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Bookworm considered Gearworks statement. There was some logic to it, she would surrender that point. After thinking it over for a few minutes, she followed him down onto the levitating platform, landing in an area where few of the unicorns were.

"Hi... I'm here to help... please don't throw magic blasts at me." she said, trying not to attract any of the ire. Several of the unicorns gave her looks brimming with anger so Bookworm took a step back "I'll be over here if you need me" she called out to Gearwork, trying to stay as out of the way as possible.

"I don't know of I should use this in the book or not." she thought, retreating to the edge of the platform

Gearwork was a little taken aback when he heard Midnight's voice in his head, but he wasn't surprised by that unicorn's magical abilities, he always knew that Midnight seemed to possess powers that others might not have know about. He was talking to the young unicorn slave that he saw could help their group in stopping this storm, when he heard Midnight's voice in his head.

When he heard Midnight, he shook his head a little bit, and the young unicorn looked at him a little worried. When he finished his mental conversation with Midnight he looked over at the young unicorn, and saw that she had a worried expression. "Don't you need worry about it, it's one of my unicorn friends speaking to me telepathically, there's nothing to be afraid of." Gearwork told her. "We need to get those bridles off you, as well as the other pieces of equipment as well. Hold still, I'm going to magically remove them from you." His horn started to glow a metallic grey and the bridle started to move off of the young unicorn.

As soon as the bridle hit the platform, the young unicorn suddenly hugged him, much to Gearwork's surprise. She suddenly spoke with a voice that seemed much older than the body that it came from. She said "Thank you for doing that, I've been prisoner to that thing for a few years now. It was slowly destroying my will and my ability to think. My name is Mossmane by the way."

Gearwork looked at her for a moment at little surprised by how fast she recovered, it almost seemed a little unnatural. He thought that it would have taken at least a few minutes for her to recover, but maybe it was because she was young. "No problem, we saw your group and knew we had to do something. We have to remove those bridles from the other unicorns as well. They need to be free as well. Oh, yeah. My name is Gearwork, nice to meet you Mossmane."

The two started walking towards the group of unicorns. As Gearwork looked away, something shadowy flitted across Mossmane's eyes.

After a few minutes, both Gearwork and Mossmane had removed quite a few bridles from the other unicorns, when he heard "Hi... I'm here to help... please don't throw magic blasts at me." and he saw Bookworm land near the group.

'I guess I got through to her' he thought to himself. He looked around and saw that many of the unicorns that were unbridled showed an angry expression towards the pegasus that just landed. "Uh-oh" Gearwork said aloud as he saw Bookworm slowly edging her waying towards the end of the platform. He suddenly bolted in front of the group and turned around to face them. "Don't hurt this pegasus! She is one of my friends! She only wants to help you!" As he said this he unfurled his wings and walked over to Bookworm.

"I'm so sorry about that" he told Bookworm. "I guess that they weren't expecting a pegasi offering to help them. Apparently the shadow pegasi will say that to expose rebel unicorns, and destroy them. They're a little suspicious, that's it."

As he started to head back towards the unicorns to unbridle a few more, he felt the twinge of another vision coming on. This was a bad one, the worst he ever had. Then it hit him and he fell on his side.

He saw the storm clearing up, but he then saw something that he couldn't explain much less describe very well. He saw something that looked like a pony, no, -an alicorn only it was not Celestia or Luna but something much more menacing, and much more evil. He then saw the armor he saw earlier facing this thing. His vision then ended, and he came to.

Drama was exactly following things but she had gathered that the bridals were important and needed removing.

She started moving around helping who ever she could. The younger ones seemed much more responsive than the older ones; at least they appeared to have a chance to get better. Was it wrong that drama was relieved to see no earth ponies affected? She tried not to think about it.

There were quite a few ponies needing her help. But she'd get it done soon.

Shadow landed on the platform a few seconds after the others, his wings folding in against his body and looking around at the others already taking off the bridles placed on the unfortunate unicorns who had been chained up here. Shadow took a deep breath, something which hurt his already bruised side, before letting out a small beam of red to slice off a bridle to allow a bright orange pony to speak.

"What's going on here?" Shadow asked through clenched teeth.

Shadow never got a reply, the orange pony just sat there in a daze, his eyes unfocused and his horn still glowing, although it was faint. Shadow tried a few more times to get an answer, but it was of no use, the orange pony either couldn't speak, or refused to. Shadow saw no other choice but to continue breaking off the bridle's until one of them was able to tell him what was going on.

Bookworm sighed in relief as Gearwork made his comment in her defense. She saw the many Unicorns seemed hesitant, looking back and forth between the two of them, before finally standing down, still wary and highly conscious of her presence. Bookworm continued to give them their space as they watched Gearwork aid them, until finally they seemed at ease enough for her to aid them. She slowly approached one, a stallion with a long red mane and an off-white coat, and helped him remove the bridle. After several seconds of struggling, he was freed. He backed away from her slowly, then went to aid his compatriots. Another young Unicorn, this one a mare, approached cautiously; Bookworm removed her restraints as well.

Knowing the way books went, She called out to Gearwork. "If I were an evil Pegasus overlord - not that I am!" she said, letting the point stand, adding the last part for the benefit of the still untrusting unicorns around her, before continuing "If I were however, I would be sending a small army of minions at us any time now. We might want to hurry this up." she finished, indicating the bridle removal.

The Ponies quickly got their task of removing the bridles, but with the exception of Moss-mane, and the ponies of Hoofington were confused about this.
"Why don't they speak, Don't they want to thank us?" asked Bookworm a bit hurt and confused.
"They'd love to but they can't" a voice came from Midnight but his voice had a power to it, as if the mere words were exerting force.
"These Unicorns are like us from ancient times when the tribes were separate, and they're magic is much more potent because they learned to project it through their words, they don't speak because a mere whisper could bring this platform to rubble."
Gearworks remembered how they claimed his ancestor had been screaming and suddenly realized those that heard the screaming recounted feeling the same sensation he was, Midnight's voice had the same power which meant-
"Your voice, are those stones?"
"Yes, Gearworks, the reason your Ancestor blew himself up was because he didn't understand the power of these stones, he knew it would give him power, and probably heard from my ancestor would give him the power of the unicorns of ancient times but I suspect my ancestor had told your to not use them under any circumstance but he hadn't listened and so was unable to control the new power."

Midnight then turned to the freed unicorns
"The time has come to show your enemies the power they tried to control form you, let them hear your anger and rage."
The Unicorns soon began a low vocalization, it was a constant note but the platform began to shake.
"Be ready everyone The time has come to cast a spell, Bookworm you might want to take notes, this hasn't happened for Millenia."
"for what?" asked Shadow
"For thousands of years."
Midnight then opened the scroll
"I need all of you to help, think of spring time, think of clear blue sky's think of summer and it's bright sun. I'll need you to concentrate hard on this you must fully see it, if you can do that then maybe I won't be destroyed as Gearworks ancestor had."

Gearwork prepared himself, he pulled a few gemstones, to pull away some of the magical energy if anything went wrong. He focused his mind on the sky and thought of it clearing, but something was scatching at the back of his mind. What was that alicorn-type shape, it had a mane that flowed like living shadow, it's eyes were red, and its body was completely covered in black cloth or armor.

Gearwork shook his head 'No time to think about that now.' he thought to himself 'We must get rid of this storm first.' With that Gearwork focused entirely on what Midnight told them to do, except for a tiny little part of his mind which he always kept open to aware of his surroundings. He always did this, no matter what. He never liked being caught off-guard by anything, and with what Midnight was about to do, one shadow pegasus could come swooping down and destroy any chance of succeeding. As Midnight performed the spell the entire platform started to shake, and Gearwork steadied himself.

Just then, saw something darting straight for Midnight, Gearwork immediately headed out to engage it and give Midnight enough time to complete the spell. He flew just in time to intercept the thing only to get hit by a hoof, Gearwork was able to block it but this pegasus was wearing metal boots, a higher ranking official it seemed. The pegasus hit him it the side, and Gearwork knew that it fractured one of his ribs. He looked at the metal boots and started to laugh before coughing a little. The higher ranked pegasus looked at him and said "Why is a filthy unicorn laughing at me after I've hit him, and done some damage?"

Gearwork couldn't help but start laughing even harder at the pegasus, before saying "I see that you're wearing metal on you. Bad choice of weaponry, especially when dealing with me."

The pegasus looked at him for a brief moment before saying "What are you talking about? How is this a bad choice of weaponry when facing you?"

"My special ability is forging metal without the use of heat you see."

The pagasus suddenly charged Gearwork yelling "Liar, no filthy unicorn has that ability!"

Gearwork dodged it and chuckled "Don't underestimate me, it will be your downfall." Gearworks horn glowed and the metal that was on the pegasi's hoofs started to worm it's way around the pegasi's wings and caused it to stop flying. Gearwork held the pegasus in a telekinetic grip while he took out a piece of metal from his saddlebags and magically wrapped it around the pegasi's legs so it couldn't escape. He landed on the platform just as Midnight finished the spell, and the clouds started to clear up. He then looked at the shadow pegasus and told him "You probably know something. We will have questions for you." Gearwork then put a hoof on his side "After I get this rib patched up" he said to himself quietly.

Midnight had taken all the steps he needed to now he merely needed to speak aloud the spell.


Midnight shouted the words and it resonated throughout his very soul, and the helped by the images of friends, and the voices of the Unicorns made the effect shown, the storm was reduced to nothing the clouds and rain and wind all disappeared at the power of the words.
even the cloud began to shake but there was no doubt that the storm was gone. The Shadow Pegasi had taken years to accumulate enough storm clouds and they had been dissipated by a magic they had hoped had never been brought to Equestria.
however the power took it's tole on Midnight who had never used such power, even with the stones helping him he began to feel dizzy and collapsed the stones had lost their power for the time being.
He struggled to stand
"Help me"
he begged his magic was gone, he didn't have the strength in his legs to support himself
"Gearworks, Shadow, Bookworm, Don't leave me."

High above the Commander was enraged
her eyes filled with malic turned upon the ponies of Hoofington
"Storm Wings," Dark- Eclipse bellowed "destroy them obliterate them all and start with the weakling who used the Magic old olden times." several Pegasi in black spiky armor flew down, it would be minutes before they attacked midnight.

She hadn't been able to think of earth, why not? Did she really spend that little time outside? Mostly she was on stage actually. So, I guess yeah she must have right? Weird. Worrying even.
No time to think though, guys to fight.
Moving into position near midnight Drama got ready. She was taller than most so she planned to strike from longer ranger screw them over in that regard. Keep them away. It was as good a plan as she had.

Bookworm flew over to Midnight with all her speed, catching him as his legs failed him. "We may want ti get moving. I don't think the Pegasus leader will..." she started to say, only to be cut off by a scream of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! from high above.

"Correction, I know she won't take kindly to us." she finished, looking up into the storm with worry on her face. "Any ideas on how to get these Unicorns out of here before someone decides to strike us down with storm like powers?" she added, lifting the tired Unicorn onto her shoulder.

The unicorns began their low song again the platform began top shake and small bits were breaking but they didn't fall they just floated at lower altitudes, the unicorns were building a staircase to the ground.
most of the younger unicorns were too weak to do this but the older were taking care of them,
one unicorns older but strong walked over and gestured to bookworm he could carry Midnight if she wanted.

Bookworm looked at the Unicorn and shook her head. "Focus on maintaining the magic to get to the ground. This would all have been for nothing if you and the others don't make it down." she said after a few moments. Bookworm didn't know if the Unicorn even understood her, but that mattered little.

Bookworm slowly descended through the clouds, getting Midnight to the ground where he would be safe (despite any protests he might have had), then took off back into the clouds to see what she could do about the impending doom the head Pegasus had all but promised.

That, and she needed to take more notes - not every day evil came on black wings in storm clouds with legions of enslaved unicorns after all.

Drama queen was there as Midnight fell.
"Nice try Book worm, but you aren't exactly the strongest of ponies. You've probably never had to life a heavy set in your life."
Drama moved midnight onto her back, part of the advantage of being so big I guess.
"This was really enough weight to bother you?"

Bookworm looked at Drama and harrumphed. "I have too lifted before - twice actually. It was for a book I was writing." she said proudly, not realizing she was defeating her own point.

"Sheets of paper don't exactly count.
When you have to help the others move a stage, because the director though it would be so cool to have the Shirespear performed on the hilltop just for ambiance, then maybe you can talk."

"I've moved plenty of stages. I originally staged my current book in Detrot, but I moved it to Sesaddle to let the characters have access to a boat - do you have any idea how hard it is to move a setting part way through the writing process - you only had to move it BEFORE you began - that's super easy." Bookworm shot back, missing her use of stage.

she couldn't help but wonder how Drama knew she had lifted books? Was she a SPY?!?!

Midnight moaned
"Man I knew that wasn't going o be easy but it feels like some-pony dropped a mountain on my head" Midnight said rubbing his right temple.
Midnight looks around
"Thanks guys I was worried you'd be mad, I forgot to want you of the clouds I had only seen a shape, this is my fault if I hadn't gone to pick those herbs." midnight hung his head, He felt he'd have to leave Hoofington for his foolishness.

"So you never saw that production we were doing outside when it started raining worse than a tyrant? We had to take turns pushing when we weren't onstage.
Now that was an evening."
Turning her head she addressed Midnight who was on her back.
"Don't be hard on yourself. It's going to be fine, now we've got to do this. Got to get moving."

Gearkwork headed over to Midnight as he saw him fall "I warned him that using all that magic flowing through him was a bad idea. I'm quite impressed that he didn't blow himself to bits." Gearwork winced as he headed for Midnight, his rib hurt like crazy but it was minor to what could have happened to him.

Gearwork met up with the group about a minute later and saw that Midnight was starting to awaken from unconsciousness, and saw him apologizing about not being there when the storm showed up.

"Midnight, don't blame yourself. It was bound to happen even if you were in town when it happened. You wouldn't have met us and things could have gone quite differently. It also may have been a good thing that you went to the Everfree forest for those herbs. I've gotten hurt and I hope one of those herbs can help fix a fractured rib. I got it when you were still casting the spell, a shadow pegasus would have injured you while you were doing it and the spell would have rebounded, destoying any chance of you succeeding."

"Drama, I'll carry Midnight for you. I think that we should all help carry him back to town and get him patched up. Afterwards I need to look up some research on what I saw in another vision before Midnight cast the spell. Also I think we should talk to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna about what we faced here. I just know that this storm is just the tip of the iceberg of what's really going on."

"It's ok I'm strong enough. After all wouldn't wanna strain your little wings.
So we're seeing the princesseses? sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
Anyway it's not a long trot."
Clop clop clop.
"My house is probably nearest, so I reckon there would be a good place to head. You guys wanna come?"

Midnight tried to respond.
"I sent, windsock to Canterlot, Celestia will be here on festival, Special guest, I suspect we'll have that much time before another attack until then i need to find-"
"You need to get some rest." Gearworks said definitively

They soon reach Drama's home. She was right it was closets.
"There are a few spare rooms, usually they're for family but everyone's travelling at the moment so they'll be free for a while."
The house was fairly large and to be honest looked out of place in a town like this. There was lots of stairs. Drama seemed to base most of the rooms she used around one central stair case leaving parts of the house mostly unused.
"Anyone here know anything about cooking? Because the cupboards are usually fairly well stocked, especially if you like exotic or foreign food."

Gearwork looked around for the nearest place to lay down on, he was exhausted from it being such a hectic day, as well as from his injury. He took off his mechanical wings and put them in his saddlebags which he then put down on the floor next him. They landed with a heavy metallic thud. Just before he laid down he remembered that he had an emerald with him. He learned that it helped with healing small injuries, such as cuts and bruises, but couldn't fully repair major injuries. 'Well, worth a shot, it might help.' he thought to himself. He laid down on his good side and lifted the stone out of his bag and placed above the fractured rib. He focused his magic on the stone which in turn glowed with an intense green light. He felt his rib start to repair itself and about a minute later he felt no more pain, and felt a little refreshed.

He then got up and went over into the kitchen and looked around to see if there was anything to drink, he got a glass of water. He returned to where his saddlebags were and pulled out some paper and a quill, he then went over to the table where he saw some ink and started to draw out blueprints of the armor he saw. It was very late by the time he was done and he looked around and he saw that everypony else were asleep. He knew that he couldn't sleep where there were ponies near him. He was always like that, that was one reason he was a social outcast, he always had trouble of falling asleep around others, he could but it was rare. He usually would close his eyes and enter meditating trance of some sort where he looked asleep but was completely aware of his surroundings. He laid down as far away from the others as he could be and that was by the window. He took out a small crystal he always carried with him and held it in one of his hooves before he slowly drifted off to sleep.

A few hours had passed when he heard pecking at the window. He sleepily looked up and saw Coo at the window. "Huh, Coo? What are you doing here?" Gearwork said with a yawn. The owl just stared at him with a "are you serious?" look. Gearwork opened the window quietly and the owl flew in holding a bag of old scrolls from Gearwork's workshop. "Thanks, Coo. Let's see what you brought me." He looked over his scrolls and started to drift off again. He put away the scrolls and headed back to where he was laying down before and shut the window. He laid back down and drifted back to sleep. Coo perched himself near Gearwork and fell asleep shortly after him.

Shadow managed to find his way over to a corner of Drama's house, and managed to unbuckle his wings which fell to the floor with a loud thud. Shadow slumped down, his ribs and side hurting as he tried to shift into a more comfortable position. Shadow finally settled on the position that would least affect the broken and fractured ribs he knew he now had. Shadow watched as the other ponies settled down and got some rest, after all they had all had a hard day.

Gearwork awoke the next morning only to find that he seemed to be the last pony to get up, he was quite surprised by that fact, he was usually the first to wake up. He looked around and it seemed that the others had gotten up only a little while before him. He also noticed that Coo was already up and waiting for Gearwork to get up. He looked at the owl and asked "Why did you get me up when you woke up?" The grey owl just looked at him and then ruffled his feathers, it was Coo's way of saying "I don't know."

Gearwork looked around for a minute and then stretched and headed into the kitchen to find everypony else, except Midnight, sitting at the table. "Good Morning, everypony. How did everypony sleep?"

"Painfully." Shadow replied. Gearwork saw that he was badly bruised and seemed to have a few fractured ribs, based on how he was breathing.

"Oh dear." Gearwork said "Shadow, I think that I can help you with you're injuries. I had a fractured rib yesterday, but I healed it. I can help heal your cuts, bruises and any fractured bones, but it's only limited to that. I can't fully heal broken bones, you'll have to see a doctor about that. Wait, Midnight might know something that could heal broken bones. How's he doing anyway?"

"Still asleep upstairs." replied Drama "Alot was taken out of him when he cast that spell. I don't know when he'll get up."

"I'll go check on him, and see if I can do something to help him regain some of his energy." After saying that Gearwork started to leave the kitchen when he stopped and said "Shadow, if you follow me into the living room I'll try and heal those injuries of yours."

"Sure." Shadow said and got up and painfully made his way into the living room, while the others followed. Gearwork was standing in the middle of the room, telekinetically holding three fairly large emeralds. "I've learned that certain stones have different properties, and emeralds seem to have a healing property if you use magic through them. This will take a few minutes, because of the severity of your injuries. You may want to stand back while I'm doing this." Gearwork said, while looking at the others who had gathered near the doorway. "You ready Shadow?"

"Yeah, I'm ready as much as I can be right now." Shadow replied painfully.

"Okay, then. I recommend that you close your eyes" Gearwork said, while putting on a pair of darkened goggles over his eyes. He moved the emeralds around Shadow in a slowly moving circle. His horn started to glow a bright metal grey, and the stones started to glow with a green light. As Gearworks horn glowed brighter the stone's light grew in response, and soon the light from the stones grew in such intensity that everypony watching had to cover their eyes. After a minute the light suddenly disappeared and Gearwork said "Well, how do feel Shadow?"

"I feel much better. Thank you." Shadow said. "It was a weird experience. I could feel the bones repairing themselves."

Bookworm sat at the table, her eyes drooping. Unlike the others, who had the luxury of sleep in comfortable beds, she had the normally pleasant task, now turned laborious chore, of writing more permanent notes of the days events. It had taken her most of the night to finish, but it was now done. She had a rough timeline, notes on the various "characters" and some rough sketches. Gone were the scrawled notes in the corners, replaced by organized charts and tables depicting the many coinciding character arcs. She had even begun to piece together a villainous back-story for the many ponies. The self proclaimed "Dark-Eclipse" would be the scheming,plotting, and potentially traitorous second-in-command of someone much more powerful who would be very good at chess - weren't they always? - with dreams of either world conquest or destruction; she had yet to decide which. She was already envisioning the evil-stronghold designed to be a giant metal coated airship, powered by unwilling unicorns - what cold she say, she was feeling magi-punk with the tale. Regardless, it had been an enormous work, late into the night.

Of course, no one else would see this - they just saw the endless piles of papers scattered across the table in front of her, exceedingly inconvenient for anyone trying to eat - so rude. Beside that, what did they have to complain about? They should just be grateful she had written a cookbook a few years back and still remembered how to make apple-danishes they were partaking of as breakfast.

Midnight was trying to stand up on his own legs, unfortunately that shout had seriously messed with his body, A shout could easily do this if you didn't take precautions you could easily fall prey to the immense power as Midnight was now. His legs wobbled, tried to stand, but fell back down
"Pegasus Feathers!" he shouted his legs wouldn't get up, the shout hadn't jusrt weakened him by taking his energy it had thrown things like balance and reflexes out of control.
"I should have known Using the ancient magic would do this Unicorns of Equestria haven't shouted like that since The times before Celestia."
He kept trying but got no where
"Oh Horse-shoes" he yelled after falling for the fifth time.

Gearwork heard Midnight shouting at himself and went upstairs to see him on the floor trying with all his might to get up. He helped the unicorn back on to the bed and said "Midnight, don't push yourself, that spell took alot out of you. I did warn you that all that magic flowing through you was not recommended and I knew that it would take a lot out of you. That is why I said that you should those crystals as ways to lessen the effect that the shout caused. Sorry, if I seem to be scolding you. I don't mean to be if I am. The shout was necessary to remove those storm clouds, and I'm quite glad that you succeeded in doing that without destroying yourself. I'm going to try and heal you so you can walk and prepare for the next attack." Gearwork then took out the same three emeralds that he had used with healing Shadow earlier that day. He then put the same darkened goggles over eyes again and started the spell.

The stones immediately started glowing with an intense bright light just as he started the spell. It wasn't just his magic affecting the stones, he could feel that there was an incredible amount of residual magic left behind after that spell. There always was a slight residual amount of magic after a spell, but it always quickly disappeared within the timeframe of a few seconds to a few minutes. That was why unicorns could cast a few powerful spells but it would quickly tire them out until the residual magic faded. Yet, this length of time and amount of residual magic was unheard of. The spell was indeed quite powerful for it to remove those storm clouds, but it shouldn't have done this to a unicorn unless-'Midnight, you fool. You didn't take precautions, did you?' Gearwork then sighed. 'Nevertheless, he did what had to be done. Luckily, the spell didn't destroy him.' he thought to himself.

A half hour had passed since Gearwork started the healing spell, and it was starting to put a strain on him. It wasn't just the healing spell, he normally could keep a spell like going for a few hours straight, for it only required a little magic. Gearwork knew that he could cast the spell for that long because he performed it when he saved Coo's life, after he had crashed into the poor bird. But this wasn't a normal healing session, the stones weren't just healing Midnight's injuries, they were absorbing all the residual magic that was lingering from the spell Midnight cast the day before to remove the storm.

Just as he felt like he was about to collapse from the sheer strain of draining all that residual magic, it stopped. The healing spell was finished and Gearwork just let the stones drop from where they were around Midnight. They hit the floor with a clatter, and one bounced and landed near Gearwork. He removed the goggles from his head put his monocle back on and picked up the stone. The stone was no longer an emerald, or at least not anymore. It was still slightly green, but there was an orange glow from within the stone. The stone also had octagonal shape to it. Gearwork's eyes widened from the sudden realization and he exclaimed "There's no way that these could be-!" He then looked at Midnight who was now standing on the floor with one of the other stones in his hoof, studying it.

"There's no way that these could be-!" Gearwork exclaimed, his eyes wide with either wonder, amazement, fear, or excitement - perhaps all four. the shout drew Bookworm from her trance as she turned her head to see. Despite her tired state, the writer in her, always out for the next source of inspiration, was curious. So she bit.

Into one of her danishes, then commented about the exclamations.

"You know Midnight, you shouldn't use such foul language. "Horse-shoes", "Pegasus Feathers"... what would your dam say?" she scolded, taking another bit of the danish. Finally, she arrived at Gearwork.

"So what can't they be?" she asked, genuinely curious - though not as much as she was hungry; taking another bite of the apple pastry.

"These are unrefined stones of power also Known as Lapidis Dei, or if you really know your knowledge the stone the Elements of Harmony were before they became the Elements of Harmony." Midnight answered before Gearworks could, However Gearworks didn't know about the bit with the Elements.
"What? You mean you were carrying around something like that and you never told us?"
"Calm down Gearworks, I hadn't revealed the stones because of their power. But yes it's a long story but, well to put it simply imagine a tool made of iron a powerful tool, Now imagine the tool as the elements and these stones are the raw iron."
"Wait I think this needs an explanation." said Bookworm, what a shocking twist she'd need this for her book.
"That will have to wait I have some books to gather besides I have herbs to retrieve and tonics for injuries, also I'll need to rea;ign my telescopes I must keep a vigilant eye in the sky's there's more dangers coming And I intend to be prepared also I had sent word to a friend of mine, well more like pupil, It's been a while but I'm confident she will be able to assist in my research."

Drama was still half asleep.
She never slept much or at least it was difficult with so many other people over.
She was at the table, having breakfast.
"So what's our next move? Is there anything else I can do for you?"
Munch Munch Munch
"So what are these elements you're talking about?"

"That will have to wait I have some books to gather besides I have herbs to retrieve and tonics for injuries, also I'll need to realign my telescopes I must keep a vigilant eye in the sky's there's more dangers coming And I intend to be prepared also I had sent word to a friend of mine, well more like pupil, It's been a while but I'm confident she will be able to assist in my research."

Bookworm's ears perked at the sound of the word "book" - she liked that sound or, rather, the meaning of it. "If you need any help carrying them, let me know" she said. Despite what Drama may have said, she was stronger then she looked - after all, she WAS able to fly, something that took at least some strength. Besides, if it was books, then it was a joyful burden if nothing else.

"Also, who's your friend anyway?" she asked offhandedly, her curiosity once more engaged (though not as much as when he had said book)

Midnight was suing a strange walking stick for assistance,
"Don't worry Bookworm she'll arrive son in fact she may arrive today, hmm I better tidy up her room, Hmm I wonder if she still has that gift I gave her. Midnight began to walk to his observatory.
"Lets find a place to meet my observatory is a bit too cluttered to be our base of operations and we need a place to make our plans." he said walking out the door.

Midnight then spent about half an hour cleaning up his place readying it for another pony, he didn't know if his student was someone who hated messes, he knew he had made her keep the observatory clean during his teachings when she was younger.

"I wonder what the others will think of her?" he thought.

"Lets find a place to meet; my observatory is a bit too cluttered to be our base of operations and we need a place to make our plans." Midnight said, making his way out of Drama's home.

"My place has plenty of room with lots of tables - I need it for my research. give me a few minutes to clear away some of the old papers, and we can meet up there" she said, offering her home as a potential meeting place.

Drama had followed Bookworm and Midnight.
"Isn't my house good enough for whatever you need?
But if you insist. So should I come along? I'm still a little lost to be honest."

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