We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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Lyra walked out of the medbay, helmet left behind for their fourth comrade. She heads into the main room and sinks into a couch placed there.

Rex and Raichu both walk into the main room, a little tired.

Raichu (now named Raichu) has a black beanie on.

Rex gives a little wave to Lyra as he walks in and flops onto a couch.

Lyra glanced at Raichu. "You know those things can only hold one thing at a time right? You're wasting a bit of power for style."

Rex gives Lyra a smile. "The way I'm going to level him up, he won't need the power boost."

Raichu then runs up to Lyra and tries to lick her face.

Lyra giggles a little, and holds out her hands to keep Raichu away. "I'm surprised he's so friendly after Alex caught his last trainer in the back of the head with a trash can. And if you think he'd do fine without it, fair enough."

Rex shrugs a bit. "Let's just say I'm trying to teach Raichu to think for himself for once. I'm sure he likes the independence. He seems to take after me quite a bit. Maybe it's because we both use electricity as a way to get things done."

Raichu curls up on Lyra's lap.

"Well then, I'm happily supportive of independence. That's what the long fang drilled into us from day one. I can teach you, but you've got to make your own decisions in life. He was quite good at inspiring confidence." She idly scratches behind Raichu's ear. "Still, you don't use just the electricity right? I saw you packing some great big broadsword when you and the berserker took down that huge turtle."

Rex's smile lessened a bit. "Yeah, demon helped me there...."
He looks down at the chain for a moment. "The more I use this thing... the more likely I am to disappear..."

"How does that work? Seems like you guys have some weird symbiosis going on." Lyra began itching the crown of the head for Raichu.

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Rex scratches his head then gets up to explain.
"To put it simply, imagine the demon and I are playing tug of war with my soul. The more I use her power, the more of my soul goes into her possession. If she gains a large majority on my soul, she'll take over my body and personality, then I will cease to exist in this body and as a spirit. As part of our "contract", she'll slowly return my soul to me as long as I don't over use her power. In hindsight, it's weird, but I did save her from being trapped in a box for however many eons she was in there... Guess it's her way of saying thanks."

Raichu lets out a happy "Rai~" as Lyra scrathes his head.

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"huh." Lyra stared off for a bit, before scratching more vigorously at Raichu's head. "We've got some weaponry you could use, to ensure you don't lose your soul. Heavy armor piercing weapons, some nice spears and swords, blades that'll cut you when you glance at them. At the very least it will make the job less nerve racking, less concern that this time you'll lose your soul if you use her."

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"Thanks for the offer, but my fists and shock value have gotten me this far. I'm sure what happened with that turtle won't happen again." He slumps back down into his couch. "So what made you want to rove around space with your buddies?"

Raichu seems to have gone into a world of ecstasy.

Cohen came back eating one of the sundae pokemon. "I wonder if they banana and cherry animals in this world"
Captcha= It's super delicious.

"Not too much choice involved in it. We used to orbit Earth, make sure none of the less reputable alien clans could land and hunt humans for sport. My teacher, Long Fang, was our leader. He had to take any challenges their clans threw at us, as long as they met the limits on who could fight him. 3 clans that were much larger then us showed up and their leaders all challenged him at once. He was able to beat all of them, but died in the process. Because of that we got shoved into the alleyways of space, and wandered around ever since. The whole clan isn't actually hear though, we got scattered helping out less fortunate." she begins counting on her free hand. "Mitsuki is out in the center of the universe, trying to help out a clan of possibly physically perfect sentients build up a space empire, Mikey's a gun runner for a rebel army, Miguel helps clear out hulks in space that have been infested by a myraid of disgusting creatures, and Lorenzo is busy tutoring art students on Goranda. Those guys can't see in the third dimension, which is... frustrating from what he mentions. And the other 2 are collecting apprentices to train as the next generation of Wolfs."

Rex nods, putting his hand to his chin. "Sorry to hear about your leader. Despite his passing on, your entire clan seems to each be doing things their own way. That's pretty cool."

Rex and Raichu both wave to Cohen as he walks in.

Cohen finish his sundae and throws the bowl it was in behind his back. "That one man was talking about a rocket team. Are those the people we need to kill"

Lyra nodded at Cohen, before turning back to Rex. "He was never really happy to begin with. He kind of stopped trusting his species, and started thinking of himself has human, even though he was an alien. I'm pretty sure that for him it was a final chapter that needed to be written. And we do alright, although I wish we had more members."

The sheriff walked in. "Nah, Team rocket's dead. I made sure of that myself. I don't think any terrorist groups are forming themselves yet, which is part of why I was willing to join you guys." He plopped on the couch looking at the others.

"Are you there is no evil people here for me to kill" He said while drinking down a soda pop

The sheriff shrugged. "Oh sure, there are the typical ne'er do wells of the general populace, but its not that big of a deal. Doesn't need what amounts to special forces."

"Why did we come here again and why haven't we broke into somewhere killed all of the evil people and than steal their goods"

Rex felt a little uneasy as the Sheriff strides in. "Well, feel free to call on me, if you need the help." He gives Lyra a kind smile.

Lyra nodded shyly, before picking up Raichu and placing him beside her, before standing up. "thanks for the offer Rex, it'd be nice to have other allies to call on. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to check on the team." She then went into the bridge, closing the door behind her.

The sheriffs robot eye rotated between a green and red, making whirring noises each color change. "You're about 3 years too late if you want to break into evil people's hideouts. Team rocket had quite a few, back then."

"Well than how about we have a feast. You got any ale around here. Now we will need your finest beef you got here along with some chicken creature and fish. Perhaps we get some chef along with an herb monster"

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Sheriff stared at Cohen. "Meat's not exactly popular around here. You'd have to head to a place where the animal isn't as smart as you are to find a feast like what you want."

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"Well these animals can't be as smart as me. They only say one thing and I've killed half of them. But do you have any ale"

Rex suddenly blanks out and falls asleep.
Raichu quickly jumps to him and drags him into his dorm.

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Monty sticks his head in and clucks his tongue in disappointment. "Lyra ignoring the guests as usual huh? I'll go grab some drinks... He then heads out to the storage room.

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Cohen waited patiently for the drinks. He was really hoping that it wasn't like the taverns in Ankh-Morpork. That stuff was half river water. And that water was also the sewage

Morty walked back in, carrying some of their house port. "Drink this carefully now, if you aren't careful it'll burn a hole in your stomach. Our member Xena has a taste for it, but I don't think its safe to drink in large quantities."

"I went through the dungeon dimensions and back and didn't die. I think I can handle my drink" He said taking a small drink from it first in case the stuff had anything in it

The drink would leave a burning sensation that numbs the tongue, and any cuts in Cohen's mouth will begin smarting rather badly.

"Did you put acid in this or is this poison really fast acting. Because drinks aren't supposed to burn where I come from"

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