Battlegrounds : A Pokémon Role-Play { Closed } - Day Two: On the Road to Jade Forest

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Heidi took a look at the finished picture. "Wow. Such a pretty picture. Thank you. And you are quite the artist, I must say." She smiled even wider, feeling lucky to have found such a cute and talented girl. She noticed that she didn't say anything, but dismissed it as shyness. Perhaps later Eurydice would open up and start talking to her.

Heidi walked up to the reception desk right after Eurydice and was about to tell the man there their business, but he was busy on the phone, from the sound of things. Once he finished and asked the girls, Heidi answered him. "Yes, we're here to see her. I'm Heidi Xiol from Hearthrome City, Sinnoh, along with my Yanma, Yani. And this here's Eurydice from Kanto with her Ponyta." She said the last sentence with her palm pointing to the two beside her. Yani sat still on her head. "Is she busy right now, or can we see her right away?"

The boat trip over was a little rough, but that was to be expected. When parents skimp out on the Royal Unova and decide to book the discount ferry for their child's first big journey out into the world, conditions are expected to be less than ideal. This however made Robyn pine for a long bridge to cross instead of this dinghy. A car would have the same amount of leg room and wouldn't be constantly swaying back and forth.

At least her travelling companion enjoyed the ride. For most of the time, Nina swayed back and forth along with with the swells of the ocean. The young Petilil seemed to be more excited about going on an adventure than Robyn was. It was that kind of enthusiasm that kept Robyn going forward on the trip, all the way to the docking in Aquamar City.

Disembarking, when Robyn looked out at the Aquamar skyline, she almost felt like asking for her money back. The city was so similar to her home town, from the bustling ports to the skyscrapers towering above. She knew better though. The sign sporting no trace of Castelia's trademarked text directing her towards the customs office confirmed her passage, as well as told her where she had to go.

Customs was pretty straight forward. From the horror stories that she had been told of cavity searches and the like, it was a pleasant surprise. There was one thing that rang true however. The lineup was horrendously long, and the pain was starting to surface in her reconstructed knee from all the standing and waiting around. It was a good thing her iPod still had plenty of juice. That kept her mind off her knee and Nina occupied as the queue processed and they made their way to the front.

"Next!" the guard shouted out. Robyn hurried over and tossed her laptop bag on the ground.

"Here!" she stated as she placed her passport onto the counter in front of Paul, according to the nametag. "Robyn Springs. Hi! I,uh...I didn't realize there were so many people coming to this place..."

"Yeah, it's been a real rush since the League put out that announcement. Bunch of people chasing that big prize waiting on Waystation."

Me too. I'm going to get that money. I have to. "Shoot, and here I thought this was going to be easy."

"Hah. This job used to be easy. Then that ad went out. Now everyone is coming through. Some of them don't even have their passports on them. I had to send one guy into detainment, he claimed he lost his passport in the bathroom. Likely story." Paul started looking through the passport. "Where are you coming from?"

"Castelia City, Unova. This is my first trip to another country."

"Well, it's good to get out there. Any Pokemon with you?"

"Just Nina." Robyn indicated to her partner still held up against her chest, lifting her slightly.

At the sound of its name, Nina looked up at the other man. She closed her eyes and waved one of her stubby arm nubs at him. "Lillil!"

"Cute. Place her up here, please."

Robyn complied and Nina hopped onto the counter. Paul gave her the once over, spending a bit of extra time on the middle leaf of Nina's crown. "How'd she get that damage to the leaf here?"

"I have no idea. She's had that ever since I found her. It hasn't fixed itself despite multiple trips to the Pokemon Center."

"Fair enough. She looks healthy anyway." Paul returned Nina back to Robyn. "How long will you be staying in Gensia?"

"Till I beat the League. That's what I came here to do."

"Like I said, same as most people here." Paul stamped the passport and handed it back to Robyn. "Good luck."

"Thanks!" Robyn picked up her stuff and headed out of the customs office.

As the two walked out onto the boardwalk leading up to the city, Robyn paused underneath a giant sign, officially welcoming them to the City and the Region. She took a deep breath, inhaling the sea air that while recalling the scents that enveloped her while performing on the piers in Castelia, told her that this was the start of a new chapter in her life.

"All right, Nina," she stated, flexing her right leg to both get the blood flowing back through it and to make sure the brace was still doing it's job. "This is it. This is going to be tough, but we're going to beat all these people out here. With me?"

Nina was bouncing up and down in her trainer's arms. "Peti!Petilillil!"

Robyn smiled at her Pokemon. "Good. Now let's see..." There was another billboard near the Gensia sign that already seemed to have a bit of a crowd around it. Upon reading it, she found out why. At least the maps were provided on sight. From the way the other people at the board were behaving and the papers scattered on the ground, something had happened right before she got there. Not really any of her concern though.

"Excuse me," she said as she struggled to move past the commotion. As they moved back and forth, the twinges of pain started again. "Could I just get past and get a map, please?" she asked.

"Really, Spike, you should be more aware of the energy you're building up before you go touching people," said Caleb in a forced attempt at scolding the Pokémon as he had bent down to pick up the dropped maps. The lanky teen nearly dropped them again from being startled when he heard a female voice shouting behind him. He shot upright, clutching the folded papers as he turned to the source of the shouting.

Caleb saw a young woman, though likely older than he, running towards them along with a young Togepi leading the way. The woman scooped up the baby Pokémon who appeared to be struggling for release, looking curiously at Spike. Caleb's gaze returned to the woman, listening intently as she spoke. He was caught off guard when he realized she was talking to him. There was a slight pause as the Trainer fumbled for words. "Yeah, yes, he's...well, we're new to the region, also...both Spike and I. My name's the way."

Caleb found it increasingly difficult to maintain eye contact with the woman before him and was tempted to just run for it before he had the opportunty to make a terrible faux pas. Fortunately, momentary sanctuary approached in the form of another girl moving through a small crowd of people sounding as flustered as one dealing with crowds could be. Caleb stepped aside from the racks of maps, still keeping beside the woman holding the Togepi called Matti as he apologized. "Sorry, sorry...didn't realize I was in the way..."

Morgan stopped at a crosswalk. He found himself a the corner of two streets he obviously weren't familiar with. The map handed to him, as it seemed, was more suited for the region as a whole, rather than just for Aquamar. He let out a sigh as he began folding the massive map. He realized his military attire was causing odd or curious looks from the much more normally dressed pedestrians. Glances like these gave Morgan the idea of changing his clothes. Conveniently for him, a Pokémon Center was the first thing sighted at the other end of that crosswalk.

A bathroom and a sliver of privacy was all he needed. Some odd minutes later, he was dressed in more civilian outfit. He exited the stall and checked his status at the nearest mirror. He made a remark about his shirt, something about how it's (and a majority of clothes he's seen) obnoxiously emblazoned with a Pokéball-esque graphic on it, his taking up a definite 45% of his shirt, while colored opposite to the shirt's black.

"Speaking of Pokéballs..." Morgan began slipping his clip-belt through the loops of his jeans, making sure to detach the sole item attached to it. He began contemplating on releasing the Pokémon encased within it. The last time he let it out...he took a deep breath. He was in a enclosed space, it wasn't gonna get far...again.

"Alright...Chase, come on out." He said, the Pokéball opening. The bright light died down, a Chinchou appeared on the lavatory floor. Before Morgan could get another word out, the Chinchou made a break for it, running in between his legs, and quickly made an approach towards the exit. Morgan dove for him, luckily managing to get a grasp of the naturally slippery Chinchou. It tried wrestling from his grasp, and began slapping at him with its antennae.

"What is your-ow,ow!-problem?! You've been like thi-gah,fuck!-since I-ahg, stop it!-since I got you!" Morgan detested as the Chinchou continued to fight. Eventually, he gave up on reasoning with it, and managed to get it back in its ball. He rose from the strangely pristine floor of the restroom, sighing as he did so. Would he ever get through to Chase?

"Hmph. Whatever. Guess I should start for that Research center then." He grumbled to no one. With his bag drawn over a shoulder, he exited the Pokémon Center, in transit towards his sole destination.

"Professor Willow is in the middle of a meeting with her colleagues right now," Jason explained. "I'm not sure when they finish up, since there's no finishing time listed on her schedule. Besides, according to the guidelines she has set down, she prefers to speak with about a dozen new Trainers at a time. It helps to answer questions that they may have, which can benefit all of them at once. While you wait for more people to arrive, feel free to have a seat, read a magazine or use the PC in the corner there. If you don't plan on staying, though, do come back soon."

As the receptionist spoke, a woman walked through the doors of the Lab. In her early thirties, her black hair contrasted her lightly coloured clothing. Six Poké Balls were attached to the belt of her jeans. She looked somewhat like a traveller, though she didn't carry a bag full of possessions. The woman greeted Jason as if he were a good friend, giving him a wave and speaking casually. "Morning, Jase. Is Mother in?"

"Hey, Kayla. She's in a meeting, though I daresay you won't have trouble slipping in to contribute a point or two," he answered, an amused smile playing with the corners of his mouth. Kayla gave him a simple, "Cheers," and walked past him, slipping through the double doors to the right of the reception desk.

"Kayla Willow is the Professor's daughter. She does a lot of travelling to help the Professor with her studies," he explained to the two girls present.

"My name's Alix Redfern," Alix quickly introduced herself to Caleb before a new girl tried to make her way past to reach the map racks. Alix quickly got out of the newcomer's way, noting that she too sounded like she was new to Gensia, fresh off a ferry. The dark-skinned girl had a Pokémon out too... it appeared to be Grass-type judging by its colour and what looked like leaves on its head.

At the sight of another strange Pokémon, Matti got even more excited. He strained in Alix's arms to get a look at the greenish creature, but when the girl passed by, he looked down at the ground and whined a little. In Alix's experience, Matti whining meant he would start crying soon. And when he cried, he made sure everyone nearby heard him. Alix didn't want that, so she slipped around past Caleb to get a better look at the other girl, trying to gently calm her Togepi down a bit.

Matti perked up when he caught a glimpse of the girl's Pokémon, and began wriggling around again. "Togeh, togepi!" he squeaked, waving both arms at the stranger.

"Matti... don't get too excited, you'll tire yourself out," Alix commented before looking to the girl. "Sorry. He likes meeting new people more than I do, and that's saying something," she joked. "I'm Alix. What's your name? Are you going to see Professor Willow?"

"Alright, we're heading inside. Do you want to go back in your ball?" The little Pidove seemed to shake her head. "Alright. Just try to keep quiet." Pidove chirped quietly, then settled in, perched on his shoulder. He pushed the door to the research center open, pausing briefly as he saw the older woman with the belt of pokeballs speaking to two girls. He hesitated briefly, then stepped inside, immediately dropping into a chair to see what was going on.

With a raised eyebrow, he noted the Ponyta standing in the room and the large insect type he didn't recognize. Apparently letting your Pokemon roam free in here was normal. Good, he didn't want to draw attention for not putting Willow in her ball. He lifted Willow off his shoulder and placed her in his hand, beginning to stroke her feathers while he waited.

The two people ahead of Robyn moved out of the way when she talked. Least the people here are friendlier than in Castelia. Can't get them to move out of the way to get a damn Cone there.

Both of them had their Pokemon out as well, and that attracted Nina's attention. The Grass-type started bouncing even more in Robyn's arms which made it difficult to hold her and grab the maps at the same time.

The girl who was blocking her before seemed to be having similar trouble with her Pokemon, which Robyn recognized from the book she read as a Togepi. "Sorry. He likes meeting new people more than I do, and that's saying something. I'm Alix. What's your name? Are you going to see Professor Willow?"

Robyn gave a quick look over the billboard now that she could read it and answered, "I'm Robyn and yeah, I guess I am going to be heading over there."

Nina was excited now. She was returning the wave she had gotten from the other Pokemon with both hands. "Petipeti!Lillil!" Robyn put her down on the ground for a moment while she grabbed one of each of the maps. Nina bounded over to Alix's feet to both look at her new friend as well as the other Pokemon standing there by the boy. She could feel the electricity coming off him but she didn't pay it much mind.

Maps acquired, Robyn went to retrieve her Pokemon. She bent down, immediately regretting it when she felt more pain in her knee, but she got Nina back into her arms. Robyn grimaced as she straightened back up, and Nina wasn't helping things. She wanted to play with the others, and she wiggled around to that effect.

"Here Nina, music time," Robyn told her, dropping one of her ear buds down to Nina's level. She put it right up to the bulb, and Nina instantly calmed down as the soothing sounds of SP filled her head. "There. I don't think she's been around any other Pokemon since I found her, so she's probably excited too. Um, so I can't really look at my map with her like this. How far away is Willow's?"

"Ah, I see. Well, we can probably wait around a bit. I think I saw other new trainers here, so it shouldn't take long before we'll be enough to go and see her." A woman came into the Research Lab and greeted Jason, then walked away from the three there. Jason then explained who she was. "I see, I see. I guess we'll find out shortly if they resemble each other." Heidi giggled and Yani just looked curiously at Jason and Kayla.

Yani looked even more curiously towards the newcomer inside there with a bird Pokémon in his arms, flying over there to take a closer look at them both. Heidi noted that she wasn't on her head anymore and looked around, seeing her over where the guy and his Pokémon were. She walked over there and apologized for her Yanma. "Sorry. Yani can be so curious sometimes. Though I don't blame her since I've never seen that Pokémon before either. I assume she's yours?" Even with an unfamiliar Pokémon, she still somehow managed to find out what gender it was.

Don't make an ass of yourself don't make an ass of yourself don't make an ass of yourself. The mantra began in Sam's mind as one of the other trainers approached him, a pretty redhead.

"Uh, yeah. This is Willow, she's a Pidove. They're all over the place in Unova." He tilted his head slightly in a quizzical manner. Pokemon. Good topic. "I don't think I've ever seen yours either." He paused for a moment, then held out his free hand. "I'm Sam Felix, from Castelia City." No! Stupid! You're Jerry McGraw! Too damn late now, you better go with it. He did his best not to look like he was upset or nervous, and probably managed to almost succeed, looking like he was just shy and flustered. Not that that wasn't also mostly accurate.

"She's adorable." Heidi said about Willow. Yani took a closer look at Willow, then Sam, then flew around inside the reception area, wanting to spread her wings about for at least a moment. "Yani's a Yanma. They're not common in Sinnoh, only appearing in the Great Marsh. I'm Heidi Xiol from Hearthrome City in Sinnoh." She shook his hand, giggling at his apparent shyness. "Nice to meet you, Sam. Are you here to see Professor Willow as well?"

She took a look over towards Eurydice, wondering if she and her Ponyta would join them.

When Heidi went to greet the new trainer, Eurydice had taken a seat on one of the chairs, letting her Ponyta take a breather after loosening her bridle and saddle. She waved at Sam, but didn't approach, putting her headphones on. They were decorated with sharpie drawings, a cheap pair that she would replace as soon as she wanted something different. She started another sketch of her Ponyta, her most frequent muse nowadays, while they waited, watching to make sure that she didn't get into any trouble.

For her part, Ponyta just walked around a little, not very interested in the new pokemon that showed up. She was well-trained enough to not bolt off after everything. She snorted and shook her head and tail, her hooves tapping on the tile floor.

"Interesting looking Pokemon. Yeah, I was told to come here after arrival, not entirely sure what it's all about. They say anything to you about why they need us here?" Caught between letting his remarkable ignorance show and gathering information, Sam opted for gathering information. These two didn't seem like the type to try and take advantage of him, not that he wasn't on his guard. They look trustworthy, it doesn't mean they -are- trustworthy. Plenty of teenage vipers around.

Plus, things tended to work better if you were at least amicable. "About Yani, you must have had a heck of a time catching her if they're that difficult to find."

"Yeah, it wasn't easy. Even in the Great Marsh they can be hard to find. Some days certain Pokémon can be easier to find in it, and other days other Pokémon can be easier to find. I guess I hit a bad day to look for a Yanma, but after many tries, I finally caught Yani. And to my surprise, it was the same one I had met some years prior to that. What a coincidence, eh? It was really lucky too. That way, I got that initial connection between a trainer and their Pokémon." Heidi had gone on a little longer than she thought she had, but she stopped eventually. Eurydice seemed to be alright by the looks of it, so she sat beside Sam, talking to him.

"What about Willow? It can't have been that hard to catch her since Pidoves seem to be all around Unova, as you said." She looked down at the Pidove who seemed to be very relaxed in Sam's lap. Yani in the meanwhile went over to Ponyta to play with her, flying around her head in a cheery mood.

Morgan began to slow his pace as he reached his destination. The building was much different than all the other skyscrapers littering Aquamar. It was more wide, than tall. Windows were scattered all along the face of the establishment. Compared to the rest of the buildings in the city, (along with the Pokémon Center) it stood out fairly well. The name of the place, 'Willow Research Center', was engraved above the double doors in granite. The sailor let out a short sigh before entering through those double doors. There wasn't much to the lobby, there was-what looked like-a receptionist's desk, with some doors on opposite sides behind it. He scratched his head. There were others in the lobby, sitting off to the side. The three of them had Pokémon, all of which freely loitered out of Pokéballs. A trait that could easily show how loyal a Pokémon was to their master.

"Trainers, i'm assuming." He thought. Morgan grabbed a seat closest to him, next to a girl listening to music. Along with the girl's unusual white hair, It was hard to miss the Pokémon that stood ahead of her, a fine specimen that could only be described as a horse with a shimmering mane of flame. It was hard for Morgan to not be impressed.

"A Ponyta, huh? You don't see one of those everyday." He contemplated petting it, but didn't know how it-or its trainer-would react. Then he realized he had other questions. In hopes to get her attention, he tapped the young girl on a shoulder.

"Hi. Morgan Zakarias. Uhhh...should I like, talk to the receptionist or something? Like, should I be making an appointment?" He asked her. The heat radiating from the Ponyta, mixed with the central cooling system of the center was making his glasses fog up. The predicament made him chuckle.

Eurydice was lost in her music, inspiration flowing from her ears to her pencil. Suddenly, a tap on her shoulder made her jerk. She didn't mess up her drawing too much, nothing that couldn't be easily erased. When he introduced himself, she immediately flipped to the page of her book that had her standard greetings. Hi, I'm Eurydice was immediately presented to the stranger. She quickly produced her whiteboard, which had been sitting beside her neglected in favor of pencil and paper. That's Heidi. Came next. She had gotten pretty good at writing with the white part facing her audience. She erased it when she was sure he had read. We're waiting for Professor. She'll come when there's more of us. Sometimes it was hard for Eurydice to keep her sentences short enough to fit on the board without sounding like an idiot, but she managed.

"There. I don't think she's been around any other Pokemon since I found her, so she's probably excited too. Um, so I can't really look at my map with her like this. How far away is Willow's?" Robyn asked.

"Lemme see here..." Alix mused, shifting Matti to one arm so she had one hand free. She pulled one of the maps out and awkwardly shook it open to consult it. The path highlighted in blue was the one she wanted... the Research Lab was near the exact middle of the city, and the Pokémon Center close by, so they wouldn't have to go traipsing all over the place looking for it. "It doesn't seem to be all that far from here. Maybe five minutes," she eventually answered Robyn.

It would be nice if all three of us were to go there as a group, she thought, glancing from Caleb to Robyn and back again. "So... shall we all go together then? It's good to have company on the road," Alix suggested as she tried to fold up the map one-handed and keep a tight grip on Matti with the other arm.

"So... shall we all go together then? It's good to have company on the road."

"If you guys are going, I don't see why not," Robyn agreed as she adjusted Nina's weight in her arms. "Just a heads up though. If you guys are going for that League Champion money, you're going to be disappointed, because you are looking at the winner right here. Me and Nina? We're going to take that League down for sure!"

Caleb had slipped the maps into one of the pockets on his backpack strap as Alix and Robyn were talking amongst themselves, quietly listening to the conversation. Spike began tugging on the leg of tall teen's jeans, grasping his attention with jumping and growling. "Ele! Elekid!"

"Alright, alright," said Caleb as he knelt to pick up the Pokémon and set him on his shoulder. Spike kept himself balanced, resting his arm on Caleb's head for support as Caleb stood. Just as he listened to the conversation, they were already talking about moving on as a group. Robyn had made clear that she would be the one to claim victory over the League of Gensia and Caleb couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm.

After a bit of trouble with trying to find her locational bearings on the map, Erika finally arrived at the Willow Research Center. With a sigh of relief Erika entered through the right double door and approached the front desk. The man at the front of the desk, who was wearing a nametag that indicated his name was Jason, was busying behind it. A sign was currently put up on the desk that read, " Professor Willow is currently in a meeting. Gensia League challengers please proceed to the waiting area." There was an arrow underneath that indicated the direction of the area.

Quickly Erika headed in the direction that the arrow indicated. Erika saw four people and three Pokémon currently occupying the waiting area. There was a normal looking girl, with long red hair, that was talking to sloppy beat up looking boy who had an acute stench. The girl looked nice and approachable, but the guy set off a warning alarm in her head and she wanted to keep her distance. There wasn't a specific reason for the alarm, but his physical appearance didn't sit well with her; judging people by their cover wasn't beyond Erika.

Farther away a girl a bit younger than Erika sat next to a man who was clearly a couple years older than herself. The younger one appeared to have a sketch book on her lap and was currently holding up a whiteboard for the man to read. I wonder what that girl's drawing. It looks like it would be a good conversation starter. The guy doesn't seem as creepy as the other one either.

With a bit of an added step Erika made her way over to those two and sat down near them, before introducing herself. "Hi I'm Erika. Are you two planning on take the Gensia League Challenge as well?"

Alan continued to study the map, ignoring the ruckus and ensuing conversation caused by the other trainers around the billboard. His main concern right now was getting Clay ready to be the champion, until he heard one of them say something he simply couldn't ignore.

"If you guys are going for that League Champion money, you're going to be disappointed, because you are looking at the winner right here."

Hearing that from one of the girls behind him, Alan paused and looked up from his map. He probably shouldn't, but that was a challenge and he couldn't just let it go. He turned around and faced the three trainers in question, a confident smile on his face. "Sorry to butt in guys, but I couldn't help overhearing that you plan on becoming the champion of the League? I have to disagree. He may not look like much but this little guy," He paused to gesture towards Clay who was still stretching next to Alan. "He's gonna be the champ with my help." Alan finished and waited for a response. This whole thing may have been unnecessary, but meeting other Trainer's challenges and winning was what excited Alan most about this trip. If met others like that right off the bat, then he would be off to a good start.

Morgan found himself hung up on several things involving this young girl. She, instead of using her words, he watched as she produced information from several places that weren't her mouth. Morgan tried his best to not look too confused.

"So, she can't talk?"

"YurrrrriiiDice? That's uh...a very unique name." He said with some hesitation, unaware of his mispronunciation of her name. She put something else on her small whiteboard, indicating there was someone named Heidi. Morgan assumed that she was referring to the Ponyta, and that it was a confirmation of sorts to pet it without fear.

"Hi Heidi." He said quaintly, reaching towards the Ponyta. He put a harmless hand to its snout, stroking at it gently. As he looked back, he realized the white-haired girl had something else written on her trusty board. Info about the professor's whereabouts. Little after Morgan gave a compliant nod in Eurydice's direction, another girl entered the center. She walked up to the receptionist (something Morgan eternally kicked himself for not doing, he was beginning to wonder if there was some sort of sign-up sheet up there) before walking back towards the waiting area, taking one of the vacant seats next to his. She introduced herself as he sat back in his chair. He took his glasses off to rub away the fog that increasingly crowded his vision.

"Hey, i'm Morgan. And yeah, I guess I am. S'kinda cool, seeing as I thought I was coming to Gensia to be put to work. But hey, things turned out better than expected." He replied, making sure to get a better look at her with his glasses back over his eyes.

After a bit of time, Russel managed to find Willow's Lab. "Heh. Told you I'd find it." he said, nudging Munchie.GulpGulp. "Yeah, I have a Pokenav... but I didn't use it." Pin? "Because needing directions for the first stop is embarrassing... plus, we got to look around town. Got that nice bit of free samples from that new noodle stand. So you can't say it wasn't worth it..." Gulp. Munchie nodded, and Russel went forward. "Anyway, we're here now. That's what matters."

It took the pair all of 30 seconds to get to the front and see Professor Willow is currently in a meeting. Gensia League challengers please proceed to the waiting area "Well... that's... something." he said, heading over to the waiting area. He saw that a lot of the seats were taken by a group of trainers and their pokemon. "Uh, hey, can I get a couple chairs?"

Sam nodded and chuckled at Heidi's words. "Coincidence? I don't know, I doubt it was just chance that you ran into a Pokemon you had met previously. I think they're a lot smarter than most people give you credit for. You probably made at least as much of an impression on her as she must have on you." He paused for a moment, a grin crossing his face. "As for Willow, well, I don't know that I ever really caught her. She sought me out more than the other way around." Heidi didn't need to hear the particulars.

Heidi giggled. "Yeah, maybe you're right. She hasn't left my side since I caught her, at least. I kinda like the Safari Ball she's in. Just something different from all the people who catch their first Pokémon in a normal Pokéball. Not saying there's anything wrong with that. It just gets a bit boring after a while to see Pokéball after Pokéball, you know?"

Talking with Sam was fun, but she wasn't so sunk into conversation that she didn't hear the guy who had sat beside Eurydice. She heard him say her name wrong, and call Eurydice's Ponyta by her own name. She sighed and giggled at it. "Excuse me for a moment." she said to Sam before standing up. It wasn't a long distance, but she still walked over to the new guy and Eurydice, noticing another girl who sat by them. "Excuse me for butting in, but you've got two things wrong there." she said to the guy. "First off, her name is Eurydice, not Yuridice. That just sounds awkward on all levels. Secondly, I'm Heidi. Her Ponyta doesn't have a nickname." Having corrected the guy, she looked towards the girl who sat beside them, an asian girl with an interesting dye job. Maybe not largely so, but seeing the ends of her hair red while the rest was dark brown looked awesome to her. She had heard her question as well while walking over to them.

"I'm going to take League Challenge as well. Me and Yani are going to be awesome." Hearing her name, Yani came over to Heidi and hovered for a small moment before landing on her left shoulder and looking at the two new people there. Shortly thereafter, another guy came in, asking them if he could take a couple of chairs. "Sure, go ahead. There's plenty of them. You going to see Professor Willow as well?" After her question, she looked towards Eurydice who seemed to be doing alright for the moment. Heidi smiled and looked back towards the newer guy who had asked for the chairs.

"Sorry to butt in guys, but I couldn't help overhearing that you plan on becoming the champion of the League? I have to disagree."

"Excuse me?" Robyn turned around to find a young man, about her age, smirking as he stood next to what appeared to be a Tyrogue.

"He may not look like much but this little guy, he's gonna be the champ with my help."

"Is that so?" Robyn asked, raising an eyebrow at this bold declaration. "Well he don't look too tough. I bet Nina here can dance circles around your partner there!"

Nina was not paying attention to her trainer's conversation. She was swaying with the music that had been put on, going to her own invisible beat.

"Well maybe not right now, because I got her calmed down, but any other time! No contest!"

Eurydice burst out laughing. Well, it wasn't so much a burst of laughter as a quick titter that was swiftly silenced. She drew an arrow under the name "Heidi", in time for Heidi herself to come over and make the necessary corrections.

Another girl came inside the center, Erika, apparently. Eurydice quickly went through her introductions again, this time adding the You-ree-die-chii at the end of her name for pronunciation's sake. It was interesting to see a lot of trainers with red hair. It wasn't as nice as Heidi's, but it was pretty nonetheless. When the girl asked if they were going to challenge the League, she shrugged. Her Ponyta was pretty good in battle, but who didn't think that? Honestly, she hadn't gotten a lot of a chance to train her. She rode her on the beach a lot, but didn't consider herself a trainer, and didn't run the pokemon through the tall grass looking for battles. But now that they were in Gensia, she thought she could be a trainer now. What better place to become a trainer than in a group of trainers? Everyone seemed to be there for the challenge. It wouldn't hurt to try it out herself.

Ponyta didn't mind the strange man petting her, sniffing his palm curiously. He smelled like salt. She licked his hand. It tasted vaguely of salt. She whinnied and snorted.

"Are you now or have you ever been a member of Team Rocket?"

"Nope." Elias Lanford, resident of Unova and attempted visitor of Gensia was a little offended by the questions he was being asked. What did his yearly income have to do with visiting the region? He didn't want to live here. He just wanted to sight-see. Elias let out a quiet sigh and adjusted the sunglasses on his head before answering the next ridiculous question given by an unnamed Security Guard of the Customs office. Several items in Elias' pockets had set off the metal detectors shortly after he'd stepped into the building. He'd never been to a place with such paranoid security measures. Unfortunately he'd still been a little groggy from the nap he'd taken on the boat. As a result his responses weren't fast enough or clear enough for the metal detecting assistants. They'd hurriedly shuffled Elias to a small corner of the building. It wasn't quite an office - really it was just a partitioned area where a burly security guard in a crisp blue uniform stood looking bored. The bored expression had vanished once Elias got closer with his escorts.

Longer than regulation pocketknife and questionable multi-tool. That was the judgement passed. The knife had been confiscated - temporarily, he'd been assured - and the multi-tool was currently being hefted by the guard. He frowned each time the shiny tool landed in the officer's hand. 'If I don't get that back, I'm leaving.' Elias decided. He could come up with the boat passenger fee. Probably. The tool had been a gift from his father. And he didn't like all of these questions. Maybe he could go back to Icirrus and try to make a snowball again. There was apparently a trick to it that he hadn't managed during his shortened visit. Elias shifted restlessly on his seat.

"-entering Gensia?"

"Huh?" Uh-oh. He'd missed a question. This could be bad.

"Purpose for entering Gensia." The officer stated slowly as though Elias was hard of hearing. Or stupid. He wasn't either.

"Uh Pokemon Training?" Elias answered. 'Just wandering around' was probably not a good answer to the Authorities.

"Is that a question?" The officer stood up slowly. His bulk towered both over and around Elias' smaller seated self.

"No." Elias corrected his answer quickly, if a bit defensively. "I'm here to catch Pokemon." And if he wasn't before he definitely was now. He started to reach for Dune - his Sandile's Pokeball but stopped the gesture when the officer tensed.

"Hmm..." The officer leaned down a bit. "Alright then." With a flourish the man signed something on the bottom of the form he'd been filling out during the interview.

"...can I go now?" Elias stood and slowly reached for his backpack. Daily battles with mud and sand had stripped the heavy canvas material of its once vibrant color but not its sturdiness. The pack still had a few good years left. With a half shrug and quiet grunt Elias settled the pack into place - double checking the straps out of habit. He tugged on the plastic buckles as he waited for a response. There was more scribbling, rapid tearing, and then a pink sheet of paper was thrust towards his face.

"Not just yet. You still need to fill these out and sign here, here, here, here, and initial here. Take this back to the front desk and they'll finish processing you."

'I'm still not finished?' Elias did as instructed, almost fleeing the claustrophobic room after his items were returned. The standard 'wait here to Enter' line was even longer the second time around. After the not-too-subtle interrogation he'd been subjected to the standard information forms and Pokemon physical were a piece of cake. Dune was his usual lazy self and let the 'nice lady' flip him upside down and check his stripes. Fifteen minutes after he'd originally entered the building Elias was free to leave.

"Hey, kid." Or perhaps not. The newly minted Pokemon trainer turned to see the same officer with a handful of paper.

"You're going to need this. Trainer." Thrusting the bundle at Elias the officer left without another word.

"Thanks?" Elias muttered. He took the small bundle and shifted through the different items. A map, that was going to be useful. A coupon for a restaurant he'd never heard of. That was less useful. And a small brochure about someone's Pokemon lab. Or research lab. Or both? The brochure was upside down so Elias flipped back to the map as he shouldered open the heavy Exit door.

"According to this I need to go...this way to civilization!" Elias took a full breath of fresh air before beginning to walk quickly down the road. 'I should have brought a bike...'

Alix laughed a little at the exchange between Robyn and the stranger. It seemed that more than just Robyn was aiming for the title of Champion of the Gensia League. Especially since she herself kinda-sorta had her eyes on that prize. It was a long way from here, she figured, but she'd get there eventually.

She recognised the stranger's Tyrogue, having seen one back home in Lavaridge from when her parents had been tasked with breeding a Hitmonlee and a Ditto. "Sounds like there might be some friendly competition, eh?" she asked playfully, giving the new guy a smile. "Hi. I'm Alix, this is Robyn and Caleb," she introduced the other two. Matti gave yet another squeak of curiosity, waving to the new guy. Meeting so many new people at once was fun; the little Togepi took in all there was to see.

"Shall we get going?" she asked the other three, indicating the road ahead. The morning crowd was starting to disperse as people went their individual ways, though Alix could see more tourists now than businessmen and women.

"Right. Thanks." he said, helping himself to two of the chairs, setting them up so he could rest his legs on the other chair. He leaned back a little, listening to the trainers ramble. He then noticed that one of them was looking at him. He looked at Munchie, then shrugged his shoulders again, deciding to talk with her. "So... any of these other trainers friends of yours?"

Munchie had jumped down to the floor, nodding off under the seat where most of the other trainers were sitting.

Morgan jumped a bit, turning his attention away from Erika as he heard some sort of yelp from Eurydice. Apparently, the name Heidi wasn't the name of the Ponyta, and instead was pointed towards the red-haired girl that was quickly closing in on his position. He let out a chuckle as she corrected him, and aimed to apologize. However, her attention was already directed elsewhere, as she had began talking to the new face that entered the center, one that easily reminded him of one of his slacker cousins. Looking back towards Eurydice, he saw that she had written the correct pronunciation of her name on the notebook she brandished. His face contorted into a confused grimace as he read the pronounce.

"Geez, what a mouthful." He thought. Granted, he practiced the name verbally, and eventually got the hang of it. He didn't want to just outright give his opinion on her name (as it seemed that he already started on the wrong foot with the Heidi girl, and didn't the even younger female to shoot daggers at him), but he didn't want such a simple thought eat at him for the rest of the day.

"D'you mind if you something else? Y' Or...Ice Queen? Or maybe just Eury?" He said with an awkward, utmost hesitation. Learning from experience, Morgan knew that not everyone valued nicknames given at their expense, even if said names meant well. He expected and anticipated some flak, but one thing did stick out in his mind that branched from his suggestion.

"Heh...I might receive some of Eury's Fury from this..." He thought with a internal chuckle.

"Well, you could say Eurydice" Heidi pointed with her thumb towards Eurydice when she said her name "is my friend, though we just met earlier before reaching the Research Lab. I'd still consider her a friend. She hasn't done anything against me, at least, so she's good so far. Other than that, not really. I mean, I was talking a bit earlier to Sam" she pointed towards him as well with her thumb when she said his name "but yeah. You didn't answer my question earlier. You here to see the Professor as well?" She hoped she didn't sound annoyed or like an ass when she asked that a second time.

She wondered how long it would take until they'd be able to see Willow. Probably not soon, though there were a lot of people now already waiting to see her. Yani wasn't really worried about waiting, mostly just flying around when she wasn't sitting on Heidi's head or shoulder.

Snowflake? Ice Queen? Eurydice grinned widely. They reminded her of pokemon nicknames. Snowflake seemed suitable for a Glaceon, and Ice Queen, a Froslass. That would be fitting. Still, a nickname? It would be odd for her to have a nickname before her Ponyta. She didn't terribly mind either of the suggestions. If he had a hard time pronouncing her name, he could call her something else.

Ponyta noticed Munchie crawl under the seats. What was the strange pokemon? She didn't recall seeing anything like it before. It was like a green pouch of some sort. She pushed her nose under the chairs, snorting as she tried to get a better sniff of it. It smelled like food.

"Yeah, here to register for the Gensia League. Figured I'd see how far I can go. Plus it gives me a nice recommended order to go around the region." he sat up, moving away the second chair. "Munchie and I might find a couple more companions while we're here... come to think of it, where is Munchie?" he started looking around, and noticed the Ponyta sticking her head under the seat.

Munchie's nap didn't even last one minute before he woke up to seeing the face of a Ponyta right in front of him. GULP! he jumped back against the wall, moving his stubby little arms, trying to seem ready to attack.

"Well he don't look too tough. I bet Nina here can dance circles around your partner there!"

Alan locked eyes with the girl who responded before dropping his gaze down to the Pokemon she held in her arms. Nina was a Pokemon he had never seen before, but it was fairly obvious that she was a Grass-type of some sort. And she also didn't seemed to be too interested in fighting, instead totally ignoring her trainer in favor of listening to music.

"Well maybe not right now, because I got her calmed down, but any other time! No contest!"

That got a chuckle out of Alan. "Alright, we'll settle this later then. All the fancy footwork in the world can't help you if you can't land the knockout punch. But I guess we'll see. I'm looking forward to it."

Meanwhile, Clay had finally finished stretching and stood to catch the end of the conversation. He too looked over the girl and Nina and Alan could see a fiery determination in the Tyrogue's eyes. Good. A little rivalry between Pokemon would be great to push the little guy to fight his hardest.

"Sounds like there might be some friendly competition, eh?"

The other girl spoke up, seemingly amused by Alan's sudden intrusion. She introduced herself and the other two quickly afterwards and the Pokemon in her arms seemed pretty happy to see him too. Alan waved back to what he believed to be a Togepi, he'd never seen one before but he'd heard about them, before introducing himself. "Hey there, my name's Alan and this is Clay. Nice to see some fellow Trainers around my own age. I take it you're all heading for that Willow Research Lab too? I guess I wouldn't mind some company on the road..." He said with a small shrug.

He had challenged Clay to a race but since Alix was nice enough to invite him along with them he wasn't about to turn her down. The little guy could, and often did, run around anytime and anywhere he wanted. But who knew how often he'd be able to get to know his competition a little better on the roads of Gensia?

So there's Morgan, Heidi, Eurydice, and that creepier dude Heidi was talking to earlier must be named Sam. The first three seem like good people, although Heidi was being a bit mean and aggressive; certainly better than the one with the stench. The new guy who walked over doesn't seem that bad, but it is a bit rude to take up a chair for your feet. Even if there's plenty of open space, I wouldn't want to sit on a chair since I don't know what he's stepped in. He hasn't introduced himself either.

"Would you mind introducing yourself? It's a common courtesy to at least inform someone of your name if you're going to have a conversation with them." Erika said to the messy haired man who was currently talking to Heidi.

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