We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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lyra turned to Rincewind. "We need to find a place for you to sleep don't we? Come along then."

"Nah I'll be fine. I'll set up a bed here" He said starting to rummage through Luggage before Cohen and him produce a bed from it

"Nice." lyra said. "Well, I'm off for a bit. good luck tonight guys!" She then heads off into the bowels of the ship to work on keeping things running.
Alex yawns. "It's going to be nice to sleep in a bed that isn't in the medbay. Good night boys!" he then heads to the dorms.

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Rincewind was staying put reading a book. The title said "What not to do around Dwarves" Cohen was sharpening his sword even though it was pretty damn sharp to begin with

Monty glanced at Rincewind's book. "Call them fat. Never, ever, call them fat. Stout is much better."

"You've seen fat dwarves before. That's weird" He said paying very close attention to the part in his book about dwarves gender

Monty shrugged. "I think they blamed it on fast food. Turns out the short build naturally supports fat when there isn't an active lifestyle of build things by hammering them. They sure as hell learned that the bad way."

"Huh that's really weird because most dwarves in the city aren't fat. Maybe the rats are very slimming"

"Don't know what dwarves you've met buddy, but I've met quite a few in middle management. Hell, had to slot one that worked middle management. Now let me tell you, that was a story. You know dwarfs, on average, will just splatter apart at 60 kilos of explosives? Crazy to watch. They hold up fine at 50, get a little goopy at 55, and just spew everywhere at 60." Monty begins fiddling with the explosives devices on his waist.

"Your dwarves are weird"

"What can I say, when you industrialize, some guys get put in charge of the industry. They don't have to work everyday, they think 'hey, my life doesn't depend on my muscle strength' and they just get fat. Not exactly a healthy reaction, but a normal one."

"Do they eat rats with or without ketchup"

"I think with catsup usually, but they seem to prefer beef and goat. I can't blame them either, hamburgers are delicious."

"What the hell is catsup. And your dwarves prefer beef and goat. That's just weird. I like fish the best really. They can't impale or scratch your eyes out. To bad the water in the river Ankh is toxic"

"You know, Catsup! its that delicious tomato paste? You just mentioned it."

"Ah yes I believe it is pronounced Ketchup not catsup. Believe me I'm very proficient in languages" he said with just a hint of smugness in it

"Oh, you meant ketchup? I meant Catsup. It's a little spicier." he reaches into his belt and pulls out a bottle labeled catsup. "This baby is delicious!"

"That's just silly" He said going back to his book

"Fine. Just remember, you could have tasted some delicious catsup."
he then returns the catsup to his belt and sits, thinking about some of his favorite architectural wonders.

Rincewind noticed that he was getting rather hungry "Hey do you guys have any potatoes. And butter and some salt and cheese and sour cream" He said listing off things. Being stranded on a tropical island changed his taste quite a bit

"In the storeroom."

Rincewind goes over very happily. He came back after a while and started baking the potatoes "Oh I've been trying to get potatoes forever."

"Perhaps you could put some... catsup on your potato?

"No it would ruin the cheese on the potato. Plus I already have sour cream" He said waiting very impatiently for those potatoes

"But catsup makes everything better, especially potatoes!" Lyra's voice calls out from the bridge. "Monty, stop pushing your damn catsup on other people. It's alright, but its not that special."

The potatoes come out of the stove. Rincewind makes them and than quickly devours them in a couple minutes "That was way better than coconut surprise. I'll call it potato surprise"

"So you were on an island then?

"Long story with a demon hacker or something but yes I was. Amazons apparently wanted me for some reason but I got whisked away on a teleporting thing or something"

"That sounds crazy. Anything happen that was exciting on the other side of the teleporter?

"Uh well I think I rushed out and got some sausage in a bun. Oh and than I got sent to the Counterweight continent"
"Yeah right around the time I was rebelling against the empire"
"That one of my friends Twoflower started accidentally. I swear that man has a rose tinted brain

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