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Rias had started walking toward the man "I'm going to give you one chance to leave now, or i take you head as a trophy" her mist vanishing into the ground again "and don't think that tin can your in will save you ether" she said taking note of where the 'soft spots' in his armor where

Claire had had enough waiting. As the fight continued in full force, she calmly walked over to their resident psychopath, readying her powers. She she arrived, she noticed that the man had his knife out, ready to stab whenever the chance arose. "Fromanzio..." she started to say as she ripped a small hole in the universe in front of him. meanwhile, a similar hole began to form behind the enemy warrior's knee, where all armor was weak. "Enjoy" she finished, waiting for him to gimp the poor bastard who clearly had no luck when it came to picking fights.

"Ohohohoh yes!" Fromanzio almost jumped in the air with glee when he found out what the girl's powers consisted of.

Without any hesitation, Fromanzio lunged at the portal, stopping as the knife reached the handle.

William looked at James who had hit the ground by this point. He looked with an very pained expression on his face. "Sorry friend I will make it up to you later." William stepped back and grabbed his first sword. He waited for an opening to arise and then he would stab his foe. But he would be careful not to be used like that again. so he won't strike another friend down. William felt really guilty but even more angry with this annoying man. Though James was already back on his feet. Which made William feel a little bit less guilty.

The man laughed while getting up and said 'I am not wearing this armour to protect me, I am wearing it to protect you' as the man said this fromanzios knife went into a gap in the armour, it made a clank noise and failed to pierce anything, the man then let out a flurry of 75 Joule punches in Rias's direction.

William had about enough of this. "Retreat now!" William made an big ash screen making it impossible to see and harder to breath. He jumped backwards out of the ash screen. And gave signals to everybody to gather around him. He might have another plan.

Rias cartwheel left and was about to try and split the man in two when William called out and threw up a smoke screen, and bolted into it.

Fromanzio was really mad now. He looked over to his partner in crime and told her "Next time, don't go for a crippling blow, killing is always better." He then jumped right into the smokescreen, using his unparalleled endurance to hold his breath the entire time, he jumped behind the brute and whipped out two knives, with the brute disoriented, Fromanzio used his agility to sneak behind him and jab two knives down at the back of his neck.

"Retreat now!"

In the confusion of the fight, Bom had regained a little composure. His attacks proved ineffective against that armour, and Rias's attack had spared Bom from receiving the full force of that man's fists.

William's smoke billowed all over. Bom's eyes, already filmed over, struggled to make anything out through it. He was still furious, but he was starting to regain control. Unable to even see his assailant, Bom decided to step back and wait for the smoke to die down.

Claire heard the clanking sound through the portal and disapproved - that was supposed to end this. "Well; that won't do. That won't do at all." she said, shaking her head. Turning back to Fromanio, she smiled, cracked her knuckles, and muttered "Round two then?"

As she said it, William created his ash cloud, obstructing her vision. "Well... I guess not." she muttered. Seeing no better option, she made her way toward William, preparing her next trick. The moment he stepped out of that field, she hoped to wreck the bastards day in the most painful way possible - no one messes with a Montaigne!

She drew her blade and waited.

William was standing there very surprised for a few seconds. He had already though of a plan to get rid of this guy. And they only needed to come to him, instead of coming to him though, half of them seemed to have jumped back into his smoke screen. William was getting rather annoyed as his plan would work far better then I don't know stabbing someone who has probably iron skin. William yelled a them."I said retreat and regroup here so come back here. If we continue to fight one on one we will lose, so all of you get over here now!" William was annoyed that they didn't listen still they were civilian so he had to have seen that coming. still if they continued like this they would all die. He looked at Claire. "Claire you take position there and fire at the enemy with your crossbow." He pointed right next to the bridge.

The knives chipped as they hid the hard surface of the man's neck, in a split second the man spun around giving a 200 joule back hand to framanzio, sending him flying out of the smoke screen and landing at Williams feet. After hearing a clunking sound form within the smoke screen the group saw a large neon blue light pierce its way through the smoke, the light slowly moved across the ground making its way towards william, clair and framanzio 'Just give me the money and you will be spared' The man in the smoke said.

Rias popped back out of the smoke scree, this time, seeing William as she took a few deep breaths "what?!, i was gonna run em threw the tenders?" she said sounding mildly annoyed, till she saw the light pouring from the smoke screen, then a look of 'what the fuck....' crossed her face

William remembered what his commander once said. "If they don't respect them just make them respect you!" Time to take those lessons to heart. William was boiling with anger and screamed commandos to all his underlings. "ALL OF YOU CAN EITHER LISTEN TO MY COMMANDS OR GO BACK HOME! Now here is the plan! Bom and Rias you cover Claire keep him busy! Fromanzio and James you follow me!" William ran onto the bridge and whisper to Fromanzio. "get the horses and supplies and get them over the bridge James is here to help you with that. And Fromanzio get ready to blow the bridge up when I order you too." William grabbed his sword and headed back to the other group to make an stand against the madman.

Okay, now Fromanzio was furious. This guy had the nerve to strike him? This was unprecedented and not allowed! This man would learn the true meaning of fear, right before he disappeared into chunks. Fromanzio listened to his leader however, and decided blowing a bridge would be more fun. He headed back to his horses and began gathering them. Casting a yell to startle them and have them run over the bridge. All the fighting already had them on edge, so they did not need much encouragement.

"Hardly need anyone's help for that." Fromanzio then rushed to the middle of the bridge and emptied his pack. "Whenever you guys are ready."

Claire watched the scene for a moment, then called out "Sorry, I don't pay money to cowards, morons, and weaklings!", taunting the hard as metal warrior to keep his attention on her while William enacted his bridge burning plan. "I might have made an exception, but as you are a prime example of all three, I think I'll keep my money! Now, maybe if you begged..." she finished, putting on an air of confidence only a Montaigne could.

Backing her way onto the bridge, she stood in fencing position, and made on final call. "Come at me, unless you are such a coward as to be afraid of single woman with a sword!"

This had better work William or I will haunt you forever!

The light quickly moved to shine into Claire's face 'I decide to engage a group of people, who could easily kill a mountain troll, in combat, how those that make me a coward, a moron maybe. I am able to stand my ground against these people, so I am not weak, nor was my decision moronic' the ash started to clear 'You need to pick your taunts more carefully in the future' The man's head became clear to all in the group except claire who was being blinded by the light, The head was made of rock, with a single large glowing neon blue sphere in the head for an eye form which the light was coming from. There were vein like lines all across the head, coming out from the eye, going across the head and then down the neck, these vein like lines were also neon blue. There was no mouth. The man started walking towards claire with his fists raised.

Rias looked at the creature with the utmost curiosity, wondering what it was and how it came to be, like she was around everything she'd never seen before "my, aren't you interesting" she said putting her self between it and Claire "glowing talking rock eyeball ... thing ..., can't say i've ever seen .... what ever you are, before, and while i'd love to pick your brain on the details of 'what you are'" a narrow spike shooting out of the ground aimed it the eye "sadly we seem to have long since past that opportunity"

Claire, blinked at the light, her eyes trying to adjust. It took a few seconds however - seconds she didn't have. When they finally cleared, it was to the sight of a pair of fists hanging above her head. Shi- she thought, realizing her advantage of distance was effectively gone. As the fists came down, she did the only thing she could - she opened a portal in their path, shunting the blow into the side of the bridge. "They're no taunt if I can prove them." she said, backing up her words, a fire in her voice - if this was to be her last fight, it would be a death worthy of her heritage. "Cowardly: you, who claims to be so powerful, would not face a simple troll until you had extorted cash from a lowly farmer! Sounds fairly cowardly to me." she breathed out, venom on her tongue.

"Weak: I need only to kill you to prove my point. When I do, my "taunt" will ring true, for you were bested by a weak little diplomat, in single combat" She offered, emphasizing the words in the best way to upset the stone warrior. Her ambassador tongue, she hoped, struck true where her sword could not.

"And finally, Moronic: Never believe everything an ambassador says, especially where "single combat" is concerned."she offered, before diving from the bridge, into the water below. She yelled one final word before she hit the water. "NOW!"

God she hoped they were ready.

What happened was not according to plan but it was just as good. When Claire jumped down he screamed at Fromanzio.
"BLOW THE BRIDGE UP!" Claire had been so smart as to go 1 vs 1. So there was nobody left on the bridge expect the hostile man. And the supplies were already at the other side. William smiled brightly as he looked to the bridge.

Fromanzio tossed a single fire grenade at his pile. This was a pile consisting of seven or so explosive bombs. He has used less to blow up the entrance to the stadium, so he figured this would do just fine.

The fire bomb lit off with a wondrous blaze, a few seconds after all the other bombs simultaneously went off and the bridge was reduced to a pile of rubble swept away by the river's current.

"Ohohoh! Nothing like a little destruction to liven up our day."

When the red spiek hit the man in the eye, ti had no effect despite going straight through the eye 'Our method of perceiving the world ha-'


as the smoke cleared the man was no where to be seen, though his broken armour was scattered among the rubble, there was a moment of silence.

William was smiling for a second but then he heard an thumping noise coming from the rubble. William turned white and began barking orders. "All of you regroup at my position now! I think he is still alive!" William readied his weapons and looked to his companions. "Fromanzio get your bombs ready and throw them on my command. One of you get down there and check if Claire is okay!" William began advancing toward the bridge ruins with his sword and shield ready to strike or defend.

"i got it" Rias said heading down and wading into the water after Claire

Claire broke the surface of the water with a gasp of air, helped up with the aid of Rias. when she finally reached the shore, she shook what water she could from her and turned to her compatriot. "Thanks, I owe you one." she said to Rias, truly thankful for the aid. She then noticed the smoldering remains of the bridge.

"Please tell me we got him. I don't want to have to do that again."

Rias smiled "no problem" before looking over to the bridge, or what was left of it "kinda looks that way" she started "shame to, i would have preferred to question it about where it came from then fight it" she said with a disappointed shrug "anyway, William wants ever one on him" she said motioning to him

"sounds like a plan" Claire responded, squeezing some of the water from her sleeve, and following Rias over to William. When they arrived, Claire asked "So, what's the plan?"

William looked at the 2 woman who came back and lucky Claire looked unhurt. "Well I heard a noise so I am going to check it out. If anyone wants to come they are welcome to join me." William headed for the rubble with his sword drawn and his shield ready. He was scared that the strange man would regenerate or something like that. So he looked a bit stressed.

Fromanzio could hardly hear anything after that explosion and was too busy laughing to care anyway.

"Thought I wouldn't blow you sky high did you? What a mistake! Oh Fromanzio laughs at this fool's idiocy!"

"I'm a stay here" Rias said "I'm kinda ... 'out'" she said referring to her powers, and given this guy was made out of rock, or something hard like rock she wasn't about to take a swing at it bare handed

Bom held his arms over head, as the rubble crashed down around him. When the smoke cleared, a huddled mass became visible, lying amidst the ruins of the bridge.

"Well I heard a noise so I am going to check it out. If anyone wants to come they are welcome to join me."

Bom's lip curled. His appetite for violence still needed sating.

"I'll come along."

He picked up a large stone brick in one hand and followed William to where that thing lay.

As William and Bom approached the rubble the thumping noise started becoming audible to Bom, while muffled it was rapid and violent, as they carefully moved stones to find the source of this noise the found the body of the man, the rest of his body of his body was like his head, made of stone and covered in veins, though these veins were no longer a neon blue but rather a blood red. The ends of his limbs were missing revealing that it was more then just his skin that was stone. His eye was gone only leaving a hole in its place that was just big enough to contain a sphere the size of his eye. Despite all of these thing the group could only focus on the chest of this man, there was a large oval gap stretching from his neck to his waist, from this gap the veins seemed to originate from, and at the centre of this gap was a heart, beating with the force of a dragon. Its relentless efforts to achieve what ever it was there to do have driven to the edge of tearing itself apart. With the rocks removed it was easy for the rest of the group to hear the relentless thumping.

William looked at the strange heart that was beating inside of the man. He walked toward it and examined it. At that moment he gave into his curiosity, as he reached inside of the man trying to grab the heart. He grabbed the heart with his right arm and began trying to pull it out. If it wouldn't work with one arm he would also use his other arm to try and pull the heart out. Examining it once he got it out of the man.

Though there was nothing visibly holding the heart in place William was unable to move, he was also have problem just holding onto the heart due to its violent beating. Even as he tried with two hand it failed to move but merely started beating even harder, creating tears on the surface of the heart.

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