But all is not well in Hoofington (A MLP FiM Rp, 3 slots open, PM GM if interested.)

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No stop yes you who's about to flame this thread stop right there, I know some of you don't like the show so you know what? don't watch the show and leave this RP alone.

Sorry about that.
In the town of Hoofington, a simple village with an orchard for food, and simple local shops, not much in the way of trade however far off there may or may not be a tunnel full of gemstones but the local unicorn has advised they avoid it, in case of powerful dangerous magic. however said unicorn has recently become a recluse, it usually wasn't uncommon to not see him but he'd be around at least 3 day a week. but he hasn't been around at all.

useful tool for pony creation

I apologize if the story is vague bu all I really can tell is the setting and the first intrigue because the story is based off revealing events that happen

Might put something together.
Just to check what sort of power levels are you looking for in magic and also how diverse? Assuming I submit a unicorn that is.

Might put something together.
Just to check what sort of power levels are you looking for in magic and also how diverse? Assuming I submit a unicorn that is.

power levels, it varies but you shouldn't be able to do any very powerful magic unless its helpful to your job/talent
Rarity can manipulate multiple objects as an example which was usefull since she usual;ly needs several things to be held when dress making.
most unicorns can move objects its a simple spell and almost anyone can do it.
as for diversity there's a good mix of each, it wa sfounded by earth ponies but the unicorns came for the gemstones and the pegasi to help with weather.

...Eh, why not.

if we get the other two possible members character sheets I think we'll have enough to get started. I do hope this story gets to go forward I intend on going on an organic writing approach where the story has an end goal and a general direction but the PC's yourself make the story and your choices actually affect the world around you.

Note: Despite being based on an idea for a Dr. Whooves fanfic, I'm fairly certain that Last is a far cry from an almighty Gary Stu. That said, if GM discretion demands it, I'm more than happy to retract him.

Character sheet upcoming. Give me a few minutes to actually write it.

Note: Despite being based on an idea for a Dr. Whooves fanfic, I'm fairly certain that Last is a far cry from an almighty Gary Stu. That said, if GM discretion demands it, I'm more than happy to retract him.

I don't see a problem, besides I've learned that unicorn magic isn't always unstoppable, one noteworthy moment is when Sweetie-belle slaps Rarity's horn canceling the levitation spell she was using to hide Sweetie belle's bag behind her back.
anyways I can also imagine being able to know 5 seconds in the future being disadvantageous, like say when someone tries to talk to him.

Eh, why not I suppose.

All right with six characters and a 7th possibly on the way, I think we should get started we also have a relatively good mix, in fact we 2 of each race, (Pegasi, unicorn earth pony) not including my character, but lets get this going.

In the town of Hoofington the day starts with the sun slowly rising, as it rose the Observatory, a tall building in the east cast a dark monolithic shadow over the town, but only for a moment as the sun continued to rise though the shadow passed.
a bright and sunny day was to come except for some reason a few of the Weather Pegasi could notice some nasty black storm clouds on the way, hey weren't near by any means but they would be here at least tomorrow, now the storm itself wasn't a problem but usually the unicorn working the observatory would have told them this at least a week ago.

however any question would have to wait, the summer send off festival was two weeks away and they were in the planning stages. The summer send off similar to the winter wrap up up, was a time when summer ended and Autumn began, and Hoofington was founded by earth ponies so they couldn't just zap the leaves orange, this meant that instead of having to make Autumn happen they just had a party and let it happen.
and so the day began.

Here's mine

Basic Personality: A very kind if somewhat eccentric pony. Is very knowledgeable when it comes to giving advice. Even though he has lived in Hoofington for 5 years, and is still a social outcast. He has very few friends, but is an incredibly loyal trustworhty friend A very caring and helpful pony, he will often offer help to anypony that needs it, and usually never expects anything in return. Seen as a little nuts but is seen as one of the more sane ponies in the town. He is also seen as one of the most patient ponies in town. Is gifted in many different types of magic including: metalworking, technical design, and machinery; and has mastered most of them.

Occupation: Inventor/Blacksmith

A mechanical genius, can invent mechines that are incrediby helpful to the citizens of Hoofington. A unicorn but has created a pair of mechanical wings that he can use for brief periods of time. A gifted inventor, he has created many mechinations that are used in the mines by the citizens of Hoofington.

Korak the Mad:
Here's mine
[spoiler= Character Sheet]Name: Gearwork Hastemaker


Not to be nit picky but, why is he both a pegasus and unicorn? the rest is fine except I suspect he might be a bit OP, fist off above question ands secondly ponies have problems because of an aura? I'll let you in, I'll even let you keep the pega/corn mix if you explain it but your on watch.
Edit thank yu now would someone kindly advance the story i made that vague opeing to allow the day to start, so just do what youd think your pony would do


Korak the Mad:
Here's mine
[spoiler= Character Sheet]Name: Gearwork Hastemaker


Not to be nit picky but, why is he both a pegasus and unicorn? the rest is fine except I suspect he might be a bit OP, fist off above question ands secondly ponies have problems because of an aura? I'll let you in, I'll even let you keep the pega/corn mix if you explain it but your on watch.
Edit thank yu now would someone kindly advance the story i made that vague opeing to allow the day to start, so just do what youd think your pony would do

I'll edit it for you, remove a few abilities, then I'll give the next piece of the story.

Speedie Pranks woke early in the morning as was her custom and got out of bed, flapping her wings to get dressed for the day, where she put on her vest and rings and tip-hoofed out of the house so as not to awaken anypony still asleep.

Once outside however, she opened her wings and began flying, moving clouds to let the sunshine through for the Summer Send-Off preparation. They couldn't have it dark on a day meant for gathering and setting up. The storm clouds worried her briefly, but if they were anything but normal storm clouds, Midnight Gaze would have let the rest of the Weather Ponies know about it. She continued to work in silence with her fellow ponies that were clearing the skies.

Onwards with the story:

As the day progrssed the stormclouds grew at an unnatural rate, and the light of the sun dwindled more and more by the hour. By noon, the sky was almost as dark as it would be at night.

Gearwork was in his workshed working on a new piece of equipment that would help the other ponies with the celebration. He had noticed the dark clouds that had appeared on the horizon during the morning, but thought nothing of it. As the day progrssed he felt more and more uneasy, and by noon he had to see what was going on. He put down his project and headed outside.

What awaited him was disturbing. It seemed that it was almost as dark as night, and there was an unnatural presence that permeated from the clouds. He looked and saw that many of the creatures that lived near the town were trembling with fear. Gearwork grabbed a lantern that had a glowing crystal inside, these were used mainly inside the mine to help light the deeper caverns inside and help maintain a steady flow of oxygen for the miners. What he noticed was that the crystal, which normally glowed with an intense greenish-blue light almost made no indent on the shadows, as if they were part of a tangible being.

So gearwork headed into town to see how the other ponies were doing.

When he arrived he expected to see the houses lit up with candles and the light crystals and that everypony was preparing for the Summer Send-off festival. Yet there were no lights, or that there were no strong visible light. There were a few other ponies around but they looked as though they were in very uneasy. Gearwork came up to the nearest pony and asked "Where is everypony? I know there should be more ponies around, so do you know they could be?" The pony , a dark green stallion with a light blue mane and tail blankly looked at him for a moment before responding "Home. They are resting." With that the pony continued working.

Gearwork shrugged and headed to the observitory to see if anypony up there could explain this bizarre weather. He remembered how the animals were behaving and he quickened his pace. When he arrived he saw that it looked like it had been abandoned in quite a hurry. The doors were left open and that there were papers strewn about. Gearwork entered and causiously made his way to the telescope and looked through it.

What he saw caused him to scream and he bolted his way back into town. He ran until he reached the town hall where upon entering he saw six or seven other ponies, who looked a little uneasy but not as extreme as the ponies who were outside looked. As soon as he saw them, he yelled "Something dark is headed this way! We have to do something!!" Gearwork then collapsed into unconsciousness.

"Something dark?"
Drama Queen had been on stage rehearsing when all this trouble had started.
"Do you know what was going on?"
She was actually maintaining her composure fairly well. She was too fascinated by watching everyone else panic to bother panicking herself.

A pony, swaddled in a dark violet cloak approached the unconscious pony, a hood made it had to see their face but by the way the hooves hit the ground hard, and the posture of the pony it waseasy to tell it was rather angry that this pony had entered the observatory, they could also see it had a basket full of roots leaves,and other plants.
"Who are you to enter my home? while in the forest I do roam,
I went to gather Bay leaves, Briony, Castor, Cypress, Columbo root, and other herbs needed and you decided to enter my place of work? I ought to, to-" the pony grumbled loudly, to help the unconscious pony he used his magic to unscrew the cap from a canteen he had been carrying and splashed it in the pony's face, he then walked past him and locked the observatory. it was unlikely they'd leave it open again.

Shadow awoke to bright light streaming into the windows of his small house on the edge of town. Shadow yawned and climbed out of bed slowly, his muscles aching from the different tools he had been asked to make for the Summer Festival. Normally, making a few things wasn't very tiring on Shadow, but the sheer amount of people requesting items was overwhelming. It had been this way for a little while now, different ponies always requesting different things and then changing their minds half-way through the project.

Shadow sighed and looked back at his bed, the horn on his head glowing a dark maroon color as the blankets picked themselves up and tucked themselves neatly back onto his bed. Normally Shadow would have made his own bed, but this morning he felt lazy and wished for nothing more than to sleep again.

After a hasty breakfast of oats, Shadow left his small abode and found himself wandering down the twisting trail that led back to the village. It was a trail Shadow frequently found himself walking, and one that he actually enjoyed to walk. The path led back from his house down to a narrow stream with a makeshift bridge that allowed him safe passage. That bridge hadn't been there when Shadow had first moved in, Shadow had built it himself so that he didn't have to jump over the little creek every time he wanted to get into town.

The air outside was warm, with the scent of apples on the wind. The sun was out and shining, casting a glow on Shadow's dark pelt, yet even with the warmth and the sun there still seemed to be something ominous about the morning. Storm clouds rumbled in from the plains, and despite how far away they were from Hoofington, Shadow still didn't like the look of them.

Shadow made it into town rather quickly, only to see Gearwork, the only other blacksmith pony in Hoofington, collapsed on the ground. Shadow sighed and shook his head, his hair not moving an inch. Shadow looked up to see a white pony with a fiery mane, and decided to walk over to her.

"What happened to Gearwork?" Shadow asked, avoiding catching the ponies gaze.

The quill shop was, yet again, completely deserted. Rather unsurprising, considering the demand the feathery instruments carried in the small town.

Regardless of the complete lack of customers, an azure unicorn manned the counter, if one could consider listlessly slumping across the wooden partition equatable to managing it. Behind the square frames of his spectacles, Last Second's bored eyes flicked back and forth, soundlessly staring at the dusty tome floating in front of the pony. An ethereal, emerald aura engulfed the large book as it hovered, occasionally moving to surround and flip a page.

"Something dark is headed this way! We have to do something!!"

Last's gaze was drawn away from his sole source of entertainment by the excited shout; blinking in surprise, the unicorn watched as a jet-black pony rushed past his shop window, screaming about some horrid disaster that would undoubtedly destroy the town and all who inhabited it.

Well, it's bound to be more interesting then staying here.

Methodically, Last set the ponderous tome down, inserting a bookmark before allowing the old, musty pages to slam shut. Ducking under the counter, he shot a quick glance around the entirety of his shop, ensuring that it was indeed empty. "Anypony mind if I close for lunch?"

The silence that answered Last's query was fairly clear. Sticking a CLOSED sign to a window, the unicorn stepped outside, locked the door behind him, and began to trot in the direction Gearwork had been frantically bolting. If this was like any of the other "disasters" that had almost destroyed life as he knew it, then odds were it'd still be there no matter how fast or slow he walked.

"Hey." came a casual voice to Last's side. The had already jumped in surprise a moment ago, so now the question was how long, exactly, had Windsock been trotting along beside him. However long it was, either the pegasus thought nothing of it or he was deliberately avoiding calling attention to his arrival, in pursuit of some self-amusement.

"So," he said, addressing the current situation. "is there some kind of parade coming? I saw Gearwork heading this way, and then you were following him, so I figured there must be something going on. And since, you know, it's Summer Send-Off coming up..."

Midnight exited his observatory, his starry cloak, he had with him a green potion that had the consistency of tomato soup, and a similar smell, but combined with a bitter scent.
"Ok this pony is in need of what I call wake-up juice, this bitter drink is known to heal many illnesses, though it is not pleasant for consumption, I learned it from a tribe of buffalo people, see I was after a rare cactus flower that when picked under the full moon had super natural properties, but I found i had contracted something the locals call deep sleep fever, where the pony is sleeping for long periods of time and when occasionaly awake is so fatigued that they can barely stand the natives kindly assisted me and gave me this bitter drink to which I decided to name it wake up juice since it filled me with vigor-"
"JUST GIVE HIM THE POTION ALREADY" Last second burst out, he had been using his spell and could see that Midnight would have kept going on for several hours without stopping
"Oh, um.... so sorry I got carried away I haven't slept in a while so I;m not very good at focusing- see there I go again," he shook his head, opened Gearworks mouth and poured the green drink down his throat.
"should wake up any second now"
they waited
"any second now"

"Something dark is headed this way! Some pony screamed, flying past the window of Bookworm's small cottage. Bookworm looked up from her writing, distracted by the screaming and made her way to the window. It's called Something Wicked This Way Comes, not "something dark" - that's just a silly name for..." she stopped as she noticed the weather, dark and all encompassing, exceedingly eerie in every aspect. It cast a dark shadow over all Hoofington, like a black specter from their deepest nightmares. It blocked out the sun, throwing darkness over creation as far as a pony could see, threatening destruction of all that might hold good within it.

"When did it become daytime?" she asked, confused with how time had passed. A moment later, a thought occurred to her. The storm, the pony screaming about danger, the hurried running of all the pony's around her - how could she have missed it - this would make a great chapter for her next publishing! Without a moments delay, she grabbed her bag, stuffed it full of paper, quills, and ink, stopped for a quick snack, made her bed, grabbed her shopping list, and finally bolted out after the pony that had moved past her window.

A quick flight later, she arrived at the town-hall, where Gearwork had collapsed. Bookworm hustled inside, joining the group of ponies already staring at the unconscious Stallion. She looked on with shock and horror - what kind of writer would have a main character fall unconscious in a SAFE location, not surrounded by danger, adventure, or drama. it was just sloppy wordsmithing.

Then she heard the thunder and saw the flash of lightning. "Statement retracted." she mumbled, taking liberal notes.

Speedie was laying out on a cloud she'd moved to a more secluded region of Hoofsville. She didn't feel like helping with the Summer Send-off this year and she just couldn't bring herself to hiding entirely. She was comfortable until the clouds started rolling in and there was nothing anypony could do about them.The entire Weather Corp would have had to have been mobilized to deal with even a fraction of them. So she did the smart thing, and left her cloud behind. She arrived at the safehouse, where everypony not already inside gathered.

Speedie attempted to stay on the outskirts of the group of ponies, slightly scrunched up to hide the fact that she was leggier than most and her bracelets she wore. She couldn't remember exactly why she'd started wearing them in the first place, it made ponies stare at her and she didn't like it, except when she did.

Midnight was in fact confused that none of the Weather corp. were trying to fight the storm.
he had only one option he's have to go up to them, but that required the ability to walk on clouds, which was only Pegasus ponies had.
however Midnight of of a spell that allowed him to walk on clouds, and someone had went into his place so one turn deserved another.
The other ponies could see midnight running with a book in his satchel, and was running to Gearwork's shop, they didn't know his plan was to obtain of of Gearworks greatest inventions.
a device that was the envy of any earth pony and even of unicorns.
a metal set of wings that gave flight.

Shadow stared in disbelief as the other ponies around him ran frantically, trying to avoid an unseen danger. Shadow let out a snort of laughter before seeing one of the Weather corps members at the back of the crowd. A bright yellow pony with vivid green hair spiked back just like his. Four bracelets adorned either set of legs, and each had a different colored gem. Shadow made his way back to the other pony, stopping beside her as he continued to watch the commotion around him.

"I don't believe I know you, but it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Shadow. I was wondering if there was any real reason to be panicking like this?" Shadow said with a smile as he enjoyed the other ponies reactions.

Really? REALLY?

Last Second barely resisted the urge to facehoof, as he watched Midnight gallop off to Celestia knows where. Midnight had claimed his oddly colored potion would revive Gearwork, but judging by the inventor's immobile state the bespectacled unicorn was willing to bet that the eccentric astronomer had failed quite miserably.

Sighing, Last turned to Windsock. The prankster pegasus might be a tad wearisome at times, but at least he hadn't been sent into a full-blown panic by a gloomy sky. "Don't suppose you can help me carry him to the hospital?"

Bookworm watched the crowd of ponies, keeping an eye out for the tell tale heart signs of mane characters. Gearwork was the obvious answer, having flown through town, spreading word of their coming doom. Another pair of options were Last Second and Windsock, now trying to carry the injured Gearwork to the nearest hospital - very heroic actions in the story and, what more, "Last Second" was a great name for a hero, all be it a bit corny. Windsock... well... humorous sidekick maybe? the next possibility was Speedie Pranks, who was one of the few calm people in the crowd and one of the Weather Troop - all the right credentials to save the town. She was talking to Shadow - a mysterious stranger, another great archetype. Finally, there was Midnight who was running out into the storm, to try and do something. As he passed Bookworm, she saw the look in his eye and made up her mind - he had a plan: only a real protagonist would have a plan!

As such, she noted the others in case this was a multi-protagonist story, and bolted after the unicorn, flying with all her might in the winds of the storm, yelling "Wait! I want to see the next chapter too!"

"I don't believe I know you, but it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Shadow. I was wondering if there was any real reason to be panicking like this?"

Speedie's attempts to appear inconspicuous had obviously failed and she covered herself with her wings as best she could while speaking with the new black pony.

"M-Midnight normally lets us know when any storms crop up. This one just appeared out of nowhere. We can't deal with it, there's too few Weather Ponies in Hoofington for this." She stumbled over her words, she just wasn't good with ponies outside of work.

"No need to be shy, I won't bite." Shadow laughed, "I normally don't talk to ponies here, but I figure that it is best to know about the situations we find ourselves in don't you?"

Shadow watched as two other pegasi carried the unconscious Gearwork away to the hospital. Another bright pink pegasus darted away after the two astronomer, and Shadow let out an inaudible sigh. The town was all in a cluster, and nobody seemed to want to sit down and get a clear explanation from anyone about what was actually going on.

"Well maybe my magic can be of some use to you Ms. Pegasus, although I mostly work with metals." Shadow smiled, turning to regard the yellow pegasus once again.

Midnight listened as the strange Pegasi was following him and saying something about chapters.
"Your a Pegasus aren't you? get all the Pegasi in the air we need to handle this storm, I have a plan but I need all the Pegasi to handle this storm, it's too big for me to handle alone. Midnight kept running, he entered gears shop which had also been unlocked, he searched and searched until he found it, the metal wings that Gearworks used to fly like a Pegasi, Midnight then looked around to make sure no one could see him
"lapidi virtutis robore ades. Da splendent deorum vim. Antiquis lapides de potentia, miscere tua magicis cum mea, et me fulgebunt sicut lucem sanctam." with that a powerful glow emanated from within his satchel the glow was like that of a swirling golden mist which surrounded his horn. he then took to the air, to any who looked they could see his eyes glowing white, and his horn's magic had gone from indigo to gold. his voice was booming and authorial.
"Pegasi of Hoofington, follow my lead, try your best to clear out this storm, Unicorns, use your magic to divert all this water, get it into the nearby lake. Earth ponies, I want you to get all the little ones into someplace safe, then hide there yourself so they won't be scared.

"Don't suppose you can help me carry him to the hospital?"

"Oh, er, what?" Windsock asked, shaking his head as he took in his surroundings. Last could tell fairly easily that the pegasus hadn't been paying a single bit of attention to what had happened. Finally seeing the immobile pony, his eyes bugged out a bit. "Oh, wow! That guy's zonked! What did you say, again?"

After repeating himself, Last saw Windsock happily nod his head. "Yeah, I can carry him, just help him get on my back!"

After a minute of loading, the unconscious stallion was placed squarely on the happy pegasus' back, who gave a quick "Let's go!" and stepped behind his acquaintance to follow.

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