We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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OoC: @Kirke Oh yeah, him! Sorry, I thought you were just talking about characters from this thread. He was pretty good, I thought. And the characters watching their own adventures... that'd be a bit surreal.

Gearhead mk2:

What is it with the women around here? Is there something in the water that makes everyone a lesbian? Glad I haven't drank any. Better keep avoiding it, just to be safe.

1) No, that's just a side affect of being a woman in the WAOA threads.
2) The jury's still out on wether Tao's a depraved molester hiding behind a facade of childish happiness, or wether she's honestly so kiddy she just likes boobs because they're squishy.
3) Not all the female characters are lesbian. Noel and Winona are straight, Lambda's asexual (apart from some subtext with Tanner and Grace), and Four, Mia and Makoto are bi.

...huh. All of the bi characters are part-animal. Wierd, huh? That does raise questions in regards to Tao and Jean.

.... That's because I started that trend and will continue that trend, not because its sexual perverseness of the fact, but because... Well, if I'm going completely write The Vanguards with Winter being a Straight Lesbian, well.... I need the practice XP

Dirty Cop James funs:
Hellosh had a Nightmare.

This time ...It's....The worst of them all!

Hellosh was crying to his mother and said:"I am a monster! *sniff* I am a child of sin! nobody loves me! *sniff* I...I..I deserve to die and burn in Hellgon!"

His mother slapped him while crying, and said "NO! You're not a monster, and you do not deserve any hell! and most importantly I love you..... "

His father comes in angry, then stabbed Hellosh's mother in the heart. He said:" I shouldn't have raped her from the start, now I have to deal with you. Do you know? You're not the first bastard child I had. The others served their purpose and died while doing it, but you....YOU! You had the nerve to live, and I hated it! You Hornics are a disgusting race, you all deserve to die and burn!"

Hellosh was crying and laughing, then his third eye opened.

"What the hell!?" Hellosh's father said.

Then the entirety of Bitemark burned in a red flame.

"What are you?" Hellosh's father said.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHMUHAHAHAHAKEHKEHKEHKEH. WHO AM I? I am the tears you shed, the blood you drop, the flames you fear!" Then Hellosh wore his mask Deatlose."I am Hellosh bin Deathlose, The Hellgon bastard. Now feel Hellgons fire!"

Hellosh woke up laughing and crying like a mad man.

OoC: By the way, did anyone read this? Yes I know,I shouldn't bring this up a every chance I can. But I am so proud of this dramatic paragraph!

OoC: @Rosh I don't really see what's different about writing a les relationship. Basically the same as normal, except both people involved are girls. By the way, if you want something to base your les relationships on, just watch Batman: The Animated Series, specifically, the ones with Poison Ivy and Harely Quinn. Seriuosly, you'll be going "how the hell did they get that past censors?"

@All: .......... Chat group. Lets use it.

Dirty Cop James funs:

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHMUHAHAHAHAKEHKEHKEHKEH. WHO AM I? I am the tears you shed, the blood you drop, the flames you fear!" Then Hellosh wore his mask Deatlose."I am Hellosh bin Deathlose, The Hellgon bastard. Now feel Hellgons fire!"

Especially this wonderful line! In fact, I made it the quote of Hellosh's trope page!

OoC: @Rosh sorry, I keep forgetting we have one.

Dirty Cop James funs:
Hellosh was insane at the moment, so no word he said made sane "Father......Mother.....Bastard......Fire! Hellosh said, then he set himself on fire with red flames.

OoC: Just edited. Now he set himself on fire, not the world.

OoC: Anyone aboot?

@Hatch: I am for about an hour...

Katrina slowly wakes up as does Phoenix.

OoC: @Rosh, that's better then nothing...

Tao slowly woke, yawning and stretching.

Venomion was already awake and sat up, just looking at the ceiling.

Crystal was still asleep.

Katrina looked over at Crystal then Venomion. She chuckled. "Huh... I guess sometimes never change..." She sat up as well.

Phoenix yawns rubbing her eyes.

"What do you mean by that?" Venomion asked Katrina, raising an eyebrow.

Tao started chasing her tail.

Phoenix wanders over to Tao and giggles alittle at her antics.

"Oh nothing..." Katrina says, thinking back to her days of DragonLord training.

"Hmm...okay then..." Venomion said to Katrina, then looked back up at the sky.

Crystal started to wake up yawning.

Tao continued to give chase, she gave a quick wave to Phoenix then returned to her antics.

OoC: @Dokurod seriously, I burn myself and you don't give me a funeral. Some boyfriend you are!

"You thinking about something?" Katrina asked. Turning back to Crystal she smiled. "Good afternoon sleepy head!"

Phoenix sits down and watches Tao.

"No...not really..." Venomion said to Katrina.

Crystal sat up and hugged Katrina. "Good afternoon to you too!" She said cheerfully.

Tao gave up on casing her tail. "Meow...you win this time..."

Katrina returned the hug to Crystal and kissed her. "Heh. So... Girls, with everything done here... I guess maybe we should be leaving this planet."

"Guess so...." Venomion said to Katrina.

Crystal giggled slightly. "Yeah...seeing as everything is all said and done here...." Crystal said to Katrina.

"Yeah... But where did the both of you come from though?"

Dirty Cop James funs:
OoC: @Dokurod seriously, I burn myself and you don't give me a funeral. Some boyfriend you are!

OoC: Not sure if you saw this @Hatchy

OoC: @Dirty, I like just setting himself on fire a lot more, far less silly. Also, in the future consider adding some description to the fire, flesh it out more. Not saying go back and edit that, just things to think about

OoC: @Dirty, oh I saw it I just didn't respond.

"Well we came from a college in Winterhold....It's were I learn my Magic...." Crystal explained to Katrina.

"Morning Phoenix Lady!" Tao said to Phoenix grinning.

OoC: @Fur Yeah, yesterday I was a bit depressed so I said. "fuck it, I will burn the world" Now that I am in a better mood, I see how stupid it is.

Phoenix smiled back and yawned alittle. "Hello there Tao... Goodness, I still tired..." She lays down.

"Huh. Interesting. Perhaps we could explore where your from perhaps?"

"If you want to...Oh! then you can met my sister!" She said cheerfully.

Venomion grumbled a little.

Tao laid next to Phoenix. "So what we going to do today Meow?" Tao asked Phoenix.

"You have a sister?" Katrina asked. Turning back to Venomion, she looked puzzled. "Something up?"

"Uuuhh........" Phoenix trailed off...

OoC: Unfortunately, I must lurk before I go... Sorry @Hatch! >_<

OoC: @Rosh, NOOOOO-it's cool.
IDK when your be back, so Ill post as normal.

OoC: @Rosh It looks like you have joined the WAOA lurker club, yay! Now I, @fur, and @gear are not alone! :P

Crystal smiled. "Yeah I have an older sister....her name is Valentine..." She said to Katrina.

"Yeah something is up....I hate Valentine...for all she has done to us...." Venomion said to Katrina.

Katrina raised an eyebrow. "Oh....why's that then?" She asked Venomion and Crystal.

"Long story short...she was the one that put Venomion soul in my body..." Crystal explained, rubbing the back of her head.

"If we see her I will have strong words for her....and strong actions to match...." Venomion added.

Crystal sighed. "That was when she was taken over by darkness and lived in hell....recently she gave up her dark powers to defeat someone who could of killed us all....don't you see Venomion she has changed!"

Venomion stood up. "Changed or not....I still hate her..."

@All: Back...

Katrina thought for a few moments. "People don't change... But adapt to their situations. Your sister Valentine didn't change... She was always a nicer person but changed because she was taken over by darkness. Kinda like myself in some cases." she scratched her head.

OOC: I am back! How many people are here? Because I'm about to write out my characters and would like to have it be something other than 'and then they left'.

I'm lurking, as it happens. Not much else to do these nights, other than read. Obviously I won't be doing anything, but I'd be interested to see this.

Tophat hovered out of the ship and towards Katrina, Crystal and Venomion.
"Did somebody mention Valentine?"
OoC: @Random Hello!

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