In Her Image: a Pokémon RP

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'one sec' lee said to the girl as he went up stairs to get the key of the old lady, 'thank you' he said as he took the key, he then quickly went back down to the basement 'So what do you say?' He said to the girl.

Savannah was just about to ask the elderly innkeeper for her key, when all of a sudden she was hit by an object from behind, sending her hurtling towards the ground, banging her head slightly on the welcome desk on her trip.


She got back on to her feet, dusting her clothes off before turning to face what had knocked her over. It was a teenage boy, around 17, spectacled and with short dark hair. He was rubbing his side, probably hurt it during the fall.

Heh, that'll teach you to mind where you're running

"Ow... Oh! Sorry, are you ok?"

"No, I'm not okay, some idiot just run into me! she said, before immediately regretting being needlessly hostile, she quickly tried to patch things up, offering a wry smile.

"I'm sorry... it just came out of the blue is all, and you know what they say, they bigger they are the harder they fall"

She rubbed her head where it had hit the desk, wincing slightly. She was sure she'd have a bump there by this time tomorrow morning. She tried to lift the atmosphere a touch, smiling more widely, and her voice becoming more upbeat.

"Anyway at least that's one way to meet somebody. The name's Savannah."

She offered him her hand to shake his as a gesture of good will, hoping for a less painful experience.

"Training room's downstairs dear. Dinner's at 8."

Wow, a training room? Best. Hotel. EVAR! Gotta check that out

Savannah proceeded to pay Granny for the night. As she awaited on a room key she looked around to see Darius's Psyduck and Sandslash being as adorable as ever, both appearing to put on some hilarious slapstick act, miming out handing keys to each other, spinning, falling to the ground, knocking each other out with their appendages, before falling once again. This all culminated in the pair rising to their feet and posing as if awaiting applause.

Feeling sympathetic, Sav gave a quick series of claps whilst laughing. "Darius your pokemon are so cute! I just want to adopt them both!"

"Oh! Yes, yes of course. It... that was my destination before all... this. Sorry. And yes, I will be competing in the t-tournament. Oh, and my name is Rupert. Rupert Gravel. It s nice to meet you. Both of you." Gravel? A weird name. But then again, I'm from Sinnoh, so maybe he thinks my name's weird. "Rupert eh? Well Rupert, it's a pleasure to meet ya!"

"Well, hmm. Should we find an inn then?" An inn sounded great, if not for the fact that Ryan couldn't find ANYTHING in this city, let alone an inn. "Sounds great, Rupert! But do you know any inns around here?" Ryan furiously hoped Rupert knew the way, because if he didn't they'd be sleeping on the streets for sure.

After Savannah got up and apologised to the boy, she paid Granny for a room.

"Room 211. Previous tenant had a Vileplume... Might still smell funny."

Looking at Tom, she continued.

"Room 309. No running indoors, lad."

With that, all 8 new tenants had been accomodated. They were now free to rest until the next morning.

There was a dining room, where Remy currently sat, enjoying a cold beer, where one could sit down, relax, have a talk.

The aforementioned training room was also available. Daria was down there with he Hitmonlee. Lee had gone down there to challenge her to a battle.

There was also the option of going up to their rooms and take a load off.

When Lee first entered the training room, his words to try and challenge her to a battle were cut off. Rather than the relaxing trainer he'd likely expected, he found a warzone.

"HYA!" screamed Daria, swinging around a back hook kick. Her Jet was fast, and brought up his hands to guard himself, blocking the blow and moving to his side several inches from the absorbed force.

"I'M TRAPPED!" Daria barked. "NOW COUNTER!"

"Lee!" Jet responded, and struck out a roundhouse kick to Daria's lower back. She took the blow and moved with it, jumping away and skidding to a halt as she turned back to face him. She removed her hat, neglecting to do so until now, and tossed it aside.

"That's good!" she told him happily. "Your strength is improving! Now let's see if you can press the attack!"

"HIT! MON! LEE!" shouted the rare Fighting-type. He charged forward, twisting his upper body and throwing out a side kick. Daria ducked underneath of it. "NO!" she screamed. "YOUR MIDDLE KICKS ARE TOO HIGH!"

Jet responded by twisting his leg to face the heel downwards, and brought it down in an axe kick. Daria caught it up against her forearm, grunting in exertion as she held it off. "That's right! Adapt! But you've still got! NO! POWER!"

In a single jerking motion, Daria rose to her feet and threw off Jet's balance, causing the Hitmonlee to stagger backwards. That was all the opening the over-excited trainer needed to spin around in the other direction and build up enough momentum for a backfist into Hitmonlee's face. The Pokemon was bowled straight over, groaning on its back in an instant as his trainer gloated over him.

"Not bad, buddy, not bad." Daria told her training partner with a sly grin. She offered him a sweat-slicked hand, which he accepted as she pulled him back up. "You've got a long ways to go before you're champ material; but we'll get ya there!"

Jet sighed, still clearly both exhausted and a bit ashamed from his loss, when Daria finally looked over at Lee, who by now had come up to get his key and returned. "So, what's this ya said about a match?" she asked.

After the trainer repeated himself, she grinned and scratched the hair under her ponytail. "Well, I'd really love to, ya have no idea! But the thing is, I've gotta keep my boys strong for tomorrow, not to mention only Jet came down here with me, so a real match is kinda out of the question. Buuuuut..."

She gave a glance to Jet, who only nodded in agreement. Smiling at him to show her appreciation, Daria looked back and said "If ya'd like, we could have a one-on-one match! My Jet vs. one of your guys?"

"Sounds great, Rupert! But do you know any inns around here?"

As a native of Kanto (one that had barely left his hometown since birth at that) Rupert had no idea where to start looking for an inn, and this was plainly obvious in his apologetic features when asked. Ryan looked somewhat disappointed. The mismatched duo stood facing each other for a little while somewhat stumped, not knowing how to proceed from here. It wasn't long before Nurse Joy took pity on them however, and handed them a tourist brochure with a few inns marked down.

"Boy, you two look down. Here, this should get you back on track. Just follow the directions and you will find a few inns quite near here. And please try to be more decisive, both of you. Always remember that your pokemon are relying on you."

With a few more words and many thanks the two trainers were back to navigating Goldenrod's streets. Fortunately the map was pretty simple to read.

"I think that there is an inn called um... 'The Sleeping Sunkern' just a few minutes from here. We could try there first."

Ryan had no objection to this, seemingly just wanting to find a place to stay as soon as possible. Rupert wanted nothing more himself, although he couldn't help but wonder what a Sunkern was. Whilst walking his attention was again drawn to Ryan's Mightyena, ever present at the trainer s side. The sleek black creature was completely unknown to Rupert.

"So, w-what is that pokemon? I've never seen that one before, but my Haunter had such an... odd reaction to it. Is it from Johto?"

Rupert was quite proud that he had managed to get through the sentence without stuttering. Well, almost without stuttering.

"I just want to adopt them both!"

Having gotten the applause they both knew they richly deserved, the two jumped to Darius's side as he got a key and the three headed down to the training room the woman behind the counter had spoken of after a quick,"Thankee Mame. And sorry, Sav, but they're not up for adoption. Not anytime soon anyways."

Once he got down there, he saw a woman fighting a Hitmonlee, he had to let out a low whistle at seeing one. Her fighting with it wasn't that unusual, most Fighting type pokemon had trainers that they went up against in training.

"Don't mind us, we're just here to stay out of your way and do a bit of exercise is all."

The three went off into a corner where some rocks were piled and a couple targets set into the walls, where they could all get a look of the fight that was going to happen as well as do their own training.

"Alright, you guys know the drill, but Daffy, I want you taking Whismur with you,"He pulled out his pokeball and let out a slightly trembling pokemon who latched onto his leg within seconds, and then another, with a Numel who looked around slowly,"And Knuckles, take Numel, you guys know what to do, teach them, I'll be back here, watching you guys." He pulled Whismur off of his leg and handed her to Daffy, who set her on the ground and allowed her to grip his claw tight.

The two went their separate ways, Daffy and Whismur to doing some stretching of some sort, and Knuckles and Numel going to the rocks. It took a few moments of urging Numel to move, but he did and walked to the rocks, where Knuckles began piling rocks on his back to test his strength. After a few minutes of that, the Sandslash took a rock in his claws and crushed it, and did another two more before taking the stones piled on Numel's back off.

Darius meanwhile, stood watching the two groups and the little match about to start across the room and lit his pipe again, and began puffing away. It'd been a while since he'd seen a Fighting type fight, this would be as good a way as any.

Lee was slightly disappointed that a 3 on 3 match wasn't an option thought one on one couldn't be that bad 'OK, though please go easy as the pokemon I am going to use isn't...exactly a fighter' Lee called out snover form the pokeball, seeing the trainer and pokemon standing in front of him snover pulled out two snover berries that he stored in the hat like fur on the top of his head and offered each a berry saying a long and jolly 'Snoooover', followed by lee saying 'see what I mean'.

Madam Kerner then gave a key to Caleb, and noticed the weapon hidden behind his coat. "Room 305 for the gentleman. No sword fights indoors."

"Of course, a perfectly understandable concern." Caleb remarked, slightly nodding his head afterwards. He then paid the kindly inn keeper, and gave her Meowth a quick scratch under the chin, in which it purred with pleasant sigh. He soon went up the stairs to his room, Raphael, Raiden, and Angelique tagging along behind him; with Sebastian still in his spare arm.

The room in of itself was a decent size, big enough that each of his team could find some place to rest. A small balcony area was attached to the side, allowing one to enjoy the refreshing breeze. Caleb placed his satchel of items on a nearby chair, and detached his sword and its scabbard, setting it down on a nearby chest of drawers.

Sebastian soon leapt out of Caleb's arms, landing on the nearby bed, already setting himself up a comfy place to sleep. Raiden followed suit, joining his smaller companion. Caleb could only help but chuckle.

"Who knew that such a mature Pokemon like yourself, had a somewhat childlike side, kinda of cute. I wonder if it will stay once you evolve?" He remarked, before asking a question that was directed at his Luxio. Raiden in response stuck his tongue out, confirming the question to be true. Angelique hopped off Caleb's shoulder, and got herself comfy on a nearby wicker chair, treating it like a nest.

"Well then Raphael, would you care to sleep here, and keep watch over the others? I'll be at the dining hall getting a drink."

"Com. Combusken." Raphael said. saluting afterwards. Caleb soon prepared his Pokemon some food, and then left the room, and made his way to the dining hall. Upon arriving, he ordered a tea, and noticed a gentlemen of about his age, sitting at a nearby table, drinking a beer. Caleb decided to join this newcomer at the table.

"Take like everyone else here, you here for the tournament?"

"Anyway at least that's one way to meet somebody. The name's Savannah."

"Nice to meet you, my name's Tom. Uh.. Sorry again."
Tom shakes the hand she's offering, and then pats himself down to make sure he isn't missing anything. Kusari climbs back onto his shoulder.

"let's see here.. Got my bag, you're still here, so are you, Kusari is up there, and.... Oh no! Um... Has anyone seen a pokeball with a kind of.. Double swirly thing on it?" He starts to look around on the floor for it.

"Room 309. No running indoors, lad."
Tom pops up for air when he hears this.
"Oh uh.. Thank you ma'am. And sorry.. Won't happen again."
He pays for the key and goes back to looking for his pokeball.

Remy was at his table trying to enjoy his beer over the commotion at the lobby, when the oddly dressed gentleman joined him with a cup of tea.

"Take like everyone else here, you here for the tournament?"

"Yup. Not much of a big shot myself when it comes to fighting, to be honest. Ironic seeing as my Pokémon would probably be quite amazing at it otherwise..."

Remy stopped and took a swig of his beer, while taking a glance at the PokéBalls safely nestled in his pockets.

"But 15.000P ain't nothing to scoff at so I thought what the hell. Might as well give it a shot, right? So uh... I never did catch your name, Mr...?"

While Remy had already introduced himself prior to coming to the inn, he had not yet gotten an introduction from the gentleman in front of him.

Caleb was quietly sipping his tea as the man spoke, he then set the cup down on the table.

"But 15.000P ain't nothing to scoff at so I thought what the hell. Might as well give it a shot, right? So uh... I never did catch your name, Mr...?"

"True, the prize money is certainly something to think about. I came here to meet new people and Pokemon, as like some great trainers a decade ago, I have not seen them all. As for my name, its is Caleb Grey, from Lilycove City." Caleb responded with in a calm manner, and then took another sip of tea.

A brochure! Why didn't I think of that? Ryan was glad he finally had some sense of direction. It had been a drag not knowing where to go or where you are. The map showed the entirety of the city. It had various locations, including the stadium they would fight in. The city looked wonderfull from the map on the brochure, nothing like it was in reality.

"So, w-what is that pokemon? I've never seen that one before, but my Haunter had such an... odd reaction to it. Is it from Johto?" "I dunno where he's from. He was born out of one of our herding Mightyena's, and he's been with me ever since." Mightyena glared at the pokéball hearing the name Haunter. "So... eh... ehm... Your Haunter... Is he like... eh... Evil?" It was Ryan's first time seeing a ghost pokémon, and he really didn't like 'em. Of course he had heard of them, but to see them from up close...

According to the map they were nearing the inn Rupert had picked out. Ryan now realised he didn't have enough money for the inn. All his funds were for food for him and Mightyena, and even for that they had barely enough. Ah well, I'll figure something out... Maybe I'll get a job or something.

"see what I mean."

"Uh..." Daria paused to stare at the tiny little ice creature, and shared a glance with Jet. The Hitmonlee's stoicism was unable to mask the hint of confusion in its eyes. The trainer grabbed her Pokemon and pulled him in, whispering "Ya think ya can... go easy on that? Would a kick hurt too much?"

Jet shrugged his shoulders. "Lee, lee-mon."

"Er... all right." Daria said with a tinge of worry. A beat of sweat was visible on her brow as she looked back at Lee. She gave a reassuring thumbs-up and a grin that would have been so large it was immediately spotted as a fake, if it were anyone but her. "Uh, yeah, I guess we can do that! Take your spot on the field!"

As Daria and Jet moved to the nearest battle field to take their positions, she mused, "Hey, wait. We're gonna need a ref..."

Her eyes, currently lacking their shades to avoid damage while training, looked over at the man with the pipe, lounging in the corner. "Hey, Smoker!" she yelled at him. "Feel like reffing?"

"Feel like reffing?"

Darius looked at the woman asking him to be a ref and replied,"Sure, Wynaut?" after taking the pipe out of his mouth and making sure his pokemon were training. Whismur had let herself out of her shell and Daffy was now helping her climb a wall, while Knuckles was teaching Numel to dodge his attacks, though it wasn't going very well for the small pokemon. He could take the hits though, sturdy legs never wavered once.

Darius stood and walked over, taking a look over the Hitmonlee and the Snover. The fighting-type looked a bit thinner than most of the ones he'd seen, but to each trainer their own, and the tree-like thing he wasn't sure what it was, but it did seem to be pulling berries out of its head, which was beyond weird.

"I dunno where he's from. He was born out of one of our herding Mightyena's, and he's been with me ever since."

A Mightyena, huh? Rupert had never heard of these, but it was certainly impressive. It was also quite intimidating in a way unfamiliar to him. The Ghost pokemon of Lavender Town were creepy and frightening, but few of them managed to demand respect by their very presence like this Mightyena. Rupert found it fascinating, even though the glare it was sending the deep pocket that housed Haunter's pokeball made him nervous. What was the reason behind the two 'mons animosity? Rupert was snapped from his speculations as Ryan asked:

"So... eh... ehm... Your Haunter... Is he like... eh... Evil?"

"What?! Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no. He's not evil," Rupert started with some instinctive arm flailing as it to emphasise his point.
"A-and Ghost types in general really aren't evil. Well, I suppose some of them might be... but still. Most of the Ghost-types I have met were mischievous and enjoy other's fear, but weren't downright evil. A-admittedly there was that time a Haunter spooked Mr Parkinson to death... b-but he was really old. And they do say that the touch of a Ghost-type can drain your life away... and I once heard about a child that chocked whilst standing inside a Gastly's cloud..."

By the look on Ryan's face Rupert could see that his point wasn't exactly getting through. In fact Rupert had kind of lost sight of said point halfway through his defence of the Ghost-type. His arms fell limply to his sides. Maybe he was trying to convince himself too. All he knew was that his own Haunter was not evil.

"O-oh! The Sleeping Sunkern. There it is. We found it."
Hurrah for timely distractions.

Ryan and Rupert stepped inside the rather charming building only to be surprised by the noise that seemed to emanate from some sort of basement floor. It sounded like a small scale war. Feeling that it would be too awkward to simply walk out again, Rupert gulped and walked up to the reception desk dominated by a very short woman and a Meowth.

"Um, excuse me," he asked timidly. "W-would you happen to have a room available?"

Lee walked off to his side of the fighting area as snover took daria's hand and put the berries in it, snover then walked over to darius and did the same before heading over to Lee. 'Hope you don't mind me making the first move, snover use mist' Lee commanded, snover looked at Lee confused why it would have to use an attack, it then turned to face jet which he waved to cheerfully.


Daria watched the the waving iceball with an expression of extreme worry. "Is he gonna do anything??"

Jet looked at his trainer, confused and begging for an idea of what to do. Daria sighed, trying to think of how to use his turn. "Um... Focus Energy, I guess?"

The Hitmonlee complied, tensing himself up for his next strike.

"Is he gonna do anything??"

'It just takes him a while to realise it is a fight' Lee explained, while snover was trying to copy the movments of jet 'snover, why don't you sing a little song?' snover liked this idea and pulled a leave from his fur and started playing a calming tune with it (grass whistle)

Battle Post

The battle between Lee's Snover

and Daria's Hitmonlee had started rather slowly with Snover just waving instead of doing Mist and Jet responding with a Focus Energy.

Thanks to some clever manipulation by Lee however, Snover had now used GrassWhistle. Slowly but surely Jet's eyes started feeling heavy. Finally the Kicking Pokémon was fast asleep.

"Well, THAT'S just great." Daria fumed, glaring at her sleeping Hitmonlee. He still stood up on his legs, body hunched over as he snoozed. "Come on ya galoot! Wake up and Double Kick, now!"

Sadly, Jet was in no mood--or rather, consciousness--to perform such a feat. He stayed bent over, sleeping soundly as Daria's shouts increased in volume. In direct proportion, actually, to her range of motion, as she began to leap in place, throwing out random punches in frustration.

Lee was unsure how to make snover attacked, while he was thinking snover had moved over the sleeping hitmonlee, suddenly he saw the fire type numel in the corner and the idea was there 'hey snover, it looks like hitmonlee is bit to warm to me you might want to cool him down' after taking a moment to think about it snover started doing a gentle icy wind attack in hitmonlee's direction.

Battle Post

Jet just snoozed while Daria tried, in vain, to get it to move. Meanwhile, Lee had again tricked his overly friendly Snover to use Icy Wind on its sleeping foe. Jet's body seemed to lose some heat, slight discomfort could be seen in it's eyes.

"WAKE UP, DANG IT!" Daria howled, stamping the ground in a fury. "Go on already, wake up and use SOMETHING!"

It remained to be seen if Hitmonlee would obey this time, or if it would prefer to remain in its slumber; likely the latter.

Lee thought this may be a good chance to practice solar beam 'hey snover, while your friend takes a nap why don't you try using solar beam.' snover looked at Lee as if to say, what would that do, 'well it might wake him up, that would be more fun' snover started charging solar beam but he didn't aim at jet but instead a wall.

Battle Post

Daria's suspicions turned out to be right. Jet was still fast asleep, blissfully unaware of its Trainer's screams.

Lee however, had ordered Snover to charge a SolarBeam. If Jet didn't wake up now, this battle was over.

"Um, excuse me, W-would you happen to have a room available?"
Tom suddenly pops up again "Ooh! more people! Hiya! Uh, this might seem a little sudden, but do you see a stray pokeball around anywhere?"

Daria gritted her teeth as she watched the charging beam. Jet was strong, but she wasn't willing to test if he was THAT strong, right before the tournament. She stamped her foot down, and pointed straight at her sleeping Hitmonlee. Her eyes were practically on fire, burning with a fusion or rage, passion, and sheer glee as she shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Hey, Sleepy! I'm TALKING TO YA! I know the kind of fire burning inside of ya, and I KNOW you are not about to let some little snowball beat you because you were SLEEPING ON THE JOB! Wake up, grit your teeth, and use BRICK BREAK RIGHT. NOW!"

Curious about and annoyed all the shouting, Matt cracked open his door and stuck his head out into the hallway. He had intended to take a quick nap before heading downstairs for dinner, but someone's endless roars of fury had made certain that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

Irate and tired, Matt staggered his way over to the stairwell, neglecting to bring his pack along. Though his Pokeballs were still strapped to his waist, the boy saw no need to bring along all of his gear as well; he fully intended to head back upstairs in a matter of moments, as soon as he figured out what the hell was going on.

"Alright, what's up with all the..." Matt's annoyed question trailed off unfinished as he stepped into the training room, heavy-lidded eyes suddenly opening as he stared at the in-progress battle commencing before him. Daria and Lee faced each other, the former yelling and shouting, as their Pokemon "fought it out."

Well, at least I know who the loud one is.

Thoughts of sleep and rest almost entirely forgotten, Matt leaned against a nearby wall, waiting to see how the match ended. Though it was certainly slow now, there was no telling how the skirmish would finish up.

Battle Post

Daria's "pep talk" seemed to work, as Jet's eyes opened and he prepared for a Brick Break, jumping towards the SolarBeam charging Pokémon. Snover released the beam, the recoil of it being too much for the small Frost Tree Pokémon. By sheer luck, this made so that the badly aimed beam found its target, engulfing Jet in the bright yellow light.

For a fraction of a second, Daria grit her teeth and tightened her fists. There was no way Jet could take the hit... But he did. In fact, he seemed unharmed. Snover's SolarBeam had failed, its effect being the same as if Jet had been pointed at with a flashlight.

Jet brought its right foot down on Snover's head, landing gracefully in front of its downed foe.

Snover had fainted.


Back upstairs Rupert had asked for vacancies. The old lady behind the counter scanned the two new would be tenants and produced two keys.

First was Rupert's "Room 311"

Ryan was the last "Room 302"

"Huh would you look at that... Only one room left. You boys have the devil's luck, it seems. Go on and get comfy... We'll have dinner for ya soon."

Darius kept smoking his pipe and puffing, watching the fight, he wasn't exactly sure why he'd said yes, but here he was now. He watched as the snowy tree pokemon began charging some kind of Solar Beam in the direction of the sleeping Hitmonlee.

"Aaaaaand..."He began as the fighting-type stood and began charging the shorter pokemon, sure that the thing was done for now, that was one of the most powerful moves in the pokemon world. It was to his surprise however when nothing happened beyond a bright light forming.

"That's it, I think. The winner's apparent." He walked over to the Snover on the ground and blew smoke in it's face, just to make sure it was out.

"Yep, it's done."

"WAHOOO~" screamed Daria, taking the field like a charging Tauros. Jet was so startled he only had a second to brace himself before his orange-clad trainer slammed herself into him, wrapping up the fighter and lifting him up in the air for the second time that day. He made all sorts of protesting noises to earn his freedom, but Daria was having none of it. She just beamed and showered him in all sorts of praise. "That's the sort of style I expect from ya, Jet! Keep it up and we'll knock the blocks offa every challenger that comes our way!"

Finally calming down, as much as the excitable trainer could, she released Jet and let him walk off to the sidelines and rest. She stepped over towards Lee, scooping his Snover off of the ground and gently handing it to him with a more subdued (though still garish) grin on her face. "The little guy's adorable," she said. "but if ya wanna enter him in the tournament, he's got a long way to go."

She gave a single huff of a laugh, and gently stroked her fist across Lee's face in a mock punch. "But if ya wanna ask me, I think you an' that little guy're gonna shake the whole earth one of these days. Maybe we can get together and spar sometime after the tournament, mano-a-mano! Heh, see ya!"

She turned around and walked away, catching her hat to put back on as Jet tossed it over to her. Her next target was their volunteer ref, a stranger to her. She threw up a hand for a high five. "Hey, thanks for the reffing. Where'd you come from anyways?"

Matt, unable to resist, began to applaud as the battle concluded. Granted, it was pretty damn quiet clapping, almost impossible to hear over Daria's victorious shouts, but it was the best he could offer for such a bizarre fight. Everything had been in Lee's favor; Jet was asleep, and Slover was powering up one of the most powerful moves ever. Still, it was a big, strange world. Odds were Matt would be seeing other oddities in the near future.


But first, it was time for food.

Heading back upstairs, Matt made his way to the hotel's dining room, nodding to the old lady behind the counter as he passed and earning a small wave in response. As he stepped into the dining room, the trainer's nose was assaulted by the pleasant aroma of a warm meal, while his ears picked up the conversation of a couple of other people. Apparently Matt wasn't the first one to get hungry; Caleb and Remy were already here, sitting at a table and chatting away.

Though it went against every bone in his body, Matt supposed it would be best to be polite. Squaring his shoulders and taking a deep breath, the lad walked over, pulled out a chair, sat down... and immediately began to cower away as the other two trainers stopped talking and greeted him. "Um, hi... H-How're you guys doing?"

"Hey, thanks for the reffing. Where'd you come from anyways?"

Darius raised his hand and returned the high-five before once more taking the pipe out of his mouth and blowing the smoke off in another direction.

"I'm from Pallet originally, lived the last few years at one day-care or another. Name's Darius,"He extended his hand and put the pipe back in his mouth,"And yours?"

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