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William let go off the heart and examined it again. Was it being kept in place by magic? William pondered over this question as he looked at Bom. "You wouldn't happen to have any idea how to remove this without breaking it would you?" He then stood up and looked at the rest of the party. "He is dead so all of you can go lower your weapons, and try to get some rest before we travel further." William was planning on traveling a little further and then setting up camp. He looked back at Bom to listen if he had anything to say.

Rias's curiosity get the better of her after William's 'all clear' and went over to have a look at the creature, bringing a journal with her, Mountain Troll's might not be worth an entry but what ever this guy was, certainly was.

she took notes about the eye, the veins, the hole in it's chest even drawing up a rough sketch of it, even making a note of how it could blind people, and she to try to extract the heart, but met with the same success William did, which made her frown, but she found a 'new thing' so that made her a little happy

Bom looked cautiously over the body, rock held ready to strike. His anger dissipated at the strangeness of it all. He cocked his head slightly as he watched the heart beat.

"You wouldn't happen to have any idea how to remove this without breaking it would you?"

Bom knew nothing of practical necromancy, despite his town being renowned for churning out many adept practitioners of the craft. He had seen its products though - shuffling zombies, and, disembodied, moving limbs. None were anything like this though.

"No. Not that I intend to, anyway."

With that, he slammed the stone brick down on the heart, as hard as he could. He hadn't forgotten the black eye this thug had given him, and he might as well get his revenge now.

As the stone struck down on the heart it was torn open, yet it still kept attempting to beat as the red veins slowly started turning to stone.

Rias watched and took down a few final notes before closing her journal "well, that was different, shame it was kinda of a dick ...." she said looking at the 'rock' " oh well, if there's one there's probably another, here's hoping the next one isn't a greedy jerk that thinks he's owed what he didn't earn"

Bom dropped the block and walked away from the destruction. Don't give it another moment's thought.

He took off his jacket and examined it. He placed it in the stream, and scrubbed away at a troll fat stains, careful to not tear out the stiches and patches that held the threadbare outfit together. Bom was no longer angry. Instead he was miserable. In these recent times, his sense of pride, as well as his body, had taken several hard blows.

He silently slipped on his jacket, and walked back to the group.

William grabbed his sword and tried to destroy the strange heart. If they were to leave it, in the state it was in now it might regenerate. William stood up after stabbing it a few times he headed back to his pony feeling tired. And he also had a few new bruises to take care off. He looked to the sky to look how long it would take before it got dark. He then turned to the group "Let's go." Was all there tired leader said before giving his pony the order to start walking again. He walked next to his pony and continued on their journey. He felt sore all over he had been thrown around twice today.

With the heart cut in half the veins quickly turned to stone and the body soon crumbled into dust.

Rias was packing her journal back up by the time William got back, hinting she was ready to continue as well, so naturally when William started off she followed

Claire went over with William to inspect the creature she had helped to kill. It was strange to see the creature that had once been so strong lying broken on the ground. It was even stranger to think she had managed to go toe-to-toe with it for even a few seconds. an involuntary shudder went through her body, before she turned away; ready to never see it again.

Fromanzio did not care. It was dead and he got to blow a bridge up. The farmer was yelling obscenities in the distance and it made Fromanzio giggle. "Should have given poor old Fromanzio a reward! Perhaps he would have been more cautious!"

He would not have been.

The group travelled for another 3 hours when night started falling very quickly, with no houses insight the only options for the group were to set up camp for the night or continue travelling till the found somewhere to rest.

William was getting quite tired by this point, and with no town in sight it might be best to set up camp here. He turned around at the group."We can do 2 things we can set up camp here or keep walking in the hope of finding something. My vote goes to setting up an camp here. What do all of you think?" William had slept more days outside then inside so sleeping outside was second nature to him. So he had no problem with setting up camp nearby. In fact he preferred it not having to pay any money, as well as less people seeing them so less change of an spy seeing them and leaking their position.

Fromanzio was feeling chipper as ever, he could probably keep walking for days if that was what it came down to, but many others did not share his tenacity. This would be a fine place to camp he supposed.

"Fromanzio is impartial as to where the group stays. He packed a tent for this purpose anyway. Though he may stay up a while longer for some night time outdoor activities."

Fromanzio enjoyed hunting, though it was sometimes considered to be unfair to hunt deer with bombs. Whichever hunters denied the sportsmanship of tossing bombs carefully to send deer giblits everywhere were obviously poor sports. Still, knives were fun as well.

Bom had kept quiet for most of the journey, sulking the whole time. When someone asked if they should set up camp, Bom simply gave a nod. He just wanted to lie back and take in some grog.

Rias was still good to go "sure, we can make camp" she said, knowing a camp, meant a camp fire which meant she could refill her bottles

William was happy to hear that almost everyone agreed with him. He looked around and spotted a good spot for their camp. It was an good spot hidden between a few trees and not too far from the road. He led his pony there and then allowed it to start eating the grass on the ground. He grabbed a bowl and filled it with water he let his pony drink of the water and then put the bowl back. He then grabbed his tent supplies and began setting up the tent. After he had set up his tent he looked around to see if anyone needed help setting up their tent.

Rias set her pack down, and started clearing a spot for a fire, once that was done, she looked around for some stones to use as well as sticks and leaves to get the thing going, after the fire was suitably contained and stared, she started on her tent, which didn't take her long as much practice as she's had and before long she was sitting by the fire throwing sticks into it and filling her bottles, at a some what lower rate then normal

Bom led the mule over to the campsite, and dropped off some of the gear. He'd never been camping before, and tents seemed like a novelty to him. He heated up some grog on the glowing fire, Rias made, and lied back on his bed. He then had an idea.

Jumping up, he walked away from the group. He shut his eyes and concentrated for a moment. The ground quivered around him, and a rich canvas of colourful moss and grass rose up out of the ground around him. And there, mushrooms! He plucked a few of the safest, most edible looking, and impaled them onto sticks.

"For the fire," he said to the others, offering them.

Claire couldn't wait for a fire; she was still damp from her little dive after all. Despite these desires however, she knew she needed to pad down her horse first if she wanted to be able to ride it tomorrow. She noticed that Rias was busy setting it up, so she decided to be productive and help her by feeding and watering her horse as well. She hoped that by the time she was done, the fire would be ready and she could start.

Seeing Mr. Bom's pack mule was still loaded down with supplies, she started to unpack him - figuring now was as good a time as any to start making something for dinner. "Any requests?" she asked the group, holding up some of the fresh foods she had acquired in town.

William turned his head to see Claire asking them the question."Any requests?" William smiled. It seems like we already have an cook. "Well I think it would be best to first eat the food that spoils quickly. So we don't have to throw anything away." After giving them his opinion William grabbed his hatchet and walked toward an old tree that had been knocked over by the wind. The tree was laying on the ground quite close to the camp.

He came back a few minutes later with an respectable amount of dry wood for the fire. It would be enough to last most of the night. He placed it next to the fire as he walked back to his pony, he quickly placed his supplies on the ground. And gave the pony some time to rest. "If anyone needs me. I will be in my tent treating my wounds." He went into his tent closing the shutters as he began to take off his armor. He stopped a few times to inspect the wounds before taking it off completely. He grabbed the medical salve and began to treat his wounds. Most of his wounds were small bruises and a small cuts on his face from after he lost his helmet no serious injuries though.

"Any requests?"
Rias got up from the fire, went to her tent dug around in her pack a minute, then, came out with the troll fat she collected "something cooked in this" she said handing it to Claire before sitting back down a tossing a stick in the fire

Claire took the troll fat and started to think. She had intended to use the spoiling food first - that's why she had gotten it. Reaching into the supplies she extracted a number of small vegetable, a pair of lemons, the Rabbit Elise had caught mid-day, and a small bottle of red cooking wine. Moving to a different bag, she grabbed a frypan and a cooking knife. Then, she started to cook.

Using the fat as a base, she let it carry the flavor of the wine to the rabbit, then added the vegetables and a small amount of lemon to the mix to cut the flavor. It took some time to cook, but when she felt it complete, she retreated to the supplies to gather some bread and a small bag of spices - likely worth more then her bag of gold.

Fromanzio had split off from the group to think for a while. Food was unimportant, he had eaten some of his beef on the road and would be fine. The problem, was that he knew where he was going and finally had to own up to it. Magi would be around. This was a fact that was hard to swallow, made easier by the fact that he would most likely be killing a few, but he would be in the company of them.

"No way to remember...just fire and...screaming and...laughter..."

William was done treating his wounds after a few minutes, he put his armor back on and stepped out of the tent. He could already feel the pain melting away. He walked over to the fire and then sat next to it. He was planning on telling them something about the mission during dinner. The dinner was being prepared in troll fat, William knew one thing he could never again look at troll fat the same way after being covered in it. The fire was burning quite bright, the last little bit of water from his earlier dive began to evaporate.
"So mr.Bom you called yourself the gentle man thief earlier if I wasn't mistaken. Have you ever stolen something?" William looked at Bom with an interested expression on his face. He hated most non humans but he never had much contact with his race. Maybe they weren't so bad as the rest.

Bom sat quietly, watching Claire do the cooking. He didn't know a great deal about cooking himself, so it was of great interest to see how humans did it.

"So mr. Bom you called yourself the gentle man thief earlier if I wasn't mistaken. Have you ever stolen something?"

Bom was a little surprised by the question, and took a moment to compose an answer.

"Oh, er, I've wiled my way into many an establishment or few, yes sir. Some people - people not worthy of consideration, of course - they might tell you I'm not the finest of thieves, but that is only because I show some restraint. A better thief is in it for the adventure as much as the bounty!"

The people Bom had in mind actually might have deserved some consideration; They ran the Senalcy News Board, who were quite keen on amusing members of the public with news of the notorious "Cat Bungler". It took Bom a long time to realize he was the "hilariously incompetant, wantonly destructive excuse for a crook" the board kept talking about. He's made a point of not reading their pamphlets since.

He coughed.
"So, err, what do you think it was we were fighting today? That...thing?"

"Oh, er, I've wiled my way into many an establishment or few, yes sir." William looked a bit surprised but quickly changed that expression back to his neutral face. He looked at Bom and was surprised that someone as big and strong as Bom could be a thief.
"So, err, what do you think it was we were fighting today? That...thing?" William shrugged. "Maybe some sort of failed magic experiment who knows? I only know that we will face far worse things then him." William looked into the fire ans sighed."I was going to tell you this when you were all here but I am guessing Fromanzio will have to hear it later."

He looked up at the group. "As you all know this mission won't be an walk in the park. In fact when I asked my superiors about what they expected of us they said to me. "William since you don't have much battle experience and the other people are civilians you are merely a distraction. We don't expect you too kill any strong magic users. You're only purpose is too distract and if you are fortunate weaken them a bit."" William looked at his squad staring them in the eye one by one."This is the last moment any of you can decide to go back. Nobody will blame you if you want to turn back now." William shifted his sitting position."But I am going to see this through to the bitter end. Even if that means fighting every mage on the planet." William looked at his squad with an determinant expression on his face. Hoping none of them would leave. Their odds were bad now if one of them left... Well their odds would worsen allot.

Claire paused her cooking as she heard William's information. It took a moment for the information to really sink in. So... we're just a distraction then... Cannon Fodder really... Well, if that's our duty, then I guess we'll just have to beat every mage we can get our hands on until they think otherwise. she thought, before returning to her cooking, undeterred. A few minutes later, after everyone made their decisions, Claire cleared her throat and made and spoke up. "Dinner is served." she said, passing a bowl of the "Brive-la-Gaillarde Brazed Rabbit" to everyone, leaving one extra for when Fromanzio returned.

following this, she started passing a loaf of bread and the bag of spices around for those that wanted it

"so, we really are just expendable then?" Rias said bitterly "thought so, from the moment your general gave the orders, i've had my doubts about what we where really for. makes seance why Fromanzio was allowed on join though, all to much seance, if we're just a distraction who better to add then a clown with an explosives fetish"

Fromanzio was still staring out at the moon. He could hear the others talking. His ears were better than most bomb experts. He considered the thought of being merely fodder, sighed and headed back to the camp. His knives needed attention and he began sharpening the ones that had dents and cracks along the edges from the last fight.

"Fromanzio could not help but overhear. My boss would not send Fromanzio on a mission most likely to kill him. I don't think... Oh dear, could the boss be trying to be rid of poor old Fromanzio? If that were the case, he might have an extra knife looking appendage drastically close to his heart when I get back."

Then again, with the targeting on William, it seemed more likely that the boss simply wants the job done. Or maybe he wants to further doom Fromanzio by removing his leader. My oh my the plot thickens.

Bom listened to William's bad news, and then let out a chuckle.

"They wouldn't do that! Not to a squad as excellent as ours. No, this is obviously just their way of keeping us in the dark, until we reach the main objective!"

He winked at William, and tapped the space where the side of his nose would have been, had he been born human. Bom was convinced that sooner or later, William would give out the real mission. Of course he would, it was obvious!

"Let's eat and bed up, anyway. Need to rise early tomorrow. This looks delicious, Ms.!"

Rias stood up "well, I am not dieing for country that has more or less abandoned me, BEFORE, they pulled this crap" she said " but ya know what? i take grievous insult that they think I lack the ability's to be anything more then a 'distraction', so fuck this general, and to hell with what his 'plans' for us are, i say, we try and make his main forces look bad by sorting the issue in Ethsich out first, leave the 'elite soldiers' with clean up duty" Rias said, with a bit of contempt, "that sound like fun to any one else or just me?"

"They wouldn't do that! Not to a squad as excellent as ours. No, this is obviously just their way of keeping us in the dark, until we reach the main objective!" William looked at him with an surprised expression. Maybe he is just too good of faith to believe it? Well ignorance is bliss.

"but ya know what? i take grievous insult that they think I lack the ability's to be anything more then a 'distraction', so fuck this general, and to hell with what his 'plans' for us are, i say, we try and make his main forces look bad by sorting the issue in Ethsich out first, leave the 'elite soldiers' with clean up duty that sound like fun to any one else or just me?" Well at least someone was excited..

William sat their in silence as he was handed his food by Claire. he smiled at her it looked great. He then took the loaf of bread and the smell entered his nose. Suddenly his head started to hurt like something was trying to resurface something that he wanted to forget. William lowered his head and looked at the food while the memory resurfaced.

William then opened his eyes as he looked at Claire finally remembering where he had seen her before. He smiled the biggest smile he had ever used. But then he realized how strange it would be to suddenly start talking in front of everyone. So he said. "Claire would you mind walking with me for a bit I have something to discuss with you." William stood up and looked at Claire with an reassuring smile as he waited for her to accept, and walk with him.

As Claire handed William his share of their "feast", he suddenly had a huge smile on his face; a smile far to large for a simple cooking job. "Claire would you mind walking with me for a bit I have something to discuss with you." he said, his smile fading slightly. At this, Claire was more then a little concerned. "Don't tell me our fearless leader is psychotic. We already have one insane person in this group; we don't need another!" she though, cautiously following him - she might have thought him insane, but he was still their leader and she knew her duty. She did however grab her sword... just in case.

They walked in silence for a few minutes, until they were out of normal earshot of the fire then she stopped and asked. "So... you wanted to say something?" she said, keeping her distance just out of arms reach.

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