In Her Image: a Pokémon RP

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Ugh, I'm guessing dodging's not an option...

"Sneasel, go for it, get a Fury Swipes in!"


Sneasel knew that this was a one way trip, it was time to take one for the team. As the two Pokémon ran towards each other, Sneasel jumped at Spiegel, his flame engulfed fangs waiting. Sneasel managed to get a haphazard swipe in before feeling the Charmeleon's sharp searing fangs bearing down on its flesh. Spiegel held it there for a while before letting go.


That was it, Sneasel's Ice type and its low Defense were no match for Spiegel's attack.

And that's Remy's first Pokémon down! What will he send out next?

I dunno Terry, but whatever it is, it better be able to contend with a Charmeleon. Those things pack a punch, or a bite anyway!

Recalling Sneasel, Remy proceeded to take out a Premier Ball.

"Time to call in the big guns... ZANGOOSE, you're up!"


A Zangoose appeared in a flash of light, crossing its arms and throwing them to its sides, exposing its deadly claws.

"Zangoose, time to get paid, Quick Attack!"


Zangoose's strike struck air, as Spiegel retreated through a little red beam to the safety of his Pokeball. Daria tossed the ball up in the air a few times, idly catching it in her hands as she gave an eager grin to Remy. Though, only eager by her standards; it would register as homicidal on anyone else's face. She put up her right index finger and ticked it back and forth like a pendulum. "Uh-uh-uuuuuh." she said in a teasing voice. "Gotta let my boys stretch their legs, man! C'mon!"

She placed Spiegel's ball back on her belt and withdrew another one, giving it a little peck as she prepared to throw it. "You're gonna go far, Sleggar. Now show 'em why!"

Her Pokeball went flying out into the field, and nearly shattered open as a massive form smashed into the ground.


With Slagger pounding his fists together in anticipation, hopping from one leg to another, Daria pointed a finger over to Remy. "You get first move! See if you've got the might to break through!" She then shifted her finger-pointing into a thumbs-down and let loose an impish smile. "But, tell ya the truth, I doubt it!"

Darius had arrived and saw the brackets, looked like the first one he knew he was up against was Sav. A shame really, she seemed to care about her pokemon. He let Daffy and Knuckles out of their pokeballs, which had somehow ended up in his bag when he woke up this morning, instead of his bedpost, but they were still in his room, so he wasn't that upset about it. He smoked his pipe and talked to them as he watched Daria and Remy fight.

"Ok, guys, you see that? If we end up against either of them, you guys know we're using number 4, right? Followed by a 2 and 3, 1 leaves you guys too open, and 5-8 makes you too much on the defensive. Both of you can take the Graveller and the Charmeleon, you're both strong enough even without your types coming into play. the Sneasel's not that big of a problem,but Zangoose may be though, so use 5,6,7,1,4 for him, and watch out for those claws."

His pokemon listened attentively and watched the match with a barrel of popcorn between them, sprinkled with a powdered pokeblock, giggling to themselves every once in a while.



Caleb watched with interest, as Daria Pace and Remy Olivier battled it out in the first match of group fourteen; hoping to gain some valuable information about the two trainers teams, and how best he could counter them with his own; or possibly how he could even trick the opponents into knocking themselves out. He watched from the trainer's ready room, along with his Pokemon.

"Hmm, what interesting attacks they possess. Remy's Sneasel could fall either to both of the attacks that its weak to from Raphael, or even a Shadow Ball from Sebastian could suffice. Sadly, I lack anything to effectively deal with Daria's Charmeleon, and that Smoke Screen is going to be a problem, unless I use Aerial Ace from Angelique to clear the field, then again with her being a Flying type she could easily move above it. Now, lets just see how they manage."

Well would you look at that Andy! Rather than let her Charmeleon battle Zangoose, Daria Pace has switched it out!

Indeed she has Terry, and opting for a Graveler, that, while not having a type advantage per say, is very hard to chip away at with a Normal-type. The battle is getting intense as these two Trainers are showing off their deep understanding of type matchups.

"Graveler, eh? Ah well, Zangoose! You know what to do."

Zan Zan! Goose!

Zangoose started leering at Slagger, lowering it's Defenses as the Rock-type started feeling somewhat unnerved by his foe.


Slagger started to step away from the Zangoose and its fearsome gaze, but a stamp on the ground behind him roused the Graveler back to full awareness. He turned around and saw Daria had removed her shades, and stared at him with a fire burning in her eyes. "C'mon, Slagger, get yer head in the game! Tell me you're ready to paste this weasel!"

"GRAV!" Slagger responded, looking back at his foe and raring to go.

"Hehe, now that's what I like to see! HEY, REMY!"

She pointed at her opponent across the field. "Ya wanna speed this match up, am I right?! Well, ya'd better! Slagger, kick it off for the long haul!"

The Graveler grinned, almost maliciously, before rolling off like a Pokemon possessed towards the Zangoose. Then, as he got close, he began to ooze something... purple.


Savannah woke up bright and early the next day, still slightly perturbed by Daria's speech last night. She still felt full from last night's dinner despite only having a small potion. She stretched, and took an early morning bike ride, burning off last night's feast, Sprigg trying his best to keep up with her.

When she arrived at the tournament grounds she immediately went to check out the brackets, she wanted to know what idiot's ass she was about to kick.

Darius? Oh man, I really hate to go up against a fellow breeder, but at least I have the type advantage

"Did you see that Sprigg? We're going up against those two from last night, the Sandslash and Psyduck, you should have no problem, but don't get too cocky"

Spriggan just looked at her, his eyes slanted, looking at her as if to say "Are you serious?"


She returned him a strong look, she wasn't going to take his arrogance, not here, not today.
Sav also brought out her two other pokemon, Trapinch and Feebas.
"Now, all of you we can win this thing, just stick to your strengths and play on their weaknesses okay?"




As Slagger careened past Zangoose, it covered the Cat Ferret Pokémon in the toxic ooze. Remy, seemed unfazed by this. The explanation was soon heard all over the Stadium.

And it seems Graveler used Toxic. A very peculiar move to use on Zangoose, isn't that so Andy?

Indeed it is Terry. Generations of feuding with Seviper has made Zangoose immune to poison, thus Zangoose is just wallowing in purple ooze as far as it's concerned.

"Hahaha! Didn't know that didja? Zangoose use Slash!"

Zangoose was a blur as it went in for the kill, slashing Slagger and leaving its mark but ultimately not doing much damage.

If only Zangoose had a move against Rock-types...

"Uh... oops." Daria whimpered, removing her hat to scratch the back of her head. A beat of sweat rolled down her very red cheeks.

Meanwhile, many miles away, in humble Pewter City, a young boy holding his brand-new Bulbasaur fell out of his chair, laughing uncontrollably as his sides threatened to shake themselves apart at an atomic level. Dirk Pace had thought his day couldn't get any better, but he was wrong.

Back at the tournament, Slagger looked at Daria for some kind of order. The young woman looked flustered as she realized that she was up to give a command again. "Okay, uh, back in the game Slagger! No regrets, use Rollout!"

Complying, the giant rock Pokemon curled itself up into a little ball and went barreling across the stadium towards its foe, roaring in anticipation as it went.

As the battle went on, Caleb watched intently, taking mental notes of how to take on either of the two combatants if they crossed his path later on in the tournament.

"Oh my, could it be? Could this really be Caleb Grey, of the Lilycove Greys?"

Caleb's train of thought was interrupted by a young man of boyish good looks. Dressed in a bright purple suit with a white shirt and dress shoes and throwing his long brown ponytail over his shoulder as he looked down on the gentleman from Hoenn

"I am Nicolas Tagnoni, the youngest son of the Viridian City Tagnoni family. I have heard a lot about you. Glad to finally make your aquaintance."

Caleb had heard about the Tagnoni. The Grey family had always been well respected among the high-class of the country, the Tagnoni, not so much. This made them bitter and jealous people. The malice inherent in Nicolas' introduction made this fact all the more apparent.

"What a delightful coincidence that I should be the one to defeat you in the very first leg of the tournament, don't you think?"

Rupert was not watching the battle between Remy and Daria, though he could hear the commotion of the struggle and the cheering of the crowd from his seat. He had managed to find an available computer terminal in the stadium and was clicking his way through menus rather frantically, a desperate look plastered on his pale face.

How could I have been so stupid?

The previous night had been eyeopening. Of course Haunter had feared Ryan's Mightyena; it was a Dark type. He knew this now. Rupert's almost complete ignorance of pokemon outside Kanto was coming back to bite him in the behind. How could he hope to advance in the tournament when he didn't know anything about the pokemon others might use against his own? He hadn't taken this whole tournament business seriously, but it had only now occurred to him that Cubone and Haunter could be seriously hurt because of his ignorance. Rupert had not slept at all last night, staying awake to read up on pokemon from Johto, Sinnoh, Hoenn and even Unova.

Stupid, Rupert. Stupid. Why did you pretend that this tournament was just something to 'get over with'? Haunter and Cubone will never forgive you if you don't give it your all here! Don't just do this to appease the people back home; do it for your team!

It was only a few minutes ago that Rupert had found out who he was fighting. It was Tom Relict, the lively boy who he had met just the previous evening. Rupert didn't like the thought of fighting him. Tom had seemed like an enthusiastic and caring trainer, but it was far too late to back out now. Fortunately, Tom had revealed his team yesterday. This made it so much easier to prepare for the fight.

Hmm. Let's see. Tom had a three man team, right? Yeah, he said so yesterday. Three vs two. The odds could be worse. What were his pokemon again? The one that looked like a scorpion was called a Skorupi I think, and that scary dog-like pokemon was... a Houndoom. Right. What was the small tan one he named Trapic? He never mentioned what kind of pokemon that was. Was it revived from a fossil? Yeah, Tom definitely mentioned that. That narrows the search.

Rupert spent the rest of his time in front of the computer monitor, waiting to be called out for his match, trying to devise some sort of battle strategy.

Caleb stood up to face his opponent. The man must of been at least his age, possibly younger. From what he could remember, the Tagnoni family wasn't as well respected in the noble realm as the Grey family was; this had lead to a rivalry of sorts between them. It certainly showed itself in the way that Nicholas spoke, definitely jealous, but he hid it well for the most part.

"Well, it certainly is a pleasure to make your acquaintance as well Nicholas. Despite the rivalry that our two families share; I still hope for an honourable duel, after all, we are both gentlemen. And I see not a rival standing before me, but a man of distinction and class." Caleb remarked, complimenting the man at the end. From the corner of his eye, he could see that Raphael was charging a Brick Break.

"Patience Combusken, you shall have an opportunity. And as for beating me in the first round, don't count your Pidgeys before they've hatched, you never know what will happen."

"Um... We're up against Rupert? That's not good..." "skor?" "Nah, Its not that I don't want to fight him, it's just I hoped it wouldn't be this early... "
Tom had taken the liberty to look up Rupert's Pokemon. He knew that the Haunter would be no problem, but that Cubone of his would be trouble. Of course Aeolus could sweep his team, but that was the exact reason he didn't want to use him.

"Well, it's gonna be a huge challenge guys, but I think we can just barely squeeze a win out of it. It's a good thing we did that training earlier huh?"

Tom looked over to Rupert. He looked worried. then again, he always looked worried.

Hopefully he doesn't know about the huge type advantage he has over me. I'd rather him not find out, overconfidence can lead to mistakes. Speaking about overconfidence, looks like the first match is that pewter fist girl and the older guy with the sneasel.

"well, it'll be a good idea to know how the others battle, in case I'm pitted against them. Alright, let's go watch."

"Well, it certainly is a pleasure to make your acquaintance as well Nicholas. Despite the rivalry that our two families share; I still hope for an honourable duel, after all, we are both gentlemen. And I see not a rival standing before me, but a man of distinction and class."

"I... ugh... Well, just make sure you show up to the fight!"

Nicolas said while leaving. At the end of the row of seats, his equally young and handsome butler awaited him.

"Let's go Antoine, I've had enough of that presumptious buffoon."

"Very well, sir. Should I prepare you some tea as we wait for your battle?"

"Don't bother, let's go to a restaurant instead. These peasant's battles aren't worth watching."

With that the duo left Caleb to his thoughts.

On the battlefield, Zangoose had just taken the first hit from Graveler's Rollout.


Perfect. This is what I was looking for. It can't stop now.

"Zangoose! Come back!" Remy called, putting the Premier Ball back in his pocket and taking out a Great Ball.

"Primeape! Your turn, use Low Kick!"

Prihihihihimmmaaape! The ball gave way to a furious fuzzball of energy, slamming its fists on the ground.

As Slagger came around for it's second round of Rollout, Primeape stuck it's leg out, hitting the Rock Pokémon out of it's attack and bringing him down with tremendous force.

OOH! Amazing reversal by Remy Olivier, recalling Zangoose and bringing out Primeape for the type advantage!

Indeed! And the Low Kick takes advantage of Graveler's immense weight and with that, it's down and out!

"Not bad, managed to still hit Primeape. Well then. How about you bring out that Hitmonlee, see which one has the better fighter, hm?"

Prime! Prime! Meaaaapppe!

Daria grinned. She grinned wider, and then wider, and then wider still, before picking her third Pokeball off of her belt.


She tossed it out onto the field, the ball snapping open to reveal the form of a Staryu, rapidly spinning and already moving across the field at breakneck speeds. Daria spun in place, throwing kicks up into the air as she shouted.

"Gemini, WATER GUN!"

"HYA, HYA!" shouted the brown star, and on cue a torrent of water rocketed across the field at the bewildered ape.

Much to Remy's disappointment, the Fighting-type derby was not happening. Instead, Daria sent out Gemini, her Staryu

"Aw. That's not nice. Primeape! Avoid that Water Gun and counter with Karate Chop!"

Primeape howled in approval and rushed towards Gemini, all the while dodging its Water Gun. The Pig Monkey Pokémon failed, however and was soon doused with a strong jet of water.


As it made it's way through though, it brought its hand down to strike at its foe. Both seemed to feel the hurt from their respective attacks.

"Ha!" Daria shouted across the field, grinning like a mad-woman more than ever. "That's one hit! Ya won't get any more on Gemini!"

She stuck a thumb up to her chest, and yelled at Remy. "If ANYBODY knows a Fighting-type's moves, it's gonna be me! And I know Primeape's by heart! Ya don't have a single ranged attack to yer name!"

She pointed at Gemini. "Keep yer distance, and pour on the Water Gun! He can't touch ya unless ya let him, so there's yer challenge! Not ONE! MORE! HIT!"

"HHHHHHYYYYAA!" shouted the Staryu, spinning across the field once more, and laying into the Primeape with as much water as it could possibly put out.

"We'll just have to see about that don't we? Primeape, Seismic Toss! Get in there and bury that thing!"


With Remy's orders Primeape started a mad dash towards Staryu, once again taking the Water Gun head on, slowly trying to make its way through, chopping at the barrage of water. As its stamina went down its anger rose accordingly.

"Come on... You can do it... just a bit more..."

And at last Primeape was through. It jumped at Staryu, taking it into the skies, and brought it down with tremendous force. But it wasn't enough. Staryu didn't go down. It still had the energy to go on. Primeape was on its last legs.

"Let's do it, go for broke! Another Karate Chop!"

"Let's do it, go for broke! Another Karate Chop!"


The glove came down, Primeape growling like a lunatic, when Daria barked out her next command. "HARDEN!"


The Staryu froze in place like a statue, its increased resistance stopping the chop as it made contact with it, and leaving the two combatants frozen in a step of their deadly dance, facing each other down as the glove tried to dig into the right "arm" of Gemini. Daria felt a surge of confidence rising up from below. Everything was coming together. This would be perfect.


A strange chiming noise emanated from within the Staryu's gem as it began to blink, refreshing its pained limbs with fresh energy. It made more strange, indecipherable noises as it began to push back against the Primeape's chop. Daria rose her left hand into the air and clenched her fist, going into a horse-riding stance as she threw the fist out to her left and opened it. Baffling to anyone watching, but she didn't care; she was pumped.


Obeying its trainer without a word, Gemini lowered its top limb and opened fire.


"Damn it! Take the hit and counter with Rage!"

Primeape braced itself mere nanoseconds before getting hit with another Water Gun. For a moment he couldn't be seen by either his Trainer, the audience or the commentators. When the attack finally ended, Primeape emerged, soaking wet with its arms across its face. After lowering them he began to run towards Staryu, making it halfway there before tripping and collapsing ito the ground.

THAT'S IT! Primeape is down! This is turning out to be one hell of a fight Andy!

You betcha Terry! One wonders what Remy Olivier is going to do now. Will he send out Zangoose or does he have something else plann..- Wha!?

On the field, Remy recalled Primeape with his free hand up in the air.

"Sorry kid! You got me! Ain't no good gonna come from prolonging this any further. Just promise me you'll mop the floor with the next guy too, deal?"

INCREDIBLE! Remy Olivier forfeits the match, making DARIA PACE the WINNER!

He must've realized that his half healthy Zangoose was going to have no chance against Daria's remaining Pokémon, Terry. In any case, Daria Pace is now the first winner from Group 14!

With that Remy made his way into the Red corner's tunnel, defeated but satisfied with the great match he'd just had.

"That was good. No regrets."

"How could you do that Remy? How could you let some random hussie beat you?"

"TATYA!?!? What the hell are yo--BHAGHB!"

A girl with a long black braid of hair and a brown bomber jacket with "DISASTER" embroidered in the back walks up and clocks Remy in the face.

"Don't you Tatya me you no-good son of a bitch."

"Ah jeez..."

He must've realized that his half healthy Zangoose was going to have no chance against Daria's remaining Pokémon, Terry. In any case, Daria Pace is now the first winner from Group 14!


Daria's legs shot in strange, awkward directions as she rocketed out onto the field, grabbing her Staryu and lifting it high into the air for the world to see. The crowd cheered, and the thunder of their applause shook the stadium, all the while Daria continued to beam and laugh.

Several minutes later, she finally made her way towards the Blue Tunnel, giving a slightly disappointed glance back at the Red Tunnel. She'd wanted to congratulate Remy on the awesome match; maybe offer a sparring session between Jet and his Primeape. Sadly, he'd walked off before she'd gotten the chance to. Slamming her cap back down on her head, she touched the little buttons on the three filled Pokeballs on her belt. They popped open, letting Spiegel and a barely-conscious Slagger get a breath of fresh air.

The Graveler immediately collapsed onto Spiegel's side, who began to mutter to himself as he hoisted him back up onto his feet to lead him down the tunnel. Gemini casually rolled alongside them, leaving Daria to clasp a hand on Jet's shoulder and give him an apologetic grin.

"Hey, sorry ya didn't see any action Jet; I promise, you'll be first one out in the second round, 'kay?"

Jet nodded, unwilling to question his trainer. "Hitmonlee."

"Hehe, great!" Daria exclaimed. The pair of them picked up the pace to catch up with the rest of their team, and they slowly marched down the tunnel.

"Hey, sorry ya didn't see any action Jet; I promise, you'll be first one out in the second round, 'kay?"

"If that is all you have to offer, I wouldn't waste my time."

Daria and her partners' path was blocked by a huge, musclebound mountain of a man in a grey Gi.
He stared down at Daria and Jet.

"Such a rare and powerful Fighter is wasted in the hands of an impulsive child such as yourself. You lack the discipline necessary to bring out the true potential of that Pokémon."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the arena, Remy was getting an earful.

"...which is exactly why, with Forte as my bodyguard, I'll make you pay for leaving me in Veilstone City! Anyway, gotta run, see ya Remy!"

The impulsive girl left as quickly as she appeared, leaving Remy with nothing but questions and a sore face.

"Jeez, how'd she even find me? And what's this crap about a bodyguard?"

Making his way to the podium, Remy spotted Darius with his Pokémon.

"Hey there, enjoy the fight?"

And with that out of the way, let's move on to the second match of the group! In the Red corner, representing Violet City and our very own region of Johto, MATT SERAS!!!

And in the Blue corner, from Cherrygrove City ALSO in Johto, KAYLA DENIT!!! Let's hear it for these two Johto natives!!!

"Ooh it's Matt!" Exclaimed Remy.

In the Red corner, representing Violet City and our very own region of Johto, MATT SERAS!!!

Matt dimly heard the announcer's voice echo through the stadium, and the answering roar of the crowd. The voices were dull, muted, as though his ears had been stuffed with cotton, or some other fluffy substance; he could make out the words and shouts, but just barely.

Conversely, the unending beat of his heart threatened to deafen him. Thump thump. Thump thump. Focusing on the familiar temp, Matt felt himself slipping away, fading from this world and heading towards someplace entirely unknown.


Spike's curious squeak shook Matt from his reverie, nearly as effective as a bucket of icy water to the face. Looking down at the bundle of fur and flames resting in his lap, the boy couldn't resist a smile. "Heh, sorry about that buddy; guess I'm still a little nervous."

The Cyndaquil stared at Matt with a worried look upon his face, gently nudging the trainer with its warm muzzle. "Cyn, cyndaquil!"

Chuckling slightly, the green-clad lad lifted a hand, scratching Spike behind his ear. "Hey, I've already made it this far, right? At this point, it'd be more embarrassing to run away then to just head out there."

When his Pokemon still refused to look away, Matt began to stand up as he continued to talk, trying to convince himself as much as Spike, "What's the worst that can happen, huh? We lose? So what; we've lost before. Just never in front of so... many... people..."

Suddenly, the roar of the crowd seemed much, much louder. Matt felt his lungs seize, his breath halt, his mind beginning to descend into panic. Reaching for the wall to steady himself, the trainer nearly stumbled to the ground, before

Besides, I'm sure you'll do fine. You have a kick ass team right there.

Remembering Remy's words, Matt managed to steady himself. After a few seconds, both his heart and lungs returned to their normal tempo, and the nervousness in his eyes was replaced by a determined gleam. A small smile crossing his face once more, Matt pulled out an ordinary Pokeball, pointing it at Spike. "Hey, here's a crazy thought: What say we go kick ass and take some names, huh?"


Spike returned to his Pokeball in a flash of red light. Strapping the shrinking device to his belt, Matt readjusted his emerald hat, before steadily marching towards the exit. Stepping out into the daylight, Matt found himself surrounded by hundreds of cheering faces, a sea of people enveloping him on all sides. However, his eyes were unseeing, glued to the blue tunnel that faced his own. Let's do this.

"Hey there, enjoy the fight?"

Knuckles had seen Remy coming before he spoke up and had grabbed a clawful of popcorn from the bucket between he and Daffy, and Daffy helped out by squirting a bit of water on it and making it soggy. Just as the red haired loser of the previous match sat down, the popcorn was placed under his nearing backside and with a small *SQUELCH*, the popcorn had somewhat adhered to the seat of his pants. The two pokemon burst into laughter.



Darius however, didn't notice him until the popcorn incident was over and done with, by which time he took out his pipe and tapped the two of them on the head with the pipe, getting their attention.

"Hey guys, quit that."

The two looked suddenly depressed, but it was short-lived as they realized the popcorn between them was still half-full, and delved back into it with renewed gusto.

"It was a good fight, though you should've pulled your Primeape in and thrown out your Zangoose when the Staryu came out. That Crush Claw attack would've saved you then and left a relatively healthy Primeape to battle the Hitmonlee. It might not have stood that much of a chance against it, but a sight better than Zangoose, their rage and unpredictability really messes with other Fighting-types." As he spoke, he shifted back and forth to his pipe, and began puffing on it enough so that a small cloud of smoke appeared around his head and didn't abate until he accidentally dropped the coals onto the stands. He quickly stamped them out and pulled his bag of tobacco out again, dropping some on his "TORKOAL TOBACCO CO." with their logo of a Torkoal with sunglasses and their slogan underneath, "I'D CLIMB MT. MOON DURING GEODUDE MATING SEASON FOR A TORKOAL".

"Want any?" He asked and extended the bag towards Remy, dodging Daffy's and Knuckles's attempts to grab it for a laugh.

"Such a rare and powerful Fighter is wasted in the hands of an impulsive child such as yourself. You lack the discipline necessary to bring out the true potential of that Pokémon."

Daria looked up at the man with a wide, flat mouth. Utter expressionless. She quietly reached up a hand, grabbing a bit of his gi.

"Mister. If ya came down here just to tell me that, I'd suggest you turn around and walk away. Because nobody..."

She pulled, tossing the man off of his feet.

"--but NOBODY..."

She swung him around, slamming him into the wall.

"--says crap about me OR MY POKEMON." She jammed a finger up towards his face, practically snarling at him. Jet stood behind her, looking just as angry if a bit more reserved. "Jet works his ass off every day training, and I'm not gonna have some block of meat try and badmouth him! Ya wanna talk trash, then we'll settle this RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. Call out your best fighter, and Jet'll kick him to the curb!"

She pulled him away from the wall, and tossed him out into the middle of the tunnel. "And then, I'm gonna do the same to you."

Lee was too late to watch the first fight has he had first gone to the pokecenter so snover could recover from the previous fight and while he was there he had his octillery checked out. He arrived just in time to see the beginning of the second match, he made sure to find a seat to watch it from that had no one he knew near it so he could concentrate on observing.


Remy removed the soggy popcorn from the seat of his pants, groaning and muttering to himself. He then turned to the culprits and offered them a sarcastic smile and a thumbs up.

"Cute guys. Real cute."

He then listened to Darius' opinion on how he would've taken Daria on. Politely declining his offer of tobacco and trying not to chuckle at his shirt, Remy made an attempt to defend his loss.

"For what it's worth, Zangoose hasn't learned Crush Claw yet. I did try to get Daria to use Hitmonlee against Primeape, but I guess she was too smart for that. At the end of the day, she had the type advantage"

Remy looked at the field where Matt had already waited for quite a while for his opponent to appear.

"Hey, where's the kid's competition, anyway?"

The audience was getting impatient as this Kayla Denit girl was taking her sweet time to take the stage. After a few minutes, the PA system crackled and Terry and Andy were back.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are deeply sorry to inform you that Ms. Denit is in fact, not in the building. She has failed to appear on time.

That's right folks. That means Matt Seras WINS BY DEFAULT!

The groans of disbelief could be heard across the stadium, as people felt robbed. They paid to see these matches and now there were no shows? What a gyp.


A girl with a Scizor is seen facing a trio of goons.

"Just give up girlie! These here Pokémon are our property now."

"Forget it! I'm was due in Johto for a tournament days ago, instead, I'm here chasing after you wastes of space and your boss! You're gonna pay. SCIZOR, BULLET PUNCH!

In the blue corner tunnel, Forte didn't seem at all phased by Daria's aggressive response. With the slightest of pushes, he made the girl let go of his Gi. After staring her down a while, he turned and started walking.

"Save it for the ring, child. Once I crush Ken Capins, you and yours are next."

Well that sure was unexpected... Anyway, it is time to momentarily take a gander at Group 16's progress.

Indeed it is Terry, and without further ado, in the Red corner, FROM PASTORIA CITY IN SINNOH, TOM RELICT!!!

Aaaand in the Blue corner! From LAVENDER TOWN, KANTO, RUPERT GRAVEL!!!

"Save it for the ring, child. Once I crush Ken Capins, you and yours are next."


Jet took a step forward; his trainer had done a solid for his rep, and it was time to return the favor. But before he could throw a jab or kick of any sort, Daria took a step away and threw an arm up, barring his path. She looked over at him, a devilish gleam in her expression.

"Save it, Jet. If the big, soft Teddi-Bear here wants a couple more hours to pray before we beat him to kingdom come? I say let him."

She turned around, and with a quick quartet of zaps, called all of her Pokemon back into their balls. She clipped them back onto her belt and exited the tunnel, throwing a hand back to Forte. "See ya, chump. Tell Arceus or whoever I said hi."


An ultimately unamused looking Daria sat down next to Darius and Remy. She gave a fake punch towards her former opponent, and gave a half-hearted grin. "Good show out there, Snow-boy."

She looked down towards the Stadium, at a very confused-looking Matt exiting the grounds, with no opponent in sight. She tapped her Pokeballs, releasing her team as she asked, "So what'd I miss?"

Her Pokemon immediately found themselves seats. Spiegel sat in the row behind the trainers, with Jet by his side. Slagger preferred to stand next to Daria, so as to get a closer look at any matches. Gemini, on the other hand, snuck over to the popcorn bag to swipe a few bites from Darius' unsuspecting Pokemon.

That means Matt Seras WINS BY DEFAULT!

Moans and groans came followed in the announcement's wake, as the crowd bemoaned the no-show. So lost were they in their disappointment, most of them failed to note Matt as he turned about and walked back towards the Red Tunnel. As the trainer marched, there was no cowardice in his eyes or fear in his step: He walked with purpose and strength into the dim tunnel, away from the arena and the sea of spectators.

Then he collapsed against a nearby wall and began hyperventilating.

Well that sure was unexpected... Anyway, it is time to momentarily take a gander at Group 16's progress.

Indeed it is Terry, and without further ado, in the Red corner, FROM PASTORIA CITY IN SINNOH, TOM RELICT!!!

Aaaand in the Blue corner! From LAVENDER TOWN, KANTO, RUPERT GRAVEL!!!

"Ah, what a shame. Red just isn't my color." Tom walked out into the middle of the arena. "Hey Rupert! Get out here! Let's have ourselves a match!"


"Gee, I HOPE he'll show. Wouldn't be like him. At least... I don't think it is. Rupert? Are you in there?"

Tom tried to look over to the other corner, but it was too far away.

"For what it's worth, Zangoose hasn't learned Crush Claw yet."

"Really? I thought that was Zangooses special move, I was sure one of them would get it before Knuckles here."


"Nothing, Knuckles, just talking about you is all. As for where the kid's opponent is, no idea. Maybe stuck on a boat somewhere."

Daffy looked around to see the Staryu sneaking up on he and Knuckles, and seeing as how they were both done with what they wanted of the popcorn, offered it to Gemini.


Lee saw daria, seeing as it would be a bit till the next fight he walked over to here and said with more then a hind of aggression 'I got a bone to pick with you' without giving daria any time to respond lee spoke in a single breath 'I care about all my pokemon, just because I don't call one for my pokemon a fighter does NOT mean I don't care for it, I also don't have to make my pokemon put there all into every attack because I don't want to just turn them into fighters maybe I just want to make learn the difference between a friend and someone who abuses their kindness and putting your all into a ruthless set of attacks doesn't always work I play to my pokemon strengths whether it makes sense to use them in battle or not' Lee took a mamoswine breath and said 'anything else you might want to say?'

'anything else you might want to say?'

Spiegel leaned forward and put a warning claw on Daria's shoulder. The trainer shook in her seat, before slowly lifting her head to look straight forward. Lee couldn't see her eyes under the brim of her hat; she spoke in a slow, even tone with only the occasional warble hinting at the rage beneath.

"If you really do care for your Pokemon, good. But if you tell me one more time that I abuse the kindness of my Pokemon... I will hurt you. I train my friends as they ask to be trained; our dream is shared. And I don't have to justify myself any more to someone like you."

She looked up at Lee, finally; her eyes, narrowed and angry as they were, were red, and the smallest sheen of building water could be seen on the sclerae. "Go. Away."

'ugh' Lee grunted 'I am NOT saying you are abusing the kindness of your pokemon, I am training snover because I want him to learn about that. You have seen how nice he is, when I found him he was practically starving to death as he would just give his food to any pokemon that asked for it.' Lee was really trying to sort out misunderstanding but with the glare he was given he still kept his hand over octillery's pokeball just encase this got out of control for him.

"Go. Away."

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