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nuba km:
2. e.g. if a geomancer throws a set of giant boulders at use if all the boulders (ke over 1000 joulse for sake of argument) would collide with use nearly the same time you could block them all, though if they are thrown one after each other and there is more then a 0.5 sec gap between their collision you could only block one and then have to wait 5 sec. Imagine a ability that take 0.5 sec after first use before it goes on a cool down and hence can still be used in that time and then the power cools down for 5 seconds.

Alright, made that final change. Thanks for explaining; I really appreciate it!

quick update:
1. Unless I am really lazy tomorrow, the rp should start then, keep in mind I live in the uk.

2. does anyone know how to start a group? EDIT: never mind figured it out

The group was now meeting for the first time, they were all lead to a room containing multipal sets of armour ranging from leather to full blade, there was also a selection of swords, maces, hammers and bows. This room lead used to be the changing area of the Colosseum, there was a large open gate to one side, through which could be seen craters, boulders, broken weapons and splatters of blood.

In the middle of the room stood a general of the human army, he stood stoically and didn't have a single hair out of place and had a perfect set of teeth, as if he had never been in a fight once, he judged the group before bellowing 'You are now a squad, you will work together to solve this problem of unrest, you will follow your orders, Mr.Phoenix is in charge of you and his orders are the law to you, you will now take any equipment you feel is appropriate and then you will enter the training area.' The general pointed at the Colosseum area that was behind the gate, he then marched out of the room and closed the door behind, not stopping to answer any questions.

William turned around and looked at the group. This is what I get to work with? A couple of civilians and even a non humans?
Well it could have been worse at least they all look strong and are enchanted just like me.

William took a few steps and looked to the group he had been placed in charge off.

"Hello my name is William Phoenix I have been put in charge of this group like the general just explained to you. It is my job to make sure we complete this mission and that we all come home safe. But in order to do that I will need all of you to listen to my orders and obey every last one them.
Now in order for me to think of a battle plan I need to know a little bit about yourself. So if you all would like to step forward one by one and introduce yourself to the group. Tell us your name, your power and battle experience. I will start." *cough*

"As I said before my name is William Phoenix I am the leader of this team, and my power is ash manipulation. I have been in allot of fights and I have undergone severe military training. So that is about what I expect you to tell me."

Despite the rather grim atmosphere, James Oberon seemed to be remarkably comfortable. The sets of armor, the bloodstains, the cracked rocks, shattered weapons, the aura of war and death that permeated the are, they would put most anyone in an uneasy state, and even send a few people of the more squeamish variety scurrying for a latrine or refuse pile. Not so with the large man in the ragged clothes, his visage aloof and his body relaxed.

As the spick and span general prattled on and on, saying something about a squad and unrest, James leaned against one of the stone walls, the rock's chilly temperature doing little to annoy him. Through half-lidded eyes, the vagabond stared at his new best-friends, the commander's speech ignored as James analyzed the eclectic group around him.

"As I said before my name is William Phoenix I am the leader of this team, and my power is ash manipulation. I have been in allot of fights and I have undergone severe military training. So that is about what I expect you to tell me."

James hated icebreakers. They always seemed so pointless, especially considering the survival rate of people he met. Still, if the boss wanted an introduction, then it'd be best to give him one. Dredging up the familiar, half-forgotten speeches from the depths of his mind, James coughed, raised a hand, and began to speak. "Right, the name's James. So far as I can tell, I'm here to help keep... order or something? Not gonna lie, the job description I got was pretty damn vague.

"If you're looking for trained, elite soldiers, then yeah, sorry, don't think I quite fit the bill there. Still, I'll make sure to give you your money's worth, no need to worry about that."

Dropping his hand, James continued to recline against the cool stone, uninterested eyes scanning the rest of the party.

Claire listened to their newly assigned leader closely. She wasn't very familiar with military protocol, but she knew at least to address the leader by his rank or with the term sir. As she didn't know the former, she chose to use the later.

Stepping forward, she made her introduction. "I am Claire Ric..." she started to say, before catching herself - they would have little interest in her full name. "Claire du Montaigne." she said, correcting herself. She resisted the urge to curtsey and instead gave a poor attempt at a salute. "I have some training with weapons - fencing and with crossbows - but I have no actual battle experience." she offered, showing her rapier and crossbow to illustrate the point. "As for my power..." she said, before lifting her hand in the air. using her fingers, she pulled open a small rift in the world, no larger then her hand. The hole was a deep crimson in color, and a reddish mist formed within it. Another rift appeared beside her, similar in all respects. Reaching her hand through the portal, it appeared at the other end, just in time for Claire to finish saying "...spatial distortion" Claire finished, removing her hand and closing the portal.

Finishing her introduction, she made her way back into line, removed a small cut of dried meat and fed it to the falcon, Elise, resting on her shoulder - she was trying, with some success, to teach the bird to be tolerant of the portals she made; apparently the bird had some inherent aversion to them. She only hoped the bird would not be as afraid of the powers of her compatriots.

Bom was bemused. Everyone seemed so confident, in spite of their surroundings. He gulped, and tried to remind himself of what he was going to say. As he did so, Bom realised the others had already started speaking. He blinked and tried to note everything being said, hoping he hadn't missed much. When it came to his turn, Bom's mind had already gone blank.

"Bom. Mr Bom. I'm very uh...quite...well, uh...hello."

He gives an embarassed nod, accidentally tipping off his hat in the process. Stooping to pick it up, he next drops his gentleman's cane (a yard of lead piping). It hits the ground with a terrible clang.

Bom didn't want to say anything else, but felt obligated by the display everyone else had put on. As he retrieved his cane, he got inspiration. Time to turn on the charm.

"Pleased to meet you all! I'm sure my, uh, reputation pre...precer...presurs...I'm sure you all have already heard of me, yes?"

He looks around, hoping people would recognise the handsome gentlemanly thief before them. Instead, people were looking at the ground around Bom's feet. Bom looked too, and realised the old power had kicked in whilst he was talking. In his corner of the room, thick crops of mushrooms and moss sprouted between the cracks of the chamber floor. They came up about Bom's feet like a deep shag carpet, leaving a damp, muggy smell in the air. At the same time, the coiled up remains dead spiders began to stretch out and quiver. In an instant, they all went scurrying off in every direction.

"Oh, yes, that happens sometimes. Sorry."

Feeling the moisture around his toes, Bom took a few steps to the left, and decided to avoid eye contact with everyone else.

Fromanzio watched as each member of his new party made introductions, each highly confident, some with interesting powers. Fromanzio figured he would beat all of them in a fight easily. He gathered sight of the weapons and armour scattered around him on walls and immediately grew offended. The military dares to think Fromanzio would come to a mission ill equipped? How rude! The things Fromanzio would do to those villains if he could. Oh no, boss says Fromanzio has to remain calm and blend in, figure out if the army has any plans against the market. Well Fromanzio will show him! Once this mission is over, Fromanzio will stick a blade in each of their necks, finishing with him! Ha, what fun! How lonely their necks must be without Fromanzio's knives, how would they dance if set on fire? A question worth looking into after this mess is settled.

Fromanzio realized it was his turn, he was sitting cross legged but sprang into action and leaped in the air like a jack in the box. Fromanzio spoke with a high pitched but playful voice. "I suppose the leader demands an introduction from Fromanzio as well hm? Fine then! A show we shall have!" Fromanzio whipped out three knives in the blink of an eye, tossing them upwards into the ceiling. He then flipped three times, bells ringing until he was upside down and directly in front of Phoenix. The knives individually fell and he caught two in between his toes, and one in his teeth. The jester kicked at the air, sending the knives soaring and Fromanzio flipped over again, catching the two in his hands. The bells ceased ringing as he bowed. In what was less than an eighth of a second, the knives disappeared into Fromanzio's hilts. "Fromanzio hopes the glorious leader understands his abilities. Or must we proceed into a more personal example? Though, Fromanzio supposes you would like a bit more information, with that in mind, Fromanzio can win any one on one fight, jump above a large group of foes and then rain fire on them! Has the leader seen how one dances when on fire? Glorious, the show is absolutely to die for!" Fromanzio cracked himself up and he began laughing hysterically. Phoenix could see in his eyes nothing but madness and destruction. Gaining composure he hopped back to his corner, which had to be at least five meters away, landing in his cross legged position.

The adrenaline was exhilarating, everyone was staring at Fromanzio now, he wondered what their faces would look like if he surprised them all with a knife in the chest. Lovely thoughts behind him, he let himself calm down and kept a smug look on his face.

Rias was busying her self with fitting a set of gauntlets and greaves as the introductions started.

"Rias" she said bluntly as she walked up to her group. she looks around the room, clearly annoyed with getting drafted like she was, but then, she needed the money anyway.

"so whats this 'problem' that requires plucking people off the street?" she asks, still fiddling with the straps on her new armor, trying to get it to 'fit right' before shrugging and grabbing a chair and parking her self in it to await her answer

"Right, the name's James. So far as I can tell, I'm here to help keep... order or something? Not gonna lie, the job description I got was pretty damn vague." William looked at James. Well at least he looks like he has seen his fair share of fighting. We might stand a change after all. But then he thought back to the words earlier said to him today which came down to:
You have no change of victory you are just a distraction. Those words hadn't given him much hope.

"Claire du Montaigne. As for my power..." She showed them her power. William looked interested as well as surprised. "spatial distortion" So she is Claire du Montaige. I do wonder what a noblewoman is doing here. Her power does look strong.
I also have some special objectives regarding her.

"Bom. Mr Bom. I'm very uh...quite...well, uh...hello."
Is he shy or something like that? William looked at him with a hint of surprise when he dropped his hat.
"Pleased to meet you all! I'm sure my, uh, reputation pre...precer...presurs...I'm sure you all have already heard of me, yes?"
What is he talking about? Wait what is that?! William looked to the ground around mr. bom which began to come back to live.
Right allot of them have necromancy.
"Oh, yes, that happens sometimes. Sorry." Mr bom said as he stepped away and looked away from the group.

"I suppose the leader demands an introduction from Fromanzio as well hm? Fine then! A show we shall have!"
Fromanzio then gave an very impressing show but something about him felt off. Really off.
"Fromanzio hopes the glorious leader understands his abilities. Or must we proceed into a more personal example? Though, Fromanzio supposes you would like a bit more information, with that in mind, Fromanzio can win any one on one fight, jump above a large group of foes and then rain fire on them! Has the leader seen how one dances when on fire? Glorious, the show is absolutely to die for!" That guy isn't completely sane. I will have to watch him...Those eyes of him... there is something wrong with them.. And also the win any 1 on 1 fight I highly doubt that.

"Rias. So whats this 'problem' that requires plucking people off the street?"
Well that didn't give me much information...At least she looks strong.
So this is what I get to complete this suicide mission? I don't like our odds here.
I mean I am only a private. But the less they know the better if they knew my position they might doubt my judgment.

"Well met to all of you." William said looking around the rag tag group of fighters.
"I will answer all of your questions to the best of my ability as soon as we have cleared the training area. We have to start soon so I don't have time to explain everything to you. What I can say is that we will face allot of really strong foes. And that if we don't work together we will all die. So arm yourself with any of these weapons and when you are done walk toward the opening to the arena so that we can start with our test." William grabbed his shield and sword and grabbed a nice looking helmet from the armor section.
After that he then went over to the opening of the arena. "I don't know what we will face in this arena. But as long as we stick together and help each other out I am sure we can handle it."
William said with an bright smile, then he put on his helmet and turned around waiting for the rest to join him.

Has the group entered the arena one by one they saw the general standing on top of a large gate, there were two other men with him that stood next to the rope pulley used to open the gate. The arena was in tatters, clearly they were one of the last groups, if not the last group to be trained here, to those with a good eye could see parts of organs inside the puddles of blood. The arena also had torches along the outside, some still lit and others burned out 'Normally I would let you decide who you are going to face, but we only have one fellah left, but he is quite the fighter' the general said to the group 'raise the gate' the general said to the two men, 'are you sure?' one of them asked 'yes of course I am' the general barked at the man. The gate slowly started opening, once open nothing happened.
emerge out of the gate, its head was like an angler fish though the size of a man, its neck like the body of an anaconda, it body of commodo dragon but at least 4 times the size, its legs were like that of a dragon and its tail was that of a crocodile. It quickly and messily devoured the cow and now set its eyes a pun the group.

Rias found her self a helm she liked, and after tucking her hair into it took a quick stock of the four bottles she had. she hadn't refilled them and two where empty, which she quick remedied by walking over to two of the torches, using her power to convert them both in to a blood red 'mist' she willed into the empty bottles, then headed to the arena.

as she entered the arena so looked around, taking note of where the torches where and which where still burning, she also took note of the blood on the ground that the bits of flesh in some of them "lovely, i knew today was going to be bad ....." she grumbled to her self before turning her attention to the General, and the creature that came from its pen. it sicked her a little but she made note of how the creature attacked its prey and popped the lids on her bottles to make ready for the creatures advance

"...Well, ain't you just the ugliest sonovabitch I've ever seen."

It was a testament to James' utter disregard for, well, everything, that he stood before the monstrosity without batting an eye. The thug's deadpan gaze never wavered as he stared at the chimeric creature, drinking in its massive size, lethal extremities, and the horrific odor that poured from its bloody maw.

With a sigh, James began to clench his empty hands, the familiar motion helping him to focus. He had elected to ignore Phoenix's advice, neglecting to bring anything from the armory they had just left. The vagabond had never needed to trust in gear, weapons, or armor before, and he had no intention of starting now.


The earsplitting snap of popping knuckles echoed around the battle-torn arena, as James slowly and methodically cracked every joint his fists had to offer. Cautiously walking forward, the fighter spoke, addressing his new, reluctant, comrades. "Not gonna lie, I don't trust any of you lot. Hell, I don't think I even like half of you.

"At the same time, it'd be a pretty sad story, ending up as this guy's dinner. I'm not exactly great at the whole 'planning' thing, so if anyone has any ideas that don't involve dying, I'm all ears."

Bom looked over the assortment of arms and armour. A real gentleman would never need any of this, he thought. Having no idea how to wield most of these things, it was just as well. Bom delicately removed his precious hat and battered, rotting tail coat, and placed them to one side. Now he was ready.

Bom swaggered into the arena, lead cane in hand. He trod in some offal on the way in, but didn't mind it much. It's just a man's guts. Who hasn't seen them before?. As soon as he saw the cow, he immediately raised the pipe in self-defence.

"Is that our foe?" he asked in all earnestness.

Before he could think on this further, a colossal beast steps forward and crushed the cow in its jaws.


William stood there waiting he saw that Rias had followed his advice and grabbed an helmet.
He also saw that James hadn't listened and he was standing there cracking his knuckles as loud as possible.
Bom also hadn't grabbed any weapons. Why don't they listen?

"Not gonna lie, I don't trust any of you lot. Hell, I don't think I even like half of you. At the same time, it'd be a pretty sad story, ending up as this guy's dinner. I'm not exactly great at the whole 'planning' thing, so if anyone has any ideas that don't involve dying, I'm all ears."

"Well I have a plan. It is quite simple actually seeing as I have the most training and probably also the best armor and a shield. I can take more hits then anybody else without taking any real damage. So when we enter the arena I will draw it's attention by making a loud sound by slamming my sword against my shield and also throwing rocks.
Then when it charges at me I will try to evade using my smoke screen. Then the people who can attack from range start attacking him. And I try to keep his attention focused on my while the melee fighter wait for an opening to attack.
and everybody uses their power whenever they can to try and weaken the beast. Sounds simple enough right?"

William looked at James and saw himself hadn't he been able to escape from poverty.

"And Yes mister Bom that is our foe."

Rias listened to William's plan "so ... your plan is 'get it to look away so we can hit it in the back' along with hoping your armor is good enough to take the beating your likely to take"
she said, in a more insulting tone then she'd intended.
"how about we try to disable, like going for the legs to reduce its mobility" tossing an idea out there, that she thought would have them in less danger.
"or" she started "we go for the eyes and make a blind spot we can use, ether way your plan on its own won't be enough"

the creature slowly moved back its neck, while the group talked, and then struck forward with its head and jaw, the motion going as quickly as expected for the animal its neck came from, aimed at the vegabond who cracked his fist.

William jumps in front of James using shield to try and stop the attack.
Dammit! don't we even get time to talk?

The mouth couldn't shut due to the shield, though its long teeth were cm away from william, it then started attempting to crush the shield, slowly succeeding as its teeth moved towards william. Its neck was stretched out close to the ground while it was doing this.

the red 'mist' bursts from two of the opened bottles

"apparently not"
she say as the mist forms a long bow in one hand and an arrow in the other, both blood red in color, and in keeping to her plan draws the arrow back, firing it at the beasts left hip

The arrow hit its rather large target, but the beast didn't even flinch, it continued with its metal meal.

William grabs his sword with his free arm and stabs the beast where it eye should be.

the sword pierced its right eye, in the pain it quickly flailed its head around, the first motion send william flying to the right of the arena and smashing against a wall. The beast head kept flailing about smashing against parts of the the Colosseum and against the ground, the sword being slowly hammered deeper into its head as a result.

Rias put some more distance between her self and the beast, moving to its right side, on the assumption it only has two eyes.

she formed another arrow, this time taking aim at the base of the creatures neck. she took more care in aiming before firing this arrow due to the beasts thrashing about.

William was surprised he manged to hit its eye. He didn't get to enjoy it long though. The beast hit him hard in the chest.
The wind was knocked out of William by the hit and before he could recover he hit the wall with his back. His eyes opening in surprise he fell down on the ground. Trying desperately to catch his breath again. At least this is an safe distance. He though to himself as his helmet fell of a big dent in it. Thank god I was wearing a helmet. William looks shocked and is still trying to catch his breath.

Bom was keeping his distance, waiting for a chance to get a shot in. Infused by William's succesful strike, Bom decides to take a more active role. He starts picking up giblets and dismembered limbs from the ground, and hurling them at the beast.

The arrow hit the creatures neck, it quickly vomited up a tube of blood that sprayed across the arena as it head slowly stopped flailing. The creatures head landed on the ground with a thud, smashing the arrow in its neck.

Though the creatures body started moving, it raise one of its claws and cut of the neck of the dead head, quickly two heads started growing from the neck stump, one looking at the tosser of meat and the other at the archer.

Bom was quick to survey the situation.

"It has two heads therefore it is twice as vulnerable!"

He eyes the head that is looking straight back, and decides to throw caution to the wind.

"Take this!"

He charges straight at the beast, trying to bring his lead cane down upon the nearest head with all of his might.

Claire was a few moments late to the battle, but for a very good reason: she was grabbing all the swords she could carry. Not that that was many - she had never done much in the way of heavy lifting. Even her fencing technique was more about speed and agility then heavy blows: one of the dozen or so reasons she rarely drew her blade. Still, she hoped that having a small pile of

When she did arrive, it was in time to see their leader, William Phoenix, make one of the mosters 2 bicloptic heads cycloptic. As a result, the beast thrashed around, smashing into the side of the coliseum. Claire knew that this would be a good chance to attack, but she held back - she had a more pressing concern. Of all the people in the group, she knew she was the weakest physically. That meant she needed a perch from which to strike.

Hence the swords.

Using her power, she started putting swords, tip first, into the sides of the wall, making a sort of stair case from the blades, leading up into the stands where the beast would, hopefully, not be able to reach her.

William say what was happening.Wait I know this creature it was did you call it it is an Hydra yea that is it. You need to burn their neck wounds shut after you chop an head off or else 2 more grow.
William slowly began standing up. He leaned against the wall trying to catch enough breath to tell the others what they had to do.

"Oh your fucking kidding me!!!" Rias snapped as the creature spouted two heads from the stump "If i live through this I'm gonna kill whom ever made this thing" she hissed converting the bow to a pair of forearm mounted blades on her right arm, figuring she would be the next target, before noticing the arrow still in its hip.

Alright ugly, lets see how well you regenerate below the neck she thought, as she clenched her left hand into a fist, signaling the energy in the arrow to destabilize and explode.


As the creature's neck lashed forward, James hurled himself to the side, grunting as his body rolled across the sandy floor of the arena. Springing to his feet, he watched in surprise as Phoenix took the blow that was meant for him, reducing his shield to scrap in the process. Huh. Didn't expect that.

Then again, James also wasn't expecting their foe to suddenly sprout a pair of heads after ripping off its original one. Grimacing, the thug backed away a few paces, watching as his allies pelted the bizarre beast with blow after blow. Though they certainly weren't lacking in enthusiasm, the other party members weren't exactly powerhouses; their attacks, at least from James' perspective, seemed to do little more than annoy the Hydra, its twin jaws hissing in rage as energy arrows and lead pipes assailed it.

Tch, they really went all out, didn't they? Hydra's weren't exactly common creatures. Big, ugly, and mean as hell, they were often the subject of local legends and scary stories; they weren't supposed to be cooped up in places like this to be used for target practice!

Still, when the going gets tough... Gritting his teeth, James charged forward, fists clenched and thoughts racing. Ducking as Mr. Bom's pipe whistled past overhead, the vagabond snaked through the weaving necks and mouthfuls of fangs, advancing until he found himself pressed against the beast's scaly hide. With little else to do, James began to circle around the creature, bobbing, weaving, and rolling about to avoid its massive limbs.

As he strafed and moved, the thug showered a series of flickering punches into his foe; by canceling the force the hide exerted on his hands, James ensured that his fists would remain undamaged while reducing the Hydra's resistance to almost nil.

Fromanzio had been observing quietly for a while, uncharacteristic due to his outward appearance, but it gave him just a little intel. The creature was obviously powerful, but if he could land clear behind it, he would be fine and could avoid the tail.

Fromanzio surveyed his surroundings, he had allowed the others to attack the monster first, a lesson he had learned the hard way from barrelling into situations. The creature was similar to a hydra, which would mean that body attacks would be the most effective. With it now preoccupied with his allies, Fromanzio saw his opening and took it. He made a mad dash at it jumping clean over the creature, knives thrown at its necks. As he landed, he tossed about four grenades, two flame and two high explosive. "Hahahahahahohohohoheueheu. Burn! Burn and dance for Fromanzio! Hahaha!"

Head number two was slightly hit to the side as Mr.Bom hit it, the head retaliated by smacking Mr.Bom, using its neck like a whip. Mr.Bom flew past the group and smacked of a boulder before bouncing over it, this caused his left shoulder to break.

Head number one was still starring at Rias, it decided as the originals head approach didn't work, so it picked up a boulder in its jaw and dost it at Rias.

The beasts body received slight bruising from James's punches, so it lifted its self up on its hind legs and then started crashing down with its front claw aimed at James, but before it could finish its attack, fromanzio's knives and grenades hit the beast's neck and body, while the grenades did some damage, the force of the high explosive grenades caused both of the neck to splatter. The body crashed down next to james, were it started growing four new heads, the fire on its back also quickly extinguished, though it left some burned and weakened skin behind.

Rias lept out of the way of the boulder and taking quick stock of where she was in relating to the torches, reforming the blades into a javelin, while converting the fire of the lit torch above and behind her into energy.

she had a few choice words when she saw more heads sprouting, but continued her attack

she put the full of her strength in to this throw, aiming to bury the javelin on the creatures body and let to do some heavy internal damage.

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