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The rider noticed the man as he reached the halfway point on the bridge and squinted at him from beneath the brim of his hat. Something looked odd about him. AS he tried to figure it out, he became aware of soft footsteps behind him and stroked his wheellock pistol again, before twisting in the saddle to glance back. Seeing the woman walking behind him he tipped his hat and gave her a rakish grin before drawing back the reins. As he did so he got a closer look at the man across the bridge and started. He could see right through him!

The girl came back surprisingly quickly, wheeling a metal cart with a large silver tray on it with an ornate lid hiding what was on it. She placed the tray before Tao and removed the cover to show a large, cooked fish, about two and a half feet long, served whole with rice and broccoli. "Enjoy." she said with a small smile.

"Oh, it is my master you have business with? Well I am afraid he is not taking visitors at this time, but if you would like to stay, I am sure he would be more than willing to meet with you." the girl said to Roland.

OoC: ...actually, NVM. I'm not so sure. I'll play someone else.

A soft-spoken cat girl speaks to Yu. "You must be a resident of this place, tell me, where a-"
Yu cuts himself short when he sees a figure behind the cat girl. It's face; darker than black and its eyes red like blood. It even has cat ears and a tail. This image strikes Yu instantly. "A shadow?! GET BEHIND ME!" Yu swiftly gets out his sword and swipes towards the figure as he pulls the cat-girl behind him.

Ooc: This is set up so perfectly! I'm going to make Yu think Tao is the cat-girl's shadow. :D

The other Pictises smelled the food that was being served and went to steal it "Eh it's a bigjob mixed wit one of dem little catties. Do Wee 'ave to stop her from eating ta wee little burdies too" Rob said going to get the meal

"MEOW! Thanks Cat Lady, Tao hasn't seen this much food ever!" She said with glee, then started to chow down. "Om nom nom nom" Tao ate at surprisingly fast speed, her mouth was filled up with food like a hamster.

OoC: @Deserteagle, wait a second....
Persona 4? :D

The woman gasped and practically froze up when the armoured man looked at her and touched something what she asumed was some sort of weapon. Never had she seen anything quite like it, but she was in no hurry to find out what it would do. She had mixed feelings when the man grinned at her, not sure what to make of it. Not wanting to seem agressive, the woman slowly began walking backwards and eventually passed through something. A ghost? If she wasn't scared before, she was now. Losing her footing, the woman fell over, landing on her rear.

Roland's eyes flashed dangerously. The Man in Black was here? Roland had judged by the trail of campfires that he was some weeks behind him. That he had stayed here would be a huge stroke of good fortune. That was what ticked it as suspicious. This would be another trap, he knew it.

In the blink of an eye, the second revolver was out and trained on the woman with inhuman speed.

"He and I are to have a palaver. You will take me to him now, or I'm afraid I'll have to shoot my way to him."

Bernard just walks forword, eventually outwalking The Rider. He shrugs, and continues to walk across the bridge.
Cane, what in Imagination's name is he doing?
I have no idea.

He watches as the woman falls down, and shrugs, wondering why she would do that.
"Just say'in it's fine by me... if you ne-ver leave! We can live, like, this forever it's fine, by, me." He sung, continuing to walk.

The girl waited patiently behind Tao, giving an annoyed glare to the small trouble makers going for Tao's food.

"Oh my..." the girl said, her only reaction to Yu's actions.

Rob went up and stabbed at Tao's hands "Eh we's were going to be stealin' that food square and fare"

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Tao moved her paws and hissed at Rob. "Meow! why are you trying to stab Tao? I'm not food! She said, slightly annoyed.

OoC: @Deserteagle, Legend :D

Charlie finally reached a window and started to smash the glass with his elbow.

OoC: Keep in mind I know nothing about the persona series other than people unlock superpowers by pretending to commit suicide. This is kinda new to me.

The six Feegle lift up the platter and take it to the other end of the table "Youes were in the way!" Rob yelled back at the person

Gearhead mk2:
OoC: Keep in mind I know nothing about the persona series other than people unlock superpowers by pretending to commit suicide. This is kinda new to me.

Ooc: My character's from the one that doesn't use guns to shoot themselves. Also since this is the real world, I made it so he can't use his superpowers. Just a sword. :P

OOC: @Nail He didn't draw his pistol, just touched it.

Seeing the woman fall as the ghost walked through her, the rider wheeled his horse around, giving the spectre a wide berth as he rode to her. Dismounting quickly, he strode over and offered her a hand, keping one eye on the ghost.
"Madamoiselle, are you hurt?" He asked in highly fluent, but heavily accented English.

Tao stood up, her paws swung side to side. "Thanks for the food Cat Lady! It was YUMMY" She said cheerfully, then hugged her gently. "By the way my name is Tao....Taokaka...."

OoC: @Desert Don't worry about locking off your characters powers mate. We've had supers and strange characters before, plenty of them. Honestly, in the last thread, I played a super strong, super agile, bisexual, squirrel girl spy. Ordinary is out to lunch.

The ghost walks forword, seemingly unphased. Seeing the man stare at him, he shrugged, "I must be crazy. 'bout time too."

"Oh dear...My master does not like the use of weapons in his estate. I do not suppose I could persuade you to simply wait for him peacefully?" the girl asked Roland, looking more disappointed than scared.

"Sir? Would you like me to open the window for you?" the girl asked Charlie from inside the building.

The girl seemed a bit startled by Tao's hug. "It is very nice to meet you Miss Taokaka." he said, keeping her arms at her sides.

The figure resembling a shadow seems to be dodging every slash Yu swings at it while it grabs at the food on the table. Yu feels like he's being made of fool of by a shadow that is so comically evading his attacks. Yu swings for 3 whole minutes before he stops and stares exhaustingly at the figure that is so oblivious to his presence.

OOC: And no one even questions the six inch scottish men

"Sir? Could you please put your weapon away?" the girl who was being hugged by Tao asked Yu, the one behind him seemingly gone.

The mansion was starting to light up now.

Ooc: @Gear: Actually, it's more of a canon thing because he can't use his powers in the real world. And it's already been set up as the real world. If anything, I'll be exagerating his power with the sword considering how expertly he uses it without superpowers.

"As to whether any weapons are used relies solely on whether you take me to the Man in Black".

Tao lets go of the cat girl, then looks at Yu with a toothy grin. "Hey there mister....are you okay?....you look tired....If your tired you could always take a nap Meow" She said to him, her tail flicked a little.

OoC @Berk: Right. Changed it. :x

The woman shook her head when the man asked if she was hurt. She figured that because he asked that and offered a hand, the man must not be out to hurt her, though she was intrigued by his accent. Where was it from? She could not place it. Or indeed his appearal. It was all alien to her. The woman accepted the man's hand and got to her feet, still shivering greatly. The cold was getting to her.

Charlie smashed the window open and crawled inside.
"No thank you, madam."
He picked a few shards of glass out of his chest.
"Avert your eyes."
Charlie quickly removed his sodden jeans and underwear, tossed them out of the window and opened his briefcase. He reached inside, pulled out a new set of clothes and put them on.

OoC: @Desert Allright, fair enough. I was just saying, you don't have to cut your characters off from their powers if they need that power to hold their own in a fight.

*An old man suddenly finds himself walking in the woods*
Mnh ... this is new *he grumbles to himself*
Looks familiar but something is different
*in silence he drifts onward pondering on the nature of his current situation, eventually he finds himself facing an old mansion*
Perhaps there is someone there.
*after entering the mansion and walking around he notices that no-one seems to be paying him any attention*
Oh ... right, I forgot. *he sits down in the of the main staircase holding his staff as the symbols on it start to glow, hoping someone would notice it*

Noticing that the woman was shivering and even more poorly prepared for the cold than he, the rider swept his travelling cloak from his shoulders and made to drape it around hers.
"Come, Madamoiselle. I ride for yonder mansion, where it will be warmer. It would be my pleasure to offer you my saddle." As he spoke, he glanced at the ghost.
"Ah... bonjour, sir. Why, might I ask, did you frighten the lady so?"

"Man in Black? Oh, I think this is just a simple misunderstanding. No one by that name lives here." the girl explained to Roland.

The girl simply walked up to the broken window and pushed the log off of the building, it landing back in the river. The window would be, surprisingly, unbroken if Charlie looked at it again. "Is there a problem with the frond door?" she asked.

The Feegles quickly drank the bottle of beer and were still only a bit drunk "So when are wee goin' to be doin' some fightin" Rob says rather loud to anybody around

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