We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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"Well I never met them personally but most people say there is more than one"
"I meet them once. It wasn't under very good terms though"

Alex whistles. "And you survived? How'd that happen?"

"Well I might have been dead at the time actually. But I got away after stealing some stuff"

Alex nods appreciatively. "That takes balls man! Balls."

"Thank you" Rincewind began going through Luggage "We still got some dry rations if you want any. And cleaned clothes smelling of lavender"

Lyra woke up from her spot on the ship, checking the messages. She could hear a conversation outside, and walked out and waved at the new guy. "Common courtesy says you should let the captain know if you want to come aboard."
Alex watched Luggage carefully. "Where would you get one of those?"

"Luggage is from The counterweight continent. And did you say there was a captain here. Uh he wouldn't happen to be in a rather large suit of armour. I usually have bad luck with captainsor anything else really"

"That'd be me." Lyra says, leaning against the doorway.
Alex sinks into the couch. "Walking on thin ice..."

"Well uh yes I am now occupying this space with out your permission, please don't kill me. And yes I'm always walking on thin ice. I mean I don't know a single spell. Can't use a sword and have to save the world every other weekend"

Lyra watched him. "I suggest you ask for it now. Or else my hand might just slip, and bad things might happen."

Rincewind looked very panicked "Can I please have your permission"
Captcha= cherry on top. Yeah Rincewind should have said that

Lyra nodded, pulling her hand from her belt. "Now was that so hard? No problem buddy. Welcome aboard. We might ask you to do the odd job or two, but for the most part this should be a painless trip."

"With my luck the chances of this being painless has gone down ninety nine percent. One time a freaking mountain full of trolls just appeared in front of me"

Lyra glanced about. "Okay, maybe having you on board isn't such a good idea. Could you just, you know, sit there? I really don't want a bunch of random stuff appearing in my ship. Or more random stuff at least."

Rincewind sat down on Luggage with his almost permanent expression of 'I really don't want to be here right now' "Well I could always do something that doesn't involve being near anything. especially the outdoors. I swear whenever I go outside everything thinks I'm wearing a sign that says eat me while holding up steaks" Cohen began sharpening his sword

"that would be a bad habit to pick up." Lyra looks down at her bracer. "Huh. Still no message from Xena. Worrying."

"Do you perhaps have a quiet library with magical books in it... And possibly a librarian who was magically turned into an orangutan. Assistant librarian was my last job"

"I think we have a few books in the trophy room. No orangutan though. Might want to look up there." Lyra points to a staircase. "Don't touch the masks on the wall. Very important. Anything else, hell go and muck with it as long as you're careful."

Rincewind goes up taking Luggage with him and started messing around with the books. Cohen still sat there sharpening his sword

Lyra watches Cohen sharpen the sword, and Alex listens as Rincewind plays with the items upstairs.

Rincewind would see all sorts of interesting tools sitting in cases with no glass tops, making them touchable by all. various creatures from around the galaxy had their skulls mounted on one wall, and a huge wall of predator masks, with one that was only adorned with the triple claw of the wolf clan was placed in the center.

Rincewind was slightly scared to touch anything but started looking for any book he could find "I sure do hope none of this stuff causes Rube Fishbergs that destroy everything" Cohen was sitting getting alcohol from somewhere

He would find one book, only slightly charred. on its cover were the words 'pride and prejudice and zombies.'

Rincewind picks up the book "Pride and prejudice and zombies. A book about racism against zombies. I guess zombies are discriminated against" He said to himself and put the book inside Luggage before going down

Alex chuckles at the statement, having read the book himself. "you didn't take the book did you? He asks as Rincewind comes down the stairs.

"Don't worry it's inside Luggage. I have not seen a safer place in the world."

Alex nods, a little uncomfortable. "Okay then, I suppose. I'll be able to access again at some point right? That's one of my favorite books."

"Uh yeah you might need to take that up with Luggage. What do you think" Luggage showed large tombstone teeth. Rincewind reaches in and gives Alex the book "I don't think he likes you"

Alex shrugs. "I suppose I'll just have to live with it not being safe all the time."

EDITED because I didn't read, like a fool.

"Well that's kinda what you have to live. Including yourself not being safe half the time"

"true enough."

OoC: So, thinking of making a catman character because the ooc had me laughing. Hard. Opinion?

Rincewind got a perfectly fine mug of ale from Luggage. Cohen got a mug from Rincewind "And this is why we stick around."
"So you can steal all of my beer while occasionally saving me from danger"
"Yeah that sounds about right"
@FPS I am neutral

Alex chuckled. "Sounds good to me. I love to borrow stuff from my buddies. Why just last week, I borrowed someone's carving blade. It just gets so fun some times!
Lyra glares at him. "I almost got stabbed because I was missing my carving blade. Was that you?"
Alex's chuckle shut off immediately. "You wouldn't hit a kid with super hearing would you?"

"Well I would hit you. You can never trust kids at all. Especially little girls"
"I know everybody gets so angry when I borrow stuff from them"

Lyra glared at Alex, her face blushing. "No, I won't hit you. But we are going to have a damn serious talk about nicking your team's stuff."

Cohen produced another mug from Luggage "Well I'll be standing here all night or whatever"

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