We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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"I get the stupid blade one and the butter fly and the flower one. You get the rest. Also the kids attacked us first" HE charged at the Vileplume first seeing it charge up

The Butterfree grabbed onto the berserker with its mind, pulling each tendon in the opposite direction its meant to go. The Kabutops and Nidoking meanwhile charged the hunters, while the cloyser fired off various ice beams, trying to freeze the ship in place. The Vileplume sat, ignoring the battle around it, raising its arms to absorb the suns energies. The sheriff meanwhile closes his eyes, and Rex might feel some pain, as if someone was looking into his head none to gently.
The hunters pull out various small arms, firing into the charging pokemon. Monty tosses out a c4 package, and explodes it. It does some damage to the Kabutops, but it keeps charging, before slamming its claws into the ground and pulling some rock out (somehow) and slamming it into monty's side.

"Got ya, big guy." Rex's head pangs as the sheriff plays his mind games, but he somehow manages to shake it off. Rex then jumps off of Cohen's shoulders to land an electric Shoryuken on the charging Fearow.

Cohen tried to wrestle out of the physic grip "I could have took them if it wasn't for the physic butterfly"

The sheriffs eyes fly open. "Another planet?! Hold up guys!" Within instants of this order, all of the pokemon stop their attacks, pulling back to him. "I thought this was an assault team to kill the gym leader. Now this changes things." He then returns his team to their balls. "If you guys don't mind, I'm going to tag along while you fly around the galaxy. Be the best way to keep an eye on you guys and make sure you stay out of trouble."

"I am a barbarian. We attract trouble. Now come on and destroy warlord what's his face" He said getting back up and getting his weapons

Rex lands and looks over at the sheriff, a little bewildered.
"Y-You can infiltrate peoples' minds?... Would've been nice if you had done that sooner."

Lyra looks up, still a little scared of the strange bladed creature. "Why the hell do you think you can get on my ship?"
The sheriff looks at her scornfully and says "You've performed acts of war on this planet multiple times. Having an adviser wouldn't cost you much on this occasion. And yes, I can read your mind Rex. You should really think about... some things a lot less. Not exactly healthy." he then laughs. "Oh don't worry boss man, I won't stop the kind of trouble you like. Now let's load up. I'm sure you guys want to be somewhere else right now?" the Hunters and the Sheriff then load onto the striking dagger.
OoC: I'm going to have to head out for a bit. I'll get this finished up, then leave. Hope some other people join in, not that you guys aren't fun. Not enjoyable to spitball between two people for a while.

Cohen starts to go look for valuables in the village. including any on the corpses

OoC: Alright, see ya in a bit then.

Rex walks over to his hoodie and shakes off whatever water is left on it, then runs to follow the crew loading up.

He takes one last look at the Raichu and tries to signal it toward him.

The raichu looks at the man waving at him uncertainly, before bounding over and following him.

OoC: Okay, I couldn't resist giving Rex a Raichu. You guys can control the ship in whichever direction you want it to go, send it off anywhere. Have fun!
EDIT: Jesus, that was badly written. Fixed now.

Rex picks the Raichu up and tilts his head slightly.

"It must suck living in a ball all the time. I'll let you run around freely, alright? ...Aaaaand I'll call ya... SparkPlug!

The Raichu gives Rex a disapproving look at his name.

Rex chuckles. "Yeah... we'll work on it..."

"You should call him giant mouse that shoots lightning

Rex and the Raichu shot Cohen a dirty look at the same time.

"As correct as that is, I don't think he'll like that."
"I'll just ask people for suggestions once we get back up to the dorms."

Rex sighed and put his hands behind his head. The raichu copies him.

"Well about uh Hrun. He was a fairly good barbarian one of the younger ones though. Back in my day we had much higher standards for barbarianing"

Rex begins to look confused.

"...Um... I'm not exactly sure about having my Raichu rape and pillage, although it is quite a workout and kind of fun." Rex rubs his shoulder a bit. "I don't know what I'm gonna do with it yet, maybe level it up a bit...?"

Suddenly, Rex's eyes light up and he points at Raichu.

The Raichu nods happily.

"Barbarians do not rape. Yes we do pillage but raping is entirely out of the question and half the time we are pillaging it's usually an evil person's land. I will not be accused of such an act sir."

Rex lowers his head solemnly.

"My bad. Made an generalization. Please excuse that."

The doors of the entrance bay open and people begin to file out.

"Now what do you want. Harmless cow animal meat, harmless crab animal meat or harmless fish animal meat. And we can have this dead ice cream cone for desert" He said holding up some Tauros, Krabby and magikarp meat, and a dead vanniluxe

Rex scratches the back of his head and laughs.

"I'll leave that stuff to you. Don't think Raticate would enjoy seeing me eat some of his kind." Raticate's face turns a little blue at the sight of the carcasses in Cohen's hands.

"Oh, by the way, I didn't get your name eariler. I'm Rex, and I don't work well when wet. What's your name?" Rex sticks out his hand toward Cohen.

Cohen sets the stuff down and shakes his hand "My name is Cohen. And yes it I am the same Cohen who took down the cult of snake people. Also wouldn't people around here eat these things. I haven't seen a single cow or dog around here" He than started cooking the taurous's meat

Rex nods.
"I see, that explains your strength despite your age."
Rex lets out a yawn and heads towards the dorms.
"I'm gonna hit the sack for today, Cohen. Try not to burn the place down while cooking."
He and Raichu walk into their dorm room and shut the door.

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OoC: Heeeey buddy.

OoC: Oh hey! You just about ready to get this show on the road?

OoC: I guess but aren't we the only two guys here? I'm sure interacting with only Rex and Raichu won't be all that much fun.

OoC: True enough. I was hoping a few people from the OOC chat would hop on with their characters here. Get something going.

OoC: Well, guess you can always ask them in chat.

OoC: okay, offer posted. Wonder if anyone will want to join.
EDIT: AND nothing. Want to do something anyway? I'm sure Rex could wander the ship and see the sights for a bit.

OoC: Uh, sure. I've got nothing else to do anyway. Sorry for the late reply.

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