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Rias surprised by Boms intrusion "Who's this third noble? I know your not talking about me. Ivaan maybe? Anyway" turning back to William and shrugged "Claire would probably be able to give that evaluation better them I can. Dancer, remember, I'm not really familiar with what your really doing wrong on the whole, I mean we've been on the road how long and this is the first time you've really done something to piss me off. Granted you hit a sore spot, but still, not doing to bad I guess."

Both Claire and Rias seemed a bit confused about what Bom said. Rias then turned back to him and said "Claire would probably be able to give...Granted you hit a sore spot, but still, not doing to bad I guess." He smiled a bit at that, and responded with. "Thank you, and I am glad to hear you say that Rias. Also I am a bit uncertain about asking this, but have you already decided if you will stay with us or not?" William looked up at her, it was important to know if she would stay with them, because if she wouldn't he would have to adjust his tactics.

"will stay with us or not?"

Rias pondered this question, part of her wanted to say no, but that part was tied to her 'restlessness', the part that made her walk away from what was a very successful career, for an answer she still has not found yet "There's no point to leaving, not like I'm going to find the answer I'm after by bailing again, hell, may never find it. Might as well stay and ride this out." she finally said after a minute or so

Rias seemed to think about his question, after a minute she finally said "There's no point in leaving, it's not like I'm going to find the answer I am after by bailing again, hell, may never find it. Might as well stay and ride this out." William smiled in response. "I am very glad to hear that Rias, and I hope that something like this will never happen again." William stood up, stretching his arms wide.

"I think its about time to head to the shop, I still need to send that letter," he said thinking out loud. Then he turned to Claire and offered her his arm with a smile. He would start walking as soon as she accepted his arm, and he hoped that Bom would leave them alone for the most part.

The guard seemed a little wary of Ivaan travelling out alone, but soon he was outside the city walls and on his way deeper into the forest.
As Ivaan head out, the earthen smell of decomposing leaves reminded him of his odd dreams the previous night, and the strange rhythmic beating. What could it possibly mean? He wasn't aware of his heart being in anything other than top form, so why...
Wait, the heart from that beast in the cave!
With steady fingers, Ivaan plucked the small bag from his backpack and opened it to look at the heart inside.

As Ivaan peered into the bag he could see the heart, not beating, but slowly expanding and contracting, more like a lung then a heart. Ivaan noticed a noise behind him, as he turned to investigated he saw number 3 leaping at his face while shouting 'you let them kill master!' number 3 land on ivaan's face and started flailing its handless arms at ivaan's face. Though it only felt like being attacked by a baby.

Ivaan stared at the heart as it slowly beat.It was an odd little thing. It had to be hardy to live on its own like this. he hoped he could return it to it's owner, but a creature without a heart probably wasn't going to be up and about much, if at all.
A noise.
Ivaan closed the bag and turned.
'you let them kill master!'
The strikes were pitiful, but Ivaan yelped, more out of surprise than any kind of pain.
Reaching up, he plucked the creature from his face and lifted him up in front of his face, looking the small goblin-like creature over, a large paw under each arm.
He looked at the creatures wounds and cringed.
"Your master tried to kill us, number three. and he was preparing to kill hundreds, maybe even thousands more. He brought a country to its knees. We did the right thing killing him. I'm sorry you were wrapped up in this, and I'm sorry you got hurt, but I am not, and will never be, sorry, for killing Abumot."
Ivaan put him down on the ground and held him down with one paw while he took ointment and bandages out of his bag.
Now hold still, if we're lucky the burns on your arms might not have gotten infected. I can't give you new hands, but I may be able to save your arms if I cut away the rotten flesh." Ivaan inspected the wounds, applying only enough pressure on 3's chest to keep his patient still. after a short time, he spoke; "Most of the wound was cauterized by the fire, there's actually surprisingly little dead flesh. You're a lucky fellow." Ivaan paused at this; "relatively speaking." Ivaan fished a small bottle from his bag and offered it to the poor creature.
"It's a painkiller, it'll stop the wounds from making you die of shock when I operate on the wounds."
When three struggled, he added; "three, your master is gone. you are free. Accept it, and move on. You don't have to believe he was an evil man, but you know he brought his death on himself. Now you have two options, let me help you, let me prove to you I'm not your enemy, that I'm not evil, or a murderer, or you can refuse my treatment and die of gangrene. Either way, I'll give you the milk of the poppy to ease your suffering, but I'll leave the choice of whether to live or die up to you."
As he paused, a few leaves fell from the trees around him, and the small dirt path the two were on filled the silence with sounds of bird calls and chirping insects.
Ivaan looked at three. The poor creature didn't ask to be enslaved, or have his will so thickly entrenched in his masters safety. He was just a fool controlled by emotion and duty, trying to do what he thought was right.
The emotions in the creatures single, large, moist eye reminded Ivaan of himself a little.

Happy to hear they were moving on, Bom clapped his hands and butted in between Claire and William. He put his arms around both of them and guided them out into the street by the waist. It wasn't just a willingness to shop that encouraged Bom to get so personal. He wasn't exactly rolling in capital at the moment, so it was best to have a couple of the wealthy sort on hand. Plus there was the added benefit of being seen in public with nobility - Bom was already envisioning the titles and gifts showered upon him by a grateful populace, saved from the deadly necromancer: "Mr BOM!""SIR Bom! Please take this ornate dagger. It was once crafted by a Prince, and passed down through my family for fourteen generations. I want you to have it". Bom would give a fatherly nod, and gratefully accept this prize with the courtesy most becoming of a gentleman of his stature.

As this little fantasy played out in Bom's head, he couldn't help suppress a broad, toothy smile.

Rias giggled as Bom drug Clair and William out of the room and went back to writing a song after they where out of the room. Not long after they left, Karen came in, book in hand "Hey Rias? you know how to read right?" Karen asked, Rias nodded "Yeah, why? You don't strike me as 'bookish'" Karen sat down across from Rias and slid the book toward her "I'm not, never saw the need to learn how to read, but I've had reason to question my origins" "You mean what happened when you and Sleipnir bonded?" Karen nodded as Rias opened the book.

It was the book Karen had #3 get on demons, a catalog of sorts of the known types, Rias flipped a few pages "What am I looking for? I mean you don't seriously believe you share blood with these abominations do you?" Karen was uncharacteristically 'unsure' of her self, Rias just nodded "I'll see if there's anything that matches your transformations description, seems like a good place to start, just don't expect an answer." Karen nodded as Rias set to thumbing through the 'big-book-o-demons'.

Number 3 continued to attempt and strike ivaan 'Without master I am without purpose, he gave me live like he wanted to give live to everyone. If he to become a monster in order to do so he would, he did not do it for glory, he did not do it for power he just wanted to make sure no one for have to loose one they cared about. You took him from me, the other numbers served until their deaths but I knew if master could finish his work they would come back, so did they.' by thi point number 3's voice was filled with anger and sorrow, his words barely hitting his screech of contempt for ivaan 'You made all their sacrifices pointless every live master had to take to progress his work you wasted, everyone that died for master. All of their blood are on your hands, you sicken me!' number 3 spat at ivaan.

Rias finished reading the book and sat there a few moments, the books still open to page 374, and she looked at Karen, not sure what to say, Karen sensing something was up, came around to look, seeing the image on the page "So I and a demon then?" "No, similar to, yes, the first pages I stopped on had information on a chitin similar to yours. This person motioning to the image and text on the page "He was a serial killer from some time ago, he was caught, and supposedly executed, but some one named 'Harvey Treasach' pulled his head off the chopping block, but like you possesses a transformation, one similar in power and form to some lesser demons, according to this, Harvey Treasach is using him to fetch samples from the demon realm" Rias said as she put a second book mark in and closed the book.

Karen just sat down, letting it all sink in "So now what then?" "We find Clair and William, they need to know about this, it may be our next move. Rias said as she headed toward the door "Karen, I want you to find Ivaan, he took the heart of one of those stone-men, and I'm worried now, make sure he's ok still, if the heart is acting up your the only one of us who can go toe to toe with what ever those things really are." Karen got up and headed out the door, she'd gotten an answer but it leaded to more questions.

Had her family lied to her? they'd always been fearful of her but they never said why really, could this have been the reason? she wasn't really they're daughter? Karen headed to the gate to find which way Ivaan went, where as Rias took off after Claire and William, with the book under her arm.

Claire walked with William, happy to have both put to rest the issues with Rias - if only for the moment - and kept the group together. Now, she just needed to claim the promised proof against Duke Treasach and get it to her father. "Some good would come from this nightmarish misadventure so help me" Claire thought, staying positive.

Of course, it wasn't all good. She had hoped to spend some time with William in town but that didn't seem like it was going to happen. Well, it was going to happen; they would just have a chaperone in the form of a certain thief of questionable skill. In any event, They were outside, not worried about necromancers or stone warriors, in a relatively safe town. So what if she didn't get to spend the day with William; that's what the evening was for.

A smile on her face, she willingly followed Mr. Bom outside, though she freed herself from his monstrous grip, favoring William's hand in it's place. She was quite happy with the situation until Rias caught up with them; book in hand. She didn't mind Rias's presence per say, but the look on her face seemed to say "we have a new, evil magic-user to deal with waiting outside - care to help?" Truthfully; she didn't want to deal with the next problem just yet...

"Hey Rias; What's wrong?" she called out as the warrior woman arrived.

"Hey Rias; What's wrong?"

"Harvey Treasach is playing around in the demon realm with the aid of s serial killer named Bruce Smith, he should have been executed a long time ago, but Harvey is using him to collect 'samples'." she said opening the book to the second book mark for Clair and William to read "It gets better though, those stone men we keep running into? Are possibly from the demon realm as well, though from the sound of another page the one we keep bumping into are the result of those samples collected" she said giving them enough time to read the Bio of Bruce and get a look at the pic of 'Karen but red and on fire', before turning to the page about the Juggernauts.

Claire flipped through the book, reading what Rias pointed out with growing hatred. "Treasach... that half witted, intolerable, sow-born-!" she started to say, her hatred for the man having achieved new heights. She'd always known the man was a despicable individual, but until his attempted alliance with Abumot, she'd always considered him a mundane sort of annoyance that only occasionally rose to the level of threat. Apparently this was no longer the case however. If he was indeed bringing demons into the world, then he was a greater threat than she'd ever realized.

Closing the book with a slam, she marched toward the nearest town official, muttering about all the things she'd do to the arrogant madman when she got the chance. "I guess I'm going back to Embla; Duke Treasach has a great deal to answer for and I can't wait to hear it."

Claire seemed to want to accept his offer, when suddenly Bom stepped in. He placed a hand around both of them, and then began walking them to the outside with a smile. William was annoyed for a second, before his expression softened. He had been a bit though on Bom lately, probably his hatred for non humans had something to do with it. I guess I should cut him some slack. He looked over at Claire who was smiling, which in turn made him happy. "Hey Rias; What's wrong?" Claire suddenly asked, which made him turn his head and see Rias running at them with a book in her hands.

She showed it to Claire, who began reading it, and began to show more and more anger. "Treasach...I can't wait to hear it." Claire said as she shut the book and marched towards a town official, which left him behind with Rias and Bom. He watched a bit surprised as Claire walked away, and then decided to follow her. He didn't know much about demons, but the things he did know was that they were bad news. "Hey Claire wait up, who is this Duke precisely? I think you mentioned him before, but I don't know too much about the internal politics of the nobles." Well apart from the trade that is.


Rias turned to Bom " I'm going back to our room, see if this book has any more details about this guy." Rias said as she turned to go back to the Inn to dig through the book some more.


Karen walked up behind Ivaan, having followed the shouting "Good your ok, and the little guy is with you, even better" she said as she knelt down beside Ivaan "That heart you pulled out of the stone man, it acting weird at all?" Karen asked, in a less then subtle manner that said 'I know something bad about it'. She then turned to #3 "That book you got for me? Do you know how old it is?" she asked, again sounding like something was up.

Ivaan tried to hold down the angry little cycloptic gremlin, but succeeded in only earning himself a pitiful slap from one of the creature's stumps.
"The heart? Yes, it's begun beating again, And I think it may have been affecting my dreams somehow."
Ivaan tried to get a gurney around the creature's arm, but was having difficulty with the flailing creature. "Karen, a hand please? he's going to die of infection if I don't see to him."


Rias made it back to their room at the Inn, sat down and started reading it again, this time looking for more info relating to this Harvey character, or what he was working on.


Karen nodded and helped restrain the little creature while she waited for her answer.

"Hey Claire wait up, who is this Duke precisely? I think you mentioned him before, but I don't know too much about the internal politics of the nobles." Willaim asked, catching up to her. Claire searched her memory for what she might have said about him, but couldn't remember. Instead, she started from the top.

"Harvey Treasach is the Duke of Isgrham. He's a fairly powerful noble in the courts; he has a lot of pull in a lot of places. He's a human supremacist, believing that humans are the only form of life of value. This might be tolerable were it not to the extents he takes it. On more than one occasion, he's used his political power to end diplomatic relations with other races; usually violently and without warning. Every time he's done so, he's put ambassadors like my mother and father at risk... more than a few never make it back. He likes to talk of arenas where the "lesser races" fight to the death for human entertainment. Whether these pits are real or not is a matter of some debate, but I wouldn't be surprised if every part of the rumors are true." Claire said, choking out his name and accomplishments. Claire paused a moment to let William take in the knowledge, then continued anew.

"He's also the nobleman who tried to contact and make an alliance with Abumot - sending the magic sword that this town captured. To add on to the wonderful list of things he's done, apparently he's weakening the wall between this world and the demon one as well." she finished, adding up some of the details.

"I met him once; at a party of his. I didn't know who he was. The way he speaks... the way he acts... it's nauseating" she added, disgust in her tone. He was the worst kind of monster; the human kind.

'8 years, 4 months, 1 week, 3 days, 13 hours, 58 minuets and 2 seconds since its completion, give or take 30 seconds' number 3 said before spitting at ivaan.

"Karen, a hand please? he's going to die of infection if I don't see to him."

Reetch stepped forward and seized Number 3, doing his best to secure the creature, but struggling against his flailing and thrashing limbs.

"Do be still, Three, you're being a nuisance," he grunted, before looking up and Ivaan. "You're still carrying that thing? A still beating heart that spews out nightmares? exactly what we need..."


"Son of a bitch...." Rias put another book mark in at the offending page and tore after Claire before she sent that letter to her father, Rias found her, and William in one the office of the current town leader. Rias walked right up to Claire, "I have more bad news for you" she said as she pulled Claire aside and opened the book back up to the pages she'd read for Claire to read. "So ... now what do we do?"

"...He's also the nobleman who tried to contact and make an alliance with Abumot - sending the magic sword that this town captured. To add on to the wonderful list of things he's done, apparently he's weakening the wall between this world and the demon one as well."

Bom wandered slightly behind the couple, nodding his head occasionally to show he was listening to Claire's indictment (he wasn't). His mind was on the market stalls and shops around him. They didn't have much in the way of wares at all, but a market was a market, and he was certain the tributes would come soon. Perhaps they were just hiding out of sight.

Just then, Rias ran up from behind with a book in hand. Bom snapped to attention.

"Hello Rias. Do you have a letter to post as well?"

Ivaan shrugged as he wiped spittle from his face and struggled to get a painkilling agent into 3's mouth.
The milk of the poppy somehow got down the little cyclops' throat, and soon the writhing ceased.
"You're still carrying that thing? A still beating heart that spews out nightmares? exactly what we need..."
Ivaan nodded, "True, it may seem sinister, but who knows what the owner is like? I'm not about to sentence someone I've never even met to death just because their heart's resilient and a little psychic. Besides" Ivaan grinned; "Imagine having an ally that is semi-indestructible and psychic. And I doubt anyone's going to attack us if we literally have their heart."
Ivaan turned away from Karen, back to his patient
"Ok, the pain is numbed. I'm going to cut away the small amount of dead tissue, sterilise the wound and bandage it up."
Ivaan worked away, first building a small fire to sterilise his equipment, before using a scalpel, suture kit, various poultices, and finally a roll of bandage to treat 3's condition.
"That was a lot better than I had expected. The fire that caused the injuries sterilised and closed up most of the wounds for me."

Ivaan sat back on a fallen log, setting his patient down to sleep in a small bed of grass and wilflowers and letting out a huffing sigh. He took a canteen off the side of his bag and took a swig.
"Thanks for the help."
He held the wooden canteen out to Karen, offering her a drink.
"So... Did Rias leave? Is she going to?"

"So ... now what do we do?" Rias said, showing her the book.

Claire just stared at the pages in shock. She read them once, then twice, then a third time more slowly; trying desperately to rationalize the information. "It could be false... placed there to undermine our confidence" she thought, grasping at straws. She knew it wasn't likely - how would anyone know a group from Embla would wander by, kill Abumot, take his books, and read that particular piece. It could be done, but not without a great deal of work and significant government corruption - the very problem the passages proved (if to a lesser extent)

"There must be some mistake." Claire said quietly. Claire couldn't - or wouldn't - believe the words on the page. She worked for them. With them. But this... it was impossible. For a plan like this to move forward, Embla's House of Lords would need to vote on it; and pass it by at least three quarters for that matter. The number of people involved... it couldn't be true.

As Claire spoke, her face paled. Her arms and legs must have ceased existence for she couldn't feel them. The entire House of Lords had to know what was going on. "Including them" she thought, of her parents. Claire felt her stomach twist and turn until it was a knot. Sickened by this last thought, she quickly ran outside the small building, just as the heaving began. She could only be thankful she hadn't eaten breakfast.

"What have I been fighting for?" she thought as her hold on her stomach gave.


"So... Did Rias leave? Is she going to?"

Karen declined the drink "Donno, didn't ask, but given her reaction to the contents of that book #3 got for me, I'd say no" Karen said standing up and letting Reetch hold #3 down has Ivaan worked "If I had to guess, our next stop might be Embla though. Anyway, I'm going to need you to hand over that heart, or better, destroy it"


Rias watched Claire's reaction, it wasn't was she was expecting but she wasn't really surprised to see the color drain from her face. For Rias this was just another reason to distrust the nobles, but for Claire, she figured it was more an up ending of her beliefs. "We should find that little creature that gave Karen the book, it might know more about the book. she said, giving Claire a bit of a back rub then turned to William "If your gonna send a message, I strongly suggest you not let on we know anything about Embla 'demon project', I'm not even sure we should tell them about Harvey trying to form an alliance with Abumot."

"If your gonna send a message, I strongly suggest you not let on we know anything about Embla 'demon project', I'm not even sure we should tell them about Harvey trying to form an alliance with Abumot." Rias said to William, patting her on the back.

As Claire finished her less-than-wonderful reverse breakfast, she turned to Rias, angry. "I'm sending that message to my parents; or don't you trust them! They aren't involved; they can't be involved!" she yelled; needing to believe the words more than she did. There had to be a reason; some crucial information they lacked. The information could be false. Maybe they were under some kind of coercion into either hiding the vote or voting against their will. Maybe there was some threat that justified such an action.

That had to be it. There was something so very wrong that Embla needed to take such drastic measures! Surely that was case! It had to be; what other explanation was there? "I'm... I'm sure there's more to this then we know." Claire said, trying to maintain conviction.

There was a reason... right?

Rias restrained a smart ass remark at Claire's 'don't you trust them' line, and just let her rant, sides, Claire should really know the answer to that already.

She also didn't care what the reason was, it was still an executable offense, and who ever was behind it should swing for it, noble or not.

"Donno, didn't ask, but given her reaction to the contents of that book #3 got for me, I'd say no"
Ivaan restrained a sigh. Good news. Wait... The contents of the book? What about them?
"What was in the book?"

"If I had to guess, our next stop might be Embla though. Anyway, I'm going to need you to hand over that heart, or better, destroy it" "Why destroy the heart? And why do you want me to give it to you?"

"It's a book on Demons, and Rias found something in it she needed to talk to Claire about, as well as something enough like that heart your lugging around that she sent me here to make sure you where ok, least that's what I gathered from her" Karen paused a moment, looking for a word "I wanna say 'panicked tone' but she wasn't really what I would call 'panicking',, you know what I mean? Anyway she knows more about it then me."

Karen was going to say something else, but decided to not to given it kind of applied to her as well.

Claire turned to him, and began explaining just who this duke was. He sounded like an awful man, he was among the worst kind of nobles for sure. Suddenly he heard Rias' voice again, she said "I have more bad news for what do we do?" she asked as she showed Claire something in a book. William walked over to the two women, and tried to read over their shoulders. Claire then answered Rias by saying "There must be some mistake." Claire seemed very worried, and confused. Rias then spoke to Claire again, and then turned to him "If you're gonna send a message...Harvey trying to form an alliance with Abumot." He slowly nodded, maybe that would be for the best.

Claire seemed in bad shape, as she looked angry and yelled "I'm sending that message to my parents...they can't be involved!" She looked vulnerable and was clearly panicking. William could only think of one thing that he could do, he stepped towards Claire and he wrapped his arms around her. He placed his hand on her back, as he pulled her into a tight embrace. He then whispered to her "I am sure your parents aren't involved in this, from what I heard of them they sound like amazing people. I am sure there is some other explanations... and if you want we can go back to Embla right now." He said as he moved his head back a bit, and looked her right in the eye. He hadn't gotten any new orders yet, so technically they wouldn't go against the wishes of the army.

William wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into an embrace. "I am sure your parents aren't involved in this, from what I heard of them they sound like amazing people. I am sure there is some other explanations... and if you want we can go back to Embla right now." he said, looking at her directly in the eye.

The moment was jarring to say the least; but it was the kind of jarring Claire needed; the kind that helped calm her. It took a few moments before she was able to speak, but when her speech returned, she used it. Nodding, she said "I hope your right... either way I don't think we have a choice about returning to Embla. If they are... using such magic, they need to be stopped." she said, not believing what she was saying or what needed to be done.

This was treason! If what the book said was true, they would need to fight the government; the group who contracted them, who equipped them, who she specifically worked for. She was breaking her duty and more. There were family and friends in the House of Lords. Surely if it was true, some of them would be guilty... she would need to fight them; maybe even kill them. The thought of it was sickening.

And worse, if it wasn't true, they'd be put to death for the traitorous move. Claire wondered if she would even try to resist if the book were wrong. She doubted she could.

Claire returned William's embrace lightly before breaking free of it. "In any event; we still need to get the evidence and find the others" she said, trying to think of anything else. She leaned in to William and gave him a light kiss. "and thank you William."

Bom didn't like where this conversation was going. All this talk of the nobles and their uncertain allegiances was going to get in the way of Bom's shopping. He clicked his tongue in frustration.

"Shitfire," he muttered, "I'll be back in a bit."

He gave a quick bow to the three of them, and wandered off through the market stalls. The hypocrisy of it all was annoying him. For once, he was glad he wasn't high born. None of the politics or backstabbing. There was more honesty in his burglary than these old money types had between the lot of them. Oh well, it will eventually have to be addressed. He stopped opposite a rickety looking old store, advertising arms and armour. Best be ready for it, he thought as he stepped inside.

Reetch scratched his head, moving away from Ivaan and the others. All this bickering and squabbling about what to do seemed to him remarkably unnecessary, to him anyway.

"Had they taken my advice and destroyed those objects..." he muttered, more to himself then anyone near him, "Or at the very least sealed that forsaken library away we wouldn't be stuck like this." He looked at his hands as he walked, small and boney, his left palm bandaged from this mornings usual routine, he frowned. "None of this is honing my skills at all..." He looked back at the others, speaking a little louder this time.

"I suggest we make a move somewhere as quick as we can, we won't accomplish much stuck in this unpleasant bayou of a town, not to mention our sick or injured won't appreciate this mugginess...or these flies!" He swatted at the small cloud of midges buzzing around his head, trying to use his tail to shoo them away as best he could. "This is no place for the sick."

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