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"So, as to recompense, could you give an estimate of the damages; then we can let you choose an item or items about the same value; that way no one is "bluffed"."Claire said, William looked at Claire. Sometimes it seemed like she was the only one other than him, who didn't reach for their sword as soon as they saw someone. William remembered the stone man and shook his head, he wanted to avoid bloodshed now. Karen laughed and then said "Your joking right? You think just cause you mut picked up Bom's scent that means anything? Bom Already admitted to checking the store earlier, so his scent would naturally be around."

Rias walked back into the room and said. "Karen's right, do you have any thing more substantial then Bom's scent as proof?" To William it was obvious what Bom had done, all he wanted to do was to avoid bloodshed. The Yama said. 'trust me if I wasn't so good at judging maulers though he wouldn't be around here, also my shop is closed so you have just admitted that Bom has broken into my store, also if you wish to lie to me, because I know how to drag the truth out of people. I wan't medicine for mauler and about 1 or 2 days worth of food.' William was surprised that seemed like a generous offer. He had been afraid that he would have to give up one of his swords.

William was just about to respond when Claire spoke. "Deal." Claire said as she stood up and grabbed the supplies. She then placed it on the table and said "There's the food. It's not the best food in the world; but it's some of the best we have." Claire continued to speak and said. "As for the medicine; I don't know how much that will help; but it's everything I have in terms of medical supplies." William nodded his head, he was pleased with how Claire was dealing with the situation. Karen and Rias both went back to their room, obviously angry.

Ivaan looked at William, then to the Yama. "If I may?" William noticed that Ivaan had grabbed his medical supplies. William was happily surprised by this, he nodded his head to Ivaan. "I'm a healer, Sir, as I said before. Perhaps rather than fighting over medical supplies and food we could stop and think about what could do this to a swamp wolf. Perhaps look for it." Ivaan started to heal the pet, he then stood up and said. "I will heal your pet, Yermy. And you won't be stealing our food with false accusations." William looked at Ivaan, he should have just healed the pet and remained quiet, the Yams didn't seem pleased.

"I have... subdued your beast so I can tend to it's wounds, and we both know the ghouls are the only thing keeping the living dead from conquering your little haven, so pardon me for thinking you won't risk damaging them for some scraps." William suddenly had the urge to hit Ivaan in the face, but he knew he couldn't do that. The Yama grabbed his food and the medical supplies. The Yama then said 'I tell you something about abumot, the weak die young.' The room got very cold, mist came from the Yama's mouth and nose. 'there is a reason I am this old and the reason I am able to stockpile food. I will hang on to this food and treat the wounds myself if you think your medical care is so good its worth sacrificing food' The Yama walked towards the door. William was relieved that the situation seemed to be over.

"These good men and women have faced far worse than the likes of you, and they certainly don't deserve a selfish old man stealing their food." Ivaan growled at the Yama. "Don't test me, Sir. I have shown you kindness, but I can show you pain." William seemed shocked, the situation had finally been dealt with. Why was he provoking the Yama?! William stepped forward and blocked Ivaan's path. His face showed his anger as he shouted. "You will do no such thing! I Lead this party, and unless I say that we fight we don't! Return to your room at once." William pointed at his Ivaan's room, his face showed his anger. William had spoken with an unusually stern voice, making sure Ivaan knew that it was an order. William then turned around to the Yama, William bowed his head and said. "I deeply apologize for my subordinates behavior. I hope that we can forget this misunderstanding and we can both go our own way." William then looked up hoping that the Yama would leave in peace, he also remembered just why he hated leading foreigners. He even had to bowed before this filthy creature, William would punish Bom for what he had done.

Ivaan, shocked at his own words as much as William's rebuttal, relinquished his control of the swamp wolf, and the anger that had crossed the link and clouded his mind faded.
"William. I am sorry. I let the anger control me. It is a... problem. I understand."
Ivaan, turned back to the yama, and said;
"Apologies, sir. I will heal your animal if you want, but if you'd rather leave I understand."
Ivaan slouched slightly, looking embarrassed.

The floor under the yama had become frozen while ivaan was loosing temper. After william calmed Ivaan the yama left without a further word and new supplies in hand, mauler got back up and growled a bit more at bom, it wasn't until a few moments later the yama yelled 'heel boy!' before mauler left the inn.

Bom watched the old Yama leave, glad to see that it hadn't turned into a fight. The arm full of Claire's supplies made him feel guilty though. He wasn't angry at Yermy - the fellow deserved recompense, but he was angry at himself for jeopardising the group. He wanted to say something to reassure the others, but didn't find the words. An apology now would mean nothing to anyone.

Ivaan turned to Bom, puffed a gravelly sigh and asked: "So, what actually happened?"
Ivaan glanced at claire, and continued to the whole group; "And How much food do we have left? I have a few days rations for me in my bag, but I can share it."

Claire ceased to hold the breath she hadn't been aware she had been holding as the old yama left. For the first time since the group had formed, they appeared to have resolve a conflict without killing the cause. She knew Karen and Rias were less-than satisfied with the results, but Claire was simply relieved she didn't need to take part in the killing of an old man over a couple days of food; something they had plenty of.

"And How much food do we have left? I have a few says rations for me in my bag, but I can share it." Ivaan asked, drawing her from her thoughts. "hm.. well, I've been restocking our supplies at each town we visit that we aren't run out of, so we should have plenty to go around. We'll need to subsist on some hard tack for a few days, but its nothing difficult, and we can resupply at the next town we come to." she replied, thinking about their remaining supplies. "The loss the the medical supplies was a greater deal; that was all the medicine I had left. Admittedly, it was running low already, but we should be more careful in our next fight to avoid any particularly bad injuries." she finished, her re-figuring on the state of their resources.

"I'm more concerned with that cold." she said, voicing her worry. "Have any of you run into any forms of "Cryomancy" or do you think that he was an enhanced being like us?" she asked, hoping to get an idea of what to expect if the man came back.

Through it all, she avoided looking at Mr. Bom; he'd lost her trust and she was particularly angry he had tried to convince her into her thievery efforts and hurt the group as a whole with his selfish actions. Despite that, she just didn't want to deal with him, and instead deal with her pillow.

"The loss the the medical supplies was a greater deal; that was all the medicine I had left. Admittedly, it was running low already, but we should be more careful in our next fight to avoid any particularly bad injuries."
Ivaan grimaced.
"I don't think I have enough for more than a few bad injuries in here" He rattled the strap of the bag on hand, "We need to find either a hospital or a pharmacy, neither of which I expect are common in this land. I'm running really low on bandages. Worst comes to the worst, we could tear up clothing, but it's difficult to be keen to apply fresh dressings if you're getting steadily more naked every time you do." Ivaan chuckled at this remark, however, remembering Karen and smiling; "Not that that's a problem for some of us."

"Have any of you run into any forms of "Cryomancy" or do you think that he was an enhanced being like us?"
Ivaan shrugged "No idea, couldn't get a bead on his energy; I think temperature might be a factor in the speed I open up new links. He certainly looked like he was enhanced. Like his energy was an appendage rather than a tool, if you understand my meaning."

"So, what actually happened?"

For a while, it seemed Bom wouldn't answer Ivaan, but eventually he found the nerve. Or rather, a feeling of guilt and awkwardness finally forced him to speak.

"I went out to the shop, and took a look inside. It was too dark to see anything, and things went wrong straight away. The floor was wet and, I don't know, felt kind of fleshy. I had no idea what I was standing in, and then I heard something moving. I ran straight away, but my power - it happened again, and I think that was what hurt Mauler."

He sighed.

"That's the whole truth."

Bom sat down in front of the fireplace. The fire had long gone out, so he simply stared into the black and grey ashes. He didn't see the point in going to bed tonight.

Nether Rias or Karen was interested in coming back out.

Karen, to frustrated to get back to sleep, started doing push ups, sit ups and generally working out to vent before she did something she'd regret later.

Rias on the other hand, sat on her bed, choosing to focus on a song she'd been writing off and on

Ivaan looked embarrassed after William called him to his senses."William. I am sorry. I let the anger control me. It is a... problem. I understand." William was happy with that outcome, he wasn't looking forward to another Fromanzio. He then spotted that the ground under the Yama had frozen, he looked angry but left without a fight. William was very relived that there wouldn't be a fight. Ivaan turned to Bom and asked "So, what actually happened?" He then asked Claire "And How much food do we have left? I have a few days rations for me in my bag, but I can share it."

William looked at Bom, if he did break in there he would punish him. "hm.. well, I've been restocking our supplies at each town we visit that we aren't run out of, so we should have plenty to go around. We'll need to subsist on some hard tack for a few days, but its nothing difficult, and we can resupply at the next town we come to." Claire said. He was happy to hear that, if they ran out of food they would have a very big problem.

"The loss of the medical supplies was a greater deal....but we should be more careful in our next fight to avoid any particularly bad injuries." William thought back to all the wounds they had gotten during the journey, they really needed new medical supplies and fast too. "I'm more concerned with that cold." Claire said and she continued by saying "Have any of you run into any forms of "Cryomancy" or do you think that he was an enhanced being like us?" William knew more then he wanted about ice magic. He shuddered thinking about it, there weren't foes that he wanted to face.

Bom finally answered Ivaan's question. "I went out to the shop, and took a look inside. It was too dark to see anything....I ran straight away, but my power - it happened again, and I think that was what hurt Mauler." Bom sighed."That's the whole truth." William believed Bom he had seen it happen before, and he wasn't the type to attack animals. He looked at the fireplace, all the ash flew towards him. He had been saving up new ash every time he had the change, he knew he would need it later.

William walked towards Bom "Listen Bom you just endangered the group. I know it was on accident but still, we almost had to fight that Yama and his pet because of you. This was the last time you tried to steal, or break in during this journey. If it happens again, know there will be severe consequences." William was angry at Bom but at least he hadn't done it on purpose. So he wouldn't be punished this time, but next time wouldn't be pretty.

William then looked at Claire, he was very happy that she was in the party. There had been an 'miscommunication' a few days back, but it seemed like everything between them was fine now. "Claire I was wondering if you want to train with me for a bit? I know I am not able to get any more sleep tonight. So how about it, want to train with me for a bit?" William smiled at Claire. He knew he would be able to get more sleep, but he didn't want to. The nightmares had been getting worse lately, all he wanted to do was to try and forget the one of last night. William also wanted to tell her what he knew about Cryomancy, but he didn't want to do it in front of the non humans.

"Listen Bom you just endangered the group...If it happens again, know there will be severe consequences."

Bom nodded sadly. The situation shook him up badly, and he was grateful to the others for cleaning up his mess. When things were calmer, he would properly apologise. Till then, he kept to himself.

Claire I was wondering if you want to train with me for a bit? I know I am not able to get any more sleep tonight. So how about it, want to train with me for a bit?" William said smiling. Claire had been busy in her annoyed thoughts about Mr. Bom and her question of Cryomancy, so the idea came as a slight surprise.

She considered the idea for a moment; the process clearly visible in her eye movements as she weighed the pros and cons. On the one hand, she needed to get used to the weighty longsword as soon as possible, and the only way was through training; particularly with an actual sparing partner. On the other, the last time the two had been alone at night had resulted in a broken sword and a rather bitter argument; a disagreement she wasn't 100% over if she was honest with herself. In the end, practicality won out over her fears of future disagreements - practicality always seemed to win with her - so she nodded in agreement, saying "Sure; I honestly could use the-" she said, avoiding the word 'help' as she truly disliked asking for it "..practice with the new sword; haven't quite got the handle on the weight." she finished, letting her C.O. lead the way outside and closing the door behind her.

When the group woke up william and clair were still gone, the yama could be seen gathering dead animals that the gaurds killed last nigh. it wasn't until the time everyone got up and dressed that they saw william and clair heading back to the inn, their cloths covered in mud, and the yama headed back inside his house as he saw them coming.

Bom had a poor night's sleep. As he eased himself out of bed, he glanced out of the window. Mauler was outside, and he was staring up at him.


Bom ducked out of view and took a peek out of the corner of the window. It was still sitting there, watching his every move.

"Right then."

He tried to ignore it and go on about his business, but couldn't help checking every few moments to see if it had moved. Once he donned his hat and coat, he headed downstairs. Maybe there might be breakfast on the hob, he assured himself.

Reetch was finally up, none the wiser to last night's events he pattered down the Inn stairs heading for the front door, his bag in his hands as he rummaged around inside of it.

He could hear movement around the Inn as the others stirred, he opened the front door to see William and Clair approaching, their clothes blathered in muck. As he waved to them he was about to ask what they had been doing, but as Reetch knew nothing about human morning procedures and considering what he himself was about to do, muddy clothes weren't that much to question.

Instead he game a smile, hitched up his bag, and moved around the back of the Inn towards a clump of trees nearby.

Rias woke up, looked around a bit then rolled back over to try and get back to sleep, not particularly interested in getting back up after last night.

Karen was much the same, not interested in getting up, and after last night, wasn't particularly keen on looking at the rest of the group just yet

Claire worked her way back toward the inn, William in tow. She tried to avoid looking at him too much; the previous night was still embarrassing for her; how their sword training had ended up so... strangely was beyond her. None-the-less, she tried to strike it from her memory for the time being; allowing the thoughts back in this evening if there was time.

It was time to get back to her duty

As they moved in, they saw the Yama from the previous nigh avoiding them, but she didn't care. Their conflict was done and she didn't want to deal with it again. At the memory of the conflict, she recalled Mr. Bom's situation. She still wasn't happy with it, but she supposed there was noting to gain by holding a grudge. She didn't know why she was feeling so forgiving.

Turning her head, she caught a glimpse of William and the results of their training came back to her and she suddenly understood - her mood was forgiving for a good reason. As they got closer to the Inn, she could see Reetch outside. She moved to wave at their companion, but it appeared Reetch had more important tasks to deal with in the woods; it was early morning she supposed. While following the man's walk toward the woods, her eyes caught sight of the Barn. It was a disaster zone, and the Ghoul that guarded it was missing. It bothered her of course - the animals were a shame to lose, and she fully expected the ghouls to rebel sometime soon based on what the Yama had said the day before. It was all the more reason to leave the town today and never look back.

The implications of the barn didn't occur to Claire immediately, but a few steps later a thought occurred to her; where were the horses? If they weren't in the Inn, then they had been outside or in a stable. If the Ghouls had rebelled then...

Claire paled and turned to William, saying "We need to find the Stable Rias put the horses in; now!", fear in her voice. If the horses were gone, their ability to make it to the next town would be in peril. "William! You find the stable, I'll grab Rias and the others!" she said. Technically, she had no official power over William, but the need for haste took priority.

Looking through a window, she opened a portal into Rias's room, stuck her head through and yelled. "RIAS! WHERE DID YOU PUT THE HORSES!"

To anyone who was watching, it was difficult to say exactly what Reetch was up to. He had stopped by the trees, looking up at them for a moment, before kneeling down by the closest one.

Impossible to hear from a distance, Reetch began speaking in a bizarre and surreal tounge, a constant guttural sounding language, more like a chant then anything else. His head was lowered as he kept up this chanting, his hands making odd gestures and motions. He picked a handful of grass, clenching it tightly in his fist, he held it close to his forehead, rocking slightly as he did. He scattered the grass and produced a sheathed knife from his bag, with it he made a small cut along his palm. Blood seeped from the wound, he clenched his fist again, squeezing several drops on where he had picked the grass, then rubbing the hand on the trunk of the tree, leaving a dark red stain on the bark.

He stopped his chanting, stood and sheathed his knife. Putting it away, he brought out a cloth which he pressed to the cut on his hand just as he heard a faint shout coming from the Inn behind him...


Raising an eyebrow with worry and curiosity, he turned and headed back to the Inn.

Ivaan shifted a little in his bed and opened his eyes.
There had been a little time for sleeping after the fight, but now it was time to get ready for the rigours of the day.
After writing what had happened during the night in his diary, Ivaan packed and checked his bag, donned his cloak and slipped the straps of his bags around his shoulders.
As he thumped down the stairs, Ivaan yawned, showing the impressive canines that his thick muzzle usually hid. There came the sound of Claire's Voice from upstairs, despite the fact she was outside. Oh, right. portals. Ivaan thought, bemused.

She was asking about the horses.
Ivaan rapidly thumped over the door, sounding like a charging elephant, and burst out the door, simultaneously reaching out for the energies of any creature, living or dead, in the barn.
"Morning." He grumbled as he threw a small gesture as he readied a link with the two of them. He didn't usually have to physically gesture to form links, but he was still groggy from sleep, and it helped him focus.

William and Claire were a little short on energy, so Ivaan rerouted a bit of the surrounding flora's energy and topped them up.
It should have resulted in them feeling refreshed.

He raised an eyebrow at them, They look flushed. I hope they weren't fighting out there.
Ivaan turned to the barn and saw the blood, making him hurry to find and establish the energy links to the poor animals, thinking; There are more important things to think about now.

as ivaan entered the stables he saw that the horses were fine, but this didn't draw his attention, the guard ghouls head was impaled by a hook used to hang leashes or other equipment while the rest of the guard was used to re paint the walls by the looks of it.

Rias looked up at Claire, wrapped a blanket around her self, got up and walked over calmly to the portal. "IN THE BACK IN THE STABLE!" she yelled back, and in no way trying to hide her irritation with Claire, both from last night and this mornings 'wake up call. Her rest ruined totally she turned and got dress grumbling about Claire's 'manners'.

Karen, having heard not one to two shouts, was rightfully irate, but she just got up and ready to leave

Ivaan linked up with the horses, who seemed healthy and calm, and decided to head toward the barn.
"The horses are fine, milady." Ivaan said as he chuckled, reacting to Claire's outburst to Rias.
"I'm sure Rias stabled them up w-"
Ivaan reached the doors and felt his words catch in his throat.
"By the guardians..."

"I guess we should get going... love." William was smiling brightly, as this sentence kept being repeated in his head. He was happy about the result of their sword training, thought he hadn't seen it coming. He wondered how the others would react. He spotted the Yama avoiding them he was happy to see this, he had been worried that the Yama might want to attack them after all. But it seemed like that wasn't the case. This was going to be a good day William just knew it.

William saw Reetch outside, he seemed to be heading towards the woods. William shrugged he didn't really care what his new non human companion was going to do. He then spotted the barn door, it had been smashed in and he could see blood and guts inside the barn. The ghoul who was supposed to defend it appeared to be missing, he said a silent prayer that it was the ghoul and not one of his companions who's blood was inside the barn.

William saw that Claire turned pale and said "We need to find the Stable Rias put the horses in; now!" There was fear in her voice. William cursed, he had gotten attached to his pony. He prayed once more, that it weren't his ponies guts who were laying inside the barn. "William! You find the stable, I'll grab Rias and the others!" William nodded, the chain of command was the least of his worries right now. Claire then opened a portal and stuck her head through it. William could make out Claire yelling "RIAS! WHERE DID YOU PUT THE HORSES!" She was clearly panicked.

William heard something moving inside the inn, Ivaan came bursting through the door moments later "Morning." He said sounding a bit sleepy. William suddenly felt refreshed for some reason, it was a nice feeling if not a bit strange. William ignored Ivaan speak after that, up until the point that he reached the stable "By the guardians..." William walked towards the barn. He held his sword ready, prepared to face whatever was inside.

William entered to see that the horses were fine. He sighed relived, happy too see that the horses were fine. He did see the guard impaled on the wall, he seemed to be impaled by a large hook. William escorted the horses outside, he didn't want them to stay in the smell of blood and guts any longer. He looked at Claire "The horses are fine." He said with a relived expression on his face. He then looked at Ivaan "Did you hear something last night?" He asked. The door seemed badly damaged, damaging it like that must have made quite some noise.

It took a moment before william spotted that fromanzio's chest of bombs was missing.

Ivaan grimaced as he helped William with the horses; "I've got a bad feeling about this."
Ivaan looked around, seeing Reetch approaching "Morning Reetch, have a good sleep?"

Seeing the loud shouting and commotion, Reetch had stopped and listened. He watched as Ivaan and the others had crowded around the barn where the horses had been kept. He approached nervously, hoping that nothing unfortunate had happened that would upset the group, he couldn't stand it when friends were depressed.

He walked briskly, which by human standards was more like a run, towards the others, noticing as he did the wrecked barn doors, and a tiny bit of red splashed around.

He could see Ivaan say something, but even with his good hearing Reetch couldn't pick it up.

"Morning Reetch, have a good sleep?" Ivaan called as Reetch drew nearer.

"Oh, yes, yes I did, thanks," Reetch said, now standing alongside Ivaan (noticing, as he did, how his head barely drew level with the bear's stomach).

"I don't know much about these Yama people, but their beds are comfortable enough. I might inquire about taking a pillow and blanket..." He trailed off, as he saw how William and Claire looked rather shaken, that and the splattered blood and the severed ghoul head.

"Oh dear..." He peered around Ivaan, surveying the damage. "What happened here?"

"IN THE BACK IN THE STABLE!" Rias said after getting up and walking over to her. Claire would have found the delay annoying - it wasn't that she WANTED to interrupt Rias's sleep; but because it was important - but her own worry over the horses was enough to dismiss the action. Without delay, she retracted her head from the portal and closed it.

As she did, Ivaan reached the Barn and called out how the horses were fine. For a moment, Claire managed to calm. Then he said three words: "By the guardians..." and her worries returned. William, who quickly joined him, came out a few minutes later with the horses. Claire meanwhile, having spent most of the morning going from one emotion to another was at this point just done. She didn't really want to know what was in the barn, but moved to check anyway. The ghoul looked to have been killed in an extremely painful way. Despite it being an undead, Claire felt sympathy for the creature; she hoped they couldn't feel pain as nothing deserved that kind of death.

"Thank god." she muttered finally, breathing out the stress. Looking around, she could tell their supplies had been tampered with but found herself less worried about that then the horses; if it had been truly important they would have taken it inside.

The horses however were what would allow them to reach the capital without running out of food. When it came down to it, being able to leave this god-forsaken town was the really important ability the horses provided.

After ensuring the horses were still in good health and spirit as best she could, she checked the supplies, and found Fromanzio's bomb supply gone. She grimaced at the revelation; they had been useful tools if nothing else and they would be missed; even if the majority of the group either didn't miss their former owner because they either didn't meet him or because... well Fromanzio.

Remembering her own supply of bombs, she glanced up to look at the Inn. From this distance, the signs of forced entry were obvious; no doubt her own small supply was gone as well. Judging by the lack of other missing supplies, Claire was hopeful nothing else was missing. She found herself remarkable thankful she hadn't put Elise in a cage that night - who knew what the Falcon wold have done if someone had entered the room and given the state of the Ghoul, Elise would have been turned inside out against such an enemy.

Speaking of the ghoul, Claire looked into the Barn, noting the location of the Ghoul's head and the state of what had once been a body. Turning to Ivaan - now calling out to Reetch - and William - who was looking at Ivaan - and spoke up. "Fromanzio's bombs are gone." she stated matter-of-factly. Claire continued without delay to ask the questions on her mind "Ivaan; you know medicine - do you have any idea what could have done this?" she said, indicating the barn, then turned to William and asked "So is there any good reason for us to remain here?; I don't think this town is safe by any stretch of the term and we don't have much of a reason to stay any longer then we have."

Glancing at her mud covered form, the only reason she could think of was using the well to draw up a bath, but given the town she didn't think she would trust the water.

Karen, fully dressed this time, arrived at the stable, and looking to get on the road to put this town behind her, took a look at the mess and sighed "I suppose the worthless old fool would like to blame us for this as well, sure he'd love another poorly founded excuse to steal from us" she said with no shortage of venom as she surveyed the mess

"Ivaan; you know medicine - do you have any idea what could have done this?

Ivaan grimaced again, and snatched a rag from nearby, picking up some of the remnants of the undead creature with one hand and covering his muzzle from the smell with the other.
"See this?" He said, rubbing the remnants in the cloth, "No bone fragments, not a scrap intact. Whatever did this, crushing a body into such a paste, had a lot of force behind it." Ivaan tried not to notice the smell, the stench of a normal dead body was bad enough, but this one had been dead long before the violence.

Ivaan dropped the soggy rag and approached a gore covered wall. "This isn't blood. An undead doesn't have blood, you see. the CO2 breaks down the proteins after a certain mount of stagnation occurs. That means this paste, this thin paste, smear-able like a liquid, used to be a solid. Well, not the most firm solid, but you get the idea... Sorry, I'm rambling. My point is; I don't think he was crushed against the wall." He found a relatively dry patch and gave it a light thump. the wooden panelling cracked a little, and dust and bits of old hay showered the scene from above. "wooden walls. the body would have to either be destroyed and then smeared, or the walls would have had to have been reinforced some how."

Ivaan's eyes widened.
"William, Claire, Karen. Two things occur to me.
One, whomever, or whatever did this specifically chose to destroy the guard. An animal would not have left the horses. No animal I know that's capable of overpowering an undead guard would, anyway."

Ivaan sighed a deep, grumbling sigh.

"Secondly, Wooden walls have a significantly higher tensile strength when they are frozen."
Ivaan gave William a telling stare.

"I don't mean to overstep my bounds, sir, but this town has seen some truly disgusting inhabitants. And I'm not talking about the undead."

Bom was still watching the dog, when he heard shouts coming from outside. He looked out to see that there was a commotion around the stables. He ventured out to join the others, hoping that the bloody dog wouldn't murder him on the way over. Once he entered, he saw the ghoul's head, and Ivaan carefully examining the scene.

"...An animal would not have left the horses. No animal I know that's capable of overpowering an undead guard would, anyway."

"What's been going on in here?"

Bom didn't mind seeing the dead - and in this case, he was actually kind of happy that something was there to distract the others from last night's fiasco.

Bom scratched his head.

"Ivaan is right; no animal would go to the trouble of trying to overpower a guard. Ivaan, have you worked out why it was done? That is what I'd like to know."

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