We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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"So that's how you two met. Sounds fun."

"Well actually we meet when the Twoflower guy was trying to reason with some druids about not sacrificing people. And a magical chest lead me to those people"
"Fun! You think that having knives at your throat and being tracked by an army in the middle of rice fields! And don't even mention how bad that country was for hiding and running" Rincewind exclaimed "I thought it was fun"

"I have to agree with Cohen. Sounds like good fun."

"You think it's fun being forced to lead a rebellion with no skills what so ever. They believed I was going to blow holes in the impenetrable fortress with magic. And they would have killed me if Cohen hadn't used explosives at that exact moment"

"Well yeah, it does sound kind of fun to do that."

Rincewind stared completely confused by this "What?"

"Important to remember I signed up with the international hunters team. I routinely have a monster twice my size charge me with intent to remove my organs and wear my guts as a necklace. I love that lifestyle. The way you put it, it's just one adventure after another." he reaches down and taps a few trophies hanging off his waist, mostly tusks but a finger or two as well. "I didn't stop being an architect because I wanted to see the galaxy. I did it because I was insanely bored being an architect."

"You want to have my life of adventures too. I can live with out them"

"As much as I'd like to stir up a revolutionary army, I can't do that. I can't take your life. You live that one, I live this one. That's how it goes."

"Well you would be surprised about that on Discworld at times"

"Well, if we ever stop by at discworld we'll have to try that. Till then though." Monty heads back to his dorms, collapses on his bed, and falls asleep.

OoC: Happy trails.

OoC: Who's up?

@FPS I am

OoC: Is anyone here? If so... what are we doing now? Just dicking around?

OoC: @Trty I'm still up, but we're mostly just waiting for people to hop in or do something. I've been having conversations with Demons guys.

I'm here if anybody was wondering

OoC: what are we doing now? Just dicking around?

OoC: Yes.

I am pretty sure we only dick around here......

So kill time in thread it is. Anyone up?

ooc: I just realized, I never gave Vertigo and Malco an epilogue. Well, I shall remedy this post haste!

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