Serial Killer Round 43 - Welcome to the Killtona 500 (Finish Line Reached! Race is Over!)

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Serial Killer Round 43

Welcome to the Killtona 500

Right, so rather than get the easy number reference that was last round, I get the one right after. Best I could come up with for 43 was that it was the number of the car that NASCAR legend Richard Petty used in his long career, so we're going to go with a racing motif for this one!

And after all, isn't that what this game is? A race to see who makes it to the end and who crashes in a hail of glass, blood and metal? I think so. Hi. I'm NeoAC. I was the original wire-to-wire victor in this contest, I'm the current chairman of the Carly Rae Jepsen Damage Control committee, and I'll be serving as the Grand Marshal for this circuit of carnage that we call Serial Killer.

Now this will be a throwback round, a bit more streamlined compared to some of the offerings that have been seen lately. First, a very strict voting threshold rule will come back into play in regards to voting. If I don't get 80% of the votes within three days of the murder notice being posted, I'm killing a non-voter of my choice. I might be fair and do it at random. I might not and eliminate you if your avatar looks distasteful or non-existent. In any case, vote.

Second, it has come to my attention that the spy has been a little too effective lately. Rounds either end after 5, or don't end because the spy as gone absent or rogue. Hence the changes to the role. The spy will now only be able to ask questions at the same time the medic's save tier changes. This roughly works out to one question every two and a half to three kills. If I don't get a question from the spy by the time the tier changes for any reason other than murder, without a message from the spy regarding the banking of a question, I reserve the right to replace the spy with another member of the game. This covers both bases rather nicely in my opinion.

Finally, I've cut the list of roles down to four. The Entwined, Celebrity and Priest really haven't served much purpose, so they will be eliminated for at least this round.

Now here are the basic rules if you've never played this game before or got too hammered to remember them from the last time.


Thank you Zero for saving me most of the time there. All right, I've got 30 slots available for any of you mugs who think you can match me and only one other person have done in this Grand Prix of Garotteing and Gore, so let's get some people in for the bloodbath!

Also, if you want a custom or lucky number to appear by your name, let me know in the PM you send. We'll test how lucky it is. Otherwise, I'm just going by the order that I receive numbers from people. (#3 skipped in memory of Dale Earnhardt, the meanest, coolest driver there ever was, #18 will be skipped because that's my lucky number, and GM gets first dibs).

The Drivers

#-1 - RaNDM G - Execution Victim, Lap 2 Read Execution
#1 - CounterAttack - Murder Victim, Lap 7 Read Death, Revived by Genesis Chamber
#2 - Zero_ctrl - Arbiter - Arbiter Death Read Death
#4 - MortisNuncius - Murder Victim, Lap 3
#5 - razer17
#6 - Link_to_Future - Medic, Execution Victim, Lap 5 Read Execution
#7 - Sky14kemea - Murder Victim, Lap 6 A Song Of Death!
#8 - Nouw - Execution Victim, Lap 8 Read Execution
#9 - Jak23 - Murder Victim, Lap 2
#10 - J1-2themax
#11 - xTwinkiesx - Execution Victim, Lap 6 Read Execution
#12 - Pm0n3y - Execution Victim, Lap 9 Read Execution
#13 - TrilbyWill - Murder Victim, Lap 5
#14 - chromewarriorXIII = Execution via Genesis Chamber
#15 - Berenzen - Execution Victim, Lap 10
#16 - elementsoul
#17 - Ynnek89 - Murder Victim, Lap 4
#19 - MortifiedPenguin - Murder Victim, Lap 9 Read Death
#20 - FargoDog - Spy, Execution Victim, Lap 1 Read Execution
#21 - Diablo1099 - Killer, Execution Victim, Lap 11 Read Death
#22 - SomeLameStuff - Murder Victim, Lap 11 Read Death
#23 - socialtangent
#24 - Redlin5 - Murder Victim, Lap 1 Read Death
#25 - MinimanZombie - Murder Victim, Lap 10 Read Death
#26 - Fragrance of Mtn Dew - Murder Victim, Lap 8
#27 - War Penguin - Execution Victim, Lap 3
#28 - axle 19 - Execution Victim, Lap 7
#29 - RBMidknight
#30 - Schizzy - Execution Death, Lap 4 Read Execution
#31 - Malyc - Arbiter Death - Chosen Victim Read Death

I'm number four!!


I am a fan of the spy nerf. It is obvious even with a question every other cycle that it is overpowered. I've been toying with ways to counter that but I'll bring them up when the ideas are more fully formed.

I am not a fan of taking the Priest out because it is my baby. However, I acknowledge both my bias and the temporary nature of this change and will keep my kicking and screaming to a minimum.

Regardless, looking forward to getting this round started. ^_^

IndyCar all the way.

I'll send my number in.

Vroom, Vroom. Let's get this deathrace started.

Also, yay, made the regular's list.

My number has been sent in.

Number sent in.
Oh, and I got place 13. How wonderful.

You'll have my number soon

About time, that last round went on forever...

Yaaay, number 7! :D

I bet I die first 'cause of that...

I'm a fan of motorbike racingso MotoGP all the way. Anyhow, after this round I think I'll be on the regulars list, since I think this is my 4th round.

@sky: I don't follow... does the number 7 hate you?

@Razer: Gotta be 5 consecutive rounds before you get put on the Regulars list.

@NEo Yeah, but I think this is my 4th consecutive, so next round would be my 5th. Or do you mean you have to do 5 consecutive and then the next round I would be a regular?

@Razer: The latter would be the required amount of time. It's after completing those 5 rounds that you get added.


Me! D:

*sends number quickly*

*Gasps* Woo! Only two more rounds to go! Let me just send my number...What do you mean I can't send mail by cannons? Outrageous! I shall not be leaving this fortress in the middle of the ocean!
*Fires bottle with piece of paper in, with my number on, in the general direction of NeoAC*.

@Trilby: My theory is the killer will kill the luckiest number first, to be an ironic dickbag D:

@sky: Bah, that's just silly superstition.

Good thing nothing is very significant about 4...

I hope...

@Mortis: Actually, 4 is considered a very unlucky number in Japan. So by sky's logic, you're in the safest spot you could be.

j1: Thank you for that lovely bit of information. ^^

Number sent in.
Oh, and I got place 13. How wonderful.

#9! Booyah! In. Your. FACE!
I was also the 9th to be killed last round... O.O

@Jak ....Yeah well...Uh....Curses! *Throws cream pie at Jaks face and runs*.

@Mini: *Opens mouth and swallows entire pie*

@Trilby: I'll trade with you. You won't have to be in the "unlucky" slot, and I can have the number that's in my name. It's a win/win!

@Jak ....Fuck. Uh...good thing it was made of acidic cream? Yeah, poisonous slime. Very deadly. One taste and you're gone. And you ate a whole pie tin of it? How does that make you feel?
[Why do I never get awesome captchas!?]

@Chrome: But going off Sky's logic, that basically makes me invincible.
I'm going to get murdered for that. I just know it.
I'm probably going to get a role this round too. Not gonna get to use it... *sniff*

I'm either going to get a role and be murdered in round 1, or not get a role and not be murdered. Because that's how SK works.

@Neo: I just noticed something. With the changes made to the Spy, will the Arbiter's rule of a five-cycle time limit still apply?

@Neo: I just noticed something. With the changes made to the Spy, will the Arbiter's rule of a five-cycle time limit still apply?

I'll leave it at before the Spy asks his final question.

Also, all slots are now taken, just waiting on the regulars who haven't PM'd their number.

@mini: *Guts himself to get acid out*... F***.

Oh hey, I'm in!


@NewGuy: Hey everybody, look at the new target!

*Generates Target store in Murderville*

Also, if you haven't already, join the SK Group! SKRP Group

Holy Hell! I missed a lot, now didn't I. <_<

Okay, I know none of you chaps care, but I'm just gonna say that summer classes are a motherfucker and you should never take them.

Sending number...

@Neo: Hey Mr. Spreadsheets, how many games have I been in?

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