Welcome To Sburb, Alpha Edition! (Started, Closed)

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>David: Make your choice. Cross the Rubicon.

This is it. There can be no turning back. After you've turned back, you mean. There will be no figurative turning back after you literally turn back, even though you might have to literally turn back again. But in a figurative sense, this will stick with you forever. Here it is - time to figure out what inhuman, shapeless monsters your father is associating with. Maybe they'll consume your soul once you try to look at them. Maybe they are a race of aliens that thrive upon human vertebrae, and your GRANDFATHER's (not FATHER's, as you have accidentally called him in your previous internal monologue) business ventures are just a front to provide these invaders the nutrients they need to feed their empire and halt their invasion of Earth.

Huh. When you look at it that way, they're not so bad.

You digress - it's time to get back to BUSINESS. Aliens aren't real, just like Santa and magic and progressive idealism. You're going to rip the lid off this WHOLE DAMN RACKET (figuratively speaking, that is - the literal lid is currently on fire).

>David: Turn around.

>Myra: Install the shit out of this game.

You attempt to INSTALL THE SHIT out of this GAME. Having (presumably) initiated the download successfully, you RETIRE TO THE MENTAL CORNER OF INTROSPECTION, which is what you call it when you browse REDDIT looking for mildly-objectionable statements and posting RANTS about them.

Caught up in the thrill of the hunt, you quickly lose track of TIME.

>Waffles: Remember you have work to do
Huh? Oh shit! You have an RP you need to post on again! Then again, everyone there is a complete asshole; especially, that Benndak guy. Maybe, if I creep out slowly no one would notice me...


Goddammit, who left a horn in front of my path!? Le sign. I guess I have to post something now.

>Chuck: Remember you have work to do
Huh? Oh yeah! The stupid game Addy wanted you to play is ready to go! Let's see what we have here...Two files!? That's it?! It took that much time for two files?! You could have spend 1 and half months of school in that time! Ugh, David will pay for that later.

>Chuck: Click the server file out of interest
Whoa, deja vu. You think you have seen this moment in your dreams or something. You don't like the look of it, its way too eery. You grab Bethe and place him your lap, that green glow he gives off sometimes is oddly calming. You click the the file with no further hang-ups.

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