Age of the Necromancers (Game Thread)

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david came back an few minutes later with the supplies and starts putting in the "car" but then *BANG* hears a gun go off "rose stay here" he said picking up a Tommy gun and locks and loading it and then picks up two more Tommy gun rounds and puts them in his pockets and runs off to the source of the noise.

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Rose sat in the back as the limo drove towards the exit. Rose opened the sunroof and looked out. The doors opened automatically and they drove out. They were about to turn the corner when Rose saw a man stumbling away from zombies. "Hey, Sir! Over here, get in!" shouted Rose excitedly.


Hey David could we pretend you didn't run off because I didn't see your post until after I posted mine

Cyrus heard a shout to him, and whipped around to see a girl pull up in a limo, waving him over and away from the horde of zombies converging on him. Cyrus immediately limps towards the limo, firing a look over his shoulder at the zombies, as his dog bounded by his side. It took only a few seconds for Cyrus and his dog to both climb awkwardly into the back of the limo and find a seat next to the girl.

Rose turned to David in the front seat "Step on it!". The limo accelerated down the street. Rose popped open a champagne bottle, poured two glasses and offered one to the man beside her. "So" said Rose smiling and petting the dog "tell me about yourself".

"My name is Cyrus, I just managed to escape from a Maniac. I don't want to say anymore about my life now..." Cyrus said with a downcast look, slumping in his seat only to jolt back up and let out a hiss of pain. Cyrus' dog looked content being pet by the women, but was now laying on the seat beside Cyrus, it's head resting across his lap as he pet it.

"Thank you, I guess this means you guys have saved my life."

Rose noticed that Cyrus was in pain. "What happened to you?" asked Rose putting down her glass. Rose took out a medical kit. "I have some medical training so I may be able to help!". She took a sip of Cyrus's champagne and put it down beside hers.

"I don't know, my rib's hurt like hell though. Got anything to fix that?" Cyrus said with a small bitter laugh, finally noticing he still held his M9 tightly in his hand, setting it back down on the seat after putting the safety on. His dog, looked up at him and licked his face, it's bright blue eyes piercing right into Cyrus.

I've still got to give you a name don't I? Well first I've got to figure out if you're a boy or girl. Maybe if I can trust these guys I can ask them. Cyrus thought to himself, looking up at the girl and the boy who still hadn't said a word.

"I came from Paradise Hotel, so if you're planning on heading that way, don't. I left the gates open for the horde when I left."

"My name is Cyrus, I just managed to escape from a Maniac". david heard from the driver's seat "this Maniac that attacked you, what did he look like?"

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"Well we just came from Clifftop Resort so we should probably think of a new location". "As for you rib Cyrus I may have something."She takes out a bottle of pills and takes out 50. "Swallow all of these" said Rose brightly.


I may not have Internet for te next 2 days so just though I'd give you a warning.

"Hey wore all black, I didn't get long enough to look at his face though... Wait! This other boy, his name was Solomon and he kept a golden retriever with him." Cyrus says, holding out his hand and accepting a handful of pills, wondering to himself if that women really knew what she was doing considering she just told him to take fifty pills.

Cyrus shrugged and popped a handful into his mouth, swallowing and grimacing at the taste.

"He's the one that did this to me." Cyrus said motioning to his ribs, and opening his mouth to say something else. Cyrus decided against it however, closing his mouth just as quickly.

Probably not a good idea to tell them I had that kid at point-blank range and now I'm considering not firing at him. Cyrus thought bitterly.

"Solomon?!" grits his teeth as he driving "that Little Bastard!! you're very lucky to get out alive kid, that Little Shit can use Black Magic and their not a trick of the eye either, that stuff is raising the dead level of Black magic"

"He's a Necromancer?!?" Cyrus said, his eyes opening wide in shock. Cyrus had heard of the Lords, and their much smaller counterparts, but he never had imagined one being in Location City. Cyrus shook his head, doubting that he could still be alive. Cyrus still didn't know much about Necromancers or what they were capable of, but he knew they were powerful, yet something was still nagging at him, something he needed to ask.

"If Solomon is a Necromancer, why am I not infected yet?" Cyrus asked.

"you can only get infected by zombies, how do i know this you ask yourself? cause i fought that Little Shit once before at the mall and we were evenly matched." he sighs sadly "he was shooting these dark shards at close range and was sending out tendrils at long range i was at a disadvantage both ways but his disadvantage was his inexperience in hand to hand combat and i advantage of that by getting his face which also rendered his long range attacks useless, i got beaten up quite a bit but Solomon was way worse off" he said coldly and ruthlessly while he recalled the fight.

I'm starting to get bored.

You know what that means. Pick it up, or I will.


OOC:OH Just send that thing to kill the offline Necromancers that might keep you happy or you could GET MORE PEOPLE seriously even Solomon has now disappeared off the face of this thread, there are completely no Necromancers online so either you control them and we kill them or you control them and you send the thing from hell after them

Solomon looked up at the sky. There were dark clouds forming. A storm was coming. He wandered the streets finding nothing. Then suddenly something in the air changed. Solomon looked ahead and saw a black limo coming down the street.

Rose sat in the limo. She watched Cyrus swallow a handful of pills. She looked back to her book and laughed. "Cyrus, I meant to say take 1 pill! I'll check the side-effects." Rose read the book and turneed to Cyrus. "You've taken a massive overdose. The bright side is that you should feel no pain! Also you should be completely unconscious in 5 seconds!" Suddenly the limo stopped. Rose looked through the sunroof and saw dark clouds forming. A storm was coming. Then she saw a man wearing black robes and screamed.

david had a very pissed look on his face when he saw Solomon, he stops the car and gets out "round 2?" he said to Solomon he looks up and sees the black clouds.

Solomon saw David step out. "Hey David, long time no see! I wanted to send you a postcard or something but you know how unreliable the post system is! I see you have a new car?"

"hey yeah it's not my style but meh" *be ready* has his hand on his gun which Solomon can't see because of the door being in Solomon's eyesight "so what you been up to?" he asked

Cyrus was starting to dose off, but jolted awake when he heard the girl's scream. Cyrus bolted straight up, grabbing his pistol from the seat beside him and making sure his rifle was still against his back.

"What is it? What did yo-" Cyrus started, looking to where the girl was staring and seeing Solomon. Cyrus gritted his teeth and looked around, seeing a sunroof and immediately pressing the button to open it. Once it was opened, Cyrus stuffed his pistol into his pocket and grabbed his rifle from off his shoulder, pushing up out of the sunroof so that he could take aim clearly.

Cyrus brought his rifle up to bear, and fired, his shot aimed right for Solomon's chest.

Solomon summoned a wall of shadows that absorbed the bullets. He then threw the hardened wall of shadows (similar to a wall of ice) right at the limo and shouted "For the record, you shot at me first!"


Cyrus, why did you open a sun-roof? If you read Roses posts, she already opened it and she was looking out of it. Not annoyed, just thought I'd let you know your limo has two sunroofs!

david pulls out a Tommy gun "say hello to my little friend" starts shooting at the wall of shadows

The wall of shadows absorbed the bullets and smashed against the front of the car destroying the engine. Solomon looked up seeing the dark clouds overhead. Solomon smiled and placed his left hand in the air and the right hand at David. Lightning shot downwards through his left hand and shot through his left hand right at David.

OOC:i learned this trick from Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater skip to 1:45 there's a cutscene watch it rest of the video is unimportant what happens at 2:25 is i what i do in a minute.

David saw the lightning flying towards him he quickly reacted by grabbing a S.A.A revolver on the dashboard and...


What did you do? You have to describe what you did, not show me a video. It's very hard to understand.

Solomon Wreath:

What did you do? You have to describe what you did, not show me a video. It's very hard to understand.

OOC:ok it's hard to describe for me so someone else might have to describe it but in short because my bullets are metal i just deflected the lightning


Since when do you have metal bullets? And if you can't describe something, don't do it. Where and why would you have metal bullets?

OOC: ok scratch metal bullets i just deflected your lightning with revolver bullets and how else am i suppose to defend myself against lightning?


You could duck? Jump to the side? I don't think bullets simply stop lightning.

Solomon covered himself in shadows. He appeared at the side of the limo (opposite side of David). He opened the door and pulled out a girl and put her in front of him. "Drop your guns!" he shouted.

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