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Claire listened intently to the words of the Elder Yama, trying to remember every word, every phrase, and every inflection for later; all could potentially reveal useful information they would need to survive. If what the Yama said were true - that the undead were going out of control and the dead were rising of their own merit - then it was indeed a bad situation.

At least from her human perspective. She had never much liked the idea of raising the dead; there was something about it that just seemed... wrong. Logically; she knew that necromancy, like any form of spell-craft, was a tool that could be used to any end - good or bad, but there was something about necromancy that made her believe it had more bad uses then good.

Shaking her head clear of the thoughts; she began to put the pieces together. "The dead are rising... Maybe that's what that crab thing was; some kind of undead... crab... thing." she thought to herself, her line of thought breaking down toward the end, when she had no words to describe the crab. Fortunately, it quickly recovered.

The story would explain Ivaan's feelings on the crab being controlled, and support the words of the Yama. "Okay... so we ran into an undead crab that, I can assume, no one intentionally raised... that corroborates Yermy's story. That suggests the other side of it - the lack of control - is also true. In which case-" she though picking up where she had left off.

Claire took a moment to stare down the street at the obscene amount of ghoul-guardians. "-I wonder who's controlling the ghouls then?" she finished the thought, muttering it aloud to no one in particular, her train of thought coming to a disturbing end-of-line.

She completely missed Ivaan's question/suggestion while she was thinking it through.

Bom didn't know of any way to politely respond to being told to shut up by an elder. He stared stupidly at the door for a second, and then headed off.

"If anyone wants me, I'll be trying out the shop. Maybe someone left some bone crafts behind."

He made his way towards the nearest Ghoul.

"Which way to the shops?"

the ghoul looked at bom and pointed down the road 'head that way, third building on the right'

Karen had been listening with uncharacteristic patience to what the old Yama had to say, though she wasn't sure as to what any of it meant.

Rias on the other hand, was busy cooking dinner in the Inn's kitchen. She'd decided to go for something not a stew of some kind since they where both inside and had the resources for something else

Reetch sat perched, looking around the Inn curiously. He'd never been in an Inn before, let alone a Yama Inn. Whilst traveling he was more then used to sleeping and making camp wherever he could, rarely with an actual roof over his head, making this stay something of a novelty.

"I wonder how they're getting on at this Yermy place, you think they'll be alright?" He asked aloud.

Bom followed the Ghoul's directions and popped into the shop. Hopefully there would be something left for him to buy/scavenge.

"I wonder how they're getting on at this Yermy place, you think they'll be alright?"

"Their probably fine Rias said as she mixing something in a bowl "I got the impression the Yermy wasn't fit to do much anyway

Looking to the sky, Claire realized it would be good to report back to the inn soon; if only to make sure William was informed of the recently gleaned information. Seeing no reason to do otherwise, she made the point clear. "Right. Lets meet with the others at the Inn. Would at least one of you go with Mr. Bom - safety in numbers and all." she asked, Karen and Ivaan.

Ivaan coughed awkwardly and looked at claire; no-one seemed to have noticed his question. He began walking back to the inn anyway.
"I'll go back to the inn and give a report to William. the rest of you can go with bom if you want. I can handle myself after all."
Ivaan began to walk to the inn, and he got there sooner rather than later.

as bom tried to open the shop door he found it was locked and the closed sign was up.

Bom scratched his chin at the barrier before him. Should I break in? He thought to himself. Maybe later. Probably nothing of value in there anyway. He made his way back to the inn. Might as well join the others.

Claire watched as Ivaan started to leave, and made the decided since Ivaan wanted to head back to the inn, it left either her or Karen to go with him - better not be go anywhere alone in an abandoned town full of undead that may or may not be under anyone's control right?.

"Karen; please go with Ivaan. I'll find Mr. Bom." she said, before opening a portal and sticking her head through - to scout the area for the aforementioned thief. It didn't take her long to spot the now dejected Mr. Bom, no new weapon in hand, on his way back. Claire pulled her head out of the portal, then made bee-line to intercept him.

She hoped the ghouls would remain civil.

Ivaan arrived with Karen in tow, and made a quick report to William.
"Not much to report. The old man was fine, if grumpy. He said something about Abumont returning, but I think Bom knows more about it than I do."
Ivaan nodded his head in respect and went to see Rias; "Oh, can you cook?" He asked good-naturedly. He wondered if human cuisine was any different to Sophronius.

"Oh, can you cook?"

Rias nodded "Of course I can cook, don't spend as much time on the road as I have and NOT learn how. Though, not had an opportunity to on this trip, Claire had seemed to appoint her self the cook" Rias said as Karen sat down by Reetch

"So what did we miss here? anything?" Karen asked as Rias wandered back into the kitchen to check on progress 'Abumot returned? huh ... guess it was a person after all' Rias thought, having heard the name in reference to a person before

Bom came across Claire, and the strange sight of her head emerging from a portal. After the initial shock, the seed of an idea formed in his mind.

"Hello Ms!" He called to her, "The store seems to be closed to customers."

He hurried over to her, and spoke quietly, so as to prevent the Ghouls overhearing.

"Could you do me a favour? Nothing illegal, I uh don't think, but something secret?"

He pointed to the closed shop.

"I don't suppose you could take a peek inside with one of your portals? To see if there is anything worth, uh, worth...buying later?"

He tried to wink when he said "buying", but lacking proper eye lids, he failed to achieve anything other than a bizarre eye roll.

Claire stared at the Yama for a moment, trying to understand what the weird eye roll was supposed to be. After giving up on that particular venture, she shook her head. "Sorry; I need to be able to see where my rifts open - it's a limitation I haven't found a way to overcome. If I can't see into the shop, I can't open a rift there." she said with a shrug.

Beside all of that however, Claire wasn't willing to aid in what appeared to be the act of thievery; she believed in the law and wouldn't break it so easily.

Bom frowned, disappointed.

"Nevermind then. It was only an idea. Let's get to that inn."

Looks like I might have to do it the old fashioned way, he thought to himself.

William had eaten a slice of bread. After he was done with that he had started maintaining his swords, he had been doing that a lot lately. It calmed him down and seeing how they had fought a lot the last few days, it also served a purpose. Ivaan and Karen stepped into the tavern, they appeared to be unharmed. William was happy to see that they were fine. Ivaan walked over to him and said. "Not much to report. The old man was fine, if grumpy. He said something about Abumont returning, but I think Bom knows more about it than I do." William nodded. Ivaan walked off, Willam stood up and headed outside.

William saw Bom and Claire in the distance, he started to walk towards them. When he finally arrived he looked at Bom. "Ivaan mentioned that the villager had said something about a person called Abumont. He also said that you knew more about him. So Bom who is this Abumont person?" William sounded curious.

Ivaan nodded along with rias, he had been travelling long enough with the group to know of claire's cooking. "Would you like any help? I cooked with my family back home."

'Abumot returned? huh ... guess it was a person after all'

Ivaan quirked a brow and asked "You've heard the name before?"

Rias looked up at Ivaan, apparently she was thinking out loud. "Yeah, I've heard the name in regards to a person, though as to anything beyond that, I got nothing really." Rias said as she pulled something that smell really good out of the oven "If i had to guess, they where important, I mean, they named the country after the guy right? but since your here, grab some plates and set the table, then take the salad to the table" she said as she piled steaks onto a plate and grabbed a plate with baked potatoes

Karen, who was still sitting by Reetch took notice of the smells coming from the kitchen "That smells good" she said getting up to investigate

Bom stepped into the inn, and was immediately greeted with a question.

"So Bom who is this Abumont person?"

"Abu-MOT. He was a necromancer. The necromancer. As I said to Ivaan, he did a lot to create this country. If you believe in that sort of thing."

Bom stretched and found a seat by the fire. It was an odd feeling to realize that this was one of the first times they had a roof over their head in days.

Ivaan nodded mutely and did as he was told.
Laying the table, he gumbled "Grub's up" good naturedly to everyone present.
"That smells good"
"It does Smell really good, Rias." Ivaan said, as he returned to the kitchen to fetch the salad, smiling and eyeing a baked potato.

"What have you made for us?" Reetch asked, hopping down off his seat and wandering after Karen, peering inquisitively towards the open kitchen door.
"I'm not too familiar with human cooking, I'm afraid to say," he added.

Rias smiled "I have made a 'basic human' dish, Steak, 'Tater, and Salad." She said as she placed a bit of butter on the table for the potatoes "You don't get steak on the road much due to it not really being a 'travel' food, and when it's done right, it's nearly perfect. besides, i've had a craving for something 'not stew' for a while now"

Karen was eyeing the steaks "Looks good, smells good, can we eat yet?" Rias nodded as she headed tot he door "One steak and potato per person" she said, the poked her head out the door "HEY, DINNERS READY!" she yelled out after the trio still out side

"HEY DINNER'S READY!" Rias called out from the Inn, prompting Claire to move a little more quickly. Mr. Bom had been caught by William, though Claire felt she would likely need to add to the discussion, but they would have time at dinner or after it for such talks anyway.

She arrived to find a number of steaks, salads, and what appeared to be baked potatoes. "Thanks Rias; it looks great." she said, taking a seat and a steak (as well as a bowl of salad and a potato). She took a small piece of the cooked meat and gave it to Elise, who consumed it greedily. The bird was staring at the piles of freshly cooked meat the same way she might look at a rabbit; ravenously. The only thing Claire felt that kept the bird from taking one of the steaks herself was the large group of people standing around it. Claire tied her falconers strap to the birds leg such that it would not get the chance.

"So; did we miss anything?" she asked of the group that went directly to the inn, more out of a desire for conversation then any real concern about it (if they had found anything particularly important, they would have long since found out.)

"So; did we miss anything?"
"Nothing much" Ivaan muttered, He looked at the steak, nauseous; certain the animal hadn't been carefully kept alive, as was the Sophronius way.
"I'll just stick with salad and potatoes, thanks."
Still, the smell of the rarer steaks hit a spot in his brain stem that had stuck around from earlier in his evolution, that remembered chasing and killing animals deep in the forest...
Ivaan shut off the feral thoughts and busied himself with stuffing his mouth with salad.
"This is really nice, Rias." he thanked.
"So, Bom. How went the weapon hunting?"

Bom made short work of the steaks, nodding appreciatively at Rias all the while. He was hoping for some local cooking, but then again, his return to Abumot had been a general disappointment so far.

"So, Bom. How went the weapon hunting?"

"Not well, I'm sorry to say. The only shop in town is closed, and has probably been ransacked too. I might give it a try later though. Things being the way they are, I would rather not travel without a real weapon, and I'd trust a real, Abumot blade over anything else. You should see what a sawfish skull does to a person!"

Bom realised he was getting ahead of himself, so he restricted himself to prodding his potato for a short while.

"Odd that everyone has gone. What is our plan?"

Ivaan nodded with Bom's words, A good staff wouldn't go amiss, Ivaan wanted to try using one.
He looked to William at the mention of a plan.

"Thanks Rias; it looks great."
"This is really nice, Rias."

Rias smiled at the compliments as well as Boms nod of appreciation, "Glad you like it" she said as she dug into her own plate and just listened to the conversation around her.

Karen wanted to rip into her steak like a wild dog, but, instead ate it slowly, savoring each bite, figuring it would be awhile before they'd have an opportunity to sit down like this again "Excellent steak" she said simply

"Abu-MOT. He was a necromancer. The necromancer. As I said to Ivaan, he did a lot to create this country. If you believe in that sort of thing." William nodded. That information wasn't really worth much, but then again Bom wasn't a scholar. "HEY, DINNERS READY!" William turned around dinner sounded good, he headed inside. William saw steak once he had arrived inside, he liked steak very much. He had been getting a bit sick of all the stews they had eaten lately.

"So, Bom. How went the weapon hunting?" William was interested. Weapon hunting? Sounded like a good idea. "Not well, I'm sorry to say. The only shop in town is closed, and has probably been ransacked too. I might give it a try later though. Things being the way they are, I would rather not travel without a real weapon, and I'd trust a real, Abumot blade over anything else. You should see what a sawfish skull does to a person!" William really didn't want to find out.

"Odd that everyone has gone. What is our plan?" William seemed to think. "I would like to talk, to the last villager who lives within this village. And if that doesn't turn up anything, we will be heading towards the capital. After spending the night here of course. Does anyone have a problem with that plan?" William looked around the group.

"Does anyone have a problem with that plan?"

"None whatsoever."

Bom finished up his meal.

Ivaan wasn't sure if it was because of the day's excitement, or the sheer tonnage of the salad and potatoes he had managed to eat, but he had begun to feel drowsy.
"Does anyone have a problem with that plan?"
"I agree, but I'll sit out the talk with the villager. I don't think he enjoyed my company. Well, I think it's also about time I went to bed. "
He sleepily bid a polite goodnight to his companions, and went to find a room to sleep.

It was the middle of the night when the group where woken by a serious of distressed animal noises and loud bangs as well as a elderly yama yelling 'what's causing all of this commotion', Bom could be seen running towards the inn.

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