Serial Killer Round 43 - Welcome to the Killtona 500 (Finish Line Reached! Race is Over!)

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I suppose we can accept a variety of bludgeoning equipment.

So I'm still missing votes from a good chunk of people. I've been pretty generous lately what with people moving for school, and me getting drunk to go see a concert, but no more! If I do not get enough votes by this time tomorrow to execute someone, then I am killing someone off!

@Neo: Just kill everyone and get it over with!

@Topaz: Yes, excellent.

Forgive my lateness, but I had a lot of school stuff to do this morning while being sick, so loads of fun. Anyway...


Only one person was left to vote, and since they won't be voting for themselves, I think we can put this one to rest. Who will be next to swap their car for a hearse? Check the PMs.

I wonder if there are any game related PMs floating around by now... The killer must be stopped! :O

Really feeling that love.

Well, I'm surprised you lasted this long, but the mob has spoken. You are execution victim #6. Death it up accordingly please.

I hope this suffices for "deathing it up accordingly".

@Twinkies: Well played, Sir.

Just realized that this round has been going on since July.


One cycle per week or so, seems about right.

@Twinkies: This round has seen a lack of death stories. Nice to see one decently written up.

@Twinkies: Indeed it is. Very impressive initial death.


Apparently the tasty treats don't last forever and another driver is put down. But he was not the killer! Who will pay the price next?

Been a while since I've had to do one of these...

I will note that while 'schemery' isn't a word according to Firefox, I think it should be. Schemery: the act or practice of scheming.

Well, I forgot to announce someone had been killed, and now Counter has beaten me to the punch....uh, let's just roll with this I guess...


Add another to the wall of those who went down testing hover technology, as the Kiwi has been crushed. Who is responsible? Vote now with your best guesses!

@CA: That's what you get for using a hover bike.

@Berenzen: Ehh. I don't really see what the fuss is about. Haven't had any dealings with Obsidian, myself.

@CA They've made some of the best RPGs ever, which suffer a bit because of a rushed timeline/lack of funds. They're best known for de-constructing and subverting genre conventions and are widely considered to have one of the best, if not the best video game writing. They were rebuilt from the ashes of Black Isle, so a lot of the people working there did stuff that that company put out.

So: Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale I&II, Neverwinter Nights 2, Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir, Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas, Alpha Protocol and Knights of the Old Republic II.

Yeah, that's a pretty damn good pedigree to have, throw on the fact that it's an old-school cRPG made by the guys that have made some of the best games of that genre, and there's your reason why people are so excited.

@Berenzen: Only one of those I've played is Fallout 2, and even then I didn't play much. Kinda-sorta want to play KotOR II, but a few people I know go on rants whenever it's mentioned.

What does 'cRPG' mean? I've seen the term thrown around before but never known what it meant.

@CA It's a term that literally just means Computer Role Playing Game. It's a term that now basically means a game similar to those that were made around the turn of the millennium. So top-down isometric with either turn-based or real-time with pause style combat. It's typically very tactical in how it plays rather than having action-based combat. In order to accomodate it, the camera angle is usually in a top-down isometric format in order for the player to be able to see their whole party and make tactical desicions based around that.

@Berenzen: Ah. So something like the Diablo series or the early Fallouts, more the latter than the former given its strategic approach to combat. Makes sense.

@Berenzen: Ugh, Obsidian. It's not their fault every game they release sucks.

In other more important news, Black Mesa just launched.

@Berenzen: I loved Alpha Protocol. It was fantastic game that suffered from some crippling problems.
Give Obsidian some proper funding and an very meticulous QA team and they could probably make a really great game with this.

It's really too bad that I'm not a huge fan of the whole Dungeon Crawler at an Isometric view. I'd probably jump right in on this otherwise.

Color me skeptical, but I have serious reservations about any game that is trying to get funding and hype because it's made by particular people...and releasing pretty much nothing else about it. Yes, they have a nice, glossy résumé; and, the studio appears to be made of talented people. But they're still people, and times have changed. All that being said, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Color me skeptical, but I have serious reservations about any game that is trying to get funding and hype because it's made by particular people...and releasing pretty much nothing else about it. Yes, they have a nice, glossy résumé; and, the studio appears to be made of talented people. But they're still people, and times have changed. All that being said, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

And what the difference between that and them trying to pitch to a developer? They're trying to make something that a publisher won't normally say yes to, so they have to go to the populace.

You see, showing people a buggy-ass unfinished product that can change mid-game. Why do you think video games companies have NDAs? What they would show would be basically a pre-alpha build that isn't in any way reminiscent of the full game. That isn't exactly what you would call good marketing. So yeah, I fully understand why they didn't show any gameplay or anything else.

Anyway, J.E. Sawyer stated that they'd slowly be releasing a few details about it- no gameplay, but possibly a general outline of the world- as time goes on, but they didn't want their pitch video to go on for too long, so instead a few blogs about The Black Hound and Building Worlds were written by Josh in order for people to get a general feel for what they were going for.

Honestly, what do you expect? A full demo, they gave you the pitch, if you don't want to invest, you don't have to, but that's about the extent that most pitches consist of. Think of it as them applying for a job, they have their resume- their list of games that they've made- and you're choosing whether or not to pay them for the job they've applied for- making the game they're pitching to us.

@Berenzen: Don't get me wrong, I'd probably go right to Kickstarter if I needed funding for a game, too. I think everyone here knows how effective it can be. And from reading their pitch, I got the impression that they already had an idea of who they wanted in on the project; and, a big-name developer would probably pick their own team for Obsidian to work with.

I'm not saying that anything you've said is wrong, because it isn't and I completely understand why they're doing what they're doing. And the fact is I really have nothing I can say back at any of it. Call me selfish, call me short-sighted, call me part of the problem. I'm just saying that, personally, throwing money into anything before I even know what it is seems kind of silly. And that's all I have to say on the matter.

@Hey_You_Guys: Surely there is no reason why a big company cannot utilize the fine art of panhandling to acquire funds. It's not like they have investors or anything.

@RaNDM Investors that won't fund that style of game, which they obviously want to make. Hell, it's going to be PC-only, you really think that any publisher will say yes to that?

Obviously you don't like kickstarter, but keep your misinformation to yourself. You seem to think that Obsidian has piles of money to throw around, which, judging by the layoffs they had to do, is obviously not the case.

@Berenzen: That was sarcasm. How did you get that idea?

Will the killer win? O.o

@Red: Who knows? We're still only halfway through.

If the people that keep getting killed/executed are the people that actually vote (it seems we have a shortage of those) then my bet is on the killer.

@Twinkies: You got that right. Half the people left haven't even voted yet. I really dislike having to go begging for votes. But now I issue another deadline. If I don't have quorum from the voting public by the time I return to the city tonight, I will execute one of the non voters.

@Really-long-round: Geez, I hope next round is a bit more active. This one's been going on for almost 2 months with only 10 pages...


Finally got enough votes. It was looking like a tie, but a last minute vote broke the deadlock! Look below for who's made like J.J. Yeley on the track! (Who? Exactly?)

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