Serial Killer Round 43 - Welcome to the Killtona 500 (Finish Line Reached! Race is Over!)

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@Pmoney: Neato. It's nice to know that there are higher powers to blame for the misfortune we mortals enjoy.

@Miniman: There's a fire in the JIB? Where's the marshmallows?!

@Schizzy I threw them into a lake. The fishes were looking at me with those dear eyes. Like puppy eyes, but with fish.

@Miniman: If the JIB is on fire, then I need to have a frank discussion with CA regarding policies up there.


There aren't many of you left, so this shouldn't take too long. Can you stop the killer before he reaches the point of no return? We'll see...


@Neo Doesn't matter I suppose. You know, considering I'm dead and what not. So...yeah.
*Starts eating from the JIB*

Could we have a murderer winning? Come on guys, step it up! D:

I want to be avenged...

Yeah, step it up! We can't have TWO people gloating it up about being the king of SK!

@Schizzy: I feels forgotten already.


@Link: Forgotten? But I just referenced you in my execution!

@Link: But the king of SK declared your win null and bunk, cuz you double teamed it (Granted, your 'partner' bought it early).

Who am I but a regular Jacques Clouseau to defy him? *Feigns humility*

@Schizzy: I...wha...wait...


@Link: *hands drink*

You okay? You look very not you right now.

@Red: I concur. He looks like someone else entirely.

And then War Penguin came along hoping that he would create some activity, got bored, and buggered off to do whatever the fuck he wanted.


@Link: ... Not gonna lie. Did not see that one coming. Touche, good sir. :P

So you guys executed the wrong guy, I'll have a death post up eventually, but I'm suffering from some severe writer's block right now after cranking out a whole bunch of dialogue trees over the weekend.


His writer's block has come crashing down on his head, and his race is over. Only eight are left on the track, will the killer keep rolling? Or has the pack finally figured it out?

Whelp, I'm dead. Even after I tried to be sneaky and make people forget I was participating. Damn. Still got pretty far though.

This is loads of practice for NaNoWriMo next month! XD


This round is going to go all the way, isn't it?

@RaNDM G: Not gonna lie, starting to root for the killer on this one. :P

@SomeLameStuff: Hah. I tried writing for NaNoWriMo for the first time last year... just before I hit 80% of the mark, my computer committed suicide and I couldn't finish it. I still have a copy of my work, though.

@War Penguin: Oh come on! He killed me via car crusher! VENGEANCE I SAY!

Actually when you think about it, I was the one who killed myself via car crusher. Huh.

@Counterattack: I tried NaNoWriMo for the first time last year too! And I won with 58653 words =D

Desert Bus tried it's best to distract me though... Nearly didn't make it >.<

@SomeLameStuff What was your novel about?

@SomeLameStuff: So some pedigree coming in here then. It shows.


Another racer hits the dirt, and I can pretty much just start doing this directly now, so elementsoul, J1-2themax, RBMidknight, Diablo1099, chromewarriorXIII, razer17, socialtangent. It's time to vote, yous!

@SomeLameStuff: First off... I love your username. Sorry, just haven't had a chance to say that. Felt like this was the perfect opportunity. :P

Secondly... uh... SO? <_<

Also... NaNoWriMo? Whut?

@War NaNoWriMo stands for (inter)National Novel Writing Month. It's a novel writing contest that challenges people to write a 50000+ word novel and submit it to the the linked website during the month of November. You generally submit it in parts each day and it keeps track of your word total. If you have mor ethan the 50000 word mark you "win". (I should note that I haven't taken part in it before and it's been a year since I looked at the rules and such.)

@WarP/element: element pretty much has it in a nutshell. There's a bunch of forums and whatnot on the site, for getting help and sharing ideas and etceteras.

@element: @CA: That... sounds pretty damn awesome! Kind of want to try that myself when or if my writing improves.

@elementsoul: It was a pretty standard fantasy thing. I scrapped the whole story, though I am using elements from it to write a novel for this year =D

When the GM can name the remaining players in his announcement, things are getting dangerous... :O

Very well then!




You know what? I'm sick of having consistent non-voters in my survivors. This was pointed out to me by a couple of people, and you know what? I agree. It's not very fair to those still aimlessly floating about.

So here's what we're going to do. I'm going to trot out a new feature of SK I've invented. I call it the Genesis Chamber. I'm going to go ahead and hook chromewarriorXIII in there, since he hasn't showed up in the past few weeks and the past few votes, and his life force is going to be sucked out. He will be cast into purgatory for his misdeeds.

However, that extra life force has to go somewhere. So what we're going to do is have ourselves a little 24 hour number lottery amongst those of you who have perished this round either by the killer's hands or by the mob's hands. Closest person to the number I pick between 1 and 100 will be the recipient of said life force, and will be revived into the game, although if they had a role previously, then they will not retain it. They will be a regular player, with full voting eligibility, starting with this vote, since I kind of need another vote to decide things. Anyway, as stated, you have 24 hours to get the number in. So, Good Luck, and maybe see you back in the Land of the Living!

Revive me, who else will be you're penguin butler?

If you revive me, then I will be a zombie for real. That'll be cool, right?

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