We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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OOC: Hey there everyone. Looks like I checked in just in time to see you guys finish! Oh well. But I couldn't forget you guys. You're some of the best cyber-friends I've had!

she prayed for each and everyone one of them (Even Etna and Terra) that they would have a good life and a peaceful after life.......

OoC: Well her prayer did nothing! Terra became a cave (wo)man, Hellosh is stuck in a portal/Hell, Joseph and long fang died, and everyone else has a bittersweet ending....

@Dirt Cop Yeah, its a far cry from the happily ever after ending that we mostly did back in WAOA III. Well, it can't always be happy.

@Slenn Don't know if you'll see this, but I would have to agree. This hasn't been a very good year, all things considered, and quite often I've had more fun just messing around with you lot than I would have been having IRL!

OoC: @Dirty, Jeez you think I don't know that....

This whole ending is slightly depressing......

@Outis, your ending/s made me want to give Jean a hug :(

OoC: @Dirty, Jeez you think I don't know that....

This whole ending is slightly depressing......

Do you mean my ending?

Or @Outis's ending?

Or @Nail's ending?

Or endings in general, in this thread?

OoC: @Dirty, I mean in general.

OOC: Yeah...sad times all around...

OOC: You're some of the best cyber-friends I've had!

Likewise, I assure you.

OoC: @Gear, Going to be honest.

That was beautiful....the music and the writing....

OOC: @Gear, I'm not sure who was talking or anything like that, but it was very nice

OoC: @Gear Very interesting, and the music is beautiful.

OoC: Thanks guys. I just wanted to make sure I still could do the whole "mentor" thing. And the character that was talking? Well, I know I said I was gonna reprise an exsiting one for thread 5, but I had an idea... maybe save it for the chat group or something?

Dirty Cop James funs:
OoC: @Gear Very interesting. And the music is beautiful.

OOC: @Gear, I'm not sure who was talking or anything like that, but it was very nice

OoC: @Gear, Going to be honest.

That was beautiful....the music and the writing....

Just quoting so you guys saw.

Jacques's conclusive ending, reposted as requested.

OOC: @All: Going to reopen the thread for a general free-for-all type thing. You wanna hang around and RP in a more casual manner? Go ahead. And have fun.

The blastoise turned towards Rex, and Began spewing water in his direction. Unfortunately at that point several Digletts popped out to attack his group, and they took the shot for Rex. The other pokemon began attacking Cohen, pelting him with rocks and messing with his sense of direction. several of the flying types dive bombed in, trying to shake him up.

Lyra had her 3 short claws ejected, and pointed at the man. "Our buddy was captured during one of our hunts. You let us have him, and we'll happily leave you and your town alone."
The man chuckled. "So team Rocket is back in action after all. You'll have to beat my team if you want your buddies. Go Raichu!" A huge electric rat sprang from the ball he tossed in the air, jumping out and getting ready to fire off a thunderbolt.

OoC: Hey everybody, just going to drag this over from the impromptu RP in our OOC group chat. If you weren't participating in that event, just ask away and I'll do my best to explain what's happened so far. So go ahead, join in, lets get this going!

Cohen kept hitting anything that was close by and blocking a lot of the rocks thrown at him. He dodged a couple of the flying types but was hit by a couple

Rex uses a stunned Diglett as a launch pad, and flys high into the air. He jets downward toward the Blastoise, launching a hard shock punch towards its face.

The Blastoise tracks Rex as he flies through the air, but stopped when it became obviously futile. It then pulled itself into the shell and began spinning rapidly, tossing out clods of earth. It began tracking after Rex, swinging in to hit him.

The pokemon began to pull back from Cohen, switching more and more to a rock based attack. some of the psychic types began using their minds to pull at his shield, doing their best to remove it from his arm and leave him open for strikes.

Lyra held up her hands. "I really don't want this to get violent buddy. We won't bother you again. I don't know who the hell that team rocket crew you mentioned are, but I promise that we'll leave this country alone once we have him."

Cohen let go of the shield and than charged the psychic pokemon taking it from him
Captcha=crocodile tears. How dare you accuse Cohen of that. He will be very angry when he finds out about this

While still in midair, Rex gets blinded by some of the clods the Blastoise was tossing out. He grunts out in pain as the Blastoise smacks into him, sending him flying.

At this point, the trainers wisely pull back, not wanting to lose anymore of their teammates to the homicidal maniac that was Cohen. The only group left was the Blastoise, who pumped several shots of Hydro Pump after him, missing each time. Eventually, he concentrated the fire, spewing a constant stream that connected him with Rex. Dex meanwhile was holding fire with his tranq rifle, and looking for anymore targets that might decide they want to get involved. None were forthcoming.

Surge chuckled again. "You aren't getting away that easily Rocket. Raichu, Use thunderbolt!" The Raichu sent out a flash of thunder, crackling forward to catch Lyra.

Ooc: Good god that is a bright yellow. Any suggestions on other colors?

Rex is pushed back by the huge stream of water surging towards him.
His chain begins to rattle wildly.
As if in response to it, Rex quietly says "Shut up... I don't need you right now..."
Rex calms himself as the stream of water shoves him where it may.

OoC: Try "GoldenRod"?

Cohen got his shield from the ground and rushed at the blastoise with his shield in front of him. He was having quite a bit of fun doing this actually
OOC: @FPS Gold is the best yellow color that doesn't blind you

OoC: @Demon Nice call.
The blastoise turns to the new combatant, its spewing water forgotten, and Rex falls the rest of the way down to the ground, which is thankfully the harbor. It swings out with one fist, catching his shield in a brick break attack.

Cohen slashed at with his one hand and tried to push his way forward with his shield in the other hand. He had incredible strength despite his apperance

Rex struggles to get up, coughing up water and having sparks fly erratically from him.

"Looks like shock isn't an option for now..."

Not to be outdone by a turtle, he puts his head down as his chain begins to glow red and the chain begins to cackle. The chain soon takes the form of a pitch black broadsword, and Rex's eyes change to a vibrant gold. He rushes in and stabs at the distracted Blastoise's back, quite pissed.

The blastoise's eye's open in shock as its pierced in two separate places, and tries to retreat into its shell, only to be held in place by Rex's blade. Dex walks over, pulls out a high caliber pistol, and puts a shot between the Blastoise's eyes. "Best just to put it out of its misery."

Inside the gym, Lyra and Monty have been rolling around, trying to avoid the electric shocks. They can hear Surge laughing and ordering more shocks, only for a thump and silence to follow. They turn to see their fourth member holding a trash can filled with gunk over his head, his eyes bloodshot and tired. "And that is for not letting me use my headphones to cancel out your stupidly loud voice, you jerkass." Surge laid on the ground, knocked unconscious by the blow.

Rex stays still for a few moments before finally reverting the blade back into its chained form.
Afterward, Rex spits up a bit of blood and flops on his back.

"I'm gonna.... -cough- need some time to rest..."

He stares blankly upward with his normal gray-blue eyes, the chain's laughter slowly fading.

"Very nice gonne but using one is not a very honorable way to fight. You should give him respect of a sword to the head" He said felling slightly bad for the monsters

Dex shrugged. "He may have deserved a sword, but it hardly matters. Now, lets get shifting inside, it looks like its time for the next phase." suddenly, a single man wearing a duster and faded gray pants walks into town. "well hello boys. You seem to be preventing the holding of a wanted criminal. I'm afraid I'll have to request you surrender, or face the wrath of my boys." Lyra, minus her helmet, with a thin face and a freckled nose, is helping Monty guide out another man, the Raichu sitting passively in the gym with no one to control it.

"You might want to change your mind about facing me. Cause barbarians don't surrender. And you were the ones to attack us first anyway"

Rex struggles to get up and removes his hoodie, slightly annoyed.

"This is starting to remind me of some old Western movie..."
He scratches the back of his head and taunts, "Bring out the next wave, sheriff!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I must have missed the bit where you people flew down on your spaceship and started murdering little kid's pets, while you blew a hole in the wall of a government owned building to kill the Gym leader inside and escape with a fugitive who had been hunting endangered animals. Lyra speaks up, saying "Oh please. we walked five steps into a cave of ice and it shows up out of nowhere! you've got to be joking when you say it was endangered." The masked stranger stares at her, and a red light appears from one of his sockets. "Only had a 5% catch rate in that cave."
He then turned to Rex. "I'm not going to get you guys to just back out am I? Fine." he reaches down and taps 6 pokeballs at his belt, and out springs out a powerful team. A butterfree's eyes glow with psychic energy. A cloyster flies into the water, and begins swirling it around him, preparing to cause huge waves of surf. A Vileplume pops out and begins charging a solar beam. A Fearow swirls over head, ready to begin charging in for the drill. A nidoking slams its feet into the ground, letting out a massive roar and pulling a chunk of the earth out of the ground to toss at the enemies. and most terrifying of all, a Kabutops flies out and sharpens it claws. Wordlessly they all attack the group, ranging from a far flung psychic attack to an all out charge.

Ooc: Edited, in case you didn't notice.

Rex slowly positions himself behind Cohen and gets ready to advance behind him.
"Really hope that shield of yours will hold up."

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