Titans, Together: A DC Comics RP (RP Thread, Closed)

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Shadow had gotten the big guy's attention, for better or for worse. As he saw the weapon being raised, he braced himself for a blast from an energy weapon, only to be knocked off his feet by a net binding his limbs. As he stopped rolling and looked up at the underside of the truck he was under, he struggled against the net.

"Now let me tell you...why that's bullshit"

Shadow rolled out to the opposite side of the truck away from all the action. He wiggled around to free his harpoon from his back and made it drop to the ground. What that done, he set to work rubbing the blade against his bindings, hoping it would be enough to free him.

The Good Doctor could swear that he stopped breathing and his heart, or hearts as he had begun to suspect a few weeks ago, had ceased to beat as The Main Man, or Lobo as Red Robin called him, spoke to the other heroes around him. Then everything sped up much too quickly for his liking.

One of their number was quickly netted thanks to the cannon on Lobo's arm, then Red Robin charged at him and leapt, only to be grabbed by a massive hand. There was an explosion of noxious gas, and that caused Lobo to toss the hero aside into a nearby car.

"Somebody hit him!".

Those three words quickly cut through Cavanaughs terror, prompting him to charge forward alongside the armored girl who struck at the gun-strapped left arm, while he focused on Lobo's right arm.

With a running leap and a savage, inhuman snarl, Cavanaugh did his best to sink his drool-covered claws and his dripping teeth into the bare flesh, with the hope that maybe the added saliva on his claws would accelerate paralysis.

Felicia had only seen the arrival of the newest alien to come after them but the sentiments were all the same. Once Red Robin left the confines of the theater to assault "Lobo" as they call him, Felicia followed but stayed close to the doors in case retreat was the only viable solution.

As the others descended onto Lobo, Felicia decided to keep her distance between her and that thing. She watched as the others punched, kicked, bite, shoot, and gas Lobo but out of view, Felicia spotted someone struggling to get free of literal bind. Quickly, Felicia made her way to the trapped man and drew out her tendrils. They tugged on multiple directions as Felicia even used her hands to help him free.

"Are you alright?" Felicia asked.

"Somebody hit him!"

Mark whistled in admiration as the swarm of survivors charged towards Lobo, guns blazing, fangs bared, fists clenched, etc etc. It seemed that Gotham wasn't quite out of heroes, at least not yet. "Have to admit, I'm not really a big fan of close quarters combat. But here, let's see what I can do..."

Extending his right arm, the bedraggled thief pointed his palm towards the gun-slinging bounty hunter, locking his eyes on Lobo's intimidating frame. Grasping his elbow with his left hand, to better steady the limb, Mark began to focus all his attention on the Main Man, slowly blocking out everything except for the mass of muscles and dreadlocks before him. "Alright big guy, let's see just how strong you really are."

Clenching his fingers into a fist and gritting his teeth together, Mark steadily increased the gravitational forces at work on the villain, willing Lobo to grow heavier and heavier.

Luke stared at the pale collosus of a man in front of him, the huge cannon on his hand looked powerful enough to end them all without a seconds notice.

"He's called Lobo, some psychotic bounty hunter from space. He's been chasing us for days. Now come on, help me immobilize him!"

He watched as Red Robin and the robot launched an offensive against the alien bounty hunter, only for them to be dismissed as if flies, with the hulk of the man grabbing the Boy Wonder by the throat, attempting to squeeze the life out of him.
It was then that Robin deployed several canister of tear gas, causing the brute to languish, before tossing bird boy into a car in a fit of rage as the gas seeped into both their faces.

*Cough* *Cough* "Somebody hit him!" cried Robin from the floor, still reeling from the gas and being flung against the car

Fortune watched as the rag-tag bunch of heroes descended upon Red Robin's command, each of them employing their weapons and strengths to overpower the beast, with so much thrown at his general direction, surely they would be victorious.
Luke himself obliged, and commanded a set of cards from his deck, which proceeded to hover in a ring above Lobo's dreadlocked head. With a snap of his fingers, the cards stopped circling, and their edges turned inwards, and they descended one-by-one, their vorpal edges seeking to eviscerate the lone hunter.

"He's called Lobo, some psychotic bounty hunter from space. He's been chasing us for days. Now come on, help me immobilize him!"

"Right behind you..."

Right behind him, insofar as that the quick motion of Stormalong drawing his sword already saw Robin attacking Lobo and - though not getting the best results because the Main Man knew he was coming - blasting him with tear gas. The reaction was almost funny. Almost. Excepting of course that this meant Lobo had some cutting-edge battle instincts and - oh yeah - he did hurt the Red guy. In the call to attack the bounty hunter, several attacks were made already. This wasn't an ordinary fiend. He'd leapt out of an alien battlecruiser to do battle using nothing more than a hand-cannon and whatever fun stuff he had on his belt. Knowing that some people had pasted alien scum all over this plaza, he came down here and that meant he was nothing to be sneezed at.

During the entire fracas that started with the others, the hatted 'Bazinga!' man raised a free hand and made the wind keep that gas nice and teary-thick around Lobo's head. If that was ANY kind of advantage, they were gonna keep it so long as gas particles remained together. This also prevented it from being an issue for anyone ELSE. That said, the free-hand THEN fired a pair of explosive fireballs at the back of Lobo's legs. He wanted to trip the Main Man up and high explosive power might work...because the next thing you know, you've got Mr. Stormalong air-sliding towards that bounty hunter's back, both hands gripping the Sword of Maelstrom low so that he could use all of what he put together to slice hard up that back with his jagged blade...charged with LOTSA LIGHTNING. Even if Lobo tried maybe to grab or stop it...Jake didn't see anything insulating him from a massive shock.

Let's see what 'The Main Man' is made of.

Sean held back, unsure of what to do. This "Lobo" guy seemed like a tough cutomer, but... he glanced at the others getting into the fight (One of them, he realized with a jolt, was Robin, one of his childhood idols).

He didn't want to look bad in front of them (especially Robin), so he prepared to go all out. Grabing his pendant, he focused on a form. Moments later, a huge tiger burst from the doorway, ready to pounce.

All at once, the painful standoff had erupted in the chaos of battle. Warden was the first to move, her lightning-fast reflexes beating the others to the punch. And punch she did, hammering two solid blows to the still-coughing Lobo's abdomen. The bounty hunter grunted once with each strike, and on the second hunched over enough for her to aim an elbow strike to her right and attempt to damage his weapon. The blow glanced off of a barrel, and she felt the sting of striking her funny bone. As she cringed away, Lobo erected himself like he'd never been touched, and gave a mocking chuckle to the girl.

"Come on, ya think your kizi-Earth tech's gonna put a scratch on my custom?"

He stuck the barrel up to her face, leaned in and smiled.

"Ain't nothin' like homemade."


Lobo grunted in irritation twice as a pair of bullets impacted against his skin. The first tore a hole in his coat and flattened against his chest, but the second hit him square between the eyes. He blinked, and leaned back grunting. He swung his right arm up to swat at the bruise on his face, just in time for the the Good Doctor to descend upon it. Lobo attempted to swing him away, but Cavanaugh was just quick enough to attempt a bite. The teeth impacted against the flesh, and sunk in very slightly. His skin felt like iron, and his flesh harder than that. Cavanaugh pressed as hard as he could, and managed to sink his teeth in about an inch before he had to release.

He dropped safely to the ground, moments before Lobo purposely fell on top of his right arm, where the Doctor would have been. The merc rolled back to his feet, and looked at Cavanaugh with a confused stare.

"You got a death wish, Doc? The Main Man doesn't go to doctors, he SENDS people to 'em... whoa, tingly."

He shook his right arm a few times, as if it had fallen asleep. He shrugged, before cracking his knuckles. "Back to whoopin' numbskulls."

"Alright big guy, let's see just how strong you really are."

Lobo made it about three steps, grinning all the way, before he began to feel a tug pulling him downward. He stopped for a moment to examine himself. "Maybe all that Krolotean I ate's catching up with me..." He took another step before it hit him that he was indeed being slowed. His eyes, now flaring with anger, scanned the group before resting on Mark. "YOU!" he shouted.

Mark had a feeling this may have been a bad idea.

Lobo began to charge, slowing with every step but nonetheless covering a disturbingly large distance with every stride. The ground was cracking beneath his feet. "Ya REALLY think that's gonna... stop the Main... Man... whoa!"

The entire street was buckling beneath him when Lobo finally went down. He fell to his hands and knees, panting in exertion. "Whoa..." he muttered. "What a trip."

He shakily brought his head up to stare at Mark, scowling at the smaller man. "Dirty tricks... earn ya a dirty death!"

Against all odds, he managed to raise his left arm and aim it, placing the barrel's path pass directly through the thief's torso. He prepared to pull, when at last the entire weapon buckled under the pressure. It collapsed in on itself, turning into a twisted wreck of metal mounted on his wrist. Lobo's face was a distraught mix of grief and rage.

"KA. RE? That was my last one, you poozer!"

Roaring in rage, Lobo raised his right hand, tearing the entire mess of metal from its position on his wrist and tossing it at full speed towards Mark. The hunk of scrap was moving faster than most cars could.

Though Shadow was making slow progress on the ropes with his own weaponry, Felicia's tenrils expedited the process and allowed him to escape within seconds. The both of them returned to the fray just in time to see Lobo standing after tossing his wreck of an arm cannon. He cracked his knuckles and turned to them all. He looked quite pleased with himself.

"Ain't no biggie. Just means I get to slag you all the old fashioned way."


A flurry of cards embedded themselves into every reachable portion of Lobo's skull, shaving off locks of hair as they embedded themselves into his flesh. His eyes bugged out, and he yowled in pain. "GRAAAAAAAAAAAH, WHAT THE HELL MAN? WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?!" He began furiously ripping the cards out of his skull, leaving sloshes of blood to splatter against the ground as he went charging. He got as far as four steps before a wind brought back the tear gas.

The Main Man began to grunt in frustration as he swiveled his head and jerked around in every direction to try and avoid the painful gas. But it followed him, wherever he went. He stumbled around in several directions, determined to get free. He swiveled on a foot, and turned his back towards the gleeful Stormalong. That was just the opening he needed. A pair of blazing fireballs slammed into Lobo's calves, singing away his pants and knocking him briefly to his knees. The man in the t-shirt came charging up, swiping his sword up along Lobo's spine. His clothing and his back split open, blood splashing out in every direction as the bounty hunter roared in pain. Sparks crackled through his entire nervous system, and smoke leaked from every orifice.

Then, just as he got to the peak of his swing, the blade stopped.

It was stuck.

And Lobo was still moving.

Still gripping his sword, Stormalong was lifted into the air as Lobo stood, before being brought right back to the ground. The Main Man jumped into the air and hit the ground back-first. The blade, already jammed, slammed through his flesh and came out through his collarbone. Stormalong was less lucky, and the ground underneath him and the giant man above him crumbled from the impact. Pain coursed through every inch of his body from it.

After a few moments, Lobo spoke, still lying on the ground.

"First lesson in intergalactic bounty hunting, man: If the Main Man goes down, he's doing it by choice."

Lobo stood, leaving Stormalong in the crater but taking the sword with him. With a yank on the grip, he nicked the sword out of his chest and gave it a once-over. He shrugged and slammed it tip-first into an adjacent car. It sliced through the metal like butter, and was left sheathed there as he turned around to face a tiger, of all things, facing him down. Lobo grinned maliciously, and pressed another button on his belt. Off in the distance, the faint sound of a motor could be heard. And something else alongside it... music?

The moment he grabbed a hold of The Main Man's arm, biting down as hard as he could, he realized that as well thought-out as his plan was, the problem was in execution. The aliens skin was tougher than he expected, and even with his mutated jaw muscles, his teeth could only penetrate about an inch before he had to let go.

He was glad he did too, because Lobo promptly slammed his arm into the concrete as the Good Doctor jumped back, startled. When the massive man stood up and stared at him, Cavanaugh could only stare back with the same bewildered confusion.

"You got a death wish, Doc? The Main Man doesn't go to doctors, he SENDS people to 'em... whoa, tingly."

"I might... And I can tell that this isn't going to work. If you'll excuse me...", he said the mercenary politely, trailing off as he slowly sidled away.

Thankfully, Lobo's attention was drawn toward the others.

He needed a change in strategy, so he promptly turned and ran in the direction of where Red Robin was currently collapsed in pain, and he knelt next to who he saw as their de-facto leader and started to rifle through his pockets.

"Alright, I know you're hurt, so let me try to help in any way I can. We need your help since you seem to know this guy, so how do we beat him? Can we beat him?", he asked, just before swearing under his breath as he struggled to find both his Sanare serum and his VitaStims.

Well, looks like that life of PROBE-ation is a step or two closer now that this big fella's out and about. Especially considering he just took two shots and blinked. Well, looks like I've got to bring out something else, this is no good if I can't penetrate his skin.Armor-piercing it is then.

Mark had given him enough time by slowing him down to eject the magazine, put it in his jacket, root around and find the clip he was looking for. He loved this rifle, it was so versatile, and he'd assembled it himself, he was so proud- screw that line of thought, he was in the middle of a fight here. Granted, he wasn't in the middle of it as some of them, but he was contributing, however slightly.

Taking aim again, he went over his memories of the weakest parts of the human body and hoped to hell it applied to the gray-skinned, red-eyed, gigantic son of a bitch down there. One to each leg, his kneecap first of all, the second behind it as he turned again - damn this guy was fast - and one at his ass, if that got through, at least he'd have laughing material for the many insertions to come. All he could really hope for was that this guy didn't spot him and decide he was ripe for the plucking or something.

As Shadow tried to free himself, he saw some unexpected help in the form of a woman with tendrils popping out of her back. She made the task of freeing him easier and was back on his feet.

"Are you alright?"

"Nothing more than an inconvenience. Thanks for the help lady"

Shadow returned his weapon to his back and ran back to the ensuing battle. Whatever anyone did to Lobo while he was gone didn't do much, as he was standing with hardly and signs of harm. Shadow focused all his attention on the Main Man and erected both of his hands in front of his body. Two beams of dark energy shot out and hurdled towards Lobo's head.

In tiger form, Sean prowled around the battlefield, waiting for a chance to strike. One of the other combatants fire dark energy at the being's head, so he prepared to see what would happen next, and if he should attack.

The Main Man was highly-distracted and off-balance from other people's attacks.


The Main Man was caught in his little puff of tear gas and thrown back by his fireball attack!

Yes yes!

The Main Man was getting sliced right up the back by his blade, blood shooting out and smoke rising from the cooking flesh as he pulled the jagged Sword of Maelstrom up, up, and up some more!

Yes yes YES!

The blade got stuck in his back.

...Oh shit!

With a sudden surprised look on his masked face, Stormalong tried to wretch and pull and twist the thing out of there, but Lobo's body wouldn't have it. His black sword was stuuuck in there. Even more ot the point, the bounty hunter got up and he was pulled off of the ground, still struggling, and then found Lobo jumping to land on his BACK with him along for the ride!



"First lesson in intergalactic bounty hunting, man: If the Main Man goes down, he's doing it by choice."

All Lobo got in return was a another groan. He'd been fighting aliens all day, but not one of 'em had hurt 'im this much. Lobo had smashed him - and himself - into the pavement, creating a little personal crater that made Stormalong hurt all over. A rock and a hard place was starting to have a big meaning here, and the bounty hunter picked himself up along with the Sword of Maelstrom. Pulling it out of himself, Lobo stuck the sword in a car, meaning it was currently out of reach. This left Jake lying there with the world spinning very rapidly around him in a daze. Actually, that left him fairly lucky. With all the dizziness going on about him, flushing his system with dopamine, he couldn't feel exactly how much it hurt to be down here like this. However, as he did attempt to regain a grip on reality, a hand raised out of the hole and he was heard to say...

"Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard..."

Him getting back up and into some working order was gonna take longer than short.

Felicia watched as Lobo fought her companions from the theater and then some. It looked like they had the upper hand until he crushed the man with the sword into the ground. She winced at the sight and was further angered at the attack.

"Get off our planet!" Felicia yelled as her tendrils picked up a crushed van that she had helped the man out of the net by. It was a heavy load but it still was thrown at Lobo the same time as several bolts of dark energy spiraled towards him as well. She pondered getting close to him but after seeing the man with the sword forced into the earth, that ended any thought of getting close to him. She stood as far back as she could, liking her personal space.

Seeing his enemy was down, Sean sprung into battle with a growl, preparing to strike. All the same, he made sure to watch out for any stray attacks from his allies.

"Oh... Goddamn it. Where are they?!", he asked himself, digging through his pockets again before glancing around and spotting another, bespectacled man that seemed a little unsure of what to do, and looked rather out of place in their motley crew.

After a short pause, he waved over and called out to Johnathan. "Hey! You in the crooked bowtie! You a doctor? I could use some help over here. So could Red Robin for that matter.", he hissed, just before deciding to pull out the contents of his pockets to see what he did have.

When he finished, his grin looked pained. All he had at the moment was a pair of VitaStims, a single Sanare serum, three of his refined paralytic concoctions, and three curing agents for those concoctions. And really, what he had that could help, he didn't have nearly enough of.

Letting out a frustrated snarl, he shook his head before uncapping one of the VitaStims and getting ready to inject Robin with it. "Alright, you'll feel a slight sting, and then you might feel a little... Numbness in your extremities. That's perfectly normal.", he said as calmly as possible, readying the syringe over Robins arm.

Lobo stared down the heroes, cracking his knuckles and looking ready for a brawl.

"So, kiddies, who wants to tangle?"

The first to step up was Shadowstar, eager to get some payback. He raised his hands and let loose twin beams of dark energy. They crackled and shot through the air, only to stop several feet away from Lobo himself. The beams were deflected by the arrival of a twisted form of metal. A skull on the front, every inch of it gunmetal gray, and fire belching from areas it had no business being in in the fist place. It was a motorcycle, and by god was the music it was playing loud.

Lobo looked at the arrival of his ride with glee, grabbing a long chain link off of its side and pressing another button on his belt. It began to move with a life of its own, spinning around and hurtling towards Sean, just as the "tiger" had leaped in. The vehicle collided with the animal, and Sean was carried up and through the second story window of an office building. He went sliding through nearly half a dozen cubicles before he finally came to a halt; the bike was already swooping in for another hit.

Down below, Lobo had discovered at precisely the wrong moment why Sean had felt the courage to charge. A pair of shots struck his kneecaps. One was covered by a metal bit of armor, and remained unscathed. But the Main Man's love for asymmetry came back to bite him in the form of a bullet in his right knee. It wasn't enough to cause real damage, but it still hurt, and Lobo slipped down to one knee right in time for a bullet to embed itself in his ass.

"YYYYYYOWCH!" screamed the merc, leaping into the air and tenderly rubbing the entry point. His haphazard charge towards Red Eye was interrupted by Felicia. A heavy van hurtled through the air, and Lobo disappeared under it when it landed on top of him.

"Get off our planet!"

This threat was of little use, as the van was lifted by into the air. Lobo hardly seemed to notice the weight of the thing as he took it from the bottom with one hand. He tossed it back at Felicia, growling "I will, soon as I wrap you up nice and pretty to bring with."

Lobo's attention was turned towards Red Eye, and the vigilante only made it a few steps before a fist swung into his side. He went tumbling a dozen feet away, and was barely regaining consciousness when Lobo leaped into the air and landed a foot on either side of the human. A raised fist came down, and bones cracked.

Off at the outskirts of the skirmish, The Good Doctor was frantically trying to revive Red Robin.

"Alright, I know you're hurt, so let me try to help in any way I can. We need your help since you seem to know this guy, so how do we beat him? Can we beat him?"

Carvanaugh found the serum he needed, and began to inject some into Robin's left arm. The hero was rousing slowly, still processing what he was being told.

"...No. No, we can't beat him."

Shaking, Red Robin stood. Lobo was approaching them, and fast, swinging his chain.

"But, we're not trying to beat him. We've just gotta live until our ride shows up."

Lobo swung his chain at the Doctor, but Robin was quicker this time. He extended his staff, catching the chain in mid-swing and causing it to wrap harmlessly around its metal structure.

"Hit him!" Robin instructed the Good Doctor.

As soon as the VitaStim was in Robins blood stream, it started to take effect, an the first thing out of the Gotham heroes mouth made Cavanaughs heart sink.

"...No. No, we can't beat him.".

When he stood, the Good Doctor started to reach over to stop him, only to notice that Lobo was starting towards them, swinging a large, heavy chain.

"But, we're not trying to beat him. We've just gotta live until our ride shows up.".

Cavanaugh promptly scrambled back as the massive alien swung the chain in his direction, and was thankful for Robins timely intervention. He had extended a long, metal staff to catch the chain itself, saving the Good Doctor from having it possibly cave in his skull.

"Hit him!".

"Got it!", he called back, snatching up the three paralytic serums and popping off the caps, just before charging at the alien with claws extended and maw open wide.

When he leapt, the claws of his free hand as well as his teeth dug into Lobos outstretched arm, while the hand holding the syringes promptly jabbed all three into his targets neck with the hope that a concentrated dose might just bring the bastard down long enough for them to regroup.

Back in human form, Sean shook his head to clear it. The next thing he knew, the motorcyle itself itself was coming at him like it had a mind of its own.

Sean managed to jump out of the way the first time, but the demented vehicle was still gunning for him.

"Alright, you wanna fight, well here's one!" He shouted, and grabbed his medallion again.

Moments later, a large bull angrily pawed the floor before charging head on at the vehicle.

"Hey! You in the crooked bowtie! You a doctor? I could use some help over here. So could Red Robin for that matter."

A voice calling out to Johnathan broke him from his stupor as he watched the large, extraterrestrial terror tormenting the troupe of superhumans. A man with a maw of an angler fish and a sharp set of claws to boot was calling to Dr. McQuarry, requesting a man of his particular title. John looked quizzically at the mention of a crooked tie, and merely looked down at the perfectly askew garment. It was no time to worry about his fashion, however, as there was need for his attention. He bustled over to the two and before he knew it, Lobo was shielded from the most recent of attacks with the aid of a monstrous motorbike the came seemingly from nowhere. While the bike removed the tiger from the equation for the time being, Lobo charged for the Red Robin and the sharp-toothed gent. Fortunately before any real damage could be done by the large brute, Robin used his staff to halt his attack with his swinging chain, allowing the fanged fellow to leap at the offender, tooth, claw, and syringe. McQuarry only stood near Robin, marveling at the way the brute's flesh held against the attacks, even if only a bit. "My God, it really is just incredible. 'Is musculature must be as dense as a bloody brick! Gives a 'ole new meanin' ta 'soft tissue', eh? I mean it's...wow. Just fascinatin', innit?"

Adrien saw with not a small bit of pride that he'd wounded the Main Man. It was, however, short-lived as he bounded up onto the roof he was perched upon, and a fist came for him, knocking him back and into a billboard, Redspotter falling from his grasp and bouncing a few feet away. And just as he was about to find the strength to move again, there he was again, this time straddling his body.

Well, life's been fun.

"Hey, how's your ass? You gonna be sitting down on that bike of yours anytime so-UHGAGH!"

The other fist had come down, this one on his off-hand, and he felt something in it snap. Today was definitively not a good day for him to have put on the helmet.

"AH, DAMMIT!" Red Eye breathed through the pain, but something thankfully distracted the bounty hunter for just a moment, enough time for him to switch back to the normal spectrum and to turn on the laser sights, with any luck, the Main Man would be blinded by the intensity of them, especially at this close of a range, then again, he wasn't sure where his eyes had been a moment ago. But, just as a backup, he drew the Redshot and pressed it near the hole in the alien's bum.

"How you like me now?" He said through a clamped jaw, still fighting through the pain.


Maybe he was too stubborn, or too crazy to stay down, but Stormalong was trying to pull himself out of the crater and gradually make his way to his feet. This could be very unsteady and tenuous a thing, but as the healer crowd was a little busy and the world was a little more upright, he decided to give it a try. A little closer and he could touch his sword. Jake lacked the concentration right now to just bring it to him, so he had to go to IT. Once in contact, he would demonize. He didn't care. This pale-faced bounty hunter would see the storm of destruction first if he got the chance...


Luke watched as the villain frantically tore at the cards embedded in his skull, it gave a small sense of satisfaction at causing the Main Man at least some amount of pain, although his cards were ultimately ineffective against his seemingly nigh-impenetrable hide. Any normal flesh would have been eviscerated by his cards by now, by Lobo was by no means normal.

He watched as more of the heroes led an assault against the Main Man, only to be interrupted by all things, by a sentient flaming motorcycle blasting a cacophony of noise. One by one the were tossed aside by Lobo's pure strength, although Fortune did take note of Red Eye's attack, as his bullets hit one of the few unarmoured points on his body. Unfortunately they only served to further antagonize the hulking mercenary, who proceeded to flit him away like a fly, before landing on top of him and throwing a huge right hand.

Over by the wreckage of a car, Red Robin was barely regaining consciousness as the Good Doc injected Lady know's what into his bloodstream, still it served it's purpose, and roused him from his previous crumpled position. As the two conversed, Fortune couldn't help but overhear

"...No. No, we can't beat him."

Shaking, Red Robin stood. Lobo was approaching them, and fast, swinging his chain.

"But, we're not trying to beat him. We've just gotta live until our ride shows up."

Luke watched Cavanaugh charge the merc with syringes and his maw, blocking a clear shot.
Instead he made his way over to Red Eye, who was experiencing ample pain, holding his now limp hand, luckily it wasn't his main hand, which still clutched at his pistol.
Seeing a rifle strewn on the floor, he remembered that it belonged to Red, and so he retrieved it for him.

"Are you okay? Can you still fight" he said as he handed over the Redspotter.

"But, we're not trying to beat him. We've just gotta live until our ride shows up."

While the other's attacked, Robot stood back and watched, gambling that they wouldn't get hurt in the immediate engagement. His bet was good, and now Ego had more information with which to decide with. Fighting Lobo till he was dead or knocked out was both immoral and unfeasible; the loss of life on either side would unwanted, and if they let him near the landing zone of their apparent pick-up, then he could damage their craft or pursue on his bike. Fact was no idea that approached Lobo so directly would fly past Super Ego, so Ego look at the next target that Id had suggested. The Bike itself, seemed to have some programming of it's own, what's more it was the key to Lobo's long range mobility. Finally, Super-Ego was much more flexible when it came to fighting machines.

He launched out of the theatre, barreling straight for the where the shape-shifter and motor-cycle were charging at each other. Id did the math, and Ego realized, he wouldn't be able to stop their collision. This will not be pretty but he prepared himself. Whatever at the first chance he could get he had to try and grab onto the bike's handle-bars.

Felicia's tendrils grabbed onto a nearby streetlight and pulled her, narrowly missing the van that the alien tossed back. A millisecond sooner and the van would have done some serious damage to her. As the fight carried over farther away, Felicia raised her head to see the motorcycle running rampant. At least hindering the merc's method of transportation should at the very least discourage him from pursuing them or make him pull back. It seemed like a bad idea but with the absence of really good ones, Felicia took the risk despite the protest of the parasite.

Felicia swung herself closer and closer to the machine as it came down for another dive run on her allies. As soon as she was close enough, Felicia roped her tendrils onto the bike's handlebars and then the Main Man's seat. The bike then did a hair pin turn through a window as soon as Felicia landed. Whether it was the sudden imbalance or the arrival of an unknown guest, the bike continued to swerve until Felicia's tentacles fought for control.

"This is a really bad idea!" Felicia shrieked. She forced the bike into a controlled turn and straight in the direction of the space mercenary. One way or the other she knew she was going to fall off the bike but she might as well make it cost of him as well.

"Oh fuck this"

Shadow began increasingly annoyed as the dark blasts of energy bounced right off the bounty hunter's bike. Before he could readjust, the bike tore off towards a building putting pressure on the shape shifter. The tendril girl and the robot were both attending to the bike, and Robin and the doctors had their hands full with Lobo.

Shadow was still rearing to have a go at the Main man, and went charging towards him with a small dark energy grenade in each hand. With a pair of swift throws, he aimed one for Lobo's head, and the other at his spine.

As Robo watched Felicia's tentacles grab the motor handles and pull it out of his path, he let out a one kilo-hertz tone. He had been relying on the bike to slow him down, but now he was just charging straight at a wall. He try to do a flip and correct his course but it was to late and he was already going to fast. With a thunderous crash he slammed through the wall, leaving a child-size hole behind him.

Wasting time is inadmissible considering the current circumstances. All actions must be aimed towards preserving life.

We're not wasting time, that girl snatched the bike before I could. I didn't anticipate that.

Considering current circumstances, it is inadmissible to ignore the humans.

Oh sweet robot Jesus really? Well let's try this again.

Crawling out of the hole he just made, Robo took a brief moment to see what the humans were doing. He saw Shadowstar throw the two grenade like objects, and saw Warden and Cavanaugh were still right next to Lobo. Automatic responses activated, in an instant Robo was a silver blur, heading straight towards Lobo. Just barely beating the grenades, Robo grabbed Warden and Cavanaugh and flew up and over, letting them down out of range of the impending explosion.

Cavanaugh was more than a little shocked to be snatched up by a robot shortly after he had latched onto Lobo: luckily all three of the syringes had fully injected into the aliens neck, or else he would have been startled and pissed.

As the street was a blur underneath him, he glanced over and saw the armored girl also being carried by the robot, who prompted him to quirk an eyebrow. "Uh, are you a friendly? What are you doing??", he asked the automaton, struggling to keep his tone calm, as well as loud enough to carry over the whistling of the air rushing past them.

It was then that they were set down just some ways away from Lobo himself, just before there was a dark-energy explosion. He jumped back about a foot before looking over at the robot, who was clearly the only reason they weren't in that blast. "Thanks, strange friendly robot!", he called out, before glancing over at the various heroes.

Since he couldn't pick out who was responsible, he simply called out to them, "Lets avoid friendly fire!".

Turning back to Warden, he nodded. "Lets get back in the fight.", he told her, before sprinting back in the direction of The Main Man.

Sean blinked, watching people he barely knew jump into the fray. Well, he'd have to do his part. With a snort, he charged into battle.

Lobo was immobilized, just for the briefest of moments, when Robin deflected his assault. This was all the time the Good Doctor needed to make his move. Leaping onto the gray-skinned alien's outstretched arm, he furiously clawed away, jabbing a trio of needles straight into his veiny neck. Lobo tried to say something countering this, but all he got was a slurred mess of speech. Spit and slobber splattered Cavanaugh, and with a lazy toss of his arm he was thrown back to the dirt. Lobo's eyes were twitching, opening and shutting at seemingly random intervals as he tried to take in the world around him.

"Y-y-you... you must notta... notta been lissnin when the Main Man... urgh, told you about docturrs..."

He slumped over, to his knees, just in time for Red Eye to send another shot straight into his ass. The bounty hunter didn't even respond, to the bullet or to the man's taunts. He was too numb to feel much of anything now.

"Whugga... whoozits... kizi..."

Above them, Sean and the bike were in a tough scrape. The tiger was mauling at the thing furiously, but it was made of an alloy that was quite blatantly not from Earth; it resisted anything he tried, and dished out equal punishment. It spun, shot forward, and made multiple lunges, bruising the tiger and knocking him back.

Still determined to fight, Sean leaped at the motorcycle again. They came hurtling through the air at each other, only stopped when Felicia intervened. With her tentacles restricting it, she and the vehicle went on a wild chase through the air, whipping her around as she struggled to maintain control.

Down below, Cavanaugh was lifting himself back onto his feet, and could see that Warden had collapsed from injuries not far from him. He'd made a few steps her way, when Rocket Robo swooped down from above. The mechanical man snatched up the both of them, hightailing it out of the blast zone.

Not a moment after they had escaped, Shadowstar roared up the street, two energy grenades clutched tightly in his hands. Above him, Felicia had just hurled the motorbike the Main Man's way as well. The would-be hero and the bike reached the bounty hunter all at once, and a colossal explosion of black energy crackled through the streets.

Dust billowed out from the impact point, forcing Red Robin to stumble back a step. He shielded his eyes, carefully watching to see the results of the impact.

On the ground was the smoking, charred remains of Lobo's bike, crumpled up into scrap metal. Shadowstar was there was well; nearly in as bad of condition. Lobo was back in the game.

The Main Man was standing, breathing heavily, and gripping the little man in both of his hands. His face was contorted into a snarl, and leaking blood from his eyes and the corner of his lips. "You... done goofed, kizi. Nobody, but NOBODY, trashes the Main Man's bike!"

He reached back with one fist, ready to toss it forward and crush Shadowstar's skull. The boy braced for impact, when the sudden sound of a cracking whip could be heard. Lobo yelped in pain, as a thorny vine wrapped tightly around the arm he was winding up. Everyone present followed the vine back to its origin: Alan Finch, exiting the theater with an outstretched palm. His left hand was nursing a disgusting wound, through which the vine originated.

"Sorry I'm late, everybody. I'll make up for it."

The vine yanked, and Lobo was snatched off of his feet, leaving Shadowstar behind as he went zipping across the Plaza. Alan reeled him in close, before lashing out with a second vine, cutting deep gashes across Lobo's face. Blood sploshed in every direction, as he spun on his heel. Lobo was dragged along for the ride, going in a circle and crashing headlong into an overturned semi truck. The grey-skinned alien's form was lost in the debris within, and Alan retracted his vine as he waited.

An explosion of detritus rocked the earth beneath them as Lobo slashed and punched his way out of the truck. The psychopath was already charging for Alan, yelling a long string of curses in his native tongue. But it was no use trying to get close. Five vines now shot out of Alan's palm, and wrapped around Lobo in a tight embrace. Muffled noises could be heard within, mostly screams of pain and rage. Finch smirked, and the vines retracted at the same time.

It was like a thousand knives cutting across Lobo's flesh. The entire surface of his body was flayed by the thorns, blood coating everything within four feet of him. Alan calmly turned around to face the others, as the bounty hunter fell flat on his face, unmoving.

"Man, I go for one bathroom break and everything goes to hell! So, uh, who was that guy?"

Though the newcomer to the fight was celebrating his victory, he was being too loud to hear the groans of his adversary on the ground. He was talking to someone, though they were not present.

"W...what? The Main Man... always finishes the j-job... you can't cut in on me, you... son of a..."

He fell unconscious, for the moment. And a tiny voice could be heard from the communicator in his ear. "My turn."

A similar light from before opened up all around the weary combatants. More black silhouettes came careening down from the ship above them. A dozen soldiers, dressed in uniform gunmetal gray armor, clutching strange blocky rifles, all taking aim at the metahumans they had surrounded. Red Robin threw up a signal with his index and middle fingers, calling everyone to gather around him.

"Get together," he yelled. "we can take them!"


Another figure landed. This one was shorter than the rest, though only slightly, still the size of a full-grown man. In fact, he looked exactly like a normal man. His skin was pale, and his black hair cropped short. His beard was grown into a full goatee, going up along his jawline to silvery sideburns.

He was dressed in a black suit, with silver trip and armored plating along the arms and legs. A pentagon on his chest was emblazoned with a stylized, silver "Z". And a simple black circlet was wrapped tight around his neck.

He was staring straight at Alan Finch.

"Are you the one who incapacitated the bounty hunter?"

Alan drew back at bit, bringing his palm up. "What if I am?"

"Then your life is forfeit."

Alan gritted his teeth, furrowed his brow and let loose with a storm of vines. They swiped across the man's chest, but ripped no fabric. They slashed at his face, but drew no blood. At long last, they attempted to wrap around his neck and choke him out. The man's only response was to make a single sweep of his arm, moving faster than the eye could see, and grabbed up all the vines at once. He drew them taut, and left Alan immobilized.

Then, his eyes glowed red.

Two beams of light emanated from his pupils, and shot straight into Finch's forehead. The man managed to eke out a short scream, but it slowly died out into a choking whimper as the beams bored through his skull, and into the gray, fleshy mass beneath. His breathing stopped, and Alan let out a last few gurgles from deep in his throat.

He dropped to his knees, the man deigning to release the vines. They slithered back halfway into his palms, before at last they stopped completely. Alan Finch, slumped onto his right side, and became still.

The black-haired man turned back to the others, staring on in horror. His humorless expression did not make the slightest change as he said, "I am Zod. Kneel, and surrender."

"Are you okay? Can you still fight"

"Of course I can still fight," Adrien said as he holstered his pistol and took the proffered Redspotter, busted hand held against his chest,"I just shot a galactic merc in the ass twice and lived. I'm as high as a kite right now."

He got to his feet and watched who he could only assume was Ivy's cousin shooting vines out of his hands and ripping Lobo apart. That was interesting, and then the ship landed with the soldiers. That was not so interesting. So much for hoping that was their ride, since the first thing that happened to Vine Man is going from comfortably warm to the melting point of brain.

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiight, we're screwed here, aren't we? You got any of that luck-magicky-stuff you can rub off on me?"

He held the rifle in one hand, finger off the trigger. If those vines could rip Lobo up and not this guy, he didn't think he had much of a chance harming him. This had not been a good day to get out of bed at all.

After taking a few steps forward, Cavanaugh paused and glanced back at Warden, noticing that she wasn't exactly moving much. As he did his best to grimace, he turned back and hooked one of her arms around his neck as he supported her weight, helping her as he made his way toward the others. As he did, he was happy to note that Lobo was down for the count thanks to the trio of doses that were running through his veins.

However, the smoke from the explosion cleared, and revealed that The Main Man was back and rearing for a fight. Not only that, but he held one of their number in a massive fist. Before he could move to kill the man in his hand, however, a thorny whip cracked over his arm, and in turn released Shadowstar.

It was soon after that an unknown man proceeded to tear into the alien mercenary mercilessly as Cavanaugh watched in sheer awe.

"Man, I go for one bathroom break and everything goes to hell! So, uh, who was that guy?".

The Good Doctor couldn't help but chuckle as he rejoined the others with Warden in tow, but it died in his throat as grey-uniformed soldiers dropped down, aiming bulky rifles at them all, prompting Robin to call out to the group.

"Get together, we can take them!".

Cavanaugh nodded and readied the claws of his free hand, only to notice a new figure drop down. He looked nearly human and wore a black, armored suit emblazoned with a stylized 'Z'. And for some reason, he terrified the mutant more than Lobo did.

Within minutes, he watched as Alan attacked the newcomer to no avail, then get killed as the mans eye-beams burned through his skull, and melted his brain.

"I am Zod. Kneel, and surrender."

The Good Doctor only growled loudly. "You fucking son of a bitch! You'll pay for that!", he spat, his teeth forming a savage snarl as he moved Warden behind him.

A moment of elation filled Rosemary's heart as Lobo went down, only for moments later soldiers to drop down all around them. She raised her hands, dropping into a combat stance, ready to fight.

Then this man arrived, this Dark Superman. He killed one of them with just a glance. Not even a heartbeat of effort. Tears of grief and horror filled her eyes and she wanted to vomit as the man's brain was fried like a bad TV dinner.

"I..." There's nothing I can do, there's nothing we can do. That guy took out Lobo and his attacks didn't even scratch him. Dying won't do anyone any good. I'm sorry, Uncle. Warden was at the end of her tether. She dropped down to one knee. "I surrender."

Blinking after a moment, Cavanaugh glanced back at Warden as she knelt, and said exactly what Zero wanted to hear.

"I surrender.".

So he said the first thing that came to mind. "Bullshit. No one is surrendering to this little bitchtit. I doubt the fucker would let us live if we did.", he ground out, just before glaring at her over the rims of his glasses.

"Wheres your dignity? Your strength, huh? Do you want to be put down like some sick dog, and just let this asshole get away with taking over our planet, killing millions? Or do you want to die fighting, knowing you did all you could? Me? I'm gonna fight this piece of fucking shit.", he said, glancing at the others and taking up a fighting stance of his own.

He'd be damned if he was going to lay down and die. Fuck no. Abomination he may be, but this was still his planet. His home. He wasn't going down without a fight.

It took him a bit, but the bounty hunter had been too busy to make sure he stayed down. Jake had started to get his strength back and ignore the aches of his body from that rather nasty blow. He stood up even as shit went down against Lobo, his bike having been totaled and he himself was vined down. Stormalong had the Sword of Maelstrom in his hand even as Lobo went down. He was beginning to feel better, and they were apparently regrouping. And that was when this newcomer came aboard. No idea who HE was either. If he was anything like the level of strength of Lobo, it meant he was trouble. He'd dropped down and brought guards with him too. And then, there was that ultimatum.

"I am Zod. Kneel, and surrender."

There was a tense moment in the group, and our man Stormy placed the point of his sword against the ground. He was glaring at the pommel, and then looked over at Zod.

"No dice."

A sudden breeze came off of him as the emerland in the pommel of the blade glowed fiercely with the slitted eye of a demon. The Sword of Maelstrom went dark and phased into Mr. Stormalong's body, rendering him black and quite amorphous for a moment. The skies went dark with a black storm rising, and a the shape that was our trenched man was engulfed in a similar whirlwind. This was the storm of destruction, the chaos of the wind, the fire, and the lightning. It was Maelstrom...


The abomination of the chaotic storm, its green eyes piercing the black, it swept the force of the opening whirlwind at the gunmetal-gray troops. Every piece of its black storm was its three prime elements combined. It would not be pleasant for anyone... What was now completely visible to all was a dark humanoid hovering where Jake stood, armored in demon carapaceand toughened monstrous hide. Humanoid is only the basic shape, however. There were four slits of pupil-less eyes in the chest with that one gem's eye in the middle, with two additional glowing slits on the head...which bore a fanged and mandibled mouth and two black tongues. The legs and arms were longer than a normal human's, with indeed longer claws (jagged, horrible claws) extending from the fingers and toes. The carapace wings were also bladed and jagged, as were the shoulders, elbows, and knees. The only way this creature was kneeling was if it put a hole through Zod's chest in the process.

Done drinking that in? Then, let's begin. The demon took no chances, waited no turns. He'd seen this man use terrible power against his foes. There would be a frigging sonic boom from the movement the elemental demon made, flying forwards to close the distance and rake claws at the man, claws rife with his power as the formation of six maelstrom vortices surged forwards blast at Zod in a pincer strike, trying to engulf and destroy their new aggressor.

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