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"In my alchemy box, there's a Hand pumped sprayer, could Someone get it?"

Reetch, having not done much and feeling quite useless sped back and forth, fetching the spraying device from inside the box and hurrying back, he held it out to Ivaan.

"You think it'll work?" Reetch asked, the moss men ominously pounding through the ash shield.

Ivaan began to fill the sprayer, thanking Reetch.
"You think it'll work?"
"Hmm?" Ivaan hummed, looking up for a moment, and accidentally spilling a small drop on his hand.
It trailed a thin line, and where it touched, Ivaan's hair sizzled away.
But the skin was left intact, if a little irritated, and the the drop fell to the grass covered earth.
Whereupon it hit the grass, sizzled, and formed a vapour that ate away at the grass and it's roots until nothing was left but the boggy earth and crumbling leftover bits of dead grass.
It was like a foot wide polka dot of brown on the green earth.

"Hmm? oh, yes, I think this much should be sufficient. And if not, I'm sure our comrades will swoop in to rescue me with the torches." Ivaan said, smiling.

"William, it's ready!" Ivaan announced, holding the sprayer carefully pointed away from himself, (he didn't want to lose any more hair) and priming it by giving it a couple of pumps until the fluid was filling the sprayer's tubes and whatnot.

Ivaan carefully approached the wall, "I'll need to be quite close, so perhaps if, on three, you drop the wall and I start spraying?"

Ivaan took a deep breath, "On your count then." and waited for William.

William began panting as the assault from the moss people continued. Maintaining the wall was hard, but he saw Claire doing her best to hand out torches. This made him even more determent to keep the wall up, "I've got a second torch ready; who wants it?" Claire asked. "Thank you for the offer, but I can't hold another one." William needed one hand to hold up the ash wall and the other already held a torch. "In my alchemy box, there's a Hand pumped sprayer, could someone get it?" William looked up to see Reetch handing it to Ivaan.

"You think it'll work?" Reetch asked. Ivaan answered "Hmm? oh, yes, I think this much should be sufficient. And if not, I'm sure our comrades will swoop in to rescue me with the torches." He wasn't sure?! William had used up almost all of his energy to keep the shield up for a maybe?! William swore that he would kick his ass if it didn't work.

"William, it's ready!" Ivaan said, holding the sprayer in the air. Ivaan then slowly approached the wall, "I'll need to be quite close, so perhaps if, on three, you drop the wall and I start spraying?" Ivaan took a deep breath and then said. "On your count then." William took a deep breath. "Alright on three...1...2...3!" William made a waving motion and the wall splashed onto the moss people. William hoped it would stun them, giving Ivaan enough time to use the sprayer.

though knocked back slightly by the blast of ash, they started moving with haste due to ivaans proximity.

Ivaan, with steadfast efficiency, began spraying the vaporised herbicide at the closest moss creature as soon as the ash wall fell, whilst carefully stepping away from the creatures so they weren't able to grab him, glancing behind every once in a while to make sure he was on sure footing.
As he carefully paced back, he swept the spray back and forth, trying to get as many of the creatures soaked in herbicide as possible.

With no one opting for the torch Claire was offering, Karen took it from her, and proceeded to the front to back Ivaan if only by keeping him moss free.

Rias changed her barrier to bands, wrapping them around the arms and legs of the moss men to immobilize them, the sighed wondering why she didn't think to do that sooner

By the time ivaan had run out of herbicide the five people had no moss on the surface of their skin, but it was just not enough. The people convulsed in pain, as new moss started tearing through their skin, it seemed the herbicide just wasn't in a large enough dose or penetrating enough to kill the roots.

Ivaan's eyes widened. He roared an expletive, lifted a large nearby rock from under the mud of the nearby swamp, and hurled it as hard as he could at the moss savages heading towards him, before retreating and beginning to steal energy from any survivors, redistributing it to his comrades to give them an energy boost as he lumbered behind William.

Ivaan shuddered, gasped, and spoke to william.
"Haah" he grunted, "Honestly thought that would work. that moss must have regenerative qualities. If only I could get a sample, I would be able to create incredible powerful healing potions..." Ivaan paused, "What am I saying?" Ivaan groaned as one of the eldritch horrors moaned loudly; "Kill it with fire!"

Claire, now with a fresh torch in hand watched as Ivaan moaned out "Kill it with fire!" after his own plan had failed. with one of the plans now inoperable, the hope of saving the moss's victims seemed distant. She'd honestly felt the Herbicide plan was more likely to save them; considering how bad fire was for flesh as well as plant.

Still, they had no time to lament, so she moved on. Opening a portal behind the rear-most moss-man, she jammed her torch through, hoping the flames would be more effective. While she did this, she called out to Ivaan. "Is there anything flammable in your bag of tricks?" she said, indicating the alchemical bag he had at his side.

Reetch pushed past Ivaan, making his way to the front of the group besides William.

"It's a long shot" Reetch said. "But seeing how they're made of moss, I might have at least some influence over them. Maybe even enough to...."

Reetch raised his hands, closing his eyes and making a pained expressions. His raised hands tensed, his fingers curled, he put all his effort into not only trying to stop these moss men in their tracks, but to perhaps 'pick' the roots of the moss from their bodies, or at the very least cause the moss to wither and die.

The mossman attacked by ivaan staggered backwards as the rock hit its head. The moss man attacked by Claire let out a screech of pain, but reetches power seemed to do the trick, tough it required a exhausting level of effort on his part the moss began to peel itself of its victims, tough in doing so the moss started tearing off their skin and flesh. The moss seemed to able to retain enough control to at least try and stay attached to its host.

Ivaan saw Reetch managing to combat the moss and it's hold over the victims, and rerouted all his power to keeping Reetch going.Ivaan was astounded by the power Reetch was managing to exert on the moss, and began drawing energy from everyone in the party as well as the moss and surrounding fauna to give to Reetch.

"Reetch... Wow." He managed to growl out as the energy flowed to his comrade.

"Karen, he'll peel it off, you and the others burn it as soon as it's clear of the victim's flesh, ok? I'll make sure Reetch can keep working."

Ivaan kept rerouting energy to Reetch, standing just beside him, the energy transfer making the air between Ivaan and Reetch shimmer a little, as well as giving Reetch a kind of organic glow.
Ivaan huffed, beginning to feel the burning friction that came with transferring more energy than he could handle. "Haah, Keep... Going. I'll keep you... Topped up... for as long as I can."

This extra energy aloud reetch to pull off the rest of the moss without damaging the hosts, he was able to concentrate the moss into one big pile, the five people(4 men 1 woman) collapsed to the muddy ground, bloody, scared, naked and unconscious.

As the last chunk of moss peeled off and dropped to the ground, Reetch opened his eyes and stopped his powers with an pained gasp. He looked briefly at the (relatively) unharmed people, before collapsing onto the the ground, sweating and panting, his eyes half open.

Seeing the moss finally removed, Claire tossed her torch into the moss , trying to burn it before it attached itself to anything else. Without much further thought, she moved over to the group of former moss-people and began tying off their wounds and bandaging them as best she could - using her strips of her own clothing for material. She focused on the most egregious wounds; the ones that might be life threatening. Though she had no antiseptic, she quickly broke out the group's supply of cooking alcohol. It was hardly ideal, but anything was better then nothing given the circumstances.

Karen just tried lighting the whole person on fire, fortunately for the people being controlled Reetch had a better idea, and after the last of the moss was removed or gathered up she threw her torch onto the pile along side Claire's. Rias pulled her pack off and started going through it for her medical supply's and handed them to Claire as she started tending to the wounds.

Ivaan's spray didn't seem to work very well so he fled and hid behind William. "Honestly thought that would work. ...What am I saying? Kill it with fire!" William was annoyed to say the least, he had wasted his energy on something that had no use. He felt some energy entering him, giving him back some of his lost stamina. William was just about to react when he saw Reetch's power slowly rip off the moss. He saw Ivaan helping him and the moss was being removed without hurting the people. William was about to help but he felt his energy being drained, he did not have much left and he almost collapsed.

He then saw the last of the moss leaving the hosts' bodies and they all fell down, unconscious. William looked at the party, seeing Claire and Rias already tending to the survivors. William grabbed what was left of his first aid supplies and joined them in healing the unconscious people. He felt tired but he did not have time to rest right now, he had to make sure these people would survive. He turned around to his party and started giving orders. "Bom, find us a place to build a camp for the night, Karen and Dara, please help him." William then continued to tend to the wounded.

Ivaan smiled as he saw the last of the moss go up in flames. He laughed, slumped into a sitting position, and looked to Reetch, saying; "That was amazing, comrade." Before looking over to the injured people.

no rest for the wicked, Ivaan. Come on, up you get.

Dragging himself to his feet, Ivaan huffed as he fetched his bag, stowed away his alchemy supplies, and walked over to the five victims of the moss.
"Claire, William, let me help." He said, trying to get her attention. He lay out his medical supplies from the sack that usually sat on the side of his bag. Antiseptic was amongst the many labelled jars and bundles, along with poppy based anesthetic and a little bandage. Not enough to treat all of the wounds on the men and women, but a start.

Ivaan began to work alongside Claire, fetching stretchers from the horses and trying to get some semblance of sterilisation by getting the patients off of the boggy earth. He used his share of the bandages, letting Claire and William use the dwindling supply too, and when that ran out, began systematically tearing out the lining of his last cloak, a little remorsefully. The harsh, thick material used by the outer layers was unusable as bandages, but the smooth lining would do.

"This is the second cloak in as many weeks. first the acidic head plants and now this!" he murmured, only half joking.

The wounds were smeared with an antiseptic poultice and closed up, Ivaan taking a torch not being used to burn the moss and sterilising a needle to stitch up some of the more grievous wounds.

As he worked, Ivaan admired William and Claire's efficiency with time and resources. She certainly wasn't an amateur.
"I'm glad I have you here, you're very skilled." Ivaan thanked gratefully.

"Oh shoot, this one's got a fever." Ivaan grabbed a Poultice and began smearing the man's forehead.
"Look for signs of shock. It's to be expected after what they've been through. When I have time I'll mix up some dreamless sleep medicine."

Lying on his side in the middle of the road, Reetch could do nothing really but watch his friends part their ways, either heading to the injured persons, or inspecting a nearby grassy knoll in search of camping grounds. He watched as Ivaan stepped over him towards Claire and William, Reetch tried to let slip a "Help me up" but found he could only make a small whimper, too quiet for anyone to hear.

After a minute or so Reetch knew he wasn't going to be helped up anytime soon, he shakily crawled along the road to the grassy area Karen, Bom and Dara were, stopping every few feet to catch his breath, before crawling along again. That battle had taken alot out of him

Say what you want about Dara, he thought to himself, He isn't wrong about my poor endurance. Speaking of which, he had drawn level with Dara, who was sitting by as Bom and Karen were unloading the supplies. Reetch would have joined his friend or even assisted the others in unpacking.

"Sorry if I don't help..." He called out to them, "...but after all that...I'm a little...little" his offer was cut off somewhat by his falling asleep.

Bom watched the others patch up the moss victims. They had little material between them, and they had already used up the last of the medical supplies. With a pained sigh, Bom removed his precious coat, and laid it across one of the wounded. He kept the hat though.

"Bom, find us a place to build a camp for the night..."

Bom complied, and soon the bags were down and the horses tied up. After he'd finished, he noticed Reetch asleep on the ground. He was impressed by the Buvor's work, and the guy deserved the rest.

Karen left with Bom to find a camp site, Rias, seemingly shoved out of the way, turned to notice Reetch looking rather pittiful, laying in the mud and all. So she went and helped him, least to a point he wasn't gonna snort in some mud

Ivaan, sure he had done everything he could for the patients, lay them on their stretchers on a grassy knoll near where the camp was being made and helped erect a tent for them.
Getting the patients somewhere warm for the night would probably be a good idea.
Ivaan saw Rias helping Reetch and went over to her.
"He's certainly the hero of the hour." Ivaan said, smiling, "he saved my hide."

He's certainly the hero of the hour."Ivaan said as he walked up to Rias "he saved my hide."
"Yeah, Lucky he had the right ability for the situation" she said, looking at William who seemed a bit winded as well "guess its a good thing my power doesn't drain me from over use. she said as she carried Reetch over to the others and lay him down.

"How are they doing?" Bom asked, nodding towards the moss victims. "Do you think they'll live?"

As far as Bom was concerned, it would have probably been kinder to torch them. Even if they survive, they wouldn't be in the healthiest of conditions, and Bom didn't like the idea of carting them around.

William was busy healing the survivors when he heard Ivaan say "Claire, William, let me help." William was not in the mood to see Ivaan right now. William did use some of Ivaan's supplies though. "I'm glad I have you here, you're very skilled." Ivaan said to Claire. William glanced at him suspiciously. William spotted Reetch in his exhausted condition, but he couldn't just leave a patient to tend to him. He was about to tell someone to help him, but he had reached the camp already. So he ignored it and went back to healing his patients.

William helped move the patient to the camp, he then sat down and overheard Ivaan say, "He's certainly the hero of the hour. He saved my hide." William glanced at him, he remembered Ivaan cowering behind him, and then tapping his power while he was clearly exhausted. William didn't like Ivaan much, though he had to admit he was a good healer. "Yeah, Lucky he had the right ability for the situation" William heard Rias say. William was happy too, the only other choice was fire. And he didn't think they would have had much change surviving that. "How are they doing? Do you think they'll live?" William had a good feeling about the patients. He was pretty sure they would live.

"So ... what are we doing now?" Rias asked as she stood up and faced the group "Tending to the wounded obviously but I mean, how long are we going to take care of them? We can take them with us after all, would practically be murder if we did, and if we where going to that then there was no need to save them." Rias said in an unusually 'cold' tone

"So ... what are we doing now?" Rias asked the group. William looked up at her, he wondered what she was talking about. "Tending to the wounded obviously but I mean, how long are we going to take care of them? We can take them with us after all, would practically be murder if we did, and if we where going to that then there was no need to save them."

Willliam's mouth opened in surprise he had no expected that from Rias. He stood up and looked at Rias "Well my plan was to take care of the wounded, and then transport them to the capital. They will be save there, and have plenty of time to rest and fully recover." William looked at Ivaan and Claire "How long do you think it will take before they can travel again?"

"How long do you think it will take before they can travel again?" Claire looked at the group of unconscious peoples. All in all, they were in bad shape physically, but everything else was in good. "If we can rig up a stretcher system between the horses and trudge through the mud without them, there shouldn't be too much trouble. We aren't far from the nearest city. As long as the city isn't abandoned; everything should work out." Claire said to answer William. It wasn't an ideal situation, but then when was anyone in an ideal situation? The stretchers would be a difficult rig, but they could use the tents to cover the difference - and given there size, they could do so without any significant damage to their equipment. The horses would tire more quickly, but then the city wasn't far so it would be within variation. There was only one real factor that would make a difference; time.

"That said; we don't have a lot of medical supplies; not enough to care for them for long or in any permanent way. The moss burrowed into their skin, so even if we had all the medicine in the world, it would be difficult to care for them in this swamp. I... I don't know if they're all going to make it to the city. I could try cauterizing the wounds; and it would help in the short term... but if we don't get them to the city soon... well then we could have killed them while they were still infected for all the good it would have done." she said a bit morbidly. She personally hoped that Ivaan had some power trick up his non-existent sleeve, but she doubted it given the way Ivaan had used his powers to there fullest not minutes ago.

Ivaan sighed "She's right" he grumbled, scratching his chin.
"Starting tomorrow I could give them a steady supply of energy, taken from the surrounding fauna, but I have to get a good night's rest first, and I hardly think that my powers can do anything but stabilise them. If I had some more medical supplies it'd be a different story, but as it stands... It's probably 50/50 for them to make it to the city alive."

The night was a quite one apart form the occasional groan from the group of injured people. during the night a swarm of thousands of firefly's flew over the camp. It didn't take long for the group to reach the town, though having the bring along the injured didn't help. When the group reached the town the gates were closed, and in moments along the top of the town wall a series of yama archers, in ill fitting leather armour, readied their shots and aimed at the group, a female yama in steel armour standing above the gate yelled 'state your business here!'

Reetch, who had been at the head of the group, stopped dead in his tracks, wobbling nervously on his hooves. His eyes scanned the walls, taking note of the bow wielding Yamas, then the armored one barking down at them.

"Errmm..." he spluttered, calling back up. "We're friends, we mean no harm I assure you." He gestured towards the cart of wounded people, "We have some, errr...hurt people here, in need of medicine and things...."

He looked back at the others, giving them a desperate 'help me out' expression.

"State your business here!" a female Yama above the gate to the city yelled, while archers trained on their position; never a good sign.

Claire had been keeping an eye on the injured, trying to ensure they would make it to the city. To her great surprise, they were all still alive. It was about time they received some good luck. Now they just needed to explain their presence and get the traders medical care. This, of course, brings us back to the matter at hand.

"My name is Claire Montaigne; our group is on a joint-military operation from Embla against the renegade Mages. We humbly request entry to your city for medical care for several travelers we encountered on the road. They were controlled by some form of moss. We managed to remove the moss, but they need immediate attention." she said, hoping medical needs might convince them to allow entry. Remembering the old Yama's words about how 'only the strong survive', she continued adding "we of course are willing to pay or trade fro such services; whether by work or other materials."

Nothing like promising a return on investment to get people to open a door. "now, to hope it works." she thought to herself, a little annoyed with the constant problems everywhere they went; there had to be towns somewhere not under siege or constant threat.

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