Serial Killer Round 43 - Welcome to the Killtona 500 (Finish Line Reached! Race is Over!)

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@RaN: Aaah good game. Do you find driving hard? I personally find it as hard as reading someone in an interrogation.

@RaN: I need to start that game sometime. Going to finish Saints Row 2 first and then go through New Vegas.

I've been told to make this announcement, so...


Yes our penguin population has been cut in half as the flippers couldn't hold onto the wheel and WarP was eliminated. Who will be next? The killer will decide...

Way to vote effectively guys. WP was a jerk. XD

@Red: WarP is an awesome person! D:

@sky: Nope. War is not an awesome person.

He's an awesome penguin. >.>

*is booed off stage*


Another participant makes like Mark Martin and gets T-Boned out of the picture. Who will it be? Check the inboxes!

@Link: You said what we were all thinking.

@Trilby: I'm not a guy you know IRL. Nope. Not at all.

Back... from a super long, authority approved holiday that merged with the weekend.

@RaN: Aaah good game. Do you find driving hard? I personally find it as hard as reading someone in an interrogation.

It's fun, though sometimes I feel


It's fun, though sometimes I feel


So funny, yet so terrible >.>. If I ever suddenly walk into a wall of death, I will think of you ;).


I knew that Ken Cosgrove's hard drinking ways would eventually be his undoing. Such is the danger of working at Sterling Cooper.

I've changed my avatar to celebrate how not dead I am right now.

I was the one who was executed but I'm not the killer. I'll post my death when I get the chance.

@Ynnek: You were not executed. You were murdered...

Speaking of which:


Another car wiped out by this nefarious Killer! Will the mob make the right choice this time around? Send me your votes to find out!

@NeoAC: Sorry, GMing an arc in a RP has taken all of my attention.

@Ynnek: I'll say. You voted for someone not in the round twice...

Hang the inattentive!

Way to vote effectively guys. WP was a jerk. XD

I love you too, Red. Unlike the =y guy. He was a douche. :D

@Red: WarP is an awesome person! D:

Damn straight!
And thank you. <_<



Holy fuck! Another penguin!? Jesus, I gotta pay more attention to this thread!

Okay, I'm gonna get back to posting here starting now- Wait, I'm dead?
Fuck. Well, I'm out. See ya'll next round. :P

Welp, there goes my productivity. I get access to both of my most anticipated games of the year- Guild Wars 2 and Planetside 2- on the same day. This isn't going to be good for any sort of efficiency.

@Berenzen: You can't just pick one or the other?

Whenever the PS2 server goes down/FPS drops, hop on to GW2, play until I end up in a point where the FPS drops because of a massive zerg of people, then go back to PS2. It's a fun, but productivity killing, cycle.

So's been more than two days. Twice as many actually.


@Link: Does that mean we win?

I sure wish someone would find the killer. I would like my colon back.

@Time frame: So yeah, work was extremely busy the last few days with everyone in the county under the age of 23 coming into my bar and ordering all of my beer that I was constantly running out of. So there was no time to do updating.

But then what is everyone else's excuse! Seriously! I don't even have half the votes yet! So I think it's time to kill someone. I do have a leader in votes who has yet to vote themselves. If things don't change by the time I wake up tomorrow, they will be executed!


@Neo: I think we'd rather you kill him now and get it over with. I would say this wait is killing me, but...

All right, that's enough time...


The vote ended in another tie, but because one voted and the other didn't, they will be the one to go! Will we see an execution out of them? Let's find out!


Some small part of me is not optimistic about seeing a death on this one. >.>

@Kittyman: Congrats on becoming a two-time daddy. Definitely worth a crash out here.



His newborn son will be able to take a trip with Daddy up to the JIB as Kittyman is eliminated. Who will be next? Only the Killer knows...

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