Age of the Necromancers (Game Thread)

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Location city awaits you. What you do within it's borders is your decision alone. All of your destinies are to die, but the circumstances will be unique.

Will you be felled by a Necromancer, hungry for power? Will he be felled by another?

Will you rise up in death, and fell many?

Cyrus, your death is a matter of time. Will you honor your family's memory?

Travis, your death was a matter of time. Your story ended before it had begun, we shall hope others will not follow the same path.

Simon, your death was a matter of time. All it took was the sight of your brother to end it all.

Fallow, your death is a matter of time. Will your madness be your success, or your undoing?

Shane, your death was a matter of time. Fighting things man was not meant to know existed is a bad idea.

Victor, your death was a matter of time. It's a shame that circumstances beyond your control sealed your fate.

David, your death is a matter of time. Will your skills fail you when the objects of your quest are not as you wished them?

Ryan, your death is a matter of time. You've chosen to help Void in her quest to reunite with Adam. How will you use this to your benefit?

Michael, your death is a matter of time. Will you use your 'gift' to it's full advantages?

Solomon, your death is a matter of time. Will the small bit of power you have be stripped, or grown?

Rose WhiteCloak, your death is a matter of time. Will your beauty fade before your life?

Time waits for no one. Time knows all. Time will show you the answers, what will you do to earn them?


Location City's "Department of Mental Health"...

No matter where you went within the mental hospital, you could hear chatter and whispers among the halls. From patients to sick minded individuals in every cell, there was a reason for them being there. You're probably wondering how despite that zombies are roaming the city in hordes, how these people are still alive. Well...

"Aahhh AHHH!!" One of the men in a straightjacket kicked his feet against the soft wall, shaking his head in a manner that could easily strain himself eventually if continued. A figure was sitting next to him, standing still as he placed his hands in an interesting pose. Both his index, middle fingers, and thumbs pressed against each other as the ring fingers and pinkie were folded. The figure kept quiet as the man kept freaking out and screaming in a high pitched manner.

"..." The figure decided John had enough, otherwise the break down would wear him out to much, which could be a fatal issue to his work. He took his time getting up, being in his custom made robe with the hood overshadowing his facial appearance.
Leaving the cell, locking it despite the patient kept going berserk in the dark now- the figure walked to his favorite spot in the mental hospital.. the surgical room. He sat onto the steel table with stains of blood on it and crossed one of his legs, his hand leaning on the other as he looked down.

After a minute passing, the figure finally spoke to himself. "Anxiety level was higher today, the mention of the abortion caused him to be far more alert and defensive, meanwhile his sanity decreased. Primitive instinct." His smile was faint, but present as he thought about the results and they were perfect, exactly what he wanted. Ryan was all the more satisfied.

Simon was finally finished boarding up his home and preparing his supplies. He had a small hideout between here and the city where he would probably lunch if he moved according to schedule. That was also where he kept a few supplies he hoped they were still salvageable. He looked outside to see the sun had just come up. Simon looked back at his supplies as he grabbed his backpack and locked the door to the basement. He stepped outside and locked the door behind him.I will find you brother no matter the cost.

He lowered himself into a normal hunting stance and had his hunting rifle ready to fire. He however saw no zombie which didn't surprise him given how remote this place was. He grabbed a bag of stones they kept near their home and also loaded them into his backpack. He began to walk down the hill looking around for zombies or other survivors. He avoided any of his own traps. He looked at his watch. He thought of his brother but he knew he was alright. He just had to be! He used his scope to spot any zombies long before they could spot him. This was his terrain he would never be spotted in. The problem was the city that wasn't really his terrain.
I am a hunter by trade. These zombies don't stand a change, they are weaker and slower then my normal preys.

"Excellent news, Edgar! Our research into zombie science has paid off!" Exclaimed the man called Fallow. "We are one step closer to gaining the necromicon and ascending out of this rat hole. Soon, all other necromancers shall bow before me!!"

"Uuurrrrgggghhhh..." Edgar moaned stoically.

"Yes, yes of course I won't forget to mention you when I come to write my memoirs ."

The experiment to alter Edgar from living man to Zombie had been a great success, even if it had caused a large amount of his flesh to fall off and what was left to turn a rancid shade of green. Fallow stood before the panoramic windows of his room in the Aventine hotel, looking over the remains of Location city below. "Now, with my first minion under my belt, I can begin in earnest. But first we shall need more supplies, more specimens. The lab is looking rather bare."

Indeed it was. The dimly lit room which served as his lab/lair was all but barren. With cables haphazardly lain about the floor and tied to the walls as well as a collection of scientific equipment, including beaker, Bunsen burners, a veritable smoothie of toxic chemicals. But all this was meaningless without flesh to fuel Fallow's schemes. Worse still the fridge was completely empty. Taking a syringe from the depths of his lab coat Fallow drew a vial worth of blood from his forearm.

"Edgar, Make yourself presentable. We have errands to run."


Fallow chuckled at the witty remark. "Oh Edgar you what things you say."

The small line of sun breaking through the boards on the second floor window woke Victor early in the morning. He grudgingly got out of his bed and moved to the bathroom to splash his face and give himself a quick wash from the sink. Since the apocalypse, he rarely bothered with a proper shower. Avoiding looking at himself in the mirror, he left the bathroom, quickly getting dressed in his usual - though now blood-stained - attire. Retrieving his glasses and weapons from his bedside table, Victor moved cautiously downstairs, the axe in his hand.

He took a moment to make sure everything was clear before walking to his kitchen, passing by dozens of wall-facing photographs from his previous life. Grabbing a label-less can of food (it turned out to be peas), he ate it cold as a meager breakfast, not really caring about taste.

Once he was finished, Victor moved towards the door, grabbing his white coat and satchel from the nearby coat hanger. Axe in hand, he removed the boards set across the door before unlocking the numerous improvised locks. Sighing, he ventured outside once again, trying not to get his hopes too high. Today, he was heading for the mall.

Shane awoke in the small security room hidden in the back of the the Sporting goods store on the top floor. Another night he tried to sleep and woke up crying thinking about his father.

"I should have helped you, I shouldn't gave been such a little bitch dad... I'm sorry".

He couldn't waste time with tears however as something on the CCTV caught his eye. He stood up to investigate and found a dog being eaten in front of the store by a zombie.

"Fuck, you've got to be kidding me". More zombies came to the front of the store to devour the poor animal. Shane gagged in response but he had to keep watching. He didn't know if these things were intelligent, he had heard about necromancers and controlled zombies but it didn't add up. If zombies were smart then they could put 2 and 2 together and realise the sloppy arrangement of tents, chairs, benches and other items was actually a barricade, and if that was the case then his shelter was compromised.

"Leave... c'mon just fuck off and leave me alone..."

Simon's mind began to wander after a few minutes of walking. He thought of that time his brother made an trap that caught a deer that he had been hunting. Or that other time when he suddenly disappeared during a hunt and went around to animal so that he could take it down. He knew that if there was on 14 year old boy who could survive this it was Coby. He thought of his little brother and his resolved strengthened. It didn't matter what happened during this apocalypse, all he knew that he would get Coby out alive. He then refocused on the task at hand survival.

Simon was very cautious during his travel. That is why he noticed the shambling corpse of an deceased hunter before he could spot him. He grabbed one of the rocks and slowly began his approach approaching him from the rear. He threw the rock away from him against a tree the zombie reacted by slowly shambling to it. Simon looked around but he saw nobody. He ran with great speed and before the zombie could turn around he hit him with the full force of his crowbar. The crowbar made an skull cracking noise as the zombie hit the floor. Simon wanted to be certain however he lifted the crowbar above his head and then hit the zombie again. Busting open his skull and making his brain drip out. Well he is dead. Simon turned him around and began to loot his corpse. A fellow was bound to have some supplies right?"

"You know Travis, if we don't start moving soon the Necronomicon will be lost. I have taught you everything I could without it." The duo were running next to each other, Travis and Mara in matching jumpsuits. "I might be aiming for Lord of Terror, but I will be damned if I can't take a morning run first Mara." Travis was not excited for his journey, he would run into who knows what and on top of that, what if someone shot at him or Mara? His condition always made it dangerous to go anywhere, though nobody ever recognized him as a necromancer, or Mara as a zombie. His medical degree would hopefully come in handy again, it bought him enough time with a few groups.

As Travis and Mara returned home, he took a long sigh. "Let's get changed and get moving then." Mara seemed to know the exact location of the emergency Necronomicon she stored. "I never asked how you managed to get two of them, how did that happen?" Mara looked down for a minute and turned to him. "Necromancers are not allies to each other. We have and always will be fighting with one another for dominance. I killed another necromancer and have had his Necronomicon stored in case of a bad day. I guess it was a good idea in the end."

Shane readied his knife just in case, preparing himself if he had to fight off these zombies. He would have thrown up watching them eat the dog, and it seemed to be forever before it was finally... all gone, but he hadn't eaten for a whole day and its not like he was eating real meals anyway. All food was gone, and water. There were only containers left to keep him company-"The energy drinks!" Shane suddenly remembered that sporting good stores usually have containers for energy drinks on sale.
"I could search the store- dammit". The zombies were still there... fighting over scraps of the dog.

It was forty minutes until they eventually finished off the dog. They stood up slowly and wandered for a few minutes. Shane's heart leapt down his throat when one nearly tripped over onto one of the benches in the barricade.

Some passing birds caught their attention and by that point he had nearly passed out due to thirst. He decided now was the time to check out those energy drinks. He certainly felt secure behind this massive security door, but it was hardly a home. Venturing out he was careful not to be seen by anyone-zombie or survivor-from outside.

Success, he found some lucozade containers... mostly empty.
"C'mon just one, just one drink please". There was none. He was on the verge of breakdown. He started throwing the plastic bottles across the store and kicking doors in, with what little strength he had.

But then he saw it, a can of soda behind the checkout counter, probably left by a bored employee. Shane made his way over and cracked it open, enjoying the sound of the can opening as it reminded him of something normal. Gulping it down he still had one thought on his mind, as much as he enjoyed his drink.
"I need food. I'm so damn hungry..."



Thump. Thump. Thump. There was a banging on the front door. A Zombie with what looked like balls of bone and skin instead of hands was hitting the frame gently, as if trying to not knock anything out of place. Behind him stood a humanoid with a deadly aura, and behing him stood two towering creatures, looking like they were made entirely of muscle with a thick bone coating.


You found dried beef jerky and an apple, both coated in blood. An empty water bottle is also under the man's corpse.



"The thing about Mental Hospitals is, you can never be sure it's safe. Although I'm sure your experiments aren't safe to begin with."

A person, obviously undead, said in the shadows of the room. Even though it was a zombie, it spoke clearly and eloquently.

Simon grabbed the loot feeling quite good about himself. Touching a corpse of a human was the same as touching the corpse of an animal so he wasn't even mildly disgusted. He would wash the blood off the food later for know he had to continue. He stood up and continued walking along the path that he and his father used to follow when they went out to hunt, good time. Simon kept walking along the road when he noticed how quiet the forest was. Maybe the zombies made the animals scared? for that matter could a zombie infect a animal? If they could he would have to be much more careful.

While he was contemplating about the idea of zombie animals and zombies in general, he noticed that he had already walked for quite a while almost 2 hours now. He had encountered a few zombies but he wasn't about to waste all his energy on killing them so he left them alone. He sat down against an old oak and grabbed one of the water canteens and drank from it. In order to refill both the flask and the bottle I need to make an detour of 10 minutes I can handle that. Simon stood up as he headed for the small river, after a short 3 minute break. It was when he arrived there, that he saw the bushes move on the other side. He aimed his rifle at whatever would be coming out.If I am lucky it will be an friendly hunter. Though with my luck it will probably by a zombie.

"The thing about Mental Hospitals is, you can never be sure it's safe. Although I'm sure your experiments aren't safe to begin with."

A person, obviously undead, said in the shadows of the room. Even though it was a zombie, it spoke clearly and eloquently.

This was a first, making Ryan turn his head to where the voice originated from. He was not expecting anyone, and to see an undead creature talking intelligently made his eyes focus all the more not sure what to think exactly. "Not ordinary.. you're Neocortex is in tact with your brain, since you are conscious enough to speak fluently with me."

Ryan wasn't in horror, or scared.. he was intrigued. His mind was running questions left and right, but only thing was certain- this zombie must be the work of an advanced necromancer. He may of wanted to be on top, but doesn't mean he didn't admire such work when he saw it. Getting off the metal table, he walked up to the zombie, but kept his distance.

"Also to see you here means you got past the locked gates, and bypassed the coding of the electronic doors. You're really something... please tell me, who brought you here or to be more specific, what brings something unique like you to speak with me?"


The zombie laughed. It was a guttural, unholy sound. "My, what fancy words you have. You should know, it's not hard to get past the security of a building you're already in."

The zombie, obviously male in form, curtsied.

"I am Void. I'm here to ask for your help."

The zombie laughed. It was a guttural, unholy sound. "My, what fancy words you have. You should know, it's not hard to get past the security of a building you're already in."

The zombie, obviously male in form, curtsied.

"I am Void. I'm here to ask for your help."

.. Void? This triggered a response in Ryan's brain.

Ryan was speechless, he stood there just staring at this zombie. No wonder it was so complex and advance- it wasn't just 'a' zombie. He heard about the Lords and a particular one being able to control feral zombies that go out of reach for most if not all necromancers control. However he didn't wish to stall the zombie, he didn't want to appear rude.

"It is, quite an honor to meet one of your messengers Void, if not yourself. Mind if I ask what you wish for me to assist you with?"
No doubt Ryan couldn't stop eyeing the zombie's model. It was indeed something, and this was the kind of stuff that excited him to look into the depths of necromancy. It made him want to observe and study more, see what he can do with zombies besides 'perfecting' their model.


The zombie smiled with half his face, on account of only having half a mouth. Still it spoke clearly, "You might be surprised to know not every Lord is like me. I've noticed Adam put down Totems near this area, I'd like you to knock them over."

"Totems are the wi-fi hotspots for Lords. If you put them down, anyone under Adam's spell will be free."

The zombie grinned again. "If you do this for me, I might have just the book to help you in your studies. Some...friends...are waiting outside, in case you take me up on my offer."

Suddenly, the zombie dropped to the floor, stone-cold dead.

Suddenly, the zombie dropped to the floor, stone-cold dead.

Although Ryan was indeed impressed with what he has just witnessed, he wasn't exactly 'comfortable' with the request.
Adam was the top notch leader and head of the Lords to what he knew... messing with his totems would stir some unwanted attention.
But Void did have something for him, something Ryan would desire and place his life devoting to books that help him with necromancy.

It was a tough choice, could he trust Void? Really he could be falling for a trap, and why would he need Ryan's help to knock over totems if he had 'friends' outside waiting for him? It sounded to good to be true, this wasn't something Ryan could avoid or rush into.

".. .. Best to look at the alternatives then." And with that, Ryan took his time before heading through the halls and locking each door up with his card, to ensure the patients there were safe. He couldn't risk them dying on the account each was important to his work and understanding of necromancy results. After that, he went outside and walked in front of the Mental Hospital to try spotting these so called 'friends' of Void.

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Four Zombies stood outside in a line. They didn't look intelligent, but as soon a Ryan entered their sight, they began to follow him. They may be able to be given orders as well.

There was no sign they were controlled by anybody, but it's not out of the realm of possibility Void is influencing them in some way.

They do not seem to know where to go.

They do not seem to know where to go.

This was also a first. These zombies were not the usual, or perhaps they were but somehow in a bind with a force that makes them stand out. Ryan walked, looked back, and walked some more trying to recognize their pattern.

It seemed as though they were keeping an eye on him, rather then seeking his assistance. Perhaps Void wanted Ryan to get the job done, but if all else failed the zombies may lash out. He didn't think to deeply about it, because Ryan just planned on least finding one of the totems first.

Pulling a rolled up paper out of his sleeve, he opened the map to look at the layout.


".. .. A totem here? .. I've ventured every portion of this place and not once have I.. hmm."


(Find your own way here.)

The Totem looked like a walking stick. A red, fleshy, bulbous and sickly walking stick. It was sitting calmly by the side of a road, pulsing slightly. Two Undead were guarding them, but they seemed a

They had what seemed like a web of red muscle around their bodies, and two strong columns of muscle in the back of their legs, implying they could run quite fast.

Their most distinctive feature though, is the three sharp claws coming from their fingerless hands.


(Oh snap...)

In all of Ryan's studying and practices, he has never seen this. What a day, it felt like he was just introduced to the next level of the dark arts. This would of made him one happy necromancer if it wasn't for the fact these zombies looked like they'd attack him on sight.

"My capabilities is perfecting the body- but seems like my skills won't be of any use since these zombies are specialized in aggression when needed. .. .. maybe that is why-"

Ryan looked back, seeing the line of the few zombies following him. Smart move Void. It seemed like he assumed wrong, and the zombies were actually back up. Perhaps Void knew the totems would be guarded thus Ryan would need help, as in fighting alongside him. Ryan observed, no way would he just make these zombies suicide in fighting these unknown breed of zombies. There could be more to them, and it's best to understand the situation then charge in blind.

So what Ryan did, was clapped his hands and closed his eyes taking a breath. He then had a circular rotating orb in his hand which fumed a light purplish smoke. He saw a nearby corpse and cast the ball into it. Rising up with her back arched, her rotten skin started to form back into a healthy condition. The chunk of hair missing slowly grew in, and the eyes dimmed all the light out, becoming hollow-like.

The perfect zombie... except not made to fight oddly. She looked like she was alive again, but her skin glowed and patterned layers of blue forged around, thus her body fumed with the light purple smoke now and again. He stood far aside out of view, and the zombies in line hiding behind him too. He then controlled the female zombie to walk up to the totem. Ryan made sure she wasn't heading directly for the totem, but walking to the side.


The Red Zombies reacted instantly. With bloodlust in their eyes, they growled, "KILL!" and sprinted for the unknown zombie. The Red Zombie in the lead tackled the foreign undead while the one behind him prepared to slice into it's skull with its massive claws.

Conveniently leaving the Totem undefended for a while. The zombies Void provided seemed restless, like they were waiting for orders.

Conveniently leaving the Totem undefended for a while. The zombies Void provided seemed restless, like they were waiting for orders.

The sight of them ripping apart his zombie (literally) made Ryan stunned. Usually zombies attack out of hunger, and do so with instinct. These zombies however, are attacking for the sake of defending along the lines they're using their abilities, not mouths. Comes to show a necromancer can do more then merely revive a zombie just so it can go around biting.

Seeing the difference in the zombies behaviors behind him, Ryan ordered, "Retrieve the totem as quickly as you can, and once you have it run with me out of here. My zombie isn't going to last much longer." Luckily his zombie was still alive, but her limb was now off and head sliced half way not because of the spell but because it was just torn off by massive force thanks to these powerful blood-thirsty zombies.


The Red Zombies did not stop. The one that tackled her got up and began slicing it's way into her body, while his fellow Zombie also cut it's victim in various unpleasant ways.

Void's zombies seemed to understand the order, and set about getting to the Totem from the other side. By the time they made their way there, the Red Zombies had finished goring the shit out of Ryan's zombie and noticed intruders at the totem.

With bloodlust in their eyes again, they growled, "KILL!" and sprinted for Void's zombies at the Totem. In what seemed like reflex, two zombies began digging out the totem's root-like tendrils while the others stood tall to block the Red Zombie's attacks.

When the Red Zombies swung their claws at Void's minions, it made barely any effect. The claws were embedded into the bodies of Void's minions, not able to make it all the way through. Void's minions then tackled the Red Zombies, making a big struggle.

Eventually the others finished and presented the Totem, roots and all, to Ryan.

Eventually the others finished and presented the Totem, roots and all, to Ryan.

Ryan didn't hesitate to turn with the zombies and started to sprint but before being out of sight he shouted to the zombies that were fighting off the red zombies, "Decapitate their heads if possible, then meet with me back into the surgical room in the Mental Hospital! Also if possible bring their corpses with you!"

As for the zombie Ryan controlled before, her body stopped having the glowing streaks and began to decompose into ashes.

Despite that they were just minions of Void, Ryan did hope they returned. They could be valuable in researching, especially if they actually manage to bring a red zombie down- what Ryan can learn from their bodies would be significant overall. Still, he and the zombies following him made their way into the Mental Hospital. However Ryan took caution and found one of the helper's bodies to be lying on the side of the hall, his face eaten and leg missing.

Ryan cast his spell thus the man known as 'Eric' began to rise, his leg and part of the face regenerating thanks to this spell. Once the perfected zombie and the others with the totem caught up with Ryan, they made it to the surgical room. He ensured the rooms were locked as he passed by each one in case the red zombies prevailed.

After a mostly uneventful two-hour walk, Victor crossed the last street and entered the mall's parking lot somewhere between Gamestop and a barely recognizable Dillard's. He had discovered that searching vehicles was often more fruitful than searching in the stores for valuables. Other survivors nearly always searched places like malls, supercenters, and grocery stores before anywhere else; but the content of the parking lot was often overlooked.

However, he knew he didn't have time to search every vehicle and make it back home before dark, so Victor tried his best to look for "prime targets." These were usually vehicles that belonged to one of two archetypes; a family vehicle, containing first-aid supplies and sometimes food, or a manly-man's vehicle, often containing weapons or tools.

Looking around, the first notable vehicle that Victor spotted was a light blue Honda Odyssey, with multiple stickers on the windows and bumpers reading things such as "My child made the honor roll!" That was easily the first vehicle he would check.

Staying hunkered down, Victor approached the van, not seeing any zombies in at least this part of the parking lot, though he was sure the mall itself was swarming with them. The windows and the van were darkly tinted so he couldn't see inside. Adjusting the grip on his axe, he leaned against the side of the van, taking a deep breath and counting in his head. Three... two... one... Then he swung open the trunk, which had been unlocked. Inside there was a horrifyingly decrepit zombie, with only some small bits and pieces in the face that made it recognizable as being human once. As the zombie turned to face him, Victor noticed that it was hunkering over another, long-dead body, and had been chewing at it's neck. The zombie hissed and lunged at the fresh meat.

But Victor was prepared for such an encounter, and swung his axe down, hitting the zombie in the neck, nearly taking it completely off. The nasty thing fell over, incapacitated. Looking inside... he saw that the other body was a small child.

Closing his eyes tightly for a moment, Victor took a deep breath before attempting to search the car for anything he could use.

The zombie laying on the floor when Ryan left was upright again, leaning against the wall.

"You've returned."

The zombie laying on the floor when Ryan left was upright again, leaning against the wall.

"You've returned."

The zombies still had the totem in their hands, which Ryan eyed it closely before returning his attention to the intelligent zombie.
"Indeed I have.. and here you are. The totem... though, I do have questions I wish to ask you."

Ryan walked to the totem, now fully glancing the thing and brushing his two fingers against it's length.
"Why me... what value did I have to you to return this magnificent tool to you Void?
I could of just kept this to myself and examined it, taking advantage. But, you seemed to of trusted me.. which makes me wonder."

Travis looked at Mara, all at once, some strange force compelled him to end his story. He whipped out a gun and shot his companion in the head. Soon falling down dead. Travis followed suit.


Fair enough. Updating will commence.


Neo-Void laughed, "Why not? You seemed curious about the Dark Arts, so I thought I'd expose you to them. How did you like Adam's pets, curious one?"

That last part was filled with scorn and...hurt?

Neo-Void laughed, "Why not? You seemed curious about the Dark Arts, so I thought I'd expose you to them. How did you like Adam's pets, curious one?"

That last part was filled with scorn and...hurt?

"True, I was curious. Nether the less, you risked a valuable tool if I was to be devious. No matter, I do not intend on stealing this. Seeing it for myself and seeing you was a great experience for me. Opened up many doors to explore."

Ryan grabbed the totem from the zombies and handed it to the intelligent zombie. He was still inspired to study, but really he wanted the peace to study rather then steal, be on the run.. and end up dead with 0 results. Caution was the key to everything, and giving way can lead to other opportunities.

"As my thoughts on Adam's zombies... I really must say he made them in the way I could describe 'terror'. Still, I am more impressed with your intellect then zombies that shout 'kill' and just slash away like beasts."


Neo-Void looked at the totem in it's hand, and threw it's head back in laughter. Although it sounded different, almost...feminine.

"I have to confess something to you, curious man. I never intended to give you a Necrominion. By all accounts, I expected you to die in the attempt. But now that you've returned and have chosen to curry favor with me..." It said, returning to a more normal, guttural voice.

"Tell you what, you earned this." Neo-Void tossed the Totem to Ryan's feet.

"And know this; Though Adam may have designed his creatures to scare, he also designed them for war."

"There's a reason I prefer to stay hidden. Stay sharp curious man, this one may call on you again."

With that, the zombie slumped into the corner. After a while, one eye opened.

"And don't try to find them, they're destroyed or feral now."

The eye closed.

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