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Ivaan heard what sounded like a ghoul being shredded behind him and turned around just in time to see the last of the gibs splatter on the floor around Rias.
"Thanks." He muttered, a little surprised that he didn't notice the creature get that close. I need to learn to multi-task.

"I'll be alright; go back to helping William; he needs it more than I"
Ivaan nodded to Claire and stood up, hurrying over to William.
"I can't draw any more energy. I'm spent. no more golems I'm afraid." Ivaan said as he walked up beside William, pelting a Manikin in the head with a rock.

Ivaan turned back to the approaching manikins, inspecting the closest one as it's head regenerated from his attack.
"I'm not sure blunt force will kill them." Ivaan stalled this thought to kick the creature away and back off a little as William approached it and began destroying it with an arsenal of ash weapons.
But the creatures just kept regenerating. It was horrible.

How to kill them for good... Dessication? Not possible. Burning? No fire. Hmm...
Ivaan looked up at the cracking ceiling as chunks of masonry fell around him.
crushing, perhaps? Ivaan lifted a fallen chunk of stone ceiling as big as he was from the ground and heaved it above his head. The theory warrants experimentation.
Ivaan swung the chunk and dropped it onto a manikin. The mass of decomposing flesh disappeared with a grim squelching noise.

"William, we might not have long before this whole place collapses. We need to kill the necromancer and get the hell out of here."

Ivaan caught sight of bom commanding his own undead, and Reetch destroying swathes of enemy undead with plant creatures.
I guess we're all growing.

"William, we might not have long before this whole place collapses. We need to kill the necromancer and get the hell out of here."

Bom stopped pelting the crabs for a moment and gazed at Ivaan.

Collapse the whole place?

Bom turned to the others.
"Maybe we can collapse the ceiling. Bury Abumot and everything else!"

He looked around for any support structures or weakened masonry; anything that could be shoved through.

Abumot was hit by an bolt and William's spear, but he was still alive. He looked at Abumot, who also seemed very surprised. The flesh puppets also didn't seem to die, no matter how much he cut or crushed them. The golems began to slow down, but for now he was just able to make them move around. He glanced back to see Claire in a lot of pain, his heart dropped further as an horrible sense of guilt began to form inside of him.

"I can't draw any more energy. I'm spent. no more golems I'm afraid." Ivaan suddenly said as he walked up to him. "I'm not sure blunt force will kill them." He said as he kicked the creature. William made a ash scythe and chopped it in two, only to see it regenerate. "William, we might not have long before this whole place collapses. We need to kill the necromancer and get the hell out of here." Ivaan said sounding worried, he suddenly had an idea. "Maybe we can collapse the ceiling. Bury Abumot and everything else!" Bom suddenly said, William was unhappy that Bom had said the plan so loud.

William scattered the ash golems, and send the ash as an wave towards Abumot. It would hopefully reach him, and then it would bind him to the ground. William meanwhile used what ash he had left, to fill creaks and then begin to weaken the room around them from within. "Everyone we need to destroy this place, retreat towards the entrance and make sure Abumot is buried!" William said as he focused on making sure Abumot would be restrained.

Rias sighed 'Sure, why not, not like the situation is salvageable anyway...' she thought as she looked for a torch she could use, which she found, she had to cut her a path through the Manikins to get it but she got it "EVERY BODY OUT! I'M BLOWING THE SUPPORTS!" she shouted as she started gluing bombs to the supports with her power, each with a small orb with a piece of lit torch by the fuses, ready to light then soon as every thing was ready.

Karen, turned to Rias as she made her announcement, seeing she was already prepping the room for demolition 'get Reetch down, er .. please, we're pulling out' Karen thought toward the Unicorn, since it could get to him quickly, while she headed for the door.

"Everyone we need to destroy this place, retreat towards the entrance and make sure Abumot is buried!"

Still clining to his perch, the Buvor heard the instructions shouted by his comrades. While it sounded like their best chance, he was still nervous about the possibility of Abumont somehow getting out. From here, he knew he could force down more roots and cause a cave in, but not only would it be dangerous for he and his friends but he was scared this necromancer would some day dig out. Whatever we do, we cannot allow that to happen, Reetch thought to himself.

Grabbing more of his seeds, Reetch aimed a handful at the downed Abumont. In a few moments the plantlife had begun sprouting and ensnaring him, like the crab monsters before.

"I can try and force the ceiling down from here!" Reetch called down to the others. "Though someone try to pin Abumont down, with weapons, with a big rock, anything! If we are to seal him in down here, we cannot risk him escaping!"

As alot of the ceiling had broken away already, there seemed plenty of large boulders and rocks lying around to do the job.

"Just say the word, Mr William, and I shall cave this place in for good!"

William pushed another puppet out of the way. "EVERY BODY OUT! I'M BLOWING THE SUPPORTS!" Rias sounded very serious, Karen headed for the door and so did the unicorn. Reetch then shouted "I can try and force the ceiling down from here....Just say the word, Mr William, and I shall cave this place in for good!"

William thought it over, but decided to trust the bombs for now. "Everyone make sure that Abumot is restrained, and then we will blow the cave up!" William used even more power to try and enhance his ash wave, and after that the ash prison.

abumot used the remaining flesh to block williams ash and the remaining bones to cut reetchs plants to shreds. The manikins cut the crabs loose and flipped over the other crab. The unicorn ran through the manikins to below were reetch was ready to catch and carry him out of the way of the collapsing tomb. Abumot sat town and took a meditation position. The group could see his lips move but could not here what he was saying.

Bom saw the meditating Yama. It occurred to him that Abumot was not going to let the group bury him alive, and that this summon was probably some kind of spell to protect against the cave in. Interrupt him!

He took one deep breath, lowered his head and charged headlong at Abumot. He smacked the Manikins to either side as he bowled through the crowd. When he got within striking distance, he leapt at the necromancer, hoping to tear out his throat. That'll stop his chanting long enough for us to bring the place down, he thought.

Claire reappeared at the alter, her breathing heavy. Between her injury and her first self-teleportation, she wasn't feeling quite at 100% Fortuitously, Ivaan's little energy boost - in conjunction with the adrenalin pumping through her veins - was more then enough to up for a while yet. A few deep breaths later, and she began to look around.

"Damn" she muttered; the alter was empty. She'd hoped there would be some kind of magic idol or crystal or something on it; something she could break. Seeing nothing meant reverting to plan B. Claire reached for her blade, only to find air. "Damn" she muttered again; now her own echo. She'd lost the blade thanks to Abumot's lightning blast and her own portal; leaving her only option as the much slower crossbow or... something much more painful. "Great, guess I'm on to plan C" she muttered aloud and braced herself.

Resolving herself, Claire concentrated on the furthest of the eldritch signs drawn on the floor and opened a portal around it. "Now for the hard part." Claire said, mostly trying to delay herself the pain a few moments longer. Every other time she'd closed a portal, she'd maintained her concentration up to the last moment. As such, nothing had ever been harmed by the portals. That is, until her sword a few minutes ago. With a deep breath, she raised her still good hand into the air, then brought it down as hard and fast as she could on her injured arm - breaking her concentration and hopefully triggering the same effect that tore her blade to pieces - right on top of the magic sigil.

A second later, Claire wasn't sure if it had worked - she was too busy biting her lip and wincing. When the pain finally faded, she looked up at where the symbol had been; muttering "ow" as she did

Ivaan didn't know how to interrupt meditation, but in the confusion he was the closest to the necromancer.
"Cover Me!" Ivaan yelled, charging through the undead, punching at a crab, fracturing the exoskeleton and crushing the brain, and charged through the Manikins.
Ivaan picked up another boulder, this one almost twice as big as he was, shook off a zombie that had been clinging onto it, and heaved the boulder over his head, throwing it with a roar to try and crush the Necromancer.
Ivaan didn't stay to watch it fall.

He turned to Will, who was about five or six metres away, and roared out three syllables; "Ash golem!"
When(if?) Will did it, Ivaan drew power from the surrounding undead and pushed it into the golem.
Ivaan was running on fumes. The golem barely flickered into life for a second before dying, but while it was alive, it managed to Pick up Ivaan and throw him bodily at the entrance to the tomb, at the bottom of the tunnel leading to the surface.

Ivaan landed in a heap, coughing and spluttering, and tried to get to his feet, before growling in pain and looking down at his leg.
There was a deep gash down the side of it. He would need help if he was going to escape up the tunnel in time.
Ivaan growled, wincing, "My leg..."
He began limping, slowly, up the incline towards freedom.

Abumot blocked his ash attack, and he hen began to chant. Bom then charged through the horde towards Abumot, William sent some of his ash to distract Abumot. "Cover Me!" Ivaan yelled as he also charged at Abumot. Ivaan singly handedly killed an crab with his fist, and then picked up a giant boulder. William had to remember to never anger Ivaan, "Ash golem!" he shouted.

William focused and made a very large ash golems, who Ivaan activated and used to throw him. Ivaan landed on the ground, and seemed to have injured his leg. He began to slowly walk up the stairs, William placed Ivaan's arm around his neck and began helping him up. He was helping a non human survive...he had never expected that to happen. "Everyone get out of here now!" He yelled as he was helping Ivaan. What was left of his ash, began shielding Claire from the flesh puppets.

The bones used to cut apart reetch's plants through themselves at the boulder, causing a change in its path to change, bom could see the new path allowing him enough time to slow down enough so it landed just in front of him. This slow down allowed some of the manikins to turn into a tentacle that grabbed bom by the leg and throw him back towards the group.

As clair destroyed the signs on the floor nothing happened.

Seeing no effect for her effort, Claire stared up into the hole in the ceiling and opened her portal, stepping through to the surface world. When she arrived, she started working her way to where she believe the tomb entrance to be.

With Bom and Claire out of the way Rias bolted to the entrance to the chamber, lighting the use on some twenty explosives she'd scattered around the room, making sure to light the ones at the entrance first as ran up to stairs she came down to get there.

Ivaan huffed as He felt pain shoot up from his leg, and he gave Will a thankful look.
The camaraderie was cut short as he felt another bolt of fire shoot up his spine.
"Guuaahh, Reetch! Come on, get out of there and do your stuff!"
Ivaan hobbled a little faster, they were now about two metres out of the tomb, and into the cave leading to the surface.

With a last twitch of his hands, Reetch weakened the earthy ceiling as best he could before clambering down the roots towards the Unicorn thing Karen had sent into the fray. With a careful leap, he landed slightly awkwardly onto it's back, gripping onto the animal's main he pulled himself back up before giving it a small spur-like kick with his hooves.

William was still surprised by his earlier action, of helping Ivaan. But sadly Ivaan was heavier then a human, and he began to feel his own exhaustion. "Guuaahh, Reetch! Come on, get out of there and do your stuff!" Ivaan yelled as he began to hobbled a little faster. They had finally exited the tomb, but they were still inside the cave. Still he had to do one thing before leaving, he began to gather all the ash behind him. He didn't want to leave all his ash behind, he was sure he would need it later.

Bom grunted and picked himself up off of the hard stone floor. Luckily, the impact had only grazed himself down one side. Around him, the others were making for the exit, one way or another. Catching the message, he ran after the others into the cave. He managed to catch one last look back into the tomb as Rias lit the fuses. In the panic, he realised his hat as gone. It must have fallen off inside of the tomb. To late for that now, he thought.

The explosives went off and the roof started falling in as it did the manikins fell apart and the flesh and bone started gathering in the area around abumot, but the sight of abumot was soon blocked by dust and smoke. The unicorn barley got reetch and itself out of the way of the stone rain, but as soon as it did it knocked reetch of its back using on of its wings. After the dust settled all that was left in front of the group was a 12-15 meter deep square hole in the ground filled with rocks, no sign of movement apart from some swamp water going over the edge of the land into the hole.

'That's ... actually really good to know' Karen thought as the Unicorn kicked Reetch off it, and helped him up, partly cause she realized she didn't know what to call it as it never introduced it self, and needed a moment to come up with something. "Don't kick Sleipnir, it doesn't like being ridden, and likes even less to be treated like a common animal when it does let some one on its back, just because it has to use me to relay it's thoughts doesn't make it a dumb animal, also, bear in mind the two of us are soul bound, apparently, so if I where a lesser person I could interpret an insult to Sleipnir as an insult to my self, so keep that in mind as well" she said then turn back to the Unicorn 'hope you don't mind me picking out a name for you, you kind never gave me one, and I don't remember ever asking come to think f it'

Rias stood at the edge of the hole, covered in dust since she was the last one out, just watching for signs of movement, as well as just not looking at William and deciding how to handle the insult he leveled against her in the tomb, which called many other things into question

Bom slapped the dust off of himself and admired Rias' handy work.
"Even after all this time, those bombs still come in handy," he said. "Think he's dead?"
He grinned to the rest of the group, and took in what was left of them. Ivaan looked a bit worse for weather, and Claire had been injured too. Then there was a unicorn. A unicorn! It was a magnificent animal, but Bom felt safer around his mule.

Ivaan slumped off of Will's shoulder and fell into a sitting position. he had lost a lot of blood. the wound was large, a human hand-sized L shape about halfway between his foot and his knee.
Ivaan went into his healing supplies and wrapped his hands in bandages, before taking out a razor and carefully shaving around the L shaped cut. he then cleaned the wound, before carefully lifting the flap of skin to see if there was anything in the wound.
"Aah." Ivaan muttered, before reaching in with thumb and fore-claw and plucking a piece of razor sharp flint, shrapnel from the falling ceiling, probably, from the wound.
There was a small Shlick noise, and the wound was clean.
Ivaan gritted his teeth, resisting the urge to cry out in pain, and opened a small sealed box in his supply bag, removing a curved needle from the small bundle of them in the box, sealed the box back up, took some thread and began carefully stitching up the wound, taking care to make sure no air was trapped as he did so.

Having finished closing up the wound, Ivaan sighed.
"What happened," he paused, catching his breath, "To Abumont? Anyone see?"

"What happened to Abumont? Anyone see?" Ivaan asked, between deep, raspy breaths.

Claire, still holding onto her arm, turned to Ivaan and answered as best she could. "Last I saw, he was seated in the tomb, mumbling to himself. I'm guessing it was some kind of spell, which means we shouldn't relax just yet." After saying that, Claire turned to the hole in the ground, watching it for any sign of unnatural movement.

"No insult was intended, Ms Karen," Reetch said, brushing copious amounts of dust, loose earth and small stones from his hair and fur.

Then added politely; "And please don't insult me either, for I have cared for, studied and lived amongst animals, both intelligent and less so, all in their natural habitat. So I'd rather you didn't lecture me on their health and well-being."

He gave the Unicorn a meaningful look, gave it a kindly stroke on it's body, then moved away to see how Ivaan was doing, crouching down beside him and watching as he tended to his wound.

As the group stared at the rubble it seemed to remain still, though it was hard to accurately asses and area so large

Ivaan nodded at Reetch as he hunkered down beside him "Only a flesh wound. Got caught by a bit of shrapnel from the falling ceiling, I think." The bear said as he tied off the stitched and began wrapping the wound with bandages.
"How's the war wound, Claire?"

"How's the war wound, Claire?" Ivaan asked, drawing her from her vigil over the rubble.

"Survivable." she said, returning to the group. "Any idea how long it will be before it will heal?" she asked the group's impromptu medic. She had an idea of how long it would take to heal, but she was honestly hoping she was overestimating the severity. Blind hope and all that.

Karen sighed as Reetch walked over to check on Ivaan 'kinda missing the point...' she thought then walked over to the edge of the hole to have a look at the damage her self.

Rias continued to stare into the hole, lost in thought

William barely managed to escape from the cave. There was a loud explosion and he heard the cave collapse behind him. He looked around, it seemed that everyone had made it. He sighed, relived, when he saw that none of them were seriously injured, well expect Ivaan. Reetch was then kicked off the unicorn and Karen stepped towards it, "Don't kick keep that in mind as well" William made a mental note to leave the unicorn alone. "Even after all this time, those bombs still come in handy. Think he's dead?" He glared at Bom, he had yet to redeem himself in William's eyes. And mentioning him was not something he appreciated.

Ivaan had meanwhile sat down on the ground and finished healing himself. "What happened, to Abumont? Anyone see?" William looked into the hole, he hoped that he was dead. Claire then said, "Last I saw....which means we shouldn't relax just yet." Reetch joined Ivaan, who commented on his wound. "Only a flesh wound. Got caught by a bit of shrapnel from the falling ceiling, I think. How's the war wound, Claire?" He ignored the rest of the things Ivaan said, he looked at Claire. He still felt guilty and disgusted... He was a horrible leader... He was the reason she got hurt.

Claire then walked back to the group, "Survivable. Any idea how long it will be before it will heal?" William was very relived that she seemed to be doing quite well, he looked at Ivaan with hope in his eyes. He then shook his head and gathered himself. "We need to return to the city as soon as possible, this land isn't safe. Ivaan, you tend to yourself and any other wounded people, the rest prepare to move out." He gave a meaningful look to Claire as he passed her. He took a defensive position as he looked around, the ash beginning to go back into his armor.

"I have no business in that town" Rias finally said, however her tone was distant, dismissive in a way, like she was talking to strangers, like when the group first got together. Rias turned away from the hole and started walking back to where he'd left her pack, taking an unusually wide berth around William as she passed him. The 'air' about her as she passed was equally distant to the tone she used.

"Oh yeah" Karen said, remembering something "We left our stuff outside town, cause, ya know, the bitch in the towns walls" she said, but stayed with the group till they started to move.

"Any idea how long it will be before it will heal?"
"Two to three weeks. I'll change your dressing every couple days to keep it clean. maybe less frequently later. we'll see how it goes."

Ivaan looked down at his leg. The tear should probably take a week, at most ten days to heal, assuming there was infection.

Ivaan shifted his weight, and the bag laying on the floor was knocked, from it rolled the chipped, spiky heart Ivaan had picked up earlier.
"Huh. I forgot about this."
Ivaan picked it up and inspected it after tying off and cutting the bandage on his leg.
"It's from that creature Karen and Rias were fighting earlier. I figured if it was against Abumont, we shouldn't just kill it. I'm keeping it alive with my power. It might come in useful. Maybe there will come a way to communicate with it, in time."
Ivaan took one of his two small money pouches from his bag (now empty) and tied it to a length of twine, putting it around his neck.

Claire heard the long healing time and sighed - it would definitely be a while before she was better. "Great". Before she could contemplate it further however, Rias spoke up, sounding a touch depressed. "I have no business in that town." She made her way around the group, taking a wide berth around William, and grabbing her pack. Claire shook her head.

"That's not true; I owe you and Mr. Bom an apology and a few drinks." she said, mustering her courage. With all of this Abumot business behind them, Claire felt it was about time she and Rias re-buried the hatchet. With the recovery of the bombs, it was clear that Mr. Bom had been innocent of - at least most of - the crimes in the empty town a few days back. That meant that Rias was right - her decision had been wrong. Claire knew she was a proud fool, but she wasn't going to let that pride blind her to her mistakes.

"That's not true; I owe you and Mr. Bom an apology and a few drinks."

Rias stopped and turned to Claire "For what happened with that foolish old thief" she shrugged "All other things coincided that's really kinda of a minor issue, so you and me are fine, since really, nether side had any proof to back up their position. HIM on the other hand" pointing to William "He's on my 'shit list', and not in the same way you where"

Bom stared at the ruined ground. No one looked certain that Abumot was dead, though William seemed angry at him for asking. A smarter person might have suggested warning the city of the uncertainty, and consign a week or so to watching the area from a cautious distance. Bom just shrugged. "Good enough for me."

He took stock of the others. Rias and Karen were being contrary, but Bom liked the idea of getting back to town and getting a reward. Preferably before Abumot could show up and spoil everything.

"That's not true; I owe you and Mr. Bom an apology and a few drinks." said Claire.

Bom would have blushed if he could.

"You spoil me, Ms," he said with a bow. "Ms-is", he added, to acknowledge Rias' opinion. Bom felt glad he had never tried to rob their houses. Rias was more interested in jabbing at William, however.

"He's on my 'shit list', and not in the same way you where"

Bom tried to stop an argument before it started.

"Erm, Ms, perhaps this isn't the...uh, the time...we have a reward to claim, and I'd like to spend it all as soon as possible..."

"Erm, Ms, perhaps this isn't the...uh, the time..."

Rias looked around a bit, Ivaan was hurt, and so was Claire "Your right Mr Bom, we should relocate the wounded first and see them tended to, there's also the matter of the bombs. I don't care if they don't work on me I'm not carrying them around" Rias said after taking a look at the state of the group. "But this matter between me and William will be settled afterward" she said before going over to lend Ivaan assistance in getting back to town

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