In Her Image: a Pokémon RP

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"Hey, Matt! Haven't seen ya since the arena, everybody was worried sick! Where've ya been?"


Matt couldn't believe his luck. Of all the people to approach him right off the bat, why, why did it have to be Daria? Why couldn't it have been Remy, or Darius, or, hell, even Caleb?

At least she didn't seem to be aware of the stunt he'd pulled yesterday, if her friendly demeanor was anything to go by. And, at least at the moment, there wasn't really any reason to fill her in...

"Oh, I, er," the boy stuttered, his tongue tripping over itself as he attempted to concoct a story. "You see, I-I was-"

"And what's with the long face? We won! Or did ya miss that part?"

"N-no, I-"

"Probably haven't met. Matt, this is... is... Looker's partner."

Reflexively, Matt's eyes traced along Daria's arm, following it to the man halfway across the room. A familiar looking figure, with long red hair and harsh, judging eyes. The boy's heart nearly skipped a beat as he made eye-contact with the officer, and he slunk a little lower into his seat.

"We've... We've met," he muttered, an icy tinge infecting his words.


Remy's french toast, bacon and mushroom omelette and Iapapa Berry juice breakfast would have to wait a spell as a bespectacled boy greeted him.

"Oh, hey! Tom, right? Morning."

Remy's attention was drawn to the relatively young kid's impressive cadre of Pokémon.

"That's quite a team ya got there, kid. So. I assume you're in then?"

"Morning you two. Get a good nights rest?"

"Hey Caleb! Can't complain. You?"

Remy got a few mouthfuls of breakfast in as Daria burst into the room. "Mornin', everybody! Snow Boy, Tom, Sword Guy, Looker..." was her greeting, to which Remy smiled and nodded.

"Uh... I don't think I remember you. What was your name again?" she asked Silver, who didn't seem amused by her presence.

"Silver I think, Giovanni's - you know, the Rocket one? - son, if I remember the rumors. How ya doing? You tried drowning me yesterday. Unfortunately, you aren't the first."

Silver's expression soured. He didn't even bother to shake Darius' hand. He simply quipped:

"Yes, Agent Silver. The guy who saved your hides. You're welcome."

Remy looked at the somewhat arrogant Trainer and chuckled, adressing the men in his table.

"Not the friendliest guy, is he?"

The Veilstonian saw Rupert come in and mutter som 'good mornings' all around. He seemed down about something but Remy's attention quickly switched to Matt who now slid into the room with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

"Looks like those two are not having the best of mornings".

Truly this was the case. More so for Matt, who was now being antagonized by an overly cheery and, as always, oblivious Pewter Fist.

"Oh boy..."

Lee spent the night thinking about aeden's words he never had to worry about his pokemon dying until recently as he used to just have duskull, ghost types were already dead. He had no idea how he would react if one of his pokemon died especially if it was snover.

The next morning lee took his time getting ready as despite the late night he still woke up his usual time and he took a while before waking up properly. Even after getting dressed and geared up he more drudged down to the dining area then walked. Lee sat down where everyone else seemed to be gathering and started eating a large bowl of cereal barely even noticing silver and looker.

The morning started with a thump. Mainly Kayla. Falling out of the bed that Savannah had offered to share with her. Sitting up still groggy, rubbing the bump on her head, Kayla looked around at her pokemon sleeping. King curled up by the door was chuckling at his trainer's rude awakening, Milan was resting on the window stile, at least until it was knocked off by Skylar coming back from the morning hunt, Kayla had no desire to know what Skylar had been hunting. Still there was one missing, Adelpha. Standing up slowly Kayla knew where she would find her missing Scizor. Sure enough there she was, in the bathroom shinning her claws.

"You would be here," Kayla commented to the image obseded Scizor.

"Scizor. Sci Sci Scizor" Adelpha replied, moving on to cleaning her head.

"No Adelpha. I'm not going to wear make up. Besides I had shower last night before bed to clean off all that mud."

"Sci Sci Sci Scizor. Scizor Scizor Scizor?"

"No. I'm not going to pretty myself for anyone here. Geez is all that you think about. What am I saying? Of course it is."

"SCIZOR SCIZOR. Scizor Sci."

"Hehe. Oh Adelpha. You make me laugh. And no. I'm not trying to get anyone's attention. Now come on. We need to go meet the others downstairs," Kayla left the bathroom to see King and Milan in a game of tug-a-war over one of her socks. Skylar sat on the window, obviously tired of trying to get those two to stop.

Kayla grabbed their pokeballs from her bag and called them back.

"Until you two behave you will be staying in there," Kayla told the two male pokemon. Next she changed out of sleeping clothes and into a fresh shirt and jeans, a pair of many that she carried around in her bag. Pulling her back she took a hair band and put her up into a ponytail before grabbing her back and left the room, slowly closing the door as to not disturb Savannah.

Making her way to the dining room, the amazing aroma of eggs and bacon reached her nose. Taking a deep breath, Kayla smiled and proceeded into the room.

"Morning all!" Kayla waved. "Smells delicious. Is there any for a last minute guest?" She smiled at the old woman who seemed to be in charge.

"Hi. I'm Kayla. Sorry. I got her late last night so I didn't pay for a room and I shared with another guest. Is three thousand okay?" Kayla pulled a large was of bills and handed them to the owner before making her way to the food. Taking a couple of eggs, bacon, toast and a class of Berry Juice she made her way to the table and sat next to Daria and looked over at the bewildered boy trapped by Daria.

"Morning. I don't think we met last night. I'm Kayla." recognition dawned on Kayla's face as she took a closer look. "Hey weren't you that trainer that was facing down that dragon last night? Man you did a good job. Man. I think you were the one I was supposed to face if I wasn't late. I doubt I would have beaten you."

Savannah was far too preoccupied with her own perceived lack of sleep to be able to pay any further attention to Kayla or her response, she merely presumed that she had taken her offer. She meandered over to her room, her hand in it's sloppiness struggled to find the doorknob, which proved to be more resistance than she thought.
Once inside, Sav propped open the door with one of the odd socks that littered her floor, leaving it slightly ajar for a willing Kayla, who she assumed still didn't have a room. Savannah collapsed onto the bed, reaching for a green pokeball on her waist as her vision began to blur.


"Sprig... wake me up in the morning....9 o'clock..."


Sav was woken abruptly by a heavy breakfast try being thumped onto her chest by a smiling Sprig. The heavy-handed gift caused her to jolt awake, accidentally ruining the breakfast that the Wood Gecko pokemon had painstakingly gone to great lengths to collect from neighbouring trees.


"I'm sorry Sprig..." she said as brushed away the egg yolk from the now stained duvet. "But you don't just hit someone in the chest when they're asleep, no matter the intentions. Especially a girl..."

She threw of the cover and sat on the edge of the bed. She rubbed her chest as she took in long, deep breaths in and out in an effort to control the pain.
Her breast no longer throbbing, Sav relented in scolding Sprig, shrugging her shoulders and giving him a pat on the head.

"At least you waked me... I just hope Granny Kerner won't be too mad"

Savannah rose from bed, giving a stretch towards the window with her arms behind her head, seeming to almost salute the sun like a Bellossom. After having a shower and getting dressed, she began to make her way out, barely registering a still slumbering Kayla.

Once downstairs, Sav saw the already gathered group in discussion.

"Mornin' everybody! Glad to see you all came" she looked over the crowd, her eyes catching Darius'. "Even you Silver, I realised that I never got to thank you yesterday for helping save us from those awful men"

She slowly walked to in front of him, the usually socially averse trainer not knowing quite what to do. In a second she wrapped her arms around him, embracing him tightly. She could feel his face growing red as he accepted the hug against his will. Before she let go, Sav gave him a swift peck on both cheeks.

"Thank you!"

Turning around from the rest of the group, Savannah sniffed the air, smelling the mix of pleasant aromas that emerged from the kitchen that signalled that it was time that she moved on.

"Okay then, I'll meet all of you in the dining room for breakfast. Seeya!"

"Hey Caleb! Can't complain. You?" Remy asked whilst he was busy eating his assorted breakfast. Before Caleb could speak however, Daria burst into the room with the boundless energy she was known for. "Mornin', everybody! Snow Boy, Tom, Sword Guy, Looker..." She said with an impish grin on her face. Caleb almost smiled, were it not for the fact that he was busy drinking his coffee. The Pewter Fist however soon sauntered off to talk with Matt, who surprisingly managed to slip in unnoticed; but looking as though he wanted to be left alone.

Soon, the others all managed to find their way towards the dining room; Darius's Psyduck and Sandslash were busy chasing each other around the room, before being put in their place by Darius, who then went on to smoke his pipe again. Rupert awkwardly shuffled in, and soon found himself a spot amongst the others. Savannah, or Sav as she liked to be called then arrived and then randomly hugged Silver, for saving them yesterday, who looked a bit uncomfortable receiving the kind gesture. Finally, Caleb managed to find time to respond to Remy.

"I slept rather soundly myself. Though my team got a bit of a surprise when Sebastian, my Eevee in case you forgotten, barked in an attempt to wake me up earlier. I'll admit, whilst it didn't have the intended effect, it was a nice gesture. Managed to get a phone call to my family back home in Hoenn as well, just to say that I was alright and didn't get hurt during the events of yesterday; I also showed them my latest addition to the team, Auron the Ralts."

"Oh, hey! Tom, right? Morning."

Tom yawned loudly before Grinning cheerfully at the older trainer. "Morning Remy!"

"That's quite a team ya got there, kid. So. I assume you're in then?"

"Ah hold on a sec, I'm starving." He said as he ravenously dug into his breakfast. He had of course made sure that his team had gotten some food as well and as they all munched away he spoke up again.

"Thanks! And yeah, I mean I know it's serious business, but It still sounds like a Great adventure to me! Plus I usually travel just with my team, so it'd be nice to go with some friends!"

Tom went back to eating while the others made their way into the dining room in various amounts of loud entrances. As soon as Sav entered Tom instantly regretted not asking Silver for his autograph, but decided that it still wasn't a good time.

Aeden stood outside the door for what felt like forever as he worked up the courage to go inside. He'd made quite the scene before leaving before, and Silver would be in there... still, he had to return this stupid hat. He began to wish he'd never picked it up, or just leaving it outside, but there was no guarantee that it'd find it's way back to it's rightful owner. With a deep breath, he slipped into the building.

He found a surprisingly loud and... maybe even cheery atmosphere inside. Everyone was crowded together. When he saw Silver's red hair sticking out from among the crowd, he cursed under his breath. He should have left earlier, found the kid in his room and been done with it. Nothing he could do about it now though but to hope Silver wouldn't notice him. He scanned the room for one trainer minus the hat, and found who he was looking for. He recognized him from the fighting, though he'd only seen him briefly. He made his way quietly across the room, sticking to the edges of the wall. It was only when he got in range of him did he realize he didn't know the boy's name, and so coughed softly in the hopes of getting his attention.

Remy saw Matt being accosted by several well meaning, but ultimately oblivious characters and was about to intervene when Looker saw it fit to raise his voice to let those in the dining room know it was briefing time.


Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing. What was once an unholy cacophony of mealtime chatter had now turned into a space so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

"Thank you. Now, It would seem that MOST of us have now convened in the dining area. However!" the foreign IP agent exclaimed, scanning the room. "It would appear young master Ryan Oliver is not with us. Is anyone privy to his current whereabouts? And who would you be, young man?"

Looker's last question was targeted at Aeden who had now turned into the center of everyone's attention.

Silver noticed the boy as well, and spoke up.

"Aeden? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be helping Lyra at the Daycare?"

Rupert felt like a little island. A little rocky reef of sullenness and brooding in an otherwise very lively and upbeat ocean. He was like one of those rock outcropping at sea that served no function beyond giving seabirds something to poop on. Yeah. Clearly Rupert was no poet, but it was true that while the dining room was buzzing with the inevitable activity that came with such characters as Tom, Daria, Kayla and Savannah, Rupert's little corner of the breakfast table was quiet and gloomy. He was still thinking about Ryan.

These thoughts were, however, forcibly ejected as the Kanto trainer winced at Looker's "AHEM!!". The investigator evidently had something to say, and demanded the group attention.

"Thank you. Now, It would seem that MOST of us have now convened in the dining area. However, it would appear young master Ryan Oliver is not with us. Is anyone privy to his current whereabouts? And who would you be, young man?"

Rupert sank a bit further back in his seat. He knew that he had to speak up now. If he didn't the mysterious disappearance of young Ryan Oliver was likely to provoke a police investigation of its own. This did not make the prospect of speaking to a room full of accomplished trainers any more appealing for social anxiety stricken Rupert. It hadn't escaped the youth's attention that he had actually gotten fairly comfortable with Tom, but he dreaded looking like a fool in front of the rest of the group. He respected them far too much for that.

C'mon, Rupert. Be assertive, remember?

His first attempt at getting the group attention didn't go all that well, which is to say that his words decided that they were far more comfortable around his larynx than they were going out his mouth. His thought that standing up would surely make him the centre of attention sounded right in his head, right until he realized that he would rather light himself on fire than stand upright speaking for a group like he was giving some sort of presentation. Maybe the fire idea wasn't that bad. It would certainly be eye-catching.
As it turned out awkwardly half-rising from your seat, sitting back down again and wordlessly flapping your mouth for a good 30 seconds was actually plenty enough to draw attention to oneself. Looker looked a bit concerned for the young man. So it was that Rupert hung his head to avoid everyone's eyes and quietly spoke up.

"Uhm... Mr Looker? R-Ryan... won't be joining us. H-He... decided what his priorities were. His pokémon's safety c-came first." Rupert wondered why he was anxious to support Ryan's choice in this matter, before adding "H-He left this," and slid the now somewhat crumpled letter onto the table.

Rupert bowed out by lamely adding "He s-sends his regards, g-guys."

"What?! Lemme see that."

Daria's hand lashed out like a bolt of lightning, snatching up the letter and dragging it over to her. She picked it up and unfolded it, eyes uncharacteristically serious as they scanned across the words. Every line she seemed to furrow her brow further, and the corners of her lips curled down into a displeased frown. She reached the end, pausing for a moment, then quietly set the letter back, sliding it over to Rupert. The boisterous girl now hushed and sullen, she folded her arms and seemed to sink down into her chair.

"Coward," she muttered. That seemed to be the key word, lighting up her eyes as her face started to turn red. "It doesn't matter if you're gonna lose or not! Any Pokemon trainer that goes into a fight and expects to win every time shouldn't be fighting in the first place! Running from a fight he'd already started... he's scum."

Even if it was just a mood that would pass in a few moments, Daria seemed genuinely disgusted with her former comrade, sinking so far into her chair more of her back than her rear was on the seat. She became silent after that, waiting for the meeting to move on.

"And who would you be, young man?"

"Aeden? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be helping Lyra at the Daycare?"

Aeden slouched down, despairing at being caught. He struggled to find words, and couldn't look Silver in the eye, so addressed Looker instead. "I'm, uh... I'm Aeden Shay." Swallowing, he slowly turned to look at Silver. "H-heya, Silver. I'm just... I'm..." He suddenly couldn't seem to remember why he was here, even as he clutched the hat in his hand.

"What?! Lemme see that."

Daria's sudden outburst threw the attention off of him for a second, letting him recollect himself. He stood up straighter. "Lyra knows I'm here. I needed to return something to someone. And..." he thought back to what Remy had asked him earlier. Maybe he had come up with an answer. "I want to help. Defeat the bad guys, I mean."

"...shouldn't be fighting in the first place! Running from a fight he'd already started... he's scum." Daria said with utter disgust as she read the letter that Ryan had written, than sank further back into her chair, almost at the tipping point where she might fall off of it. Caleb let out a brief sigh as he reached out to gently pick up the letter, and began to read it.

"I wouldn't go so far as to call him scum Daria. Personally it is a shame that he has left, but there is little we can do now to change it; and it was also his decision to make. Judging from the contents of his letter, he was gravely concerned for the safety of his Mightyena, and were it not for Mr. Silver's timely arrival, no doubt the Bite Pokémon would have been captured by those villains we faced, and subjected to quite a sad fate; and he wasn't willing to risk it happening again." Caleb said, his attention still focused on the letter as he continued to look through it.

"He also makes mention of his confidence not being so great after the battle, and his team wasn't exactly the largest out of all of us. Whilst you may not like his decision Daria, show a little common courtesy, especially when in the presence of the law." Caleb remarked, folding up the letter and placing it neatly back down on the table.

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