Age of the Necromancers (Game Thread)

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Rose jolted awake. She was in a dark room. She slowly got up and turned to David. "What happened?!" "Ever since you turned up I've went from a glamorous lifestyle to this!" "I can't take it anymore!" shouted Rose angrily. She ran out of the house. She took her six suitcases out of the limo and began wheeling them with great difficulty.

david trys to clams himself down but to no success and goes outside after rose "glamorous lifestyle my ass! if i had come along you would have running out of food and you would have to leave the hotel eventually anyway how do i know this? because i took a look at your supplies and you were running low plus your Curiosity of the outside world would have to leave the hotel as well and Solomon put in a car, i caught up with him and i ran up, jump in the air and wieldshield kicked him right in his gut while he was driving" said david he then sighs and trys to collect himself again after what he saw in that nightmare looking very shaken while he trys to clams down


Actually I was reading that and weren't you thrown out of the windshield or something? You never responded to that!

"I was fine until you came along!" "Leave me alone!" shouted Rose angrily. She ran out the door and (once again) grabbed her suitcases and walked away into the distance.

OOC:yeah sorry i both happened i kicked Solomon and the windshield but then got thrown off when Solomon stopped


My point was you were fine after that. You probably should have. Even injured. Anyway back to the story:

Solomon and Cyrus are atthe hospital. Davids in a house and Rose is on the streets.

Rose WhiteCloak:

My point was you were fine after that. You probably should have. Even injured. Anyway back to the story:

Solomon and Cyrus are atthe hospital. Davids in a house and Rose is on the streets.

no i was injured a little i just forgot to mention it i had a few cracked ribs, two broken ribs, a fractured arm and i think i hurt my back as well, also i was kind of out the picture for a minute cause when i first hit the ground i hit my back and it knocked the wind out of me.


It's a bit late now, don't you think and if that were true you would be in a lot more pain. From now on you need to react to things when they happen. Not later.

OOC:ok i'm sorry and ok i will.

Rose looked around a realised she was lost. She gripped her axe tightly and brushed her hair out the way with her hand. She could feel the mal-nourishment and sighed. She began walking forward and occasionally changed direction until she reached a dark warehouse. She thought something seemed out of place. She slowly walked in, gripping the axe even tighter.

Thank god someone finally posted! I was starting to think the forum was moved!

Solomon looked to Cyrus, "where are we going?"

David sighed *great there goes another one and now i'm on my own again brilliant!* he thought to himself suddenly he felt pains in his back and chest he really shouldn't have kicked that wieldshield now his back and chest hurts like hell he reaches into his pocket and pulls out some painkillers he nicked from Rose's first aid kit *she won't miss them* he thought and grabs a glass of water takes two painkillers.

He later decides to pack everything he needs into a backpack and find a hospital as he was injured a little, so far david has lost one pistol and his shotgun but has replaced it with a lever action shotgun he found and he still has his revolver with one bullet and his sword.

"Right now it's a good thing I grabbed this map when i did, now where the hospital? AH! there you are, right so if i take that road there i'll reach the hospital in say...20 minutes" he said to himself as he starts walking but then he suddenly as he spots a black Harvey Davidson with shotgun holders and bags attached to it on the road "make that 10 minutes" he said as he runs over to it and checks for keys, *Yes!!* he thought as the keys were in the bag and he then pulls out his lever action shotgun and slides it into the shotgun holder he get on the bike and turns it on, it roars oh how david loved that sound then he rides on his new bike.


OOC: don't you dare do what i think you're gonna do.


Make it exciting!

OCC: i know it because you would unleash that balrog thing again but if it was something else please then go ahead and fire it up.


Oh come on David! Stop complaining! Try to challenge your character! Spector, do it!

OCC: fine i will go on then Spector fire it up give me a challenge.

Solomon taps his foot expectantly..

well seeing as this thread is clearly over, better to give her a send off then to give her nothing, John if you'd be so kind as to play her out for last time.

John Williams: of course captain, anything for you sir.

Terribly sorry. I jumped into running this kind of thing with barely any idea of how I wanted things to go. I wanted a perpetuating story amongst the surviors AND Necromancers, but the Necros dropped, died or did their own thing. Which would have been cool with me, if they hadn't one of the few active members.

If my CYOA burns out or actually ends up completed, I'll restart this.

Till then, play this game and me off, Keyboard Cat!

it's fine you couldn't known what would happen none of us could have known but we had a good run and that's all that matters really, oh and do try to hurry up with the XCOM RP because i want in on that one but i have to wait until you and everyone else have finished the first mission

damn double post

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