Titans, Together: A DC Comics RP (RP Thread, Closed)

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"And yourself? A reason for your particular epithet?"

"A sniper's range is only limited by two things, his sight, and his rifle. So, the best thing I could think of to represent that was the all seeing eye shrouded by a crosshairs. I see everything, and strike from ranges unheard of. If they see me, it means I screwed up at some point. Plus this." He reached up and the eyepieces of his helmet lit up with two red dots.

"Most people don't like being blinded, and this is military-grade equipment, so I know it'll work."

When they both were at ground level, and nothing appeared to be threatening them or disturbing their existence, Adrien holstered the Redshot again, and looked at the man calling himself Fortune,turning off his laser dots,"You ready? Because if you trip here, I can't be sure I'll be able to come back if those freaks swarm you or me."

With that, the Red Eye sped off, pushing his injured body to its limits for the last time today, he promised himself, even though he knew for sure that it would NOT be the last time today.

Pain generally means two things - either an unpleasant consequence of your actions that you should be prepared for, like the pain in your hands after you strike someone, or it means you made a mistake. Congratulations, Rose. You managed both.

She staggered back, her eyes screwed up and her head ringing. A -headbutt-? To that thing? What in the name of God was I thinking?

She hadn't been, of course. She acted on instinct, acted like she was fighting a Human. She'd been running on fumes this whole time - starved, dehydrated, exhausted, and wounded. She'd made a mistake - fortunately, thanks to Robin, it hadn't been fatal.

After Robin helped her to regain her footing, she leaned against the wrecked remnant of the truck for several seconds, breathing slowly. The momentary rest was another mistake, the adrenaline leaving her body to let the pain of every scrape, nick, and scorch come flooding back in. She didn't want to get up from here, she just wanted to lie down and sleep.

"Store. Right." She registered Robin's words. Almost didn't comply. Get up, soldier!

"Yes sir..." She mumbled to no one in particular, forcing herself off the truck and beginning to move towards the convenience store, first at a slow walk, then faster, finally breaking into a sprint as her exhausted muscles woke up from their momentary rest. She quickly reached the store and slowed to a walk, ducking through the broken glass at the front door. The sound of a scuffle soon reached her ears.

Use your head as something other than a weapon this time.

She grabbed the cash register, yanking it up before darting around towards the action. One heartbeat to assess the situation - guy on the ground being strangled by an alien monster while the monster got mauled by a tiger. Got it. She took a moment to calculate how to swing the register without nailing either the guy on the ground or the tiger, then swung, aiming to bring it down between the creature's shoulders.

A childlike part of Rose -really- hoped that the cash register would make the cha-ching sound on impact.

Felicia had only been in Gotham for a few weeks but she already had accustomed herself with the various heroes that watched over the city and one of them had appeared before them. She was glad that at least a few heroes were left alive after the defeat at the Watch tower but what he had revealed about what the aliens were doing to the people brought her back to reality. Things were only going to get bleaker.

"Oh... alright" Felicia mumbled and her eyes drifted to the newest arrival which frightened her more than the aliens. The man had no lips but instead razor-sharp teeth and his hands had an extra thumb on the opposite side. It was a ghastly sight but at least he wasn't attacking them but still she kept her guard up. She kept her tendrils behind her back for the time being.

"I can lift some of the stands to cover the doorway." Felicia said aloud.

When the Good Doctor noticed that the girl there had looked at him with fear, he held up his hands and did his best to look friendly, which was no easy feat since his teeth were already bared into a constant grin. But, he felt that he managed to pull it off.

"I'm not going to harm any of you. I know I look pretty damn scary, but I'm actually a pretty nice guy once you get to know me.", he said, his tone easy and non-threatening. Then he held out a hand.

"Dr. Cavanaugh Sutherland. If you're hurt at all, I can see what I can do to help. I have a few medical supplies that I scavenged from the pharmacy nearby, and a few other concoctions that might help. Provided you're human.", he added quickly, his grin quirking into an expression of wry humor before he continued, "I've found out firsthand that it only seems to work on human physiology. Otherwise, the effects are... Pretty nasty.".

After a moment, he glanced over at the other man there, who already seemed to have a bandage on one hand. "You alright? You look like you're hurt. Maybe I can help.", he offered.

Red Robin surveyed the survivors in silence, silently walking amongst them as he took a look around the theater lobby. Rocket Robo and the others were able to get a good look at his gait as he went; the machine in particular had the necessary knowledge and programming to judge. It was slight, and likely trained out of him, but there was a faint limp in his step; likely long-forgotten wounds re-opened in the last few days. His shoulders slumped from exhaustion, head jutting slightly forward instead of erect like expected. All the signs pointed to extreme injury that was being fought off by sheer willpower; it was to be expected, a companion of the Bat would be one of the most looked-to defenders of Gotham, so he would be on call almost constantly throughout the entire invasion.

As of now, he looked ready to dig in.

" If time is of the essence I could move some people to a safer location, or try to draw the aliens away for a short time."

"No! Don't do that." Red Robin insisted, holding a hand out to signal him to stop. "Splitting up is the worst possible thing we could do right now; some of you look pretty beat-up, I'm willing to bet these things are a challenge for you one-on-one, right? Well, that ship I was talking about? When it shows up, we'll be fighting even tougher ones. And there'll be more of them than us."

He looked over at Felicia and nodded. "Yeah, do that; make sure you cover all the rear and side entrances, if you can. They'll try every route in they can. All we can do right now is hole up and wait for help."

He walked over to the front door, taking out what appeared to be a glue gun and spraying a clear, blue-tinted gel in the shape of his logo all around the frame. After getting the right side, he began to move towards the left and found himself face to face with Mark, just now stepping in through the door.

Chaos reigned in the convenience store. Johnathan continued to choke, the dead creature refusing to budge its fingers even as Sean mauled away at its body. Things seemed utterly out of control, and only became worse when Warden crashed in through the window, delivering a powerful blow to the corpse of the creature as she went.

This accomplished all of nothing; the creature's vicegrip was maintained, and being yanked away by the impact dragged Johnathan with it, both the man and corpse dropping to the ground. As long as its fingers were not pried away, the choking would continue; and Johnathan couldn't take much more by the blue tint on his lips.

Once he was on the ground again, Luke slowly peered at his nearby surroundings, the square offering clear lines of sight in any direction. Looking all around the streets were unusually empty of anything that could be perceived as a threat.

No sign of any hostiles so far. Is that a good or a bad thing?

He watched Red holster his gun to his hip, giving his limbs a slight stretch before turning around and addressing Fortune.

"You ready? Because if you trip here, I can't be sure I'll be able to come back if those freaks swarm you or me."

Luke pushed down his hat further to make sure it was secure, before drawing a few cards into his strong hand.

"You need not worry about me, the Lady would not allow me to fall so easily. It's yourself that you should look out for."

And with that the masked vigilante sprinted off towards the theatre complex. Probably not the smartest thing for him to do considering his condition, but he was not going to be the one that stopped him. Luke sped after him, cards in hand, expecting trouble the moment he stepped through those doors.

Sean returned to human form, looking at the newcomer in confusion. "Ow? What the hell?" Ignoring her confused expression, he dded, "Never mind, just help me get this thing off him!"

He began looking through the remains of the store, while trying to think of another form that might help better.

Think before you act. Assess -then- do.

Well, at least she hadn't done any damage, just bludgeoned a corpse and accomplished nothing. Damn thing was strangling the poor bastard on the ground. Rapid-onset rigor of some kind. Interesting effect, but not really germane. Why don't you have weapons? You could fix this with a knife or hell, even a tazer.

"Shut up." She mumbled under her breath. She knelt down and began doing her best to loosen the thing's grip enough that the man could breathe. Hell's bells, this thing is strong. So tired...

"Who cut this thing in half? I don't have a blade on me, so could you cut the damn hands off!?" For about the hundredth time in two days she chided herself for her lack of preparation.

Blunt force to pulverize the alien's bones would probably result in killing the man being strangled...she couldn't think of anything that had any real chance of working with the weapons she could improvise with what was on hand. She focused on pulling the monster's thumbs back. It couldn't be so strong she could break the grip of a single digit.

It was the strangest thing... He'd gotten down to slicing this bastard monster in half while electrocuting it, and it had apparently waltzed into a powerline the other guy was holding, and now...people were coming in out of the woodwork right after the deed was done. There was first the guy that transformed into a tiger to maul the creature, and then there was the woman... It was a different one from the lady at the cinema, but nonetheless what Jake considered to be a meta-human in the biz. After blinking at the situation, realizing that the issue wasn't over as...the other man was still choking, it took our boy all of two seconds to understand the problem.

"Who cut this thing in half? I don't have a blade on me, so could you cut the damn hands off!?"

"Won't help here. This kind of early-onset rigor mortis will just keep with the hands."

Yeah, that kind of deal where a dead alien keeps killing a man? His whole body's just locked solid like it was petrified. Fortunately, today Mr. Stormalong was the doctor, and he brought his bonesaw, or rather his big-ass jagged sword. He proceeded to carefully press the Sword of Maelstrom against one set of knuckles while the girl tried to break one of the creature's thumbs. This was on the hand she wasn't working on, obviously. Stormalong wasn't super-strong at this time. He was just pretty good in that respect. But since he DID have an effective blade, he just quickly sawed off gripping fingers at their knuckles, leaving his side of things more-or-less unable to choke poor Jonathon. the rest would be much easier.

Robo nodded, he turned to survey the area one more time. The confession stand was practically in ruins, he could see the scars of earlier fights on it. He could see the counter-top hole where he had just ripped the ketchup dispenser free. Turning his attention to those with him, he began weighing the odds. A few of them had wounds, most distressing of which was Red Robin's. It showed that even may be out of his depth here. He stayed silent, not wanting to expose Robin's weakness, instead he kept quiet and looked on.

The next revelation was that the enclosed space would limit how fast he could move. Added to the fact that escape was no longer an option, he realized how out depth he was. He had to protect four people, then find immediately find one he had left behind. This had to be done against something he knew very little about, and would barely have time to prepare for. He finally calculated the chance that he would get through this without a serious injury, and let out a one kilohertz sigh. " To put this as lightly as I can manage, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a learning experience."

And with that he sprung into action. Grabbing fallen debris and attempting to barricade the doors. Id hammered Ego with ideas, but without knowing what was coming he had no idea which were any good. So he simply worked on blocking as many entrances as he could, hoping to stem the tide.

Sean watched as the newcomers began cutting up the alien's hands, feeling guilty he couldn't help. Though seeing as one of them had a huge-ass sword-thing, he figured he'd best stay out of the way, and instead went looking for something to help his savior recover.

"Oh!" Mark found himself caught off guard as Red Robin stepped in front of him, some kind of spray canister clutched in the hero's hands. Recovering quickly enough, the bedraggled man shook his head to clear his thoughts, offering Robin a smile and a handshake.

"Well, it's good to see another human face! I had almost started thinking that Gotham was deserted, and someone forgot to tell me."

The group of disheveled strangers in a run-down convenience store dogpiled the poor scientist all at once. Warden went for the creature's thumbs, slowly peeling them back. It seemed to actually be working quite well; Jonathan felt the first sweet tendrils of air snaking back down his throat. At the same time, Stormalong wedged himself into a position to scrape his sword against the knuckles of the hands' fingers. The creature's flesh was tougher than any human's, but flesh it was still. The metal sliced neatly through four fingers, just a moment after the first thumb was snapped back. The corpse's arm fell away, no longer having any purchase.

They repeated the process quickly on the other hand, and at last Johnathan was free. The only goal Warden had left was to round them up and get them to the theater.

Though, that may have been difficult. Above them, the dark clouds that stooped over Gotham were churning.

"Well, it's good to see another human face! I had almost started thinking that Gotham was deserted, and someone forgot to tell me."

Red Robin's face was inscrutable beneath the cowl, but the slightest tug of a confused frown was visible on his lips. The emotion was dispelled quickly, realizing he now had another survivor in his flock. "Right, ha-ha, funny. Get in here, quickly. I don't have time to explain."

Before Mark could protest, the hero in red and black had grabbed him by the shoulder and upper arm, and pushed him into the lobby. Red Robin sighed slumping his shoulders for just a second as he looked outside. Where are you, Dick?

Still not turning to face them, he said "Everyone help fortify this place however you can." Rocket Robo and Felicia had already dedicated themselves to this task, using any debris or detritus they could find to block off the various entrances and exits of the building.

Red Robin prepared to pull the doors shut, when he saw two more humans approaching, though his attention was given entirely to the one in the mask. It was off, yet so familiar.

"Both of you!" he yelled. "Get inside here, now!"

Neither could be sure of why he seemed so urgent. Presumably because of the inherent danger at all times. Those opinions would change if they looked up.

High above them, the night sky was swirling, clouds beginning to part before a rusted hull; a frigate was descending from above, and fast.

Shadow looked on at the chaos unfolding in the store. There were no less than 3 other possible humans trying to save the civilian inside. They likely wouldnt need his help. This was reaffirmed when both alien arms were sawed off, and he could see the scientist begin to take in much needed air.

Shadow turned from the action to see what else had to be done around the plaza, when he was taken aback by what was beginning to appear in the sky. Dark storm clouds parted, making way for what could only be an alien ship.

Excellent. I have more victims on their way here.

Shadow looked back through the window at the people assisting the Doctor. He attempted to kill his accent as best he could so they would understand his warning.

"Humans! You might want to be finding a better place to hide soon. We have guests on the way"

Warden fell back against the wall. She couldn't keep doing this, her body was ready to give out. Just an hour's rest. One hour.

Time enough for sleep when you're dead, soldier! Get up, there's still a war on and there's no time for napping!

"Yes, sir!" She said out loud, pushing herself to her feet. "Listen to me. Robin - Batman's number two - sent me here to round you guys up. We need to form a group. Head for the theater, he should already be there assisting another group. Are there any other combatants still standing around here? We need to gather them together and then get the hell out of here."

"Both of you!Get inside here, now!"

"What the hell do you think we're doing, you bird-dressed idiot!," Red Eye said as he continued to run, pulling along Fortune behind him.

Adrien made sure to look up and record the skies, anything he found here could be used later on if they got out of this alive. Even the most minute detail could be life-saving later on. And if he became alien probe material today, maybe he'd be able to leave the helmet behind with the vid camera still rolling. Who knew for sure?

The two reached the doors to the theater a few seconds later and entered, Adrien collapsing into the nearest bench and clicking off the camera in the helmet after taking a look around and getting a good view of everyone in the building.

"Damn this hurts,"He spoke directly to Red Robin,"How do you guys keep on falling off buildings without too many brui-GODDAMN IS THAT A ROBOT?! What the hell? Did Wayne lose something else, or did LexCorp have a truck flipped since these guys decided Earth was a nice little campground?!"

"Damn this hurts, how do you guys keep on falling off buildings without too many brui-GODDAMN IS THAT A ROBOT?! What the hell? Did Wayne lose something else, or did LexCorp have a truck flipped since these guys decided Earth was a nice little campground?!".

Cavanaugh was promptly drawn away by several new arrivals, including the sniper that had saved him earlier. "It would appear that it is a robot, yes. In other news, I'm a mutant, we're in the middle of an alien invasion, and that is, yes, Red Robin.", he said dryly, just before stepping forward and glancing just outside the doors.

"Look, I'm getting the feeling we don't have much time. Hell, there may not be time for triage at this point. I need to know who here is fully human so I can hopefully give you some kind of treatment. What I have won't work on mutants, and I don't want to test it on anyone who happens to be an alien here. At least, not in the middle of a war-zone, and not without some means of treating negative side-effects.", he explained in rapid-fire.

It was then that the Good Doctor paused and started to dig into the pockets of his cargo pants, taking out several handfuls of pressure syringes, all of which had a pink ring around one end. They were all full of his Sanare Serum, which would be able to heal any minor wounds they had with ease. "Here, every human take one and jab it in your arm. It's perfectly safe, and it should help with any minor aches, pains, or wounds you have. It's the best I have for the moment.", he told them all.

The operation was a success. Jake smiled behind his mask as Johnny-boy was able to breathe again and was soon freed. Yeah, the whole deal was a bit complex with the three of 'em at it, but it was like the man said: No fingers, no worries. Once the Mad Doc was out of a bind, the white-eyed mask of the Stormalong looked back as the girl stood up, going "Yes Sir!" to no one in particular...though it may have been in response to the accented fellow warning of new arrivals.

"No kidding. It's only a warzone. Who'd have thought?"

"Listen to me. Robin - Batman's number two - sent me here to round you guys up. We need to form a group. Head for the theater, he should already be there assisting another group. Are there any other combatants still standing around here? We need to gather them together and then get the hell out of here."

Quickly, his eyes darted back to the girl, Warden, and inwardly approved of her directness on the situation.

"It's about time somebody talked sense. I've only seen fighters here and at the cinema, and told that the plaza was mainly where anyone is. Chances are, someone like Robin would've spotted most stragglers. Let's head back, then. I met a medic there and I'm sure some of you need it."

That said, Mr. Stormalong headed out the way he came - the window - using the wind to aid his movements and get him there swifter. He only paused to look up at the storm. Past experience made him an expert at natural disasters and atmospheric disturbances. The other guy was right. They had incoming soon. He never met any of the Bat-crew or anything, but you hear rumors like crazy. Even second-banana to the Bat had its merits. Hopefully, it'd be enough to complement this rag-tag they were developing into. Stormalong moved on and entered the cinema with barely a whisper of the wind, gaining the attention of others only when he spoke.

"Some others from a store are on the way. Dunno if anyone else is around. I'm keeping watch 'till they get here."

That said, he was back outside until the others arrived. It would preobably rain soon, another torrential downpour of enemies...

"Here, every human take one and jab it in your arm. It's perfectly safe, and it should help with any minor aches, pains, or wounds you have. It's the best I have for the moment."

"Really?" Red Eye said, eying the pink-ringed syringe,"You sure this works, Doc Sharkface?" Not waiting for a reply, he took off his jacket after standing up and put it on the bench he had previously been sitting on, revealing his personal insignia on the back. He rolled up a sleeve and injected the syringe. Soon after, he felt most of the minor aches and pains fade away, the worst of it persisted, but it was dulled a smidgeon.

"Well,"Adrien said, looking at the syringe and putting his jacket back on, patting the pockets and compartments, making sure of his clips and magazines still in there,"That worked better than I expected it to. You mind if I keep this?" His torso felt much better now, but his tailbone was still killing him.

"You sure this works, Doc Sharkface?".

"My name is Cavanaugh, and of course I'm sure. I developed it myself, and its results were much better than I had expected at the time. Though, not as good as we ultimately hoped.", he added with a shrug.

When he noticed the mans surprise in his voice, he chuckled. "See? On you or any other human, it works great. On me... Well, like I've said to the others, the side-effects are particularly nasty.", he explained,

"That worked better than I expected it to. You mind if I keep this?".

The Good Doctor promptly held out his hand and shook his head. "Unfortunately, yes. I only have so many of those, and if I'm going to re-sterilize and refill it, I'll need that back. Oh! Before I forget...", he said, pausing for a moment and digging through his pockets again.

When he checked the inside of his coat, he found exactly what he was looking for. Another syringe, this time with two bright orange rings around the end. "This is what I call a VitaStim. It works almost like adrenaline for a short time, as well as enhancing basic vital functions. It only lasts for ten to fifteen minutes, so anyone who feels they could use this, take it, and save it for when you really feel you need it.", he told them, glancing around and holding a few VitaStims out.

Sean returned to the group, feeling very self concious aout his lack of involvement. As he did, he overheard them mention something about a theater, which sounded much safer than this place.

"Sounds good to me." Thank God. She pulled herself to the door, glancing up into the sky as the alien warship parted the clouds. Under her helmet, her mouth gaped, an icy claw of fear going into her belly.


She didn't wait to see if they were coming, terror giving her the wings she needed to force herself into a sprint one more time towards the theater. If Robin doesn't have a getaway plan, we're all dead.

When the ground entrances were barricaded fro the most part with various debris, Felicia made rounds around the theater, making sure there wasn't any open holes where the aliens could enter. She sealed the hole she fell in with seats that her tendrils easily tore off the hinges. Felicia did that to most of the entrances and exits by making sure that they were not only locked but also blocked off. As she was finishing up she heard more people enter the theater which partially calmed her.

Felicia leaned her head out of a window and saw the black clouds up above churning and making way for a metallic husk, descending from the sky. Felicia swallowed a lump in her throat before closing the window and locking it. She went back towards the lobby to see a few more people that were probably exhausted.

"I blocked all the entrances over here..." Felicia said to Robin. Still, she looked to the newest arrivals wondering who they were and how they were able to survive. Then she looked back to where she heard one of the windows open, to see the same man from before saying that there were others in a store nearby before he scurried out the window. Felicia went to the window that he went out of watching to see if he would make it back.

"Both of you!Get inside here, now!"

Luke obliged with Red Robin's request as he hurtled himself through the double doors, before they were barricaded behind him. Red Eye also complied, by further ensuring that Fortune came with him, his coat sleeve being slightly pulled, as if he had any other line of thought as to where to go. He took one last look up at the skies before the doors were pulled shut. A dark mass of cloud was beginning to part, and the figure of something poked out from the skyline as it begun it's slow decent.
Once inside, Luke looked at the gathering of people around him. There was the robot that had saved him previously, along with the doctor he had seen before, although only now was he able to make out his features- a monstrous maw filled to the brim with fangs pervaded over an otherwise unremarkable face.

"It would appear that it is a robot, yes. In other news, I'm a mutant, we're in the middle of an alien invasion, and that is, yes, Red Robin."

Ah... so it is Robin. A prodigy of the Bat must have a decent plan in mind

"Here, every human take one and jab it in your arm. It's perfectly safe, and it should help with any minor aches, pains, or wounds you have. It's the best I have for the moment."

Luke looked at the Doctor. He certainly seemed sincere. Perhaps it's best not to judge a book by it's cover.

"I will gratefully decline both. I have no need for such things, for the Lady doth protect me. I also would rather not inject something with the possibility of such side-effects, given out by somebody I just met. No offence."

"I will gratefully decline both. I have no need for such things, for the Lady doth protect me. I also would rather not inject something with the possibility of such side-effects, given out by somebody I just met. No offense.".

Glancing at the other newcomer, Cavanaugh simply shrugged. He could easily tell that the 'Lady' the man referred to was Lady Luck. It simply made sense. "Suit yourself, though trust me, there's no side-effects for humans. Perfectly safe.", he repeated before holding out a VitaStim.

"Who knows, you may want a VitaStim though, just in case. You might find that its, heh, lucky to have one if you need it later.", he said teasingly, his grin getting wider, though the expression managed to soften his face just slightly, due to the light of amusement in his glowing orange eyes.

Then he paused and glanced just above Lukes head, while tilting his own. "By the way, nice hat.", the Good Doctor added.

Shadow motioned his hand for the Doctor to follow him and took off towards the cinema. He saw the man with the sword watching over newcomers as they entered. As soon Shadow walked into the building, he was shocked at the number of people in the room.

"Well damn. It didnt think there'd be this many people aro..."

He took a long hard look at one of the stranger people in the room. A mutated creature wearing a labcoat and handing out syringes.


"Did Wayne lose something else, or did LexCorp have a truck flipped since these guys decided Earth was a nice little campground?!"

Red Robin frowned at the newcomer, dragging him inside the theater. "Does it really matter?! Get inside and find some cover, we're officially out of time!" He ushered in Adrien, quickly followed by Luke, and was about to come after them when he heard the pattering of footsteps rapidly approaching. He swiveled back around to find Stormalong sprinting as fast as he could, followed by the other stragglers dashing out of the convenience store. He looked above, and saw the rusted mass of the frigate dropping from the sky like a rock. The time they had left could be counted in seconds.

"Some others from a store are on the way. Dunno if anyone else is around. I'm keeping watch 'till they get here."

"Good, c'mon." Red Robin told him, accompanying him out. The both of them waved Shadow inside as he moved past. A trio were left sprinting across the dark streets. Red Robin could recognize the girl he'd assisted earlier, limping along with a younger looking man, and a rather bedraggled mess of a mad scientist stumbling behind. C'mon, c'mon, you're so close...


The entire movement in Gotham Plaza came to a halt. A bright beam of light shot straight down from the bottom of the frigate and illuminated a circle twenty feet in diameter directly between the stragglers and the theater. A black blur descended from the sky, traveling at such speeds that those watching could hardly follow it until it crashed into the ground. The concrete buckled underneath the shape, fragments of street and metal flying up into the air as the figure crouched. He kept that position for a second, before slowly standing back up.

Stormalong's eyes darted between the stranger and Red Robin, whose weary face had dropped open in abject horror. "No... not him."

Warden, Sean and Johnathan skidded to a halt, not five feet from the bizarre figure looming over them. He was clutching a massive, crude-looking hand cannon of a weapon in his left hand, and his right was balled into a fist. His red eyes were focused on her, and his cigar-chomping mouth was twisted in a malevolent grin.

He slurred out something in a gravelly voice between his teeth. Whatever it meant, it was dripping with smugness.

"Plie, kizi-fem."

Cavanaugh turned toward the sudden outburst near the front doors and let out a weary sigh as he was about to reply with some biting remark. What gave him pause was what was happening outside.

There was a loud buzz that made him think of a massive, angry wasp as a bright column of light shone just behind the three coming in from the nearby store. Then there was a sudden flash as something came down, shattering the street as it impacted. It was a person, a big one.

Whoever it was stayed crouched for just a second before standing up, and Cavanaugh could clearly hear Red Robin speak as soon as the figure stood.

"No... not him.".

The Good Doctor took a tentative step forward, his eyes wide in horror and his maw gaping due to utter shock. It appeared to be a man.

But the figure that stood in the center of the crater was much unlike any man he had ever seen, wearing armored greaves, a long trenchcoat, and what appeared to be a cannon on his left arm. His skin was white as death, his eyes hellfire red, and his hair like tendrils of the abyss. And when he grinned, a small part of Cavanaughs mind knew that even his own grin couldn't compare for just how terrifying it was.

"Oh my God in heaven...", he managed, his voice shaky as he stuffed the syringes in his hands back into his pants pockets.

That was when he did the first thing that came to mind: He closed his mouth, worked up his spit, and promptly opened his mouth again to drool over the claws on both hands. He had a feeling that this guy was going to need a very large dose if he was going to go down.

Assuming that was possible.

Johnathan breathed in the life-giving air, the sweet ambrosia, then once the world around him came back into focus, he sprang from the floor and onto his feet with great vigor. Securing his cap atop his head and adjusting his spectacles yet again, he looked sternly at the motley assortment rescuers. "Bloody 'ell, ye could nae 'ave come to my rescue a little sooner could ye? When ye're takin' the bit out a maw o' the mare's carcass, ye don't pan the bloody beast! Ye pry open it's gob an' rip it out!! Are ye all daft to think ye could-"

Johnathan almost froze in place for a moment before blinking rapidly, looking at his immediate surroundings as if he hadn't a clue where he was. "My, my, my. This place is really a mess, innit? We probably shouldn't just be standin' around now, should we?"

The scientist stepped out onto the street and looked up at the dark, swirling clouds above. He couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at the sight. "Funny tha'. The one day I'm out an' about without my umbrella, it starts to rain. Oh dear. Seems we got more'n a storm to worry about."

Once the hull of a ship began breaking through the clouds, the last of the people in the convenience store began running down the street, apparently to a theater with the strange man in the trenchcoat from earlier standing out front. Holding his cap atop his head, Johnathan ran after them, figuring he may as well stay with the people who were kind enough to rescue him from death's cold, alien hands. They were rapidly closing the distance when a bright beam of light shone down, a black blur coming down with it. It crashed to the ground, revealing itself to be a strange, massive figure wielding a rather large gun. It uttered strange vocalizations that Johnathan just couldn't quite understand. "Err...come again?"

Sean peered out the door, just in time to see a hulking figure appear. Something about the figure made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

This is so not good...

Shadow was still walking into the cinema when he heard the crash. He turned around to gazed at the monstrosity of a man that had fallen down. He had a gun the size of a canon on his arm, but not much else in the way of weapons. Shadow walked back out and called to the stranger.

"Hey! Dude with the Michael Jackson skin. That was a nice entrance and all, but we've reached our capacity for alien visitors today. I'm gonna have to ask you to kindly get the fuck out."

He and Robin were outside when it happened. Jake knew something was brewing and fast, but he didn't realize it would happen so damn quickly. He just figured on it being the next legion of monsters dumped on their asses in a big way and they narrowly getting back to the theater to hunker down and figure something out.

No such luck.

Someone had dropped down between them on a beam of light, right between he and Robin...and Warden, Sean, and Jonathon. You're damn right Stormalong was lookin' between this guy and our boy in red, especially since Red seemed to know who the hell this refugee from KISS really was.

"No... not him."

"Okay, I'll bite. Who is he?"

It was obvious that Red Robin here didn't like whoever their alien newcomer was - and it had to be alien because the first thing out of his mouth was certainly not of this world's language bank - and the guy's utter horror declared that this was serious, maybe just as serious as the invasion itself. Stormalong didn't know anything about intergalactic mercenaries, though, so while he was giving this the attention it deserved, he didn't know jack shit about what he was looking at. It might've been time to go full demon for once...

Gotham Plaza fell into a grim silence as the would-be refugees came face to face with the colossal, pale-white man, talking to them with words they did not comprehend. Against all odds, the first to step forward in (admittedly confused) defiance was none other than the Mad Doc.

"Err...come again?"

The big man's sneer disappeared for a moment. His face was blank, looking down at the little man in utter confusion. This lasted a moment, before his expression sunk into an exasperated understanding. The man that had dropped from the frigate made a low growl, before reaching his free hand down to a large green button on the side of his belt. He pressed it once, then rotated it about 40 degrees clockwise. His eyes narrowed, and this time, his words were English.

"I said, surrender, little lady. The Main Man's got a job, and all you kizis are on the list."

"Hey! Dude with the Michael Jackson skin. That was a nice entrance and all, but we've reached our capacity for alien visitors today. I'm gonna have to ask you to kindly get the fuck out."

"The Main Man", as he called himself, regained that confused expression as he turned around to seek out the source of the voice. His eyes were looking for someone his own height, and quite noticeably became disappointed as they stooped down to loo at Shadow. The Main Man made another growl/sigh.

"Kare? Kare?"

The pale man reached up for the massive weapon on his wrist, pressing a small button and taking aim. Before the Earthling could react, the barrel erupted and launched an impressively-sized net, wrapping itself around his torso and tightly binding his limbs together. The force of the blast knocked him off of his feet and rolling off underneath a nearby truck.

He turned back to Warden and her fellow stragglers. "Now, as I was saying?.."

"Okay, I'll bite. Who is he?"

Back at the theater, Red Robin was already reaching into his belt and retrieving a variety of gadgets, seeking a few in particular. He frantically replied as he searched.

"He's called Lobo, some psychotic bounty hunter from space. He's been chasing us for days. Now come on, help me immobilize him!"

Robin led the charge, dashing forward towards the bounty hunter named Lobo, who currently had his back turned. The sidekick leaped into the air, careening down towards the Main Man at the perfect angle to be snatched up as soon as the merc turned around to grab him. His meaty hand gripped Red Robin around his neck, lifting him high up in the air.

"Vlash, bird-boy, vlash." Lobo said, chuckling to himself. "The Main Man didn't forget ya."

"And I..." Red Robin choked out. "...didn't forget you hate tear gas."

"Bwuh--" Lobo only had a second to process that before the trio of gas pellets Red Robin had retrieved detonated in his outstretched hands. The gas immediately seeped into both the hero and villain's eyes, the latter tossing the former into a nearby car as he his hands attempted to shield his face. Red Robin bounced off the frame, denting it as he collapsed to the ground.

"KARE, BIRD-BOY *KOFF*?! KARE?! Not cool!"

"*koff-koff* Somebody hit him!" Robin cried, still cringing in pain in the rubble.

Warden didn't hesitate, moving in as Robin yelled, charging in silence. Time itself seemed to slow down as her heightened reflexes kicked in, raising her armored fists to strike at Lobo. Her first strikes went for his gut, a pair of lightning-fast jabs to the solar plexus followed by her smashing her elbow against the mechanism of the gun, hoping to damage it enough to require repair before use.

Red Eye had activated the video camera just as the buzzing started, and began assembling the Redspotter in a matter of seconds, practiced movements resembling something mechanical. Not even bothering to look at the few looks he was sure were given him, he had started running as soon as he'd seen the bounty hunter, his body not struggling near as much as it had earlier.

This is not good.

That was basically the only thought going through his mind as he jumped and climbed a collapsed building, launching himself onto the top of the roof of the theater. There he slung it around his shoulder again, reached into his jacket pulling out a magazine of bullets that penetrate and break apart in the target, shredding the targets internals, pretty much only used by private security forces, air marshals, and the Navy. He only had one mag of these, so he had to make them count against this guy. The Bat and the Man of Steel had presumably fought against this guy, both ending in stalemates more or less.

"He's called Lobo, some psychotic bounty hunter from space. He's been chasing us for days. Now come on, help me immobilize him!"

That was the first he'd heard, so entranced in his actions he'd been. Robin charged and the gas pellets exploded, right before he was thrown out and commanded them to take Lobo down.

"Shit,"He said to himself, switching to the UV spectrum to see through the smoke,"This is going to be bad."

The Red Eye took aim, and fired two shots, one torso, one head. He was unsure of himself for the first time in a long time. Lethal force was the only thing he felt could take him down. So much killing in the last few days, but these alien bastards weren't going to become the evil overlords without a fight on his part. Though the definition of lethal force was extremely different in his case, was there anything that actually caused him to go into convulsions or crying like a little baby?

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