Order And Chaos: A Superpower RP (Started, Closed)

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Talsper, too, had averted his gaze from the fight when the grey and green figure had released its flash of electricity. He continued to channel the Aura from his ring into a basic fire spell, though he dared not approach the taller individual.

"Should you not wish for her to be harmed, then I suggest you come over here and surrender. We have no patience for fools who stall for reinforcements." That wasn't going to happen. Getting close to that thing was suicide, if he was the one spreading the sicknesses. Talsper didn't want to find out if the healing spell at his disposal could cure disease.

"Any ideas, Mark?" Waldemar asked from his position, keeping his weapon trained on the grey one. Talsper thought the question over. He was too far away to be sure he could hit their adversary with his magic, and getting closer would only tip off the being to a planned attack: flames were dancing around his hands now.

"We requireth some way to draw him away from our ally... I canst draw his attention to myself by getting closer and setting him ablaze, but it doth require a healthy dose of luck," he answered.

Are you crazy? If you get infected and it can't be cured... Mark's voice shot through Talsper's mind, protesting the idea.

"Drawing attention to us, the weak link in the chain, shalt turn our foe away from the stronger and more capable fighters," Talsper answered, expanding on his point and answering Mark's argument with the same sentence.

As Kurt gave a quick synopsis of his powers, Justin couldn't help but scoff. "Oh. Okay. So you're Danny Phantom, basically. And, seeing as it sounds like you can't fly, a shitty Danny Phantom. Yeah. Chris definitely picked the right people for this job. Wonderful." Justin replied with an annoyed bluntness, questioning his handler's decisions. If they somehow survive this little debacle, Justin was gonna have some choice words for the guy. "You'd think this was planned out a little better. Maybe, hey, give us some dossiers about the task or something. This just, all seems so rushed." He thought, complainingly.

Little after, the aircraft's pilot piped up. "It shouldn't take too long for us to reach our destination, an hour or two at most, so prepare anything you need to before we arrive. Once we're there, this copter will be made prepared for attacks against the leviathan." Justin raised an eyebrow at that. "Y'think if you could've gotten the coordinates to get us here, then maybe we could've at least got some info about the area, give a little heads-up about these things or something. I'm just saying." The boy spouted at the mouth, blaring hints of passive-aggressiveness laced in his words. He sighed soon after, burrowing further into his seat. If the ride was going to an hour, the least he could do is make himself a little more comfortable...


"We're approaching our destination. Appointed coordinates in eight klicks." Justin sprung out his half-nap from the pilot's words. The VTOL began to descend some, enough to get a better look at the water's surface. As Justin peered from beyond one of the copter's windows, the one thing to catch his attention was the large shadowy figure lurking about, it's fins rising and lowering through the water. Justin's heartbeat resumed its rapid beating. The nervousness came back, but he still wondered about the creature's habits.

"Anybody else think it's weird that this thing decided to stay in one spot for about an hour? ...No? Just me?" The pause hung in the air briefly. "Hmm...I wonder if its lair is nearby..." He wondered, stroking at the lack of hairs that adorned his chin. "Hey pilot, isn't it funny how the VTOL'll be able to handle the sea monster's attacks, but nobody thought of giving it weapons so you could just shoot it down from up here? Convenient, amiright?" As they descended further, the Leviathan splashed some, water harmlessly sprinkling the VTOL's underbelly.

"Welp, it seems harmless enough from this height. Let's just stay up here, watch it from afar, and hope it doesn't sprout wings or something." Justin suggested simply.

"Next, Marcus, what is the limit of your attacks? What's the extent of the voltage/amperage/current that you can create?"

Marcus shifted around uncomfortably. He never liked describing his powers in detail - mostly because he poorly understood them. "Well, I manipulate current by turning my body into a walking, talking capacitor. The only real limit I have is how much charge I have access to. Which..." He gestured around the VTOL - "...Might be a small problem, given our environment."

"...they'll tell the stories of the two fuckers that recreated lightning." Marcus gave a small chuckle. He wasn't suprised Justin didn't know the full extent of his powers - he wasn't the strongest or flashiest metahuman running around New York City, after all. "Well, if we were fighting back in the city, I'd be glad to show you one fucker that can recreate lightning."

The craft took off shortly after Marcus answered, the pilot giving a short briefing as he flew. As the... monster? came into view, Marcus craned his neck to get a better look, careful to keep his body well away from the spray and mist flowing up towards the aircraft. It was circling below, occasionally stopping to send a spray of seawater at the circling helicopters.

"Anybody else think it's weird that this thing decided to stay in one spot for about an hour? ...No? Just me?"

"That is very odd. You'd think it'd move on by now... I wonder if it wants something." He turned to the pilot. "Has it tried to communicate in any way? Do we even know what it is?"

"We requireth some way to draw him away from our ally... I canst draw his attention to myself by getting closer and setting him ablaze, but it doth require a healthy dose of luck. Drawing attention to us, the weak link in the chain, shalt turn our foe away from the stronger and more capable fighters," Mark told him as Waldemar kept his weapon aimed at the grey creature, unwilling to let him out of his sights in case he had to act. Mark's idea seemed risky, but if he could lure their opponent away from Arlana then Waldemar could open fire in earnest without being afraid of hitting his teammates. He wasn't sure if that would manage to wound him though, but would some automatic fire be enough to give him some pause? He reckoned it would.

Waldemar nodded in response, "Go for it, I'll hit him with as much as I can once he's away from Arlana. With that luck you mentioned he won't reach you before you can withdraw." If this went wrong it would go horribly wrong though, so he needed to keep Virus away from him once he got his attention. Waldemar was sure that he couldn't treat an unknown illness out here in the field, and if one of his allies contracted one they would pretty much be out of the game.

Arlana couldn't muster the strength to regain her feet and fight. She could manage speech, however.'

"Don't worry about me! Hit him with everything you've got! I'll be fine!" Probably. She was tough and her stone form allowed her to regenerate from pretty serious injuries, but there was a limit even to Gargoyle physiology. Hopefully, they wouldn't reach it.

"Very well. Here goes." Talsper took a few steps closer to the green and grey person, building more and more power as he moved. Within a few seconds the ethereal fire that had previously surrounded his hands had covered his arms. It was ready to be unleashed... he just wanted to coax as much of the Aura as possible out of his ring before channeling it into the spell.

Do it! For all we know this guy could be charging that electric blast again, Mark urged him, not wanting Talsper to get any closer than he had to.

It took a few more paces before Talsper judged himself to be within effective range. He began to twist his hands and fingers into an arcane pattern, sparks flying when skin made contact. The mage braced himself for a second, firmly planting his feet on the ground, and then threw his hands out. Flames leapt from his fingers, surging towards the enemy in a gust of magical force.

The fiery wind would inflict severe burns on an ordinary human... both Mark and Talsper were of the mind that this opponent was considerably more than human. For all they knew, it could burn him, set him on fire, or have no effect whatsoever. The flames surrounding him gone, Talsper began preparation of his next spell by drawing on the Aura inside his ring a second time. He could feel the old Eniadan magicks surging through his system... it felt good. Made him feel strong, powerful, nigh invincible.

But as always, there was the reminder that Mark was there with him. Talsper could not afford to indulge in his memories of being exiled. The fight was in the present, not the past.

As the trio of supers hovered over that large expanse of sea, waiting for the monster to react in any other way, Justin was more lost in his thoughts, than he was paying attention to the marvel of marine nature that lurked below. Most specifically, one of the remarks Markus replied with before they took off.

"I'd be glad to show you one fucker that can recreate lightning." It replayed in Justin's head. He raised an eyebrow at that offhand comment. "Wait, you can already do that? Like, an actual, legitimate bolt?" The boy so spontaneously blurted out. "How much power would you need inside of you to replicate such an event? Have you taken account of that at all? Keep in mind, i'm talking a flash of plasma so powerful, the air around you heats to the point of explosion, and you can trigger thunderstorms. And, it's a literal flash. Like, so fast and bright, a normal human eye can barely handle it at close range. Damn, i'm getting hype just thinking of the implications." He rambled in a fit of excitement and curiosity. As the boy settled back into his state of thought, Markus began to address the pilot.

"You think it could have motives? Honestly, it kind of just looks like it's minding its own business." He looked back out towards the creature. Other than that flirtatious splash it threw at the VTOL, it wasn't really doing anything else. "...What if it's some mad scientist's creation that got free? Like, he spliced some parts from a Liopleurodon and sharks and like, a jellyfish or some shit, and it just broke free from his aquarium-lab?" He pondered aloud. "Chris probably just called it "Leviathan" because it's awesome sounding and intimidating. Like, just to shake us up...I dunno, i'm spitballing."

"If anything, whatever 'trouble' it was causing earlier, its not causing right now." Justin remarked halfheartedly. "...Alright boys, let's call this one a 'Mission Accomplished' and head back to base. Celebratory drinks are on Kurt." He added in a tone of faux-satisfaction, more 'trying to get out of interacting with the beast' than anything.

Ahead, a storm brewed. Dark clouds littered the horizon, bolts of lightning striking the water at intervals. The leviathan slowed down, noticing the disturbance as well. Finally, she dove out of sight, disappearing in the increasingly choppy water. A deep rumble stirred the ocean.

Ianthe slowly swam towards the VTOL. She let out another warning growl, a pair of bladed arms slowly rose out of the water, posing to grab the flying vehicle. Her head broke the water as well, small, beady eyes staring at the intruders. Thin, snake-like teeth lined her mouth, parting to let out a hiss.

Kurt watched the leviathan swim in the sea below them, recoiling back as it sprayed seawater at them. He felt a fine mist tickle his face and took in a whiff of salty air. Donning his mask again, he faced Marcus and Justin. "It's not really doing anything," he uncertainly. "Are we sure it's even a threat?"

"...Alright boys, let's call this one a 'Mission Accomplished' and head back to base. Celebratory drinks are on Kurt."

"Are you even old enough to drink?" Kurt replied, with some hint of amusement. "Or even vote, for that matter? I-"

The sound of splashing water and a loud hiss caught his attention.

"...oh fuck."

The leviathan was suddenly a lot more interested in them. Two huge blade-like arms were reaching out towards their VTOL. Kurt sprung from his seat and his hands began to glow with purple smoke. He wasn't about to become fish food. Twin lances of purple energy fired from his palms, aimed for the leviathan's face.

Virus was getting annoyed now, though not showing it visibly. "You think that'll stop me? Insolent fools." He brought his right arm before him to turn it into a shield that absorbed as much of the fire attack as it could before it started to fail. As it did, he took the brunt force of the attack, and while it looked to have an effect on him, he dared not show any emotions of pain.

Meanwhile, with his right hand, he made one finger into a mini-laser to cut a bit through the skin on the forehead of the gargoyle woman while he prepared a special virus for her. He stuck his fingers into her wound and started to spread the virus into her. The virus would make her weaker the longer she'd be subjected to it and also feel increased pain the weaker she'd become. The thought of that pleased Virus, but right now, he had to deal with this mage in front of him. "Your fire attack does little to harm us as we will regenerate. For now, this should do nicely." He raised his hands into the air and clapped them hard, making sonic booms travel towards Mark and Talsper, which caused the fire attack to spread away from Virus long enough for him to have his hands face forward with their palms and then shoot a lot of small waves of frost towards them.

Watching the Leviathan, it seemed the guy may have been right. "Well, it doesn't seem like it's attacking us right now. I guess we could go ba-"

Much like Kurt, the pilot couldn't get a chance to finish his sentence as he had weave away from the lightning around them and he had to move up to avoid the Leviathan grabbing them. "If that isn't proof enough that you should get out onto the platform and do your mission, I don't know what is. Just remember to strap on those safety ropes and be sure to have enough electricity as I mentioned you could get out on the platforms. I probably should have mentioned how you get it. It's simple. There are these special motors who have nothing but almost boundless electricity coursing through them. Just touch them to charge up and you should be good to go. I'll make sure to try and keep us all alive to my best ability while you fight the monster."

Arlana knew pain. A fae-forged spear through her gut, the claws of a Demon ripping a wing off, high-caliber bullets tearing chunks of her stony flesh off. And normally, the fire blasting over her and the flames scorching her flesh black would have been such that she could handle it - and for a time, she could, until the plague hit her system.

Then she screamed, the pain like someone was sliding white-hot razor blades into her flesh, a searing, tearing sensation that went from her wings to her spine and upwards like a wave, overwhelming her mind. Tears streamed out of her eyes, and if she wasn't already blinded by the unimaginable pain they would have done it. Her fingers dug into the ground, tearing and ripping up chunks with each movement, the bloodcurdling scream tearing at her throat and ringing through the air like a banshee's wail.

Kurt's beams, combined with the VTOL pilot's elusive maneuvers, were enough to offset Ianthe's attack, turning a potentially fatal blow into nothing more than a gust of wind as her arms sailed past the doors. She hissed in annoyance, roaring her challenge to the metal bird as lightning crashed in the background. The waves grew in response to her beating fins. Her head disappeared in the water. Ianthe filled her mouth with water before spitting it out at the VTOL, a short burst of seawater that was no playful joke, threatening to knock them into one of the waves.

Marcus almost fell flat on his back as the VTOL shuddered to avoid Ianthe's attack. Regaining his balance, he took stock of the situation to see the monster disappear under the waves.

'Know what? SCREW THIS. No more mister nice hero, you monster movie reject!' He dropped to his knees and placed his palms on the platform. "Begin protocol four." The goggles in front of his eyes flickered to life, displaying his familiar HUD. PROTOCOL FOUR INITIATED - BEGINNING VOLTAGE RISE blared across the bottom of his field of vision, with a small percentile bar to indicate progress. A low hum emanated from his hands as electricity flowed into Marcus's body. His HUD estimated it would take approximately 20 seconds to build to full potential from this power source. "Keep me covered! I need time to build a charge."

"Fuck-!" Justin clung to his seat as the VTOL sharply went into evasive maneuvers to dodge the sea monster's blade-like appendages. Only once did the airship straighten out, did he decide to stand up. And even then, it was to look out onto the horizon, to take note of the gray clouds passing overhead. Thunder boomed and lightning streaked all around them. "Could we use the storm to our advantage?"

"Begin protocol four." Faraday went in a hard, commanding tone. Justin lowered his own goggles as sparks and arcs of electricity jumped off and about the human capacitor as he began absorbing energy. "He has a badass startup sequence? I want a badass startup sequence!" He immaturely complained, almost going into a pout before noticing the monster lowering back into the depths. "Now what's it gonna do-?" He knew the fight wasn't over, so what was it doing?

"Keep me covered!" Marcus said. "Kurt, keep Marcus covered!" Justin quickly replied. Almost instantly after the call-out, it resurfaced from the waves, bringing a blasting torrent of water up with it, spewing the attack towards the future-tech dirigible. Justin yelled towards the cockpit, to warn the pilot. "Lean right! It's attacking-Oof!" In the second it took for Justin to get the word out, the column of water grazed against one of the craft's propellers. The attack, mixed with Justin's tardy advice, was more than enough to leave the craft swerving off-tilt. It threw Justin off balance, causing him to roll towards the opening, and into certain death.

"Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!" Through the disorienting rolling, he managed to get a grip on a handle at the VTOL's opening. With most of his body dangling out of the vehicle, he had a very clear look at the monster below, and his eyes widened in horror from behind his goggles as it looked back at him. "Shoot it Kurt! Shootitshootitshootit!" He yelled over the roar of the aircraft.

Talsper looked on, curious, as the adversary shrugged off the magical flames and began to shoot waves of ice from his own hands. He thought quickly: to counter the ice waves, he swept his left hand sideways, surrounding himself in a wreath of fire, and concentrated on keeping its temperature high to melt the ice as it got closer.

"Intriguing. This... creature doth possess numerous fighting styles," he muttered, though he doubted anyone apart from Mark would hear him.

"How long can you keep this up?"

"As long as necessary. If needs be this corona can be thrown in the same manner as before." Talsper stepped forward, keeping his hands up in case he needed to channel the flames into another stream. His impromptu plan was to wait until their opponent left himself open to attack, then unleash an attack of his own. If he was lucky, he would draw the thing away from their winged ally. She was clearly under duress, judging by the screaming. It was rather sore on the ears. Was she subject to the disease this thing was spreading?

Waldemar had been waiting patiently, though anxiously, for Mark to deploy his decoy maneuver on their opponent to draw him away from Arlana. That was not to say that he had been idling however, as he had used the time to circle a bit to their left to give him a clearer line of fire to Virus, just in case something bad happened. Which it turned out had been a pretty good call.

Mark's fire, though it had initially appeared to work from Waldemar's perspective, seemed to have been blocked by their foe, and during the attack he must have managed to infect Arlana with something, as evident by her screams of agony over the roar of the arcane blaze.

His rifle at the ready and aimed towards the impact point of the flames, Waldemar cursed inwardly as he was unable to discern friend from foe in the impact zone of Mark's ability. All he could do was wait until Mark dropped his attack and his vision was again clear of brightly dancing flames.

Then the villain's monotone voice rang out, stating some message or other that Waldemar didn't get over the noise of the ongoing attack. And moments later it all burst out from his position, extinguishing the flames as a loud sonic boom emanated from Virus, the sudden noise managing to stun Waldemar momentarily in the process.

As the being went on the offensive with some sort of frost attack, judging from the rime on the ground, and Mark protected himself with a cloak of fire, Waldemar shook off the effect of the sonic interference. It took a mere moment for him to aim his weapon, this time going for somewhere he knew he could hurt him, though to which extent he was uncertain. Steadying his aim on Virus' head and neck region he hesitated for just a moment in pulling the trigger as he looked at him. Despite his clearly unnatural appearance he still had a little bit of humanity to him he thought, or it might just be the fact that he was a clearly humanoid creature. Still, the screaming gargoyle at his feet reminded him that this was pretty much all or nothing, and to some meager consolation he doubted that his bullets would do much damage to his opponent, much less kill him.

Squeezing in the trigger Waldemar kept his aim on Virus, firing shot after shot on him with as big a pause to correct his aim as he dared allow, uncertain if it would have any effect or just anger the half-machine.

Pop. Pop. Pop, pop, pop, pop. POPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOP! And Ryan's Jiffy-pop was done. Pop. Ok now it is. "BoB! Bring up the fight on the screens." He commanded as he pulled the tray off the hot-plate and ripped open the top. Lil burned, eh I'll just eat around it. He grabbed a lager from the cooler and planted his ass on a bean-bag chair that sat in front of a bank of monitors. On cue, B.O.B. brought up videos from News channels that had choppers keeping an eye on the fight in the City. The voice of a female anchor narrated the action, " Seraphim heroes have started to attach the creature, but it seems to shrug off everything they hit it with, our choppers have been advised by the police not to get any closer, still no word on the whether or not the NYPD will be called in to back the heroes up.

"Hey BoB doe we have any SPD's in the area? I wanna closer shot these chopper pilots are pussies." He asked.

"We have two within a half-mile at safe-house 3. One more observing a bank, two miles away." The synthesized voice replied.

"Alright sent the two from safe-house 3. Fly them high and camouflaged. When they get there half them focus on the uh, guy shooting magic, and the... What is she cosplaying a weeping angel? You know what? Stone bitch, we'll just call her stone bitch. Ya focus it on flame-o and stone bitch." He commanded. This wasn't just about watching a fun fight, for Ryan this was research, a chance to see the heroes in action before he had to face them himself.

The frost attack had done little to affect the mage as he'd put up a cloak of fire. Virus stopped his attack and started to build up a ball of electricity between his hands, ready to fire it off. But he was interrupted as someone shot at his head, which, while it didn't kill him, did hurt him and interrupted his attack, making the ball of electricity disappear. Perhaps it would be best to retreat for now and think up a new plan.

"We see that you're quite capable of stopping our plans. It would be unwise to continue our cleansing right now. But do take note that you have been chosen as special targets of ours should we meet again." When he finished talking, Virus' throat changed as he utilized yet another device he had assimilated, then took a deep breath and let out a vicious sonic scream, loud enough to break the glass in the nearby buildings. Once sure that his opponents were stunned, he quickly ran away, running in a strange pattern so that the heroes who had attacked him wouldn't be able to follow him back.

He reached his lab without any signs of anyone following him, and entered it, locking everything and activating the traps again after he had disabled them while he'd walked back in. "We will need to find new things to assimilate. New ways to take them down. We cannot be stopped. We should not be stopped." He immediately started to think up what he'd need, and started work on a new plan.

The pilot was too late to avoid the water attack, which made it swerve a bit too much. He looked back to see how they were doing, and saw how Justin was hanging almost out. "Goddamnit, I'm underestimating the creature!" He quickly put on auto-pilot, hoping that the leviathan wouldn't attack while he was away from the cockpit, and hurried over to Justin. "Hang on, son!" he called to him as he grabbed a hold of him and dragged him back inside.

"This is why I mentioned the life lines! Now make sure to put one on you so that you won't fall out! And you two!" he then said to Marcus and Kurt. "Do the same as well so that you won't fall off!" He hurried back to the cockpit and took the auto-pilot off, taking back control over the VTOL and watching out for any attacks from the leviathan.

The screech attack lanced straight through Talsper's ears, staggering him and causing his ears to start bleeding. In addition, the creature's attack shattered the mage's focus, causing the ethereal flames to vanish.

No way that was a natural thing. That's gotta be some sort of electronic weapon, Mark noted.

"I hath heard graver wailings," Talsper answered. "However, yonder being appeareth in need of aid. Mayhap I can assist." He hurried over to investigate the still-writhing Arlana, examining her from a distance to avoid getting swiped by a thrashing hand, foot or wing. "Intriguing... this creature hath been poisoned, from the sight of her."

Can you cure it? You've patched up our injuries before.

"I know not whether th'Aura reservoir we possess can drive this malady out. External sources may be the way forward." Talsper's eyes narrowed as he tried to think over his options. He could try, of course, but it would require that the patient be still. That wasn't likely to happen soon. Perhaps Seraphim had some sort of professional healer.

"God damn it! Get back there you gray infected dripping baby canal! Get back and fight like a man for my amusement!" Ryan screamed at his TV when Virus made his escape.

"Should I continue sending those SPD's?" BOB asked, responding to the new development.

"Why bother, I, it's like, uh the good parts over anyways, send them back. Just send the two that are there to do a quick scan on... Fuck I don't care about their names anymore, just make it quick so they don't get caught." Ryan replied, thoroughly put out by the recent development.

From their hiding spots high on the roof tops the two SPD's swept down behind the heroes and circled around Talsper and Arlana at break neck speeds. Flashing light stung their eyes as high speed cameras took pictures from every angle. Then as quick as appeared, they left, high above the rooftops and out of sight.

"Scan complete, would you like to review the images?" BOB asked.

"Ya whatever."

Justin promptly gave the pilot thanks as he was helped back into the aircraft. Or, he would've, but all that seemed to come out of his mouth were heavy breathing and panicked whimpers. Without another noise, he quickly scurried-crawled over to the nearest life-line, and strapped himself in. With the feeling of security washing over him, he began regaining his composure (and his heart rate). "Never again. Ain't never doin' this shit ever again..." He mumbled in-between breaths. He yelled to the pilot's back as he returned to the cockpit. "And how's about you don't underestimate a GIANT, fucking sea monster, huh?! Justin shouted in seething exasperation, managing to wearily rise to his feet.

"And you two!" He pointed towards the weirdly inactive duo that was his teammates. "Can we please get our fucking heads in the game so we can fucking get the FUCK outta here?! You twig bundles both have powers that can shoot projectiles, how's about you both shoot the fucking thing, huh?! I mean, hey, if we can't outright kill it, then at least, maybe, juuuuuuuust maybe!, we can get it to go away! It's bad enough you can't save my life from falling hundreds of feet into the mouth of a goddamn Leviathan, but you give no effort towards saving your own?! If that's the case, then let me off of this crazy plane right fucking now, 'cause y'all motherfuckers are suicidal!" Justin (very colorfully) ranted at the two, making vivid motions with his hands and arms, while his face morphed through several expressions and took on a nice shade of red.

The spray of water threw Marcus clean off his feet, drenching him from head to toe. 'Oh, that's not good. NOT GOOD.' Thinking fast, he tore off his soaked coat and deactivated his suite. It looked like he'd have to go completely analogue for this encounter. Peering over the side of the platform, he saw the beast circling below, whipping its tail menacingly. As much as he hated to admit it, if it kept taking potshots with water like that, he wasn't going to be of any use.

"Look, we're clearly ill-equipped to fight this thing. It's not attacking anything - not yet, at least - so I vote we head back to Seraphim and rally some reinforcements."

He nodded to the pilot, before bracing himself on the platform. "Take us up. At the very least, we need time to figure out what we're doing."

Ianthe was finished playing around with this thing. She ducked under the waves, diving down as far as the floor allowed, and aimed up. In a burst of speed she shot up and breached the surface, jaws open wider than the VTOL. It was perhaps by pure luck that the pilot had taken Marcus advice and started accelerating away. The teeth missed them by mere inches, the force of her jaws snapping closed sending vibrations though the cockpit. She fell back to the water as the Seraphim agents sped away. Ianthe didn't bother to give chase, the top of her head ans eyes only visible for a few more seconds before she slipped into the cold depths.

Both teams reported back to Seraphim, both having failed their missions. The team that had gone against the leviathan reported back with not being used to fighting a monster like that, and Christopher gave them an apology for that, telling them that he should have known better than to send relatively new members against something like that. He offered them to go and train their abilities when they had recovered from the mission before the team that had gone against Virus reported in, showing an infected Arlana who was in great pain. She was rushed to the medical floor in hopes of being able to cure her of whatever it was that was causing her such pain.

A month later...

Things were proceeding as usual at Seraphim. Missions were given out each day to the heroes residing within, who all did their job as best as they could. Arlana had been tested on, carefully, over the course of the month to see if there was a cure for her ailment. They hadn't made much progress, which was at least partially because she was a gargoyle with stone skin which wasn't easy to pierce, but also because they'd never come across such an ailment before. Reports were given to Christopher every few days, and they showed him just how dangerous this villain who'd done this to Arlana was. As if the flesh eating disease hadn't been bad enough. He sighed as he looked out his window. His medical team wouldn't give up, he knew that for certain. But he couldn't have her going on any missions in her current condition.


Virus, after many patrols close to Seraphim, had gathered that he wouldn't be able to take them down on his own. He would need help, as much as he hated the thought of working together with others. He'd added a deep basement to his lab in order to use as a hideout or headquarters for when he would gather allies. He'd already managed to gather a few villains together who seemed to be willing to work with him.

The hideout part of the lab was several rooms for various purposes. Bedrooms, training rooms, rooms for improving ones gadgets, and a meeting room for when a plan was to be discussed. He'd still require more, but this didn't seem half bad so far.

Seraphim's line of body armour was weird. Not quite what Mark had been expecting. It was incredibly light and apparently resistant to all sorts of things. The traceur was contemplating its qualities as he ran through the end of a training regime he had developed over the past few weeks. One of the training floors had been given over to a gym, but he eschewed it in favour of navigating a series of trench-like mazes, "designed to simulate close-quarters firefights" as he had been told. It wasn't the same as working his way through the city streets and back alleys - there was almost no means of conserving momentum when rounding corners - but it was enough to keep his skills sharp and his fitness level high.

There were human-shaped targets scattered throughout each of the courses: presumably they were for people to put rounds through. But Mark didn't shoot them as he passed them by: carrying a pistol in one hand only limited his ability to move. That and he didn't own a gun, nor had he ever used one. Talsper's magic was his substitute.

How would a spell fare against this armour, I wonder? he mused as he moved through the last of the familiar patterns. Vault the ledge - catch another corner on the way down - bring it around, keep moving - short run up the wall, grab the top, swing over. Roll with the landing, cross the makeshift room, short dash out the door to the end of the course... done.

I know not. Mayhap some tests of my own art in order, once th'art finished here. Mark had only recently picked up the Seraphim armour and was running some tests to see if it had any impact on his movements.

Reports of conflicts had diminished over the past few weeks, or so the scientist-mage had gathered. Intet Yxi, Aura theorist, planar traveller and Sorcerer-King - as some on Earth knew him - still lacked the means to gather information on worldly happenings. He worked alone, as always, but it was difficult to maintain secrecy and anonymity in a city-plane - or so it seemed to be, given the number of civilian and commercial structures.

He had yet to travel far, but the first time he had visited Earth the world had been much less developed than the sprawling cityscape it was now. Though time was not a multiversal constant: days and years varied in length depending on where you went. And Intet had been to many different planes.

Word of mouth on the streets was questionable at best. Assuming the guise of an ordinary civilian, Intet had tried several times to gather information through conversations. However, he towered over many of the populace and his manner of speech put people off talking to him. So for now, he watched and waited for something to happen.

Standing atop one of the taller buildings in his Sorcerer-King outfit, Intet was content to watch and wait. Someone with some sort of special ability had to make a move eventually, and when they did he would know thanks to the beacon network he had begun to set up. Small objects seeded in a uniform pattern throughout the city would alert him to the presence of a being with non-magical, non-mundane power.


Task Force B entered the premises first, and while their cosmetic damages were minimal, it was safe to assume there was some emotional scars left as a result of that failed venture. Upon catching sight of his superior, Justin dashed towards him, teeth clenched and bare. Quick to react, Marcus intervened, grabbing a hold of the agitated boy, only but a few steps from Adelbert.

"Some nerve...y'got some nerve sending us on that damned mission!" He exclaimed from beyond Faraday's grasp, eager to pump his boss full of voltage. "I am not the one to fucking trifle with, Christopher! There are hundreds of other workers that you have at your disposal, sending a pair of greenhorns that can barely use their powers might've been the stupidest idea you will have all year!" He continued through gritted teeth. His face began to take on a familiar shade of red as he ranted. "I don't know if your slow mind's fully processed it yet, but we could've died. And I almost FUCKING did! I better see some sort of compensation for your fuck up, or I swear-!"

"That's enough, Justin!" Marcus tried to keep a calm demeanor, but Justin's rash behavior was making it difficult. He turned to Adelbert and gave a half-bow through his restraint. "I'm very sorry, sir." Dragging the boy bodily from Adelbert's office as he continued to shout curses, he deposited him in the hallway before slamming the door to Adelbert's office shut. "What the hell was that, Case? We knew the risks going in."

"Yeah, and I also thought I had teammates I could rely on, but look at how that turned out!" Justin shot back, shaking out of Marcus' grasp.

"You say you knew the risks, but you damn sure didn't act like it! You, and that other guy (whatever the fuck his name was!), didn't do jack-diddly-shit! Not a damn thing! You fucking froze up when things got heavy! Marcus, I fucking dangled out of a aircraft today! And you fucking SAT THERE AND WATCHED! It had to take the damn pilot (who was like, five feet away, and didn't even see me fall, might I add!), to get out of the cockpit, come all the way over to me, and drag me back in, while you sat in your shitty little crouch, with your thumb up your fucking ass! Why was I (the smallest, weakest guy of our group) the only one conscious enough to at least try and come up with a plan, Marcus?!"

"Because I would have killed all of us if I hadn't." It was the truth. The second he was wet he became not only a liability, but an outright danger if he didn't work carefully to keep his powers under control. Not that Marcus expected Justin to understand, especially in his distressed state. "Now, tell me this, Case. Have you been bludgeoned, cut, shot, stabbed, burned, and mangled? I have. On my own, and on the few occasions I teamed up with others." His own voice was starting to rise from its previously calm tone, betraying his own rising anger.

"Being a superhero isn't something you do to make a quick buck. No matter how skilled you are, how skilled your allies are, there is always - ALWAYS - a chance you end up dead every time you go out there and fight." His own fists were clenched now, his voice having risen to a full shout. "THOSE are the risks, you fucking idiot!" He could feel the twinge of a tear rolling down his cheek as memories of his first fight flashed through his mind. So many dead... "You think we're incompetent? That's nothing. Competence can be taught - hell, it can even be taught quickly. But you know what can't be taught? Conviction. Courage. Things you clearly lack if you press the blame on others!"

He raised his arm and pointed to the elevator, not breaking eye contact. "Seraphim has little need for a person unwilling to accept the real risks of being a hero, Case. Man up, or get the fuck out of here."

"Man up?! Motherfucker, are you talking to me, or yourself?! I'm quite sure I was aware of the risks being dealt on a mission where I had to fight a fucking sea monster! While you, on the other hand, can only come up with bullshit excuses to try an' save your own sorry ass!"

"Was the monster shooting water at us when I was five fingers away from falling into its mouth? Huh?! WAS IT?!! You were ten inches away from me! Literally ten fucking inches! I counted! With your strength, it would've took you no less than five seconds to pull me back in!" At that point, Justin brought the Awe up to eye level.

"And what do you think this does? Shoot rainbows and generate currents of bullshit?! Because the last I checked, I haven't gotten that far with the technology yet! Believe me Marcus, in that particular moment in time, with those unique variables, we would've been just fine." The elevator reached the two, the confirming ding of the machine accompanying the machinations of doors sliding open. The argument was nearing its end. "I'm taking the stairs. I need to go to the R&D department." But before making his departure, he took a step closer to his partner.

"Take a good look at yourself before you tell anyone else to "man up". I wasn't the one so hung up over my weaknesses, that I couldn't help my teammates. Risks. Pfft." He gave a scoff and a contemptuous glance before taking his leave.

One Month Later...

Feuds have a chance of being short lived when the ones feuding live across from one another, and share similar interests. Justin felt it best to drop the blame game in order to put more focus into his creations. Just that day, he began with blueprints and schematics of his next Awe. Something with more power, better current flow, and a user interface more enhanced than two on/off switches and a couple of LEDs. He began putting research into the phenomenon known as "ball lightning", and began coming up with theories on how to replicate the occurrence.

With some help from Faraday, of course. It was only logical the electrokinetic could help with finding a breakthrough with man-made version of this unique event in nature. From his phone he quickly contacted the man, eager to get his outlook on his latest bout of researching. "Marcus? Get down here. We's got some sciencing to do."

Powering up
New software installed
New hardware attached
Running system diagnostics

KAMI opened her eyes, a flash of metal briefly visible as her pupils adjusted to the harsh light. KAMI was laid out on a metal gurney, as naked as an android could be, wires exposed and all. Her outer plates clicked back into place, creating thin seams at their junctions.


KAMI's eyes readjusted from the plain colored view to the stereotypical "robot vision". Distances, temperatures, profiles, maps, all took up her sight at once. The man leaning over her was a scientist, or a mechanic, depending on which way you looked at it. It was his job today to restock her ammunition, top off her fluids, etc. Michael Santiago. 39 years old. He handed her a bundle of clothes, her self imposed uniform. A plain white tank top, and cargo pants.

"Morning Kami! How does that feel?"
TIME IS 14:18:39. "Good Afternoon Santiago. The New Chip Has Been Integrated Successfully."

She swung her legs off of the table, standing up. She was 6 feet tall, today, with the modifications done to her legs. Seraphim occasionally used her as a guinea pig for some of their prototypes, with today's experiment being a pair of digitrade styled limbs. She took a few tentative steps to adjust her balance. It reminded her of a pair of heelless boots. Her usual legs were locked into Seraphim's private storage.

"Alright Kami, you feeling OK to go?"
"I Am Running At Optimal Levels."
"R...right. Well as promised, you are now a part of Seraphim's active duty heroes. The emotion chip shouldn't distract you too much, if there's any problems just let us know.
"Yes, sir. Thank you." She felt a twinge somewhere, her eye twitching briefly. KAMI shook her head. "Goodbye." Was this what the chip would do?
"Are you sure everything's alright, Kami?"
"Yes." her voice was more strained. She didn't recognize it. She didn't know why Seraphim insisted on this. Why make a robot humanoid? But such were their terms. So it would be.

A loud crash from the next room interrupted her analysis. Santiago almost spilled his coffee over his papers, cursing at the "idiotic high school dropouts" that were allowed to conduct their experiments in the labs. The source of the noise mapped out on her interface. 20 feet away. The next room. KAMI quickly stepped out, as quick as she could on her now tiny feet. They actually had rather good traction. She stopped in the doorway, arm extended to eliminate any threats. But all she found inside was a boy.


Her eyes locked onto what he must have been working on, on the table. Several wires sewn into a glove. High voltage battery hooked up. Armed, but not currently dangerous. He didn't make any movements for it though, so KAMI lowered her weapon, putting her hands on her hips.

"I Heard An Explosion, But You Are Unharmed. Do You Need Any Assistance?"





Marcus, in no mood for some stupid alarm clock's shit, waved his hand and gave it a shock to shut it off. It had been a long, tiring week, and he had little patience for this kind of -




He put his weary head in his hands, forcing himself to sit upright in his bed. No rest for the wicked, it would seem. He clumsily reached over to the phone to answer with a beleagued "Bwa?"

"Marcus? Get down here. We's got some sciencing to do." Oh, right. That was a thing he promised to do. He cursed himself for forgetting and taking an extra late-night patrol shift - good to make some extra cash, but draining if you weren't a robot or somesuch. "Mrg... right. That. I'll... be right down." He hung up and rolled ignominiously out of bed.


Fifteen minutes later, he looked to be a completely different person - a quick shower and some coffee did wonders for a person's alertness. He strolled down to the testing lab at a lesurely pace, until he heard a blast in its general direction. He perked up immediately - the testing lab contained some dangerous stuff. And... wait...Justin was still there!

He scrambled into a full sprint, running down the hallway towards the source of the noise. As he rounded a corner, he heard another sound, this time a loud crash, like a wall being broken down. 'Oh god - is this a monster? Did the labs release something horrible? I need to hurr-'

He rounded the last corner to see Justin being... helped up? By a non-descript-looking girl, at that. But underneath the skin - or what looked like skin from where Marcus stood - he could feel massive surges of electricity running through wires. Must be one of those combat robots the lab cooked up every now and then.

"Uh... hello? Is... everything alright here?"

The smell of sulfur filled the air as Justin's vision began to regain focus. "Haha...Whoo!" He blinked a few times, lifting his silvery goggles from over his eyes. The blast knocked him off his feet, but it was progress nonetheless. But, before he could stand up and perform the experiment again, there was a new person in the room, standing over him. He blinked a few more times, and the person started talking. "I Heard An Explosion, But You Are Unharmed. Do You Need Any Assistance?" It was a woman.

"I'm fine, actually-" She began helping him up anyway. "Oh, uh, ok, whatever..." As he dusted off his lab coat, Marcus came barrelling 'round the corner. "Uh... hello? Is... everything alright here?" He meekly asked, a classic Faraday gesture. "Who cares? Get over here, check this shit out." Justin motioned, moving back towards the Awe, its palm still smoldering from the blast. "That robot girl's yours? Wait, don't answer that, I don't want to hear about your sexcapades." He quipped tangentially to the obvious android now in the previously empty lab.

"So I managed to create a dense enough form of plasma to actually (possibly) be able to hold! I mean, it exploded almost immediately, so the next order of business would be to find some sort of way to stabilize the plasma upon ejection (maybe with microwaves...? Could I make a second glove capable of generating microwaves...?), but hey!" His rambling ended with a clap. "I made it this far. So, any suggestions?" He pulled his goggles back down, and looked in the android's direction. "Wanna help, sexbot?"

Across the street from the Seraphim Building...

In the middle of a crowded sidewalk in Manhattan, a burst of blue light appeared in space itself, spitting out an armor-clad fellow before vanishing immediately. Steam rose from his person. Pedestrians that surrounded him either ignored him, ran past, or stopped and started taking pictures. Clumsily, he began rising to his feet. As the motion sickness passed, he realized he was not in the world he once inhabited. Castles that climbed into the clouds, strange garments, horseless carriages. What dimension was he tossed into? It wasn't a question he couldn't answer, but he still knew he had a mission to complete. He grabbed ahold of the Whiteraze, and held it out in front of him. One deep breath later, it burst into flames. "This kingdom must be cleansed." He uttered grimly. The base of the weapon slammed into the ground, releasing an explosive shockwave of flame. Citizens were vaporized. Ground level windows were blown out. Parked cars were tossed. General chaos was abound. And this knight was only getting started.

"You Are Mistaken. I Am Not A 'Sex Bot', I Am A Combat Bot. My Name Is KAMI. And I Have Not Had Any 'Sexcapades' With..." KAMI paused. She tried to keep tabs on all the relevant heroes, the ones with mechanical skills. The smaller one was... Justin. His name was on the sign in sheet in front. This one could be any of several electric themed heroes. She ran a quick snapshot through her memory... "Faraday. Marcus." As son as she put a name to the face she put a story to the name. She had heard it 137 times in passing conversation. Between Hera Patterson and Dawn Delamere on his suitability as a mate. Between Hannah Watanabe and Devin Syn on the limits of his human body as a conduit. Introducing himself to a certain Catherine Rose. "It's A Pleasure To Make Your Acquaintance. As For Your Apparent Experiment, I Am Glad To Offer Any Help You Need..."

Another explosion, but this time farther away. Outside of the building. But close enough to Seraphim to be a problem.

A live visual fed into KAMIs vision. Something from a different era... She could detect the time distortion as an iron clad man appeared, and started to raze everything to the ground. "Apologies, I Must Tend To This. Another Time, Perhaps." KAMI forced open a nearby window and slid out in a single fluid motion. She fell a few stories before hitting the ground with a heavy thud. Of course, she would not be the only responder, nor was she likely the closest, but it was her responsibility as a Seraphim agent to protect the building, on duty or not. Her arm reconfigured in a flurry of moving parts, and she took aim.
"I Am KAMI, An Agent Of Seraphim, Whose Building You Have Defaced. You Have Committed-" Brief pause for calculations. "48 Counts Of Murder. Arson. Vandalism. Surrender, Or Prepare To Die."

Once the 'girl' had confirmed she was indeed a Seraphim-aligned robot, Marcus let himself relax his guard. Justin probably just rushed another experiment and it blew up in his face - business as usual, in other words. "My Name Is KAMI." Marcus let himself finish catch his breath before responding. "Nice to met you, Kami. I'm..."

He was interuppted by a blast rocketing through the building. The floor shook in protest, causing Marcus to stumble for a moment before he regained his footing. Did that... happen here? In Seraphim? Marcus's face fell into one of mild disbelief. Who would honestly be stupid enough to bomb Seraphim, of all places? He wasted no time in pulling the last part of his suite out of his bag and strapping it on. Apparently, KAMI had similar plans, as she lept out the window and down to the ground floor to confront whatever was going on below. "Come on, Justin. We have other work to do." He bolted towards the elevators and pressed the button to summon one, waiting for Justin to gather his things before ordering a drop to the first floor.

Once in the foyer, Marcus could see the obvious source of the disturbance - an armor-clad man with a halberd, killing citizens and destroying property with total impunity. Time to get to work. "Mark VI - power draw activate." Lighting arced towards him from various lights and outlets as Marcus rushed towards the scene of the disturbance.

A gem in Intet's staff blinked a bright red: one of his beacons had picked something up. But then, he didn't need the beacons to know where the disturbance was, judging by the plumes of black smoke in the distance. A gesture and a spin of the staff catapulted the mage into the skies, cloak fluttering in the wind.

The damage seemed to be focused near a building prominent in human news sources: Seraphim HQ. Intet was marginally familiar with the place, though its inhabitants remained a mystery. He picked up the pace, executing a deft swoop down to ground level and coming to a halt six inches above the wrecked road. A man in armour stood there, a great polearm in hand. Strangely, Intet could sense hints of the Aura about this individual.

"Stranger, stay thine hand a moment," he declared, magnifying his voice a touch with a snap of his fingers. "Whence came you? Be thine purpose naught but destruction? If true, th'art likely to make enemies, myself included."

I know that voice... Mark could hear someone speaking at high volume outside. He did not pause to wonder, though, instead continuing to bound down the stairs to ground level. Some sort of explosion had gone off down below, audible even up here on the training floors. A lot of car alarms, screaming and shattering of glass. "You do?"

Aye. A younger being than myself. Intet Yxi. The 'Yxi' was pronounced 'she' in Talsper's thoughtspeech. A radical scientist bent on spreading the Aura beyond my home.

"That's not.. bad, is it?" The traceur burst through the door to the stairwell and hurried through the ground level, brushing aside shocked staff and making his way to the entrance. The glass doors were shattered.

I know not. Mayhap he be here to assist, or merely observe. Let us find out. Mark dashed through the broken doors to find a man in black and silver hovering opposite an armoured figure. Whoa... is that a halberd?

Thou knowst the weapon which this knight uses?

I've seen a little bit in movies and stuff... not important. Take over. The ring glowed its familiar gold, and Mark felt himself confined to the ring. Soon in command of the runner's body, Talsper flicked his hands and orbs of lightning crackled into existence. He did not step forward, though, instead waiting to see what transpired.

On the Ground Floor...
Before the feral knight could properly process his predicament, there seemed to be people standing to oppose him. Or, person, currently. A woman stood before him, telling him to surrender in stilted tone. Richard didn't appreciate the nonsense. "Defy me not, harlot. You are unclean, and in need of cleansing. Only through extermination, will you experience true salvation." He replied, the burning Whiteraze slowly raised to point in her direction.

In the R&D Department, about 22 stories up...
"Did she just jump out the window...?" Justin murmured in some disbelief as he poked his head out. "Come on, Justin. We have other work to do." Piped up from behind him. "Excuse me?" He immediately shot back, one eyebrow raised in pure bewilderment. Marcus didn't answer back, already on his way out of the lab.

"Okay, firstly, the mark four is basically out of commission. Secondly, the mark five's barely made it out of prototype phase. I mean, the onboard console and adapter is all set, the smartphone application is up and running, and the power supply's been fitted into a new backpack, but the glove itself is completely undone! The conduits have to be fine tuned, the coils on the micro-solenoids have to be tightened, there's too much current spilling through the palm outlet-"

Faraday was in the hallway, waiting for the elevator. "NOW, Justin." He yelled firmly. The boy grumbled a bit as he began putting everything together. "Fine! When this all goes tits up-which, trust me, it fucking will!-I'll make sure everyone blames your ass!" He yelled back.

In the Foyer, a few minutes later...
It wasn't too hard to spot the reason everyone was getting so worked up for. Just outside, a horrific scene had unfolded. While Faraday decided to rush headfirst into the fray, spouting his usual "Mark VI - power draw activate." spielings, Justin decided to hang back, as to avoid having his own power supply drained. Once he felt he was in a safe enough distance, he produced the company smartphone, and inserted it into the USB adapter on the wrist mounted console. A few loading cycles later, a screen appeared, showing adjustable meters, numbers, and words indicating what everything did.

"Alright, activating power supply..." He pressed a illustrated "on" switch on the phone's screen, and the large battery came to life. Some "vrrrmmm's" came from the glove, also indicating its successful activation. "Okay, so far, so good. I'll just keep the voltage low for now...no need to blow off my damn hand because of reckless stupidity..." He mumbled as he finally approached the blown off hinges that were once the company's entrance. As he looked up, he noticed everyone itching for a fight, a ultra-tense standoff between one knight, and (so far) three heroes. "Ugh, couldn't this bozo just decide to cause havoc somewhere else? The street's gonna be packed with goons in the next few minutes..."

Then, a booming voice projected from the heavens. A man cloaked in black swooped down from the skies, hovering just beyond the knight, placing himself in between he, and the android. He spoke in outdated English. "Be thine purpose naught but destruction? If true, th'art likely to make enemies, myself included." The knight Templar replied accordingly. All the defiance and threats were quickly began to make his blood boil, in more ways than one. "I am Soarele Negru. And I will rebuke you all of your inequities; through death you will all be made whole!" He snarled. Like, literally, inhumanly, snarled.

His eyes shimmered briefly as he coupled over, groaning. Immediately, the groans became growls as he began to grow, the flimsy scale-mail armor bursting apart. His skin appeared to harden and produce scales as his nose and mouth elongated into a snout. A pair of colossal wings burst from in between the shoulder blades on his back as a tail slithered from beyond his coccyx. He stretched his elongated neck skyward as he let out a bellowing roar that bent windows and shook Justin all the way to his boots. "D-did he...did he just turn into a fucking DRAGON?!" Justin fearfully replied-yelled to no one as the Black Sun stared back into the ebony cloaked sorcerer. "When all's to be cleansed...one makes no enemies with the ashes." A continuous spray of flame followed the beastly boast.

It wasn't too long before another individual made himself known. KAMI triangulated his position easily: he wasn't using any sort of scrambling device it seemed. A quick glance confirmed her postulates. A tall man in a flowing robe. She turned her attention fully back to her primary target. What was his motive?


So he wasn't allied with this man. But he was interfering, and attempting to down a violent, demonstrated deviant.

"Do Not Interfere, Mage-"
"Defy me not, harlot. You are unclean, and in need of cleansing. Only through extermination, will you experience true salvation."
That was a threat if she ever heard one. He raised his weapon. A blade burning at least 6000 K, melting the very air around it. She'd need a new layer of skin most likely, after this battle. No problem.

Then a big problem. Before her very eyes, he morphed into a dragon. TAGGED ANAMORPHIC: DRAGON.
She pulled as much data on dragons as she could, but there weren't very many of them in this era. A few bits of interesting information popped up.
"When all's to be cleansed...one makes no enemies with the ashes."
She had a half second to sprint out of the way, but that was no test.
But it was all hypothetical. The plume of fire followed closely behind. Now was the time to try something. She stopped and flipped high, the searing flames passing under her. TARGET LOCKED A armor piercing round loaded into her gun.

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