They Saved Hitler's Genes! A B-Movie RP


In 1945, during the collapse of the Nazi regime, a small group of powerful men within the Reich escaped capture by Allied forces and fled to Brazil. These men included a group of scientists, proteges of the infamous Dr. Mengele led by Doctor Heinrich Goeth who had performed experiments on living Humans in an effort to unlock the hidden strengths within Humankind. These scientists would continue their experiments in Brazil utilizing their most valuable asset - a vial of blood belonging to the only true leader of the Reich, Adolf Hitler.

It took them years, but they would finally acheive their goals in 1952, creating fifteen genetic clones of Adolf Hitler. But it was not enough to merely replicate the great Fuhrer, he must be improved! The first crusade of National Socialism had failed, they must make their
leader superior.

Adolf Hitler, fetus. A man only beginning to live. "Gentlemen! We can enhance him, we have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first super-man. Adolf Hitler will be that man. Better than he was the first time - better, stronger, faster.

With all the powers of their Nazi science, they upgraded the Fetuses as best they could - some by altering their genetics, some by augmenting them with machines, and others by unleashing the unholy powers of the occult into their tender baby bodies. Some were unable to withstand the strain and died, but others thrived and grew stronger and mightier than ever before. The scientists foresaw an entire legion of enhanced Superhitlers reclaiming the world in the name of National Socialism and Germany.

It was not to be, however, as agents of the fledgling state of Israel located these laboratories and killed most of the project scientists. The fledgling Hitler Clones however were not found until some time later by the secret Brazilian organization known only by a single word - KRIEG.

KRIEG's leaders soon discovered the unique power of the Hitler clones and due to their inability to reverse engineer their unique powers knew they would have to make use of them, despite how distasteful it might be. Only agents of this caliber could protect the world from the forces that were rising - not just the nefarious powers of the communist bear, but also darker powers that waited in the wings for a vulnerable moment, ready to strike.

Twenty years have passed since then, and the Hitlers have grown into adulthood, mastering their powers and being trained in the deadly skills needed to be KRIEG's most elite operatives. But raised inside the confines of KRIEG's secret Antarctic bunker, they know little of the world beyond.

That is soon to change. The year is 1972, and from the shadows of Soviet China has emerged a new threat - the organization known as FENGSHUI. With relations between China and the West opened by the overtures of Nixon, the darkness of FENGSHUI has been unleashed upon the world. They have begun with a vicious attack against the American Moon Base, launching a unit of their elite Qi Guard in one-man rockets.

Nothing the Americans have can hope to stop the Qi Guard. Not the Astronauts, not UNUM, not even the Federal Reserve. The only hope for the Moon Base lies with Adolf Hitler.
All of them.

I call Kung-Fu Hipster Hitler.

This premise is absolutely insane, and completely awesome for it.
I will reserve this space for a sheet, if that's alright.

I'll try to get it up in a timely manner.

Omfg, I honestly don't know what you smoke shaepair, but I want some, bad. Yeah, I will get a sheet for this coming along soon.

I....I don't know what this is, but my subconscious will haunt me for the rest of my mortal days if I don't get in on it.

Reserve for place as another Hitler as well.

Oh, wow. This is absolutely hilarious and awesome and also really damn weird at the same time. Love it. Don't know if I can join but if nothing else I feel like I'm going to enjoy following this.

Alreich let's do this.

Behold my powah!

I hope my powah is to your liking.


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