We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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So...Hi everybody. Welcome to the thread...Anyway...


The premise is simple.
Your character is your avatar.
They have the same powers, personality etc.


You have to contribute to the plot in some way.
Either by adding to a conversation, fighting, or getting past obstacles (picking locks, hijacking cars etc).

You control your character ONLY.
You can't use other players' characters. UNLESS: the character is plot-necessary, but the player is unable to post (must act in character. If you are in this position, it would help if you asked another player beforehand to take over your character).

No Over-Powered Characters
-Characters can't instant-kill other characters (killing should be pre-decided)
-Characters should be weakened if they attack too often
-Characters shouldn't have too many different combat moves.
And please try to explain powers simply. You may be a genius on your character's universe, but other players mightn't have even HEARD of them before.

No excessive posts
Just saying
"Dave opened the door and turned on his torch. He looked around and saw the desk, with the plans on it."
is good enough. We don't need a few paragraphs about his thoughts and feelings, and an accurate description of the room and plans.

Spoiler Tags
One little note:


This RP is probably going to contain at least minor spoilers from character universes, like references to who can live or die in Mass Effect or what happens in the most recent Bourne book or film. Please don't react negatively: it might affect the character in a big way, and you could end up confused as to why the character is acting 'out of character' from your perspective.
But that's not what I want to talk about. USE SPOILER TAGS FOR VIDEOS, PICTURES (Unless they're small) AND LARGE AMOUNTS OF TEXT

Things you should know
-OOC means Out Of Character. Use this if you want to ask a question or make a suggestion.
-Use @[player name]: to address a character specifically.
OP means over-powered.
-Use italics for thoughts. [*i]text[*/i] without the *
-If a player missed a few pages, please give them a summary (a few lines explaining what you did since their last post).
-If you have to leave, either kill your character or put them On A Bus (give a valid reason for them to leave, ie they fell into a temporary wormhole).
-My word is law (you could say, I am the law). If you think a character is OP, take it up with me. I will make a judgement.
Posts MUST Make Sense
-If it isn't from your character's universe, they don't know what it is.
-We're on Earth. Remember that.
-If you break this rule, the nonsensical post is retconned.


This thread will have one and only one main, overarching plot, unlike the other threads we have done. There may be other, smaller plots added throughout the thread. If you wish to do a plot, PM me and we'll see if we can do it.

Now that that's all out of the way, I'll be explaining the setting in due time. You will all have to wait a bit though.


The setting is Earth. A different Earth from ours, but a very similar one. In fact, there is but one key difference between our Earth and this new one. The difference? People. Or rather, the absence of people. All across the globe, not a man, woman, or child can be found...or so it would seem...Cars, buildings, telephone poles are all there, but nature has already begun to reclaim what man fought so hard for.

Your character will arrive in a forest, with a large mansion being visible in the distance. It is winter, and very cold, with snow covering the ground.

The red haired man prodded a mushroom.
"I swear, I was in the middle of something different...

OOC: Sod it, someone needs to post. Allez!

Somewhere else:
A young woman, roughly eighteen years of age stood opposite a creature, frozen in a large chunk of ice. She build, blue eyes and mint-green hair, tied in a ponytail. She wore a sleeveless red dress with floral patterns, flowered white tights, two long red gloves, red boots, a purple-pink cloak with the same flowered design as her tights and a metal tiara.

She stared at the frozen creature, never making a sound. The creature spoke to the woman telepathically, but she never replied. She just kept staring at it with dull, nearly lifeless eyes. Eventually, the creature began giving of a pale-blue light that was visible even through the ice covering it. The light radiating from the creature kept intensifying until it was glowing brightly. Then, a lightning bolt shot out from the ice and struk the tiara the woman wore, shattering it.

As the tiara shattered, the woman was freed from its mind controlling propperties. But things came back to her too quickly. Unable to cope with the sudden influx of information, the woman's vission grew blurry, and eventually, she fainted. Not only that, but her body disppeared as she was teleported elsewhere.

The woman's re-appeared in the snow and dirt in some forest, where she slowly regained consciousness.

OoC: Ok, so I'm not joining myself, at least not right now, but I'll be watching and wishing you guys the best of luck.

OoC: Might as well try to start things off I guess :)

Taokaka's Story.

As the snow fell to the ground, a young cat-girl walked threw the forest in a yellow cat eared hood, she shivered as the snow fell on her tail.
"Brr....all this cold Is making Tao hungry...." She said to herself as her tummy rumbles. as she kept walking, see started to see a Mansion in the distance. "Oooo......that's look REEEAALLLL fancy!....I bet they have LOADS of food in there! the young cat girl started to run towards the mansion, in the hope of finding something to eat.

A cat that runs like a human? How very strange
The hooded assassin thought to himself, breath fogging up in the snow. A mansion in the distance would provide a decent refuge against the cold, however getting there undetected would be key
Better get higher up to survey the area
He runs up the tree and begins moving silently from branch to branch, nearing the mansion

[Spoiler=OOC I'm going to change my avatar. Make it into someone else[/Spoiler]

As the man on horseback progressed the trees began to thin out, and he caught sight of the mansion in the distance. Something seemed off as he surveyed the scene beyond the outskirts with his piercing green eyes. Something seemed wrong, and he pulled gently on the reins.
"Ralentir, Couleuvrine. Ralentir." The horse obeyed his commandswith discipline, and the rider scanned the surroundings with growing confusion.
"Strange... where is the road?" he wondered. As he searched, he caught sight of the peculiar figure running out in the open, and watched it curiously.

Charlie looked around and noticed a mansion in the distance.
"That is either a safe haven, or a trap. How to tell..."
He opened his briefcase and took out an axe. He started swinging, smacking the metal head into the base of a tree repeatedly.

This is the mansion:


And yes, the river is there as well.

The woman at last fully regained consciousness, suprised to find her face in the snow. She shot up and wiped the snow of off herself, gasping slightly as she did. She shakily got to her feet and looked around a bit. Where was she? Did she know this place? No... this was definitely a place she did not know. Or was it? In truth, she couldn't remember.
Not seeing anything through the trees, the woman began aimlessly wandering around, rubbing her arms and greatly shivering as she did. She was in no way dressed for the cold.

Six small blue figures with red hair and kilts were walking around the forest. All of them had swords as big as them "Crivens! t'is isna the chalky hills."
"Shut up Wullie. I know where I'm goin'! Dat mansion over t'ere must have something to be drinkin' an' if were lucky t'ere wiil be fightin' an' stealin' too"

The finely clothed rider examined the mansion more closely as the figure approached the front.
Ah, it is a fine dwelling. He thought. The architecture looks as though it was constructed recently, and by a forward-thinking craftsman, but I have not seen such a building before, and it should not be here. Am I in the right place?" As he pondered however, he detected the rhythmic thud of an axe into a tree trunk andhis head snapped to one side. Lowering a hand to one of the bandoliers crisscrossing his cuirass, he checked that his exquisite wheellock pistol was loaded and ready, before bringing his mount around and setting off in the direction of the unseen woodsman.

Pushing through the last line of thick, claustrophobic trees, the Gunslinger pushed back his hat[1] and stared up at the huge mansion. He hadn't seen a structure of this grandiosity since he'd rode out of Gilead. Better take a look. I need supplies... he thought.

[1] It's not shown in my avatar, but Roland Deschain wears a cowboyish hat

The Cat-girl looked up at the mansion before entering it, amazed by the size of it. MEOW! this place pretty huge!...It makes Tao look tiny... she then walked up to the entrance and knocked on the door with one of her huge paws. Helllooooo? Is anybody home? meow! She called out.

Pushing through the last line of thick, claustrophobic trees, the Gunslinger pushed back his hat and stared up at the huge mansion. He hadn't seen a structure of this grandiosity since he'd rode out of Gilead. Better take a look. I need supplies... he thought.

OOC: Aha! I actually considered him as a character before! Didn't think I could portray him right though. Kudos and good luck to you!

Random berk:

Pushing through the last line of thick, claustrophobic trees, the Gunslinger pushed back his hat[1] and stared up at the huge mansion. He hadn't seen a structure of this grandiosity since he'd rode out of Gilead. Better take a look. I need supplies... he thought.

OOC: Aha! I actually considered him as a character before! Didn't think I could portray him right though. Kudos and good luck to you!

[1] It's not shown in my avatar, but Roland Deschain wears a cowboyish hat

Surprisingly the mansion door was indeed unlocked, so Tao had no trouble entering. It was completely dark and almost as cold as the outside.

The kilted figures too came up to the mansion's entrance"Should we nock Rob. T'ere might be a hag livin' in there"
"Dona be silly Wullie. Nae Hag lives in a stone thing. Tae real question is if we nock doon da door"

Imma just drop by and say 'hi' so you can use my character as a deus ex machina whenever you need one :D


Hearing a cat-like yowling, Roland's hands drop instinctively to the guns at his hips. He checks this motion and sighs. Resting one hand on a sandelwood gun-butt, he starts up towards the mansion, his pale blue eyes casting around for threats.

Tao push the door slightly and it opened. "Meow?" She said curiously. she then shook the snow off her tails and walked inside the dark room. "Anybody home?.....Tao was wondering If you had food....." She called out, she left the door open slightly.

The tree slowly began to tip.
Charlie swept his red hair back out of his eyes and wiped a few beads of sweat off his sunglasses with his shirt.
"Okay, now to head for that bigass house..."
Charlie opened his briefcase and tossed the axe and his sweat-soaked shirt inside. He closed the case, attached a strap and slung it over his shoulder.
He took the fallen tree trunk in his hands and began to laboriously drag it towards the mansion.
Sometimes, I think my plans are too convoluted and stupid...

OOC: @Binnysboy Yeah, those would have been kind of an issue as well. He should be great in mook fights.

The rider soon came upon the man chopping down the tree and cocked his head curiously. The man was dressed very strangely, not in the clothes of a noble, but not those of a peasant either. He couldn't place them and so decided to address the man.
"Bonjour! Hello, good sir! Tell me, who is the lord of that estate there?"

After walking for what seemed like days, the woman came out at the edge of the forestand beheld a vast mansion overlooking a frozen river. The woman looked up at the mansion with awe, covering her mouth with her right hand. She kept staring at the mansion for some time to come until a cold wind pulled her back to reality. She had to seek shelter quickly, lest she freeze to death. Deciding going to the mansion was the best option, the woman began looking for a way to reach it. She did not want to risk walking across the ice covering the river as she did not know how thick the ice was. It could easily crack under her way.
No. There had to be a way around the river. Somewhere.

The figures split up and went looking for booze in the mansion. There plan was simple if they find something to steal it was theirs unless somebody fought them over it. Same went for any booze they found. Two of the pictises made quite a bit of noise fighting over something that looked like it was gold

"Good evening." a soft, female voice said behind Tao.

The Gunslinger's eyes widen slightly, but otherwise his face shows no emotion at the strange creature he sees pushing through the door of the mansion. He'd seen everything from almost literate Billy Bumblers, to Speaking Demons, and yet nothing quite like the bipedal cat creature he saw some yards off now. Quietly, he draws out the revolver on his right hip and pulls back the hammer; slowly so as not to give a loud warning click, and advances.

To celebrate my new avatar!

Buck, I'm in a forest. Now I'm going to have My Little Dashie flashbacks. Oh well, I can clear this place in ten seco-- God, that meme's old. I'll just blow this joint.

"MEOW!" Tao jumped at the sound of the voice, she then turned around. "It's not very nice to sneak up on people.....you just scared me half to death Neow..." She said, as she swung her arms.

OoC: @Outis, Ok Ill admit, writing this already has proven quite fun :D

Charlie stopped dragging the tree and looked up.
"Bonjour. Uh... I don't know. That's what I'm going to find out."
He started dragging the tree again.

OOC: Glad to hear it.

"I am terribly sorry. I would have greeted you sooner, but we have not recived guests here in quite some time. Did I hear you were looking for food?" the woman asked.

OOC: This girl:

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