It’s Only a Test sci-fi RP (Open, started)

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"So cartoons are a type of television?" she said, a little confused, and a little more annoyed by their tones. Of course she knew what a television was, she had just never encountered that particular brand of TV before.

"And for your information, I'd rather not talk about my "environment", thank you." Mary knew she was poor - poor as dirt; she didn't need to be reminded of it by the peanut gallery.

Efe was startled by this individual's sudden assault. When Gordon's lips met hers, she screwed up her face and shoved him hard in the chest.

"Get off!"

It took a moment for Efe to compose herself. She wasn't too angry at Gordon; he was clearly just super-elated to be here, like everyone else. That said, she maintained her distance from him. Hopefully this would assure the others that she and Gordon were not an item.

"You should try your chances on those two guys," she said to Gordon, "they're the ones looking for a good time."

The two man stared at the guy who was shoved off of the woman. Worrying if this guy was a dangerous sex offender, or something along those lines.

Rob: "We're taking our leave now, and YOU Mr.Love Machine. You best watch yourself. You wouldn't want to ruin the trip from the start. We got to spend MONTHS together, just make sure you don't harass anymore passengers."

Brandon and rob then made their way to the mini theater, disappointed that they humiliated themselves in front of other people.

Mary watched the exchanges, then returned to her show - the disappearing earth. looking out in the distance, she was could see the sun - no longer hidden from her view. With its rays, Mary decided it was time to end the show; they were hardly healthy for her given her condition. In stead, she turned to the table and started applying some of her skin cream, hoping to prevent any burns the sun might have on her dangerously pale skin.

Efe watched Mary reach for the cream. She felt sorry for her, especially for one so eager to go on the trip in the first place. You'd think they'd not let people like that come on board., she thought.

Efe scratched her chin and considered her options. With Mary busy, she decided to go off on her own, for a wander around the vessel. Maybe she'd find somewhere new.

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