Serial Killer Round 43 - Welcome to the Killtona 500 (Finish Line Reached! Race is Over!)

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I'm back from my holiday, but it looks like I still didn't miss much.

With no spy left, it does look like it may well be the killers turn unless we get lucky with an execution.

All right, I've been executed. Sadly I am not the killer of this round. I'll have my death up when I can, (Read Borderlands 2 Coma)

Curse these new game releases disrupting our killin'!


I'm running out of racing metaphors. You guys really need to catch this killer. But who is the latest to fall by their hands?

Alright, here's the plan. We put a giant dome around the "town" we're in, and wait for someone to try and leave. That person, would logically be the killer, as they would be escaping their crimes! The plan, is foolproof!
*Walks off to make some calls*

@Zombie: I can only see on hole in your plan, what if people are trying to escape the killer?

Well. Uh...They are weak. And the weak, hinder the strong! So, they will try and leave, knowing the rules of our new found society. They will be put on trial, and be given the choice of Death, or Poontah.

@Zombie: Uh... Poontah?
Let me just Google that...

@Trilby So you'd choose death then?

@Zombie: No need. Someone else already picked death for me.
I should probably start writing my death up...

@Zombie: No need. Someone else already picked death for me.
I should probably start writing my death up...

That would be a good plan.

@Victim: I was hoping he'd have time to get something up, but I know there is some RL stuff going on so announcement time.


He's run out of energy and now he's been Orange Crushed into the wall by the Killer. Get your votes in to try and avenge him!

@Neo: That pun was bad and you should feel bad.

I'm back from America!

Aaaaaand we're still going? Okay then xD


@Sky: *pokes*

Expo? It was the Expo wasn't it.

I wanted to go to the Expo...

@Redlin: Of course it was... o.o

Orange Crush?!

Oh... My favorite mediocre soft drink was only used for a crappy pun. :(

@Sky: How was driving on the other side of the road and not drinking until you're 21? Oh, and... I guess the expo, too. :P

@Red: I know, man. I know. Next year I'm totally going, though! ... And you better go, too!

@Expo: I wish to hell I could go. Flights from New Zealand are expensive, though... and I've never left my country of birth.

As an aside, I have an idea that I could implement at a future Expo, were I to attend. It'd be similar to SK but considerably different, since SK can be difficult to manage even online. Offline... I don't want to think about it.

@Counter: I've played an offline version of SK before ever playing SK.

@Redlin: But spread out over a three - or more - day convention, where players could be scattered from one end of the center to another? One that would need a good amount of communication between players? One that likely requires a lot of time spent by the people running it, so they don't have time to go to panels and events and such?

'Cause that was what I meant when I said I didn't want to think about running an offline SK.

@CA: That could work, and if - nay, when - I go next year, I'll be sure to do my damnedest to make sure it works! :D

@Expo: I'm hoping I can pool together enough money to make the trek down south next year. Of course if people were already willing to come together and get rooms and stuff split up a month or two before le expo, that would make things more likely, since going solo is very hard on the Canadian wallet.

@WarP: I kept trying to get into the drivers side by accident..... Dx

@CA: This was at least 3 years ago now and I played it only twice but I played a game called 'Mafia' that is effectively Serial Killer.

One spy, one killer, one medic, the rest are victims plus the game master. Game master provides narration and alerts players to events.

We all sit around a table and deal out cards. The players read their card then close their eyes. The GM sees each card, picks the largest value and that's the killer. Reshuffle, largest value for medic, etc.

The GM starts the narration and on cue players close their eyes. A tap on the back means you're the killer, two taps the spy, three taps the medic. The killer then looks up and around and points at who the victim is. The medic is then told by the GM to pick someone to save. On the third turn (or even shorter into the game, depending on the number of people playing) the spy gets a chance to point at a player to ask if that's the killer. The GM must tell him if he gets it right.

The narrator tells everyone to get up except _____ who died because of _______.

From then on the mob must decide who to lynch and someone has to die. If you die you get to watch what happens when everyone closes their eyes but you cannot provide any clues or speak.

So yeah, Serial Killer.

This doesn't take a long time to do, the longest game I was in took an hour tops.

I was lynched the first time for 'being new and therefore evil' according to my friend James. He later turned out to be the killer.

@Sky: Oh god. I can only imagine the potential crashes and mishaps that may have happened. xD

@Red: Hm... That does seem like something that could work were we to all meet at the expo. Still, it would be cool if we could figure something out that spanned the whole three days...

@3 days: That was my plan. The game I have in mind is largely freeform, though I imagine there will be disputes depending on certain circumstances. I'm still hammering out the rules and such... if I had the manpower and resources I'd run a couple of test games before unleashing it on the Expo itself.

I'm already 32! I shouldn't have to take another exam!

Stoopid Google Adwords Exam... rassum frassum...

Anyone going to avenge me? Anyone? Tony Stark? Anyone...?

@Red: I'd do it but I'm kind of dead at the moment. :P

@Redlin: Probably not, but if I was alive at least I could vote.

@Red: I will avenge you...

in the next round...

when I'm less dead.

@JIB: A lot of you are dead and not voting. It's making my job more difficult.



I managed to cobble together enough votes to have to extract another in a tiebreaker situation, but we have someone to lynch. Who will it be?

The non-voters are getting lynched.

The voters are getting lynched.

What's wrong with you people!


Where did the participation go? IT DIED WITH THE BEST OF US!

I wonder if having more newcomers would give better participation than we're getting now.

Maybe the killer is being extremely thorough and killing everyone who's voting.

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