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For a brief moment, the young world of Arichon, just past it's years as a worldseed, fell silent. The sentient beings could not explain this phenomena, they had learned to ignore their instincts long ago. But the world knew. Gods had arrived on Arichon. Beings of power had stepped onto the plane before, but no god had ever set foot on this worldseed. Until now.



The reflection in the still waters of the Silver Bay rippled as the god Tycili appeared into the land. Nearby, the small fishing villiage of Arien starts to wake, the fishermen preparing their boats for another day of work.


Frederic the Archmage

In the Library of Moraenin, the scholar Derric is startled by the sound of footsteps and the feeling of a presence of power. On the otherside of a bookcase, the mage-god Frederic studies a tome of arcane spells.



In the back-end of nowhere of the Western Dominance, a gleeman is travelling down a road on his old mare. From behind him he hears the whistling of a tune. Turning around, he sees a man, with his dog at his heels.


The Undead Shadow

Dawn breaks in the city of Torrasin. On a once empty mat in a small shelter, the Undead Shadow wakes. A little boy watches the divine being from across the street, not knowing what it is, or why it was occupying his dead uncle's house.


Vashe, Thane of Mind

Rain and wind batter Vashe, standing in the middle of the square of Koras, a small town on the Sea of Storms. Inside a workshop, a Blacksmith plies his trade, though he seems unsure of how he should go about creating his piece.



In the middle of the Great Forest, roots rise and give shape to the Goddess Eldarwen. A small female sprite looks on in confusion. She has never seen anything like that before, and decides to keep her distance, things had hurt the forest before, and the kami did not know if this would be similar.


Catharsis the Undying

Outside of the city of Iritia, a slight drizzle falls down on a funeral of a man's family. Shaking with grief, he cries as his his wife and child are lowered into the ground. A ways from the graves, a robed figure watches on.


Torric The Bestower

At the base of a mountain in Arichon's Spine, a man is looks glum as his two friends scale a cliff. One of the man's hands is missing. Suddenly, a man falls to the ground in front of the one-handed man. Only a god could have survived that fall.



In the Far Dominance, a being rose from the sands. The One of Many was now in this new world, to change the Origins- for better or for worse- of the objects within. To the north, a small band of camel-herders can be faintly seen trying to calm their beasts- who have sensed something unnatural in the region.



Walking through the gates of the city, Hypatos rested his eyes on Caeric. A guard approached the divine being, unknowing who he was about to accost, asking for the god's name and business in the city. A crowd gathered at the gate, interested in who this highly armoured man was- he was wearing a metal they had never seen before.


Your gods have now been inserted into the world. Standard Posting convention is:

Character Name- Location

Character fluff text and the actions they take. "What your character says."

Italics for all out of character stuff. Including tldrs of your actions and applicable domains

Map will be up soon. Please post an abridged version of your character sheet in your first post. It will be added to the OP. If you need to contact me, you can find me in synIRC in #escapistgods.

Actions and Difficulty
Effortless: no roll, not counted as actions
Conjure up a small quantity of anything
Talk to someone

Difficulty: 5
Inspiring a single mortal for the term of his/her life.
Creating a -2 or worse magic item.
Identify a magic item in your possession.

Difficulty: 7
Inspiring a small group of mortals (less than 50) for their entire lives.
Creating or altering a one-off living creature smaller than an elephant.
Changing the weather temporarily (eg make it rain for a season, cause a hurricane, etc).
Teach a technology or system of thought to mortals that will offer minor benefits (
Find a mortal who is capable of hiding from you.
Break a weak NPC enchantment.

Difficulty: 9
Inspire a large group of humans (several hundred) with permanent, ongoing effects.
Creating or altering a one-off living creature bigger than a blue whale.
Creating or altering a non-sentient species smaller than an elephant.
Inspiring greatly increased fertility in a land.
Constructing a large building by divine hand.
Teach a technology or system of thought to mortals that will offer moderate benefits
Introduce a major change to the world's structure or its atmosphere without thought of the consequences (eg adding another moon or new islands or draining seas etc)
Break a moderate NPC enchantment.
Raise a small number of dead mortals (less than 50)
Create a weak permanent enchantment (difficulty 7, immediate area of effect)

Difficulty: 11
Creating or altering a sentient species roughly comparable to a human.
Creating or altering a non-sentient species larger than an elephant.
Causing major changes to the topography of a land.
Teach a technology or system of thought to mortals that will offer significant benefits
Grant transmittable immortality of a sort to a small group of humans (eg vampires; immortality with a major instant-kill weakness, basically)
Grant genuine immortality and invulnerability to a single human. They will gain the quality Immortal +0 as long as their god still lives. This does not include superpowers (eg the ability to break out of a prison cell).
Cause an entire land to change its way of life permanently with global effect.
Find a powerful NPC entity which is capable of hiding from you.
Create a moderate permanent enchantment (difficulty 9, immediate area of effect)

Difficulty: 13
Summon a volcano, rain of fire or other devastating land-focused event.
Create a +0 magic item.
Teach a technology or system of thought to mortals that will offer enormous benefits
Break a strong NPC enchantment.
Coerce or impose your influence on a powerful NPC.

Difficulty: 15 Cost: 1AP
Create a new rule, or disable one of the existing rules of the universe in an area (eg gravity, existence of magic etc)
Introduce a major change to the world's structure or its atmosphere without causing any lasting damage to the world (eg adding a new moon, new islands etc)

Difficulty: 17 Cost: 1AP
Create a +2 magic item
Create or alter a sentient species vastly superior to a human (GM and player to agree on any bonus/es, eg immunity to disease, invulnerable to certain types of weapons etc)
Break an incredibly powerful NPC enchantment.
Create a strong NPC enchantmetn (difficulty 13, immediate area of effect)

Difficulty: 19 Cost: 1AP
Change one of the rules of the universe across the entire world. This is likely to have a catastrophic effect.
Create an incredibly powerful enchantment (difficultly 17, immediate area of effect)

AP (Action Points)

All gods receive 1AP per Rank per age(if you start an age at +4 you have 2, and so on) to spend on DC15 and above actions. At the start of each age the gods get a recharge. AP cannot be collected or banked.

Some people seem to be getting confused what inspiring is. Inspiring is convincing/coercing/converting people to the god's cause in one way or another. There is no inherent benefit to it, other than the

Teaching a technology is something where there is an inherent benefit to the receiver. Learning how to read/how to cast magic/how to smelt. All these are teaching technologies.

Other definitions will be added as needed.

Other than that

Go Nuts. Let's get this party STARTED

The robed figure stood apart from the mourners, as she normally did. Next to her, unable to be seen, are the two that are lowered into the grave. She allows them to pass on as the dirt is piled atop of them and the husband continues to cry. She allows her true form to show before standing next to him, just outside of his field of vision.

After a sufficient amount of time has passed, the two stood there long after the burial party leaves and the sun has begun to dip before she speaks. She keeps her hood up and her hands tucked into the robe, concealing all her features

"Death is an ever-present thing mortal, you might not have been able to control the lightning that struck your house, or the fire that took your family, but you can continue to live for a cause. Be a part of something that may one day make a place where at least war and murder can be eliminated from my route. Your wife wishes you to continue to live, your daughter wants you with her, but she's still young and doesn't understand her condition yet. And no, I can't bring them back, they've moved on and are now out of my reach."

Radix- The Far Dominance- Desert

Radix looked curiously at the sand beneath it's feet.

It knew, instinctively, that this.....thing, was an interesting....thing. It was all technically under different Origins, it could see Solid through dozens of variations, with variations of Hard as predominant. However, they had all combined together, through reasons unknown, into an all compassing Origin of Amalgamate. Roughly anyway. It could feel the wind forcing the sand into it's form, the little bits of rock and silt digging into it, carrying out it's Origin through the natural processes of the World.

A bone white hand stretched out, voices of now dead mortals passing through It's lips as it forced change upon the sand in front of it. It did not appreciate the annoyance the material was causing it, and spoke of Segregation.

The sand over a meter in front of him stayed still for a moment, then began to pull apart, moving to the left, the right or to the bottom as the individual particles tried to get away from each other. The One of Many stepped forward, interest in the sand already forgotten as it moved in a random direction. The sand in front of it continued to stay away from each other, while the sand that was no longer in front of Radix regained it's former Origin and returned to it's former state.

The Changer of Origins did not know what Plane it had found it's way to. The destruction that had plagued the World of the Radix had destroyed most that knew of the worlds beyond the world, and all it knew was that once the origin of the World was discovered, that they would move on to new worlds and change those as well. It found amusement in this, for in a manner of speaking they were correct.

It's navel gazing abruptly stopped when it sensed something. Meat. Struggle. The sand in front of it stilled, Radix's attention no longer focused to the material as it began moving north to where it could sense life.

Eldarwen - Great Forest

The world seemed to shift around her, but she appeared in the same forest. Centuries of loneliness had ended. Was that long ago or just yesterday? She remembered talking with the kami, at the lakeside and feeling freedom again. She tried moving, fearing that it was but a dream last time. A nightmare that would have been. Eldarwen had no problem moving this time either. She took a deep breath and started laughing. She raised her arm and pointed at a tree a fair bit away, the roots which connected her to the ground, was her connection to the forest around her.

The tree shook it's branches in response, a few green leaves fell from it, together with a small blue figure which must have been sitting on a branch. Eldarwen made sure it landed safely, by quickly moving a bush a short distance. The kami landed in it, rustling it's foliage, but making no other sound. A beautiful blue flower was soon part of the bush. Eldarwen moved the bush back to its original place and walked, or rather crawled as she missed legs, over to the flower.

"Oh, I won't hurt you."

The kami kept trying to hide and she decided to use a more direct approach. Eldarwen placed one of her roots beneath the flower and lifted it up, so that they could look into each others eyes, without her looking down on it.

"I won't hurt you, kami."

A pair of blue eyes, watched her from behind a flower petal, which her hair was made of. There were five large petals, but her whole body was the same light blue color. She was wearing a green dress.

"How do you know our name?" It asked, still hiding its face.

Her answer, they had created her, summoned her. How could this one not know?

"You created me. You summoned me. I was an elf, but that was long ago..." Her voice filled up with sadness, when her memories of that time returned. It was as if they were not really there, but she remembered emotions, love. Compassion. Balance.


Eldarwen was in no hurry. She knew it would listen, even if she told her every detail about her life. The kami wasn't hiding its face, it was staring into her eyes, into her soul. She began her story, where she had left the elves. She told her about the vision. The hours went by, as she told her everything. The kami begged her to skip the centuries of loneliness, when she realized they mostly contained suffering.

"...and they called me princess Shizen." When she said her name, the kami got down on her knees and bowed deeply, her forehead touching the root.

"Princess, I've waited for you." The kami wasn't sure why or how long. She believed every word Shizen had said though, truly inspired by her story. "I will tell the others, make them trust you as well."

"What is your name, kami?" Eldarwen asked, with a smile. One that the flower couldn't see, bowing so deeply.


"Raise your head, Ayamine. I don't want anyone bowing for me."

The kami raised her head and looked at Shizen. She wasn't sure why the princess was against bowing. It was only courteous for the kami to bow, they bowed when they met friends or family. Perhaps she had overdone it and angered her.

"It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. I don't want any kami bowing their head to me. You and I, are equals."

"We do it because it's polite." Ayamine interjected, kind of regretting it after she had spoken. Shizen shrugged her words off with a wave of her hand.

"I care not for trivialities. I used to think balance could be upheld through peaceful and pacifistic means, but as there are those who only care for themselves and nothing else, the balance will be broken sooner or later. I shall stop this from happening. Politeness will mean nothing." Ayamine was surprised by the force, which the princess, put behind each word. "We'll fight to survive for an eternity, not stand idly by. Let's go find the others, friend."

Eldarwen lowered the root and put the kami back down on the ground. The blue flower ran through the moss, bushes and real flowers on the ground. The forest was thick here, but she had no problem following it, since Ayamine stopped several times and waited for her princess.

Tycili-The Silver Bay

A lone boat gently creates ripples upon the bay, as the sun begins to shine its first few rays. Neither a fisherman or wife, but a daughter. Staring in to the water still dark and unclear she dives, a rush in the morning that makes her feel alive. Her people are practical, and most of all simple she thinks, they have the power to change how they look, and what they can do. Claws to rend, fins to swim, useful, but looking drab and dim.

Rising from the water her fingers webbed and toes as well, she sparkled as the sun rose to meet water and sky. Looking in to the water she stared at her reflection, marred by wave, wishing silently that she could see herself clearly. Frowning as the water moved, she was shocked at the image as it smiled back at her. Throwing herself back, she let out an involuntary gasp, slowly creeping back she peeked over the edge of the boat.
She was still there, an image of her, real as life. Still smiling, she began to notice the difference between the two of them. It was how she wished she looked, a perfect image like a sea goddess.
"I'm you and what you wish." As their eyes locked, Tycili and the girl. Stunned and unable to speak she merely listened,
"You are but a fisherman's daughter, and soon a fishermans wife. Perhaps it will make you content, perhaps you will be happy with no more dreams." The voice was hers, but more... Mature.

Tycili stopped smiling as the images wavered, and made a small hand mirror. It floated with a wooden handle, and the girl snatched it as it bobbed up from the bay.
"I am one who thinks as you think, the one who dreams as you dream, I am reflection, I am Tycili. I can make you and others so much more just follow me, and they will follow you." the image in the mirror of Tycili as her was still stunning, and the voice was confident and trustworthy as her own. their eyes gazed at each other, blue as the sea.
For is it not said, the eyes are mirrors to the soul?

The Girl opened her mouth to speak, what would she say? Yes? No? Tycili could not know, at least not now for Tycili.

The Divine looks around. Where was he? The world looked different from the last time he was here. He sees the young child staring at him.
"You there. Boy. Come to me." The boy shuffles towards the being, afraid. Who is this man? Where did he come from?
"Boy, answer me this question. What is the name of this place? In fact, what is your name?"

"Er...I'm...I'm Melvon."

"I have not heard a name like that. This is intriguing. Boy, who are you?"

"Er....I said I'm Me-

"No no no. I do not mean that!" The man thinks for a while. "What do you like? What are your interests?"

"OH! Well...I like being on my own...and I guess money's appealing. I don't enjoy living here. I would love to live in a big house like...like...the mayor of the city! He has a nice house!"

"Well boy. I believe we can help each other. For I am on a quest. You, wish to be rich. If you join me, I can teach you my ways. Do you know me boy?"

"Well...no. I'm sorry."

"Hmm...Okay. In my time, I was given the nick name, the Shadow. I was a-"

"Oh oh, Wait! I do know you! You were that cool assassin thief guy from a couple of decades ago!" The boy jumps up and down, obviously pleased with himself for remembering some of history.

"Haha...calm down boy. You are correct. I must move onto to point. I am willing to offer you my teachings, so long as you help me with what I need, at certain times. Do we have an agreement?" The divine holds out his hand. The boy goes to takes it.

Frederic the Archmage-The Library of Moraenin

Frederic felt strange and as soon as he opened his eyes. He could see the world in a whole new way. "So this is what being an immortal feels like?" His voice had changed it seemed harder to understand somehow like he was speaking a different language. Frederic lowered himself until he landed on the earth. I still wish to finish that amazing book I was reading before they stabbed me and I completed my ritual. Fredric walked inside the library then walked over to where the book was standing. He grabbed it and started reading from where he had previously left off.

Frederic was studying his book he hadn't completed yet when he felt another presence he could feel fear but also curiosity, he looked at the scholar. He seems like an good as please to start as any. Frederic smiled under his mask and closed his book looking at the scholar. "Greetings young one do you believe in magic?" The scholar seemed confused."Of course you don't I mean have you ever seen magic before? Only when you have seen something with your own 2 eyes can you really say it exist. But I can show you right now that magic is indeed real." Frederic closed his eyes and the scholar looked confused. He was pondering over leaving this madman alone but then again he did say something about magic. Which had always intrigued Derric.

Then he heard an strange sound the book around Frederic were lifted up, and they began to swirl around Frederic who looked at Derric."Now Derric can you still deny that magic exists. Even when confronted with it like this? And this is not even a shred of the true power you can achieve if you practice magic. Now my child they are 2 paths you can take.
You can walk away pretend I am mad and that you were just a bit sleepy and that I don't really exist.
Or you can embrace the truth and join the ranks of the mages. If you choose to join me know that you will be the first person I pass my gift on to. As soon as you take my hand and receive my gift your fate is sealed. You will receive knowledge and will be able to use magic. But you will have to pray to me as your god and join my new religion. Now which path will you take? The path of ignorance? Or the path of true enlightenment?" Frederic stretched out his hand to the young scholar ready to give him the mark of the wizard. Or as he referred to it "The Gift".

Hypatos - City of Caeric

Turning his gaze upon the unwitting guardsman, Hypatos scanned over his armaments and armor, bronze, all of it. Crudely hammered and fitted with untanned leather, sharpened once with a whetstone barely deserving of the name, it was all function and even so quite barely functioning. Raising his eyes, the divine being taking the form of an armored middle-aged man looked again at the city around him, and realized its primitive form.

His eyes were again drawn to the guard standing in front of him as a spear was leveled at him, bronze tip gleaming in the sunlight, a dull weapon, as well as impractical in single combat. The guard again voiced his demands, the god's name and his business.

"I am Hypatos, leader of armies and a guardian of mortal beings." Hypatos said as he stepped forward, a simple broadsword appearing in his hand, gleaming with the cold alien glare of steel as opposed to the familiar warm gleam of bronze and copper. The guard narrowed his eyes in response and lunged his spear at the foreign, and apparently hostile, soldier. The spear, however, never reached its target. In awe and surprise the guard stood frozen, staring at the place where the spearhead was once affixed, now the wood just below had been cleft cleanly through, the severed tip lying on the ground in front of him, before now no blade had ever had the strength to cleave heartwood in one swing.

"You act surprised, mortal." Hypatos uttered, pointing the tip of his sword towards the guardsman for a moment before letting the weapon return to where it came from, the blade disintegrating into nothingness. "You should act joyous instead, for you have been allowed to live after raising your weapon against a god."

Turning his attention to the crowd around him he started speaking, "I am here to raise an army, to lead mankind and its sibling races towards betterment, to prevent the strife and suffering you will all come to know and loathe that occurs through prolonged peace, to lead you all to better futures and new heights. Bring me any man or woman who wishes to fight for such an ideal and Hypatos, the Lord of Warfare, will be their patron and commander."

"And you..." He looked down at the guard who had now fallen on his knees before him, in part due to reverence and the rest due to the shock of his reckless action dawning on him. "I have need of people like you, brave and determined. Will you follow and help lead your fellow mortals in this endeavor? Or are you content to wither away in stagnation until despair comes for you all?"

Vashe - Koras Village Square

The scent of salty air, the gentle crashing of waves against a stony shoreline, the endless cries of seagulls, merchants, and people simply going about their daily business, and the pitter-patter of rain. There was no doubt about it: he had ended up in some tiny village at the edge of the world. With a slight chuckle, Vashe slowly forced his tired frame up into a sitting position; first impressions were very important, and he doubted simply laying face down on the cold, damp ground would impress the locals.

Ignoring the odd looks and muttered conversations directed his way, Vashe took a moment to size himself up. Two arms, two legs, all of his fingers, presumably all of his toes. Even his clothes seemed to have remained the same! Of course, there was no reason for a jump like that to have actually altered his form, but this was still the first time he had attempted to cross planes; unintended side affects were a distinct possibility.


Vashe had been examining his visage in a nearby, relativity clear puddle, when the unmistakable noise of a hammer against metal grabbed his attention. Stretching, the cloaked man finally stood up, craning his neck until he found the source of the sound. He paused for a moment, simply observing the crude forge and the man working it.

The musclebound smith was hammering away at a slab of red-hot metal, most likely bronze judging by the array of tools hanging from the walls. Sweat ran down the man's face, chest, and arms, brought on by the blazing forge behind him, a stone structure filled to the brim with brightly glowing coals and licking flames. Vashe was a little disappointed to note the absence of bellows; the forge would have to be stroked by adding more fuel, terribly inefficient. However, he found his eyes drawn less towards the craftsman's tools and work, and more towards the man's face. That familiar combination of confusion, weariness, and annoyance; this was someone who clearly knew what they wanted, but had no idea how to get there.

"What're you working on there?"

The smith was yanked away from his work, distracted by the bizarre man standing just outside, and providing commentary on, his forge. "Held together by rope and nails, really? They call this sturdy? What if I..."

"Who the blazes are you?"

"An excellent question! Which I will probably answer as soon as we've fixed your little problem!" Despite the blacksmith's affronted protests, Vashe walked into the sweltering structure eyes flicking about the place as he wordlessly drank it all in. "Oi, now see here, you can't just come waltzing in here like you own the place..."

"You know, it'll probably be easier if I just get the information myself. Hold still."

The smith suddenly halted as the stranger pointed an empty palm his way. Vashe's eyes closed, his face a mask of concentration, a tendril of his own thoughts sifting through the smith's. "Need something to help with harvests, eh? Yeah, I think we can do that; just give me a moment."

The craftsman could only watch in befuddlement as Vashe began to dance around the forge, an endless stream of words pouring from the smile that split his lips. As he explained the principles behind gathering up wheat and other crops, Vashe worked his way around the workshop as though he'd spent his entire life there, always finding the perfect tool to suit his needs.

In mere minutes, he was done. "And that," Vashe proudly exclaimed as he stepped back, allowing the blacksmith to eye the miraculous shaped chunk of metal lying on his anvil, "is why you always want to give a sickle a curve like that; it's much easier to harvest with then a straight edged blade."

The man gaped at the result of Vashe's labors, disbelief bringing his thoughts to a standstill. Moments before it had been a burning, formless chunk of bronze, utterly useless. Now, not only had the interloper perfectly shaped it into an entirely unknown shape, the metal had cooled impossibly fast to its typical light brown color, and a wooden handle had been affixed to one end; he didn't even have tools to do that kind of work!

Quidarskel - Western Dominance

His mind was full of tunes that day, they escaped his mind through a joyful whistle, the trail of song floating on the wind. However, something in the song had changed, it had an unheard resonance. Quidarskel paid it no mind, after all, as a fool he was paid to make merry in the meadhalls of lords and kings. He walked in half-daydream until he came upon a small town, then along the twisting street and alleys, narrowly missing pickpockets, thrown sludge and all other malicious manners of danger you would find on medieval walkways. He continued on, Mordeo still at his heels. The patrons of the nearby tavern becked at him.

"Oi! Patchface!" They shouted, "They say being drunk still makes you wiser than The Fool, what do you said to that?"

He was tempted to call Mordeo at them, to show them that being wise didn't help you when that dog attacked. Many a bandit and brigand had underestimated the small dog's bite and had paid for it. But another thought entered his mind and he though himself smart for coming up with such a scheme. Quiderskel began to leap about the place, performing acrobatics to catch their eye. Tumbles and flips and handstands, all synchronised with Mordeo. The patron laughed as they downed their pints and sometimes stared in amazement as Quidarskel performed nearly impossible feats of acrobatics. This was the time for his comeback.

"Why a wise man with no chances is worse off than a drunkard with some. I would know, ho, ho, ho."

One thing Quidarskel did noticed was during the slew of tumbles and whatnot, an endless stream of confetti had spouted from his hands and was now covering the floor below him. He thought on it while trying to keep the scowl his face adopted while he in was though away.

"What is this?"

Catharsis- Outside Iritia. Can you please do this in your post?

'Th-thank you," the man stutters out, "but who are you that you have this power over life and death?"

As the man spends more and more time in the strange lady's presence, the grief slowly drains out of him, replacing it with peace.

2d6+2=12 Congrats, you have your first follower. As for changing appearance, every god actually has that- it's one of the effortless powers.

Radix- The Far Dominance

The camels screeched in terror as the Radix came into sight. Tearing free from their master's hands, the bolted in all directions- aside from the south. Their master's, confused, looked around to see the source of their issues. Then froze as they saw the beast.

"The Daemon, The Daemon has returned." Most of the others bolted in the same way as the camels, except for one, who approached the thing with a morbid curiousity.

So it looks like your first follower might be someone with little to no survival instinct.

Eldarwin- Great Forest

Ayamine stopped, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and called out, "Its alright, she's nice, she's here to protect us, not destroy us like Sgaot tried."

Other Kami- about twenty or twenty-five of them- stepped out from behind trees and the underbrush, ready to bolt if anything happens.

I made your roll already obviously, 2d6+2=11. Try to avoid it in the future.

Tycili- The Silver Bay

The girl screamed as she saw something that looked just like her speak to her out of the water. She slashs at the beast, though it would not hurt it, then bolted back the the mainland, screaming bloody murder.

Terrible luck Tycili, 2d6+2=4 Snake eyes. So she think's you're some creature from the dark lagoon.


Shadow-Slums of Torrasin. You do this too damn it.

The boy takes the stranger's hand. "Alright mister, I'll do it, but you better be able to show me how to do cool stuff."

The boy starts tugging at the stranger's hand, "C'mon mister Shadow, I need to tell my mom about this"[/b]

You made it, but just barely-2d6=5. You might want to try something using your domain next time.. Also try to model your actions similarly to other people that have posted.

Frederic the Archmage- Library of Moraenin

"Yes, I believe in magic, I was once a wizard- though on a different plane. I spent the vast majority of my power coming to this plane, to escape. So yes, to have even the slightest amount of power back, I will give you my soul."

The man took the god's hand, ready to recieve his once-lost power.

2d6+2=11 Success! You have managed to convert him over to your side, he can cast some basic cantrips, but he has barely any magical power at the moment. It will take a stronger working to restore his magic.
Hypatos- City of Caeric

"I will follow!" calls the guard from his knees. "I will follow!" calls the other guard. Shouts of "I will follow!" Start coming in from the crowd, until the whole crowd bends knee and cries. "I WILL FOLLOW!"

2d6+2=7Just enough. You have managed to rouse the group into following you, though only 2 of them seem to have any fighting skill whatsoever. Congratulations?
Vashe- Blacksmith's Shop

That's, that's Brilliant, why have I not thought of that before?" The man takes the sickle, examining it. "Yes. Yes, I can see it now. Thank you for showing me this, I will follow you to the ends of the earth."

It's actually teaching a technology with minor benefits- DC7- but you made it anyway with a total of 8. The blacksmith now knows how to make a better sickle.
Quidarskel-A town in the Western Dominancep

"Bravo, Patchface. Bravo! That has been your best show so far!" The drunks seem overly enthused by Quidarskel's show, their reverance showing in their eyes as they cheer.

"Encore, Encore, Encore."

2d6=8You made it, though I could not find any way to apply your domain, so I rolled it straight up. You have a group of drunks worshipping you.
One other thing, guys, try to include what domain(s) you are using in your action tldr, and if your drawback will apply to it as well.

Radix- The Far Dominance

Radix watched as the four legged animals and the two legged animals sprinted away. It did not think that they were of the same species, though it could be wrong. It did not care much for them, letting them go. Sentient souls were always a difficulty to classify, as intelligence warps their Origins throughout their life. It was a close match, both species were communicating to each other in their own strange tongue, but it judged the two legged ones as the sentient ones. The dead material around them was not part of something natural, and the fact that some were actually releasing a foul, rancid, material from their hindquarters may be the result of an overwhelming fear analyzed by sentient minds.

Which would mean that it's form was somehow displeasing to them, either through it's physical form or because it could.... sense, that it was not of this plane? Regardless, the thing in front of him was useful in one aspect.

It tried to speak, as the Radix did with their minds long ago. This did nothing, the two legged creature's mind too singular and alien to compare with The One of Many. The thing spasmed as well, the mental probe likely to be horribly alien to it. Unexpectedly, it did not run as the others did, and merely seemed to be more entranced. Odd.

It looked at the thing, then at what the thing wore. It was odd, a material whose Origin was crudely altered. It could see the little former origins still exist, To Grow but it could see the altered equivalent of To Combine written over it like rotting flesh over marble.

Radix frowned contemptuously, ridding the new Origin with a wave of it's marble like hand. The first Origin rose up quickly, the thing holding it together breaking, the individual components combining into a crude attempt of being what it once was. Growth appeared all over the man, who seemed fairly shocked at the sudden action of his clothes suddenly moving all around him. It quieted down however, the growth stopping as it could grow no longer in the desert environment, leaving the man looking as though he had come out of a jungle.

The Changer of Origins bowed to the creature, out of a mere curtesy of the race that had birthed him, and in as simple a manner as possible tried to relay it's name to the thing. It wasn't sure if it succeeded, but by that point, Radix's interest began to wane at the thing, and he began to slowly go after one of the four legged creatures. Their species at least, hadn't defecated as much as the two legged ones did.

Catharsis - Outside Iritia

'Th-thank you," the man stutters out, "but who are you that you have this power over life and death?"

She smiles a sad little smile at the now less upset man from inside her hood and mask,"I am Catharsis, guide of the dead and god of peace. Would you walk with me?"

The two walked around the graveyard, never quite leaving it, and Catharsis spoke in his relative silence.

"I've lived as what I am a long time, and watched the things you mortals would do to each other if completely left to your own devices. I hope to eventually get rid of the institution called war, because it doesn't do anymore than cause more death and more hatred on both sides."

She picked up a bit of dirt from the ground, showing her skeletal suit hands for the first time, and changed it into a bronze amulet, about the size of a man's palm. It was decorated with a broken sword on the left side, a grave marker on the right, and in the center, a singular, sinuous flame that branched out to the two sides of the amulet before weaving around back to the base of the flame again, a single small skull occupied the area where no branches of flames neared. She handed it to the man, who took it with a curious expression on his face.

"I'm choosing you as my first....priest would be the correct term I believe. The sword represents peace, the grave death, the skull is the domain of the gods, a place mortals cannot go without special circumstance,"She looked at the man in front of her, his face scrunched into a strange expression, a bit of panic, exhilaration, and some fear, she chuckled at his hesitation,"And the flame is the mortal world, you each travel through life, and many things happen, some good, some bad, but you all die and when I come to guide you, there will be a choice I may ask of you."

The man was still speechless, but Catharsis took his arm and continued to walk around the graveyard, the moon and stars fully out now, illuminating the two of them.

"You are to be the first of something very special, and as the first, I will grant you a boon, and if I am able to grant it, I will. Second," She walked forward, leaving him standing, clutching the amulet, she took off her hood and turned back to him, hearing the sharp intake of breath as her skull mask was revealed in the moonlight, and took it off, showing her face to the man for a few moments before continuing,"You are one of only three I will allow to know my true face at any one time. You will be the Keeper of Death, and I charge you with the duty of keeping the sanctity of the dead. You will never kill another mortal in cold blood, and be the guardian of that amulet until your dying day, when I will come to guide you and you have chosen your successor, I will appear to them."

Catharsis the Undying put her mask back on and pulled her hood back over it. The man looked terrified in more than one respect, and appeared exhausted. She led him back to the graves of his family gently and allowed him to sit back down on the ground.

"I will be back in the morning, when you will have had time to think this over. Now, it is night, and you will need to sleep, here."

She conjured a wooden pallet off to the side, with a woolen blanket and a pillow filled with the finest of down. Catharsis then stood and walked out of the grave site, leaving her new follower alone, but not alone, as she intended to keep watch over him from the nearby clearing for the night.

Frederic the Archemage- The library of Moraenin

"Yes, I believe in magic, I was once a wizard- though on a different plane. I spent the vast majority of my power coming to this plane, to escape. So yes, to have even the slightest amount of power back, I will give you my soul." The man took the god's hand, ready to recieve his once-lost power. Frederic smiled. "I do not need your soul young one. Only your undying loyalty." Fredric grabbed his hand and then gave him "the gift". A strange warm sensation could be felt by Derric. He felt something moving on the back of his hand. Looking at is reveals a mark.

"That is my mark. All who have been branded with it have received magic from me. You and I will have to talk about the plain you fled from somewhere in the future but not right now. I want to see if we can get a few more apprentices."

Frederic began to walk toward the center of the library he was followed by Derric who seemed overjoyed having a tiny bit of his magic back. "Derric I will give you a sign and then you will use your magic alright?" Derric shook his head making it clear to Frederic he understood what he was supposed to do.

Frederic focused an began to move books toward him. Books that scholars were holding in their hands until a few moments ago. allot of the scholars were curious and began to followed their floating books. The saw Frederic standing there with his arm stretched out the books all piled up before him into 4 need stacks of books. "Greetings to you all who were brave or curious enough to follow their books. My name is Frederic and I am a god. The god of arcane magic to be more precise, arcane magic is what I just used to transport your books to me but as a god I can bestow my powers onto others. A demonstration from one of my followers." Frederic looked at Derric giving him the sign. Derric focused his new found magic and lifted up a book making it fly around for a few seconds and then putting it down.

Fredric then turned to the curious and frightened faces of the scholars."I can bestow this power to anyone who swears their undying loyalty to me. I am offering you a change to become mages to have the power to change this world. And together with my guidance we will change it for the better. We will make it an true utopia free of war or natural disasters, where every one is able to pursue knowledge. However I can not do this alone. So who of you wants to pledge their loyalty to the one true god and receive magic in exchange?" Frederic looks around. This is going better then expected until now.

Torric- At the base of Arichon's Spine

"I've cheated many a man out of food, wine or coin, but I never thought I'd cheat death out of my own soul" Torric muttered to himself as he lay there on the snow covered floor. He knew he had fallen, he felt the wind between his robes during the quick descent, but when he landed on the ground, he didn't feel the pain of his back breaking or the warmth of blood gushing out of him, just the coldness of the snow. "Maybe I truly am a God?" It was the only way he could have survived the fall.

People had taken to calling Torric odd things as he travelled, The Bestower, The Magician. He liked the later best, it told people what he truly was, a charlatan, but people still enjoyed his tricks and took them for the truth. All he had done was show people what they capable of. Yet people still flocked to him asking to give them talents they had always yearned for, instead of using their own and continued to call him by the odd little names they had come up with.

"It seems my tricks have gotten the best of me and I've tricked them into believing I am God, so a God they have made me" He chuckled lightly as he pondered this.

Laying on the snow covered ground wouldn't get him anywhere, and as he got up he noticed the one handed man that he was trying to inspire to start climbing again was staring at him. Falling while still having both hands is probably not the best way to inspire a one-handed man.

"It seems my friend I am a God, and it was the shock that made me fall," He said in a good humoured tone, "And a God need followers. So what do you say if I can get you to climb again, will you follow me?

Eldarwen - Great Forest

They stopped in an unremarkable part of the forest and Ayamine called out to her friends, who soon appeared. There were different coloured flower kami, yellow, orange, white and blue. A few larger kami, who had the foliage of pink or green bushes on their backs and heads.

She mentioned a Sgaot. Who was that?

Eldarwen had a stern expression on her face, as she spoke.

"Your allies are my allies. Your enemy is my enemy. If this Sgaot isn't dead, he will be in due time."

The eyes of the gathered darted from Ayamine, who had climbed up on a rock, to the newly arrived being which she had vouched for. A female tree, not that unlike themselves, but appearances could be deceiving. Someone who talked like if she thought she was one of them.

"Companions!" Ayamine raised her voice, where she stood above them on the rock. "This is Princess Shizen. Our princess, someone who's word you should trust, someone who wouldn't let you die in vain, someone who would be your sworn protector if you only let her. A leader, for us all."

One of the larger bush kamis, which Ayamine recognized as Kurugaya, with her pink leaves, stepped forward.

"I don't need a leader. Why would any of us? She may swear to be our champion, but why should we trust her?"

Kurugaya looked up at Ayamine, ignoring the one, which she was so eager to call the princess of nature. It seemed like no one else wanted to speak for them and where Ayamine's loyalty lay had become questionable.

"You think that the way we live is any real match for the other races? Do you think that things will remain like this forever? They'll evolve. Why do you doubt me... I've been told about the future. We're all threatened with extinction. She's seen it." Ayamine pointed at Shizen behind her.

Kurugaya didn't back down.

"Oh, so you've been lead blindly into this? Where's the proof?" She'd rather not say the word, but Ayamine needed a wake up call. A slap across the face, if this was what she thought was worth getting riled up over. "Whose side are you even on?"

The atmosphere grew tense among the gathered. Eldarwen wasn't sure exactly why, but she could still feel it.

"Are you accusing me of treachery?" Ayamine picked up a stick, which had been laying at her feet.

"I was just asking..." Kurugaya figured she'd gone too far at this point, but she would hold her ground. No one else did. The rest of them were silent, most were eyeing Shizen. "You bring this tree spirit to our homes, but we don't know who she really is. Does that look like loyalty to you?"

A few of the other kami let out appaled noises.

"How dare you!" Ayamine leapt from the rock, with the stick in her hand, towards Kurugaya. A vine shot down from one of the nearby trees and caught her, right before she reached the other kami. The vine entangled her body and had her dangling in the air.

A cackling laughter could be heard from Shizen.

"Ayamine, you were doing good before you lost your temper. You'll have to do better next time, if we want to achieve anything."

"It is true then." Kurugaya glared at the kami who dangled in the air above her.

Shizen let go off Ayamine and she fell down on top of Kurugaya. They ended up wrestling in the moss.

"No, it's not. Kami, I come to you, not as a leader or your superior. I had a vision, where this hallowed forest we now stand in were burned or chopped down, to make room or tools for the other races. I will make one oath and that is to protect the forest, which we all hold dear."

Shizen made a sweeping movement with her right arm and a few golden white flowers sprouted where the kami stood. A flower, which didn't normally grow here and was hard to find. She held out her arm long enough, for an even more uncommon thing to occur. A red and yellow bird, landed on it and started chirping. A bird which they'd named Hoo.

"What say you?"

Tycili-Silver Bay-Peeved D=

Tycili floated above the water, brooding and feeling moody, Tycili wondered what to do next. Sighing deeply and feeling moody, Tycili decided to go with a more direct approach. Creating a body fit for a goddess in white robes yet still remaining ambiguous in exact gender. Tycili appeared to a cluster of fishing boats in plain view.

Robed in white and quite a sight, it seemed the body was in constant motion, and the eyes gave the feeling it was following you even if they weren't looking at you.

"Hear me now and know me as I am, I am a god seeking a flock to raise to the heavens, will you serve under me?" The voice was echoing each of their own, like the very will of one another.

Struck with awe or fear, images of what could be a utopia or their idea of perfection played through their minds.

Convince a group of mortals DC:7 Domain:Reflection +2

Shadow-City Slums, yet more residential

The man follows the small boy, until they reach the young lads home.
"Boy, I am unsure your mother would approve of me." But before objections could be made, The Shadow is shoved through the door, and confronted by a angry looking mother, with a bored looking father standing next to her.

"Wha-WHO ARE YOU!" The woman shrieks.

"Mum, look! It's the Shadow man! He said he'd teach me!" The boy says gleefully. The man looks around worriedly. This was an unexpected turn. Potentially for the worse. Looks like you'll need to do this the hard way.

"I'm sorry, but I think I've got to go. I've got important buisiness-"

"Honey, I don't think this is one of those characters out of your silly book."

"But Mum, it is! He said it! You are the Shadow right!" The boy looks at the man hopefully. The man decides to show them his powers.

"Fine. Let me show you who I am." The man blows out the candle lighting the doorway, and walks into the darkness. He reappears out of the dark kitchen, and puts a hand on the father and the mothers shoulders.

"Do you believe who I am now?" He says, with a slightly smug look on his face.

Hypatos - City of Caeric

Nodding in confirmation to the crowd's cries as they swore themselves fealty to him and his cause, Hypatos again spoke to them. "I accept you under my banner, but an army and a future isn't won in a single day of your mortal lives. Go now and spread the word to your fellow man, tell them of the appearance of a god who will save your future and your race, and spread my message to those with the inclination to listen and know truth."

To the two guards, his first two followers with a strong connection to his domain, he had other plans, and as the crowd dispersed he asked them to remain. "You, the first true soldiers to swear yourself to my cause, I have special need of. In time you will aid me in training, establishing, and leading an army, and you will be prepared for that day, but for now there are a few more mundane concerns. First off, by what names are you known, mortals?"

The formerly humbled guardsman answered his lord's question first, holding his hand to his chest as he bowed his head. "Stelios, my lord." And the second guard was soon to follow. "Panatakis, my lord."

"Very well. Panatakis, stay on your post for now and guard the gate, spread my word to those who will listen, and come find me once you are relieved from your post. Even a divine revelation is no reason to leave a gate undefended. Stelios, come with me, and tell me of this city in which I have arrived. Oh, and lead me to where the current ruler resides, I have business with him."

"As you wish, lord." Both guards acknowledged as Stelios stepped forward to lead the way to the palace where the city ruler resided, Hypatos nodding in response before they set off through the city streets, the eyes of curious mortals upon them who had either already heard snippets of the god's message or the rumor that a divine being was treading the same ground as them.

As they walked Stelios tried to fill in his lord on the city of Caeric, being that he was a guard he didn't know the details of governance, but he helped give Hypatos an idea of how the city was structured, its most recent history, and its most memorable moments passed down from their ancestors. It seemed the city had a strong history of conflict, especially from without, often being assaulted by rival cities or raiders and mercenaries looking for easy pickings. Good news for the Lord of Warfare, a history of conflict meant historical foes, which made this a prime breeding ground for not just his army, but his wider purpose. However, recent events had instilled just what the god was full of loathing of, since peace had lingered in recent memory, most guards and soldiers, though proficient in the ways of battle passed down by their fathers and mothers, had not had a chance to test their mettle on the field of battle, and the stagnation was beginning to become apparent in not just their military, but in their bloated and content despot.

Frowning at this piece of news, Hypatos stepped onto the first step of the roughly-shaped stone stairs leading up to what Stelios told him was the despot's residence, pillars of white stone lining the entrance at the top, and four men wearing similar armor and being similarly armed to Stelios flanking it to guard the man within. Sensing that access to the ruler might be a bit less straightforward than just walking in, Hypatos held out his hands and conjured up two weapons. One was his steel sword, beautiful in its simple function, and for the second he conjured up a bronze tipped spear, sharp and bright as a bad year incarnate. The latter weapon he presented to his follower. "Consider it a token of your oath, it should have minor properties of my domain, and until your fellow man learns to smelt and mold iron you will not find a more deadly spear in the hands of a mortal."

Bowing in earnest gratitude as the spear was presented to him, Stelios found that it fit in his hands like his old armament, that obviously being what the god had based it on, but before feeling more at ease with his new weapon, he noticed his lord walking up the steps, being blocked by two of his fellow guards who didn't seem particularly inclined to let a heavily armored and armed man pass through on their watch. Hypatos, however, wasn't worried about their pig stickers, mundane arms like that wouldn't even scratch a god, even one that was far from powerful. "I am Hypatos, a god who treads the soil of this land, you will let me pass and join me, or you will fulfill you duty to your undeserving liege and fall here. Those who fight a god in single combat knowing his divinity will receive no quarter, but fight valiantly, and you may be remembered. Now make your choice." Hypatos told them, stepping closer and closer, intent on cutting them down where they stood if they didn't submit to his will or get out of his path.

Vashe - Smithy Interior

"Yes. Yes, I can see it now. Thank you for showing me this, I will follow you to the ends of the earth."

"Oh! Well, that's great! Glad that worked out then." Vashe managed to disguise his surprise towards the blacksmith's pledge; he had assumed that introducing something new would impress the craftsman, not inspire him to swear fealty. Apparently being an immortal carried quite a bit of weight.

"Lucky for you, I really don't plan on going anywhere, at least for the time being. This place looks as good as any to settle down in, just need to get out and meet the neighbors, right?

"Oh, and before I forget," Vashe reached out and snatched up his disciple's hand, showing a surprising amount of strength as he wrenched the man's arm up and down, "I'm Vashe, deity of ingenuity and scheming. And may I ask whose workshop I have the pleasure to be standing in?"

The blacksmith's mouth opened and closed a few times, as he tried to process the idea that a god had been at work in his smithy. The immortal in question smiled patiently as he waited for the man to sort everything out; it took a few moments, but eventually the craftsman replied, "I, I am called Theon, my lord. It is my honor to have you here."

Vashe managed to catch the man before he could throw himself to the floor; Theon was really going all out to show his devotion. "Well, it's my honor to honor you, my good man! Always nice to see that politeness is a universal constant."

With Theon following behind, still clutching the freshly crafted sickle, Vashe stepped out of the small smithy and began to pace around the town square. As rain poured down from the stormy heavens, the god and his disciple traveled through the streets, Vashe occasionally stopping to ask questions that Theon was more than eager to answer. It seemed as though Koras was a simple village, mainly subsisting on fish and whatever crops they could grow in the hostile environment. All in all, an entirely unremarkable place.

Vashe fully intended to change that.

"Hold on for a moment Theon; what's that building?" The god's attention had been snagged by a seemingly unimportant structure, a few stone walls haphazardly thrown against each other, with a pathetic excuse for a ceiling dropped on top. A crudely cut doorway had been hewed into the front, revealing a small, fairly damp chamber within, most of its space taken up by shelves and chests. As Vashe poked his head in, wordlessly conjuring a small ball of light, Theon hurriedly explained: "This is the village library, sir. A few of the people here know how to write, so they keep track of history and important events, and then store the records here. I think there's also a bit about what plants are safe to eat, things like that."

"...So this is the only place to study in the entire village?"


Vashe's typically cheerful face hardened for a moment, before being replaced by its typical grin. "Well, I'll just have to fix that, won't I?"

With the aid of a few of Theon's friends, it didn't take too long to lug the entirety of the library to the village center. It was far from impressive, chunks of stone with ancient and faded runes etched into their surfaces, and a few wax tablets for more recent years. Vashe didn't bother to hide his disappointment. "How many people in Koras can read?"

"No more than a dozen, sir."

"Not any more."

The immortal's eyes began to glow, pupils and irises lost in an endless void of white. Gusts of wind and began to surround Vashe, his cloak billowing in the sudden zephyr, and the rain seemed to flow and bend around him. Energy crackled through the air, a sense of power that even the mortals could feel, as Vashe swung his arm, mysterious words pouring from his lips.

The runes that conveyed the village's entire history began to gleam with the same burning light that shone from Vashe's eyes. As though they were blowing in the wind, images of the runes began to shimmer in the air, a series of brilliant letters that circled and danced around their conjurer. In less than an instant, Vashe had adsorbed the entirety of the village's past. And he was barely getting started.

The floating letters that surrounded the immortal suddenly branched out, streaking through the air as they soared towards the square's mortal occupants. The images forced their way into the minds and thoughts of the villagers, filling their heads with knowledge of times long past, and teaching them instantaneously to recognize and understand the runes.

In a matter of seconds, Vashe had taught this selection of Koras' citizens their own history, with the added bonus of giving them the gift of reading and writing. A small smile crossed his face as he turned to Theon, noting the awestruck gaze that seemed permanently etched into the smith's face.

Radix- The Far Dominance

The man looked at his clothes, realizing that what happened to him could not be the work of a destroyer.

"Oh great being, Great Radix, I will take you to my people..." The man carried behind the strange creature- no God- as it tarried after one of the camels.

I gave you the +2 from your domain on top of your modifier. I figured that your ability to change origins would sorta convince him that you're a god- or at least something that might be smart to follow. So 2d6=6 Success.

Catharsis- Outside Iridia

The man stood quietly as the deity walked out of the graveyard. Looking at the amulet, then at the pallet, he sighed, in relief of the lack of grief he felt. Sitting down on the pallet, he lay back, drifting off to sleep, unknowing that his patron deity was standing nearby.

He's decided to sleep and think things over. I'm guessing that the amulet is non-magical, so no rolls were made.

Frederic- Library of Moraenin

Derric looked at the mark on his hand in wonder. It was an intricate marking. He had a bit more power, he could feel it. When he looked back up from the study of his hand, he saw his fellow scholars kneeling on the ground, swearing fealty to this strange god.

Even without any modifiers, you managed to get a solid 9 on your roll. You've managed to convert a group of scholars to worship you.

Torric- At the base of Arichon's Spine

"If you can get me to do anything, I will give you anything!" The man cries, before Torric can do anything, he starts to attempt to scale the cliff. When he's about 15 feet up, he loses grip with his one hand and falls to the ground hard.

"You told me that you would allow me to scale the mountain!" He screams angrily.

Sorry MP, you ended up with the second snake eyes of the group.
Eldarwen- Great Forest

Kurugaya released Ayamine from the vines, letting the Kami drop to the floor.

"I...I will trust you... for now." Kurugaya said, impressed by the Goddess' power, "I cannot fully trust your intentions, but if you can help us rid this world of Sgaot, I will willingly call you an ally." The other Kami started to nod their heads in agreement, realizing that pissing off a being of power that presented itself as an ally is probably not the smartest move.

2d6+2=7 Success, you have managed to convince the Kami that you are an ally that can help them rather than destroy them.
Tycili- Silver Bay
The girl that had originally screamed at Tycili stepped forward, shame and embarrassment showing on her face, as well as a little fear.

"Goddess, I am ashamed, you came out at me so unexpectedly that I thought you were a creature from hell. Please accept my forgiveness, and issue any punishment that you wish." The girl kneeled on the ground, palms face up in a position of supplicance.

Good job, you managed to come back from scaring the living shit out the girl. 2d6+2=11. Even if I factored in your drawback of vanity, you still pass.
Shadow- Slums of Torrasin

The mother and father shrink in terror from the thing in their doorway. The woman opened her mouth. And screamed. The father, leaping to protect his boy, threw a chair at the beast occupying their house.

The boy, Melvon, confused and terrified about why his parents were attacking his hero ran off to his room, hiding under the bed.

Sorry mate, a6 doesn't cut it. So you have a pair of pissed off parents attacking you, and who knows how much attention that scream attracted. (Answer is me)
Hypatos- Gates of Caeric

Stelios took the spear, feeling the magical power rushing through it. He felt invigorated as he escorted his god through the city, telling him the city's history, and it's biggest enemy, it's sister city Sorric, which was right across the city. When they approached the palace, guards came out to stop them, but instead were stopped by the god. Presenting their spears to him, they gave them their fealty.

Both passed, (13 and 8 respectively) though next time, try to keep to one DC action per turn. I'd like to prevent action bloat, because it could get bad if someone ends up deciding to take 10 actions in a turn. I'll allow it this time. Also, you'll be getting a plot dump via PM about Caeric fairly soon. If you wish to know more, just ask me and I'll answer to the extent that the soldier would know.
Vashe-Town Square

The townsfolk staggered as knowledge flowed into their heads, then looked about in wonder as they suddenly understood what the runes around them meant. Looking at the god in awe, they crowded around him, thanking him profusely for the gift.

"Thank you, sir, for this incredibly gift." Theon stammered, amazed that a being would do that for them was almost beyond belief.

I had difficulty determining whether or not you should pass this. Giving a group of people the ability to read is a significant technology, and as such should either be DC9(moderate benefits) or DC 11(significant benefits). I eventually determined that it's probably a DC9, as they're in the ass-end of nowhere, and there were already people who could read. But I could have easily denied this to you, as you only rolled a 9. I added definitions to the action list in order to attempt to clear up some confusion between inspiring and teaching technologies so this doesn't happen again.

Radix- The Far Dominance

The Changer of Origins looked at the strange two legged creature. It was moving it's arms in a rough, beckoning motion that was reminiscent of some animals that the Radix had studied before It's birth. It was certain that the little thing could not pose any sort of damage to it's physical form, not that it wasn't capable of surprising him. It began to move after the creature, taking in the sight of it's surroundings for the first time.

It was a bleak environment. There were no trees or growth of any kind. The sun beat down upon the material to the sand at it's feet, heating it up considerably. There were mountains in the distance, which from the knowledge of one of Radix's scholars was of a natural formation. It was likely that the Origin was not known to the mortals, or had been living a life devoid of the Origin and flourishing, or dying, according to some other system of power. The very thought disturbed and disgusted him.

The two legged animal caught up to one of the four legged animals and one of the other two legged ones. They began moving it's jaw structure up and down, like he had done earlier, towards the other of it's kind. Radix guessed that the use of sound waves was the means of communication between these creatures. Strange, but promising. The Radix of old were said to have been able to do so as well, before they had learnt of the Origin and bettered themselves, leaving the use of their mouths left to nutrient ingestion. Perhaps they have simply yet to truly mature? The scholars within his mind found it intriguing, amusing as well.

The animals were arguing now, and it had lasted long enough that it could both hear repeated words, and the others of it's kind have begun to crowd around it. The four legged animals were still terrified, gathering in a circle far from it but unwilling to leave their....partners? Masters? The two legged animals however, crowded around the other two and were hearing the argument. Some agreeing, others disagreeing.

The first one, the one who had approached it, seemed to respond to the noise of Nazeer. The other, who Nazeer had approached and is now shouting his vibrations across the sand, seems to be named Cyrus. Nazeer was pointing at him, and talked in a soft tone that spiked to heavy and confrontational whenever Cyrus would speak. Cyrus, on the other hand, would point at Radix a heavy tone spiked with multiple variations of pitch, which would result in an even heavier tone and shout afterwards. It had no idea what any of that might mean.

It was growing tired of the noise. The Radix were a quiet species, working alone or in groups and communicated with the sanctity of the mind. These...animals, on the other hand, were rude, confrontational and, most importantly, loud. It would rather not end their lives, partly out of the effort of hunting down and killing each one should they flee, but mostly because of the damnable heat.

The Radix did not learn to bear with the indignity of the world. They would strangle it. Alter it. Crush it under the heel of their feet and stomp upon it's face until it would yield. And when the world would rise up against them, when the loss of the ozone would make the world unbearably hot, when the population of the Radix had overpopulated the small plane they were in, they made it so that the world would pay. If not for the fact that it still reeled from it's creation, and was thus unsure of it's power, it would do so now. It sneered at it's weakness, and turned away from the arguing animals, who did not notice it's actions.

The Changer of Origins guessed, correctly, that the current environment was made up of several different origins. The ground was of Amalgamate, the sky was currently that of Clear and the temperature was Heat. It decided to change the latter two, the sky with Shrouded and the temperature with Cool.

It raised it's right hand, which they DID notice, causing them to look at it. The hand searched around the space, as though searching for something. In a few seconds, it grabbed something, it's hand turning into a fist, and an immediate change occurred all around them. Dark clouds began to form around them, causing the four legged animals to tremble noticeably in fear. Gusts of cold wind began to flow around the Apex of the Radix as it tore the Origins apart and replaced them with It's own.

Catharsis - outside Iridia

Catharsis stayed in the darkness the rest of the night, keeping watch over her new Keeper of the Dead. His choice was one that would irrevocably change his life course, and there was little that could be done now.

Dawn broke and she walked to the pallet she had set up, with the fine pillow and blanket. She tapped him once on the shoulder and he jerked awake, the amulet she had given him still in his hand, the design imprinted into his hand. He knelt at her feet on the pallet and swore he would uphold any duty she thrust upon him. She smiled from inside her mask and bade him rise. Again she took the blanket and added onto it, creating a robe that wrapped around him, and shifted the form of the pillow into his hood, giving the hood a much thicker appearance, which would allow him to sleep in comfort almost anywhere. She conjured a leather thong to slip through the hole and hung it around his neck, underneath his robe, flame prominent.

Catharsis took his arm and they walked into the city, she and her new follower were allowed to pass with minimal explanation from her Keeper. After a short talk in a quiet alley, she knew of who the best choice for her Breaker of Swords and Protector of Life were, and began walking with the Keeper towards the nearest of the two. Dalin Fain, a scholar who spent his days in the library. A young man who showed exceptional intellect and an incorruptible spirit, who preached goodwill to any that would listen, and personally ran down any criminals that preyed upon the few that stopped and listened to his speeches. Some considered him crazy, but the Goddess saw potential in him and her Breaker lurking deep within him.

"Dalin Fain," She stated as she walked up to him on the steps of the library,"I have a task I would set before you," She conjured an almost exact replica of the Keeper's amulet, but made of an opaque crystal as strong as any metal.

She lifted back her hood and showed her mask, and heard more than a few gasps and cries of terror from around the square. She paid them no heed and instead spoke directly to the man in front of her, where only he and her Keeper could hear.

"I am Catharsis, guide of the mortal dead and the living peace. Would you be willing to take up my offer as the Breaker of Swords? Your life will go unchanged, but you will have an ultimate goal that you could not have achieved in a thousand lifespans alone. The chance is yours, and I am offering it to you."

She held the amulet forward in her skeletal glove and awaited his answer.

Torric- At the base of Arichon's Spine

Before Torric knew what was happening the one handed man started scaling the mountain, he was doing surprising well, until he fell. The man was so angry that his face turned red (although that might be out of embarrassment as well) and it looked like the snow that had covered him would melt and turn into steam.

"You told me that you would allow me to scale the mountain!" He screamed

"I told you no such thing," He replied "I told you I would get you up there, it's up to you whether you do it or not, and it's not my fault you went running up there like a madman, thinking you could climb like you used to when you had both hands. Look where that got you on your arse and screaming like a banshee."

The man looked thoroughly dejected now, and stood the just looking down at boots like he was waiting for a bolt of lightening to strike him. "I'm sorry," He managed to say finally, "It's just I suddenly had this urge to scale the mountain, I couldn't stop myself, please don't hurt me"

"Come now friend, why would I hurt you" Torric said, trying to lose the anger that was in his voice, going back to his usual good humoured tone, "We all make mistakes, and it is more my fault then yours. I'm still getting used to my powers, I only just discovered them after all. Next time you try use your hook hand as well, use it to reach hand holds no other man can, and stab it into the ice where it's thick for extra support. Remember you are not as young as you used to be, so take it slowly, there's no rush after all," He paused for a moment to make sure that the man had listened to all that he had said, "What do you say?"

Eldarwen - Great forest

"Excellent!" Eldarwen shouted and clapped her hands together, the hoo took off, flying back into the forest. Chirping happily, until they could no longer hear it.

Shizen remained like that for a while, with her hands together, staring in front of her. She was looking at a tree. Some of the kami turned to observe the tree as well. Ayamine got up from the ground, removed the vines from her hair and thought about asking if the princess had a course of action.

"I ask for your forgiveness, Ayamine." She turned to Kurugaya, who was getting down on her knees in the moss. "I'm shamed for thinking low of you, let alone speaking such a thought."

Ayamine hadn't forgotten her words just yet, they still lingered and now she confessed to thinking worse thoughts than that about her? Kurugaya would be lucky if she could find it in her to forgive her, minutes after her insult.

Shizen saw another kami bow, to the one which she had lectured before about it. She sent out one of her roots and pushed Ayamine, to make her remember the lesson.

"I know what you're getting at princess, but even if..." The root pushed her again, making her sway with a disgruntled expression on her face. "The princess commands that we stop bowing. It's... better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Words of wisdom she gave me when we first spoke. Stand up Kurugaya."

Murmuring could be heard from the crowd, since Ayamine now claimed that they should break their customs. Much in the same way she'd claimed that Shizen should be their leader, she wondered if the princess was going to speak against her this time too. Kurugaya was still on her knees, glancing up at Ayamine's face with uncertainty.

"I simply wished for you to forgive your friend." Anger was present in Shizen's voice. Was this how her life would be from here on out? Misinterpreting every whim which her princess had. "On the other hand, that's a great idea. No more bowing, you'll kiss and make up. A kiss was a sign of love among my race, among you it will be a sign of forgiveness. A hug will suffice as greeting."

Love wasn't a concept which Ayamine understood, but if that's what Shizen wanted, she wouldn't argue. Kurugaya didn't argue either, got back up again and kissed her. It didn't last long, but a kiss felt more like a connection between the two, reminding at least Ayamine that they were part of the same forest. It was preferable over having her sister bend at her mercy. That's what she thought.

"Very well." Shizen still sounded angry and opened her hands, releasing a few red petals. "Let's celebrate this joyous occasion, but first I have a gift to give."

She bent down and picked one of the golden white flowers she'd created before. As she held it in her hand it started shimmering in the colours of the rainbow. Shizen smiled and planted it, in the middle of the clearing they were in. It cast the light of the colors it was brimming with, on the trees and the kamis.

"If this is where you live, your magic will be stronger when you're close to this flower."

They thought it was a wondrous sight, but would it really strengthen their magic? How did that work?

Shizen found it hard to sit down on the ground, but didn't enjoy towering above the kami either. She carefully moved her roots and body, to lay down in the moss.

"Come closer." They all moved over to where Shizen was laying and sat down in a ring around her. Twentysix forest spirits, which she'd sworn to aid against their enemy. A few of them were humming. "Tell me everything about this Sgaot."

They stopped humming. Shizen watched the branches of the forest roof moving with the wind.

Shadow-Currently pissing his pants, escaping

"Shitshitshit!" The man leaps into the shadows and reappears outside, in a trash pile.
"Well this is just, so, fucking great." He peers around him, and walks away when he realizes it's safe. He finds a local merchant, so he trades a candle holder he swiped from the house for a large cloak. He then realizes he may have just lost his apprentice. He looks around, and decides to try and retrieve the boy. He walks back to the house, and peers through the windows. He sees the boy, sitting on his bed, looking angry and afraid. It would seem he blocked his door with his wardrobe, and other heavy items.The man is about to knock on his window, but then decides against it. It would be unfair to steal him from his parents. He leaves, and walks around the slums for a while, until he comes across a depressed looking young woman. The Shadow sits beside her.
"I ask you, what is your tale?"

"Why do you wanna know?"

"Because, I, believe I can help you. I wish to know your tale and your name first."

"...Okay fine. Names Lucy. Caught shoplifting, and my parents kicked me out. Happy?"

"Yes. Thank you. Lucy, have you ever heard of The Shadow?"

"Isn't that some old fairy tale or something. A master thief? A king of stealth? Never paid much attention to that stuff."

"Well. Don't be quick to assume it was fake." The man shuffles backwards into the shadows, and reappears on the other side of the street.

"How did you...what..." The girl sits there, confused.

"Caught for shoplifting did you say?"

"Yes but..."

"I can help you get better. I can teach you, possibly even to do what I did." The man stands up, and offers his hand to the girl.

"I..." The girl wonders what to do.

Frederic the Archmage- Library of Moraenin

All the scholars bowed before their new god the marked appeared on their hands. Fredric counted them. Alright 25 new pupils that is good. Only problems is unlike Derric they have no idea how to use this power. Just teaching them will take a while, so why not use my new god powers to teach them in an instant? Frederic then said "Rise my pupils. For today is the first day of the rest of your life."

Frederic looked around at his new pupils. Who were looking at him with looks of happiness and respect."I will try to share some of my knowledge with you my pupils. Don't be scared and just keep standing where you are standing right now." Frederic began to focus his magic he raised himself into the air. His eyes turned purple he then extended his hand and power began to pour from his hand all the books on magic that were in the library floated toward him.

The books opened and purple written words started to pour out from the books. They began to spin together in a circle of knowledge. Fredric began to speak in a language they did not yet understood. The words that came out of his mouth also turned into written words they joined the circle which grew rapidly. He then focused all of his magic on the circle the circle was sucked into Fredericks open hand. He closed his hand then opens it again pointing to his pupils. purple beams were fired from his hand they hit the forehead of his new pupils as they absorbed the knowledge to use their new magic up to the same level as Derric.

His new students all looked around stunned. They tried to grasp the knowledge that had been given to them by their new god.
Now the question was if they understood the knowledge I just gave to them. Frederic smiled then looked at Derric. "Tell the leader of this library that the one true god wishes to speak to him. And tell him that he will arrive in a couple of minutes." Derric said. "Of course Archmage." Derric turned around and walked over to the leader of the library to tell him the message of his god.

Tycili-Silver Bay

"Very well my child, your punishment is to be my herald." Cupping both hands and blowing softly in to them, small mirrors of glass and silver in loops of leather fell before her.

"Spread the word and bestow these upon the faithful, a time of thought and reflection to your people comes." Tycili looked briefly over the shores and waved her hand near higher ground.

"Build me a shrine of stone and in the center place a large metal bowl, fill it with water, and there my message to all who believe shall be heard." Tycili's voice echoed and reverberated with the very water causing all to feel the power. It made Tycili smile at the action, "I will be watching..."

Tycili planned on much to these mortals and their lives, mostly involving the fine arts and ideas to bring forward. For now what was needed was more people to worship Tycili and for powers to grow further.

Floating in the air and planning on sending orders through reflection, Tycili wondered what other deities have arrived and where to begin and how...

Creating Small Objects-Effortless, Search for other gods-?</spoiler

Hypatos - City of Caeric - Ruler's palace

Walking past the guardsmen now supporting his cause, Hypatos found himself in an antechamber open to the elements with green lush vines climbing the stone pillars around him. He had no interest in the beauty of this place however, and continued on to the entryway leading to the palace central chamber. Here, he finally spotted the person who he wished to speak with, the ruler of Caeric, the Queen-despotess Melina. Clad in finely made clothes of white wool draped with shawls of purple and sitting on a throne raised above her advisers and servants, the ruler showcased her station in both material wealth as well as her demeanor, sitting with her back straight and her hands folded in her lap with a mostly neutral expression, until Hypatos walked in that was.

"I do not recall accepting an audience at this time, begone foreigner, or I will have my guards remove you by force." The queen said as soon as the armored man set foot in her court, displeasure clear in her voice at this uninvited and unwanted distraction from her council.

"Foreign to these lands I may be, but even so I will not be ordered by a mere mortal being, even one who commands other mortals." Hypatos replied, sounding equally displeased at being met with such a reception. "Feel free to call your guards, but if you value the lives of your subjects you will instead listen, for your realm has attracted my attention, and I have a proposition for you, one that any sane mortal would not shy away from."

Narrowing her eyes as her advisers began to murmur and talk among themselves, Melina raised her hand to command their silence, and silent they became. Another wave of her hand and her personal guard emerged and surrounded Hypatos and Stelios, swords held tightly in their hands, but not ready to attack. "And who are you, who would so arrogantly refer to a Queen as a 'mere mortal'? Choose your words carefully, or I will see you strung up and lashed for you insolence." She remarked, a smile playing over her lips as she had the two intruders firmly in her custody, or thought she did at any rate.

"Though I tire of these repeated introductions, it cannot be helped in this new world." Hypatos began, reaching out with his left hand and clenching it, the raised swords around him warping as though they were made from unbaked clay, becoming utterly useless. "I am Hypatos, otherwise known as the Lord of Warfare, I am a god, and my divine domain is that of war and the battlefield."

Releasing his grip the weapons regained their hardness, but their warped forms had been retained. "I am here to ask you to swear yourself to my divine cause, I wish to advance the mortal races to new heights and advances through war. Continued peace breeds stagnation, weakness, not only in a state or nation, but in a whole species. I aim to counteract this. Of course, pursuing such a noble goal will not go unrewarded, for example..." He pointed his left hand at the area between them and raised it slightly, a model of stone being raised out of the floor between them, representing the sister cities of Caeric and Sorric divided by the river between them. "Reuniting the cities under one ruler..." He made another quick motion with his hand and the model changed, showing rows upon rows of fully armored soldiers. "Or a grand army the like of has never before been seen in this land." A final motion with his hand and the stone retreated back into the floor, like it had never been disturbed at all.

"Now, what is your reply, mortal Queen Melina?" Hypatos finally asked, overpowering the murmuring that had resumed with even more vigor than before, as the queen's advisers tried to make sense of these unnatural abilities that Hypatos had shown.

Vashe cracked a grin, as the crowd of mortals thanked and praised him. "Heh, well hopefully that'll help get this place back on the right track. Trust me, things get a lot easier after you learn to write everything down."

Satisfied with his actions for the moment, the immortal took a moment to survey his surroundings. Besides the small throng of worshipers clamoring for his attention and more miraculous feats, there really wasn't a whole lot to see. Vashe's latest display had already attracted the attention of everyone in the town square; all the shops, workshops, and residences that lined the square were currently deserted, their typical occupants straining for a glimpse at the mysterious newcomer. And every passing moment brought a few more curious onlookers from the rest of the village, citizens who wanted to know what all the ruckus was about. Though most of the latecomers initially laughed at the bizarre tale their friends spun, a few flung themselves into the rest of the crowd, eager to meet the town's new deity.

Well, why not give them what they want?

Vashe had found something to occupy him for the next couple of hours: introducing himself to every single one of his new followers, learning their names and their stories, and committing them to memory. It may not have been the most godlike or dignified of actions, but it certainly was a crowd pleaser.

"Hello, nice to meet you... No, the honor is all mine... A butcher, really? What kinds of meat do you usually... Hahahaha, that was a wonderful story, thank you..."

The seconds turned into minutes, and the minutes into hours, as Vashe met with his slowly growing flock. He laughed, he joked, he performed the occasional trick, and never once did his air of cheer and happiness fade, not ever for a moment.

Then, Vashe got a look at the next man in line. Tall, muscular, and wearing more ornate clothes than the rest of the villagers, it was obvious that he was someone important. And the hard, thin line his mouth was curled into probably didn't bode too well for Koras' new occupant.

"Um, hello there! I'm Vashe, and you are...?"

"The village chief."

"Ah, well let me say it is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance! I must say, your town and citizens seem so very wonderful; I do think I'm going to like it here."

"No, you won't. We have no need for charlatans and tricksters here, preying on us and stealing our livelihoods. You will leave, now."

At the village head's accusation, Vashe gave a slight sigh. He supposed he couldn't blame the man for being protective of his citizenry, but were such harsh words really necessary? Still, there was no need to rebuke the chief for caring too much.

"I hear, and I understand. If I were but a common thief or scoundrel, no doubt I would pose a threat to your people, a threat that you had best destroy as soon as possible. However."

The air around Vashe began to grow heavy, as powers ancient and unknown began to surround the immortal. A slight glimmer filled his eyes, similar to the glow that had filled the orbs not too long ago, as Vashe stared at the chief, his face covered by that bizarre expression that only an ageless being can conjure.

"I'm not exactly common, now am I?"

Quidarskel- A town in the Western Dominance

Patchface smiled. An idea had been brewing in his mind and these drunken louts were the prefect test subjects. He did felt some sort of... power swelling up inside of him, but he paid that no mind. There was work to be done. He skipped merrily around the crowd of drunks, they were eager for another show and another show good ol' Patchface would give them. Mordeo was tempted to run them off, but the colourful hose The Fool was wearing proved to be a more worthy target in the mutt's mind and off he went again, snapping at Quiderskel's heel as always.

"Another show? Another show?" Quidarskel shouted in mock surpise, "Let us march to the gambling dens and I'll give you another show. Hyuk, hyuk hyuk"

Off they went, drunks and fools and all, to the seedy pits of the town's gambling dens, where men betted life and limb on the outcome of cards and dice. Even in their drunken state, the drunks could not help but wonder what the Fool was thinking, going to a place too concerned with bets and debts for a show. Why not the council chambers where another fool made the solemn simile and all the important persons rested their legs? Well, that was only known to Quidarskel and forever remain that until the plot inside his head burst into reality. That time was soon, so soon. For a fool, the man was oddly focused while watching the dice roll. The drunks quickly resumed their binge, waiting for the next distracted to come their way. Suddenly, The Fool stood up, got the few copper that remained from his last pay and shouted out a challenge to the gambling men.

"A fool is paid little and must gamble to earn a lot." He shouted, the old habit of sticking to riddles and rhymes not letting up, "All of this on number six."

Now was time to see if this would work. He willed the die to land on six, not five, six and only on six.

Radix-The Far Dominance

Wind howled as the cool damp air rammed into the hot desert. The sky broiled with clouds as thunder crashed. Rain and pea-sized hail started to fall in a torrent as several clouds started to decend in a funnel shape.

2d6+2=6 is a failure, and when screwing around with weather, it can be a bad thing if you fail.
Catharsis- Iridia

While the man felt peace inside his soul, the eeriness of the woman was enough to make him start to distrust her.

"I must decline, Miss Catharsis. My life is my own, and I have no desire to live forever- so I guess I'll see you again when you come to pass me on." The man said it in almost a condescending tone, like an adult speaking to a child. Shaking his head almost inperceptibly, he turned around and walked back into the library.

2d6=3 which isn't enough to cut it.
Torric- Base of Arichon's Spine

"I will try again" the man said hesitantly, looking at his arm in amazement. Getting up, he started to scale the cliff. At about the same place he fell of the previous time, he wobbled, but stayed on. Continuing scaling the cliff, he reached the lip of the first cliff, shouting triumpantly as the god below watched on.

An 9 on the dice before bonuses is definitely a success.
Eldarwen- The Great Forest

The Kami looked onto the flower in awe, feeling the surge of magic flow up within them. Sitting around Shizen, they started to tell her about Sgaot.

"Sgaot is-was- a demon that arrived about half a century ago. He was toxic, and corrupted and destroyed parts of the forest. We fought him, but we were not strong enough, until Arianine decided to try and stop him, once and for all. After she left to confront the demon, we never saw her or Sgaoth again- though a piece of his presence remains in a part of the wood to the south- it's infested with poisonous plants."

A 6 is enough to make a magical flower. Also, I'll write up an info dump on Sgaoth and the history of the forest once crunch stops, feel free to ask questions in the meantime.
Shadow- Slums of Torrasin

"I..." The girl wonders what to do, "I accept, if you could teach me, that would be awesome." The girl gives the deity her most winning smile.

"When do we start?"

A 12 is almost overkill, so you now have a second follower (the boy still worships you, it's just his parent that don't)
Fredric- Library of Moraenin

As Derric headed up to the head scholar's office, one of the newly bestowed scholars lifted his hand, trying to cast a small amount of magic and... nothing happened. Looking confused he shook his hand, as if it would come out of the mark. Exhausted and defeated, the scholar lowered his hand.

"I guess we'll need to study up on how to unlock this power. Thank you Lord for this great gift."

Sorry mate, 2d6+2= 6. That's not enough to cut it- they can cast magic, but they have no freaking clue how.
Tycili-Silver Bay

"Thank you Lord, I will speak of you to everyone I meet." The girl said, averting her eyes and bowing back to just in front of the crowd, awaiting orders as the god reached out into the rest of the world.

The mechanics of how this will work will be explained below
Hypatos- Caeric Ruler's Palace

"I will stand beside you, you will raise Caeric into the greatest city in this world!" Melina cried, standing up from her throne, "And I shall stand as Queen of the World, under the Lord of War."

Melina looked at Hypatos shrewdly, "You know, I am currently unmarried..."

A 10 is enough to convince her. You now have her attention, both of you hate being second, so why not both be first?
Vashe- Toras Village Square

The man took a step back from Vashe, in both awe and terror that he had offended a god.

"I am truly sorry," the man stammered, bowing deeply, "we have been burned before by charlatans calling themselves gods. I give you my deepest apologies, how may I make it up to you?"

Well, you definitely convinced him with a 7.
Quidarskel- A town in the Western Dominance

The dice rolled, and rolled and rolled. For Quidarskel it seemed like time had slowed as the diee rolled, each time it hit the table it thundered in it's head. Finally it stopped, landing on it's point, then falling over to reveal a 6. The patrons, looking on in awe, asked the god to do it again, to prove it wasn't a fluke. Again and again the dice came up 6- when other patrons rolled the die it rolled different numbers, but whenever it rolled for Quidarskel it only came up as a 6.

[url=http://orokos.com/roll/76968]You made it, barely but you made it. So congrats.[/i]
All gods on the plane

You feel a presence searching, you may decide to hide or allow the presence to touch your mind.

Decide whether or not you want to hide from the presence in your next post.
Somewhere over the ocean

A storm brews.

Eldarwen - The Great Forest.

Eldarwen listened to the words of the kami, the rustling of the leaves above calmed her feelings which were upset by the thought of a demon attempting to destroy the forest. She rose slowly when they had finished speaking.

"I'll travel south, to find these poisonous plants, but you should remember that poison isn't reason enough for me to remove something. It may hurt you, but they're still plants, inhabitants of the forest, like yourself..." Her voice resounded with apathy.

The kami sat still, reflecting over her words, as the princess of nature left their clearing and headed north. Ayamine raised an eyebrow. Shizen didn't know which way south was apparently. She rushed after her and shouted her name, to prevent her from going the wrong direction.

"Shizen! Princess! You're going the wrong way."

The princess stopped in front of her.

"I see. I should be able to feel the presence of this poison you spoke of, but maybe I'm a bit bad with directions..."

She feared it might be something worse, like that part of the forest being too damaged for her to sense. It could be beneficial for her to not pick up on it. Who knew what the creatures there were experiencing? She would feel that too and she'd rather not feel all the pain in one place, her life was already a sad tale.

"I..I'll come with y..you, princess." Ayamine hid her fear, but the princess would probably pick up on it.

"I was about to ask you to do that."

Shizen turned around and picked up Ayamine, who once again felt the touch of her princess's roots. They were rough and strong, hardly fitting of her, which she thought of as a sensitive being. She was placed on Shizen's shoulder.

They went back to the clearing, where some of the kami were now testing the power of the flower which lit up the area. A yellow flower kami, entangled a red flower kami, with roots and forced her down on the ground, before letting her go. Kurugaya had created a second skin out of stones, which made her look like some form of golem. Ayamine and Eldarwen watched them, while they tried different spells. Someone created a patch of quicksand, which trapped a few kami, but they pulled themselves out with the help of vines. They were still experimenting and would learn that these spells were fairly weak, especially when they were that close to the flower.

A white flower kami, who had an air of strength to her and was wearing brown garbs, with a blue cape, stepped forward and the crowd became her audience. She started chanting and a swarm of large wasps came flying from the trees. They flew around her body, faster and faster, until she was lifted off the ground and carried straight up. In midair, her body could no longer be seen, because of the amount of wasps surrounding her. The wasps dispersed and she was gone. Her audience began cheering.

"...And that's Osaki, one of the older kamis. She's the strongest mahou tsukai I've met. Even without that flower of yours, princess." Ayamine said. Eldarwen hadn't heard the word she used to describe the white kami before and was going to ask her what it meant. "A total braggart."

Ayamine snorted.

"Oh, yes, child. Of course I'm a braggart. I should punish you for your insolence, but as you have the favor of the tree spirit, I'll let it slide this time." Shizen could feel the new weight on her shoulder. "I've decided to come with you, Shizen. I can cure poison, should we find those in need of aid on our journey."

Osaki did have an older looking face, which was easier to spot when she was sitting on her shoulder. Shizen thought that she could cure anyone herself, but wouldn't turn down help.


Ayamine was blushing and didn't respond to what Osaki had said.

With a kami on either shoulder, Eldarwen went through the clearing where they lived once again, heading south, when she felt a presence calling her. She opened her mind for it, not sure what to expect.

"Kurugaya, I could have a task for you as well." Shizen called out to the bush, who were eyeing her friends who were leaving. She dropped her stoneskin and ran after them, but as the tree managed to move faster than she thought it could, she couldn't keep up. A fox appeared from the underbrush and offered her a ride on its back. She accepted and soon caught up with the help of the fox.

Eldarwen traveled towards the poison, with three kamis, which she saw different talents in. Talents which would be of use. Ayamine, which had proved to be more fiery than her first impression would suggest, but also very loyal and helpful. Kurugaya, who didn't fear standing up to a being immensely more powerful than herself and was quite good with words. Osaki, the elder braggart who knew stronger magic than the others.

"Someone mentioned an Arianine. Would you tell me more about her?" Shizen asked and started searching the area for more kami than the ones they'd left behind.

Radix- The Far Dominance

It was not pleased.

Of the many Scholars and Masters of the Origin that had lived before their world ended, only 24 existed within It now, and they were all furious. Such a simple thing like weather manipulation should have been done without thought or consideration, not spiral into cascade of hail and sand that even now petered against the mortal form of the Radix. It could try again, of course, but it did not trust that the conflicting origins would stabilize enough for a third origin to overcome them, and so Radix did not.

It turned away from the bourgeoning storm and looked at the animals. The four legged ones had already left, terrified by the oncoming storm, while the two legged ones stood their ground, possibly paralyzed with fear. The One of Many looked at Nazeer who, despite the pain coming to them, in comparison to the others, seemed calm. If nothing else could be said about these animals, Nazeer at the very least had the calm that characterized what the Radix once were. It could respect that.

Radix looked at the sand below his feet, concentrating his rage into forming a small room fit for him and a few men. Looking at Nazeer, it told him to tell the rest of his animals that those who wanted to live should follow it. As the God-thing began to sink into the sand and the particles began to rearrange themselves into a stone room, it considered what to do.

The storm would likely last for a while, and the sudden nature of the storm would mean those that did not seek shelter would die. However, this simple room was not enough either, a more permanent home was required. One wherein Radix could work in peace and security, where it could concentrate it's powers into something more and plan for the future. It remembered the Tower of the First, the spiraling chunk of rock and bone and metal that scraped the ceiling of the world and where all the scholars had lived at the time. It remembered that Tower survived the cataclysmic destruction of the world, and that the Tower had only fallen when he had used it as a stepping stone to leave that world forever. Radix missed that place, and so it would begin to remake the Tower of the First, into something that would fit the status of the Changer of Origins. Another Tower. An Obsidian Spire that would climb and climb and where it could see the rest of the world in it's magnificence.

But not now, definitely not now. All of that would happen soon, but not now. Now, it would create the foundation for the Spire. It would take the sand several dozen meters away from his current position and remake them, turning their Origin into Permanence and Holding which would be sufficient to hold the vast amounts of material that would come later. In addition, should the foundation fail, it would be far enough that it would not affect the current hiding place they were in.

As it began to sink into itself and begin the construction, it felt....something. As though a curious hand was searching throughout the ether of the world. It could not guess it's intentions, but as the sand and storm grew around him and he could feel Nazeer walk towards the room he had created, Radix ignored it as being inconsequential, though he did not hide from it. If the searching hand wanted to communicate, then it could very well do it afterwards.

And so, after ignoring everything else, it held onto the threads of origins as it did before and pulled

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