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Midnight tried to conceal his reaction, his reaction to hearing about Gearworks vision =every detail internally filled him with dread.
he sighed
"I had hoped that I was wrong, I wanted to be wrong, but There can be no more doubt, Thank you for the wings, but you must stay with us, I sent Windsock to Canterlot, I need you here, without you we wont be able to make it into the storm, and I'll need every spark of magic I can get, I haven't told anypony this but you've trusted me so I'll trust you." Midnight looked around to make sure the others were out of earshot.

He then turned to the others.
"Anything else I may be missing,?"
Gearwoks was still curious he wanted to know what midnight knew but Midnight didn't want to say anything yet not until he was absolutely sure about Gearworks vision, It had confirmed his worst fears but now wasn't the time to exlain it.

Gearwork knew what he said greatly disturbed Midnight, even though the unicorn didn't seem to show a reaction. "I'll stay with the group, as long as you think it is wise to do so" Gearwork told Midnight. "I understand now why you need us. I do have questions, but I know that there is another time for answers. Also, I have something to show you why I understood how that hidden vault's lock would work."

As Gearwork said this, he pulled out a small grey amulet surrounded by numerous gemstones, each slightly glowing. In it were many different gears arranged in a specific but intricate pattern.
"This thing has been passed down in my family for countless generations. We probably knew what it's purpose was but has been long since forgotten. My family comes from a long line of blacksmiths/inventors, we were always skilled in forging and molding metal with little to no heat whatsoever. When I saw that vault I also saw a lock that needed a key. The lock looked exactly like this amulet, I now know that this is the key for that vault. If this is the key, then my family might have been the ones who helped create those sets of armor." Gearwork put the amulet back around his neck and put it back under his clothes.

Gearwork activated the wings and lifted himself into the air. The wings moved fluidly and silently as he moved through the air. Even though he rarely used them, he knew how to go with the rhythm of the wings. He knew that if he tried to fight against it he would have a hard time controlling them and have an even harder time maneuvering while flying. Gearwork maneuvered his way in front of the group, hovering about ten feet in the air. "Everyone! I need to tell you that to use these things effectively, you have to go with the rhythm of the wingbeats. Otherwise, you can kiss your flanks goodbye. We are about to face a powerful enemy, we can't have somepony unable to use these things. We are too few in number, and I will not allow any of you to fall behind." With what he to say over with he moved to the back of the group and watched the others take off.

They were a little shaky at first but within a few minutes they seemed have gotten the hang of it. They were able to hover, move and stop suddenly, and some of them were able to front and back flips. "I'm surprised how fast they got the hang of it. I'm glad I told them not to fight against the wingbeat rhythm, otherwise I don't know how fast they would have learned." Gearwork told Coo who was hovering right next him. The owl hooted in agreement, and then suddenly shrieked and flew upwards as a shadowy form shot past.

"What the-?" Gearwork looked at the shadow who just flew by. It was another shadow peasus, a different one than the one previously, for it was slightly larger, and a little more agile. The pegasus looked at Gearwork with absolute hatred and disgust, and said in an rasping hiss "How dare you mimic us. For that, you will die!" The being lunged itself at Gearwork, who moved to the right just before it went by him. Before it could fully turn around and attack again, Coo had flown in front of it and started swiping his tallons and pecking at its face. It screamed in agony, and everyone looked up to see this shadow pegasus being aasaulted by Gearwork's pet/assisstant.

"Coo! MOVE!" Gearwork shouted. The owl moved away and Gearwork who had taken out his staff aimed it at the shadow pegasus. A sudden blast of white light erupted from the staff and struck the shadow pegasus. When it ended, the shadow pegasus was gone, only a wisp of smoke was the only remnant of what was left of where it was.

* * *

"Coo! MOVE!" Gearwork shouted. The owl moved away and looked at Gearwork face, his eyes had darkened from a metal grey to almost black. Coo had seen this look few time before and he knew what Gearwork was about to do.

The look looked similiar to when he seemed to overthink or overwork on something, yet, there was something different about this look, it looked like something inside him snapped and there was look of pure hatred in what he was looking at.

He saw Gearwork pull out a staff with a purple crystal and also pulled out a light crystal. Gearwork placed the light crystal in front of the staff and aimed it at the shadow pegasus, then fired a magical beam of light at it.

* * *

The shadow pegasus screamed in agony as the owl assaulted his face, pecking and swiping at him. He couldn't believe that a filthy unicorn had somehow acquired the ability to fly through the use of machinery, as well as share with other unicorns.

Then there was this bird attacking him, it was defending that wretched unicorn. He couldn't stand it anymore, he was going to kill them both, and then the group.

"Coo! MOVE!" the unicorn shouted, and the bird stopped attacking. 'What is that unicorn about to do' the Pegasus thought. He started to recover when he saw the unicorn pointing something at him. 'I doubt that will do any-' his thoughts were cut short when a beam of light hit him.

* * *

"Sorry about that" Gearwork said as he landed. He saw the horrified looks upon the others for he had just done to the shadow pegasus. "He was trying to kill me and Coo here. It was either us or him. Remember, they want to hurt or kill us. We must defend ourselves." he defended himself. "Let's head out."

Midnight had just finished putting on the Reinforced wings, he had his saddle bag, which contained two books and his own family heirlooms but he dared not reveal them until the time was right. but he just had to be certain of one thing.
"Gearworks that armor, would you say it was black as night? and did the plate for the torso have an empty hole perfect for a hexagonal gemstone?"
"yeah how did you know?"
"Your family may have made that armor but you weren't the ones to wear it. My family passed down very rare gems, in fact I believe those mines might contain some of those gems but I dare not remove them, because these gems are dangerous. but nevertheless, we fight this storm, trust me when I say that this is only the beginning, so we have to stop this now and hope that the old stories won't repeat themselves."

"I think I know what you're talking about, Midnight." Gearwork said. "I remember that a few years ago right after I moved to Hoofington, I came to the mines to see how I could help design any excavation equipment, and to see if I could find any more of these." Gearwork pulled out the staff with the violet stone that glowed with a golden light. Its shape was like two four-sided pyramids with the bottoms stuck together, and was incredibly small.

"I found this stone a couple of years before I moved to Hoofington, hidden away in a forgotten family vault. I accidentally discovered this stone that had this ability to grant earth ponies and pegasi the ability to use magic as well as enhance a unicorns magic. So after a few years I moved here to be able to see if I could find any more of these stones. With little success, I might add. I only have maybe a dozen or so of these stone that can be used. Otherwise it just makes for a great piece of jewelry." Gearwork looked around seeing that he started to get distracted and was boring the others and quickly shook his head.

"Sorry, I got a little sidetracked. As I was saying. Right after I moved here, I came to the mine to see how I could help, and find more of these stones. When I came upon a stone that I had never seen the likes of. It was in one of the deeper mineshafts, where only a few ponies can go, and where they can't use torches otherwise they wouldn't be able to breathe. It was an orange hexangonal stone the radiated an intense power. I was never actually able to obtain it, it seemed to overload the machines energy and cause them to shutdown if they got anywhere near it. I went down to see why my machines were overloading, when I found it" Gearwork looked at Midnight who was listening intently, and seemed a little awestruck by what he just said.

Gearwork continued "I tried to see if I could get the stone out myself, but I felt this unimaginable power to it. I felt that if I tried anything it would destroy itself. But something weird happened over the next few years. It changed from being a stone that I shouldn't go anywhere near it to that of a calm, but powerful energy. I haven't been in the mine since except to grab that machine to hold that other pegasus, and only then I was there for only a few seconds."

Gearwork looked at the others. "Let's go. We need to get to the center of that storm." He lifted himself into the air as he said this and started making his way towards the center of the storm as the others followed suit.

Experimental wings? Built by someone possibly mad? Into a storm, swarming with enemy Pegasus? Saving the world? Surly it was suicide?

I mean she'd never flown before.

And with that attitude she never would.

"Let's do this."

She bucked a little.

Doing her best to fit her wings on, they really were quite splendid. She better not have to give them back.

A few attempts at take-off later and she managed not to crash for a few seconds.

Her feet swung a little not quite clopping in the air.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Shadow sighed as he emerged from his shop, jet-black wings sprouting from a metal harness on his back. The others appeared as if they had already taken to the air, which was fine by Shadow. In all truth, Shadow felt that this whole thing was rushed, and everypony here was reckless about this. Shadow flapped his wings, taking off from the ground in a burst of speed as he flew up to meet up with the others.

Bookworm listened closely to every word Midnight and Gearwork said, taking copious notes on everything said; with some minor editing, it would make a great addition to her story. Of course it was a little too tropey to be used as it was, but she could deal with that later. She was already thinking of what would need to change to improve the story. She could turn the mystical armor into magic stones, and change the characters around a little - Speedie would become something run or sprint or dash and Midnight would become... Twilight - a pretty good name... maybe she would make him female for the story...

her thoughts would have continued for some time had the other ponies not donned their mystical armor to prepare for the battle and lifted off into the sky. She quickly stowed her own gear and took off after them yelling "Wait for me!"

Drama wondered over to Bookworm.
"Watcha writing?
Can I read it?"
She slipped a little and was flipped upside down, her feet flailing in the air.
Upside was good for thinking.
"Wait, do we know each other? I know most people."

Bookworm watched the odd pony as she attempted to fly, now upside down and asking her questions like "Watcha writing?" and "Can I read it?" and "Do we know each other?" Bookworm took a small note about the strange questions, intending to add them to the story, then turned herself upside down and answered her questions.

"I'm taking notes for a future short story and your welcome to read them if you want." Bookworm said, handing the small pile of papers to her opposite. The papers were covered in shorthand notes, almost illegible as a result of the arcane script she used and the speed with which she wrote. What was readable were strings of words that made little to no sense to anyone outside an artistic mind set - notes on improvements to the story, lists of words she could use to describe things, tropes and clichés to use and subvert, and plot points - several of which had yet to occur.

"And I don't think we have met; my name is Bookworm. and you are...?" she asked, holding out her hoof, her head sideways. She was trying to figure out what to use the unknown pony for. Bookworm was considering comic relief - who else had made any odd comments or acted strangely during the storm? (OOC: I can't think of anyone who has made any odd comments... no one at all... *whistles nonchalantly*)

Mind if I borrow your eyes? Mine are upside down after all."
She'll take the strange look as a yes.
Hopefully Bookworm wouldn't mind the slight head ache.
Drama used her power to get see things from Bookworm's point of view; from this angle things were making much more sense.
She recognised it.
"Creative problems? Any chance I can help?
How about the word exonerate?"

Midnight and the others went into the storm the wind was harsh and the rain was cold. Gearworks was right to reinforce the wings, otherwise they would have been destroyed upon simply entering the storm.
"Ok guys stay in tight formation, last thing we need is one of those Pegasi to use this creepy storm to blast us away.

Captcha: Bowties are cool

"Mind if I borrow your eyes? Mine are upside down after all." Drama Queen asked. Bookworm was about to respond that she too was upside down and therefore the action would be moot, when she felt the minor throbbing in her head.

"Creative problems? Any chance I can help? How about the word exonerate?" Bookworm stared at the pony for a long, awkward moment before saying "I was talking about apple pies there.... THAT'S PERFECT!" As she said it, she quickly jotted down a few dozen more notes of various meanings.

the conversation would have continued that way, but Midnight interrupted. "Ok guys stay in tight formation, last thing we need is one of those Pegasi to use this creepy storm to blast us away." Realizing he was correct - Bookworm intended to live; who else would write their story? "Yes, Twilight" she said, at the unicorn, trying to think in terms of his eventual character.

Midnight grumbled, he had expected that Bookworm wouldn't grasp the gravity of the situation, he didn't mind, so long as she was sane enough to remember his name.
Burt midnight needed all the help he could get and somehow he felt that who helped him wasn;t for him to decide.
Midnight had told Gearworks about the rare gemstones that gave him more power. but he hadn't mentioned the spell to activate them. doing that would be a bit disastrous if Gearworks tried using them.

Drama listened to the instructions doing her best to follow. She was still new to the wings so took the opportunity to stick with the others.
She decided to do her best to help as best she could.
She used her powers to try and look for nearby viewpoints rapidly flicking between different viewpoints to try and find attackers.

Bookworm flew into the clouds with the group, happy to for once not be the worst flyer. She found herself rather worried for her normally ground-bound compatriots, but could not place the reason until a lightning flash.

"Are you sure wearing metal armor in a lightning..." she started to say, before stopping - who was she to question the heroes of the tale; they knew what they were doing... unless they were the expendable types of heroes in which case... oh well.

Gearwork could see that Midnight was hiding something about the stones that granted more power, but Gearwork didn't mention to him that he had already known how to use them. He figured it out years ago right after he found the stone. He also knew the consequences of using it incorrectly.
The stone came from a relative of his that live a few centuries before him, and the relative was known to be a little unstable. This relative somehow gained more magic that what he was known for and tried to take over the town where he lived. It didn't work, in the end he accidentally blew himself up.

As the group flew farther into the storm the wind grew in intensity as well as lightning strikes. Gearwork heard Bookworm say something about flying into a lightning storm while wearing metal, but there wasn't anything to be worried about. As well as reinforcing the wings, Gearwork also put a layer of rubber between the metal wings and the pony using them. As a precautionary detail he also added a few extra powerstones to each pair of wings so if a pony's wings were hit the wings would still work.

Midnight and the other ponies were soon finding there way through the storm it would appear that there was a pattern to this wind and lightning more proof that this storm was made my magic.
"come on every pony, we can do this if we just pull together Hoofington, no all of Equestria is counting on us."

"What exactly is all of Equestria counting on us to do though Midnight? You haven't told any of us anything as to why you dragged us up into these abominable clouds. I for one want to know exactly what is going on and why we've got these strange stones." Shadow asked, putting his wings onto a higher setting so that he could zoom past the other ponies and fly alongside of Midnight.

The wind was threatening to unbalance Shadow's mane, and it was easy to see that that it was also unbalancing the other, less experienced, ponies during their flight.

Using these wings is a dumb idea. Shadow thought to himself as he waited for an answer from Midnight. They could have just as easily taken some of the pegasi and gotten them to fly up into this storm, or better yet, why not just wait the storm out as well always have instead of flying into the middle of the storm on a hunch.

Bookworm turned to the second flying blacksmith and answered his questions as best as possible. "Well, at this point all the heroes have gathered and they are making a push into the storm to stop the villains, still unknown evil plan. I would expect the villains minions will begin attacking the heroes shortly, striking out from the veil of the storm to stop us from reaching the center, where Midnight can use the mystical Macguffin stones to stop the storm. I expect there will be a villainous monologue at some point, and maybe a twist - like the villain is Windsocks mother or something." she said, matter-of-factly.

"Haha, at least someone can tell me what's going on. Thank you... Bookworm was it? I think I've seen you around the library a few times, you seem passionate about your work as always." Shadow said with a smile, falling back just a few feet to fall alongside the smaller pink pony.

"Anything else you can tell me about this storm?"

Bookworm thought it over for a bit then gave her answer. "Well... My guess is that someone has found or made a Weather Control Machine, though I suppose a wizard could have done it. flying is easier if you follow the air currents, but be careful of downdrafts. its only about a mile thick or so... OH, and the magnificent bastard who is running everything is about 4,287 feet that way!" she said, pointing in the general direction of where she had seen the evil Pegasus.

"So you've actually seen these pegasi? I assume they literally are nothing more than pegasi though? No Alicorn's or changelings right?" Shadow asked, his head turning away from the smaller pony to send a beam of pure red light into the clouds on their right.

The light cut through the darkness, revealing everything for a few feet on their right. Once satisfied that nothing was there, Shadow let the beam die down, and the light slowly faded back to it's darker glow along the length of his horn.

suddenly out from the shadows of the storm came three big burly black Pegasi like the first two there were no cutie marks and they looked very very mean.
"Your going no where you filthy mixed ponies, I can't believe you traitorous Pegasi would let these snobbish unicorns and numb-skull earth ponies.
one of the Shadowy Pegasi, it's voice was similar to the roar the wind during a hurricane.

Looks like that question was answered, and maybe Midnight isn't as insane as I believed. Shadow thought to himself as three burly black pegasi came out of the storm. It appeared that there was some truth to the story Shadow had been hearing every since he had made it up into this storm.

"How about you back off?" Shadow asked, his horn glowing a little deeper crimson.

Coo shrieked, and dove at the second largest shadow pegasus, while Gearwork followed. The thing screamed in pain as the owl tore at its face, and tried to swat the bird away, only find that it couldn't move it's legs. It saw a dark grey unicorn hovering a few feet from it, when it saw the mechanical wings, it screamed in a raspy voice "Filthy unicorn! How dare you mock us with those mechanized abominations! We will destroy you and anyone who sides with you!"

Gearwork looked at Coo and said "Coo, move please." The owl stopped its assault and hovered right next to Gearwork

The shadow pegasus held up by Gearwork's magic looked even more furious than it was before after it saw Gearworks mechanized wings. It's face was that of pure hatred at the very thought that a unicorn could have a pet that could fly. Gearwork slowly flew towards the shadow pegasus and stopped about a foot from it. "Hello." Gearwork said, "My name is Gearwork, and I'm the one who created these- what did you call them?- abominations?" his tone suddenly changed from his normal somewhat deep voice to a very deep and dark foreboding tone. "You said that you would destroy me and anyone who sides with me, Well then, I guess we'll have to defend ourselves and destroy you."

While Gearwork said this he pulled out two light stones one for this shadow pegasus and for the third shadow pegasus. The first was already in an aerial fight with Shadow and Gearwork didn't want to accidentally injure Shadow with what he was about to do. He pulled out his staff and siliently said "calx unlock, vox unfurled, tribuo mihi suus vires". When he said this the stone in the staff glowed with a golden light. Gearwork aimed the light stones at the two shadow pegasi and shouted "obscurum sparsum".

Gearwork knew how to unlock the stones power shortly after he found it. Gearwork also knew what would happen if he harnessed that power, and didn't take precautions. Gearwork only used the stones when it was absolutely called for. Gearwork also knew to use the stone magic through a converter of some sort, another type of crystal instead of letting its power flow through him directly.

When Gearwork said "obscurum sparsum" the stone inside the staff shot out two golden colored beams into the light crystals, where they started to glow with an intense light. Suddenly the light in the crystals shot out a beam of pure white light and struck the two shadow pegasi Gearwork was aiming at. There was no noise that came from either of the two shadow pegasi because the beams hit them before they could react.

With those two pegasi defeated Gearwork bolted over to where Shadow was to see if he could help.

I used a latin translator for the text in grey

Shadow didn't allow for the pegasi to make a move first, and instead shot a beam of pure energy that collided with the pegasi before he could react. The pegasi recoiled only briefly, long enough for Shadow to fly forward and collide with the other pony and cause them both to fall in a tangled mess below the cloud level and into almost complete darkness. It was only when the shadow pegasi kicked Shadow, that they broke apart and fell their own separate ways.

Shadow managed to right himself quickly, as did the pegasi, both bruised from their tumble. Shadow's horn shimmered bright crimson for a moment before releasing another burst of energy at the pegasi, who nimbly dodged it and made a straight line towards Shadow. Both ponies collided once again before tumbling down a few more feet, almost out of the storm itself. Shadow twisted his head slightly before firing off another blast of energy that hit the pegasi directly in the chest. The pegasi fell back and down into the darkness, lost to Shadow's eyes. Shadow shook his head and managed to climb his way back up to the other's. It was only then that Shadow noticed he had come ill-prepared, as Gearwork had brought most of his tools with him.

"Alright, last one's done. We're good to push forward Gear." Shadow said with a slight bow of his head.

"What exactly was that?
Sounded like ancient the language of ancient Roponies."
Drama was getting better at this whole flying thing, she could never have guessed what it would have been like. Really enjoyable.
"I'm ready to keep pressing on anyway. Got a big bad to beat."

"I'm ready to keep pressing on anyway. Got a big bad to beat." Drama said, getting ready to launch further into the clouds. Bookworm needed to stop her - she was making a mistake.

"More likely it's a "The Dragon." I mean, she COULD be a "Big Bad", but it's a little early in the story for her to appear so directly. Heck, she might just be a slightly elevated "Evil Minion or..." Bookworm said, flying after her into the clouds where her words were drowned out by the fury of the storm.

They soon saw their target a platform made of solid back clouds that anyone could walk on, they knew this because there were several unicorns, each was forced to pout their magic to generate lighting, Midnight was right the storm was from magic.
The unicorns were slaves though, it was clear by the way the fact they had been chained up in collars, bridles, and most horribly: they had horse-shoes nailed into their hoofs.

She could feel it, the unicorns; empathy wasn't always a good thing I guess.
The clouds were dark lightning the only illumination.
She lands fury burning in her eyes but the flames die down not engulfing the rest of her.
"Help has arrived."

Gearwork saw the enslaved unicorns and he was not happy, nor was he enraged. He felt sorrow for these broken unicorns, as well as remorse, for not knowing that this was happening.

He also felt something he didn't recognize at first: bitterness. He was bitter about not knowing that this was happening, as well as bitterness towards Princess Celestia. 'How could she not know about this, she's the hoofing ruler of Equestria. If she knew about this, why didn't she take action? She claims that everypony is free, that we all live in harmony. ' he thought.

He suddenly felt like he betrayed by Equestria itself "How did we not know that this was happening? How could this be allowed to happen?!" Gearwork cried out, his voice cracking from the sudden surge of emotions within him.

He looked at the enslaved unicorns with a look of sorrow, but it quickly changed to horror. He saw the chains around them, and saw the metal contraptions that were on their feet. But what horrified him was their eyes. There was no emotion in those eyes, no hint of intelligence or personality. These were not ponies, but only living vehicles for magic and labor.

He saw the unicorn slaves generating the lightning and then he saw one young unicorn, a teenager, it was different than the others. It had a faint spark of personality and individuality flash in the eyes. Gearwork saw this and it comforted him somewhat, for he now knew that the young slave unicorns still were ponies, not just living tools.

Gearwork looked around and saw that the others were upset and angry at what they saw. He knew that the only way to get past them and stop the lightning was to come up with a plan. He started to go over to Midnight, figuring that he might know a spell that could stop these unicorn slaves without having to fight them. He also grabbed the attention of everypony in their group.

"Okay, everypony." Gearwork said "We need to come up with a plan to stop those unicorns from generating the lightning for that storm. Does anypony have an idea on how to do that without having it resulting in a fight?"

Midnight looked around
"Alright ponies We got one shot at this, everyone get those unicorns free they're not from Equestria,but they're ponies like us, set them free and they can aid us in our spell.
The storm is the Pegasi, but the unicorns are for the lightning generator, but if I'm right the minute you get those bridles out of their mouths they'll know exactly what to do."
"what about you Midnight? What are you going to do"
Midnight levitated the tube and the gemstones glowed briefly
"Something I had hoped I'd never have to do."

Bookworm stayed to the back of the group. She may have been a bit out there, and just a touch insane, but she wasn't stupid. The last thing those unicorns needed was to see was a Pegasus. Instead, she took a few notes, and adjusted her glasses such that she could better see the events unfold. She did however answer Gearworks question. "Well, you heard Midnight. We might be able to convince the young one there to remove his bridle, who could in turn do the same for the others. That way we don't have to deal with the lightning at all. I however, should probably stay out of this - I don't think they would react well to a Pegasus ordering them to remove their chains." she concluded, indicating her wings.

She then proceeded to sketch every detail of what was occurring with the greatest of haste - they would be helpful later.

After the quick group meeting Gearwork went over to Midnight. After Gearwork saw the metal tube and the stones that Midnight showed everyone, and he had to warn Midnight that what he was about to do could recoil and seriously injure himself. "Midnight" Gearwork said "You have to be extremely careful when casting that spell, especially when you're using those stones." He looked at Midnight with an extremely serious face. "My ancestor tried to use those stones once and got distracted while casting it, and it recoiled on him. The end result was that he blew himself up. Having all that magic flowing through you is not a good thing, it becomes unbelievably unstable, so you become unbelievably unstable as well. You get distracted even slightly it's all over, for you, for us, for Equestria. I have something that you might be able use to help you maintain control over your spell."

Gearwork levitated four large gemstones each a different color and one clear crystal as well as a lightstone out of his saddlebags. He levitated them in front of Midnight. "Use these stones to help you cast that spell. Let the magic of that, what I call a "Spell-stone", that purple stone that radiates that golden light. Use those other stones as converters for that Spell-stone's magic, that's how I use the spell-stones that I own. All that power can do alot of damage to anypony who uses it, it corrupts them, especially if it is flowing through them."

He looked at the stones if front of Midnight, and continued "Those other stones, they each have a different magical ability. I found that out when I was only a colt, my mother was a jeweler and I decided to play with a few different stones. Unfortunately, when I found out that the stones had those properties I was playing with a fairly large fire-ruby, I almost burned down my mom's shop. Over the years I learned how to use them to learn different types of magic. I know you'll be able to use them, especially with what you're about to use to cast that spell."

Gearwork then walked over to Bookworm, who seemed very uneasy and uncomfortable and could see that it was because she was a pegasus, but she could very well be the one who might be able to get that young unicorn slave to help they're group. "Bookworm, you might not have thought of this, but did you notice that you look nothing like those pegasi that we faced earlier. They were shadowy, they didn't have any sort of color to them besides that dark shadow color. You look completely different than those pegasi, and I might need your help in convincing that young unicorn over there." Gearwork put a hoof on her shoulder to comfort her. "The young unicorn may not believe me that I'm trying to help, but if they sees that I'm friends with a pegasus, they might believe me and our group's cause."

As he walked towards the enslaved unicorns he folded his mechanical wings around his neck making him look like he was wearing a cloak of sorts, he didn't want to alert them that he wasn't one of them. As he entered the group of enslaved unicorns he felt uneasy. He could see that these unicorns were broken and too far gone, he knew that even if they won and freed them, they were never going to be free mentally. He could save the younger ones for they would have the chance at being normal ponies.

After a few minutes of walking in the group of unicorns he saw the young unicorn, and Gearwork made his way over to him. When he got close enough to the young unicorn he could that this was a young unicorn mare that had an incredibly dark blue coat while her mane and tail were an equal shade of green. Gearwork made his way over to the young unicorn and whispered "Follow me. I can get those harnesses off of you. Trust me, I will not hurt you. Don't tell the other unicorns." The unicorn looked at Gearwork and the light in her eyes grew brighter and she nodded.

The young unicorn normally would have never listened to another unicorn saying such a thing, that's how the pegasi would get any rebel unicorns, saying they would get their harnesses off of them, but as soon as she looked at this unicorn she didn't recognize him. She knew all the unicorns on the platform as well as the area where their group lived, but she had never seen him before. He was a tall dark grey stallion with strange metal grey eyes, a red and black mane, but green and black tail. He also was dressed strangely, she had never seen clothing like his, even the pegasi who watched over they area where she lived never wore anything similar to it. As soon as she looked at him and saw the light in his eyes she immediately knew that what he said was true and decided to follow him.

Midnight prepared himself
"lapidi virtutis robore ades. Da splendent deorum vim. Antiquis lapides de potentia, miscere tua magicis cum mea, et me fulgebunt sicut lucem sanctam."
Midnight's eyes began to glow his power had greatly increased there wasn't much time but he sent Gearworks a message, his magic was powerful enough to do this telepathically.
"Gearworks get all those bridles off of the Unicorns."
"What how are you"
"Don't ask just know I can hear you"
"Ooo-kay, what makes the bridles so important?"
"These unicorns aren't from Equestria, that's why Celestia didn't know about this, they're magic is done differently, they speak words aloud, and with those bridles they can't fight back."
Dillon then opened the ancient scroll, strange characters were inside but he could read the ancient language. he read the worlds and heard them within himself he just needed all the unicorns to aid in his magic, but he still had to focus. He hoped to Celestia that the Shadow Pegasi were to busy to notice what was going on.

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