Battlegrounds : A Pokémon Role-Play { Closed } - Day Two: On the Road to Jade Forest

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Over the progression of time, Morgan seemed to find himself becoming increasingly friendly towards the young Poochyena, and it with him. And good thing too, seeing as he really couldn't traverse the thick proceedings of Route 1 without a compliant pokémon. He brought his attention back to the budding dark-type, who looked up to the sailor-turned-trainer with wagging tail.

"Wanna help me through this forest bud?" He asked opportunely. The Poochyena replied with a happy bark, seemingly excited to be a part of Morgan's plans. Satisfied with the Bite Pokémon's decisions, Morgan began to rise to feet, only to stop midway. He had almost forgot something. He reached in his bag, brandishing a pokéball and his pokédex. The capture device enlarged while in Morgan's grasp, feigning a strain of curiosity from the Poochyena. It began to sniff at the ball, its nose brushing against the white button of the device. Due to this, the Poochyena dissolved into red light, now finding it's new place in the pokéball.

Morgan watched as the device rattled in his hand, the button's red light growing and fading with each shake. The light faded one last time, the act accompanied with a clicking sound. Suddenly, his pokédex beeped with a confirmation of new information. As Morgan anticipated, it was the stats and info pertaining to the newly caught Poochyena. Morgan nodded and rose to his feet before letting the Poochyena back out.

"C'mon...Spike, let's go find me another 'mon. Yeah...Spike works. Has a nice ring to it. Don't you think so?" He asked the newly named Poochyena. He yapped in agreement before leading the way, with Morgan not too far behind. It seemed Spike knew a thing or two about the surroundings. Morgan saw this as a good thing, thinking that his new friend could show him something out of the ordinary. Watching the Poochyena trot playfully ahead, the sailor sprung another thought, this one being towards the group of trainers that also wandered through the forest. He wondered if he'd run into one at a unwanted time, like in the middle of a battle or during some similar situation of sorts. He wondered if he and Spike would be able to lend a proper hand and paw, if their assistance would even be wanted.

Eurydice had a big grin on her face. Ponyta was a natural at this. The horse pokemon had plowed through several Ratata, Zigzagoon, and Patrat. She didn't need to tell her what to do outside of a few whistles and clicks. The pokemon she hadn't seen before were nice to look at, but she didn't really want any of them. She glanced over a few bird pokemon, but hand't found "the one" yet. Instead, she followed Ponyta, sketching the random pokemon they found. Maybe one of the other trainers knew what they were.

A small cry got her attention. "Dew! Budew! Bu-dew!" Her Ponyta was butting a small green ball around, apparently having fun playing with it rather than attacking it. The Budew looked quite angry at not being taken serious, but it was too tiny to do anything. "Fweeeet!" The Ponyta nudged the Budew one more time before running back over to Eurydice. She walked slowly up to the small pokemon. "Dew!" It jumped at her, clearly upset. Eurydice jumped back in surprise, snapping and pointing back to the small pokemon. Ponyta, glad to oblige, ran up and started to play with it again, tossing it up and smacking it around. "Dew! Budew! Budew!" It ran behind Eurydice, trying to hide. "Dew!" Eurydice held the excited Ponyta back with a hand, content that it was weakened enough, Eurydice dug a pokeball out of her pocket and tapped it to the small thing. It disappeared in a red flash, and after a few, the ball clicked closed.

Yeees! She excitedly took out her Pokedex and scanned the ball.

image#406: Budew Bud Pokémon
image image
Height: 0' 08" / 0.2 m.Weight: 2.6lbs. / 1.2kg.
Ability: Poison PointContact with the Pokémon may poison the attacker.
Moves: Absorb. Growth.
Sensitive to changing temperature, the bud is said to bloom when it feels the sun's warm touch.

Wait... Poison Point!? She turned in time to see her Ponyta wobbling around, sick. Ponyta! She helped the pokemon to kneel down, digging in her bag for her berries. She only had a few Lum berries, but she didn't want to use them all up at once. Remember to buy Antidotes and Paralyze heals at the next town... She ran up to the nearest trainer, quickly scrawling Trade a Potion -> Pecha Berry She had seen him collecting Oran Berries, and hoped he had some of the Pecha berries.

Russel was leaning back, relaxing in the shade with his eyes closed and Munchie right next to him. He was interrupted, however, when Munchie started jabbing his leg. "Muh...?" he said, sitting up, noticing the girl in front of him. He noticed the board, and read it, but was still confused. "Is something up?" He then re-read the contents, and remembered she was the girl with the Ponyta. He sat up a little more, looking over to see the fiery horse looking sick. "OOOH... right, I'll get right on that." He started rummaging through his bag, looking for the right berry.

"So I take it you don't talk that much." he said, reaching towards the bottom of the bag. "Not sure what the deal is, but I ain't gonna question it." he finally pulled out a Pecha Berry, throwing it to the girl. "Oi, what's your name, anyway? Actually, it can wait. Your buddy needs you. Don't worry about the potion, this one's on the house." he said, shooing the girl away.

She smiled widely, catching the Pecha berry. It was pretty soft, and smelled nice, but she had to run over and give it to Ponyta. The Ponyta ate the berry in one gulp, making Eurydice wonder how "sick" she was. The Ponyta stood up, shaking her mane out. Eurydice clapped her hands, hugging the Ponyta.

She ran back over to Russel, putting her hands together and bowing quickly in gratitude. Remembering his questions, she pulled out her trusty sketchpad, having to go back a few pages to show him her name and its pronunciation. She knelt down to look at the Gulpin, remembering her Ponyta had been bothering it before. She smiled and offered her hand to it to shake.

The Ponyta, meanwhile, wan enjoying the berry. It taste good.

After a few moments Burtha started to nudge against Erika. It took a moment before Erika looked down at her Swinub. "Swi. Nub." The Pig Pokémon was urging her to move on somewhere else. A slightly quizzical look passed Erika's face before she got up to move; instantly Burtha took off running.

'Not again,' thought Erika as she took off after Burtha. A path of flattened grass was left by Burtha that Erika followed to a small opening in the grass that had a small berry in the middle. The Swinub had stopped outside of the clearing and was sniffing the air. Suddenly a Pidgey flew down from a nearby tree and started to peck at the berry. Erika recognized the Pokémon and quickly pulled out her Pokédex and scanned the Tiny Bird Pokémon.

No. 016
image image
Name: Pidgey
Species: Tiny Bird Pokémon
Height: 1'00" / 0.3 m
Weight: 4.0 lbs. / 1.8 kg
Ability: Big Pecks - Protects the Pokémon from Defense-lowering attacks.
Description: It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back.
Moves: Tackle: Normal, Physical.
................Gust: Flying, Special.
................Razor Wind: Normal, Special.
Item: N/A

Interesting, Pidgeys in Johto don't naturally know Razor Wind. I should probably focus if I want to catch this one and knock it off my list. A small grin appeared on Erika's face as she looked down at Burtha. "Burtha, it seems that it you want that berry you'll need to battle that Pidgey for it." "Swi. Swi." Burtha replied before Erika told it to use Tackle on the Pidgey.

With the scent of the berry still on her nose, Burtha ran at the Pidgey, knocking it backwards across the ground. Burtha thinking that she had won the berry, darted over to it in order to start eating it. "Burtha pay attention! You haven't won yet! Pay attention and use Tackle again!" Erika yelled at her Swinub as it proceeded to take a bite out of the berry.

To Burtha's surprise a strong gust of wind sent it rolling end over with the partially eaten berry as angry Pidgey took to the sky. The Pig Pokémon took to charging again as the Tiny Bird Pokémon; Erika instantly knew that there was no way for Burtha to hit the Pidgey while it was in the air. "Burtha you can only Tackle it when it's close to the ground. You have to get it to fly down somehow," Erika told Burtha not knowing what to do.

The Pidgey started to rapidly flap its wings and a whirlwind formed around. Erika looked at the forming whirlwind and had no idea what to tell her Swinub to do. "Burtha watch out! I'm not sure what to do, but do something to avoid being hit!" Erika yelled to her Pokémon. "Swi. Nub." The Pig Pokémon started to roll forward and mud started to kick up into the air.

After a few seconds, the whirlwind was full of dirt and mud. The Pidgey inside was unable to see its target, and began to send the Razor Wind slashes everywhere. Blades of sharp wind flew past Erika and after a few moments they stopped. The whirlwind slowly disappeared in front of her, and the Pidgey slowly lowered itself to the ground. The Swinub it was battling wasn't visible, so the Pidgey landed on the ground and started to look for the berry from earlier.

Suddenly from within a puddle of mud, Burtha burst forward at the Pidgey using a Tackle attack. The attack connected and the Pidgey flew backwards, shocked from the attack. Quickly Erika took out a Poké Ball and threw it at the Pidgey. It hit and the Pidgey dematerialized into the ball. A violent shake followed, and then another, and then another. Finally after what seemed like an eternity to Erika, a clicking sound was made and the light on the button of the Poké Ball turned from red to white.

Yes I caught my first Pokémon since Burtha! I'm finally becoming an actual trainer! A prideful smile become of Erika's mouth as she did a little victory walk over to the Poké Ball that contained her newest team member. Meanwhile Burtha was busy sniffing the air, sudden it caught the scent of the berry beneath the mud. It took a second for the Pokémon to uncover the berry, and less time than that to consume the rest of it. Erika watched and laughed at her Pokémon. "I didn't know you were that hungry."

An unanticipated bite was felt at the bottom of her right calf. A quiet yelp escaped Erika's lips before she looked down at her leg. A grey furred Pokémon with black furred paws and a black furred face was clasped to her leg. A cross look over took Erika's face as she looked down at the Bite Pokémon. When it appeared the Pokémon wasn't going to let go Erika shook her leg and it finally let go of her leg. There was no visible blood, but Erika wasn't about to let the Pokémon she didn't recognize go; she was going to catch it and teach it some manners.

Erika looked back to her Swinub and yelled, "Burtha! I need you to help me teach this Pokémon some manners!" The Pig Pokémon took off for her master and Erika turned around. The Poochyena turned around and started to sprint away from Erika. "No you don't!" Erika yelled after it, before taking off running behind it. Erika looked behind her and saw that her Swinub was lagging behind, a bit tired from the two battles that he just happened. Erika removed its Poké Ball from her belt buckle and returned it.

Erika placed the Poké Ball on her buckle and looked down at the one containing her recently caught Pidgey. She took out that Poké ball and expanded it before releasing the Tiny Bird Pokémon to be rematerialized. "Pidge! Pidgey!" Pidgey chirped loudly as it took flight beside Erika. "I get it. You're probably mad that I captured you or that you lost to Burtha's cheap trick. However I need you to get over that. This Grey fur ball bit me and I don't intend to it go. Think you could hit it with a Gust or something?"

The Tiny Bird Pokémon tried to fly forward to head off the Poochyena but it wasn't faster than it. "Not possible huh? Alright I think I can stop it for a few seconds." Erika reached into a pouch on the side of her bag and pulled out an empty Poké Ball. She made a brief stop to steady her aim and threw the Pokéball at the Poochyena. It made contact and the Bite Pokémon was pulled into the ball for a second before the ball broke and it was released.

The normal attempted capture confused the Pokémon for a second as it got out. "Pidgey quick hit it with a Tackle, and then keep using Gust from a distant height!" Erika commanded. Erika's Pidgey swiftly swooped down and hit the Poochyena before taking height before the Poochyena could retaliate. As Erika was watching the battle, she pulled out her Pokédex and recorded the Bite Pokémon's information.

No. 261
Name: Poochyena
Species: Bite Pokémon
Height: 1'08" / 0.5 m
Weight: 30.0 lbs. / 13.6 kg
Ability: Rattled - Some move types scare it and boost its Speed.
Description: A Pokémon with a persistent nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted.
Moves: Tackle: Normal, Physical.
................Howl: Normal, Status.
Item: N/A

Good I thought it might not be able to attack at a distance and I was right. The Poochyena was now looking at the Pidgey fly around in the air and started to howl at it. It was clearly agitated as the Pidgey would use its Gust attack to blow it back from whatever direction it was trying escape into. Erika waited till it failed another attempt to escape and threw a new Poké Ball at the Poochyena.

The grey and black fur turned into red light as the Pokémon was absorbed into the ball. Once again the ball shook violently before coming to a stop with a click. Erika walked over to retrieve the Poké Ball, this time keeping a better eye out for other wild Pokémon in the area. Once she had it in her hand she looked up at the Pidgey, back down at the ball, and then back up at the Pidgey again. "I guess I'll need to name you girls," Erika said.

This is going to be hard. I didn't even come up with Burtha's name; that was Jason's doing. "I'm not very good with names. How about Selma?" There was an annoyed look from the Pidgey. "Okay not Selma. How about Aerial, since you're an aerial bird?" There was a breath pause while the Pidgey thought it over. After it figured that there wasn't a good chance of a better name coming it up, it gave an agreeable chirp.

Erika looked down at the Poké Ball still in her hand. She released the Poochyena onto the ground in front of her. "No biting this time," Erika quickly said to the Pokémon as it took in what happened. "Now behave while I think of a name for you. Maybe something from a book I read or something. Give me a second...oh I know how about Breńa?" The Poochyena sighed, and then said, "Chy." Wow I guess I suck at this.

The Bite Pokémon turned around and started to play with the broken Poké Ball before Erika walked over and picked it up. "I know you might want to play with this, but it's not a good idea, and I probably shouldn't leave trash like this lying around." Erika said before her Poochyena started to whine. "I'll see if I can find you a rubber ball or something to play with later already." A timid whine followed that before Breńa submitted. I should probably head back to the route now.

Erika turned around and started to follow her path back to the route's path. As more Pokémon appeared Erika released Burtha and introduced her to her new teammates before they took turns battling their opponents. A fair few Rattata, Wurmple, Sentret, and Budew were left in their wake, along with an occasional or rare other type of Pokémon.

Finally Erika made her way back to the path to see a few of the others had returned. The Caucasian woman with light brown hair, and the brown woman with black hair in a ponytail that were in the group that came to the research center, had both made their way back before her. I never did get to introduce myself to them before Kayla called us all in.

"I didn't get a chance to introduce myself earlier before Kayla called us into meet Professor Willow. I'm Erika from Johto. What are your names and where are you from?" Erika asked to both of the woman in the area with a wave.

Looking around, Caleb felt a little flustered by the challenge the Willow daughter had issued them and was one of the last to actually move on into the tall grass. This an exciting, frightening experience for him as he'd never actually went into the wilderness to seek out Pokémon, let alone have his own battle another. He knew he had to start sooner or later, and there definitely was no time like the present. Reaching back, the trainer lifted Spike off of his resting place, wincing a bit at the strong static electricity that discharged into his hands. Caleb set the Elekid on the ground, then knelt before him and looked into his eyes as he gave him a pep talk. "Alright, Spike. Now's your time to show these Gensia Pokémon your stuff. I know you've got what it takes to help me nab another Pokémon, but you've gotta believe that you can in order to succeed. Well, do ya?"

The Elekid nodded and grinned broadly, obviously beaming with confidence. Caleb returned the smile and stood, looking around for a Pokémon. "Fantastic. Now let's go make us a new friend."

The pair trekked through the grass, the Elekid bounding through the long stalks while Caleb strided over them. As they moved along, rustling could be heard in the grass around them, like Pokémon darting away at the sound of an approaching person. They were coming towards some trees when they heard some rustling in the leaves. As they drew nearer, the sounds of a Pokémon became more audible. "Mank. Mank. Mankey."

Caleb could make out patches of white fur through the leaves, but not much else. He looked down at Spike and pointed up at the Pokémon in the tree. The Elekid nodded knowingly and, slowly but surely, made his way up the trunk. Suddenly, there was a big commotion in the branches, and suddenly a white and yellow blur shot from the branches and onto the ground below. The Elekid and primate Pokémon had engaged in battle and were locked together until they impacted the dirt. The Mankey stood, a little woozy as it had been beneath Spike at the moment of impact, while Spike had rolled away and stood as well, shaking his head to clear it of leaves then locking eyes with his opponent. Once the Mankey had regained composure, it charged at the Elekid at full-run. "Alright, Spike. You can do this! Hit him with a Dizzy Punch!"

By then, the Mankey had leapt at Spike who already had an arm drawn back, ready to strike at any moment. When the moment was just right, the Elekid threw a powerful punch that landed right on the Mankey's nose. The Mankey was shocked by the blow and stepped back to regroup. However, it proved unsuccessful as the primate's eyes rolled back and it collapsed onto the ground.

"Yes!!" Caleb shouted, throwing his hands so high in the air, the weight of his pack almost caused him to topple backwards. He quickly realized what he needed to do and fumbled with his pack for a Poké Ball. Soon, he had one in his had that expanded shortly before he pressed it against the unconscious primate Pokémon. The Mankey disappeared into the ball in a red flash of energy. Spike looked at the Ball, then turned to Caleb and smiled at him. The trainer nodded at the Elekid in approval. "Ya did it, Spike. I'm proud of ya. Now, time to see who our new friend is."

imageNo. 56: MankeyPig Monkey Pokémon
Height: 1'08" / 0.5 m.Weight: 61.7lbs. / 28.0kg.
Ability: Anger PointMaximizes the Pokémon's power when hit with an exceptionally strong attack.
Moves: Scratch, Low Kick, Leer, Focus Energy
Mankey are very aggressive and short-tempered. Anyone that gets on its bad side (which is easily done), will receive a severe thrashing.

The Mankey's data was quickly displayed on the Pokédex's screen once Caleb scanned the Poké Ball. "Well, Spike, it's a good thing you caught this guy off guard. I don't think he would've given you a warm welcome."

"Kid. Elekid," Spike remarked defensively.

"Oh, I'm sure you would've put up quite the fight," Caleb agreed. "I'm just glad you didn't get hurt. Now, let's meet our new team member on more, um...favorable terms."

Caleb released the Mankey who still looked a little shaken from the battle. He gave his captor a stern look before turning his back to him and sitting down with his arms folded, visibly angry at his unexpected defeat.

"Aww, c'mon, don't be a poor sport," said Caleb.

"Mank," the primate Pokémon grumbled.

"You'll warm up soon enough, I think. Now, what to name you..." Caleb pondered. "How about Porkchop? Y'know, 'cause the nose and..."

The Mankey gave Caleb a very cross look about the idea, practically fuming at the thought.

"You're absolutely right, terrible name," Caleb admitted, nodding in agreement. " about Maxwell?"

The Mankey's expression softened noticeably, but quickly hid his interest in a facade of frustration.

"Yeah, I think Maxwell suits you," Caleb said, smiling at the newest member of the team. "I have a feeling you're already warming up to it."

The newly named Maxwell only turned his back to Caleb once more, knowing the trainer was right and sulking in yet another defeat. "Mank..."

As Sam followed the others into the grass, he cracked open Willow's ball and let her out, the little Pidove flying up onto his shoulder. "Alright, here we go, Willow. I'm sure in a second something out here is going to jump us. You feel up to giving it what for?"

Willow chirped. Sam wasn't sure if it was eager or just resigned. He nodded, only to flinch back as a stream of fluid flew past his ear, smearing onto Willow's wing. "Oh, what the hell!" A spectacularly ugly insect Pokemon was on the side of a nearby tree, having just shot a wad of some kind of goo out of spines on its tail. Sam quickly grabbed the wad of gunk and pulled it off Willow, now having it smeared all over his hands. "Get in the air, Willow, dodge the shots!" Oh, god, this stuff stinks.

Sam raised his Pokedex, aiming it at the Bug type. What the hell is this thing...

image#265: Wurmple Worm Pokémon
Height: 1'00" / 0.3 m.Weight: 7.9lbs. / 3.6kg.
Ability: Shield DustBlocks the added effects of attacks taken.
Moves: Tackle. String Shot. Poison Sting. Bug Bite.
Often targeted by bird Pokémon, it desperately resists by releasing poison from its tail spikes.

Sam racked his brain, trying to figure out how to deal with this thing. Willow wasn't exactly a skilled fighter, but then again these things were supposed to be target practice for bird-types like Willow. Although even with him scraping off the majority of it, Willow was noticeably more sluggish than usual. Although this thing seemed to have no sense of accuracy and Willow was still fast enough to get out of the way of the poorly aimed shots.

It can't keep that up forever.

"Willow, just keep dodging those shots. Don't try to attack it." Willow chirped something back that seemed a lot like a sarcastic rebuke.

"Yeah, yeah..." The Wurmple fired again, only for the shot to be a thin spray that mostly just dribbled out of the spines. It was out of juice. "Attack, now! Knock it off the tree with your wings!"

Willow chirped again, this time more of an affirmative, and moved in close, quickly passing the tree and buffeting the bug-type with the wind off her wings. The first pass the bug-type swayed but stayed on. As Willow came around for a second pass, Sam pulled a ball out of his bag and readied it. As she passed the second time, the bug fell off, falling to the ground where it lay for a few seconds, stunned.

More than enough time for Sam to make his throw, the bug-type disappearing into the ball as he nailed it dead center. He pumped his fist, a broad grin crossing his face. That had been exhilarating.

What the -hell- had he been doing picking pockets?

Willow flew back over to him as he moved to collect the ball, chirping in triumph. "Yeah, we did it, Willow. Our first victory. You kicked his ass." He opened the ball, letting the Wurmple out. Sam glanced back at his Pokedex as he got a look at the creature's underbelly as it rolled around. "...excuse me, her ass."

The Wurmple made a rather disconcerting and hostile chittering sound. "Yeah, can it. You're lucky it was me and not a wild Pidgey that found you with that kind of accuracy. I think I'm going to name you Deadeye.""

The Wurmple chittered again, this time sounding more irritable but resigned. "I think we'll get along fine. Willow, stop staring at him like you're going to eat him." Willow looked away for a moment, then continued to stare at the Wurmple. "...need to get you some kind of toy. Or maybe just more food." He put the Wurmple back in the ball, attaching it to his belt, then started looking around for the others of the group.

The hike back was a little rougher than Robyn remembered from her brief sprint into the thick of the woods. There were a few odd sticking roots that she had to jump to avoid, and there was a shot of pain every time. Still, the events in the woods kept her going through. Two new Pokemon, although that other one is still in a bad way. Might have to use one of those Potions on it. I don't have that many though.

When she emerged from the woods, she looked around to see if any other members of the group were there, so she could possibly get a free Potion off of someone more well off, but the only one she spotted right away was Alix. Well, at least she looks like she has some money. She could probably spare a Potion for...Shit, no names yet either. But before she could say a word, someone else who she hadn't noticed decided to step up and talk.

"I didn't get a chance to introduce myself earlier before Kayla called us into meet Professor Willow. I'm Erika from Johto. What are your names and where are you from?"

Robyn turned and found the Asian girl from Willow's Lab standing there. "Oh, well, I'm Robyn. I'm from Unova. This is Alix, she's from...I don't know. Anyway, can either of you help me out? I knocked this little flyer out cold in the forest and I was hoping I could find a Potion for it until we get to the next town." She brought out the Pokeball and released the Pokemon Sentret had knocked down for her. It emerged as a fluffy lump on the dirt road, still not moving and softly breathing. "I just want to make sure that she's stable until we get her to a center."

"Eurydice, eh? Odd name. Then again, a lot about you seems odd..." he said, getting up to his feet. "No offense. Odd ain't a bad thing." He said, groaning as he stretched. Munchie shook Eurydice's hand, appreciating the friendly gesture. "So, you with any of these other trainers?" He started walking away from the tree, heading back towards the road, still looking around for some pokemon to fight. "Come on... need something a little more challenging..." he muttered, ony paying half of his attention to Eurydice now. Munchie was deep in the tall grass, managing to stay at the same speed as Russel, which wasn't that fast. "I wonder how much longer this route is, anyway..."

"Ziiig. Zag."

The first Pokemon Elias encounted wasn't very hostile and in fact seemed to be happy to walk along the road. Curious about the Pokemon's ability Elias scanned the creature as it passed. He scrolled through the resulting data. "Zigzagoon...walks in zigzag fashion. Well I figured that out. It is good at finding items in the grass and even in the ground. Cool."


"Huh?" A muted Pokemon cry drew Elias further away from the road and towards grass that grew steadily higher until it almost reached his knees. "Rattata" The cry was closer this time. 'Aha!' A Pokemon was shuffling through the grass. All Elias could see was a tail as it darted towards a patch of plants Elias didn't recognize. Once it stopped to eat Elias could see the Pokemon more clearly. Smaller than the first this Pokemon had large round ears and purple fur. And really big teeth. Elias lifted his Pokedex to get the new data. Rattata the device stated. The beep of the Pokedex startled the Rattata. It froze and hissed a warning.

"Rattata! The tiny creature had its not-so-tiny teeth lined up with Elias' foot.

"Dune are you up for a battle?" He asked. The Rattata wasn't very big. It could be a good warm up battle.

"Dile." Dune answered lazily.

"Okay. Now use...your bite attack."

"Sandile!" Dune's attitude of laziness vanished as he moved towards Rattata, opening his jaw to snap.

"Rrrrat!" The small Pokemon stirred up loose grass from the ground as it tried to flee but it wasn't fast enough to avoid Sandile's jaw which closed on half of its body. Squeaking in anger the Rattata began hitting Sandile with its tail. One of the flailing hits must have irritated Dune because the Sandile's gripped loosened. "Keep going, use your rage." Elias suggested. He was still standing a short distance away but slowly circled the combatants. He slipped his sunglasses on to counter the sun's glare.

A muffled cry of agreement answered the trainer. Dirt and grass stirred as the translucent attack impacted Rattata. "Rat!" complained the Pokemon as it tumbled through the grass. "Okay now I'm supposed to use one of these." Taking out a new Poké Ball Elias threw it underhanded to where Rattata lay motionless. The device flashed, swallowing Rattata's form in a beam of light. "Steady. Steady." Elias crossed his fingers out of habit. The Poké Ball rolled twice and then stilled.

"It worked! Awesome." Elias enthused. He ran to pick up the Poké Ball, holding it high in triumph. "Victory." To his surprise, holding the evidence of his success, it felt like he'd reached the top of a new mountain. 'I can do this.'

"Let's see what else we can find." He suggested to Dune.

Sandile tilted his head to the side, a gesture of nonchalance. "Sandile." He would be happy to just lay in the sun. Though Elias noticed that Dune seemed a bit more energized after the battle.

The next rustle of grass Elias spotted was only a few yards away. This time a four legged green Pokemon appeared. It looked a little like a picture he'd seen once at the art gallery back home. Only, that Pokemon had been a lot bigger. And more yellow.

This one was all green with only a few strips of yellow. "Hey there little guy..." Stepping closer Elias offered his hand. It looked friendly. Maybe if he could just...

Sparks flew from the Pokemon. "Ow!" Some of the sparks caught Elias' hand, sending a weird tingling sensation through it. He shook the injured limb and scowled down at the Pokemon. "That hurt."

The Pokemon yipped before ducking its head close to the ground. It moved slightly from side to side. "You want to play?" Now that Elias looked closer he saw more sparks whenever the Pokemon's feet touched ground. He scanned the Pokemon while it decided to circle him and sniff in his general direction. "Electrike. Using electricity stored in its fur, it - Yow!" This time his leg was shocked and momentarily numb. "Stop that!" Elias complained.

"Dune, can you battle Sparky here?"

As his trainer hopped on one foot the Sandile shuffled closer. "Diiiile." he replied. Electrike stopped jumping around Elias to face Dune. Instead of continuing to be being playful it growled.

"Okay guys I want a good clean fight. Dune try starting with bite again."


Dune launched himself foward, sharp teeth snapping and aimed at the other Pokemon's head. Electrike froze for a brief second and then its fur stood on end to accompany the wave of electricity that radiated from its body. Sandile latched on to one of Electrike's forelegs and shook his head.

"Dune? Hey, are you okay?" Elias asked.

"Sandile..." the Pokemon answered but Elias wasn't sure what the answer meant.

"Okay...well use Rage." Electrike gave a pained cry as the requested attack hit. Another wave of sparks washed over Sandile. "Dune?" Elias didn't like the looks of those attacks. "Dune!" Especially when his Pokemon stopped talking! Electrike blurred into motion, charging straight towards the unmoving Dune. "Hey!" Elias protested. Both Pokemon disappeared into the taller grass. "Guys?" Elias called as he walked closer. "Dune?"

"Di." Sandile had the Electrike's foot caught in its mouth and was refusing to budge though sparks radiated off of the Pokemon's whole body.

"Good job." Elias laughed and pulled out a new Poké Ball. He opted for one of his two Great Balls this time. "Let go when I say, okay?!" Elias tossed the device and Sandile released his prey at the same time.

The Poké Ball bounced off of Electrike's head prompting an irritated whine. The sound disappeared as the Pokemon was transported into the device. The Poké Ball rocked back and forth again, with more force than it had with Rattata. Elias counted each shake until the Poké Ball stilled.

"All right!" He was two for two so far. "We did it." Retrieving his Pokedex Elias checked the Pokemon's now completed data.

No. 309

Thunder Wave

Name: Electrike
Type: Lightning Pokémon
Height: 2'00" / 0.6 m
Weight: 33.5 lbs / 15.2 kg
Ability: Static - Contact with the Pokémon may cause paralysis.
Description: Using electricity stored in its fur, it stimulates its muscles to heighten its reaction speed.
Item: N/A
OT: Elias Lanford // 53504

"Oh. See now I know more about you...girl. Sorry about that." Elias apologized to the absent Pokemon.

"Diille." complained Dune.

"Huh?" Elias looked over to see sparks still crossing the Pokemon's body. Dune wasn't moving and he was upside down. "What happened to you?" he asked. Dune gave an agitated cry. "You're not moving? Why are you not moving? You're not moving because...oh, you're paralyzed!" Shoving his new capture into his pocket Elias dug out a bottle labeled Paralyze Heal from his pack. "I think this is supposed to help." Elias tilted the open bottle over top of Dune. After a few seconds Dune's tail began to move again, then his feet, and finally Dune flipped himself right-side up. "Sandile!" "Ha. Okay. We're good." Dropping the half-empty bottle back into his pack Elias returned Dune to his Poké Ball to rest. "Now where to next."

Heidi caught up with three of the girls on the road ahead, Yani flying above her as usual after she released her from her Pokéball. She remembered Erika, but the other two she hadn't asked their names, though Erika seemed to have thought the same as the dark skinned girl answered her. Robyn was her name and it seemed the other girl's name was Alix. Good to know that. Robyn released a Swablu from a Pokéball of hers, who looked just terrible. She asked the others for a Potion. While Heidi only had three left herself, she could part with one.

She looked through her backpack for a Potion and found one. She walked over to Robyn and handed it to her. "Here you go. Consider it a gift from a new friend. The name's Heidi." She stepped a bit back, Yani hovering above her head while watching the injured Swablu.

Robyn was looking to Erika and Alix for medicine, but before either one could offer her one, another girl from Willow's Laboratory handed her a Potion.

"Here you go. Consider it a gift from a new friend. The name's Heidi."

"Thank you so much!" Robyn replied.

Taking the medicine, Robyn bent down and sprayed onto the injured Flying Pokemon. It must have been a very powerful Potion, or the Pokemon very weak, because the Swablu immediately perked up. The Pokemon got back onto its feet and hopped around, unsure of how it ended up on a road surrounded by humans. It looked up at the source of the spray, the one who must have captured it. "Bluuuu? Bluuuuuublu?"

"Well you're looking a lot better now," Robyn remarked as her newest team member kept looking around. She called the Pokemon back to the ball and once safe inside, returned the ball to her sweatshirt pocket. "Thanks again, I was a bit worried my Sentret had done too much to it. I caught it when it took a big fall out of a tree."

"I didn't get a chance to introduce myself earlier before Kayla called us in to meet Professor Willow. I'm Erika from Johto. What are your names and where are you from?"

Alix looked over as Erika waved and introduced herself, letting Robyn take care of the basic introductions. "Robyn is correct. I'm Alix, and I came from Hoenn," she clarified before the darker-skinned Trainer put forth her request for a Potion. Robyn had found herself a Swablu. Alix had just the thing. Before she reached around to a pocket of her pack, she dug out Matti's Poké Ball and called him back into the device. She wanted a little face-to-face time with her new catch.

She dug two of the small purple spray-bottles out of her pack... and would have handed one to Robyn had another newcomer, Heidi, not offered one herself. "Could have covered that. But then, I need one for myself." With that, Alix stuffed one Potion back into her pack and let out the Poochyena she had caught. The Dark-type coalesced into being facing her Trainer, eyes narrowed. "Grrrrr... Yen! Yen!" she... barked? 'Barked' seemed to be the best word for it. They were doglike, after all. Alix knelt down in front of the Pokémon, and tentatively reached out a hand to her.

"Chyen!" The Poochyena bumped her nose against Alix's outstretched fingers, and allowed her to scratch behind one ear. She seemed to relax a bit, though Alix still took note of her upwards-pointing fangs. "Hey there... how are you feeling?" she asked. She got a little bit of a whine in response.

"Oh, right, you took a couple of hits before I caught you. Of course. Just hold still now," she told her Pokémon before holding up the Potion in her other hand. Alix quickly applied a couple of pumps of the spray onto the Poochyena's fur, where she remembered Matti hitting her. She didn't see any obvious signs of damage, though. The Pokémon seemed to perk up a little as the Potion was applied. Once the spraying stopped, she jumped up and ran around for a second before she came back to Alix.

"Aww. So cute," the Trainer commented. "You, missie, need a name. So what shall I call you?" The name had to be different enough from Matti's name, so they wouldn't get confused. Fang? No, Fang was a name for a male Poochyena. And even then it was clichéd. Thalia? No... too formal. Stana? Stana sounded good.

"What do you think of Stana?" she queried of the Poochyena, who sat up and yapped again. "Chee-yen!" Stana sounded pleased with her new name. Alix smiled a little, standing back up.

Just then, loud beating of wings could be heard above the four girls. Alix looked up to see Kayla and her Pidgeot again. "You're all taking your sweet time, aren't you?" she called down. "Looks like most of you split up to catch something individually. I see. At any rate, you girls should get going. I'll round up the rest of your group and see you at the bridge." With that she flew off, presumably to look for the others.

"Probably wants us out of her hair sooner rather than later," Alix quipped. "So... the bridge is that way. Might as well keep moving," she suggested, taking the lead with Stana following at her heels.

Within ten minutes everyone was assembled at the bridge's foot-traffic entrance. Kayla touched down just as the last couple of stragglers were rejoining the group of eleven. "Alright, this is where I'll leave you. Lazuli Town isn't far from the bridge's exit, and there's a road to the lake from there. So good luck to all of you, and maybe we'll meet again somewhere."

The older Trainer jumped back onto her bird Pokémon and took to the skies once more, quickly heading back in the direction of Aquamar City. The journey over the bridge to the mainland was an uneventful one. The bridge was of more or less standard design: pedestrians and bicyclists walked or rode above the constant vehicular traffic.

Once the Trainers stepped off of the bridge and back out onto another path, crossing a road as they did so, they were on the outskirts of Lazuli Town. Surrounded by woodland, the red roof of the town's Pokémon Center stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Okay, so... shall we just visit the Pokémon Center to heal up?" Alix suggested. "Unless people have other things they want to do before we move on, of course." She hoped they wouldn't take too long, though: she wanted to see what the lake had to offer. Kayla had mentioned Water-type Pokémon... having one on the team could be extremely helpful against Barrett, their first challenge in the Pokémon League.

Eurydice didn't bother chasing the Berry trainer. He was taller, and looked preoccupied with something, so he easily outpaced her anyway. Before she could turn and take another run through the tall grass, a large shadow passed overhead.
"Come on, people, get a move on. You don't wanna spend the whole morning on the first route, do you?"
It was that professor's daughter. Realizing they might have spent too much time on Route 1, Eurydice hopped on Ponyta and slapped its rump with a grin. The Ponyta, on the other hand, turned and snorted at her. Eurydice pouted in apology, and the filly took off.

The ride across the bridge was lovely. There weren't a whole lot of bridges in Kanto, and definitely none as big. Eurydice was content to sit still for the ride across, just observing the cars that passed below. This bridge was convinient, for both people and Pokemon.

When they got to the other side of the bridge, one of the trainers suggested taking a Pokemon Center break. Pokemon Center quickly popped up on her whiteboard, and she took off towards it. She didn't want anyone who wasn't going to be waiting too long, and also didn't want to be the last one to the lake. She wouldn't have gone at all if it hadn't been for the fact that she needed the Budew in tip top condition for the Route. If there were as many water Pokemon as she thought, she wouldn't be able to use her Ponyta too much at all.

Inside, Eurydice took a moment to marvel at the ingenuity of having the Pokemon Center and the Pokemart combined. Why didn't they do this in Kanto? The line moved quickly, and soon she found herself face to face with... a familiar Nurse.
"Hello, and welcome to our Pokemon Center! We restore your tired Pokemon to full health."
I wonder if there's any Nurses who AREN'T part of the Joy family... She gave her the Budew's pokeball, smiling.
"Okay, I'll take your Pokemon for a few seconds!"
She almost forgot to return the Ponyta to her ball, fumbling to hand it to the Nurse along with her Budew. She stood off to the side as the Nurse took her Pokemon to the large machine. She felt a little nervous with her Ponyta in someone else's hands, but went ahead and just waited.

"We've restored your Pokemon to full health. We hope to see you again!" Eurydice bowed a thank you, quickly releasing her Ponyta. It snorted, a little miffed at being stuffed in the ball. After a little thought, she released the Budew as well. She picked it up and put it on her Ponyta to make sure it wouldn't run off, and made a quick stop at the Pokemart counter.
3 Paralyze Heals
5 Antidotes

As the group crossed the bridge, Russel took a quick glance over, then turned right back. "Yeesh... at least this is the last bridge we'll be crossing for a while..." he said, walking as close to the center of the bridge as he could.

Once they arrived on the other side, he started heading into town. "Oi... you feeling good to go, Munchie?" he said, turning to the little green blob. Munchie nodded, the rest and food making him near 100%. "Ok. We'll check around the town after we're done at the lake. There oughta be a lot of good Pokemon around there. Plus a good chance to take a couple pictures. Maybe do some fishing..." he started listing off a bunch of random things they could do to Munchie, who worked his way back up to Russel's shoulder.

The town was small, nowhere near as bustling as Aquamar, but Russel liked these kind of towns. Not nearly as crowded as places like Lilycove or Slateport. "Oi... wonder if they got a shop for berries around here. I know there's a forest nearby, so this is one of the better locations..." Munchie nudged Russel, poking his cheek. Guuulp. "Right, right. Acting too much like we're back at work. Just focus on the lake."

It'd been quite the walk over the bridge, but Heidi could handle it. She'd gone over bridges before, since there was at least one in Sinnoh, even if it was more like a downward slope for bicycle riding people. Yani flew all across the place, never going too far away from Heidi. George and Eve were still in their Pokéballs. She'd need to heal up the three of them, and found where it was after the Kayla talked to them. She wondered briefly if she should get a Water type on her team as well, but she doubted there were any double types there, so she figured she might as well try her luck with the three she already had.

Noticing Eurydice quickly going to the Pokécenter, she followed shortly thereafter. She was right behind someone who was behind Eurydice in line, and giggled at her fumbling to get Ponyta in her ball. Once she and the person in front of Heidi were done, it was her turn. "Welcome to the Pokémon Center. We restore your tired Pokémon to full health." Heidi quickly remembered to return Yani to her Safari Ball, doing so, then handing the three balls to the nurse. "It may take a while, so why don't you check the shop in the meanwhile? We'll let you know when they're ready." Looking back, Heidi noticed the shop. And Eurydice inside it. "I'll do that. Thanks."

She left the line for the Center and headed over to the Mart. She patted Eurydice's shoulder and smiled to her. "Doing alright, kiddo?" she said to her before looking over what the Mart had. The clerk there was taking care of Eurydice's order, so Heidi waited a bit. Amongst the healing items there, she noticed some other items that a Mart back home in Sinnoh wouldn't have. Such as a belt to keep Pokéballs on, which intrigued her. "How much for that belt?" she asked the clerk there when she saw that she'd taken care of what Eurydice had asked for and payed. "P$100" She thought it over for a second, then decided. "I'll take one. Along with three Potions." All three items were put on the counter. "That'll be P$1000." Heidi handed over her card which was slid into the card reader. It was accepted, and Heidi put the belt onto her waist after she put her card in her wallet. The Potions were put with the other Potions in her backpack. "Thanks you." she said to the clerk, then turned to Eurydice. "Having fun so far?" she asked her.

Robyn glanced over the town that was laid out before them. It was underwhelming to say the least. I think there are more people on my street then in this place. Holy small.

"Okay, so... shall we just visit the Pokémon Center to heal up?"

Robyn nodded. "Yeah, might as well." So I used that Potion for nothing then. Good thing it wasn't mine.

Eurydice nodded enthusiastically, running over to her Ponyta. She plucked the Budew off of its back and shoved it into Heidi's face, figuratively, proud of her catch. If she could get a few water pokemon, her team would be ready to face the gym leader!

She momentarily forgot what she had bought, which was sitting on the counter. She placed the Budew on the counter and took off her bag, starting to put the canisters inside. "Dew? Budew?" The Budew looked around from its new vantage point, and at the two girls, and at the Ponyta.

The Ponyta was a little jealous of this new pokemon. It was not very strong at all. It was grass. She ate grass. What did her trainer see in the little pokemon? Was it because it was small, and smelled nice? Was it because it was cute? She could be cute too.

A yell made Eurydice spin around to face her Ponyta. The excited pokemon had started stotting, then prancing a little. It wouldn't have been so bad, except it was a Ponyta. The pokemon with hooves stronger than diamonds. Kicking them around. Trying not to get her more agitated, Eurydice ran up and tried to grab her reins. Giving an apologetic and embarassed look to everyone, she tried to pull her out of the Pokemon Center. "Budew!" The Budew started reaching for Heidi, clearly preferring being carried to her trainer rather than having to jump down and walk.

Heidi giggled at how enthusiastic Eurydice seemed over having apparently caught a Budew. Heidi had seen more than enough of them back in Sinnoh, so she didn't get how it was apparently so special to her, but it didn't matter to her really. If Eurydice wanted a Budew, that was her choice. A poor choice, but her choice nonetheless.

When Eurydice had to go take care of her Ponyta, Heidi heard Budew call for her and she looked towards her to see her reach for Heidi. She admitted, even if she wasn't much for Budew, that was cute. "Oh, alright, I'll carry you to your trainer." She reached for the Budew and picked her up, then started to walk over to Eurydice.

Though, she was interrupted as her name was called up by the Pokécenter. She didn't want to leave the Budew alone, so she carried her over to the Center. "Your Pokémon are ready, miss." the nurse said when she got over to the counter. "Thank you." Heidi said, putting the Budew onto the table while she put George and Eve's Pokéballs onto her new belt. She let Yani out of her Safari Ball, then put the ball onto her belt.

Yani flew around, curious about the Budew that Heidi had there. Heidi picked up the Budew and noticed Yani curious about her. "She's Eurydice's Pokémon. I didn't catch a Pokémon while you were getting a healing rest." She giggled and walked outside over to Eurydice, the Budew secure in her arms. "We hope to see you again!" the nurse said to Heidi on her way out.

"Alright... come on, Stana," Alix told the Pokémon sitting at her feet. She seemed comfortable away from her previous home. The Poochyena promptly jumped up and followed her as she led the way to the Pokémon Center. Figuratively speaking, of course: Heidi and the younger girl with the Ponyta had already gone ahead.

Alix was surprised to find that just inside the Pokémon Center was a hall just off to the right of the doors, that looked very similar to a Poké Mart. She would investigate that in a bit. Her first priority was getting Matti checked to see if he was okay. She wanted to be sure of his well-being, and Stana would likely be fine with just a Potion. Once at the counter, Alix quickly handed over Matti's Poké Ball, leaving her name with the Nurse Joy in charge.

"Thanks. It'll take a little time to restore your Pokémon," the Nurse explained with a smile. Alix stepped away from the counter, taking a seat nearby. Once she sat down, Stana whined at her, pawing at one shoe. "Hey... what's the problem, Stana?" Alix asked, reaching down to give the Dark-type another scratch.

A small gurgle from Stana answered her. It sounded like the Poochyena was hungry. "Seriously? You had that berry back before the battle... Alright, let's see what the Poké Mart's got in terms of food," Alix suggested. Stana's ears perked up, and she began running over to the Poké Mart-looking place back near the Center's entrance before her Trainer could even get up.

Note to Self: Stana might be about as excitable as Matti, Alix thought as she got up and proceeded to follow her Pokémon. When it comes to food, at least.

Robyn filed in right behind Alix and stepped up to the attendant at the counter...who looked suspiciously familiar.

"Here, can I have my three looked after as well?" she asked as she handed her Pokemon over to the Nurse Joy. "Just at the same time."

"Of course," the nurse nodded. "We'll call you over when they are ready."

Robyn nodded back and took a seat along the side, popping in her headphones. A mash-up or two should pass enough time until her Pokemon were ready to go.

Erika had started to slide off her bag for a potion, but Heidi had shown up and beaten her to the punch. Erika gave a light shrug as Alix was in the action to offer one as well. A moment later and Kayla was flying overhead with her Pidgeot and told them to move along to the next town. Erika reset he bag on her back and took off after Alix. "One day you'll be like that Aerial," Erika said to the Tiny Bird Pokémon on her shoulder.

The walk across the bridge was pretty silent and people started to speed up and slow down to their own accord. Erika herself was lagging behind while trying to get Breńa to stop biting every new thing that she saw. It took a few tries, but eventually Breńa started to listen to Erika tell her not to. Finally the walk across the bridge was over and Erika returned her Pokémon as they entered Lazuli Town.

'My girls are a bit beat up. I should probably get them healed up,' Erika thought to herself as she went to the same location as pretty much everyone else. The members of the group from Willow's Lab had helped make a bit of a line up, but eventually Erika had gotten to the front of the line and handed the Nurse Joy her Poké Balls. "We'll start healing your Pokémon momentarily; we'll call your name when we are finished." "Thank you."

Well I should probably see if I can find a ball for Breńa in the Pokémart. I might want something to identify my Pokéballs as well. I can't exactly tell the difference between Aerial's and Breńa's. Burtha's is easy to tell though, no mistaking that worn ball to the new ones.

Erika entered the Pokémart behind Alix and her Poochyena; the Bite Pokémon was darting for the Pokémon food. Erika went around to another isle and grabbed a cheap rubber blue ball and a complete set of child's stickers that contained all of the Pokémon in the region. As Erika was about head up to the cashier she saw Alix looking over all of the different available foods as if she was looking for a specific one. Maybe I should get some as well.

Erika walked over beside Alix and started to look at all of different available foods they had to offer. So many different types. How am I supposed to know what would be best?" Erika looked over at Alix again and the woman appeared to be looking for a specific type. "You won't happen to know any good types of Pokémon food to get? I've never had to buy any before and I'm a bit lost as to what to buy."

Morgan's own tromp through the woods was short lived, as he and Spike looked towards the clouds, and saw Kayla Willow and her Pidgeot soaring overhead. Apparently it was time to move on to the next area.

"If I knew there was a time limit, I would've made more of an effort at catching rather than battling." He mumbled defensively. He did make a mental note of those past battles. The curious Bite Pokémon that lingered not too far ahead of him had already become fairly loyal to Morgan's words and actions, and was seemingly very eager to battle. When compared to his starter, this Poochyena was a godsend. Morgan called for it, and it happily trotted back to him. Morgan heard distant rustling along with various voices, a sign that the trainers he's met were somewhere near by.

"C'mon Spike, looks like it's time for us to head into the city." He said, beginning in the direction of the familiar voices.

"Chyen!" The Poochyena yapped in reply, fast on Morgan's heels. As the two entered the clear, the Willow and her giant bird began to land. With some haste, she mentioned the area ahead, Lazuli Town, with it being just beyond the bridge Morgan and his merry troupe of trainers stood at. Before long, she said a few words of encouragement, and took off just as quick as she landed. As soon as she vanished from view, Morgan briefly opted going back into the woods in a fit of childish spite. He decided against it the thought, more eager to see this new town than wander aimlessly through brush.

He brought up the group's rear as they traversed across the small bridge. He didn't find anything too exciting about it, and had little to say as he crossed. As he looked ahead, however, he realized there were still faces he hadn't found names for, and kids he hadn't properly introduced himself to (admittedly, the only name he could conjure on a whim was Eurydice's, and that was only because of its length and complexity).

"Seriously, it's like Honors Calculus in name form!" As he thought-rambled, the trek across that average, no-name bridge had ended, and Morgan had arrived in the rustic Lazuli town. He wasn't as eager to enter the Pokécenter as the others, and took his time taking in the charm and air of a small working town. Upon entering the center, he realized how this place had the Pokémart converged into it.

"That's pretty cool. Why isn't it like this in Hoenn?" He said, impressed at such ingenuity. He looked ahead, and thought of handing in Spike to the nurse. He took a look towards Spike, who looked as happy and energetic as ever, and decided against it. "Maybe they might have something for us inside the store." was his next thought, and soon, the two entered the Pokémart's space. As Morgan took a quick glance of what was around him. It looked as if one of the girls he met earlier, Erika, was towards the rear of the store (causing Morgan to quip on about how she was one of the other names he remembered).

Spike eagerly sniffed at the air before running ahead, his nose catching scent of food, and a pokémon with a breed identical to his. And indeed, there was another Poochyena in immediate sight, this one lingering around the aisle containing pokéfood. Unlike Chase, Morgan learned that Spike would come back when his name was called, and let him roam within a reasonable distance. His attentions were then turned to the next immediate person, a familiar faced female that stood at the store checkout counter.

"It was that girl...she was the one with the Togepi!" He realized excitedly. He began to approach her, as he did, he briefly fancied a glance towards the aisle where his Poochyena greeted a similar, one curiously sniffing at the other.

"Not to be that kind of guy to just pop out of the random to bombard you with questions,'d you manage to obtain a Togepi? That pokémon's so rare in Hoenn, I used to think they were like some sort of legend." He asked, referring to a time in his childhood where the rarity of a pokémon would equal their mythical status. He almost forget to introduce himself through this process of thought.

"I'm, uhh, I'm Morgan, by the way." He tact on with some hesitance.

Alix was browsing through the shelves, looking for something that would suit Stana. Helping take care of the Pokémon left at her family's day-care had given her an idea of what kinds of food most Pokémon liked. After picking out a case of flavoured 'bites' for omnivorous Pokémon, she heard a familiar voice ask her a question.

"You won't happen to know any good types of Pokémon food to get? I've never had to buy any before and I'm a bit lost as to what to buy."

She turned to find the Asian girl, Erika, standing nearby. Almost immediately Stana was on her feet and hurrying over to sniff at the other Trainer's shoes. "Stana, no. Come back here. Erika isn't food," she commented with a bit of a chuckle. The Poochyena returned to Alix and sat at her feet, though the Trainer kept an eye on her Pokémon just in case.

"Anyway. Um... well, I figure it depends on what kind of diet your Pokémon normally eats in the wild. Stana, for example, is an omnivore, so I picked out a case based on that," she explained. "And Matti, my Togepi, needs food specifically made for baby Pokémon. Although... it couldn't hurt to have something on hand for each type of diet," she added, taking another two cases, one for herbivores and one for carnivores.

As she did so, another of the Trainers in their little group made his way into the aisle, a Poochyena of his own in tow. Stana promptly ran up to her fellow Dark-type and introduced herself. "Yen! Chee-yen, yen!"

Alix gave Stana a bit of a look: it seemed that she would need to coach her a bit more in the concept of 'stay'. She turned her attention to the guy who presumably owned the other Poochyena, who had questions for her as well.

"Not to be that kind of guy to just pop out of the random to bombard you with questions, but... how'd you manage to obtain a Togepi? That Pokémon's so rare in Hoenn, I used to think they were like some sort of legend. I'm, uhh, I'm Morgan, by the way."

"Ah, yeah, Togepi isn't usually found in Hoenn, as far as I know. My parents and I run a day care in Lavaridge Town. A couple of people brought in a pair of Togekiss and asked me to take care of them for a while. While I was looking after them, the female was holding on to two Eggs... so the Trainers gave me one as a thank-you gift," she answered Morgan. She remembered her up-close encounter with the beautiful Flying-types as she spoke. It was a little hard to believe that the curious, carefree and childish Matti was a descendant of such magnificent creatures.

"It took a long while to hatch the Egg, since the usual breeding conventions are that most Eggs need to be in the presence of other Pokémon to hatch and I didn't have any other Pokémon of my own," she continued as she led the way to the cashier, pausing to go through the motions of the purchase. She waited for the others to buy the things they wanted before they returned to the Pokémon Center's main hall.

Just in time for the Nurse on duty to wave them over, holding a tray of Poké Balls in her other hand. Once Alix reached the counter, she spoke up. "I've got Pokémon here for... Alix, Robyn and Erika."

Alix collected Matti's Ball with a smile and a quick 'thanks,' looking around for Robyn. She spotted the darker-skinned Trainer with headphones on, presumably listening to something. Alix waved to her, trying to get her attention.

Robyn looked up from her music and spotted Alix waving at her. It was a quick deduction to see that the Pokemon were now ready to go. She got up and dropped her headphones back down so they peaked out from her sweatshirt.

"Thanks Alix," she said as she grabbed her three Pokeballs from the attendant. "So, where to now? Ground Gym? There's some ass that needs to be kicked!"

Erika had no idea that choosing the correct type of Pokémon food for your Pokémon went so far. "Thanks," was all Erika could say before Alix turned to address Morgan and answer his questions about her Togepi. Erika used the time that Alix was addressing the question to look over, and pick out a box of food for omnivore Pokémon, and another box for herbivore Pokémon. When Alix finished Erika knew that the girl had probably lived a more interesting life than her own so far. She got to spend most of her life around so many types of Pokémon and even got a rare baby Pokémon out of it. Lucky.

Erika moved to the cashier with the other two trainers and cashed out after Alix. Her purchase included the rubber ball, the stickers, both boxes of Pokémon food, an additional potion, and an extra antidote; together the purchase cost her P$1000. Erika paid the cashier and continued with the small group over to the main hall, only stopping for a second to place the broken Poké Ball from earlier in a recyclables bin.

Right away the Nurse had called all of the trainers over to the counter to collect their healed Pokémon. Erika waited for Alix to grab her Pokémon as she wasn't completely sure about which ones were her's. As she moved her hand over three Poké Balls the nurse nodded her head yes and she picked them up from the tray.

Erika quickly released her Pokémon one at a time; with her Swinub first, Pidgey second, and finally Poochyena third. She put the appropriate stickers on their balls before placing them on her belt buckle. When Breńa went to go bite a chair leg Erika threw the rubber ball and said, "no biting things. Go fetch that instead."

The Poochyena raced after the ball before bring it back but didn't drop it on the floor. "Why do I have a feeling that you're not about to let go of it any time soon?" Erika asked herself as Breńa made no move drop the ball to be thrown again. "Doesn't matter you won't go biting things if the ball's in your mouth."

"So, where to now? Ground Gym? There's some ass that needs to be kicked!"

Erika heard the very enthusiastic Robyn ask loudly. Erika instantly reached for the map she had gotten at the dock when she first arrived at the region. She pulled it out and looked at the indicated Routes on the map between the towns and cities. "We could take the direct Route 3 to Kalita City, or we could take Route 2 to Lake Lapis and then cut across back to Route 3 from there," Erika said after looking at the map for a few seconds.

"I'd personally prefer to take the path with Lake Lapis along the way. Most Routes in Johto have different species of Pokémon on each one; so if it is like that here, there will be more for options of Pokémon for us to catch. On top of that water Pokémon are strong against ground types. Therefore it would make sense to go there if we want Pokémon who have a type advantage against the first Gym Leader we'll be facing."

Caleb was surprised to see Kayla flying overhead, only to swoop by and let him know she was rounding up the rest of the group ahead. Caleb just nodded in understanding and waved as she headed for the bridge. Soon, Maxwell was in his Poké Ball and Spike was back on the pack of the Trainer who started walking to the bridge and ultimately to Lazuli Town. Being one of the last to set foot into the Pokémon Center, Caleb waited while the others finished handing over their Pokémon before following suit. He was reluctant to send Spike back into his Ball, but it was necessary for the Elekid to be in top shape. While he waited, he watched as a few of the Trainers he was with had made their way into what appeared to be a Poké Mart within the Center.

Ah, that's convenient, thought Caleb. Might as well do some shopping while I'm here.

It wasn't that Caleb needed more things to put in his backpack that was already about to burst, but he felt he could probably use a new belt to put his Poké Balls on. He approached a spinning display rack for belts of various colors and styles. Settling for a plain, black leather one, he grabbed it off the rack and turned to make his way to the checkout stand. Much to Caleb's surprise, he accidentally swung his pack into a rack of hats right behind him.

"Oh, nonono," Caleb protested in a hushed tone as the rack teetered and nearly toppled over, though with a reaction time that surprised even himself, Caleb managed to grab hold of the rack before it was too late. The Trainer sighed with relief as he straighted out the display and regained his own composure. However, he seemed to forget about the belt rack that was right behind him, for when he turned again, his pack knocked it off balance just as it had just seconds before. Unfortunately Caleb's reaction time for this second of accidents was not fast enough. Most of the belts fell off their hooks and scattered as the rack fell to the floor.

"Aww, fuc-" Caleb started as he picked up the rack off the floor, obviously frustrated about his lack of situational awareness. Taking into consideration the possibility of nearby youngsters, he immediately revised his exclamation the way he'd taught himself to in the presence of his parents. "...cryin' out loud."

Elias disliked lines and having to wait. So he decided to walk around the town for a bit while the other trainers went into the Pokemon Center. But to his disappointment his trip was a rather short one. The town was quite small and there wasn't really much to do. He found some houses that looked very similar to one another. Perfectly symmetrical windows and perfectly clean yards. It was a little creepy, actually. There was also the lake. But after traveling so far on a boat Elias had seen enough water.

His too-short circle ended and Elias returned to the Pokemon Center not even the tiniest bit out of breath. He paused briefly before entering the building to re-check the fourth chapter of his Pokemon guide. Did he really have to wait around? Pokémon trainers can get their Pokemon healed at a Pokemon Center free of charge. It is recommended that trainers heal their Pokemon if they are injured in battle. Healing Pokemon can-. "Okay, okay." Elias pushed open the door and headed for the shortest line available. By watching the trainers in front of him Elias knew to hand over only the occupied Poke Balls that he possessed when it was his turn. He had only a few seconds worth of hesitation over which ones were occupied and which were not. He knew Dune's Pokeball of course, it was the one with the dirt streaks permanently embedded in it and bits of paint missing. But the new Poke Balls were harder to identify.

The nurse told Elias it would be a few minutes so he found an sturdy section of wall to lean against and shuffled until he wasn't in danger of falling over if someone happened to bump into him. Elias retrieved his Pokemon Guide and held it in one hand while his other hand drummed an random rhythm against the wall. The guide's pages were already getting bent out of shape and the spine was creased in numerous locations where he'd held the book open or dropped the book face down to mark his place. Some of the pages were purposefully earmarked though. The chapter on status items was marked as was the chart about all seventeen types of Pokemon. Elias flipped to the status items - recognizing the Paralyze Heal with a small grin.

The next few pages were about Potions which were easy enough to figure out. Elias looked at the pictures more than the words. He was at a green and purple bottle when something clattered in the direction of the Poke Mart. Curious, and needing to move again, Elias walked towards the nearest row of shelves. Maybe something had fallen off a shelf? Nope. Someone had apparently knocked over some stuff. "Hey," Elias called to the figure he could only partially see down the aisle, "everything okay?" He looked down to see a belt on the floor that looked a bit different than the one he was currently wearing. Not just because it was fray-free either. It sorta looked like-'Oh, that's cool.' Maybe he could get one to try out.

Morgan followed behind the girls as Alix made her way to the counter of the Pokécenter's main area. He looked on as the girl received a tray of capture devices, every other ball seemingly belonging to other trainers in the immediate space. Alix waved towards one, another one of the trainers that appeared at the research center but a few hours prior. Robyn seemed enthusiastic about what laid next, a slight contrast to what Morgan was thinking.

"You're ready to go the gym already? You don't think you should have more pokémon in your party? Or wait until the ones you have are a little stronger?" He asked Robyn with curiosity as Erika put her map away. He thought about the scenario himself. Even if she was capable with taking on a gym leader with what she had currently, Morgan was quite sure he couldn't complete such a task himself, not when one of his pokémon was completely disobedient. And even as competent as Spike was, Morgan wasn't willing to just let one pokémon take on a team of three or possibly more.

"Hey, everything okay?"

Someone called out to Caleb as he was crouched beside the belt rack, picking up the various lower body garment descension prevention devices with added Pokč Ball holders. The voice from seemingly nowhere startled him, causing him to quickly stand upright. Unfortunately, his backpack strap managed to catch itself on one of the lower belt-hangers and, with the force that drive the pack upward, nearly sent the display end over end as it fell once more, losing any semblence of Caleb's attempted reorganization. "Aww, geez..."

The Trainer lowered his face into his upturned palms in disbelief of his astounding clumsiness, having already ruined a display twice in mere minutes. Holding what little composure he had, he peered around the shelf and down the aisle to the source of the voice. He met eyes with the thin, brown-haired man that addressed him and waved sheepishly. Realizing he had yet to answer his question, he retracted his wave and scratched the back of his head as he tried to put a coherent sentence together.

"Yeah, everything...well, no actually. I mean not really," Caleb said as he looked down to his feet then at the mess he'd created. "Just kinda...sprucing up the place a bit, I guess, heh..."

Outside, Eurydice was trying to calm down her Ponyta. The pokemon seemed to have gone mad, prancing and dancing around in its bid for attention. She sighed in frustration, taking a small carrot from her backpack and waving it in front of her face. Thinking she had won her trainer's favor again, oblivious to her peeved look, the Ponyta happily took the treat, trying to nuzzle her arm. Eurydice's stoic facade melted into a smile, and she hugged her neck. "Silly..." she murmured quietly, enjoying the pokemon's warm fur.

She realized that she had left the Budew when Heidi ran out with it in her arms, followed by the Yanma. She grinned, putting her arms out for the Budew. It started to wiggle out of Heidi's arms, only to be stopped by the Ponyta snorting and whining and trying to take up the space between them. Eurydice sighed and took out Budew's pokeball, returning it before smiling and putting her hands together, bowing a little to show her appreciation. She followed it with a loopy Thank you on her whiteboard.

Lake? appeared soon after. She couldn't wait to go see what they had at the lake! She made a note to return her Ponyta when they got there, just for a little while so she wouldn't get hurt. EXCITING!

Elias laughed before kneeling down to grab one of the fallen belts. "Okay." He quickly shifted his sunglasses further up on his head to keep them from falling. With each step closer he took he leaned down to grab another knocked down item. "These are kind of cool." Elias commented, holding the first belt up in a loose fist. "Is there a price on that rack somewhere?" he asked.

He recognized the clumsy stranger now as one of the taller people in the new-trainer-kind-of-together-group. Elias had to look up a bit to ask his question but that was okay. His retrieved items now hung over one hand and part of his arm so Elias twisted to shove his guidebook back into its pocket and yanked the zipper mostly closed. "I'm Elias." he added. He gave his own brief wave even though he was only a few feet away. Glancing at the floor he noticed an empty hanger which he stepped on the edge of to get it to tilt up off the floor.

"I agree with Erika and Morgan. Having a Water-type on hand would be useful. And who knows, there might be something else along the way," Alix suggested brightly. She liked the idea of having a Water Pokémon on her team: it would be useful against Barrett's Ground-types. That wasn't to say that she was going to rely exclusively on a Water-type to beat the first Gym Leader. For all she knew, he could have a trick up his sleeve to compensate for his weaknesses.

Soon after the last of the Trainers had their Pokémon healed, or made purchases they wanted, the group of ten - Russel had pushed ahead, skipping the Pokémon Center entirely - left the small town of Lazuli behind them and moved on to Gensia's Route 2. The route was similar to Route 1, in that it was largely composed of thick grass and dirt paths. Only this time, Alix could see other people wandering around, presumably other Trainers.

"Okay, so... should we all stick together, relatively speaking, or split up and meet at the lake in, say, an hour or so?" Alix suggested. She remembered there being one more person in Aquamar City than she counted as they left Lazuli... the thought made her sound like she was in charge of the group somehow. Weird. She figured she wasn't the leader type.

Robyn's boast of confidence was met with skepticism by...some sailor guy. Was he at Willow's? Anyway, Robyn wasn't going to take that perceived disrespect lightly.

"Of course!" she exclaimed. "My Pokemon are ready for whatever this place can throw at them!" She was about to show just exactly what she meant when Alix suggested that the head out onto Route 2 anyway. Outvoted three to one, Robyn conceded to the group's wishes and followed out to the lake path.

Once there, Robyn took in the sights of the route and was unimpressed. Jeez, it looks just like the last route. Diverse landscape my ass. Oh well, chance for Nina and...shoot I didn't even give my new Pokemon names yet!

Robyn reached into her pockets and produced the three Pokeballs that felt heavier then their counterparts. Clicking the buttons she released them onto the ground below.

"Lillil!" Nina cried cheerfully. bouncing on the ground.

"Tret? Sentret?" her Sentret said timidly, as it got up on it's tail to look around.

"Bluuuubluuu?" her Swablu said curiously as it joined Sentret in looking around. It hopped on its feet to turn itself.

"All right Nina, you two. I should probably get to know you a little bit better since you're my new catches and all, maybe even get some names picked out for you." She produced her Pokedex from her other sweatshirt pocket. "Let's do you first, Sentret." She pointed the device at the Normal-type.

image#161: Sentret Scout Pokémon
Height: 2'07" / 0.8 m.Weight: 13.2 lbs. / 6.0 kg.
Ability: Keen Eye(Prevents the Pokemon from being blinded.)
Moves: Scratch, Foresight, Defence Curl, Dizzy Punch
A very cautious Pokémon, it raises itself up using its tail to get a better view of its surroundings.

"Hmmmmm, Scout Pokemon." Sentret nodded in the affirmative. "That's probably a good enough name for you, huh Scout?"

Sentret nodded again, adding happily, "Sentret!"

"All right, now for you," Robyn turned to the Swablu still sitting there. "Let's see what the machine has to say."

image#333: Swablu Cotton Bird Pokémon
Height: 1'04" / 0.4 m.Weight: 2.6 lbs. / 1.2 kg.
Ability: Cloud Nine(Prevents the Pokemon from being effected by weather conditions.)
Moves: Peck, Growl, Roost
It can't relax if it or its surroundings are not clean. It wipes off dirt with its wings.

"Clean freak huh?" Swablu didn't respond, content to keep looking around. "Don't think Windex is a very good name for you, especially if you're a girl. Hmmm, I dunno. I guess I can name you after my friend. She was pretty anal about keeping stuff clean. What do you think? Natalie a good name?" Robyn got a happy chirp in reply, the Swablu staring right at her head now. "All right settled. Awesome."

She pointed off into a patch of thick grass. "So let's go kick some ass guys!" Scout took off towards the grass with Nina bounding after him, but something wasn't right. "Hold on whoa up!" Robyn looked down at Natalie. "Natalie what are you doing? Come back here." Natalie looked back at Robyn and hopped over to where her trainer was standing. "O...K. Now fly over to where Nina and Scout are." Natalie got the location right but the method wrong, hopping back to where her teammates were. "No, no. Natalie, come on! You're a Bird Pokemon! You should be able to flap your wings and take off!"

Natalie looked up at Robyn with a perplexed look on her face. "Blu? Bluuuuublublu." As the Swablu explained it's plight to deaf ears, Robyn suddenly realized something about the newest member of her team.

Oh my god. That's why it was so easy to catch. That's why Scout was able to knock it out of the tree and it didn't even bother to save itself....I've caught a Flying Pokemon that doesn't know how to fly...fuck.

Robyn tried to compose herself as she gingerly bent down and knelt as best she could in front of Natalie. "All right, I tell you what." She offered her hand to the young Swablu. "You can ride with me for now then."

Natalie seemed to like this prospect. "Blublu!" She hopped up Robyn's arm, the talons tickling her skin as she darted up. Robyn wasn't ready for her final hop though, as Natalie ended up perched on top of her head.

"Hey, that's not..." As she went to chide Natalie for being where she shouldn't be, the Pokedex beeped, offering up more pertinent info.

Swablu is not frightened of people. It loves to sit on the heads of people and perches there like a cotton-fluff hat.

"I see," Robyn said looking up. Natalie chirped from her new position, feeling on top of the world again. "Fine. But you're not battling from up there." Robyn went to go catch up with Nina and Scout, but as she took her first couple of steps, she felt something wrong in her knee.

Fuck, I must have done something to it this morning when we went into the woods. I don't really want to go in there myself. What if it collapses on me again? I can't have that. Maybe I can get someone to go with me...just in case...

Robyn looked back at where she last remembered seeing the group, everyone else had already taken off to look for more Pokemon it seemed. At least everyone she met so far...except Erika. That'll work. But I don't want to let her know about my leg. I can't let anyone know I'm worried about it. They'll say go home. I'm not going home. Not without that money.

As she walked up to the other trainer, Robyn thought of how she could get her to go Pokemon hunting with her. "Hey Erika," she started as she walked up to her, slightly favoring her right leg. "I just got a fun idea. You know that contest that Kayla said we should do for the last route, why don't we just extend that a little? Into this route? What do you think?"

Russel was by one of the trees, sitting under the shade as Munchie was helping himself to some leftovers from a small bakery they had stopped at. "They got some good bread... Shoulda got more of it." He said, taking a bite from a muffin. Munchie nodded, swallowing the last of a slice of bread. He sat up, noticing a bunch of trainers heading to the route. "Huh. Them." He got up, stretching. "Perhaps that's our cue to take our leave, eh, Munchie?" Gulp.

He noticed one of the trainer walking a little strange, but shrugged as she went to another one of the group. "Seems to be fine. Now then, the route isn't that long. I can see the lake right up ahead..." Suddenly his rambling was interrupted by a Pokemon running out in front of him, but tripping right when it got to the open road. "Hey, an Audino!" He said, pulling out his Pokedex.

image#531: Audino Hearing Pokémon
Height: 3'07" / 1.1 m.Weight: 68.3bs. / 31.0kg.
Ability: Regenerator When the Pokémon switches out of battle, up to 33.3% of its maximum Hit Points are restored
Moves: Encore, Growl, Helping Hand, Heal Bell
Its auditory sense is astounding. It has a radarlike ability to understand its surroundings through slight sounds.

Checking the moveset, Russel smirked "Oh yeah! Target practice! Make it quick, Munchie." He said as the little green blob jumped forward. Despite his time in Unova being brief, he remembered one particular lesson his father and brother kept mentioning: always fight Audino.

"Munchie, use Smog!" he said, and Munchie belched out a cloud of poisonous gas at the Audino. After the Audino was done coughing and hacking, it raised its hand and a small white orb appeared in its hand. She shot it at Munchie, hitting him, making him have a white light around him. "Now, Munchie, Pound!" Munchie took a step forward, but as soon as he did he coughed out another Smog. "Hey, I didn't say..." it took him half the sentence to realize what had happened. "Encore. Right... well, we can poison it, at least." Once the cloud had dissipated again, the Audino raised her hands, and Russel could hear a chime. It didn't seem to do much at first, but then the Audino had stopped coughing and seemed healthier. "Oh great..." He sighed. Munchie coughed out some more gas, and the little healing move was used again, but it seemed to recover less. "Well, it's working. But this could take a while..."

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