In Her Image: a Pokémon RP

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"I'm from Pallet originally, lived the last few years at one day-care or another. Name's Darius,"He extended his hand and put the pipe back in his mouth,"And yours?"

"HA!" Daria exclaimed, clutching her stomach as she doubled over at the stranger's introduction. After letting out a few more guffaws for good measure, she stood back up and wiped a tear out of the corner of her eye. "Some coincidence! Name's Daria, great to meetcha!"

She grabbed his hand and gave a firm handshake; firm in the sense of "bone cracking". "I'm from Pewter City, trained at the Gym my whole life. Just started the League Challenge a couple months ago, as it happens. Ya came out here for the tournament, I'm guessing! Me too--how can ya pass up an opportunity to meet this many awesome trainers?"

Her Hitmonlee wandered over, giving his signature cross-armed bow towards his trainer's newest friend, but saying nothing. Daria glanced at him and grinned, slapping an arm around the Pokemon's side.

"You already know about Jet, I'm guessing. What kinda Pokemon do you have?"

What kinda Pokemon do you have?"

"That's them over there,"He gestured with the pipe at his pokemon over by the wall,"The Psyduck's Daffy, Sandslash Knuckles, and then there's Numel and,"He lowered his voice,"Whismur. Be quiet around her, she's jumpy."He then raised it back to a normal level,"It's the eyes isn't it? You Pewter city folks always asked if I was one of Brock's brothers back when I was doing the challenge. Got my first four badges or so before I stopped at a Day-Care and found what I was really good at. Nice handshake by the way, reminds me of home in a way."

Lee returned snover to his pokeball and joined daria and darius.

" Got my first four badges or so before I stopped at a Day-Care and found what I was really good at."

'So when you say that you are good at being at a day care that means your now working at one, what's it like? never been to one' Lee said with genuine curiosity.

"Room 302"

"Well Rupert, it seems we haven't seen the last of eachother yet!" Ryan laughed and gave him a pat on the shoulder. As he was walking to his room, Ryan noticed a Pokéball, and a moment later another Fellow.

"Ooh! more people! Hiya! Uh, this might seem a little sudden, but do you see a stray pokeball around anywhere?"

Ryan grabbed the pokéball and threw it over to Tom. "Here ya go, lad." And Ryan continued to his room. It was a nice and comfy room, much bigger than the one he has at home. It even had some extra sheets, which were probably ment for himself, but would be great to make a little bed for Mightyena.

Ryan had just unpacked when he noticed the smell of food. It was then when he noticed how hungry he had been. From the few PokéDollars he had he had bought a bit of food, but he had to eat as little as possible and share it with Mightyena, so it wasn't exactly nourishing. And the money for the room was also cut into his budget.

Ryan followed the smell and found a diningroom, with some guest already there. "Evening lads! So, where's dinner?"

The relief on Rupert's face was obvious as the small woman who went by Granny Kerner quickly went through the proceedings (the price was very fair too) and handed him the key to Room 311.

"T-thank you, mam!" Rupert said with a genuine smile. He finally had a room again. Rupert hadn't realised just how much he had missed a place where he could go to be alone, but now that he knew he had just such a place to escape to whenever he pleased he felt more at ease than he had been since arriving in Goldenrod. Rupert breathed a sigh of relief; a new region with all new foreign pokemon with their accompanying foreign trainers; his first journey all on his own; the pressure of competing in the tournament. All these things had set Rupert's already nervous disposition on edge (and to be frank the noise downstairs wasn't helping, but he had no intention of asking about it). What pushed him over the edge was the sudden appearance of some small, dark haired creature with shining oval eyes that leapt up from behind a table with an "Ooh!"

Rupert let out a high-pitched: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!"

Upon seeing that the creature was nothing more than a boy who now stared at him with shock in his bespectacled eyes, Rupert let himself fall against a wall. His embarrassment would have to wait; right now he was too busy clutching at his racing heart. Fortunately nothing more was required of him as Ryan spotted the lost pokeball almost immediately and departed with a grin and a pat on Rupert's back.

Rupert decided that he had had enough social contact for the day. Nay, perhaps for the remainder of the month. This was not healthy for him.

"Here ya go, lad."
The young man throws Tom's pokeball back to him. Tom catches it saying, "Thanks! I don't know what I'd do without Trapic, he does need the most training after all." As he watches the two companions walk away, he says to them, "I'm Tom by the way, sorry for scaring your friend there!" No longer busy, Tom realizes that all that running and scrambling around has made him quite hungry. Checking the poketch, he notices that it's fairly close to eight. "Alright Kusari, we have just enough time to figure out where dinner is. Let's drop off our stuff first ok?" The Pokemon and her partner start making their way upstairs. .

A bell rang to signal the tenants that dinner was served. Matt arrived first, taking a seat next to Remy.

"Um, hi... H-How're you guys doing?"

"Hey! If it ain't Matt Seras from Violet City! We were just discussing the prize money of the tournament. Say, what would you do with the cash?"

Ike, the quieter boy Remy met in the lobby had made his way to their table as well.

Shortly after, a tall, well built boy made his way into the room asking the first four men:

"Evening lads! So, where's dinner?"

"You're in the right place, guy. Take a seat."

Despite Remy's kind offer, their booth was full. Ryan would have to sit alone. This wouldn't last long however, as Rupert and Tom made their way into the booth he had chosen.

Continuing their conversation from downstairs, Daria, Lee and Darius, joined by Savannah came in and sat in another of the still vacant booths.

Beef stew with potatoes was the menu for today. As the 11 hungry Trainers dug in, they used this opportunity to get to know their new rivals better.

"It's the eyes isn't it? You Pewter city folks always asked if I was one of Brock's brothers back when I was doing the challenge."

"Haff!" Nahf, fnot hreally." Daria told her fellow guest, mouth stuffed fit to burst with potatoes. To call her a civilized diner was an understatement that could cost you your dignity if you were unfortunate enough to bring her anyplace fancy. She barely had time to swallow before she shoveled another bite in. "Oh man, this is good! But nah, those guys're idiots; everybody knows Brock's bros are younger than him!"

"Char..." groaned Spiegel, walking into the room and immediately being struck by the carelessness of his own trainer. He turned around and stepped right back out in search of something else to do.

"So where are you two from?" Tom asked.

"Or should I go first? Alrighty then. I actually was originally from right here in Johto, Ecruteak City. Just north of here. Well, it's a ways away, but if you've got a good flyer getting there's a piece of cake. Anyways, I moved North. Way WAAY North, over to Sinnoh. Come to think of it, that was around the time all those legendary trainers everyone's heard about were running around. Where was I? Oh yeah, so I moved over to Sinnoh and spent a lot of time over at the great marsh. Ever been to Pastoria? Great place, but the weather is terrible. Well, that's how I met Kusari. Forest fire. Wasn't natural of course, some idiot used one of those awful weather changing moves and it got so dry even a watermelon could've burst into flames. Kusari was pretty burned when I found her, had to bring her back to health. But now she's better than ever! So what about you two? Oh! by the way, what're your teams like?"

Tom never seemed to take a breath, but instead just talked into forever. He wasn't quiet either.
He looked at Ryan and Rupert, with a large grin on his face.

"Oh man, this is good! But nah, those guys're idiots; everybody knows Brock's bros are younger than him!"

"I was a kid at the time, so they weren't that stupid,"Darius said as he attempted to seat himself away from the messy eater. Numel and Whismur had gone back into their pokeballs after he'd fed them and now Daffy and Knuckles were chowing down on the food he'd given them along with their pokefood blends.

tapping out his pipe on an ashtray nearby, he stuffed it and lit it again and smoked as he ate. The smoke blended nicely with the meat and potatoes.

'So when you say that you are good at being at a day care that means your now working at one, what's it like? never been to one'

"It's nothing special,"He responded,"Mostly it's just a bigger gym without all the fighting going on in the background."

Caleb, like the others, began eating the food once it arrived. Despite the overall simplicity of the meal, suffice to say, it was rather delectable. An overall succulent blend of flavours. He took another sip of tea before he spoke.

"What fine food we are having this evening, that combined with the pleasant company, makes for a enjoyable day. I say, whilst we dine, how about we each tell one another a bit about ourselves. You know, to make polite conversation. Anyone care to take the first step?" He asked with an overall calmness to the members of the table he was at, not forcing anyone to answer, but would appreciate the chance to talk..

Savannah sat at the table savouring her meal whilst she observed Darius talk to the new girl, Daria who was wolfing down every morsel that was put in front of her. Their names were going to be sure to cause confusion for her, she was never that good with remembering names, or at all. The meal was simple, beef stew with potatoes, but it was still very good, but Sav had was on strict diet, limiting the amount of protein and carbohydrates she in took. She had always lived by the belief that a strong body helps with a strong spirit and determination, and this woman Daria certainly seemed to also keep that ideal to heart.

"It's nothing special, mostly it's just a bigger gym without all the fighting going on in the background."

Taking a brief respite from her meal, Savannah chose now to join in with conversation between the two.

"That's something I want to change Darius, my dream, is to become a world renowned breeder. I want to build a place that would be able offer the absolute best facilities to raise and train pokemon, as well simulate the specific environments of different pokemon."

She took a sip of the juice that she had been given, it was grape, her favourite flavour.

"Well of course that's all a long way off, but hey, a girl can dream right?"

Savannah looked over at the new girl, she wore a orange cap, which she thought was rude to wear at the table, but then again, with the rate at which she was ploughing through the food, Sav didn't think she cared about things like that.

"Sorry, I sat right down and didn't even introduce myself. My name's Savannah Iris, from Rustboro City, you're Daria right? From Pallet Town? I couldn't help but overhear.."

"Well of course that's all a long way off, but hey, a girl can dream right?"

Darius had finished his meal, and was now just sitting back, smoking his pipe and blowing out smoke rings.

"I'm not exactly sure that's the way to go though. You cater to every pokemon and you end up helping none of them. Better to stay small and work with the ones you really know everything about. You get too big and you start falling apart at the seams."

Remy was busy gulping down his meal when Caleb commented on its good taste.

"Yeah...*chomp* Granny's grandaughter *gulp* sure knows how to *slurp* make good grub. Aaaahhh."

Remy's table manners were definitely not up to par with Caleb's as he stuffed his face with the meal and finished it off by downing a beer in one go.

"I say, whilst we dine, how about we each tell one another a bit about ourselves. You know, to make polite conversation. Anyone care to take the first step?"

"I guess I could contribute. Name's Remy Olivier, though y'all four already knew that. I was born in Veilstone City, Sinnoh. My grandma raised me until she died when I was 15. Been taking care of myself since then, doing odd jobs here an' there, 'course, can't forget Zangoose and Sneasel's help. Wouldn't be here without them. I've been traveling around the country ever since I was 18, settled down here about a month ago, helping Granny Kerner with the business."

"AND EATING OUR FOOD!" A woman's scream could be heard from the kitchen.

"...And that too. Anyway, that's my story."

"I'm not exactly sure that's the way to go though. You cater to every pokemon and you end up helping none of them. Better to stay small and work with the ones you really know everything about. You get too big and you start falling apart at the seams."

At this point Savannah was also finished with her meal, although it she had intentionally took a small portion, she had paced herself, properly chewing and savouring each mouthful, she had heard that was a better way to release more energy over time, as well as keep her appetite down.

"There's something to be said for that, I agree. That an impersonal place would ultimately be an inferior place, but I have no specific type specialisation and at least this way pokemon would feel more at home... I'll definitely take things under consideration."

Although he was inclined to go to bed immediately for some peace and quiet, few men can ignore the calling of their stomachs and Rupert was not among them. Seeing as dinner was apparently being served at the moment he decided that he might as well grab a bite to eat. He just hoped that there weren't too many people there.

Rupert's current dark disposition turned a few shades darker as the dining hall was indeed quite full. Two booths were filled with a lively group of people that he did his best to go unnoticed by. The third booth was however only occupied by Ryan. Thinking it rude to ignore his new friend (was friend the right word? No, acquaintance was more appropriate. Rupert shouldn't assume too much) Rupert took a seat in the booth. They weren't alone for long though as the small boy from earlier, who had spooked him so, sat down beside him.

"So where are you two from?" the boy asked.

It suited Rupert just fine to let Ryan answer first, but the stranger then started to chatter his head off. He introduced himself as Tom from Ecruteak City and managed to make the booth every bit as lively as the other two all on his own. Rupert actually didn't mind these talkative sort of people all that much, despite his social phobia. When people talked a lot this meant that Rupert himself didn't have to say too much. In a sense he was kind of grateful to young Tom.
That this also gave Rupert an opportunity to sample some of the delicious beef stew was an added bonus.

Rupert did however feel the need to apologize for his screech earlier. At a lull in the one-sided conversation he almost got a word in, but Tom then asked:
"So what about you two? Oh! by the way, what're your teams like?"

Stricken dumb for a few seconds after having the spotlight put on him so suddenly Rupert took another few seconds to collect himself.

"Um, m-my name is Rupert Gravel. From Lavender Town. In Kanto. P-pleasure to meet you. Again. Not that it was a pleasure to be shocked earl... uh, I mean... sorry. Never mind." It was probably best not to dwell on these things.
"Oh, and I just have a Cubone and a Haunter," he added limply before ending with something that he meant as a lighthearted sportsmanlike joke: "Don't worry. I'm sure I won't be any threat to you or your Skorupi. Heh..."

This is why you stopped trying to be funny, Rupert. You just make a fool out of yourself.

"Sorry, I sat right down and didn't even introduce myself. My name's Savannah Iris, from Rustboro City, you're Daria right? From Pallet Town? I couldn't help but overhear.."

"Pewter City, actually!" Daria corrected with a happy grin with a strand of beef sticking between her front teeth. She seemed to notice it, though, and closed her mouth as she worked it out. She hunched over, putting an elbow on the table to use the hand as a headrest as she listened to the others talk. Despite all evidence to the contrary she was an avid listener, and paid close attention to everything they said. When it seemed like there was a lull, after the boy from Lavender Town introduced himself, the young woman decided it was her turn.

"So, I guess if we're all getting acquainted, I'll go next!" She used her hand not currently on the table to throw a thumb in her own direction. "Name's Daria Pace; grew up in Pewter City, and trained at the gym pretty much my whole life. Lemme tell ya, getting to know Brock as well as I did, I know a good stew." She paused to take another bite of the beef. "Buft viss? Beft EVER!" She mercifully swallowed before continuing.

"Anyways, I grew up with my Geodude, Slagger, who actually evolved about a year back. 'Round that time, I was training with my lil' bro, Dirk. He's turning 13 this year, and he was starting to talk about going down to Oak, getting himself a Pokemon and starting his Journey and all. And it made me think, 'ya know, this journey thing might be kinda fun!' So, I beat him to the punch, went down and got my Charmander, Spiegel, and I've been doing the League Challenge ever since."

She threw up a finger, to note a point of interest. "In fact, I just stomped Lieutenant Surge into the dirt about about three days before I came here for the tournament!" She grinned and gave a low chuckle, obviously proud of her achievement. She thought about the questioning people had given each others' teams, and decided to elaborate on her own as well.

"I don't really go much for type specialization; I've got a pretty balanced team going, I think; Slagger, Spiegel, for starters; then there's my Hitmonlee, Jet, who I got from a black belt down inside Mt. Moon. And of course, there's my little lady Gemini, who I traded an Ekans for back in Cerulean... I guess style's my thing. Unrelenting assault, with blows as strong as hammers and a spirit with enough fire to weather any attack! That's why they call me 'The Pewter Fist!'"

Suddenly, she pushed herself out from the table a bit and swiveled her legs around, nearly kicking Darius in the face as she turned herself around to straddle the back of her chair and show everyone the back of her jacket, which indeed had a gray, clenched fist on it. She turned her head around to look at them, grinning like an idiot. "Hehe, see?"

When Ryan had taken a seat, he noticed the dining room filling up quite quickly. Trainers from all over the place emerged from there room, their stomachs leading them towards the amazing smell of food cast by the kitchen adjascent to the dining room.Sometime later and somewhat reluctantly, Rupert also entered the dining room, and joined Ryan at his table. Almost immediately Tom added himself to the table.

Tom immediately started talking away about everything. It reminded Ryan of his sister at home, who wouldn't stop talking unless you put a cork up her mouth.

So what about you two? Oh! by the way, what're your teams like?"

"Well, that's quite the story you got there!" Ryan laughed inbetween the giant spoons of stew he shoveled into his mouth. "So, Pastoria, eh? I've been there a couple of times. It's not a nice place. You can't even run because the swamp will eat yer shoes! And if it ain't the swamp, it's the pokemon that'll do it." He laughed again.

He then turned to Rupert. "Lavender town? Ah, you don't say! that's where you got that Creepy Pokémon of yours, didn't ya?"

"Well, if we're all doing our stories, I might as well. I've lived in Sinnoh since I was a wee lad. I lived on a farm with my parents and my grandparents. And my brothers and sisters of course. I'm the oldest of the bunch there. So when our Herding Mightyena gave birth, I got the first cub, this fella here," and he pointed at his Mightyena, which was just like ryan stuffing his face with all the food he could see. "And that's about my story. Nothing special."

"And that's about my story. Nothing special."

"Oh wow, so another sinnoher? I should've guessed. Then again, I don't know much about Pokemon that aren't really native to sinnoh or johto, so I had no idea what you had there."

Once again Tom begins to talk. And talk. And talk some more. "Guess it's my turn huh? Alrighty then." He starts introducing his pokemon. "Well, I already told you about Kusari, but I've got more than her. "

He releases two more pokemon. "Well I guess I'll start with the one you helped me find. This here is Trapic." He points to the small tan Pokemon that looked like it had a metal plate covering its face. "He's my newest team member. Believe it or not, he's one of those fossil pokemon. Tripped over his fossil on a trip to oreburgh, and got it reanimated.

Then over here." He points at the black and orange dog. "This is my houndoom, Kalmia. I got her as an egg when I left for sinnoh."

he reaches for a pokeball without a symbol, unlike all his others. "And then I have..." Tom's face suddenly falls. "Three. I only have three." He starts to eat vigorously, his smile soon returning to his face.

"So who's ready for this tournament? I can't wait!"

"Anyone care to take the first step?"

At Caleb's prompting, Matt quietly cleared his throat, getting ready to speak up. However, just as he opened his mouth, Remy interjected with his own life story. "I guess I could contribute. Name's Remy Olivier..."

While he sampled the hotel's surprisingly delicious food, Matt attentively listened to Remy's short, sad tale. By the sound of things, the young man had led a hard life, and yet the Sinnoher was still apparently kind enough to help out strangers on the street! Matt felt his heart reach out to the talkative rogue; when Remy finished speaking he once more coughed quietly, preparing to thank him for his help, "I,"

"Oh wow, so another sinnoher? I should've guessed..."

Once more Matt found himself cut off, as Tom began bragging about his Pokemon. Still, it wasn't like he minded; listening to someone else ramble on about their own adventures were always better than sharing his own. As Tom continued to speak, Matt found himself admiring the trainer's teammates. Though he'd read about them and seen them on TV and the PC, this was his first time seeing these particular Sinnohite species; he was so enthralled he didn't even notice when Tom suddenly stopped talking, hastily stowing a fourth Pokeball back in his pack.

"So who's ready for this tournament? I can't wait!"

Resolved to contribute at least partially to the conversation, Matt found himself blurting out, somewhat louder than he had intended, "NEITHER CAN I!" Realizing that he had just shouted, the embarrassed lad hunched over to hide his reddening face, eyes looking at anything but his companions. "Well, that is, I think it'll be fun... I mean, it's not like I've got a shot at winning or anything, but it should still be a good experience, right? See lots of neat Pokemon, watch some really good trainers go at it, maybe learn a few new tricks?"

"Hehe, see?"

"Sure," Darius began, unsure of what to make of the woman who had just almost kicked him in the pipe,"Might want to be sure of where you're kickin' next time, girly." Darius took the pipe out of his mouth, and tapped it out in the ashtray.

"As for me and mine, we're heading up to our room and get some sleep. See you guys at the tournament tomorrow. Come on, guys, no, don't give them a show. Daffy, you've got a headache, I can tell, Knuckles, lets go." Darius sent the two of his pokemon back to their pokeballs and left the dining room. He climbed up to his room and let himself in, put his belt on the bedpost and was asleep within a few minutes.

Lee took his time eating his lunch, it was a nice meal and he didn't want to rush it, he listened to the others talk, and had just finished eating as daria nearly kicked darius and showed the back of her jacket. after darius had left the table lee said 'a relentless assault is all well and good, but I nearly took out your hitmonlee with two attacks, and snover isn't even one of my fighting pokemon. You need to come up with plans for when a straight up attack might not work.'

"but I nearly took out your hitmonlee with two attacks..."


The noise was enough to catch Remy's attention from the other side of the room, as he looked over to see a fork sticking through the neighboring table halfway up the handle. Daria's chair had been thrown back five or six feet from her as she stood, and was now glaring at Lee like she had been possessed. Her shades had nearly flown off her face, and now dangled from a single ear as she leaned in close to snarl at him.

"NO... YOU... DIDN'T."

She jammed a finger into his chest; specifically, his solar plexus. Jet, the only one of her Pokemon in the room, looked away and covered his face. He had seen this before, and didn't want to be associated with it in any way.

"I give it my all every day training my Pokemon, and they give back double that! That's the bond between human and Pokemon; if we give it our all, and pull ourselves back up after every blow, there's nothing we can't accomplish! I couldn't stand to live with myself if I didn't believe in my team like that, and neither should you!" Her gaze intensified, and her pointing finger turned into a fist. She started to raise it, before a sound caught her attention.



Daria only had an instant to look towards the door before Spiegel tossed himself through the air, smacking his trainer across her face with his tail and flooring her.

"haaaaaaaa..." was the only sound Daria made as her breath escaped her, and consciousness slipped out of her grasp. A second later, she was out cold on the floor, her Charmeleon looking down at her with disapproval. Spiegel turned to the humans present and gave them an apologetic nod on behalf of his erratic trainer. He waved over Jet, who picked up Daria's legs as Spiegel got her arms. They hoisted her up, and slowly carried her out of the room and up to the bed she had rented for the night.

Lee was at first startled and slightly scared at daria's actions, keeping his hand on octillery's pokeball. Though as daria continued talking Lee was filled with the anger as daria demonstarted; arrogance, ignorance and unnecessary aggression. Lee was about to give daria of piece of his mind but was cut short by her being knocked out, Lee calmly walked to his room, when he shut the door he let out a scream of frustration and went to sleep.

later that night duskull left his pokeball, a trick that he had learned long ago and lee had yet to find out about, duskull let out a chuckle as he left to mess with people.


Remy nearly choked on his beer when the usually shy Matt suddnely yelled right next to his ear

"Well, that is, I think it'll be fun... I mean, it's not like I've got a shot at winning or anything, but it should still be a good experience, right? See lots of neat Pokemon, watch some really good trainers go at it, maybe learn a few new tricks?"

"That's the spirit kid!" Remy said assuringly while tapping the boy on the shoulder "Even if you lose, meeting new people and their cool partners is half the fun, right?" He asked, a beaming smile decorating his face as he finished, motioning towards Matt's Pokéballs. "Besides, I'm sure you'll do fine. You have a kick ass team right there.



The other tables' attention seemed focused on Daria as she had a falling out with Lee. The situation seemed volatile up until her surprisingly level-headed Pokémon knocked her out and carried her to bed. Lee followed suit, an unmistakeable look of frustration draped across his visage.

"Whew! That girl is a force of nature! Sure hope I don't have to face her in the tournament, eh kid?"

Remy then streched and got up to leave.

"I think I should hit the sack too. Thanks for the company fellas. Oh and Matt? See ya at the tournament kid."

Remy went to his room, turned off the lights and crashed almost instantly.

"Ahhh the wonders... of... alco...ZzZzZzZzZ..."

Caleb watched as the calamity unfolded between Daria and her Charmeleon. The fiery little lizard tackled her head on, crashing her to the ground, and leaving her unconscious. He and her Hitmonchan soon carried her off to her room, where she was soon followed by Lee, who she seemed to be getting into an argument as he showed the recognisable look of both anger and rage.

It was then Remy turn to leave, stretching as he got up.

"Whew! That girl is a force of nature! Sure hope I don't have to face her in the tournament, eh kid?"

"Yes, definitely a strong willed woman. I believe that I shall retire as well for the evening. A good night to you all." Caleb remarked, as he waved goodbye to the group of trainers, as he left the dining hall. But before that, he made a quick stop off at Daria's room. He knocked on the door, only to be greeted by her Charmeleon.

"Ah Spiegel, just came to check up on Daria. You know, both you and Jet are very loyal to her; I admire that very much. Give my regards to her. Anyway, I must be off, I feel that both of us will need the sleep tomorrow. Good night." Caleb said to the fiery lizard, as he shut the door. He then proceeded to his own room. Upon entering, he discovered that Raiden, Sebastian, and Angelique were already fast asleep; Raphael on the other hand, was out on the balcony, starring up out the stars.

"Beautiful night isn't it?" He asked.
"Comb?" Raphael responded, sounding confused at the question, but then nodded in agreement.

"We have certainly been through a lot haven't we? I know that tomorrow, our team will do great. Anyway, I think its time we both got some rest, don't want to be sleeping on the job. Good night." Caleb said as he walked back into the room, Raphael soon following behind him, closing the door afterwards. Caleb cast off his coat, putting it to one side, and got cosy underneath the sheets. As he drifted off to sleep, he could feel something furry get closer to him, upon his discovery, it was Sebastian, who briefly woke up to get comfortable with his trainer. All three of them, soon drifted off into slumber.

Having finished his meal Rupert really wanted to find his room for some much needed time alone before going to bed. However, he had some trouble actually getting out of the booth. As a result of sitting in a corner of the booth Rupert would have to pass Tom on his way out. And try as he might he just couldn't muster the courage to inconvenience the talkative bundle of energy. At every lull in the conversation (of which there were not many) Rupert would try to conquer his fear of being a burden to others, but try as he might he never managed to. He knew that this fear was ludicrous but he couldn't help it; being surrounded by strangers like this had brought back his social anxiety with a vengeance.

"So who's ready for this tournament? I can't wait!"

"Oh, yeah. Can't wait." *gulp*

It was the sound from the next booth over that stopped Rupert from his feeble attempts to get up and instead froze him in his seat. This woman named Daria the Pewter Fist, whose name had been easy to catch because of how she had just shouted it loud and proud for everyone to hear, was now seemingly about to get into a fight with someone from her booth.

A fight? An actual physical fist-fight? Right here? Now?! The though terrified Rupert. He had never been in a fight. He had been in pokemon battles obviously, but never in an actual fight. He had to get out. He had to get out now. As the commotion rose Rupert feared that he would have an honest-to-goodness panic attack. With the sound of someone seemingly being clobbered (Spiegel tossed himself through the air, smacking his trainer across her face with his tail) he nearly did. Rupert leapt up from his seat, bypassing a bevildered Tom, and ran out of the dining hall without a look at the bar-room brawl that he was imagining in his head.

When Rupert finally calmed down he found himself on an upper floor of the hotel. Everything was quiet. He felt stupid. He wasn't sure if a fight had actually broken out or not, but he had overreacted in any case. There wasn't much else to do other than to find his room, get some sleep, and try to get ready to get through another day. Oh man, he was not looking forward to that tournament.

Actually, Rupert suddenly remembered, there was something else to do. He wondered if his room had some sort of computer available. He wanted to do some research on Ryan's lone pokemon, Mightyena. Specifically Rupert wanted to find out why his Haunter had had such an odd reaction to it. Rupert didn't consider himself much of a trainer, but he trusted his pokemon. If Haunter didn't want to face Mightyena, there had to be some reason for it.

After the delicious meal Ryan noticed how tired he was after traveling here. He was planning on leaving, but Rupert beat him to it; He leapt towards his bedroom in a somewhat erratic way. "It seems like he really wants to go to bed, 'innit? Well I'll be turning meself in also. Wouldn't want to be groggy the first day of the tournament, would we?" And then he left, waving everyone goodbye for the night. "Goodnight lads!"

He and Mightyena went to their Bedroom, and almost immediately fell asleep.

"It seems like he really wants to go to bed, 'innit? Well I'll be turning meself in also. Wouldn't want to be groggy the first day of the tournament, would we?"

"Ah, sorry Rupert, didn't notice. Come to think of it I'm getting tired myself. Let's call it it a day guys." Tom let out a huge yawn, stood up, and stretched. And almost hit Rupert in the face. "Heh, sorry about that... Um here, I'll let you out. C'mon guys." Tom got out off the booth and went back upstairs.

In his room, Tom flopped down on the bed. "Alright team, tournament tomorrow. I.."
"Skor?" "Huh? Oh right."

Tom took the pokeball he had previously hidden In his bag back out and released a large aqua reptilian Pokemon. "Sorry buddy, but I really can't use you for a while. Second level evolutions are really rare at this point, and I'm not sure that people will think using you is fair. But hey, I'll make it up to you. We can go for a walk in the morning. Maybe do some last minute training. Get you some fresh air, ok?"


"Great. Let's get some shuteye then. Gotta wake up early."

The sound of fireworks and excitement was everywhere. It was a beautiful Summer morning as the 11 Trainers from The Sleeping Sunkern made their way to the stadium. It was a sight to see. Hundreds of Trainers from all over had made their way to Goldenrod for the event, all of them looking for glory.

As they all gathered near the entrance a portly man in a loud shirt and black shades made his way to a microphone.

"*tap**tap* Is this thing on? Good, well, WELCOME TRAINERS, to the 2nd Annual All Regions tournament. My name is Scott and I'm the President of the All Regions Tournament Federation, in fact, some of you might know me as the pioneer that brought you the Battle Frontier!
*ahem* But enough about me, as you can see we've got hundreds of contestants here today. Only the BEST is enough to take home the gold! Do you have what it takes? LET'S FIND OUT!"


And with that, Scott unveiled a big screen with the tournament brackets on it. There were 20 groups of 10 Trainers each. After a quick scan Remy found his name.

"You have to be shitting me..."


Remy Olivier x Daria Pace
Matt Seras x Kayla Denit
Caleb Grey x Nicolas Tagnoni
Forte x Ken Capins
Jack Almond x Dimitri Harris


Lee Brook x Ike Sherman
Darius O'Kere x Savannah Iris
Tom Relict x Rupert Gravel
Jeremy Moore x Ryan Oliver
Tony Iverson x Seth Killian

Good afternoon, battle fans and welcome back to PBBN for the Group 14 qualifying battles! We've seen some insanely electrifying matches thus far, isn't that right Andy?

That's right Terry, it's crazy how Trainers just seem to be getting better and better each year. We've seen some real characters here today with some Pokémon that just take your breath away! But enough about that, let's move right along as our first Group 14 contestants make their way onto the field


"Of 200 Trainers I just had to get the insane "Pewter Fist" didn't I?"



An open palm slapped on Remy Olivier's back, though in all fairness it was more in line with an artillery barrage. As he lurched forward, Daria leaned down with him to give an aside glance to her upcoming opponent. Her surprisingly tight-fitted shades sealed up her eyes completely, but that was no issue; the fire burning underneath was more a thing that was felt than any sensible sort of sensory intake.

Grinning as wildly and madly as ever, she told her opponent, "Good luck out there, Snow-boy!"

She stood back up, chuckling to herself as she moved to her corner. As she went, she plucked four Pokeballs off of her belt to give them a closer look. Hm... Graveler and Charmeleon are both weak to water types. If he's got a water-type I need a counter. Gemini or Jet... All right, then.

Making her choices, she tossed one Pokeball inside of her bag and re-attached the three she'd be using for this round of the tournament. She arrived at the blue corner in a burst of energy, waving and making all manner of mad motions towards the audience to rile them up as she waited for her opponent to ready himself.

"I guess it's up to me to make the first move, right then..."

Taking out a Dusk Ball from his pants pocket, Remy sent his first partner.

"Sneasel! You're up!"


Sneasel appeared in a flash of a weird dark veil and settled into a combat stance.

"Your move."

Daria observed the opponent's Pokemon carefully, a dark little creature with sharp claws and a none-too-friendly face. She grinned as she plucked a Pokeball off of her belt. "Dang, I chose well didn't I?"

She leaned back into a pitcher's stance, holding the ball in her hand, when suddenly she stopped to wave up at the nearest camera. "Yo, Mom! Dad! Dirk! Watch me smoke this guy, all right?!" She turned back, and with the force of a star baseball player sent her Pokeball careening out into the field. "Let's jam, Spiegel!"

The ball opened in the iconic flash of white light, and out popped the Charmeleon, cracking his joints and raring to go. "Spiegel, ya ready to shine?!"

"MELE!" the lizard responded, pounding his two fists together. Daria's teeth beamed like diamonds as she retracted into a fighting stance; the crowd was a bit worried she was about to take a field, for a second, but instead she threw a left hook into the air and shouted.


"Chaaaaaar...." Spiegel exhaled slowly, letting a dark shroud spill out from his mouth and fill up the arena. As the black fumes restricted the Sneasel's vision, Spiegel looked back at his trainer for confirmation. She nodded and pointed at the smoke, and on his cue Spiegel jumped straight in.

As Spiegel covered the area in thick smoke, Remy chuckled.

"Heheh. You do know that Sneasel has Keen Eye right? You just gave him free pass to beat your Charmeleon undetected. SNEASEL! Faint Attack!"


Sneasel could be heard running around Spiegel in the smoke. Then, for a split second, the steps seemed to stop.


Sneasel exclaimed as it smacked Charmeleon out of the slowly dissipating smokescreen.

"You're gonna have to try something else, girl."

"Spiegel! Are ya all right?!"

The Charmeleon laid there on the ground for a second, eyes tightly knit shut, before grumbling out a grunt of assurance to his trainer. Spiegel rose to his feet, glaring that the cocky litlte Sneasel on the other side of the field.

"All right, Spiegel! They want something else, let's give it to 'em! Ya know what to do!"

Spiegel gave a sly little smile to himself. It was time for Fire Fang. Charmeleon charged straight at the Sneasel, his teeth slowly becoming wreathed in little gouts and licks of flame. Then, just as he got close, Spiegel side-stepped to his left, and came in for the kill from Sneasel's left. "CHAR!"

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