Serial Killer Round 43 - Welcome to the Killtona 500 (Finish Line Reached! Race is Over!)

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The medic did their job and has made the save in the first round, so the killer's second choice is the one who goes down. Who is the first car to crash out? The PM is away.

Well...I wasn't brutally murdered. Because I had the best get away vehicle of all! THE PENNY FARTHING! (Who needs pictures?) AWAAAAAAAYYYY!
*Me rides off into the sunset, wearing a bowler hat and suit, on his majestic transport*.

By no means am I implying I was the celebrity.


The race's Canadian content has been cut in half! Now start voting and we'll see who gets parked...into the grave!

@Redlin: Really liked how you referred to the killer in the second person. That was a cool touch. :D

Sorry you got wiped out though. :/

*makes it into turn one, narrowly avoids getting caught up in the wreck*

To answer the question that may or may not happen, YES! I am going to be using racing themed stuff in my posts. If that gets me killed, so be it.

Ahaha. Silly people racing around on the ground. My hover bike avoids all the crashes!
Except with birds and suchlike. But I think my reflexes can handle it.

@CA how's the handling on that bike there? No friction typically means that momentum is a littler harder to change.

@Berenzen: The handling goes okay. Anti-grav technology is still in its infancy, you know, so I do have to be careful with the bike.

Well, I'm still alive which is nice. Now it's time to vote.

*Pats self down* I'm still alive, phew!

*floats around as a ghost*


@Redlin *Captures Redlin using a Proton Pack, A ghost trap, and a kick ass theme song*.
Don't worry folks, he can't harm us anymore.

But I wasn't the killer! It was one of yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!

Also I died two days ago, it's boring waiting for justice. :P

Two hours remain in the voting and I still have a tie. If I don't get one of the outstanding votes soon, I will be forced to go to my tiebreaker.

Well, looks like the time limit has passed... I do hope I wasn't one of the majority votes. =/


Well rather the tiebreaker has spoken, since missing ballots resulted in a three way tie at three votes a piece. So who is the latest one to smash the wall in a blaze of glory?

A three way tie? Dang, at this rate the race is going to be a photo finish. >.>

The suspense is killing me.

Thank goodness you didn't kill me! My computers been broken the past 4 days, but I'm back!

@Redlin Well to be fair, you were scaring the little kids. Ghosts can creep kids out.

Anyway, this is pretty intense for a first round.

@Racibg: I may be in the back part of the line, but I will comeback. I will prevail!
*Tire blows out*

The suspense is killing me.

Pretty sure the murderer's knife killed me more. <.<

Doesn't look like I'm getting a death any time soon, so screw it..


Yes due to the tiebreaker vote, FargoDog has been killed! Congratulations, mob. You hung your provider of information. Now how will you stop this killer in his tracks? Especially with one fewer in your number? The next murder will take place on the next lap...

Pfft. Nice one guys.

Wow, if the killer is an experienced player, he has a very high chance if winning...

I think you guilty few have just signed all our death warrants.

Unless of course we're hit by a tanker truck hauling five trailers of luck that happen to be hurtling at us from space, having used the gravity of the Sun to slingshot itself towards us with the aid of enough rocket propulsion to make the whole of NASA shit themselves...

@Neo: We'll kill him like we always do... by killing everyone else!

Aww shucks. Well, as Schizzy said, it's time to go through the process of painless elimination ;).

@Schizzy: It's never failed us before!
Except those times when it has.

Okay, how the hell does "Experience" Factor into this game? it's all chance, from killing to lynching.

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