Serial Killer Round 42 - Murderville TV (GM TRANSITIONED)

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Serial Killer Round 42

Murderville TV

You were probably expecting a Hitchhikers reference. Nope. None to be found here.

Helloooooo, ladies and gents! Have we got a show for you today. It all goes like this: Take a small, secluded town where the population rarely sees visitors. Release a mass murderer who is particularly sneaky. Enjoy the madness that follows as they desperately struggle to stop the killer before they are all dead!

We've received several complaints that what we're doing is inhumane. Nonsense! Every single one of the participants knows what they're getting into. How so, you may ask. All we do is send out a bunch of promotional offers for free 50" flat screen plasma TVs! To win the TVs, all they have to do is play a little TV show game. Sure, the whole murder part is sort of hidden in the small text, but we swear this is completely legal! Guilt free murder!

So swing on around, pull up a chair!
Enjoy the show.

As for you contestants, I suspect that this news may surprise you. It's already too late to back out. Pick a number between 1 and 100.
I'll be waiting.


The Players

staika - Lynched - Cycle 3
Berenzen - Lynched - Cycle 4
Malyc - Entwined Death - Cycle 2 - Entwined
Link_To_Future - Murdered - Cycle 2 - Entwined
axle 19 - Murdered - Cycle 4
kingofkumquats - Lynched - Cycle 2
War Penguin
Schizzy - Murdered - Cycle 3
Lost in the Void
Fragrance of Mtn Dew
Diablo1099 - Murdered - Cycle 1 - Priest
Mortis Nuncius
Erik the Orange
MortifiedPenguin - Lynched - Cycle 1

Hooray new round and I was hoping that it was going to be titled "Round 42 the meaning of life" but you know that works too :P

Oh well number incoming.


I shall have a number in momentarily.

This is my last round as a newbie before I become a regular.

Hooray new round and I was hoping that it was going to be titled "Round 42 the meaning of life" but you know that works too :P

Oh well number incoming.

I felt that that would be too easy :)

@Berenzen: Same.

@Zero: Well I am mindlessly predictable and I think it would have been funny :P

@Zero: Not hitting the low hanging joke, eh? Your restraint is unexpected. XP

Number inbound.

@Link: You know how it goes. I've got to throw left handed occasionally.

Number being sent

Also I was the Celebrity.

If there are any other roles I missed, just let me know

Woot new round. What about the regulars list? Thread reading failure

The list should be the same as the last round baring any new entries to the regular's list.

Number away

Edit the second: I was the Spy of last round.

Well I read the last two out of boredom so I think Im ready for my debut round. Sending number.

@Axle: The problem is that Schizzy didn't know the regular's list and I'm having trouble figuring out where the list ends with Round 40.

@King: Welcome! New members are appreciated!
...and often dismembered. >:)

Let's hope someone get's you that list, soon. <_<

Number sent.

And it's good to be alive.

Sending my number now.

Number sent, I'll try to be more active this round.
Here's to hoping I get my first role...

Number sent. That OP edit was fast, @Zero, I'm impressed xD.

Just some addendums for the OP:
Lost in the Void was the Arbiter
razer17 was the Priest
=y was the Medic

Also, number sent!

We are currently at 14 players, most of them regulars.
Until I receive the list, I will hold off on updating the accepted players list to ensure that the regulars don't lose their reservation spot.

@Nouw: The relentless urge to not want to write papers is overwhelming. xD

@The Schiz: Good to know, thanks!

@Zero: Aha xD. It is a good thing after all :p.

Sending my number nao.

Number en route.

At this point, methinks I should be a regular...


@Mortis: You are on that list. I just sent it in to Zero while I tossed my bloody axe into the ring for another go.

Number on its way.

I'm in!

Also, I'm in Seattle for the first time (first time in the US actually), any suggestions for stuff to do?

@Stek: Well mortis is from Seattle to my knowledge so maybe he will know of cool things to do. But I do know that you could visit this

please put me on the list :<

Sending number now.

@staika: I'm going there today actually! Not too great with heights, but it's probably going to be great.

@Stek: And with that you have gone through all my knowledge of Seattle. If you were visiting the east coast I could help out more but I know very little about the west coast.

@Sidenote: I have a friend who wants to join, those of you in the skype group should have met him before but I am forcing him into this game
He's at work now though so he'll join later

@Stekepanne: You could see the Sonics! They're playing in the NBA finals against the Heat right now...oh wait...

@Staika: But Erik is SCARY D=

@Malyc: Too late I gave him the call and forced told him to join. If you find him scary than I will enjoy this much more now >:D

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