We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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OoC: @Iam, the DM is no longer online, talk to someone else.

The ghost nodded, "I'm Bernard... and are you sure? Maybe you're delusional."

The escapee peered at Tao, unnerved by how odd the creature was. He had seen worse, and escaped from them. The only problem being if they followed shortly after.
"A bridge I'll cross when I get there. Or, more or less, a bridge I'll cross when it gets to me."

Finishing his food, Roland goes to bring his horse into the stables. As he leaves the building itself, he sees a huge metal plated entity sat against the wall. He watches it, his mind racing. What was it? He doubted it was one of the 12 Guardians, as it didn't conform to any animal he recognized. It could have something to do with them, though. That made it dangerous. He gave it a somewhat wide berth of about fifteen feet. Enough of a distance that if it attacked him, he could draw, aim and empty the guns slung about his hips, as his training had taught him.

Mh, so many beings of peculiar origin.
*the old man walked to a open window, not long before a raven came and landed on his shoulder*
Now I see, thank you my friend, at least you have stayed.
*but even with the new found knowledge, he still pondered, how could this have come to pass*

Not many recognize my presence, it is perhaps for the better.

*he sends the bird back*

*notices a rather unusual sight*
You, I have seen you before. Were you not killed in the witch-child incident?

Tao remained sleeping in the hall, her tail would flick from time to time. "Zzz.....zzz.....zzz...

Harbinger turned his attention to the human skirting around him. "You have no reason to be so paranoid. This form is weak and damaged. I find your fear of it insulting."

Gig woke up in a snowy forest, and gotten up. "W-what, where the hell am I? Damn it Virtuo-bitch, don't you get enough of messing with me!?" Gig look toward the distance to a large Mansion with a beautiful lake.

"Well, it better than freezing my ass off. Whoever owns that old ass castle better have some Hotpods."


"I assure you, Monsieur Bernard, I am quite sane." Jaques glanced up at the woman riding on Couleuvrine, surprised at her silence, and a little concerned by the gasp.
"Madamoiselle? Do you not speak?"

Bernard raised an eyebrow, and shrugged, "Well, I'll take what I can get. So, where are you from?"

@Hatch: :D

The casket stook for a second. Then another shake. From sides of it, the silver casket retracted itself into 4 long silver curved objects. Inside the casket... Was a young woman, probably 18 years old, seemingly in cyro-sleep. She wore a basic shirt that revealed something that 21st Century people would call "Under-boobs", and a semi-short skirt, both articles of clothing grey.

As she slowly opened her eyes, a strange armor manifested around her chest, groin-area and legs, encasing them completely. Her face was obscured by a blue mask (Kinda looks like Mu-12 from Blazblue... however the mask is like Hakumen)

As she slowly rose herself like a platform was behind her, she spoke in a monotone voice. Sad, wore even, but full of life.

Repair protocols in effect.... Phoenix Program... Green... Elemental Powers... Green...

Yu makes his way to what seems to be the front door of the mansion. He opens the door to be blasted with a gust of wind from the snowstorm. Yu closes the door and brushes the snow from his shoulders. It's way to cold out there. I'll freeze to death without proper clothing.
Yu's attire:

OoC: Back. Vergil's just wandering around the mansion if anyone wants interaction.

The man, known by no other name than "Grey", laid low in the shadows. He was never a big fan of other people, and he was a convicted criminal. A person could easily recognize him, call him out, and either the cops or the guards in that godforsaken place --- if they survived, that is --- would come and retrieve him.

Gearhead mk2:
OoC: Back. Vergil's just wandering around the mansion if anyone wants interaction.

(OOC: How about a villain to villain chat?)

The Feegle end up seeing the ghost and like a lot of things they charged at with their swords which went through him "Eh dat is noo normal. How come the sword goes t'rough. Did wee do somethin' rung"

A man in armour, which seemed quite advanced, crashed down outside the house, groaning as he tried to get up. His armour was smoking, and battle damaged.
"Uh... Big explosion..."

OoC: @Harbinger Hmm... could try that. Where's the possesed Collector?

The woman looked back at Jaques and nodded slightly. "...I do" she said, speaking with a soft voice and trembling voice.

Gearhead mk2:
OoC: @Harbinger Hmm... could try that. Where's the possesed Collector?

(OOC: Sitting against a wall, near where the catigrl fixed up Virgil. He followed VIrgil into the mansion.)

*the old man set his staff standing in front of the man in orange, hoping the message would go through*
How are you still here? Is this his doing? Or was a keter involved?

Grey jumped.
"If you call the cops or anyone, I will personally murder you. And how do you know about Keter-classes? And how do you know about the Foundation in general?"

Roland raises an eyebrow at the thing's sudden speech, then gives a rare chuckle. "Fuck you, you dusty old relic".

He turns and walks out to the trees where his horse is tethered. That little exchange had taught him something. The creature wasn't capable of reading his moods. He'd heard of machines from the old world capable of detecting emotions, lies, and all but reading the subject's thoughts.

Gig crept inside the Mansion, "Hello? Anyone here? Well, if you're hiding, do you have any Hotpods?"

"I was born and raised in Lyon, South of Paris." Jaques said with some pride. "And you? Where did you live, er, where do you now haunt?" As he spoke however, he heard the woman's distress and looked up at her again.
"Madamoiselle, what is the matter? Are you ill?"

OoC: @Harbinger K then. And for the record, it's spelt with an E, not an I. Vergil.

Vergil saw something sat against a wall. A humanoid insect, with glowing eyes... some kind of demon? He approched it cautiously.

Tao's ear twitched as she was laid down. "Meow?" She said, then got up and jumped outside into a pile of snow, she then shook herself and ran about to find where this crash noise was coming from.

Ooc: Yu's just wandering also. I'll leave anyone else to continue his part. I have to go to work so I'll come back in 3 hours if Yu is still relevant to whatever's happening.

Gearhead mk2:
OoC: @Harbinger K then. And for the record, it's spelt with an E, not an I. Vergil.

Vergil saw something sat against a wall. A humanoid insect, with glowing eyes... some kind of demon? He approched it cautiously.

(OOC: Sorry, I've played the games, but that's just how I'm used to spelling it.)

Harbinger sensed another humaniod, this time the one he'd followed earlier, approaching. "It is not obvious that this form cannot move? Fear of it is fear of nothing. He rotated the head, to focus the eyes on him. "You...are human, and not human...what are you?"

Bernard shrugged, "I come from pretty much everywhere, and nowhere. I just walk around the multiverse, stay in a place for a few thousand years, then continue walking. Don't have a home."

As he leaves the damaged mechanical creature, Roland passes a white haired man in a coat with a strange sword. The tightness of his features and the paleness in his cheeks suggested he'd lost a lot of blood.

The Gunslinger nodded to him in passing and went out to his horse.

OOC: Hmm, trying to figure out what to do here. Any tips from Vets?

The woman continued to list other systems. She finally looked at Roland and said in her monotone.

"Anomaly detected. Homo Sapien... Threat level, minimal. Intelligence level... Registered as below average... Beginning scaning protocols... Scan complete. Location detected as Canada, Earth.... Beginning more scanning protocols."

Hovering just above the ground, the woman continued to look around as a faded blue light radiated from the mask and looked around...

@Wonderful: Just have your character meet others, that usually works.

Good, this D class has had training.
How I know what I know is of no importance, what is important is whether this has anything to do with Him. Must be, both of you were present at the witch-child incident.

The woman shook her head. "No. Nothing like that. Just... cold. That... and I can't remember anything..."

OoC @Dr: Walk up to someone and chat. Make your char known. Nothing's gonna happen if you just sit in the background the entire time.

The man sighed as he got himself up on his feet. He saw a guy in a cowboy hat walking over to a strange being, which seemed to be some kind of mount, and walked over towards him.
"Hey! Can you tell me where we are?"
He called out while trudging through the thick snow.

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