Serial Killer Round 43 - Welcome to the Killtona 500 (Finish Line Reached! Race is Over!)

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I am announcing my death, which will hopefully be up soon. My schedule has been cluttered as of late and I've found little time to write.

That is all.

@Topaz: You will. It's even easier to pick things up if you check the OP, because they normally link to every death-post of the current and previous rounds.


I'm sure we'll get the details at some point, but now it is time to vote! So get to it you guys!

Yay, more people to join the 'not living' club! Come on, I've got new chairs for us...

I'm going to embark on my first movie marathon with StarWars tomorrow. Any tips for a newbie?

@Nouw: Fuck the Special Edition. Watch the originals.

@RaNDM G: As much as I'd love to I don't have access to them. Don't worry, we all know Han shot first.

@Nouw Han didn't shoot first. Han shot, there was no second shot.

@Nouw: Han didn't shoot. Nobody shot. He killed him with sheer awesomeness and a cold stare.

@Berenzen: A fair point.
@Mortis: Also a fair point.

@Nouw: Are you watching on Blu-Ray or DVD?

@RaN: My guess is VHS. :P

@Mortis: What is VHS?

Not my best work, but it's kinda late and I was distracted by the internets...

@RanDM: Oh come on... I hope you're not serious.

Either that, or I'm seriously, SERIOUSLY old... :(

@Zero: Serves ya right for not messaging me about who you were so i could communicate XP

@Malyc: Sorry bro, I got totally caught up with that newfangled Darksiders II.

@RaN: They're like DVD's, but at the same time not like DVD's.

@Zero: It happens... although now I know who you are XP. Sorry if the racing wasn't your thing, but I had determined to go along with the theme of the round since the beginning.

@Mort: You mean like Laserdisc?

@Malyc: Well, I had planned on a racing death.
But a Ferrari? Come on, you really wanted to make me look like a douchebag. xP

@Mal: @Zero: Wait, so was one of you the arbiter? I'm confused o-o

@Sky14: Yup, I was arbiter.
I probably could have made that more clear in the death post.

Granted, my method of choosing who to kill was mostly point and guess, seeing as our spy was so neatly murdered by us all.

@Zero: That's fine, at least you used your role. :0

The victim might not see it the same way, though. xD

@Zero: Thank you for actually utilizing the arbiter. Seriously, I love the "death" roles but I hate how rarely they actually come into play. :P

@Sky: Zero was the Arbiter. He made his move against Malyc. He was incorrect and now both have crashed out of this race.

BTW, still need votes from a lot of people. I will PM them now, if I don't get enough responses, one of them will be removed from the track by me. Fun times.

@Neo: Did I vote?

Don't look at me. I'm still dead.

@Sky: Yes you did. You're a good voter.

Surprising. I come back from vacation and not only did a new round not start, but I'm not dead so I don't have a death added to my work load. Being gone of the internet for a week sucks ass.


Another competitor has been kicked to the curb and eliminated! Who will it be? Only the PM will tell!

*Floats around*

Is he dead yet? The killer that is. What have you guys been up to since I got knifed?

@Redlin: These days... well, my time has been taken up by Skyrim, Dragon Age, bug infestations and my Pokémon thread. ^_^

@Red: L.A. Noire.

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