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Bom looked between Claire and Abumot in alarm. What was she proposing?! If he is allowed to live, what's to say what he would do? And once news got out that Abumot was still alive, wouldn't the folks back at capital city have some kind of problem with the group? Bom wasn't sure he wanted two more parties pursuing them. He glanced around for a sharp object, but it being a library, he saw nothing that could do more damage to Abumot than a paper cut.

What if he I took someone else's sword?...

He eyed the weapons on William's belt, and weighed up his options.

Karen looked around a bit and spotted Bom eying William, presumable his swords, and moved over to him, putting her hand on his shoulder and shaking her head 'no', all while keeping an eye on the Hansav on the book case.

Rias stood by Claire, listening to her exchange with Abumot, she was kind glad he was still willing to talk, though all things considered she didn't think he could do much more, not with that kind of damage

Claire started explaining her plan. It seemed to involve letting him go, to get more information about the mages. Not a bad plan, but he still didn't like the thought of letting him escape. "I'm not your biggest fan, Abumont....internal structural support so your connective tissue can regrow and your liver doesn't crush your intestines." William looked at Ivaan, he seemed to know quite a lot about healing people. Of course this was obvious, but he seemed to know even more then he had thought.

William then saw something out of the corner of his eye, Karen seemed to hold Bom's shoulder. Who seemed to be looking at his sword, he was once again glad that Karen had joined them. And he made a mental note to get Bom a weapon, something which always seemed to slip his mind. "Is there any way in which I can help you Ivaan?" He asked stepping forward. He was hiding his feelings about this deal, he really didn't want to let him live though.

'I already said if all you can do is stitch me up I do not want it, its not like these wounds are doing anything, except for the obvious lack of legs' abumot said to ivaan

A hand touched Bom's shoulder. Karen was making her disapproval clear. He averted his eyes, abashed. Inside, he still knew that it had to be done, if not by his hand, than someone else's. He spoke to the others quietly, but clearly.

"Ivaan, leave him. William, it's too dangerous to let him live. The city won't help us whilst he is in one piece, and we might not make it if we have to walk on to the next town. We could just drag him back to the city walls, but who knows what they'll do to him? Besides, if we bring all of him back alive, they might skimp on our deal. The way I see it, there is only one thing you can do..."

Ivaan's eyebrow twitched, pausing, medical bag in hand.
"William, I..."

Bom spoke.
He mentally thanked Bom, as he reached into his bag and lay his hand on a bone saw.
"William, I'm sorry."
He approached the body.
"Im not letting this... Defiler take anyone else's humanity."
Ivaan grimaced Apart from mine.
The steel gleamed in the twilight. The serrated cutting edge vicious in the dull light.

Ivaan yanked Abumont up, pushing the back of his neck against the corner of the table surface.
His head was over the edge of the table. If someone wanted to cut off his head, it would be as simple as swiping down a blade.

Ivaan's bonesaw rose, his eyes dull, Jaw set.

Claire could see her plan had mixed support at best. Maybe... if he hadn't been a necromancer it would have worked, but then they would never have been in this situation were he anything but a necromancer.

"William, I'm sorry. I'm not letting this... Defiler take anyone else's humanity." Ivaan said, letting them know his thoughts on the matter. Claire watched as he took out his saw and raised it over the mage's neck. She saw his eyes dull as he prepared for his self-appointed task.

It was then that Claire acted. Using a rift, she tried to strike before Ivaan could get the chance. Ivaan was a healer; his job wasn't to take life but to protect it. She however was noble and she would do what duty demanded - consequences be damned.


Abumot grabbed ivaans hand and gave him a taser strength jolt of electricity, he kept hold of ivaans arm until ivaan was brought to his knees 'don't expect me to go quietly' abumot muttered, 'anyone else going to try something?'

Ivaan moved to remove the Yama's head. Bom was surprised by Ivaan's constitution, and he realised he was running out of time to say something reassuring to the condemned. It seemed like the least he could do was to say a fair well, or promise to see to Abumot's final wishes. All he could mutter was a small sorry.

As he was making an apology, Claire made a sudden move.

Ivaan slumped, the portal opened.
Ivaan kept a hold of Abumont's hand as the blade fell, keeping Abumont in place and keeping himself out of the blades' path.

Clairs portal severed abumots head in one clear strike, it rolled a bit before landing on the neck stump, abumots eyes open and the head emitted a single lightning bolt at clair, though this one only had the fraction of the strength of his previous one.

As Claire's portal struck, she had a moment to celebrate before his attempt to shock her caught her attention. She threw a new portal in front of her, to try and stop the attack, but it was too late. The bolt hit her easily; her only consolation being the attack felt much weaker than the previous one.

As the blast hit her, she felt her body shake before she lost balance; pain shooting through her. She hit the ground face first a second later and moaned in pain. "I hate mages" she managed to squeek out, annoyed and stunned for the moment.

William watched Ivaan walk over to Abumot, Bom then spoke. "Ivaan, leave him...The way I see it, there is only one thing you can do..." He looked at Bom, annoyance showing on his face. As if he didn't know that, it was just a hard decision. "William, I'm sorry." He turned his head to see Ivaan ready to behead Abumot, he froze not able to grasp what was happening. Ivaan's hand was then grabbed by the mage, and he seemed to use electricity on him. Making him fall to his knees, and he was clearly in pain.

Claire then summoned a portal, and fired at Abumot. Separating his head from his body, the head rolled a bit before stopping. Sadly he however didn't seem to be dead, and he shot lightning before William could respond. Claire was hit and fell to the ground, she moaned in pain and annoyance. William was filled with rage and hatred, that was it! Anyone who touched her would die! He moved his hand, and within less then a second all his ash was gathered around Abumot's head. It all flew towards him, and attempted to fill his head and then form a shield around him.

Reetch cowered, hands over his head as the scuffle went on, only looking up to see when the deed was done. He felt a brief moment of relief, before Claire was unfortunately hit and fell to the floor. Still keeping low, he scurried quickly over to her, rolling her off her front and onto her back, trying to prop her up as best he could.

"You alright, Ms Claire?" he asked, looking to her, Ivaan, and the now severed head of the Mage. "He's given you two quite the shock it would seem."

Rias watched the events unfold and did the only thing she could do, sigh a defeated sigh Well so much for that I guess ... she thought as she went to check on Claire "You ok?" she asked as she knelt down to help her back up.

Karen took her hand off Bom, and shrugged an 'well fuck it' shrug, and turned her gaze back to the Hansav on the book self.

"You alright, Ms Claire?" Reetch asked, before adding "He's given you two quite the shock it would seem."

"Ow" Claire moaned out, only partially at the horrible play on words. "You ok?" Rias added a moment later, giving Claire a chance to respond. "We'll; I'm not burned like last time, but I can't feel my arms or legs... not sure if that's better or worse." she said, more annoyed at the necromancer than ever. Why did a necromancer even have a lightning spell anyway? Weren't they supposed to just raise the dead and have them do all the hard work. How come they had found the one necromancer who thought zombies were improved by lightning.

Ivaan muttered a little under his breath as he got to his feet, hopping a little to help his damaged leg.
"No, no, don't anyone come and help me. not like I'm butchered and bruised from the last bout, let alone being turned into a human lightning rod."
It was quiet grumbling, something Ivaan occupied himself with as he got to his feet and brushed himself off.
Ivaan took a burlap sack from his bag and shoved the head into it, careful not to point it at himself or anyone else.
"I don't want a peep out of you, clear? I've had it up to here with your shenanigans. Now where's my crutch..."
Ivaan looked around for the stick he had been walking on recently.

Bom winced as the head came clean off. Then it shocked Claire.


The others moved to help Claire. Bom tried to be helpful too, by standing at the back of the crowd on tip toes, and looking concerned.

"I don't want a peep out of you, clear? I've had it up to here with your shenanigans. Now where's my crutch..."

"Well, at least that's sorted," Bom said, his enthusiasm returning. He hadn't noticed Ivaan's grumbling.

He looked around at the vast library.

"It seems a shame though..."

Ivaan looked up at the shelves.
"Wonder if it's all necromancy? or if there are sections for other subjects?"

Number 3 walked up to ivaan 'what book are you looking for? if you tell me I can go and fetch it. Also were are you taking master?'. At the same time the hansav hissed out 'why don't we ssscoop out hisss brain form his neck stump, you know just to make sure you finish the job' from the shadows of the top of the book shelf's.

As the paralysis faded, Claire slowly worked her way back up to her feet. Her body ached a little, but she was mostly unharmed. She took a second to shale her head clear of the residual affects of the blast, before noticing William's state. She made her way over, careful not to aggravate any known or unknown injuries, and wrapped her good arm around him. "It's okay William - everyone's okay."

William looked at the ash cage he had made. He kept staring at it, afraid that it would move. People were talking around him, but he paid them no mind. Suddenly he felt an arm being wrapped around him, he looked surprised as he turned to face Clarie. He looked at her and a smile spread across his face, she was so beautiful. "It's okay William - everyone's okay."

He placed his hand on Claire's head. "I am happy to hear that everyone is okay, but I am especially happy to hear that you are okay." He gently kissed her head and then released her. He focused on the ash prison once more, and it seemed to form into a round prison. It flew over to him, and he placed the ball in his bag. "Alright it seems we are finally done." He said to no one in particular. He then placed his hand on Claire's back and asked with a worried expression. "Where are you hurt?"

"why don't we ssscoop out hisss brain form his neck stump, you know just to make sure you finish the job."

Now that Abumot seemed fairly dead, the prospect didn't bother Bom too much.

"I'm not putting my hand in there. Who knows what'll happen?" he said to the Hansav.

"...Also were are you taking master?"

Bom thought about it for a moment.

"Just for a walk. Shouldn't take too long, but you should keep the place tidy whilst he's away."

"I am happy to hear that everyone is okay, but I am especially happy to hear that you are okay."

As William kissed Claire's head, Bom finally realised what had been going on this whole time. He slowly exhaled and considered the development.

"Alright it seems we are finally done."

He nodded in agreement. With the others seeing to their wounds, and Claire being back on her feet, Bom gestured towards the exit.

"Shall we make a move?"

The exchange between William and Claire rubbed Karen the wrong way, not that she was against the idea of romance in general, she was just against in on the battlefield "Well if you two are done, I'd like to be out of this miserable country sooner rather then later" Karen said in a slightly annoyed tone.

Rias just sighed at the whole mess and started for the exit

"Where are you hurt?" William asked, after kissing her. Claire hadn't really expected the kiss - she'd been more concerned with calming him down, but then she wasn't complaining either. "I'll be fine - there are no new wounds to speak of." she said, which was mostly true. She was sure she'd cut herself when she fell, but it wasn't anything nature wouldn't solve in a few days. If she'd hurt anything, it was her pride: her attempt at diplomacy proved ineffective and in the end she'd had to end the fight herself. It wasn't anything she liked to admit.

Mr. Bom broke her train of thought, saying "Shall we make a move? and gesturing toward the exit. Claire was in agreement, save one last task. "Sure, but first: what should we do about the library? I certainly don't like the idea of leaving it here for just anyone to dig up, but I don't like the idea of just burning it either - even knowledge of necromancy can be used for good; like stopping undead. I don't know if we can transport it..." she said, trailing off without anything else to add and out of ideas.

"and what about the... er... grave robber. Didn't he need something here?" she added as an after thought, while looking around for the gaseous thief.

Ivaan looked to the creature offering his service.
"I need all the books you can find on beings with innate magical power, not learned but grown. Like us.
I also need a book information on fighting undead, and a book that can help us fight powerful wizards or sorcerers."
Ivaan looked up at the tall book cases.
"Are there any books on those subjects?"

"why don't we ssscoop out hisss brain form his neck stump, you know just to make sure you finish the job"
Ivaan raised an eyebrow at the thief.
"Not now, no. But if he causes any more trouble" Ivaan made sure the head could hear him for this; "I might change my mind."

Ivaan looked to the others "Burning this much knowledge is out of the question. Where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people also." Ivaan scrunched up his muzzle.

"One last request my friend. Could you please get me all the more powerful and dangerous books on necromancy."
Ivaan would have to work out a plan for these books later.

'well master said to only follow his direct orders, his last orders were to stick with him and bring books as requested' number three said it then faced the bag with abumots head in it and said 'I am meant to wait here?' the creature waited for a response, not getting one it started thinking, thinking hard 'I remember master said if he should stay quite I should follow his last orders'

"One last request my friend. Could you please get me all the more powerful and dangerous books on necromancy."

In an instant number three scampered off and started running between bookshelves, he returned with a large journal, hand made, some pages looked like they were about to fall out. Despite all this the book had a unnerving presence, un-understandable whispers could be heard form it, the air around it froze into mist, some of which for moments took shape everything from skulls to butterflies 'its masters journal, he says its the most important book he has, it contains everything he's discovered including how to create homunculus, he also said that non magic users also shouldn't look at it' said number three with awe.

Karen and Rias started to head for the door, but William wasn't quite done here yet. Then Claire spoke, "I'll be fine - there are no new wounds to speak of." He was very relived to hear that. "I am very relived to hear that Claire." She then asked a question, to which he didn't really know the answer. "And what about the...grave robber. Didn't he need something here?" She said looking up at the thief. He glanced around the library, the knowledge which was contained here was very dangerous.

"One last request my friend. Could you please get me all the more powerful and dangerous books on necromancy." He turned his head to see Ivaan, talking to the creature. Why does he want that book? What could he possibly have to gain from that? The creature ran off, and returned with a book warning how dangerous it was. William walked over to Ivaan, and looked at him with a questioning look. "Before you do anything else with that book, why do you even want to see it?" He asked sounding suspicious.

Ivaan looked down at the book in his hands with more than a small amount of disgust.
"Could you get me the other books I requested please? the book on enchanted beings, the book on fighting undead creatures, and a book on fighting the wizards we may meet? Thankyou, number three."

"Before you do anything else with that book, why do you even want to see it?"

Ivaan laughed out loud.
"There is no way in the forest fires of the lowest depths of terror I am doing anything with this book."
Ivaan took cloth from his bag and bundled up the book.
"I'm taking it so that no-one else can find it and use it's secrets for evil purposes. Perhaps we shall meet a good sorcerer on our travels, if such a thing exists."

"I'm taking it so that no-one else can find it and use it's secrets for evil purposes."

Reetch thought for a moment, then asked

"Why don't you just destroy it? If you just take it away then there's still a chance it can fall into the wrong hands."

He could hear the whispering even through the cloak wrapping, simply being near the tome made Reetch feel ill, it didn't take a magic user or a genius to know that thing, whatever it is, wasn't good news.

"Why don't you just destroy it? If you just take it away then there's still a chance it can fall into the wrong hands."

"Because nothing happens only once. You watch."
Ivaan batted a hand on the book, looking over to bom;
"In a hundred or so years there will come along another necromancer. Maybe not as powerful, maybe even more powerful than Abumont, and we won't be around to stop them. And this... 'book'" Ivaan spat out the word 'book' as if he didn't want to call the fell elements by the name he called all other knowledge in the library; "May be the key to beating them."

Ivaan stuffed the now covered book in his satchel and hooked the bag containing Abumont's head to his waist
"Destroying it, destroying knowledge, is never advisable in the long run."

"This... 'book' may be the key to beating them."

"You do what you think is right, Ivaan. But if it were me, I'd make it so that thing would be incinerated in a blacksmith's furnace before the day had ended."

Reetch looked at the satchel where the book now rested, then to the bag which held the severed head. He shivered. Ivaan may have a point about the unforeseen possibilities of the future, but Reetch's gut told him otherwise. The book was linked to Abumont, neither were to be taken lightly, if they had to destroy the necromancer then everything of his should go down the same path as him.

He tore his eyes from bags, looking away and trying to put both from his mind.

"Destroying it, destroying knowledge, is never advisable in the long run."

"On the otherhand-" Claire said, interjecting, "-we can't be certain that the next necromancer won't find the book and use it for even greater evil. I agree we shouldn't destroy knowledge Ivaan - but don't use an unknown future to justify it." Claire finished, bothered by his logic. Books were just ideas and ideas were just tools that could be used for great acts of good OR evil - depending on the user. The issue with destroying a book, at least in her case, was that destruction of the knowledge didn't destroy the principle behind the knowledge. They could destroy the book, but not what it contained or represented.

"So what should we do with it?" she asked Ivaan, wanting to hear what the trained Animancer thought - being the closest thing they had to an expert (aside from the head in the bag)

As a second thought, she turned to the little servant of Abumot and asked "So how many books are there and how long would it take to transport them all somewhere else?" It was always a good idea to take logistics into account.

Ivaan listened to Bom and Claire.
"You both have a point..." Ivaan felt the book's weight in his bag.
Life was never this complicated in the forest...
"So what should we do with it?"
Ivaan thought for a moment,
"Will, You have the final call, what do you think we should do with it?"

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