Black War Syndicate(Started. Open. PM the GM)

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"How does a bit of sneaking strike you?"

"I'm right behind you. Let me just get my silencer and attach it to my pistol." Byron headed towards the car's trunk and took out his suitcase. From inside the suitcase he took out his silencer and his katana.

"see this," Byron said waving his katana around,"this will kill any man inside without as much as a whimper. Anyway I'm ready. Lead the way."

"We'll need an open window to gain access, otherwise we'll have to make some noise. Let's take care of that guard once we get over. There should be a janitor's closet on that floor according to schematics. Then we can proceed upstairs undisturbed. Provided there aren't more guards on this floor." Caspian over looked the floor plan for the floor above them, and made his comments on it.

"Looks like we'll have to go up onto the roof though Stefan. It will mean that we can easily access any of the windows on the main building. Appears that the floor above has access to the roof terrace via a side corridor next to it. Fortunately, there are only a couple of guards situated in the rooms above us, one in each; so we can make for the silent take-down. Follow me." He said, signalling Stefan to follow him up the stairs. They arrived up a long corridor which appeared to turn right at the end. Along their right side was two doors, each accompanied by a small window.

"Right, down that end of the corridor is where we need to go. You take this first one, then I'll move in on the second further down. Ready?" Caspian asked quietly, hoping that they weren't overheard.

"That works for me, Just, be gentle when you take him." Jacob smiled as he cracked his knuckles. "I will be sure to not kill them before the interrogation. Don't worry, the gentle part I can't promise though." Jacob was smiling he loved his job. Two men walked down the street Jacob looked at Oliver to hear who they were.

"Speak of the devil, there's our man and interestingly enough his younger brother. Jacob, make sure you get both of them, and don't do to much damage, we need both of them alive and conscious." Jacob sighed as he looked at Oliver. "You keep making my job harder you know that? But sure I will grab them both." Jacob used an small shock to check if his tech still worked. It did, Jacob smiled as he left the car and walked to the other side of the street making sure to go unnoticed. Jacob slowly creped up on them he then made an whistling sound. Both men turned around. He tried to grab them both but the older one jumped back, the younger one was grabbed and quickly shocked into an unconscious state.

The older one looked very angry as he grabbed his pistol, but Jacob had acted faster. Jacob had managed to step forward quickly kicking the gun out of his hand. Before the man could recover Jacob used an second kick, hitting the man in his stomach. The man grabbed to his stomach as Jacob charged. Jacob charged with his helmet into the mans stomach, knocking the wind out of him. He then threw the stunned man backwards, making him land a feet away on his back. Jacob quickly rolled backwards, he was now sitting on top of the man. The man tried to punch him, but the armor made his punches almost useless. Jacob grabbed the mans head with two hands and shocked him unconscious. The younger one was trying to get up, when Jacob saw this he quickly ran over to him. And he used an powerful downward kick, smashing the younger one into the pavement.

He could see that he wouldn't be getting up anytime soon, he dragged the younger one to the older one. The younger one was slightly bleeding from an cut in his forehead. Jacob crouched as he grabbed four flexi cuffs and quickly restrained their arms and legs. They wouldn't get away like this, he made them just not tight enough to stop all blood from flowing through but movement was almost impossible. Jacob grabbed some duct tapes and also sealed their mouths. Jacob looked back at the car and did his thumb up, he then grabbed both men and brought them to the door of their house. Jacob then grabbed the key of one of the man opening the door. Jacob grabbed his pistol and then went in to neutralize any guards inside, his silencer making sure he would be unheard.

Stefan followed Caspian, taking his place at the designated door as he nodded slightly. He decided not to speak, as that might've attracted unwanted attention. But he did agree with the plan and the nod stood for that. He waited for Caspian to take his place at the other door, checking through the window briefly. He could spot two guards. They appeared to be playing cards, looking bored at a small table with two chairs. The room itself appeared to be somekind of office break room, though most of the furniture had been cleared out of it.

He gestured at Caspian that he was ready and on his mark, burst into the room, lifting his gun in one hand and holding the baton in the other, he shot the guard on the far side in the arm. The shot wasn't lethal, but the shock round lived up to his name and the guard spasmed in his seat. Almberg was already upon the second guard, who was quite dumbstruck. He tried to twist his head to see their aggressor, but before he could fully turn he got a shock baton to the neck and passed out shortly afterwards. Stefan certainly wouldn't waste time and bashed the guard who got shot over the head, letting him slump against the table, still twitching on occasion.

With that, Stefan went out into the hallway to meet up with Caspian again, content with his sweep.

"Lead the way."

"Alright then" Calvin turned and started towards the factory. As they approached, he began to appreciate just how big the building was. A whole gang could easily hide out in there. It was a relief to not have to crouch behind cars and slit throats just to gain entry. He spotted a fire escape to one side of the building that descended from the upper levels. "There seems like a good entry point" he said to Byron as he gestured.

Byron approached the ladder. "Watch my back." he said to Calvin as he began to ascend the ladder. It was a short climb, no more than 10 meters but it was the best way in they had found so far. Calvin followed Byron up the ladder soon enough. They both took cover against the wall, one on either side of the fire exit.

"You better hope this fire escape doesn't trigger an alarm when opened." Byron said before he slowly pulled the door open. Crouching, he made his way inside. It was a small corridor that went on for about 7 meters before opening up to a bigger room. Byron, with his back to the wall sneaked and took a peek into the room. Inside were two guards watching what looked like football. They we clearly off duty as they were partly drunk on beer.

Fortunately for Byron, the couch was facing the other way so they would not see him approaching. He slowly took his silenced G72's out and approached his targets. Just as he was about to shoot he heard a third man coming from the corridor on the left.

"You guys enjoying the ga- Look out behind you!" the third man had spotted Byron. Instinctively Byron shot his guns. One bullet got the third man and the other got one of the men on the couch. The last one tackled Byron to the ground, causing him to drop his guns. Punches came raining down, but Byron managed to block them and grab the man's head so he could headbutt him. The man stood up and rubbed his forehead in pain.

"Alright, you son of a bitch, you're dead!" said the man getting his knife out. Byron got his katana out and waited. The man slashed from the right but Byron saw it coming and managed, in one fluid movement, to block the blade and follow through, cutting the man's head. His body slumped and fell to the ground, his head flying a couple of meters back.

Byron wiped his katana off the man's jacket and put it back in his sheath. As he went over to pick up his guns off the floor, he contacted Calvin," You can come whenever you feel like it."

Caspian watched as Stefan went into the first room along the corridor, and began taking out the guards. Meanwhile, he had his own security issue to deal with. Inside of the room he had picked, there was at least three guards; two of which were inspecting their weapons, whilst the third was busy watching TV.

"You'd think with this being a secure facility, they would have a fair few more guards patrolling the premises; and perhaps some security cameras." He said to himself with a annoyed tone as he unhooked a smoke grenade from his coat, tossing it between his hands.

"Since I can't just saunter in all causal like and knock them out, will have to use this as cover." Caspian remarked to himself as he pulled the pin and lobbed it into the room. Within a few seconds, the grenade detonated, filling the room with a think smoke; obscuring the guards vision. He on the other hand had trained for long enough with them that he wasn't effected.

Caspian went into the room, and set himself upon the two guards on weapons inspection. The first tried to punch him, but he blocked the attack and delivered a counter to the elbow, effectively breaking it. He then brought both the guards heads together, smashing them into one another and causing them to enter a dazed state. It was then finished up with a powerful kick which sent them crashing to the floor and unconscious.

Then came the question of how to deal with the final one who was already scared after seeing his colleagues beaten up. Hoping he wouldn't suffer a similar end, he had quickly put his gun down and surrendered. Caspian smiled as he went up to the man, and delivered a powerful strike to the guard's back, knocking him out.

"Sorry, whilst on any other occasion I would happily let you remain conscious, I can't have you reporting back to your superiors." Caspian remarked in a slightly regretful tone as he quietly walked out the room, still partially submerged in smoke. Stefan had appeared soon after, and had finished his own house keeping.

"Right, let's get going." Caspian said, as they continued following the corridor around.

"You can come whenever you feel like it."

"Don't mind if I do." Calvin replied, inspecting the scene. "Beheading, Byron, really?" He sighed. "We should probably try and hide these guys. If one person came up to check on them then more might do the same. Look, there's a closet over there." They dragged the bodies inside and kicked the disembodied head in after them.

"Let's take a look around" Calvin continued, drawing his revolver. This time subtlety may not be possible. He'd left the incendiary round behind this time though. "We need to find out where they're keeping the guns."

They opened the door- and were confronted with another gang member. He had a funny smell coming off him, that Calvin couldn't quite place. When he broke into a fit of maniacal laughter, it became apparent that he was high as a kite. "Wh-wh-who are you guys?" he stuttered while giggling like a schoolgirl. "I'm Santa Claus," Calvin replied calmly, "and this is my little helper. We've come to give out presents."

"But the presents were out on the floor," the gang member replied, sounding more than a little confused. "Boss had big boxes on the factory floor and everyone got to pick out of them. There were so many boss said he had to put the rest in the basement."

"Great." Calvin responded. "You've been a good boy, now sit down and look at the pretty lights." He shoved the Scorpion onto the couch in front of the TV. He paused then, uncertain of the next move. The gang member was mesmerised by the TV and din't look to be in any fit state to move, but they couldn't have him wandering around telling everyone Santa had come to visit. He didn't feel right about killing someone who was that high though. He could get spooked and scream. Figuring it would make a decent compromise, he walked up behind the couch, and hit the Scorpion hard on the head with his gun. He slumped forward, unconscious.

"That's a start, we now know where they gather and where the guns are. By basement, he must have meant storage unit" Calvin said to Byron. "They might have kept the finished cars underground when this factory was running. Which do you think we should check out?"

"They might have kept the finished cars underground when this factory was running. Which do you think we should check out?"

"We might as well check out that storage unit. You know you could have let me deal with him" Byron said pointing at his sword. "But anyway, once we find the weapons what do we do? It's not like we are going to haul them out of here. Wouldn't it make more sense that after we see where the guns are we take the Scorpions out? I mean didn't that dealer say that this is their meeting place. If we catch all of the leaders at once, and I guess we will since they got new "presents" they have to pick up, we should kill them and take another gang away from Sebastian."

Byron was about to turn around and walk toward the door when he remembered, "You have no idea how hard it is to decapitate a man in one hit with a 1700 year old sword. Plus is more about making a statement than killing the fellow."

"You have no idea how hard it is to decapitate a man in one hit with a 1700 year old sword. Plus is more about making a statement than killing the fellow."

"What statement? That you're a psychopath? On second thought, coming from me that rings a bit insincere, so comment retracted."

Calvin looked out of the room, but there was nobody in the corridor. He stalked down it, with Byron a few paces behind him. at the end was a staircase, and on the wall beside it was a down arrow with Storage and Assembly floor picked out in faded lettering beside it.

The stairs clanked as they made their descent. Calvin's fears about having to pass the assembly floor were quelled when he saw the door leading out to it was shut. Continuing down, they came to a huge room full of cars in various states of disrepair. Upon entering, Calvin thought he could hear voices on the far side of the room. He turned to Byron and held a finger to his lips.

They edged towards the far side of the room. Once or twice Calvin thought he saw guards walking around, but he realised they were all going in the same direction. Going ever closer, they eventually came to a point where several cars had been moved to create a large open space. From what Calvin could see in the fleeting glances that he stole from around the side of the car that the two of them were using as cover, there were 4 heavily tattooed individuals standing around three large crates, three men and a woman. Standing beside them holding curious-looking guns, were two guards, who were gazing raptly at the crates with hungry expressions on their faces. The four by the crates were talking.

"I still don't think we should have given everybody one. Some of those retards can't shoot a regular gun, never mind one of these" One of the men was complaining.

"Stop whining" the woman was talking now. "The retards obey every word we say, and they don't have to be able to shoot the guns if we don't order them to. Why the fuck did we have to come down here anyway?"

"Because we need to do a count of the weapons, as I've told you a thousand fucking times." A second man replied. "Those people might be under our thumbs, but I don't trust them not to cream a few choice bits of hardware off the top, which is why we have to do it ourselves." He spoke with the exasperated tone of someone who is sick of people arguing with him.

This was all they needed to hear. Calvin motioned to Byron to edge away a bit. When they were out of earshot, he whispered in Byron's ear, "These must be the higher ups. Any ideas how we could take them out?"

"These must be the higher ups. Any ideas how we could take them out?"

"Here load these." Byron gave Calvin around 6 bullets. "They detonate remotely when an enemy gets too close. Now we could set a trap using these, because I'm not even that crazy to attack around 30 heavily armed people head on. Alternatively we could take cover behind this wall and start shooting until they are all dead. I also have some flashbangs ready for use. So that's my plan, so I sure hope you have a better one or we might not make it."

Byron edged a bit closer to the edge of the wall. He muttered under his breath, "Just for once I wish we could stroll in here kill the gangsters and walk out."

Calvin searched the room, desperately looking for something that would help. Maybe we could shoot the crates? No the explosion would kill us before we could get out. His mind raced as he loaded the bullets into the gun. Then it hit him. The cars.

Even though oil hadn't been used for nearly 100 years, the synthetic fuel that had replaced it was just as flammable. When cars came off the line, the factory always put a little fuel in them so they could drive them out onto the trucks. Collectively, there would be enough fuel in all the cars to start a fairly big explosion, and combined with the contents of those crates, it would be big enough to blow the factory and everyone in it sky high.

He decided to relay the idea to Byron. "Byron, we can use the cars. If we put some of these rounds in a few cars by the door, when these guys come out, they'll set them off, and when you combine the fuel in these cars with the guns in those crates, this whole room is just one giant time bomb. What do you say?"

"What do you say?"

"Firstly, you were right. You are not sane. Secondly once you shoot those rounds we run like hell because if one of them leaves while we're still inside then we'll get blown sky high as well. So shoot those rounds and let's get the hell out of here"

"So shoot those rounds and let's get the hell out of here"

Slowly, they edged their way back to the door they had entered through on the far side of the room. Pausing at the door, Calvin strained his ears and could still hear the gang leaders talking. He raised his revolver and pointed it at a car. He pulled back the hammer on his gun and fired three shots into the car, and the other 3 into a car on the other side of the aisle.

"What the fuck was that?!" someone shouted. Without a word, Calvin and Byron sprinted out of the room and up the stairs. The high guy from earlier was standing in the corridor at the top. "Santa..." he started, and was then cut off as Byron and Calvin ran over him. Swinging into the room, they jumped through the window and down the fire escape.

"MOVE, MOVE!" Calvin roared as they crossed the old industrial estate heading back towards the car. When they were about 200 meters away, the single loudest noise Calvin ever heard erupted from behind him. The two of them were lifted bodily off the ground from the force of the blast and thrown forward 20 feet. Calvin's head smacked off the cracked asphalt, and then there was darkness.

When he came to, his ears were ringing and he felt light headed. He put his hand to his temple and it came away spattered with blood. Oh, that's not good, he thought groggily. He turned around, and was greeted with a gigantic smoking crater that had once upon a time been a factory.

Shakily, he stood. About 10 feet to his right, he was relieved to see Byron on his feet, standing in a now very flat bush. "Come on," he gasped, his head throbbing. "We've got to get out of here before the cops show up."

"We've got to get out of here before the cops show up."

Byron got up from the bush. His ears were still ringing from the explosion. "Phwoar, those rounds had some kick!" he looked more carefully at Calvin. " Your head is bleeding my friend, get in I'll drive."

They drove back again on the road that they were probably well acquainted with by now. The road back to Mantis. Calvin was right though. It didn't take long for the cops to show up. !That's a good record, my friend" Byron started, "Two gang bases blown up in two days, we are making quite the team. I'm sure Mantis will be so overjoyed about this that he will forget about me "borrowing" his car."

The rest of the journey back to the hideout was uneventful and when they arrived Byron waited in the car for a minute. "You should get that fixed before we go any further." Byron said pointing at Calvin's head. "I'm sure there's a first aid kit in the bathroom"

"I'm sure there's a first aid kit in the bathroom"

"Okay. Meet me back in the hall in a few minutes." Calvin collected his rifle from the car, stumbled inside, dropped his equipment unceremoniously on his bed and went into the bathroom. There was indeed a first aid kit in there. After using a damp tissue to clean the dirt off the cut, he saw that it was fairly deep. I'll have to get that Doctor to stitch it up when he gets back, the thought to himself. He opened the first aid kit up, and soaked some cotton wool with disinfectant, he dabbed at the cut with it, pausing only to shout out expletives when it stung. He placed more cotton wool over the cut, and secured it to his head with a length of bandage.

Byron was waiting when he returned to the hall. "You're telling him this time" he said shortly. He was in no fit state for debriefings by now.

"You're telling him this time"

"Sure thing." Byron and Calvin both walked towards the door. Slowly Byron opened it and spoke up. "Mantis, you here? We have finished out mission."

"Mantis, you here? We have finished our mission."

"Where else would I be Byron? I live here. Anyway, did anything get blown up or burned down this time?"

"Anyway, did anything get blown up or burned down this time?"

"You know it. We arrived in Lyon with no clue as to the gang's whereabouts, so Calvin and I decided the best way to find out where a gang is hiding is to ask one of their drug dealers. Of course the whole thing failed and we had to chance him but we got him quickly and after a little "persuasion" from Calvin we found out that the gang was hiding at the old Peugeot factory outside of the city. We got there and infiltrated it stealthy enough until I was found out by a henchman who I had to behead to make sure he stayed quiet. Oh and we also met a man who thought we were Santa. Anyway, the leaders were all holed up in the storage, where they kept some of the cars. The four leaders were there to count and give out the weapons you made us follow. Me and Calvin then decided that if we killed the leaders now Sebastian would have one less gang to control so after setting up a simple trap where we fired remote detonation bullets at the cars, we ran like hell. Just as we had managed to get out of the building and back to the car, one of the henchmen triggered the bullet and the whole thing exploded. The cars still had some synthetic fuel inside. We were thrown around by the blast and that's how Calvin got this gash on his head." he pointed to Calvin, "but in terms of the factory, let's just say there's a huge crater where the factory used to be. Doubt they got out alive."

Mantis laughed aloud at Byron's account.

"Subtly is not your strong suit it seems. Gosh. Killing of the heads of an entire gang. I only wish there was some kind of calling card we had to take credit for such things"

Mantis leaned back and kicked his feet up on the console as he thought.

"Well this has been more productive than I would have imagined. Taking out that gang has undone a few of my calculations. No matter no. I shall adjust, and have new plans ready. The only question is where to go from here"

"The only question is where to go from here"

"The only place I'm going from here is bed" Calvin said tonelessly. "But in the longer run I'd say we could pay that other gang in Lyon a visit, once we find out who they are. I think we'd want to take more than two people for that job though, because after what we did to the Scorpions and what happened at the militia compound they'll be on edge. Alternatively, we could go after that Claude fellow. Were you able to find out anything about either, Mantis?"

"But in the longer run I'd say we could pay that other gang in Lyon a visit, once we find out who they are. Alternatively, we could go after that Claude fellow. Were you able to find out anything about either, Mantis?"

Mantis snapped his fingers and turned to the computer.

"Of course I did! The gang you at the compound were the Beniji Hu. It's Chinese for...I have no idea. Though the gang members are usually French. That's is odd"

Mantis pulled another file up on a different screen.

"Oh. The leader is a Chinese immigrant. Well that makes sense. Anyway, I have a list of the locations they hang out in. As for Claude, there's no one in Black's party that matches that name and description. I'll have to look elsewhere"

Jacob entered the house, he looked around when he heard barking. Jacob quickly turned around using his right arm to protect himself. A big dog jumped and bit him in his right arm, the suit defended Jacob however not even allowing the dog to damage the suit. Jacob grabbed the dog with his left hand shocking it, the dog fainted and hit the ground. Jacob sighed and grabbed his last flexi cuff and used it on the dog. Jacob quickly searched the house holding his gun ready to fire. It seemed to be empty however, Jacob was glad that there weren't any guards other then the dog. He quickly grabbed the 2 brothers form outside and threw them on the floor they were still out cold though.

Jacob began to close the windows and the curtains. Jacob touched his ear and said into his ear piece "Oliver everything seems clear, you can both come into the house. Just watch out not to attract any attention, also I have caught a dog that was in the house. We might be able to use it as leverage." Jacob walked back into the living room grabbing 2 strong looking chairs, and binding the brothers to it using some rope he found in their garage. Jacob was smiling he was looking forward to the next part of their mission.

"I have a list of the locations they hang out in. As for Claude, there's no one in Black's party that matches that name and description. I'll have to look elsewhere"

"Could you send the list to our communicators? Then Byron and I can see about putting a more complete team together when the others get back, and we can check them all out."

He turned to Byron. "That sound ok to you?" Please answer quickly, he thought, because I'm pretty sure I've got a mild concussion and I just wanna get in my bed and sleep this off like a bad hangover.

"That sound ok to you?"

Byron took out a cigar and started puffing out smoke. "Well, of course. I don't have anything better to do so I guess I'll go clean myself up. I must have stepped in a turd or something in this sewer. We'll talk later. By the way Mantis, you know that car you like, the black two seater sports car? Ye me and Calvin took it for a spin, I thought you ought to know." he took his leave, "Calvin, Mantis.."

Byron exited the room and went back to the car. He picked up his gear and headed into his usual routine of shower, food and then back to his room. However this time instead of changing into a suit, Byron pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and got in bed. It had been a hard day and he sure could use some rest. But before he went to sleep, Byron hid the communicator Mantis gave him underneath a ton of clothes, just in case Mantis wanted to wake him up again.

"Right behind you."

Calvin sighed with relief as they excused themselves. He didn't bother getting anything to eat, he just headed straight to bed. He pulled the box out from underneath and gently placed his equipment inside, piece by piece. Next came his protective vest and guards, the vest was a little dented where he'd been shot earlier, but not seriously damaged. He laid each of the items carefully on top of the rest of the gear.

He closed the lid and shoved the box back under the bed. Quickly undressing, he crawled under the covers and drew them up around him, and felt sleep coming fast.

Stefan had studied his map extensively and navigating the corridors was to no surprise easy. They cut two corners without further hassle, which lead them to a set of shorter stairs leading out on the roof. Almberg decided to take point, opening the door. Little to his surprise though, there weren't any guards here anymore. The fact that there had been 5 guards on the second floor most likely pointed towards some of them having gone off the roof at some point. That could hardily be considered a bad thing for them both though.

"It's empty. There's four windows. So far, the map is spot on."

Stefan made his way towards the ledge, careful not to get spotted by anyone. Sadly, they were really exposed to the third floor windows from the main building, so he waved Caspian over and pointed at the left most window. It was open, much to their relief. Some guard had to have opened it to let the breeze in. Stepping up on the ledge, Stefan leaped through the open window wordlessly. The window of time they had before the guard in the third building made another pass was rather small, and Stefan would make a little noise from the jump, that was unavoidable, positioning himself next to the wall in the corridor's turn, he waited for Caspian. Speaking into his communicator in turn, very quietly, of course.

"He's all yours. We should be able to go right for the third floor after this."

Stefan had leapt up through the open window on the third floor without a sound. He then positioned himself next to the wall and spoke to Caspian through the communicator, of course speaking very quietly to avoid detection.

"He's all yours. We should be able to go right for the third floor after this." Caspian smiled at this remark, but also because they were close to the objective point. He climbed and grabbed a hold of a window ledge and jump at the ledge of the open window, and waited for the guard to pass. When the timing was right, he leapt through the window, tackling the guard to the floor. After a brief struggle, the guard was knocked unconscious. Caspian took it upon himself to drag the man over to an empty storage closet, and stuffed him inside; not before grabbing a key card that sticked out of a pocket.

He walked over to Stefan, and showed him the card.

"Might be useful, anyway, in which direction should we go now?" Caspian asked as he looked down both sides of the corridor.

"Follow me." Was all he remarked quietly, moving through the corridor. It was by no means quick movement, it was a bit slower but silent. They met little resistance at this point. The corridors branching out into some office spaces filled with cubicles. Stefan was vaguely aware of a guard on the other side of the office area, but they didn't need to pass him, so he left him alone for now. It would only take time to move out and deal with him after all. He advanced up a flight of stairs, stopping at the edge when he heard some guards ahead.

"Sounds like three guards bunched together. Nothing we can't handle."

He stopped for a moment, the sound of footsteps approaching made him move back , hiding a bit further down the stairs. Two guards passed by the upper stairs, patrolling the corridors. So five guards in total on the third floor, two patrolling, three either resting or socializing, they were being loud. The layout of the third floor was a simple circle corridor with various cubicles for office employees placed here and there. It seems the guards were indeed occupying an office building. While he didn't see it with his own eyes, there was a room in the back, marked as a potential area for the computer. He could only guess that it was the chief administrator's office, or some similar thing, either that or a conference room.

Almberg gestured for Caspian to follow and went after the two guards, he struck one over the back of the head. If it wasn't for him talking to his colleague, he might've even heard Stefan coming across the padded floor. He left the other guard to Caspian, once they were both dealt with, he would give the lead over. Letting Caspian take point on the three loud guards. Then the way to the room would be open for them.

"Sounds like three guards bunched together. Nothing we can't handle." Stefan said with a slight smirk as stopped briefly, hiding further down the stairs. Two guards out of the five that were stationed on this floor were patrolling the corridors; whilst the other three were either relaxing or talking to one another, either way they were being loud.

Stefan gestured Caspian to follow as he went after the one of the two mobile guards. With a simple blow to the back of the head, the guard was down, leaving but one remain. Caspian then followed suit by moving in on the second guard, putting an arm around his neck, bringing him close to strike him upon the chest, causing him to stagger and become winded. The guard soon collapsed upon the floor, with no intention of getting up for a while.

"Right, with these two out of commission for a while; lets go scope the other three on this floor." He remarked, before signalling Stefan to follow him, locating the three guards quick enough. They all appeared to be talking with one another, but Caspian was unsure about what the topic of conversation was; due to their back being turned towards him. Their area was a large cubicle with two entrances with entrances either side of them, with Caspian and Stefan standing a little distance away, standing behind a small wall section.

"Looks like we'll have to do a pincer moment in order to take these goons out. You get on the other side of the cubicle; when I give the signal, we strike. We both take a guard, whoever gets theirs out first get to deal with a second. That sound fair to you?"

Stefan nodded at Caspian and moved into position, surrounding the guards in the large cubicle. They were talking french. At least, he could make it out now. But Almberg didn't bother to focus on it. A quiet "Ready" came to Caspian and Stefan immediately went into action, running out of cover and smashing one guard down with a horrible blow to the head with his shock baton. Needless to say, the guard went down really quickly. The second guard reacted fast and went for Almberg, tackling him to the ground. Stefan grunted, pressing the shock baton against the man's stomach effectively shocking him and causing him to recoil and spasm in pain. He pressed his foot against the guard and sent him towards Caspian.

Much to Stefan's surprise, the guard who had received a hit to the head went up, disoriented and started swinging his fists at him like some angry drunk. Of course, he didn't come anywhere near to Stefan, though he was certainly about to. He didn't dwell on it and rolled aside, getting back up on his feet.

"Fuck.. this guy is tough."

He grumbled, going for the guard and just barely dodging a swinging fist, Stefan started bashing the shit out of the guard with his baton, each hit sending a jolt of electricity through the large man. It took several hits, but eventually the bastard crumbled, twitching and unconcious. Stefan took a deep breath, leaning forward and looking in Caspian's direction. His body felt somewhat roughed up from the tackle. By the time he had been done with the large man, Caspian probably had time to finish the other two guards off. The guard who he had kicked in Caspian's direction hadn't quite gone unconcious.

Stefan had charged from cover and attacked a guard with what looked like a rather painful blow to the head, sending him to the floor with ease. Caspian meanwhile had to deal with his own guard. This one pulled out a knife and started taking stabs at Caspian, with each strike being a glancing blow across the armoured vest, or missing his arms. He sidestepped the next strike, and grabbed the guard's arm, twisting it, and then sweep kick the legs, causing him to fall on to the floor.

"Fuck.. this guy is tough." Stefan could be heard grunting after dealing with the first one, who had recovered.

Suddenly, Caspian saw the second guard that Stefan was dealing with heading straight towards him. Bracing himself, Caspian took the impact and held the guard in place. They then began to struggle in what looked like an attempt at performing a rugby scrum. Using the moment from the impact, he span to the side, sending both him and the guard to the floor. Picking himself up, Caspian knocked the guy unconscious with the pommel of his sword. Both he and Stefan panted after the guards were down.

"That... was harder... than it should of been. Anyway, lets get to the next location, hopefully the computer we are searching for is nearby." Caspian remarked after panting heavily, and straightening out his clothing. He then stood up and stretched a little.

"It should be. Good work, by the way. Sorry for throwing the second guard at you. Had to push him away."

Stefan took the lead again, leading Caspian towards the door into the suspected room. The door needed a key card, which was ideal, since Caspian had grabbed one. He readied his gun, they wouldn't have time to go into Melee if there were any guards in there.

"I'll take point, you open the door."

The room beyond was a small office with a desk and some file cabinets. The cabinets had long since been emptied, but on the large desk was a laptop. The room had no window and seemed to lack any guards. A large plant in the corner was withered, any caretaker long since gone. Similarly here, the floor was padded but the walls had a mahogany finish which made them look rather classy.

"Right, best be careful, don't want this so far quiet mission to be ruined at the final hurdle. And thank you Stefan, you did good too. Alright, here goes." Caspian remarked with a smile as he pulled out the security keycard from his pocket, then put it through the card reader which had a small screen. A message then appeared.

"Access Granted." A female sounding voice said, as a little light changed from red to green, and the door was released from its catchings.

On the otherside was a small office with a desk and some cabinets. From all current appearances, it looked like the place hadn't been used in a while; as was evidenced by an overly withered plant in the corner. Despite all this, on the desk was a laptop, the item in which they were looking for. Both soon entered the room and approached the laptop.

"Best we do a check of the room, in case they are any traps or security devices that could be connected to a laptop."

Oliver got Jacob's message about the successful capture of their targets and the house being clear.

"Doctor, if you'll follow me" He said as he briskly got out of the car.

On his way to the house he scrubbed the CCTV footage of any evidence of the abduction and made it appear that Brain and his brother had simply walked back into the house unfettered. He also removed any footage of himself or the Doctor entering the abode.

The two men were tied to strong looking mahogany chairs, both of them were still out cold from Jacob's attack. According to the file he had on Brain bribery or coercion wouldn't get them anywhere, that was unfortunate."

"Jacob, have these men facing each other," He ordered, taking a seat on a dark brown leather sofa, "Gag them, make sure that there is no way for them to escape, but make sure they can see each other. Wake them up."

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