We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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Harbinger had followed a blue figure, noticing signs of injury. His puppet was unarmed, and had sustained damage which prevented access it it's biotic abilities, so he wasn't going to risk further damage to it by confronting armed individuals, and while the blue dressed man was armed, he was in no condition to fight. While not as powerful as his own sensory tools, his puppet was able to detect that the man he had followed was human, although also something else. He didn't bother speaking, having never had a reason to speak to anyone. Reapers were ancient, and among them, Harbinger was one of the eldest.

OOC: Fixing some things. My cat girl is not named Yu, she has yet to be named. Yu is another character...and a man. Also, Charlie is in another part of the mansion than everyone else.


I am Harbinger:

Hmm...should have made this more clear. There is still life on the planet. Plants, birds, bees, buffalo and everything of that nature is still there, just no human beings.

(OOC: Harbinger wouldn't really assign value to anything aside from humans, nothing else is high enough on the scale of intelligence to warrant his attention, so it kind of works out.)

Yu looks again at the cat-girl hopelessly trying to accomodate everyone that comes in. It seems like Tao isn't that attached to the other cat creature. Yu looks back at Tao. "If you aren't a shadow or a persona, then what are you?" Yu reaches out for the hood that is shading over Tao's face.

OoC: @Outis Sorry, got kinda mixed up there...

*the old man ponders a bit*
Ah yes, now I remember ... *sigh* so many things to keep track of ...
I assume this is better.
It is nice to talk to someone, it has been a long time
I have travelled for a very long time young lass, could you perhaps tell me where or when is this place, I seem to recall it but something is different ... something seems to be missing.

OoC @Gear: Buahaha! Self-trolled.

The woman looked at the stirrup the rider was holding out. She placed her left foot in it, grabbed the sadle and pulled herself up, mounting the horse. She was glad she was wearing tights to avoid embarassing moments while riding.

"I see. I will take care of your things as soon as I can." the girl said to Roland as he walked away. She then brought Vergil to a room that looked like a hospital room and started treating whatever wounds he had.

OOC: Sounds good @Harbinger. Gear: It's fine.

OOC: So why exactly isn't anyone questioning the Scottish blue faeries walking around the place

OOC: So why exactly isn't anyone questioning the Scottish blue faeries walking around the place

(OOC: Harbinger is following (read: stalking) Virgil, and being ignored by everyone...too, it would seem)

The ghost shrugged, "I just got here... you can see me?"

OoC: Yay! We have the group of the nameless!

OOC: So why exactly isn't anyone questioning the Scottish blue faeries walking around the place

OOC: Roland is used to the idea of magic and demons and shizz. And he's had years of practice at concealing emotions that aren't relevant to his job.

"Meow....I'm a beastkin silly" She said smiling, she saw Yu reaching for her hood and chuckled. "Oh ho ho! I get it....you wanna play tag with Tao?... Tao taps Yu on the shoulder then starts running away. "YOOOUUUURRRR IT! Strange guy! She shouted as she ran away.

"We are in Canada." the girl said to the old man.

The same cat-girl as always walks up to the collector and asks if there is anything she can do for it.

OoC: The assassin is simply watching from the shadows lol :p

Vergil shruged of his coat reluctantly, showing sword wounds all over his upper body, in particular a gaping slash across his chest. He stayed silent, but disdain and discomfort was obvious on his face.

OoC: @IamShemgeggy, you're not joining then, huh? Shame.

Harbinger turned his attention to the creater speaking to him. "What are you? You are not human...but you are sentient. You do not fit data collected on Asari, Turian, Human, Salarian, Krogan, Batarian..." He continued to list many more races, expected that this being would know none of them. He expected very little in the way of actual intelligence from anything to of his own kind.

The Feegle heard about this it game but didn't really know how it worked. So they thought it was practicing for fighting. So they lift Tao up by her feet and throw her "Nae ye are it. Now do we do tae fightin' now"

*something catches the old man's attention*
*speaking in the native tongue of the fae*
Would you look at that, I have not seen any of your kin in at least six centuries.

"Oui, I can see you clear as day." The rider said as he began to lead Couleuvrine by the reins. Then he shook his head and grinned before sweeping off his hat and bowing.
"Ah, but where are my manners? I am Capitan Jaques Leveque, master of the warship Craquer and loyal servant of the French Crown, at your service."

Gearhead mk2:

(OOC:Thanks. That cracked me up.)

Tao gets thrown but lands on her all 4's then keeps running. "You forgot to say Tag! Meow!" She said as she continued running like a normal cat.

*unsure whether the fae even heard or saw him, he continues to walk around the premise and observe, his staff still glowing*

The girl quickly and quietly treats Vergil's wounds completely.

The girl tells the collector that she does not have a species name.

The girl admits that she does not know what the old man is talking about, though she does it very politely, as she follows him.

Roland's things are all taken care of.

OOC: Unfortunately I have to go for a bit. I give you all permission to god-mod my cat-girl to do simple things (bring food, show characters to their rooms, clean things up, things like that). Be back in an hourish.

"....." Yu doesn't know what to do as Tao runs off and is crowded by tiny blue creatures. She at least looks like she can handle herself so she let's her go on. Yu continues to wander around the mansion searching for someone that will make sense of his situation.

The Gunslinger took in what was going on around him. The old man that exuded a calm wisdom. The tiny creatures with the nigh incomprehensible accent. The hooded creature with the childlike behavior and speech.

If this was a trap set by the Man in Black, it was certainly the strangest. He glanced at the old man. Something about him in particular reminded him of Marten, his father's court magician. He didn't like that.

@All: HHHeeeerrreeeeeee'sssssssss ROSH! Now a recap...

A Void portal opened up in the skies above, crackling purple sparks of electricity as alpha, beta and gamma radiation was emitted from it. A silver casket like object, the size of a normal human shot out of the portal as it closed up.

The casket impacted the ground with a loud thud, as dirt and snow was immediately kicked up from the ground.

The pod itself was emitting heat and smoke...

The Feegle didn't pay much attetion to the man speaking in fae and each of them said a battle cry. Among them was "They take oor lives! But Noo oor TROUSERS" And charaged at the cat with their swords drawn

The assassin hops down from the ceiling landing gracefully on his feet, white cloak settling around him.
"Now seems as good a time as any to introduce myself" He said, bowing gracefully to the cat-girl who was playing the part of apparent hostess
"I am Ervice"

Vergil stood as his wounds were healed, grudgingly thanking his healer. He put his coat back on, then left the room. Something about this manison was off... he decided to explore.

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The woman looked down at the man now identefiable as Jaques and figured it would be impolite to not tell her name also. She opened her mouth but merely gasped softly as she realized that she, for some reason, did not know her name. Distraught by this, the woman sighed and looked down.

Harbinger mused to himself. All of these lesser creatures, gathered in one place. Surely one of them must know what happened tot he sentient population of this planet. However, before he could being to inquire, his body gave out and went down on one knee, no longer able to withstand it's own injuries and his direct manipulation. Knowing he could not afford to lose his puppet, he placed it in a seated position against a wall, and released control of it's motor functions, retaining control only of the head. The rest of it's body went limp, and went to work repairing itself.

OoC: @Rosh, welcome back buddy :D

Tao ran for a good while, then noticed no one was chasing her. "I told you Tao was good at this game..." She said to herself gleefully, then walked back Yawning. "All this playing and eating has made Tao tired...*yawn*....nap time! Tao then lays down and curls up in the hall, quickly falling asleep.

The Feegle seemed to lose the cat bigjob and went to somewhere in the mansion

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