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"I'm not one for arson, so while you champs settle things here I'm going to take a gander at our destination."

Fearing the indecisiveness of the "group" would lead him to his undoing, Edmond took his first step off the bus since embarking on his one way trip to imprisonment. The cold rain gripped his hair like a lost child who wouldn't let go, the endless taps of leaking clouds echoed relentlessly within his ears as they met their end upon resistance, the hint of blood and munitions infected the purity of the cool night air he drew breath from, the darkened sky encircled the land suffocating light from all but the lone source, a bus stranded in a sea of trees on an outstretched road leading to black infinity. His first taste of freedom is bittersweet, but that suited Edmond just fine.


Returning his focus to the direction the voice heeded, he activated his thermal imaging imbedded in his eyes to scout ahead. Ensuring there was no immediate threat to the doctor he would begin his walk forwards, a lone figure in the dark woods humming a soft tune.

"You seem unusually cheery given the circumstances" he addressed her. "I'm Calvin by the way. What's your story?" Came a voice over her shoulder.

"Well so...Oh..." Her sentence trailing off as he turned back on too the bus. She carried on moving towards the treeline, the voice of the only other female on the bus drifted out. The words evidence and blowing something up were all Grace could make out but she got an idea of what may of been said.

"Waste of time...If the other buses have had similar fate it's not going to take an augmented genius too figure out somethings a miss." Shaking her head to accompany that thought...She trudged on wards and took cover under a tree. Wrapping her arms around herself, Abigail found herself wishing she had a jacket on when they initially picked her up.

She noticed the Doctor heading off the bus and heading towards her and let out a sharp whistle to get his attention "Hey Doc," she yelled over the rain and distance "I think they're gonna blow that thing - They've got a preeeeety good blast if it's done right, come watch the fireworks with me!"

Following Edmond out of the bus, Calvin headed back to the redhead, who was at this point standing under a tree with her arms wrapped around her torso. He headed over to her.

"Sorry about that. It was rude of me to just walk off like that but there was an unlawful amount of bickering on the bus that had to be dispelled. They've reached a conclusion at this point so all that's left to do is wait for them to enact it. So, wanna tell me who you are?" He smiled. "I promise I won't run off this time."

Caspian had been standing with his back to the bus, listening to the plan that was coming together. Robin had appeared to of rigged the bus with some kind of remote detonator, which would effectively incinerate anything within a roughly ten meter distance, hopefully tricking the police into thinking that everyone on board had died.

To aid in this, the man with a fully cybernetic arm, Oliver if Caspian remembered correctly, had doctored the footage to show them on board at the time of the detonation. For a bunch of people that had only just met, it appeared as though they were working as some kind of team. Whilst Caspian had considered getting some cybernetic enhancements, it felt slightly unnatural to him. A few of the other passengers had taken shelter underneath a large tree, and from the looks of it, Abigail was feeling the worst. Caspian decided to walk over and see if he could help the woman.

"Well, it looks like things are slowly coming together; hopefully we don't dawdle here to long, part of me wants to find out who this mysterious person is who decided to come to our aid. No doubt he'll want something from us in return." Caspian remarked as he entered the leafy canopy of a large Oak tree. He then noticed that Abigail had her arms wrapped around herself. Without hesitation, Caspian removed his coat, and held it out to her.

"Here Miss Abigail, take my coat; looks like you need it more than me." He said with a smile.

"If you don't want to make sacrifices it shouldn't matter too much. What we're doing should be conclusive enough."

Robin backed away the charges were set, a safe distance was of course a relative term but that doesn't mean much.

"EVERYON GET CLEAR! Also I'd avert you gazes this is going to be bright."

Her voice was tinged with excitement almost revelry. What's she'd neglected to mention was a backup charge that would deal with anyone curious enough to check what the first explosion left.

Since she's got a little time.

"So what sort of experience do you people have?"

"So what sort of experience do you people have?"

"Well I have 8 years of Assassin experience. That means I am an expert in infiltration, sniper support and hand to hand combat. I am also pretty good with explosives. I killed over 100 people. Some for money, some for fun and some just because I felt like it. I also had a self made sniper rifle which has a 60 bullet magazine with bullets that once they enter your body they blow up. Oh and and these shades I'm wearing, they are specially modified to enhance my aim. What about you I can see that you know how to turn buses into atom bombs but other than that what else can you do ?"

"Sorry about that. It was rude of me to just walk off like that but there was an unlawful amount of bickering on the bus that had to be dispelled. They've reached a conclusion at this point so all that's left to do is wait for them to enact it. So, wanna tell me who you are?" He smiled. "I promise I won't run off this time."

"Apology excepted." She laughed and introduced herself, and voiced her earlier thoughts about destroying the evidence being a waste of time, all the while taking in the fact more people were getting off the bus the one heading towards them being Geist.

"Here Miss Abigail, take my coat; looks like you need it more than me." He smiled.

"Geez, less formality please," She laughed again, unfolding her arms and waving off the offer of Caspians coat.

"No need too call me Miss, anything else is ok." Finishing of the sentence with her grin. "Thanks for the offer, but it's only a little rain," Her tone full of sarcasm as Grace glared up at the the sky "Nothing I can't handle..." She let out another smile which collapsed into a seriousness "...But we really oughta get going now."

"No need too call me Miss, anything else is ok." Abigail said finishing the sentence with her grin.

"Thanks for the offer, but it's only a little rain." Her tone full of sarcasm as she glared up at the the sky "Nothing I can't handle..." She let out another smile which collapsed into a seriousness "...But we really oughta get going now."

"Fair enough, the offer is still there in case you need it later. And my apologies for being so formal with you earlier Abi, call it a force of habit; my father taught me that you should be respectful and kind to a lady. I was simply trying to help." Caspian replied with, his words sounding sincere. He then put his coat back on.

"So what sort of experience do you people have?" Robin asked as she made her way towards the group after setting up the bus for remote detonation.

"Well Robin, I had spent most of my life in a carnival come circus; in fact I was born there. I had learnt how to move quickly and quitely, to climb heights and move over obstacles with grace; even learnt the art of parkour as a child. My father taught me how to handle a gun, whilst my mother; she told me how to weild a sword, regardless of how archaic the method of combat maybe in today's modern age of fire arms. In other words, I can move fast and strike quickly, but also quietly. Then again, there is another weapon I can weild... but it can wait."

"So what sort of experience do you people have?"

"I've been a hit man for the last 4 years. I have, well at least I had, a sniper rifle I'd had built to my exact specifications and a revolver that I'd rigged up to fire incendiary rounds. I'm good with throwing knives and I'm good with locks aswell. My eyes are cybernetic so I can see just about anything in any conditions and I'm a decent enough forger, if that's relevant."

He addressed Robin. "Well, like Byron said, you're clearly good with explosives but I don't know anything else about you other than the fact that you don't like being stared at. What experience have you got?"

"I'm hardly going to tell random strangers what I can and can't do.
After all no point giving away backstory. My accent probably does that already.
However I did hear something about a revolver, now that's my kind of weapon.
Incendiary however not so much, I'd recommend remote detonation rounds. They make for one hell of a surprise.
Anyway I'm pretty sure you can figure a lot of it out, if not you'll find out when it comes up."
She adjusts her glasses slightly probably not even realising she's doing it.

Jacob had been neutral during the discussion. While driving into the water had advantages it took more time something that they had very little off. But if they used the explosion they had to hurry both would cost them time. Now only to hope that the diversion would buy them time.

"So what sort of experience do you people have?" "Well I have had quite some jobs. ranging from police, to inmate to, right hand of the boss of the Revears. I am very skilled in most ways of combat from hand to hand to guns. And I am good at tracking people down. And I am also very skilled in making people give up information. Even if they don't want to." Jacob cracks his knuckles grinning. "And I have killed quite allot of people, I stopped counting after I got to 100 that was quite a few years back though."

Almberg still had the key on offer to the man in cuffs, taking in his surroundings, he realized that almost all of them had gathered at the treeline. That was good. They were about ready to move out it seemed. He heard the albino woman ask a question. He figured he might as well contribute. There wasn't any point in lying, as half of them already knew who he was by various methods.

"I've been a cop for 7 years. I guess I ended up here because I started arresting the wrong criminals. Seems you mess with someone powerful enough, and they'll bite your arse off. I guess it's not quite what you meant by experience, but I've learned plenty in my time. Unlike most people here though, I've only ever killed in self defence. I'm not a murderer or a criminal, for that matter."

Stefan took a slight breath. He felt somewhat ill again. If he could expose Sebastian Black, if the man really was behind all his misfortunes. Then he could become a police officer again. Still, thinking about it also only brought about bad memories as of late. Two months earlier, and he wouldn't even had considered trying to befriend the filth of the world. But times seemed to have the habit to change very quickly as of late. He'd need someone to watch his back.

"Times change pretty damn quickly, huh.."

Without really realizing it, he mumbled the last bit, looking at Calcifer again.

Oliver mad his way to the tree line with the rest of the group,he knew that you didn't want to be near by when a miniature thermonuclear went off. Heard Robin ask what kind of experience the group had.

"Among other things I'm a genius and a hacker, but it's best to keep your cards close to your chest, even if you are cheating" He said smirking, "That's all you'll be getting out of me, for now."

"...Unlike most people here though, I've only ever killed in self defence. I'm not a murderer or a criminal, for that matter." He heard Stefen say

That up-jumped prick thinks he's better then us no doubt. "No matter how you dress it up, killing is still killing, whether it be in self defence, a mistake made in passion, or cold hard murder. The only difference is your badge makes it legal"

Stefan nodded lightly at Oliver. Greeting him as he joined the others at the treeline. He kept a neutral face though, merely speaking in response to his statement. He didn't really feel like offending the poor guy. He had a feeling he'd take it pretty hard.

"I don't claim an impressive kill count, that's for sure. But I'd never consider the world black and white either. Sometimes, you've got to kill someone to save others. It's just the way it goes. The only difference isn't that my badge made it legal. It was that whenever I killed someone, I almost always did it to save someone. I suppose I should've mentioned that too though. Serve and protect, as they say. It's rather troubling to think about it right now."

He frowned lightly for a change. He had lost his family and his badge. For all it mattered, he was a criminal now too. Unless he could set everything right again.

"I'm not a cop anymore. It doesn't matter in the end."

Stefan's stare turned from Oliver and at the woods. They seemed to stretch on quite endlessly.

"Among other things I'm a genius and a hacker," And modest to a fault, Calvin muttered to himself. "but it's best to keep your cards close to your chest, even if you are cheating. That's all you'll be getting out of me, for now."

He's got a point there, perhaps I shouldn't have been so liberal with giving out my details. But there'll be time for worrying later. Right now we need to get moving.

He looked around. There was a decent-sized crowd gathered before the treeline of that deep, dark forest. He turned to Robin. "Is there anyone else still to come, or can we blow the bus and be on our way, because frankly, I'm getting a bit anxious at this point."

"Well I'd recommend everyone gets behind a tree sit's or lays down and cover's their ears. Once that's done I'll set her off.

Normally when I'm fighting I'm dealing with people that started it anyway. No point dealing with someone who's not a threat after all."

Figuring there would be no point to watch the vehicles inevitable incineration, Edmond pursued onward into the forest. What was dark for others was not so for him. Keeping a close watch on his surroundings with his exceptional vision implants, he moved forward. Trees were becoming a less common sight over the years, to be completely enclosed by them without any civilization for miles was an unusual predicament to be in, to say the least. The mates waiting by the road continued their conversations as if there was no danger to be had upon delaying their escape. Edmond wished to converse as well, but there was a time and place for that and their current situation provided neither.

Calcifer stood off from the group farther back in the woods. These people had zero common sense. But he couldn't just run off when he could enjoy the show at a safe distance. "Blow it up already"!!! 'And get fried doing it'.

Caspian was starting to get bored of waiting, wanting to see the fireworks that Robin had prepared; and so he started to walk further into the woods, a safe distance from what was going to happen, and passing by a man who appeared to be equally as impatient as Caspian himself was. He soon turned around to face the group, and crossed his arms in a slightly disapproving manner, loosely holding the gun in one hand.

"Blow it up already!!!" The man shouted.

" *sigh* The man has a point, I like no doubt the rest of you probably want to see the explosions, but unless you have a desire to be immolated by what amounts to a bomb; I would advise we all move back a distance. No doubt our mysterious saviour from earlier wants to see us all intact for this meet-up in the woods." Caspian remarked, trying to remain calm and diligent, but also possibly being slightly sarcastic in his words.

In an instant there was a ball of fire and then nothing. Leaving in its wake scorched earth ashes bodies and a twisted semiliquid metal carcass that used to be transport. There wasn't fire; the ball was too fast to sustain itself. You could have felt the burning heat even in the forest but it was soon replaced by the icy cold of the night, almost as if it hadn't even happened. You could barely make out a cloud rising into the sky the last of the smoke occasionally illuminated by a star.
Robin sighed.
It never lasted long enough for her, always over before it even felt like it began.
She prayed for a few seconds. Present company had her optimistic for the future of explosions.

Stefan shielded his eyes partially from the explosion, the heat washing over him. He couldn't complain though. He had felt chilled to the bone. Not that the heat lasted very long. The cold feeling he had grown used to soon returned.

"We're done here then. Now we run."

With that, Stefan took a deep breath and began to move through the forest, moving forward relentlessly. He couldn't run very fast, not with his soaked clothing. But he could pull off what amounted to jogging. While it did bother him to move quickly under these circumstances, he bit down and pressed on. They had indeed wasted enough time.

The shockwaves went right through Calvin, even standing behind the tree as he was. When he opened his eyes and looked around at the bus, where once its bullet-ridden form had stood, was just a smouldering ruin, a pile of melted metal disfigured beyond recognition by the force of the blast.

Never mind being able to tell how many people were aboard it, judging by the wreck the cops will be lucky if they can figure out what the fucking thing is from looking at it.

"We're done here then. Now we run."
"Agreed", Calvin said.

He turned, and plunged through the trees after Stefan. Branches whipped at his face and roots threatened to trip him as he ran. Rain dripped down from the canopy overhead and splashed onto his head and shoulders. The forest was dark and murky, but thanks to his eyes he had no problems. Thoughts raced through his head, about the others, about the voice on the radio, about what lay in store for them all.

Oliver now knew that he shouldn't have doubted Robin's idea. The exploitation was over quickly, a ball of fire went up into the sky but there was not enough material left over from the initial blast to sustain it. what was left on the bus was collapsing in on itself, half of it semi melted the rest melting. The only thing that might have given them away was the loud boom, next time he would tell Robin to give him some warning, it startled him.

It was past time that they got moving, they should have left as soon as they were freed. But their infighting, which he had been a part of, had slowed them. Some of the others in the group seemed to sense it too, unable to stand still they had already started to depart before the bus had been obliterated.

"Jacob, we should get going" He said and started heading away from the wreckage towards the rendezvous point.

As he walked he sent a message to his French contacts, sending it though proxies around the world and encrypting it with a code that would take years to crack without the correct cipher: Does anyone know anyone political or in an underground gang that might want me and oppose President Black?

Jacob ran behind a tree he knew what kind of effect an explosion had, and didn't want to feel the effects of one. He came out from behind the tree after the loud explosion, he walked over to Oliver. "Jacob, we should get going" Jacob nodded. "I agree let's get going." He looked over to the now destroyed bus. It seemed that Snow was indeed as skilled as she had showed him last time, in fact she had probably learned a few new techniques.

Jacob looked at Oliver waiting for him to finish his message. "You determent the speed I will follow you." Jacob knew he could easily outrun Oliver, but he wasn't about to leave his friend behind. So he adjusted to his speed while trying to force him to run as fast as he could. Jacob felt chilled to the bone but he ignored the coldness as much as possible. He pushed himself forward while looking around for any hidden enemies. He still had the gun and he wasn't afraid to use it.

The ground shook violently as light momentarily blanketed the pitch black forest. His ears erupted from the detonation that removed the bus from existence. Like cracking the neck of an unruly patient, the vehicles presence was snuffed from the world permanently. While the hum of falling rain being interrupted by the sharp tearing of metal was amusing it was short lived. Truly the arsonist had the credentials to back up her claim, and with an assassin, an ex-cop or two, an experienced gunmen, a clever conspirator, and a handful of other criminal archetypes all let loose into the forest with a similar goal in mind, there must be someone very daring to want to instigate our escape.

At the current pace that half the group was running, they were approaching the point of 130 meters away from the road, and source of the explosion. Police sirens blared in the distance. No doubt the back up for the other buses. Out in distance, Stefan, Oliver, Jacob, The Doctor, and Calvin spotted a flicker of grey light. It was if a man was appearing and disappearing between the trees. Those with keen eyes could tell it was no more than a buggy hologram.

The hologram faded the moment anyone got close enough. Behind the spot wear it once stood was a man sized pipe jutting out of a cement wall. It was covered by a rusted barred gate. It would have looked like a dead end if not for the gate clicking and folding open. It was a clear invitation to come in.

As Stefan ran, the com device he had in his possesion began to ring and change color again. His hidden friend looked to be making another attempt at contact.

Stefan stopped at the pipe, the device had changed back to a purple colour and was making noise. He was glaring through the opening gate, feeling a little crept out but he could hear sirens now and there was very little time to waste. He flicked it on and spoke into it.

"We're here. We see a pipe jutting from a wall. Got an update for us?"

He waited anxiously for the answer. They couldn't be far from their pursuers, that was certain. What wasn't certain was if they were even being pursued but they couldn't take chances. He shifted his body slightly and tried to shut out the cold. Twigs and leaves had stuck to his pants and shirt, making him look rather messy, if he wasn't already that is. He was also breathing lightly. It would take a little time to get used to running again. He took a steady breath and waved the others over, gesturing at the now open gate.

Byron closely examined the pipe. It seemed big enough for the group to crawl inside it one at a time. Hearing the sirens in the background, he knew that there was no time for any of the fluff that Stefan was doing now.

"Stefan, you can chat with your buddy once we're safe. I recommend we all quickly enter the pipe and get a move on. Unless you fancy getting caught up by the police."

So without waiting for any feedback, Byron climbed inside the dark pipe and started crawling, praying to God that he didn't just walk into his doom.

He wanted to let the others in first. But perhaps he should rush it, he figured. Besides, it could be a trap and he somehow felt obliged to check first if that was the case. Even if the idea of it being a trap after all this was absurd. He nodded lightly at Byron and went right after him.

"Ugh.. Still no response. Careful, Black. Might still be something we're not expecting up ahead."

"Why does it have to be tight spaces?"
Robin was by the pipe.
"You guys head in before me I might leave a little surprise in case of pursuit."
She hoped her anxiety wasn't too obvious.
The feeling of being perused wasn't one she's felt in a while, she knew it well.
Of course this time she didn't have her own special kind of backup.
"What I'd give for a spider mine right now."

The pipe was too dark to see down. Even Calvin's eyes couldn't see clearly beyond 20 feet, or more accurately, beyond Stefan shimmying his way along.

"Will the others see it?", he wondered. Surely they must have noticed the hologram. If not, too bad. He wasn't there to make sure they got away safely.

Climbing into the pipe, he crawled forwards on his hands and knees, and soon caught up to Stefan. "Nice ass, Almberg" he muttered sarcastically. "The pipe doesn't get any narrower up ahead does it?" Calvin had no problem with enclosed spaces, he'd used pipes like this several times to reach targets, but narrow pipes were absolute torture to back out of if you went too far in.
I really hope this thing doesn't lead into a sewer, he thought to himself.

Caspian began to run immediately after hearing the explosion, which was followed by the sound of police sirens. No doubt they were for back up for the remaining prisons buses, and now they had to investigate a loud explosion. As he made his way through the forest, and leapt over a fallen tree trunk with a single bound, he briefly caught sight of a flickering grey light that was moving between the trees. Upon further inspection and his eyes adjusting to his surroundings; he saw that it was in the shape of a man.

"What the hell is a bugged out hologram doing in the middle of the woods? Could it be something from our saviour? *sigh* No time to answer that now, for we have more important matters to deal with, mainly our escape." Caspian asked to himself, then continued to run, catching sight of some who were in front, and others who were lagging behind.

After a while, he came across a large pipe that was jutting outside a cement wall. Caspian already saw several people climb into it as he arrived, whilst Robin looked like she was waiting to do something. He then looked back at the pipe.

"Well, through the rabbit hole it is." Caspian thought to himself, with a chuckle afterwards as he made sure that both the gun and his coat were secure before heading in as well.

Winding through the trees Edmond picked up the sound of sirens heading to origin of the explosion. "I knew they took too long with the bus", he muttered under his breath, before he could dwell further on the issue Edmond noticed the flickering of static off in the distance. He continued walking towards the disturbance, before he could get a good look at it the others from the bus who have been running caught up to him and blocked his view. The inmates stopped up ahead at the point where the static should have been located, instead what was found was a man size pipe connected to a cement wall and a question, "What now?". As if the wall was omnipotent the answer was given, the entrance to the pipe began to open for entry. A deep dark enclosed tunnel with no end in sight, Edmond did not approve. His experiences with tight spaces have not been pleasant. As much as he did not wish to move forward, he resigned himself to pushing onward as the last man in. Thankfully the others were eager to go blindly into the tube.

"Appreciate a good view while you're getting it.. Sir."

Almberg grinned, but truth to be told. His unmodified eyes couldn't see shit in the narrow and dark space. Even if they could, he would only see Byron's advancing form. Much like he couldn't see here, he hadn't seen the static of a hologram before. Still, he couldn't complain. He was a purist through and through and had managed fine without modifications before.

"I have no clue, though. As far as I'm concerned this is our best bet for now. Besides. We had to be nearing our target location, the device started ringing. Eitherway, I can't see shit."

Stefan's knees and hands were already filthy from the crawling. Though, he didn't mind too much. The smell was not too pleasant either, but that too was not a problem. He had lived through worse. It brought him back to some of his earlier years, they had cornered a criminal who decided to make his escape through the sewers. It would've been a brilliant escape if he hadn't slipped and fallen down into a larger antechamber. Poor guy broke his neck on the concrete down there. Still, he couldn't help but remember such things, as this dark tunnel reminded him of it in both smell and it's lack of light.

Jacob ran towards the pipe keeping in mind that he ran slower so that Oliver could keep up. Jacob had seen the strange glimpses, and during one of them he had seen that the person seemed unstable. Jacob was guessing that it was an hologram or something like that. He also heard the police sirens. He knew that they needed to flee the scene before they searched the premises, so he urged to go Oliver even quicker. He saw the pipe it wasn't his first time taking such routes but Oliver would be less pleased. Jacob looked at the other inmates going in, he looked at Oliver with an worried look. "I will go first and clear the way just stay behind me and you should be safe." Jacob went into the dark filthy pipe.

He couldn't see much but he was going at an steady peace, making sure that he did not collide with the person in front of him or behind him. The place was very filthy and Jacob was guessing it had been used as an sewer pipe or to move garbage around. He couldn't see much but he managed not to collide with something. He still held his gun ready in his right hand, just in case he had to shoot to any surprising enemies.

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