was in."
Her other hand was held out.
"I'm Helena. Are we all caught up?"

"I'm Helena. Are we all caught up?" the reptilian woman said and asked, holding out her hand. Terra took it and shook. "I think so. It's a pleasure to meet you Helena" she said. In her mind however, she couldn't help but wonder "Is she the same Helena the team is always talking about? She would have continued to wonder about it, but Theon broke the train of thought.

"Well Terra he won't bother you anymore." he said, back to standing where she had first seen him. Looking down, she saw that mark had disappeared, reappearing beside the wall. Already some of his teammates had decided to draw on him.

"Thanks Theon, I owe you a ton" she said, a huge smile on her face, happy she didn't need to drag the meat head; a task she had been afraid would ruin her dress.

"Thanks Theon, I owe you a ton"
"Oh sure no problem."
Theon said scratching his face looking a little embarrassed. And looking at here smiling.
This might be my only change to ask a girl to dance take it!

"So uuh Terra since your date is canceled would you perhaps like to dance with me?"
Theon said smiling and offering her his hand.
Take my hand please.

"So uuh Terra since your date is canceled would you perhaps like to dance with me?" Theon asked, stumbling over his words, his face just a touch redder then it normally was, and offering his hand, doing his best to match her smile.

"Sure; sounds fun." she said, grabbing the shape-shifters hand. Turning to the rest of the group - the shadowy man in the corner included - she tried to coerce them onto the floor as well. "You should join us." she said, trying convince the group of them to join in the fun - after all, what purpose did a prom serve if you didn't dance. Beside that, the dance floor seemed sparely populated, with only one other pair on the floor - a half-demon and a vampire dancing up a storm if she saw correctly through the crowd.

"Sure; sounds fun."
Theon was completely mind blown for a few seconds that she said yes.
She however did not seem to notice this. As she was trying to convince the rest of the group to dance to.
she said yes....
Theon just stands there smiling like an idiot. And waiting for her to make the first step toward the dance floor.
I can't believe she said yes.

After receiving the varied responses from the rest of the group, she returned her attention to Theon, who's smile seemed to have grown - literally. Must be a shape-shifter thing. she thought, before pulling him toward the dance floor. They passed through the crowd with only moderate difficulty, reaching the floor in only a handful of minutes. When they reached their goal, she nodded to the pair already on the floor, having a blast if the girls face was any indication. On the side of the dancing area, Terra turned to Theon and readied to dance. The music seemed to be a fast paced song, though the title escaped her - just the kind for a great time.

"Do you want to lead or shall I?" she asked, looking for his opinion, her smile still in place.

"You should join us." Terra said, trying to get the others to dance, after she accepted the offer to dance from Theon. Seras stood, there, completely still and silent, the colour drained from her face, trying to comprehend what just happened.

You asked her? Why didn't you ask me? A friend you have known for over a year, someone who does like you. Why didn't I just yes to you then, perhaps, I didn't want to break your heart back then, but it was your overall kindness, that wanted me to be friends with you. But I suppose, she did owe you a favour. Still... Seras then shed a tear, but quickly wiped it away before anyone noticed it. After all, its not very often that you see a vampire cry. She quickly returned to a cheerful demeanour.

"Why not? Your right Terra, it does sound fun, besides, it gives me a chance to truly show my hair off." Seras remarked with a smile, as she removed the tie that kept her hair in place, casually tossing it to the side. It soon unfolded, the dark red colour glistening in the light. She then gave a twirl, showing off her attire in all its splendour.

Theon was dragged by Terra onto the dance floor. Still smiling like an idiot it only now hit him.
He was an ok dancer but who knows what she could do.
Oh no what do I do know?

"Do you want to lead or shall I?"
"Well I don't know what you can do. So you can take charge and I will try to keep up."
Theon said still smiling but also focused on the dance and the music.
Hey Seras joined us too on the dance floor. Good that she is having a fun time too.
I wonder where Helena is though.

From the corner of her eye, Terra saw Theon's eye move to a target behind her. turning, she spotted Seras, her hair undone, ready to join them as well. "See you on the floor" she called out, then returned to Theon, happy to see her friends cutting loose.

"Well I don't know what you can do. So you can take charge and I will try to keep up." Theon said, trying to pick up on the rhythm of the current song. With a slight smirk, she responded "Your funeral" and jumped into the fray of dancing. Pulling the shape-shifter into the chaos that was her dancing, Terra laughed a little inside, thinking "You don't grow up as a Succubus without learning to dance well.", while watching as Theon struggled to maintain his steps. After a few moments of making the shape-shifter dizzy with steps he rightly wasn't ready for, she down-shifted into a dance style he could keep up with until the song ended. After a quick, and well needed rest, the next song started and Terra spoke to her partner.

"Ready for round 2?" Terra asked, her smile taking a slightly darker design - she was an incarnation of evil after all; no sense making it easy for her good shifter friend.

As much as Thomas would've "loved" to have danced, he instead chose to reappear at the back of the room, where he had a small group gathered around him, asking for orders of powders and pills. He was right, this had been a good idea. He wrote it in his little notebook with their initials and how much they wanted. After that was done, he moved back to the table, not like there was anything to really do here anymore. He'd already finished what he'd come here to do, and cemented his livelihood for the next several months, if not years.

"What's the point of this?" He said to no one in particular,"You dress up here, some get drunk, in the case of Mark, some get struck down, sometimes literally, and then everyone goes home and we meet back here to get out of here. What's the point?"

Eric winced as his mind was hit with a spark of feedback.

"She's telepathic too. I'm an ass"

Without a projecting directly into her mind Eirc mentally voiced an apology he hoped she would hear.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to invade, I just wanted to see if you remembered me. I wouldn't have looked any deeper."

"Seras, this is Eric. We were Bio partners. Eric, this is Seras. We've been friends for what - 3 years now? As for what's up, not much just ditching my date" she said, pointing to the sports-star, now snoring on the ground. "What about you?"

"Hi Seras" Eric replied with a smile and nod. And nothing really, just got here."

"You should join us."

Eric nodded his head sharply to psych himself up and grinned.

"Sure, I can't promise to do well but screw it"

Eric followed the group onto the dance floor bopping slightly offbeat. He began to shuffle and sway with enthusiasm.

"Why not? Your right Terra, it does sound fun, besides, it gives me a chance to truly show my hair off."

"Hey Seras right? You wouldn't be interested in busting a move together would you?"

"Your funeral"
That doesn't sound very promising.
Theon couldn't keep up with her but as soon as she made it easier he was able to keep up.
This is even worse then I thought. I need to change the advantage but how?
Looking over to the DJ he saw a friend.
I might have a change after all.
Theon smiled. Then he gave his friend a signal to change to one of his best songs.

"Ready for round 2?"
"Sure I will lead."
Theon changed the density of his body to be lighter making him faster.
Now try to keep up.
As the song started he immediately started dancing on an really high level.
This might be one of the 5 songs where I can do this but still she won't see this coming.
But this does mean she will slaughter me in the next round..

By the end of the song, Terra was panting from the exertion. The song was one she hadn't known and the rhythm had a bad habit of changing mid beat. As a result, the song proved impossible for her to predict. Meanwhile, Theon had seemed to move like he was dancing on air, his steps timed to each beat with a precision she though impossible. "How did he do that?" she thought, struggling to regain her breath. Of course, this didn't change much; she would be giving it her all in the next song, ending this challenge with her absolute, undeniable victory.

The universe however, seemed to disagree. After recapturing her breath, she turned to her partner and said. "Guess it comes down to a tie breaker." in doing so, she saw a rather interesting sight - Theons pale face trying to mouth something across the room. Following his eyes, she saw the DJ, a devious look on his face. Throughout the last song, Terra had noticed he seemed to be digging through his musical library, looking for something specific.

With an inaudible laugh, the Dj pressed play, and the next song began. Unlike the previous two songs however, this one lacked the speed and melody to make it good for a competition. Rather, it was a slow song, clearly meant for couples and mean spirited pranks such as this.

Seras had been mostly dancing by herself throughout the first song that was playing, whilst watching Theon and Terra dance up a storm. Although from what she could gather, the shape shifter was having trouble keeping up. By the time the second song had come around, Eric had asked her to dance.

"Hey Seras right? You wouldn't be interested in busting a move together would you?"

"Sure, haven't danced with a partner for a while." Seras then took Eric by the hand, and they began to dance in time to the beat. Looking back at the other couple, it seems as though Terra was now the one in trouble keeping up.

Hmm, thats what you get for pulling the same stunt on him Terra. She quietly thought to herself.

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